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A BYTE OF LIFE Tuesday, December 23, 2008

post Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

10 04
Rebelz theatre’s latest had an engaging script but …


A memento at
J.Fenn & Co. office
on Anna Salai.

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For 154 years now, J. Fenn & Co has been synonymous with funeral services in the city.
Ayon Sengupta finds out its history in our continuing series ‘Made in Chennai’.
02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas and New Year fiesta has started and

just in case you are too stressed and tired hosting
the lunch/dinner at home, these hotels promise you
and your friends an unbelievable experience. It’s
also time to fill your shopping bags. Read on.

Courtyard by Marriott
Enjoy Christmas eve buffet at Papri-
ka, which will host seven live food sta- waiting for you and your family at Co-
tions and a buffet with favourites like romandel.
roast turkey and mulled wine. The Prego will host a traditional Italian
buffet price starts from Rs. 995, where Christmas eve dinner and traditional
you get an accompaniment of mulled Italian lunch with unlimited wine, ex-
wine or unlimited beer. Groups of 10 otic signature desserts, and lots more.
and above get a 15 per cent discount, The master bakers are offering a se-
United Colors while one person from a group of six lection of goodies: Christmas pud-
to 10 people can dine free. ding, Christmas cake with icing, yule
of Benetton Rhapsody is dishing out a four- logs, minced pie in pouch, special
Party this season with the course Italian buffet with vegetarian cookies, chocolate pouches, mara-
new Christmas collection, and non-vegetarian options. schino black forest gateaux, honey
which is based on the A night discount of 30 per cent on bee gateaux, black forest square pas-
theme ‘A Beautiful all available wines are among the tries, velvet mousse pastries, choco-
Night’. Choose from a many special offers at Rhapsody on late twin truffle pastries, etc.
wide collection of dresses December 24. For reservations call 6600 2827
including trendy balloon For details call 6676 4290
dresses and black dresses,
Fisherman’s Cove
tops, over sleeves,
ponchos and much more
The Accord A gala dinner on the new beach with
to doll you up for the
party season. Women’s
Metropolitan live band and DJ dance floor should
add zing to your Christmas celebra-
collection is available Season’s Café, the 24-hr coffee tions here.
between Rs. 1,499 and Rs shop, will have a special spread with For reservations 6741 3333
4,999. plum cakes, puddings and tarts, while
OPM will party with DJ Walley.
On New Year’s eve there will be a
Pirates theme party at the Ball Room,
which includes stay at the hotel for a
Aavaranaa couple, entertainment by European
This X-Mas and New Year special at the Rubies dancer and DJ Ricky and a
store is a new-age expression of ethnic wide spread of some of the most sa-
traditions, be it crepe embroidery or a silk voured dishes to tingle your taste
intrinsically woven with vibrant hues. buds. Westside
Check-out floral prints, tussar silks and For details call 2816 1000 Walk into the store with your family
fancy pallavs. Also, get gift vouchers worth until December 28 and indulge in a
Rs. 500 on every purchase above Rs. 5,000
which could be redeemed at the store with
Taj Coromandel number of fun-filled activities.
Customers can avail offers on the
a validity of three months. Aavaranaa is at Roast turkey, leg of ham, ginger- winter collection. So, shop goods
15 Asoka Street, Alwarpet. Ph: 44 2498 8292 bread, yule log… a grand buffet is worth Rs. 1000 and get a voucher
worth Rs. 200 and on purchase of
Amethyst gifts and soft towels get vouchers
worth Rs. 100.
Ballerina silver bowls, creatively designed
ladies finger salt and pepper shakers,
handbags of different sizes, colourful kurtis
with golden prints, jewellery…Amethyst
presents an attractive range of gifts
reflective of the festive spirit. Shop at 14/30.
Padmavathi Road, Jeypore Colony,
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

“D Ayon Sengupta on J. Fenn &

edicated, professional
and personal funeral
services in Chennai,
24 hours a day, 365 Co. and its 154-year-old journey
days a year.” That’s J. Fenn & Co.
for you. Since its inception three of serving the dead
years before the Sepoy Mutiny of
1857 that rocked British India,
this company has been quietly
but effectively serving Madras,
now Chennai, from their offices
on busy Mount Road.

Early beginnings
English settler John Fenn and
wife Georgina came up with the
idea of providing traditional fu-
neral services to the scores of Eu-
ropeans who were landing in
Madras port. With the number
steadily growing from early 1800
and more people settling down in
their adopted homeland, John
saw opportunity. His services

quickly caught on with the thriv-
ing European population of Ma-
dras. In no time he had a
flourishing business with 20-odd
people working under him. With
help from trusted aide Vembuli
Naicker (Fenn’s sculptor contrac-
tor), he slowly built a reputation
for himself and his services were
sought not only in Madras but
through the length and breadth
of the Madras Presidency.
But with the demise of John in
1891 and then his wife a year lat-
er, the business looked destined
for an early closure with no ap-
parent heir. Vembuli took it upon
himself and bought the goodwill
of the Company from the Admin-
istrator General of Madras. Since
then this Hindu family has been
running the business generally
meant to cater to a huge and rich
Christian population in the re-
gion. “Pre-Independence and
even as late as 1970s we were only
catering to Europeans or An-
glo-Indians. With ur- Present directors L. Janardhanan (left) and his brother L. Deenadayalan
banisation, more at the company’s premises on Mount Road. PHOTO: R. RAVINDRAN
Indian families from
varied religious back-
grounds started opting preserva- 80s, transporting a body to any of hearse in south India. Our father mil Nadu. It gave a grander look
for our services due to tion of the Eastern European countries (Loganathan) knew that gone to the monuments built by the
various reasons,” says bodies and making or Russia was a major headache. were the days of horse-drawn Company and orders poured in
L. Deenadayalan, a arrangements to send bodies But now things are easier and we carriages and he made it a point from government agencies and
fifth-generation Naicker and one abroad, even getting all the nec- can send a body to any part of the to import the best Hearse Vans private bodies. Staying ahead of
of the present owners. essary clearances required for world in four days,” says L. Ja- from England and the US. We had competition in 2004, a four-bed
that. nardhanan, another of the broth- a Plymouth 1960 model and also mortuary was created at the
Pre-aircraft days “Earlier, before the arrival of ers. a Wellis Jeep. But then the Indian Company’s premises and now
Under the Naickers, the busi- aircrafts, it was a very tedious job. government stopped import and plans are on to set up their own
ness saw many structural chang- It took months to transport a Hearse power we introduced Ambassadors,” embalmment facilities in the near
es. From being just undertakers body to any part of Europe and it It was under K. Loganathan, the brothers recall. future. ■
and sculptors at the onset, J. Fenn called for special embalming. the longest-serving director Continuing with his innova- (Made in Chennai is a column
& Co. now offer services as full- Still, nobody could guarantee (1942-2008), that J. Fenn & Co. tions, Loganathan introduced a that showcases the evolution of
fledged funeral directors. Since that the body would remain in took its biggest steps. “In 1942 we glass-granite polishing machine home-grown businesses that began
early 1900 they have diversified to good shape. Even in the 70s and acquired the first motorised in 1970, the first of its kind in Ta- when the city was Madras)
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mars and In Battle of

the Sexes, an
script was

Venus, with marred by

dearth of

an occasional

KALPAGAM SARMA spontaneity.

The second play, Ideal Man,

t was an enjoyable evening revolves around the eternal de-
out but lacked the thunder to bate of Mr. and Miss Right. The
make it work. couple, Raj and Riya, want to
It was houseful at the Top battle it out to get their mar-
Storey, Alliance Francaise, riage working. Parthasarathy V.
where the comedy Battle of the and Divya Kannan, who play Raj
Sexes was staged by the Rebelz and Riya respectively, manage
theatre group this weekend. The to work out a good chemistry on
crowd said it all – it was for the stage as the ideal couple.
youngsters, by the youngsters. The closing play, Bride and
Battle of the Sexes is a collection Prejudice, is set in the wedding
of three short plays centred on scene of Mark and Clara, where
the conflicts between men and both their exes turn up and set
women. the tone for a hilarious chain of
The first play, Maiden Ven- events. Mark and Clara, played
ture, is about Bill (Ashwin V.). by Harish Kannan and Mahima
Fed up with his conservative Sud, fail to gel the way Raj and
fiancée, he decides to take the Riya do in the previous play.
plunge by visiting the ‘Big Mo’ However, Pradeep Kalmadi
to show him the way to happi- (playing the priest) and Vinoth
ness, which leads him to naugh- Kannan (as Xavier, Clara’s ex-
ty Natasha (Mahima Sud). The husband) bring life to the char-
twist happens when the time Bill acters with their sense of timing,
and Natasha spend together which worked with the
turns out to be more like a visit audience.
to the therapist for Bill. The entire script is young at
The actors could have heart and had all the right in-
breathed more energy into their gredients. It, however, failed to

characters. The Big Mo, played work as it lacked the energy.

by Rangaraj Prasad R., appeared What the Rebelz certainly need
only for a few minutes but man- is an adrenaline rush to win this
aged to steal the show with his Battle of the Sexes. ■
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Websites of the day
Fascinated by plane crashes? Check this out:
Read up on the International Center For
Research On Women here:

Big B’s blog to be translated

into regional languages
mitabh Bachchan fans may
now look forward to read-
ing his blogs in regional
languages as the Bollywood
icon’s postings may soon have
translated versions.
“I have cynically scoffed at the
idea from administrators of the
blog. But, it seems there are seri-
ous efforts afoot in this direc-
tion,” Bachchan wrote on his
He said announcements and
presentations to this effect will be
made once the modalities are in
place. Big B turned blogger in
April and is the most widely read
He recently started writing in
Hindi which drew negative re-
marks from bloggers. Bachchan
said one should learn to respect
the mother tongue of other peo-
ple. ■

He recently started
writing in Hindi which
drew negative remarks
from bloggers

Most inspirational
We salute them
animal for 2008 쑸

A miracle pig with a never-say-

die spirit which helped it sur-
vive for over 36 days under quake
Taj Mahal
debris has been voted as China’s put a
most inspirational animal for placard in
2008 by the online forum Red the lobby
Net. of the hotel
The 7.9-magnitude quake that to salute all
struck Sichuan Province on May those who
12 caused massive damage and sacrificed
trapped the pig in rubble. It sur- their lives
vived only by eating charcoal and down to 50 kilograms from its during 26/
drinking rainwater for 36 days. earlier weight of 150 kilograms. 11 terror
When it was finally rescued on The pig “vividly illustrated the attack, a
June 17, the animal had whittled spirit of never giving up,” the re- day after it
port quoted the website as say- was
A miracle pig that ing. reopened,
survived for over 36 The other spots in the top 10 in Mumbai
went to six dogs, a bird, a turtle on Monday.
days under quake and a cat. They include a dog that PTI PHOTO
debris has been voted guarded its elderly owner when
as China’s most he was sick and accompanied
him to hospital, and a cat that al-
inspirational animal most died of grief when its part-
for 2008 by a website ner was run over by a car. ■
06 VILLAGE ERGO Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Death penalty
The penalty for conviction
of smuggling in Bangladesh
is the death penalty.

Nano, it won’t Revealed: The recipes that ‘fuelled’

Charles Darwin
get wet Want to know the ‘intellectually stimulating’ dishes which
stirred the mind of Charles Darwin? Go and grab a copy
of the cookbook containing recipes created by the great
naturalist’s wife. The book, which is based on Emma
Darwin’s original notebook, contains instructions for

olyester fibres covered by on the project at the University of cooking rice written by Darwin himself and guides to
tiny silicone filaments can Zurich, said the technology could making Victorian favourites like broiled mushrooms and
create clothing that when have many purposes, including Penally Pudding. Traditionally festive recipes include baked
dunked in water will still producing improved swimsuits, apple pudding, cranberry sauce and compote of apples
remain completely dry, a Swiss making industrial clothing and and Italian cream, The Daily Telegraph reported. Food
scientist discovered. even for protecting outdoor fur- authors Dusha Bateson and Weslie Janeway compiled the
The nanotechnology structure niture. “The same process can be book recreating and testing all the 55 recipes.
allows the surface to be covered used to protect wood, for exam- PTI
in chemicals which make the ple,” Seeger said.
clothing hydrophobic to the The nano-structure, when cov-
point that water simply bounces ered with the chemicals, traps a
or slides off. thin layer of air between the wa- ‘Bush shoe’ creates 100 new jobs
Stefan Seeger, a lead researcher ter and the actual textile, which
means the item of clothing can be in Turkey
The nanotechnology soaked in water and still remain The world’s most notorious pair of black leather shoes,
structure allows the dry. that made history, has even generated 100 jobs in
The technology can also repel Turkey. The footwear that robbed George W. Bush of
surface to be covered dirt and sweat, bringing possibly his dignity and landed its owner Iraqi journalist
in chemicals which closer the day when clothes no Muntazer al-Zaidi – who hurled them at the US
longer need washing. For now, President at a press meet in Baghdad – in prison, has
make the clothing the structure would best be em- yielded an unexpected bonanza for its maker. Ever
hydrophobic to the ployed by makers of rugged out- since the incident, Ramazan Baydan, the owner of the
point that water door wear. For swimmers, the Istanbul-based Baydan Shoe Company, has been
nanofibres can be applied to their swamped with orders from across the world. In fact,
simply bounces or costumes and let them go faster, Baydan has recruited an additional 100 staff to meet
slides off with less drag. ■ orders for 3,00,000 pairs of Model 271, following an
DPA outpouring of support for Zaidi’s act.

Hong Kong may allow hi-tech

smoking rooms in bars
Hi-tech smoking rooms may be allowed in Hong Kong
bars when a total ban on cigarettes in places where
food and drink are being served comes into effect in
2009. Officials are examining a 40,000-US-dollar
smoking room partly funded by British American
Tobacco at a Hong Kong bar to see if exemptions
should be granted to bars with hi-tech facilities. The
company claims the room removes and recycles smoke
fumes safely. However, the city’s leading anti-smoking
campaigner Anthony Hedley told Monday’s South China
Morning Post that allowing smoking rooms would be
‘nothing short of a scandal.’

Tom Cruise loses his phone

Some A-list celebrities in Hollywood might get random
calls soon as superstar Tom Cruise has lost his
BlackBerry, which contains the numbers of his friends
like Will Smith and Brad Pitt. The Top Gun actor
misplaced his phone following an interview in Canada
for ’Entertainment Tonight’ while promoting his new
film Valkyrie. Once the actor realised that his phone
was missing a thorough search was made of the
premises but the lost object was no where to be
found, reports What makes the phone
even more precious is the fact that it contains the
contact numbers of some of the top most actors and
directors like David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Will Smith and
many others.
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One look is all it takes


A South Korean
man removes snow
from his car in Victoria is seen on Sunday at Milan for
Gangneung, about attending the Italian Serie A football match AC
230 kilometres (138 Milan vs Udinese. GETTY IMAGES
miles) east of Seoul
on Monday. AFP PHOTO

John Abraham and

Rahul Bose during
the announcement of
sixth edition of
Mumbai Marathon
2009, in Mumbai on

If Aamir has spoken so well
about me, I won’t even
think of questioning it. I take his
words as a big compliment. I’ve
been hearing some terrific stories
about his dedication from (director)
John Matthew Mathan. I must say
he’s very inspiring,”
Thai woman Nong Na holds a scorpion during a successful world record attempt at a Said Himesh Reshammiya about Aamir Khan’s words
shopping mall in Pattaya, eastern Thailand, on Monday. AFP PHOTO on marketing strategy and trademark cap
08 SPORT ERGO Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wrestlers get their due

The Sports Ministry on Monday released the sum of over Rs 1.06 crore
as Special Cash Award to 31 wrestlers and 26 coaches who have helped
the country win medals in international sporting events held during the
year 2007. Prominent among the wrestlers include Beijing Olympics
bronze medal winner Sushil Kumar; Palwinder Singh Cheema; Kripa
Shankar Patel and Yogeshwar Dutt.

ICC to gauge
Pakistan security
The International Cricket
Council (ICC) will not appoint
match officials for Sri Lanka’s
proposed tour of Pakistan
until a security assessment
had been made, a top
official said on Monday. “We
will do an independent
assessment of the situation
in Pakistan to ensure the safety of the umpires
and match referee,” ICC chief executive Haroon
Lorgat said. “I am convinced the Sri Lankan
board will also do everything to ascertain
whether it is safe to play in Pakistan and also
seek assurances from the Pakistan Cricket Board.
We will do our own assessment. After all, we
Sushil Kumar on coming from
will be supplying the match officials.”
Sri Lanka agreed to step in after the Indian
behind to win the bronze at
government denied its cricketers permission to
play in Pakistan in the wake of the Mumbai
the Beijing Olympics
terror attacks in November. Sri Lanka are due to
play three Tests and five one-day internationals
in Pakistan in January and February, although
the dates and venues have yet to be finalised.
The ICC postponed the Champions Trophy one- give my best,” he says. In the Re-
day tournament in Pakistan in September over pechange round, Sushil first
security concerns – the same reason given by downed World No. 5 American
Australia for not playing a Test series there last Doug Schwab and then got the
March. Lorgat said a decision on whether better of Belarussian Albert Baty-
Pakistan will host the Champions Trophy next rov. For the bronze the wrestler
year will be taken at the ICC’s Executive Board downed Kazakhstan’s Leonid
meeting in January. Spiridonov 3-2 in the 65-kg frees-

AFP rom obscurity, Sushil Ku- tyle event. Speaking about the
mar has risen to a pedestal most important bout of his life,
where few Indian sport- Sushil says: “I knew Spiridonov’s
smen can even dream of style because I had fought him
standing. He has travelled from a before. In the 2006 Doha Asian
Ponting: a sore loser cramped dormitory room at a
Sports Authority of India hostel
Games I had beaten him to win
the bronze. So I was confident of
A lifeless WACA pitch was on Monday to Beijing, and unlike his prede- doing well against him.”
apportioned some of the blame by Australia cessors he was not overawed by Against Spiridonov, the Indian
skipper Ricky Ponting for South Africa’s the occasion. Even after some grabbed the early initiative by
successful run chase in the first Test. Set 414 for initial hiccups this wrestler from scoring two technical points that
victory, South Africa registered the second Najafgarh kept his sights straight. proved decisive. “I tried to be as
highest successful fourth-innings run chase in Ultimately, he got his reward and aggressive as possible in the first
Test history to win the Test by six wickets. India its second medal at the period to get an early lead. It’s
And Ponting, who said WACA had lost its Beijing Olympics. always difficult to come from
uniqueness of pace and bounce, was purposely “We had good prepara- behind and the opponent
preparing batter-friendly pitches to stretch the tions before the Games will be under pressure
game to all five days to maximise TV and gate but I knew it would be a and prone to mis-
revenues. “I’m disappointed in the result and tough competition. I takes,” he explains.
I’m disappointed because the uniqueness of the wanted to give my Although the
WACA that it once had, that we keep hearing best and so I Kazakh came
about every year, it appears it’s always there didn’t give up af- back to pocket a
for the state games but it’s just not there for ter my first loss,” point in the sec-
Test matches. I think it is disappointing,” Sushil says. ond period, Sush-
Ponting was quoted as saying in The Daily He lost to Ukrai- il held on to his
Telegraph. In the last four nian Andriy Stadnik nerve and won the
years, Australia have lost on points after being third period 1-0 and
two Tests, drawn one and pegged down 3-8 on gave India its second med-
won another in Perth. “The technical points in his al in wrestling at the Olym-
beauty with playing cricket first outing in Beijing. But as pics after Khashaba
in Australia is that you get a it goes, luck was on his side Dadasaheb Jadhav had won
vast array of conditions all and Stadnik made it to the a bronze at the 1952 Helsin-
around Australia and I’ve final, giving all those who ki Games. The Indian fra-
just got a bit of a feeling at lost to him a chance to get ternity at the Beijing
the moment that this place into one final tussle for the Agricultural University
has just lost whatever it had as far as its bronze. “Stadnik has a erupted in joy and Sushil
uniqueness. This Test match has basically been huge reputation in the at last had achieved his
played on a wicket like Adelaide. It’s not a world circuit and I knew he dream. ■
WACA wicket whatsoever,” the Australia might reach the final, the- Close(d) Encounters is a
skipper lamented. reby giving me another weekly column on India’s
PTI shot. And exactly that hap- greatest sporting
pened. I just told myself to achievements.
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The defining moment was the way the guys fought back after Mitchell Johnson’s brilliant
spell in our first innings. They showed the character and heart to get back into the match
and we can take a lot of confidence into the rest of the series. We will enjoy the moment and
then get our feet back on the ground as we head for Melbourne for what promises to be a
momentous second match.
South Africa skipper Graeme Smith on Sunday’s “historic win” against Australia

Liverpool hold by 10-man Arsenal an
iverpool was held 1-1

hold on the
Arsenal away wasted a chance to str en gth en its
gue, while Manchest
top of the Premier Lea defeat at
from home City’s slump con tin ue d wi
ich Albion.
th a 2-1

last-place West Bromw Liver-

Su nday equalised for
Robbie Keane on to tak e ad van tage
ds failed
pool, although the Re eb ayo r was
r Emmanuel Ad
after Gunners strike

on top
l to go at Em ira tes
nutes stil
sent off with 27 mi fire d Ar sen al ahead in
Pe rsie
Stadium. Robin van he col-
irates Stadium when
the 24th minute at Em tw o defen-
chest, turned past
lected the ball on his rfu l sho t. Bu t Ke ane,
a powe
ders and scored with er som e po or
ool’s team aft
who returned to Liverp 42 nd wh en he ran on
d in the
performances, replie r, out-
gh ball by Daniel Agge
to meet a long throu rs an d dro ve the ball
paced the Arsenal de
into the roof of the
Biased refereeing low
off for his second yel
Adebayor was sent tha t up set Ar sen al
te and
card in the 63rd minu “I be lie ve tha t, staying
ng er.
manager Arsene We me,” he
uld have won the ga
with 11 men, we wo on g de cis ion . I would
the wr
said. “I think it was when
off like that at home
love to have sendings I be lie ve tha t, if Ade-
pa rk.
we get kicked off the off in
then Keane has to go
bayor has to go off, chy ).”
a foul on Gael Cli
the first minute (for be-
l, wh o ha d Sammy Lee in charge
Liverpoo he rec ov ers
s absent while
cause Rafa Benitez wa ne y sto ne s, cre ate d
ove kid
from surgery to rem s fro m 18
und up 39 point
few chances and wo m 17,
at me an s Ch elsea, which has 37 fro
games. Th ing at Ever-
gue lead by winn
can take over the lea ing to be in con stant
ton. “We were always with technology being
touch (with Benitez) m,”
is, it wa s ne ver going to be a proble
what it nit ez con tin-
ssages from Be
said Lee, who had me coa chi ng sta ff.
by his
ually relayed to him
Wo es co nti nu es nner
Bednar headed the wi
West Brom’s Roman tim e to en sure Man
of inj ury
in the third minute ore’s
egation zone. Luke Mo
City stayed in the rel Ba gg ies a
Brom earned the
first goal for West ho rns . Bu t Cit y sub -
the Hawt
69th-minute lead at th wi th a
replied in the 86
stitute Felipe Caicedo the
ba ck- he el wh ich hit the inside of
deflected ee pe r Sco tt Carson. The
go alk
post and went in off er side
ed for a draw neith
game appeared head cha lle nged
dnar was left un
really wanted when Be cro ss fro m Gia nn i Zui-
to head home a right- tor y in 10
Brom’s first vic
verloon. It was West tea m rem ain s las t wi th
games but Tony Mowb , wh ich be at
than Blackburn
15 points, one fewer the Pre mi er Lea gu e’s
Stoke 3-0 on Saturday. com-
yout by an investment
richest club after a bu ha d on e vic tor y in nine
i, has
pany from Abu Dhab 18 po int s.
th place with
matches to slide to 18 er in
ma na ge r Ma rk Hughes, who took ov
City ou rite to be
bookmakers’ fav
June but now is the na ge r to los e his job,
gue ma
the next Premier Lea en
given funds to strength
said he expected to be Jan ua ry wi nd ow . “I’m
nth ’s
the squad in next mo e that
the quality into the sid
sure that once we get an ces an d the pro gress
we need then the pe ha pp en ,” said
will start to
we want to make fie ld Ro bin ho be cause
le to
Hughes, who was unab en Ela-
his Brazilian countrym
of injury and left out
no and Jo. ■ PTI

Liverpool’s Robbie Keane celebrates after scoring against

Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in London. PHOTO: AFP
10 FLICK ERGO Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Navya is back
Actress Navya, who was last seen in Raman
Thediya Seethai, has a lot of films in her kitty
now. She is currently doing Violet with Suresh
Gopi, Calender with Prithviraj and has signed a
project with Sarath Kumar in Tamil.

Anushka Sharma had an enviable debut opposite Shah Rukh

Rab ne bana di debut
Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Directed by Aditya
Chopra, Rab Ne... is the story of a mismatched couple
played by Shah Rukh and Anushka and how the two of
them find love against the backdrop of a dance competition.
The model-turned-actress is now under a three-film contract
with the Yash Raj banner. “But I am free to do any other
project if I wish,” she clarifies. Excerpts from the interview:

How did Rab Ne… happen? De India.

I started modelling from the age of 15.
My photographs were with an agency Who is your favourite actor
and Yash Raj got them from it. I was and actress?
called for an audition along with sever- Shah Rukh Khan and Rani
al other girls. I was selected by the as- Mukherjee.
sistant director and then introduced
to Adi (Aditya Chopra) for the sec- What next after Rab Ne…?
ond audition. He asked me to be as Are you bound by any
natural as I was in my first audi- contract?
tion. I followed his instructions Yes, I have signed a three-film
and was finally selected. contract with Yash Raj. But I’m
free to do any other project if I
So Shah Rukh was not there wish.
when you were
selected? Can you give any details
No, I met him for about your forthcoming
the first time on the films?
sets. Right now I’ve no idea about
any of the films as nothing has
How was the been finalised.
He was in the getup You debuted with the
of Suri and I couldn’t biggest star and one of the
recognise him until he biggest production houses of
came to me and intro- the country. Do you feel you
duced himself. I was aren’t left with better options
really surprised. in future?
No, I think the industry is quite
Do you consider it a big and there are other big ban-
dream come true to ners and people in the industry
be part of such a with whom I would love to work.
huge project?
Not really, as I never Among the two characters of
had the intention to be an Suri and Raj played by Shah
actress. It happened out Rukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di
of luck and I consider Jodi, which one did you like
myself very fortunate to the most?
be part of such a big I liked Suri more because he
banner in my debut had goodness in his character
film and to be working and was very true. I find those
with a star like Shah qualities enduring in a human
Rukh and a director like being.
Aditya Chopra.
How would you like your
Are you an avid dream guy to be?
watcher of Yash Raj’s I would love to have someone
films? like Suri. He should be a nice
Yes, I like their movies man. I believe in having a man
and the style in which they who is beautiful and strong from
make them. My favourite inside... Inner beauty is most im-
films are Dilwale Dulha- portant. But I found Suri hand-
niya Le Jayenge and Chak some and good-looking, too. ■
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Sibi’s homework
Actor Sibiraj, who is playing a negative
role in Nanayam, has started doing his
homework by watching his father
Sathyaraj’s movies. Hope he follows his
father and reaps success.

3 new faces in Cine City

Jism 2
F ive years after Bipasha Basu and
John Abraham scorched the
screen in Jism, Shagufta Rafique,
screenwriter for the much-hyped
sequel to the film, says part two will
be about infidelity and will launch
three new faces with great bodies.
“Since Jism was all about the hu-
man body and keeping up with the
tradition of Vishesh Films of launch-
ing new talent, we’ll take a com-
pletely new and absolutely raw cast
for Jism 2. We’ll launch three new
faces and three great bodies in three
newcomers in the film,” revealed
Released in 2003, Jism was an un-
expected box office success and the
launch vehicle of Bollywood heart-
throb John. While the first was writ-
ten by Mahesh Bhatt, Jism 2 is being Bhagavan shot in 17 hours
written by Rafique, who holds to her Bhagavan, a commercial film starring Mohanlal,
credit films like Woh Lamhe, Awara- was shot within a span of 17 hours. Directed by
pan and box-office dud Dhokha. Prashanth Mambally, the 64 scenes of the movie
On the plot of Jism 2, she said: were shot recently at Guruvayoor within 17 hours.
“Like the previous Jism, part two The shoot of the movie planned with five separate
will concentrate on the issue of in- units at five locales near and in the Allied Hospital
fidelity and will be a murder mys- has Mohanlal playing a gynaecologist, Dr.
tery. I have already started working Balagopal. Sources say the actor acted non-stop
on the film and Pooja (Bhatt) will be the whole day easing through the 58 scenes of the
directing it.” ■ movie.
IANS Bipasha Basu in a still from 2003’s Jism

To cap it all
M any people felt that Aamir Khan’s remarks on Himesh Reshammiya’s mar-
keting strategy and his trademark cap were sarcastic, but the musician-
actor, who admits to being a fan of the star, chooses to take the seeming
compliments on their face value.
“If Aamir has spoken so well about me, I won’t even think of questioning
it. I take his words as a big compliment. I’ve been hearing some terrific
Villu footage leaked
stories about his dedication from (director) John Matthew Mathan. I must According to Internet buzz, some of the
say he’s very inspiring,” says Reshammiya. introduction footages of Villu were leaked on the
At a press conference on Thursday, Aamir went out of his way to praise Internet. The movie, slated for a Pongal release,
Reshammiya, calling him a master of marketing. “So much so that wherev- features Vijay and Nayanthara in the lead roles. A
er and whenever I see a topi (cap) I think of Himesh,” said Aamir. couple of days ago, a website carried a few
But many thought Aamir was being sarcastic by praising Reshammiya for portions of the introductory scenes of Vijay.
his marketing strategy at a time when it (the strategy) seems to have However, the film crew claimed that the portions
collapsed. His Karzzz, a remake of 1980’s Rishi Kapoor starrer Karz, uploaded on the Net were deleted scenes from the
bombed despite all the publicity gimmicks. movie. Villu, produced by Ayngaran International,
“Or did Aamir praise Reshammiya because he is playing a role inspired is directed by Prabhu Deva.
by Aamir?” asked one of Aamir’s co-stars.
Reshammiyya is in Palanpur, Gujarat, busy shooting for Mathan’s new
film, A New Love Ishtory, in which he plays a big Aamir fan. ■
12 ERGO Tuesday, December 23, 2008

■ IPS officer. The profession says it

Monday’s Query: all. The job combined with power,
pride and a position where you can
Given a chance to change the system and communicate
with people effectively.
change your profession, Senthil Arjunan,
which other career Calsoft Ltd

would you choose? Why? ■ Politician and would close the toll
which causes traffic in OMR.
■ I would like to join politics and do Sofiya Ambrose, Wipro
something good for India.
Satya, Wipro ■ Politics, to show how to eradicate
poverty, terrorism and develop India
■ I would like to become a journalist. as a super powered nation.
It’s a profession I have been R.Viswanathan, Hexaware,
interested in since I was a teen. Meenakshi Mohan, TCS,
Ahalya, TCS Praveen, CGSL

■ I would like to become a Saint. No ■ Mayor of Chennai, to bring

worries about pink slips and no extreme reformation to control Saravanan from Wipro has nominated his friends as Partners
marriage tension. Chennai traffic, in particular in Crime. This pic was clicked at Kodaikanal.
Yacub, M.Asath Kani, TCS
Patni Computers
■ Cinema, so that I can be popular
■ Will be a free style dancer, a long and everyone will come to know
awaited thirst in me. Would like to about me.
keep dancing till my health permits. S.Stanly George, Perot Systems,
Ramya Selvam, TCS Sindhu ,UST Global,
Javid, Cognizant
■ Would love to be a bartender in a
beach side resort. ■ Cashier as I need some ’change’.
Samshodh, Inautix Balaji, TCS

■ NatGeo wildlife photographer. ■ Business, want to spend 30%

Karthik, HCL business profit for orphans’
■ I will have to start farming or Baskaran Ramasamy,
rendu maadu vaangi meypen. Ramco Systems
Divya V, Polaris
Mak, Infosys ■ News photographer, because I can
take photos of cricket stars.
■ I would like to choose the teaching Karthikeyan R,
profession so that I can help few Infosys
people to sleep well. Kanagaraj Vaiyapuri from Infosys has nominated his friends
Jubair, Cognizant, ■ Magazine reporter, since I love my as Partners in Crime.
Magesh, Polaris legs and pen running faster, breaking
the obstacles and to lighten out the
■ HR Manager, so that I can give roles and things that are being
offer to people who really need job. played behind the screen of stages
Manimozhi R, Sify both in positive and negative aspects.
Rajalakshmi Muthusamy,
■ Doctor, as I would love saving HCL
people’s lives. Being a doctor is like a
temporary replacement of god.
Serena D’souza, Allsec Tech,
Today’s Query:
Ramjothi, Cognizant
Which is the most
■ Radio jockey because that is where
you can talk more and work less. embarrassing situation
Nithiyasri Saravanan,
Wipro in your life and how
■ Professional power lifter, because I did you manage it?
have participated in one or two By Rajee Anand,
events and that gave me a Coastal Training Technologies
confidence that I can achieve You can nominate Ergo Mobile Query too.
anything in my life. Just send us an email to
Vinoth Kumar, with Subject Line:
Raghavendran Krishnamurthy from Cybernet-Slashsupport
Allsec “Mobile Query Suggestion”.
has nominated his gang as Partners in Crime. This pic was
clicked at Wayanad.
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

■ Dear kadalavandi,
Krishnan of FSS has been nominated as Office Angel by Lakshmi Lovely mSg for a Lovely PErson from
Narasimhan. Lovely Friend 4 a Lovely Reason aT
He is known for his sense of humour in and around the office. tHisLUvely Time form aLuvely Mind in
a Lovely Mood in a Lovely Style Have
a Lovely "BirthDay"

With luv,Kutti Ponnu.

■ Hi Sathya,
A smile is a curve that sets everything
straight and wipes wrinkle
away.hope u share lots and receive
lots 4 days 2 come
Kick off ur shoes, take a break, Crank
the tunes, Dance & Shake, light the
candles, cut the cake. Make it a day,
that’s simply Great!!! Happy B’Day....
we know that u’l give us treat in a
big hotel..

Best Wishes from

R4 Rascals
Cognizant Technology Solutions

■ Dear Deepa,
You are always thought of in a very
special way, And you’re wished the
finest things in life Today and every
day! Happy Birthday!
With Love,
Soundari, Sridevi,
Sivasangari & SVT Team,
HCL Technologies

■ Dear JP,
Heartiest congratulation on your
bday from Solution Studio family.May
Jey Spidey doodled this. GOD shower all HIS blessings on u J.

Anupama Bindal

■ Hi Seetha Ganesh,
Belated wish you many morehappy
returns of the day. May all your
dreams come true in your life.

Your ever loving freind,

Manikandan K

■ Hi Dharani raja,
Wish u a very very happy birth day...
We wish you for all sucess..

With love

■ Hi Saran,
Dr: Sorry....unga kidney fail ayidichu..... This year we got the chanceTo wish
Patient: enna koduma Dr ithu?........Nan en kidney’a padikka vaikkavae illai, athu eppadi fail agum...? you birthday cheer.It pleases us no
Dr: !!! end to say,We wish you another
Javid, Cognizant great year.
Man 1: En ponnu first class la pass pannita. So happy birthday to you Saran,From
Man 2: Maerkondu enna padikka vaikka poreenga? the bottom of our hearts.And may
Man 1: Second class than.. your good times multiply,Till they’re
Man 2: ? ? ? .. flying off the chart!
Jubair, Cognizant This is the best time to tell you we
Computer Acronyms love you.
ISDN – It Still Does Nothing
APPLE – Arrogance Produces Profit – Losing Entity Wishing you here is your CASTLE team.
MACINTOSH – Most Applications Crash; If Not, The Operating System Hangs Infosys.
Manikandan N, Wipro
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marriage proposal
An Iraqi man has offered his daughter’s hand
in marriage to the journalist who recently
threw his shoe at U.S. President George Bush.


Prasoon S of
Software &
Systems (FSS)
clicked this
picture at
Bilaspur in

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Picasso horse Word’s worth
A horse whose abstract "Woofits" (woo-fits) an unwell feeling, especially a headache; a moody
paintings sell for more than depression; a hangover. In one citation this is called "that dread disease
$3,000 (GBP2,000) is having his that comes from overeating and underdrinking" and "the ailment that
own exhibition in Venice. comes with ’the morning after the night before.’"



Logical thinking is fine, but incessant brooding
might not prove to be useful. Ganesha suggests
that you should not push yourself for something
which is impossible. Try to streamline your thoughts
in a proper direction. Love life will be smooth today.


Achieving targets won’t be difficult at all. You will
be able to meet the deadlines very easily today. Pay
equal attention to all the pending work or it may
pile up into a huge mess. Lovers may spend a
wonderful evening in the company of their beloved.


You may wish to establish proper work routine and
BORN LOSER schedule in order to perform better at workplace.
You may be very judgemental and precise while at
work. Lovers may find a positive turning point in
their romantic life, by the Grace of Ganesha.
On the work front, the day is going to be very
hectic. You may have to spend a great amount of
time solving queries and problems. Seek help if
need be. Romance on the whole will be smooth
and satisfying provided you watch your temper.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
You really need a break, don’t you? Firstly finish off
the pending work, then select a time when there is
nothing major happening and take off on an
adventure trip or a romantic cruise with your honey
or just sit back at home and relax! Try it!
Hard work has wonderful rewards and there is no
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT doubt about it. Things may not work according to
your plan or schedule. Just relax and let Ganesha
take care of everything. The Grace of Ganesha will
bestow upon the lovers like there is no tomorrow!
Don’t let your mood affect your performance or
behaviour towards others. Even on the personal
front, avoid stress and take it easy. What is more
bothersome for your beloved to see you unhappy?
Talk out everything with supportive friends.
It’s the best day to have a look at past and finish
off pending social and official work. At office, you
may interact with others in order to find solution to
some long-pending issues. Love life may remain
almost uneventful today, feels Ganesha.
“Why worry?” asks Ganesha. It is just a matter of
time that things seem to be so difficult and
impossible. Just be careful and plan everything in
advance. This includes everything from your official
tasks to fixing for movie tickets with your beloved.
You may be very verbal while at work, so you may
be giving suggestions to everyone around you.
Ensure that you are not hurt if your suggestions are
not accepted by others. Make sure your over-
criticism doesn’t hurt your beloved or spouse.
PREVIOUS There is no weapon more powerful than words.
Take advantage of the same. Since you are capable
ISSUE’S of impressing others with your speech, you should
use that on the professional front as well. This will
SOLUTIONS be helpful, if you wish to woo your beloved.
You will wait for your lucky charm to show wonders
today. Hence during the second half of the day, you
might find yourself wasting time. Try not to take up
important tasks today.Lovers might feel a pinch
when the beloved doubts his/her integrity.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Tuesday, December 23, 2008