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Changeling: the Dreaming

Changeling Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming  Changeling Players Kit Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming

Changeling: the Dreaming  Written by: lan Lemke, Ethan Skemp, Cynthia Summers Additional Material by: Richard

Written by: lan Lemke, Ethan Skemp, Cynthia Summers Additional Material by: Richard Dansky and Jennifer Hartshorn Developed by: lan Lemke Edited by: Laura Perkinson Vice President of Production: Richard Thomas Art Director: Aileen E. Miles, Lawrence Snelly Art: Richard Kane Ferguson, Henry Higgenbotham Front Cover: Richard Kane Ferguson Back Cover: Ash Arnett, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook Layout and Typesetting: Katie McCaskill Printed in Canada

Layout and Typesetting: Katie McCaskill Printed in Canada SUITE 100 10 PARK NORTH BLVD. CA 30021


© 1995 by White Wolf. All rights reserved, Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is expressly denied, except for the purpose of reviews. Changeling: The Dreaming, Mage; The Ascension, Werewolf: The Apocalypse Wraith: The Oblivion, Vampire: The Masquerade and Changeling Players Kit are all trademarks of White Wolf. The mention of or reference to any companies or products in these pages is not a challenge to trademarks or copyrights concerned.

Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming

The following section contains additional guidelines for using Bunks in your Changeling game, as well as a listing of new Bunks specifically designed for each kith. These additional rules are provided to help clarify the rules provided in the Changeling rulebook, as well as to offer some alternative methods for using the Bunk system. This booklet is divided into two sections, either or both of which can be used by players and Storytellers alike. Players should consult their Storyteller before using any of these additional rules or Bunks. Each Storyteller has his own style and some of the material provided here may be inappropriate for some chronicles. Rules Clarification: This section provides clarifications of the Bunk rules as presented in the Changeling rulebook. Kith-Specific Bunks: The bulk of the booklet is dedicated to providing specific Bunks for each kith. It is not required that a character take any of these Bunks; they are simply provided as examples of appropriate Bunks which each kith uses in conjunction with each Art. Additionally, characters of different kith may choose to take a Bunk from another kith, with their Storytellers approval, of course. Such mix-and-matching should be examined closely for consistency with the character. Simply taking another kith's Bunk because it seems easier is not acceptable.

BunkBunkBunkBunk RulesRulesRulesRules ClarificationsClarificationsClarificationsClarifications

ChoosingChoosingChoosingChoosing YOURYOURYOURYOUR bunksbunksbunksbunks

Most of the confusion over Bunk cards lies in exactly how the specific Bunks may be chosen by a character. This is actually very easy (if not very clear in the core rulebook). One Bunk is selected for each level of an Art a character possesses. Thus, a character with Soothsay 3 must choose one level one Soothsay Bunk, one level two Soothsay Bunk and one level three Soothsay Bunk. Each Bunk chosen must be different — a character can never have more than one of the same Bunk in his deck at any time. In the basic rulebook each level of a Bunk may have varying degrees of successes. This has been eliminated in this sourcebook, in which each Bunk is worth a number of successes equal to its level, no more no less. You may choose to keep the Bunks listed in the rulebook as they are or modify them to fit this new system.

RefreshingRefreshingRefreshingRefreshing YourYourYourYour DeckDeckDeckDeck

Refreshing your deck allows you to restore all of your Bunks to your hand. Any time a character would be allowed to refresh her deck she may choose to change the Bunks in her deck. In fact it is highly suggested that a character do so, as this helps to represent the random and chaotic nature of Glamour. Any number of Bunks may be exchanged at this time, from one, to all of them.



Some Storytellers may wish to incorporate rules to encourage players to alter their Bunk decks. This could be anything from rewarding the character with a point of temporary Glamour for taking new cards — to punishing the character with a temporary point of Banality for each card that remains the same. Ultimately this is the choice of the Storyteller, and she may choose whatever works best for her chronicle.

Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming



• Wiggle Waggle: Waggle your finger in the direction of your subject.

• Round-about: Stir something counterclockwise.

• Finger Poke: Tickle someone.

• • • • • Headstand-flip: Stand on your head, then flip, landing on your feet.

Ha Ha: Make fun of your subject.


• Criss-Cross: Cross your eyes and hold them that way till the cantrip is completed.

• Skippidy-do: Skip around your subject.

• Blue in the Face: Hold your breath for at least 30 seconds.

• •

• • • • • Juggle: Juggle three objects then add a fourth, without dropping.

Running Jump: Run in circles three times then jump in the air.


• Home Cookin': Eat a muffin you baked yourself.

• Sugar 'n Spice: Sprinkle sugar on your subject.

• Berry Pick'n: Squash a berry then lick the juice off your fingers.

• •

• • • • • Witches Brew: Make a poultice from three different herbs; spread on your subject.

Curds: Pour curdled milk into a bowl.

herbs; spread on your subject. • • • • • Curds: Pour curdled milk into a

Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming


• Stone Toss: Throw a stone into the air, then pick it up.

• Poor House: Bum money, then blow on the ashes.

• Chicken Scratch: Draw a picture of your subject in the dirt.

• •

• • • • • Excelsior: Draw a 2-page comic about your target.

Shooter: Shoot marbles.


• Mad! Mad! Mad!: Stamp your foot on the ground and shout.

• Ruler ship: Hold an ornate rod in your hand.

• Heads!: Flip a coin and correctly call it.

• • • • • Silence: Cause everyone within ear shot to be silent, then shout.

Statue: Stand perfectly still with your eyes closed for at least a minute.


• Gordian Boy Scout: Tie your shoe laces in triple knots.

• Shroud: Place a hood on your head.

• Zoom: Do cartwheels.

• In a Circle I Stand: Draw a circle on the ground then stand in it.

Drunken Sot: Drink a pint of ale with out stopping.



• Laughing Boy: Laugh out loud.

• Cattle Call: Say a sentence in three different thick accents.

• Summer Vacation: Describe a beautiful place you've been.

• • • • • True Name: Give the True Name of someone you know (must be different every time).

#$#& L ^%$: Make up a new curse and shout it in a foreign language.


• Granny Yank: Pull on your earlobe three times.

• Ouch!: Pull out a bit of hair.

• Angry Fan: Spit ice through a straw at your target.

• •

• • • • • Cut the Deck: Cut a deck of cards; guess the showing card (you have three

Copperfield: Perform a magic trick.



• Mmmm Yummy: Eat a bug.

• Firelight: Make a small fire.

• Water Shell: Pour fresh water into a shell, then sprinkle it on the subject.

• Burned in Effigy: Destroy a mask that somehow depicts your target.

• •

Blood and Thorns: Tightly grasp a rod covered in thorns.

Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming


• 52 Pickup: Toss a deck of cards into the air.

• Boxcars: Roll two dice until you get doubles.

• Reading Comer: Read a random page from a book out loud.

• Johnny Appleseed: Count the seeds in an apple.

Spilt Blood: Pour blood into a cup then spill it on the ground.


• Facepainting: Paint your face.

• Legalese: Reason with your target, using a Latin legal term correctly.

• Frankincense and Myrrh: Engulf your subject(s) in a cloud of incense.

• • • • • Regal Garb: Wear finery associated with the nobility.

Storytime: Tell a story (must be different every time.)


• Skygazing: Stare up at the sky.

• Fly Away: Flap your arms like a giant bird.

• I am a Silver Key: Paint a key on your target with silver paint.

• Phone Home: Make a call to a place you would like to be.

• •

Due North: Walk three paces due north, then jump into the air.



• Grunt and Grumble: Make a disparaging comment.

• I Think It's a Vegetable: Wad an orange marshmallow peanut into a tiny ball and throw it at your target.

• Snake Oil: Slip something vile and greasy on your target.

• • • • • Cough, Cough: Inhale a large amount of smoke.

Tech Stuff: Recite a section from a tech manual.


• Tap: Tap your subject.

• Slippery: Cover your hands in oil.

• Skindoodle: Draw a mock tattoo on yourself in ink.

• •

• • • • • Dragonfly: Twist a piece of wire into an intricate pattern.

Smash: Break something with a hammer.


• Oh Gross!: Smear mud on your face and on your target.

• Uri's Silver Drawer: Bend three spoons.

• Sculpting: Split a rock in two.

• • • • • Liquid Metal: Melt a piece of jewelry made of precious metal.

Art Critic: Sculpt a modeling clay likeness of your target and creatively smash it.


• I've Gotta Admit It: Say something nice about your target. Sincerely.

• •

Ice Cubes: Toss several crystals to the ground.

Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming

• Pieces o' Eight: Break a gold coin in half.

• • • • • Birthstar: Locate your subject's birthstar in the sky or on a star map.

Mud Fight: Splatter your subject with mud.


• Ahem, AHEM: Clear your throat noisily.

• Ring-a-ding-ding: Sound a gong.

• Trinket: Touch a jeweled necklace crafted by a friend.

• Cap of Royalty: Wear a crown.

Fatal Flaw: Break a weapon.


• Three Step: Take three even paces.

• Ring Toss: Toss a metal ring in the air.

• London Bridge: Pass under an archway.

• E=mc 2 : Perform a complex mathematical equation (Storyteller's choice).

• • • • • It's For You — I Think: Leave a cryptic message on a complete stranger's

answering machine.



• Awww, How Cute: Bat your eyelids extravagantly.

• Fast Food Warzone: Shoot a drinking straw's wrapper at your target.

• A Toast: Offer a toast to your subject.

• •

• • • • • Punchline: Cause another to burst out with laughter.

Giggles: Fall down on the floor, giggling uncontrollably.


• Twitch: Twitch your nose like a rabbit.

• Nose Grab: Grab at someone's nose and pretend to have stolen it.

• Play the Fool: Act in a foolish manner.

• Red-in-the-Face: Embarrass someone.

• Cats Cradle: Make a cats cradle from a length of string.


• Bob-White: Imitate a bird call.

• Clover Salad: Make a salad of dandelion leaves and four-leaf clovers.

• Foul Stench: Burn the fur of an animal (not your own).

• Honey Drop: Drip honey on a piece of bark.

• Animal Farm: Pet an animal of your affinity.


• Lucky Charms: Rub a rabbit's foot.

• Egg Spin: Spin an egg.

• Ooh, Fresh Paint: Leave muddy pawprints / hoofprints on a clean wall.

• • • • • Wrap a Red Ribbon: Tie a red ribbon around a rowan branch; cut at midnight.

Snail Trail: Watch the trail of three snails (slugs will do in a pinch).

Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming


• Impersonation: Introduce yourself with a false title.

• Mockery: Mock a noble.

• Call of the Wild: Cry out like an animal.

• • • • • See The Resemblance?: Pat an animal of the same type as your affinity.

Hoighty Toighty: Speak with a lisp for the duration of the cantrip.

Toighty: Speak with a lisp for the duration of the cantrip. Wayfare • Spin and Paint:


• Spin and Paint: Spin in a circle while flicking paint all about you.

• Yabba-Dabba: Sing a Saturday moming cartoon theme song.

• Up, Up and Away: Blow up a balloon and let it float away.

• Catch a Critter: Catch a small creature (bug, frog, fish, etc.).

Ministry of Silly Walks: Do three silly walks.



• Curses: Say as many obscenities as you can in one breath.

• Primal Scream: Scream as loud as you can.

• Dye Job: Dip an article of your subject's clothing in blood.

• Fight! Fight!: Start an argument (may be between two other people).

Is that a Threat?: Construct an intricate threat.

Changeling: Players Kit

Changeling: the Dreaming


• Fizzy Punch: Consume an unlikely combination of drinks.

• Gurgle, Gurgle: Drink a liter of soda without stopping for breath.

• Filthy Habit: Empty an ashtray on your target.

• • • • • Shake and Bake: Shake someone till stuff falls out of their pockets.

Stiffy: Touch your subject with a dead creature.

• • Stiffy: Touch your subject with a dead creature. Primal • See Food: Chew something


• See Food: Chew something up then spit it out.

• Rip it Up: Tear clothing, preferably your subject's.

• Java Man: Spill piping-hot black coffee on your target.

• Bloody Faucet: Cut your wrist with your fingernail and drip blood on your subject.

• Snack Time: Bite the head off a small animal.


• In this Sign Thou Shalt Conquer: Make an obscene gesture.

• Ptui: Spit in a footprint

• Bone Snap: Break a bone (this can be your own, someone else's or any bone you can get hold of).

• Head Rush: Hang upside down until you get a head rush.

• Entrail Poke: Rip the entrails out of a living creature.

Changeling: Players Kit


• Tooth File: Sharpen your teeth on a rock.

• Grab the Remote: Point a remote control at your target and press a button.

• Hole in the Wall: Punch a wall.

• Golden Guts: Eat gold or another precious metal.

• Tie Die: Soak a cap in blood and place it on your head.


• Butterflies: Eat a butterfly.

• Get a Life!: Throw away something faddish or in style.

• Itinerary: Name off every place you've been today.

• Bloody Trail: Trace a route on a map in blood.

• Road Kill: Run across a busy street.



• Trailer Soundbite: Quote a current movie. Must be a different movie each time the bunk comes up.

• Catchy Tune: Play the pipes.

• Camp Fire: Lead those around you in a song.

• The Classics: Recite part of an epic poem,

• Bump in the Night: Tell a scary story with your subject as the victim.


• High Jump: Jump as high as you can.

• Who's the Fairest: Stare at a reflection of your target for thirty seconds.

• Only Money: Burn a dollar bill and use it to light something.

• Booga: Drop something nasty down someone's shirt.

Lady Godiva: Strip naked and run.


• Loves Me, Loves Me Not: Pull the petals off a flower while saying, loves me, loves me not.

• Drinking Buddies: Drink half of a drink; share the other half with (or pour it on) your target.

• Sudden Growth: Plant a seed.

• Lords of the Sky: Frighten a flock of birds.

• • • • • Masseuse: Massage someone with scented oils.


• Round and Round We Go: Run counterclockwise around your target.

• You'll be Sorry: Warn someone not to do something.

• Feather Flurry: Tear up a down pillow and scatter the contents.

• •

• • • • • Bat an Eye: Count the eyelashes on your subject, or yourself.

Down She Goes: Light an alcoholic drink on fire, then drink it.


• Fair Greeting: Kiss the hand of someone of the opposite sex.

• •

Me Tarzan: Pound on your chest.

• Mark Your Territory: 'Nuff said.

• • • • • Rub-a-Dub: Take a long, luxurious bath with expensive oils and towel off with silks, all the while

V-J Day: Sweep someone off their feet and into a long passionate kiss.

chanting your subject's name.


• Tweak: Pluck three hairs from your body and cast them on the wind.

• Work Those Thighs: Do ten jumpingjacks.

• Borderlands: Walk on the edge be tween two places.

• Yank: Put ducttape on your leg; rip it off.

Pretty Pattern: Shave a pattern on your leg.



• Accentuating: Speak with an affected accent.

• Name Names: Name the kings and queens of Concordia.

• Poet's Tongue: Describe your target with three different unusual metaphors.

• •

• • • • • Riddle Contest: Confound someone with a riddle.

Multisyllables: Use two words with five or more syllables in a sentence.


• Courtesy: Curtsey or bow before your subject.

• Little Red Ribbon: Tie a knot around your finger.

• Ornate Words: Write a poem in calligraphy.

• Morning's Kiss: Brush your target's eyelids with dew.

• •

Swan Sail: Make an origami swan; set it afloat.


• A Rose is a Rose: Give your subject a rose.

• Getting Back to Nature: Roll in grass, leaves or a flower bed.

• Strength of Oaks-to-Be: Split an acorn with a sword. Give both halves to your target.

• Petal Dew: Drink the dew from a flower.

• • • • • Scourge of Truth: Firmly grasp something that hurts (cold, heat, thorns, nettles).


• Luck's Scent: Dab a bit of subtle perfume on your target.

• Memento Mori: Read an epitaph (must be different each time).

• Drawing Down the Moon: Look at the moon (a picture will do).

Hand of Fate: Choose a tarot card to represent your subject, then tear it up and bum it.

• • • • • Rainbow Drink: Grind gemstones of the colors of the rainbow into powder, then stir into a glass of wine and drink it.

• •


• Your Majesty: Introduce yourself in a formal manner.

• Regal Plait: Braid a lock of your hair.

• Herald's Bane: Announce everything you're doing in a grandiose manner.

• •

Friends Romans: Stand on a chair and recite Shakespeare.

• • • • • Character Actor: Read aloud a passage from a play, substituting your target's name for the name of an appropriate person or thing in the play proper.


• Sailing to Byzantium: Set a leaf or flower afloat on water.

• Hell-bent: Run directly into the wind.

• Traveling Music: Play live or recorded music appropriate to traveling.

• •

• • • • • Follow the Sun: Watch the shadow of a fixed object shift location.

Pursue the Horizon: Draw a map to an imaginary place.



Yell like a Snake: Hiss as loudly as you can.

I Don't Buy It: Cut up a magazine ad.

Dictionary: Give the dictionary definition of something related to the cantrip (must be different each time).

It was a Dark and Stormy Night: Read or recite a passage from a horror novel (must be different each time).

Secrets: Tell a dirty secret.


• Make No Mistake: Tear the eraser off a pencil.

• A Bit o' Tongue: Waggle your tongue.

• Slither: Crawl on the ground.

• Flex: Place your leg behind your head.

• Snap!: Catch a fly with chopsticks.


• Drippy Wax: Drip hot wax on your hand.

• My Preciouss: Lick a piece of jewelry and press it to your target.

• Fungus Smoke: Burn mushrooms.

• How to Eat Fried Worms: Eat a worm.

• Eye Spy: Touch an eyeball to your subject.


• Nice Puppy: Stroke animal fur.

• Hate Mail: Write a nasty letter and place it near the target.

• Ink Blot: Smash a vial of ink and put your hand in it.

• •

• • • • • Charlotte's Web: Cut down a spider web without breaking it.

Ollie's Bane: Paste together a shredded document.

Sovereign • What's in my Pocket?: Pull something gross out of your pocket. • Dragon's


• What's in my Pocket?: Pull something gross out of your pocket.

• Dragon's Breath: Blow smoke in the direction of your subject.

• Funny Face: Apply intricate make-up to your face.

• •

• • • • • Spitting Tacks: Spit tacks onto the ground.

Push Here, Pull There: Open a Chinese puzzlebox (a different one each time).


• Home Sweet Home: Stare at a picture of a place you love.

• Arcane Symbol: Draw an arcane symbol (must be different every time).

• Little Brother's Blackmail: Read aloud from someone else's private diary (a different entry each time).

• •

• • • • • Humpty Dumpty: Draw a face on an egg then break it over your head; drink the yolk.

Snuff: Put out a candle with your fingers.



• Snarl: Make a low growl.

• Great Heroes: Recite a passage from Beowulf (must be different every time).

• Bonjour, Mein Herr: Hail your target in five different languages very quickly.

• • • • • Nixy’s Prize: Lock a ruby and a picture of your target together in a small box.

Tell a Tale: Tell a quick story of your exploits (must be different every time).


• Criss-Cross: Cross your eyes.

• Stand Firm: Cross your arms and stand perfectly still while glaring at your subject.

• Praise the Sky: Raise your arms to the sky and shout.

• Make a Wish: Toss a pure silver coin into water.

• •

Grimjaw: Break something by biting it in half.


• Chug-a-lug: Quaff an alcoholic beverage.

• Berserker Rage: Charge at your subject shouting at the top of your lungs.

• Trim: Trim a bit of your beard or hair; sprinkle it on your target.

• Mighty Hands: Tear a phone book in half.

• • • • • Home Hearth: Rub ashes from a fire made in your home on your arms and face.


• Blue Skies: Focus on a reflection of the sky.

• It Shall be Done: Break a glass filled with wine on the ground.

• Stardust: Powder a gemstone.

• Futhark Fate: Handcraft a set of runes and cast them.

• •

Savage Beast: Destroy an object of value.


• Show Some Respect: Salute your target.

• Tied in Knots: Braid your beard (or hair) in an intricate pattern; add a ribbon.

• Runic Mark: Draw a rune on the ground (must be different every time).

• Wood Splitter: Break a tree branch (or any piece of wood).

• This I Swear: Make an oath.


• Compass: Draw a compass on the ground.

• Chiropody: Tear the heels off a pair of high-heeled shoes.

• Salty Air: Toss salt into the air.

• Gusty Winds: Make a small pile of sand in the palm of your hand then blow it away.

• Road Rash: Tear up a piece of flooring or pavement.