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Word of mouth dominates online conversations about B&Q

1. Prompts of conversation for B&Q

Customer recommendations


Deals and discounts


Going to B&Q

New store opening


Currently at B&Q

Flash mob

Environmental e orts

2. Sentiment towards B&Q

Love 2.1% Like 5.1% Balanced 87.1% Dislike 3.9% Hate 1.8%

n = 175
Customers are using the web to recommend particular products that can be found at B&Q and frequently suggest shopping there or at a particular branch; they also seem to value advice via online word of mouth when in the market for DIY products. Attention was drawn to particular branches when videos of in-store ash mobs circulated YouTube. Competitions to win B&Q vouchers and gift cards (5.1%), second quarter sales (4.0%), and CSR e orts (3.4%) were also popular conversation prompts beyond those listed above.

n = 335
Despite the prominence of recommendations, the vast majority of B&Q mentions were of balanced sentiment. Customers simply advised others that B&Q carries or may carry a particular product (You can buy them in places like B&Q), rather than B&Q is the best, worst, or only option. However, it is encouraging to note that positive statements outweighed negative ones.

3. Most discussed DIY retailers


4. Location of Twitter users

Wickes London
16.4% 38.3%

5. Bio interests of Twitter users

5.0% 4.2%

Travis Perkins




Music 38.1%

Sport 14.3%

Animals 7.1%

TV 4.8%

n = 969
B&Q is the most discussed DIY retailer amongst the selected competitors listed above, likely due to the companys greater sales revenue as well as a wider global presence. With over 60 outlets internationally, including Asia, B&Q is able to serve a greater customer base than its UK and Ireland focussed competitors. Travis Perkins was more often mentioned than Homebase, despite fewer stores and a more specialised, builder-speci c product o ering.

n = 120
The location of Twitter users re ects the fact that all four brands were founded in the UK and consequently are most heavily based in that region. It is notable, however, that despite B&Qs presence in other countries, those other than UK and Ireland were not represented.

n = 42
Bio interests indicate a high interest in music. Speci c mentions of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga may suggest that these users remain up to date with popular culture. A high interest in sport and animals may relate to a general interest in the outdoors, which is linked to participation in DIY projects; however, only one Twitter user speci cally mentioned DIY as an interest. Beyond those listed above, other interests include technology (4.8%), astronomy (2.4%), and cooking (2.4%).

Methodology: The search used to form this analysis ran on 16 August 2011 focused on global English language content and produced 2,059 results, 940 of which were relevant. A 'result' refers to the raw material our system generates when it scours the web. A 'relevant result' is a result that is deemed relevant to the subject of the analysis. 'Data' refers to a re ned relevant result - a result that has been considered, and topics and values applied to produce a piece of data. The 940 relevant results used in this analysis produced 1,641 pieces of data, a ratio of 1.75 pieces of data per relevant result. It should be noted that data is not linear, and not every result provides data to every topic. The 'n' value (n = X) indicates the volume of data used in answering each topic.

errm maybe try argo's sale/blacks/b and q and we got 2 2-men tents for like a tenner each not too baad :)

@Christerphurr Are you laying a whole garden or just an area? B&Q do some cheap (but good quality) rolls of turf for 3 a roll.
@Cruy _Des

Can't wait 2 go b&q later 2 get my wallpaper an paint 4 this house :))) happy days xxxx

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