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Consumers trust Ofcom to handle pricing disputes successfully

Service provider billing & pricing


1. Prompts of conversation for Ofcom



Programme content

2. Sentiment towards Ofcom

Ofcom investigations

Mobile coverage

Local TV

Love 1.1%

Like 2.1%

Balanced 93.1%

Dislike 3.6%

Hate 0%


n = 484
Over half of results concerned Ofcoms actions regarding service providers who mischarge or overcharge their customers, the majority of which referenced TalkTalk. A large number of online users, in a joking or sarcastic manner, made complaints concerning the content of reality shows, specifically Celebrity Big Brother. Beyond the categories listed above, phone hacking (2.3%), fraud (2.3%), and licensing (1.9%) were popular prompts of conversation.

n = 612
The majority of results were of balanced sentiment, although reasons for complaints were the top conversation prompts. Articles reporting on complaints comprised more results than comments direct from consumers, explaining the prevalence of a neutral tone. However, it is important to take note of the content of positive statements, as all were in praise of Ofcoms successful work for consumers.

3. Communications sectors most discussed

Multiple media

4. Locations of Twitter users

London Manchester
40.2% 8.5%

5. Bio interests of twitter users

Liverpool Technology


Mobile phones



Photography 20.5% 13.6%

Music 9.1%

Sport 9.1%

n = 548
The predominance of multiple media can be explained by the surge of conversations about Ofcoms penalisation of TalkTalk. Televisions prominence may increase as the majority of complaints focussed on the authentic content of reality shows, which are becoming increasingly popular. Beyond those listed above, radio (4.4%) and landline phones (1.1%) were marginally discussed; both are mediums that are of decreasing significance in todays society.

n = 137
These four locations of Twitter users are some of the largest cities in the England, possibly where tech-savvy consumers are most dependent on communications products and most likely to complain when these products are overpriced or unreliable. Cities in Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow) were represented by only 2.7% of Twitter users in total, despite the fact that Ofcom serves the whole of the UK. Both Northern Ireland and Wales were not repre1 sented.

n = 44
Technology plays an important part in the lives of people who commented online as these individuals pursue interests which depend on services regulated by Ofcom. The prominence of photography as a stated interest also suggests a tech-orientated demographic. After these two, most interests reflected a general range commonly found in other Trufflenet searches, such as pets, film and socialising. This indicates that a broad section of the public also take an interest in Ofcom and its actions.

Methodology: Peter Davies of @Ofcom: licensing process for #localTV stations will be streamlined and sensible.

Talk #Talk are, frankly, a bag of sh*t. Hated them when I was with them. No customer service #Useless Well done #Ofcom for taking action.
@ CAWSW @ ashk8

Does anyone have ofcom's number? I want to contest the 'celebrity' part of Celebrity Big Brother. #bbuk

The search used to form this analysis ran on 18 August 2011 focused on global English language content and produced 665 results, 612 of which were relevant. A 'result' refers to the raw material our system generates when it scours the web. A 'relevant result' is a result that is deemed relevant to the subject of the analysis. 'Data' refers to a refined relevant result - a result that has been considered, and topics and values applied to produce a piece of data. The 612 relevant results used in this analysis produced 1,825 pieces of data, a ratio of 2.98 pieces of data per relevant result. It should be noted that data is not linear, and not every result provides data to every topic. The 'n' value (n = X) indicates the volume of data used in answering each topic.

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