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Dear children, you have reached the age to build a family, while we or parents have reached the period

of finishing our experience or perhaps experiment with family altho a second phase will hav to start when grandchildren arrives. Anyway to be honest with U, with D way we look, D way we feel, walk, talk, And our age of more than 50, you can be certain there are now lessons to learn, I mean to pass on to you, but how I wish we have learned them in our family. What are these lessons? First, Begin to stop trusting chemicals as tools to solve your problems such as, illness or cravings or need for more shiny hair, softer skin, more beautiful face, need for you pet or livestock needs, or to fertilizer your garden or farm, etcetera. Begin to return your trust, your faith in Gods herbs or plants, not on chemical plants. Begin to appreciate Gods photosynthesis, and to start to stop patronizing their chemical synthesis which produces synthetic products. Begin to start to keep an eye on organic farming, to living back to the countryside, where chemicals are not used or are used in minimum, and where you can start abandoning these chemicals and start living in fresh air, fresh water, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, etcetera. Begin to start to doubt and suspect the city whose planners, architects, engineers and creators are responsible at the devastation of Gods forests, resulting to the drying up of natural springs and rivers, resulting to the demise of our rice fields. Begin to question their systems which make us

addicted-dependent to their food and drinks instead of the ancient ways of growing our own, dependent to their feeds and milk whose growth hormone are making livestock and children big and tall but also weak and vulnerable to cancer at cell-level, dependent on their inorganic fertilizers which produce the residue of nitrates and nitrites which create the most deadly carcinogen NITROSAMINES when they reach the animal or human body and combine with our fat (protein, amino acid), and where in Germany researchers and scientists found NITROSAMINES to accumulate in womens breasts and wombs, thus, making it now dangerous for our children while they are still fetuses or breastfeeding babies, this NITROSAMINES which is fatty in nature and which by nature chooses to gather in fatty tissues of the body such as breasts and womb, thus, posing grave danger to both mother and child who grows in the womb and feeds on the milk in the breasts, whose cancer cases are growing -- dependent on these man-invented artificial fake dangerous soil fertilizers instead of Gods organic dung like guano, on their hybrid and GMO seeds which reproduce poison inside the plant as it grows, on their synthetic, chemical-pharmaceutical medicine which poison both the germs and the healthy cells and organs of the body, thus, giving both quick healing but also long-term increase of body weakness and number of diseases!

What else?

I can go on and on and I will not be finished. But the one and sure lesson that you cannot see now clearly but we your aging parents can now see more clearly at hindsight the lesson is: TODAYS CITY IS NOT WORKING FOR THE TRUE HEALTH OF OUR BODY AND SOUL OR THE UNITY OF OUR FAMILIES BUT TO THE CONTRARY. TO THE EXTREME CONTRARY!! There system is breakin our agriculture, the backbone of our livelihood, and so it is scattering us, breakin many marriages and families, not to mention breakin read: bursting! our cells, flesh and bones open because of cancers which are man-made or man-caused by the way, there is no cancer that is not man-made! If you want me to wrap up or summarize my life, it is this:

It is better to trust God & His natural products and ways, than to put our trust on mans incomplete, faulty genius. Mans ways cause conflicts and confusions always cause damage and destruction, especially in the long-run! -- wherever they are being applied: be it in farming, or in our body, in our mind, or in our marriages, or families, business, politics wherever! Always conflicts always conflicts inside us such heart versus mind producing guilt and regrets, or unnatural substances such as chemicals and body pollutants versus our cells, tissues and body organs, producing myriads of dis-eases and illnesses, and conflicts outside us, such as bad relations, quarrels, hurtings, divorce, war. There is no end of it.

So, my children, start investing your time and money, heart and mind back to Nature, back to the Countryside, back to your loved ones whom the City has made you to abandon and above all, back to God whose ways are Love and Wisdom. As your parent, I can tell you: This is not easy nor quick to do, as we made this present mess for hundreds of years, even 2,000 years after our Lord ascended to heaven and left us in our own devices, to see whether or not we would be faithful to His teachings it is very difficult to return to Gods ways, to Gods systems, to Gods countryside. It cant be done instantly. Thats why its urgent to start early or shall I say, as soon as possible. Start changing your mind and heart, direct them to the true, pure, fresh, honest, longer-term durableness of things not on temporary comforts and deceptive stability. Start planning. Start budgeting for your move away from the City whose architect is surely not God! For God is loving and wise; but the maker of the City is obviously not loving and wise after we have seen that the vast destruction he has done has gone as deep as our cells, or as high as the ozone layer, or wide as the whole planets continents, leaving nothing fresh and pure, sparing nothing even the invisible such as the air.! Start taking heed of the 2,000-year old advance warning of our Lord in Revelation 18:4, which states thus:
[niv]Then I heard another voice from heaven say: "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; Rev 18:4 [kjv]And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. [niv]for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes.
Rev 18:5 [kjv]For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her


All that I have said every word - is the meaning of this superimportant verse of Revelation 18:4. We must come of Babylons city system of food, medication, sucking, exploiting and destroying of the land, the countryside, polluting the air, water and seas, destroying our planet. Sure, its difficult to stop denying and but I have to start being honest to you now that our collective deeds as mankind is not bringing us to the salvation Christ promised us we have taken a different route I tell you that route which the book of Revelation has forewarned us the path which leads us to the 7 Last Plagues! Read that in chapter 16. You have to start making changes as soon as I have started being honest with you while it is not too late, to tell you my conclusion, namely: That mans ways, if we work apart from God, dont work! Im sorry, but my love for you compels me to be honest no matter how difficult it is to me to do so because I know this speech this unexpected testimony will stop your dreams, your ambitions, your pursuits. My dear children, for the first time or perhaps for the first time in my life, I sound like a pastor giving sermon, the substance of which is: START ABANDONING THE CITY AND ITS WAYS, SLOWLY IF YOU CANNOT DO IT QUICKLY, BUT THE SOONER THE BETTER, SO YOU CAN ESCAPE THEIR POLLUTED FOOD, THEIR DISEASE-PROPAGATING MEDICINES, THEIR POLLUTED MORALITY, THEIR SELF-ORIENTED ORIENTATION WHICH IS DESTRUCTIVE TO THE WHOLE AND THE REST

START ABANDONING THE WAYS THE CITY HAS TAUGHT YOU. THE SOONER YOU CAN DO THAT, THE BETTER. Your Uncle Gean has started doing that in his farm. Your papa has started. Your uncle Cocoy is also leaving the city and its destructive system, but not until their sugar has pulled out many of his teeth so that without his false teeth now, he looks like 90 years old man, but with his new teeth, he looks 9 years old young, I mean 9 years younger! Yes, splendidly! Definitely! So, its your choice. You we always have freedom of choice. Our heavenly Father is not forcing us. All He does is teach us where to go and what to do, based on His great and infinite Love and Wisdom, warn us of the wrong paths and ways, even help us correct when things stray far from what our heart originally wants it to be all He does is warn us in Revelation 18:4 that we must come out of this present evil system of the so-called Babylon the Great if we want to escape her sinful ways and their consequences called plagues, the first of which are the modern diseases like cancer, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, STDs, AIDs, and the likes. So its our choice. Its your choice. As the saying goes, IF IT IS TO BE, THEN, IT IS UP TO ME. By our heart and mind and action, we create either heaven or hell. The coming months and I tell you, mark this coming December 21, 2012, will manifest how we use our mind and heart in the creation of our future. Do we dream positive, lofty and noble things? Then, we will see them fulfilled. For what we sow, we shall reap. If we sow beautiful dreams for ourselves and for everyone, then, we shall reap heaven on earth for all and everyone.

But if we sow beautiful dreams only for ourselves, then, like this Earth today, we shall continue to see only ourselves prospering while the rest are left off, by our selfishness, greed, negligence and lack of allencompassing love and plenty of myopic love, or if they are more powerful in their mind and heart and us weaker, then, only they will continue to prosper while the rest of us, 90% of mankind will wallow in worsening poverty and misery, like this one now we have or even worse. So, USE THE POWER OF YOUR LOVE. LOVE THAT IS ALLENCOMPASSING, NEGLECTING NOTHING, FORGETTING NO ONE. Parents should show proper example on the meaning of love neglecting nothing, forgetting no one. They, we, should tell them of the beautiful example of Mother Theresa: she looked for the sick in the city of Calcutta where she lived, and did not skip an old man, lying on the street for God knows how long. When she picked up the dying man, lying on his back, she saw his back hollow and she saw worms of death and she smelled smell of death. But her compassion overcame her repugnance and she in tears and deep pain in her heart, brought the old man to her care home. There she nursed him, and before he died, she saw the most beautiful smile in her life. And she remembered Jesus once said, When you want to know how God and I feel every time you do something to a poor person out of genuine love, then, do not look the other way, but look straight the eye of the poor person, and their you can see Me smile! Let us be sure we do that in pure genuine love and compassion and once, twice, many times more, already in this life, we can see our Lord smiling to us. What greater happiness can we reap already now? What greater joy to at last know that our Father whom we owe everything is happy

with us? Whose approval are we seeking whose happiness are we more after of, than that of our most beloved heavenly Father, to whom all love, all praise, all adoration are due? So, dear children, I have now spoken and perhaps never again. Good luck, Good health, God bless you... This comes from your Mother who loves you truly and deeply loves you, despite of her lack of wisdom in guiding you, for which I am so very sorry.

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