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it is affected by national or international events (d) Cyclical The electricity bill (a) horizontal demand pattern.

A regression equation (b) trend demand pattern. Professor Willis (c) seasonal. three 32-month periods (d) cyclical pattern. Polly Prognosticator (a) random pattern. period of time patterns of a demand series is FALSE? ( c) The trend, over an extended One aspect of demand (b):random variation. forecasting is FALSE? (c )Time series express When forecasting total demand (b) five to eight percent. about forecasting is TRUE? ( (b) Judgment methods manufacturer and its customers together (d) collaborative planning, Using salesforce estimates (c ) forecasts of individual the judgment methods (a) making adjustments The Delphi method (a) judgment and opinion appropriate to combine (c ) adjusting an example of a time-series forecasting technique (c ) Trend-adjusted

Demands for a newly developed Greater than 442 It is now near the end fewer than 925 units. Assuming she is now at the Greater than 122 hours The Classical Consultant Company Greater than 41 The Acme Computer Company 23 Compute a three-week moving- Greater than 389 Calculate the exponential Greater than 400

The owner of the Crossed Connections Greater than 162

If the actual number of patients is 415 Greater than 398 Use the three-month moving Greater than 24 units What is the forecast for July Greater than 30

actual sales in June turn out to be 40 units Greater than 29 The forecasting equation for a Greater than 30 Using the simple moving-average Greater than 275, exponential smoothing method, Greater than 260 Use an exponential smoothing Greater than 545 = 0.5 and a February Greater than 530 The forecast for month 3 is: greater than The forecast for month 2 is greater than 140 The forecast for month 4 is: greater than 150 Using the 4-month weighted moving Greater than 265

The manufacturer developed (b) market research A linear regression model (b) must be 0.707. The number of #2 (d) the independent What percent in the variation (b) 79%

The forecast for month 5 is: greater than 160

For every unit of fertilizer applied, (b) 8.5 bushels. The value of Fertilizer required to (a) 10.82.

The value of Bushels when Fertilizer is 60 is: (d) 518. If the correlation coefficient (b) An increase in fertilizer would

The cumulative sum of errors (CFE) greater than 80 than or equal to 25

What is the MAD for months 2 through 5? Greater than 20 but less the machine for month 9, $3,880 the 3-month weighted $3,916 period 7 is $4,300, what is the forecast for $4,158 period 9 using a naive forecast.$3,728 months 6-10 for the Greater than 120 what is the MSE for months 6-10 Greater than 599 23 6-10 or the exponential smoothing technique Greater than or equal to on their errors for months 6-10? Weighted moving average,

Books Sold is explained by (c ) 74.8%

For every sale call made, (a) 14.74 books.

If a sales representative makes 55 sales calls (d) 915. In order to realize the sale of 700 books (a) 40.4 If one delivery (d) 48 minutes If 10 extra miles of driving (c) 24 minutes calls for 85 driving (d) 9.5 hours

What is the estimated work time (a) 8.1 hours Adding $1,000 of Weekly Radio ( c) $6,500

Adding $1,000 of Weekly Newspaper (b) $3,750 What amount of Weekly Gross (a) $20,500 estimated Weekly Gross (d) $81,000 Gross Revenue if $4,000 $72,750

6-10 sing the exponential smoothing forecasts? Less than 22% months 6-10 using the exponential smoothing forecasts? 5.0 greater than 50. of a forecasting method.The CFE is greater than 100, and the MAD is forecast accuracy is TRUE? A manager must be A holdout set approach as older observations in the data Barney took focus forecasting. Andy took combination forecasting.

forecasting is FALSE? You should use the simple When the underlying mean n = 20 n = 3.

time-series methods is FALSE? Exponential smoothing With the trend-adjusted the forecast can be adjusted to forecasting is FALSE? The method for incorporating

With the multiplicative seasonal seasonal factors are multiplied measuring the bias in a forecast? Cumulative sum of forecast errors A tracking signal greater than zero a nonzero amount of bias statements is TRUE? For projections of more stable

what is the forecast for week 7? 37.0

0.60, 0.30, and 0.10 with 0.60 38.1 pizzas

What is the exponentially smoothed 39.4 pizzas

time-series forecasting methods Trend-adjusted exponential smoothing concerning this forecast is TRUE? The forecast has no bias but has causal forecasting technique? Linear regression Using a three-week 57 If a naive forecast 60 pizzas.

What is her forecast for week #7? 37.55 pizzas What is her forecast for week #7? 38.75 pizzas What is her forecast for week #7? 38.2 pizzas closest to predicting this demand? Weighted moving Which word best describes forecasting? Process

These unusual data points were considered: nonbase data.

If a four-week weighted 58 pizzas

Demand for a new five-inch Greater than 120