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The voters of the City of Sacramento expect change, real change. Property values continue to drop, community services have been cut and the quality of life that make us uniquely Sacramento has been lost. The solutions are simple, realistic and clear. As Mayor, I will set clear and transparent goals to make real change.

Promote City Efficiency and Reform = $3.15 million in Savings

Reduce management staff by $2 million Establish a management to staff ratio of 1 to 15 minimum Strategically invest capital dollars to reduce maintenance and operations costs costs s Restore afternoon City Council meetings Verify city salaries through staff job analysis conducted by the City Auditor r Promote strategic service consolidations and intergovernmental partnerships ips s Maximize Community Development Block Grants for front line services

Promote Public Safety = Safe Neighborhoods + Increased Commerce


Establish a 5% parking tax to support Public Safety raise $1.5 million Increase police patrols in the Downtown and Midtown to support business and commerce Develop a finance plan to restore fire services tied to the $5.6 million SAFER grant Establish a baseline level of service for Police and Fire + establish baseline costs Incentivize police officer residency in the City of Sacramento (cost $360,000 per year) Promote and incentivize public safety service flexibility (cost $1.08 million per year)

Promote Public and Private Development = Stronger Property and Sales Tax Bases
Reduce development impact fees in dense areas of the City with existing supportive infrastructure Reduce development impact fees for retail and commercial development citywide Promote long term sustainable funding sources for Park and Urban Forest Maintenance Promote development of the Phase II of the Regional Transit South Light Rail Line Develop a full funding plan for the development of North Natomas Regional Park

The above represents three short term strategies to reform City Government making it responsive to community needs, promoting a safe environment and economic development. Reforming City Government and supporting development will produce jobs for those in our construction trades that have been hit hardest in the current economic environment. Investment in our public infrastructure and increased community services will help to stabilize the drop in our property values and with it our General Fund resouces. It is a realistic plan, and can be implemented now. So what is the long term plan? Sacramento wont change overnight, but we do need to change. We need new industries and a stable sales tax base. We can create an environment for that, but it will take time - heres how we do it.

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Reform City Government to produce savings + balanced budget

Invest in front line community services and infrastructire to preserve and increase property values

Restructure development fees to promote commercial + retail development increasing sales taxes

Develop new amenities and support structures for new and innovative industries + jobs in Sacramento

Transform into a CIty with diverse industries, a strong sales tax base and world-class quality of life

If you have questions, please contact us: Phone: (916) 538-2846 Email: Jonathan Rewers - Jessica McCabe - Janet Baker - Andreas Walters -