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In general, an individual title is for a property which has its own land and this usually means that

the land itself is owned by the proprietor. Strata titles are generally for properties in a multi-storey building and this usually means that the land belongs to the proprietors from the time of the multi-storey building. Strata scheme is a property development of buildings or land divided into parcels, boxes and accessories and common property management system has been set for the scheme. For example, flats, apartments, condominiums, townhouses and houses in a gated community schemes. Examples of properties with strata titles are office suites, parcels in a commercial complex, apartments, flats, condominiums and townhouses. Is proof of ownership of strata titles for the purpose of trading. For example, transfer, charge, security and distribution of the estate. When strata titles for such properties are issued, the master title for the lot of land on which the subdivided building has been erected thereon, continues to exist and will be registered in the name of the developer or, when the book of strata register is opened, in the name of the management corporation (MC). It is pertinent to note that the master title is issued under the NLC and not the STA.

Common Property Harta bersama adalah merujuk kepada mana-mana bahagian lot yang tidak terkandung dalam mana-mana petak. Common property refers to any part of the lots that are not contained in any parcel. Contohnya tempat letak kereta pelawat, lif, tangga, tangki paip utama dan pondok pegawai keselamatan For example, visitors parking, elevators, stairs, tanks mains and cottage safety officer Parcel Accessories Petak aksesori adalah petak lain yang digunakan secara eksklusif oleh tuan punya petak hakmilik strata. Accessory compartment is another compartment which is used exclusively by the owner of a strata title box. Contohnya, tempat letak kereta yang hanya boleh digunakan secara eksklusif oleh pemilik petak. For example, the car park that can only be used exclusively by the proprietor. Parcel Owner Rights make a transaction such as transfer, lease, mortgage, and consolidate subdivision owned parcels; voting at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and extraordinary general meeting is made by the Management Corporation; rights over common property according to the share units allocated; right to support services such as water supply, sewerage, drainage, electricity, garbage collection and other services; the right to examine records and accounts of the Management Corporation Key Responsibilities Parcel Owner the management fund to pay contributions; comply with the by-laws currently in force; attend the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting Comply with any direction issued by the public authorities / local relating to the parcel

owned. Contribution Fund (Fund Management) Kumpulan wang caruman ini diuruskan oleh Perbadanan Pengurusan. Contribution fund is managed by the Management Corporation. Ia termasuk yuran pengurusan / caj perkhidmatan harta bersama, premium insuran kebakaran, akaun khas dan lain-lain. It includes a management fee / service charges of the common property, fire insurance premiums, special accounts and others. Management Corporation Management Corporation is a body corporate which may sue and be sued. It exists under the Strata Titles Act 1985 and does not need to be registered with the Registrar of Companies or the Registrar of Societies. It has a hereditary right (Perpetual succession). Powers of Management Corporation determine the payment to be made by the owner of each parcel to the fund management; buying, renting or acquiring property for use with; comply with the notice / order by the authorities to do something on the property; taking action against parcel if the owner fails to comply with the directions within a certain period. Responsibilities of Management Corporation manage and maintain the common property for the benefit of all parcels pemlik; insure the buildings from fire and other risks; pay insurance premiums and other prescribed rate; display the name and address at the entrance to the lot and provide a mail box; comply with any notice or instructions issued by local authorities in relation to common property. Importance of Strata Tityle a proof of ownership a dealing instrument, especially when applying for bank loans and such to facilitate disposal should the owner wish to sell the unit, so that they wouldn't be imposed "consent fees" by the developer (or whoever holding the strata title at the moment) To be able to initiate and get involved when the Management Corporation (MC) is formed by owners of the units in the subdivided building to maintain and manage the property. As final proof of the built-up area of the unit and ultimately, the apportionment of the share in the total aggregate units.


People chose to live in strata title scheme either by choice or necessity Condominiums originated from the Romans.

HALIM ABDULLAH distinguishes condominiums from flats. In the former, they refer to luxurious dwellings with shared facilities swimming pool, squash court and a host of other facilities. Whereas flats or apartment with facilities are desirous. High-rise dwelling places. Reasons for choosing high-rise dwelling places: shortage of land, desire to live in city centres and near work places, etc. LEGAL OWNERSHIP OF HIGH-RISE PROPERTY: o M ,