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INTERFIMA presents Project Finance Workshop

Schemes and available tools

Lisbon, 26 June 2012 Outline and Registration Form


Key Aspects of the Course

Get a better understanding of the Project Financing industry currently Learn about current developments in the Project Financing schemes, associated to banking, contractors and developers, and other related parties Find out on latest trends in the Project Finance arena as formed by the latest regional and international economic events.

Who Should Attend

Project financing bankers

Means of Delivery

This structured courses objective is to understand how to build a profesInvestment fund managers sional relationship under best knowledge of instruments and financial Government and administration officials tools. A key part of the course will be the use of theory, examples, and Contractors and developers case studies of best practice and to synthesize this information through Legal advisors individual and group exercise.

Consulting firms officers

Participation will be limited to a number of 25 delegates for higher interactivity

About the program and Project Financing

Project financing can be considered as the motor to modern societies progress and development. After the economic meltdown and the scarcity of funds around the globe, project finance was impacted heavily. New means, instruments and approaches had to be adopted to balance the downturn of the activity with the necessity for better living conditions. This one day intensive executive course examines project financing on its full dimension, proving a round view on how things have evolved in the project financing arena due to the latest global developments by focusing on sectors such transportation, infrastructure, energy, utilities, industrial development, etc.

Participants who complete this course will be given a certificate issued by the International Association of Financial Managements professional body while being awarded a full status membership to the organization.

About the International Association of Financial Management

The International Association of Financial Management, a global organization provides financial training courses to professionals, institutions and corporations around the various locations it operates. Interfima presents programs in banking, insurance, capital markets, wealth management, risk management, project finance among others. Interfima mission comforms with the progress of our members, the organizations prosperity we serve, and the development of the communities and the markets we operate visit WWW.INTERFIMA.ORG

Meet your facilitator

Remy, is a senior international banker of a very lucrative professional background. For more than thirty (30) years he has been associated to private banks or international financial authorities in the field of project finance and project management in a variety of regions including among others, Europe, North and South America, and Africa. Throughout his career Remy, serviced in positions of responsibility in organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), the Bank of Italy (BoI) as well as Recchi Finanziaria and Bear Sterns Italy. From 1994 Remy operates his own firm based in Milano, Italy where he became representative of Macquirie Bank for more than 5 years. The scope of his operation are associated currently with investment banking and advisory to Italian, foreign companies, as well as the Ministry of Treasury and local authorities, on infrastructure project financing, in various fields (public transportation, energy, tourism, water, etc.),and on corporate finance activities. He sits currently on the Board of Directors for Fondo Next (a close end fund). In the past he was board member for organizations such as Banca Euromobiliare, Carex European Group, Cofinec (a Cerus, EBRD and other banks consortium), Banco di Napoli, Macquirie Airport Group and other. Along his professional activities, Remy is a Project Finance professor for the SDA Bocconi, school of management in Milano, Italy.

Project Finance Workshop, June 26 Lisbon International Association of Financial Management


Morning Session
Introduction to Project Finance

Project finance versus corporate finance Project cycles Main players Public and private projects: Value for money and public sector comparator Introduction to main project finance models

Concession models and Public Private Partnerships

Key features of public private partnership (PPP) BOT models and Unbundled models Critisisms and implications for PPP/Concessions Concessions, renegotiations and Governance of infrastructure

Introduction to Financial Modeling

Feasibility study Indicators of project profitability and feasibility Indicators of project bankability Security package Source of Funds (equity, debt, sub-debt, bonds and capital market)

Afternoon Session
Introduction to Financial Modeling (continuing)

Feasibility study Indicators of project profitability and feasibility Indicators of project bankability Security package Source of Funds (equity, debt, sub-debt, bonds and capital market

Risk Analysis

Market risk and single off-taker risk Risk allocation between public, private parties in concessions and PPP Risk allocation and PPP accounting (EUROSTAT) standards Guarantees and risk mitigation (contractual guarantees)

Current Trends in Project Finance

Project finance and credit crunch Role of banks, contractors and European mulitaleral agencies New financing mechanisms to overcome crisis (Project bonds, infrastructure bonds, public lending versus public grants, etc) Is there room for a new EU monoline industry? Managing and mitigating project risk in a new riskier scenario

Interactive discussion covering key features of the course proceedings

PROJECT FINANCE WORKSHOP , June 26 Lisbon International Association of Financial Management

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Project Finance Workshop, 26 June Lisbon International Association of Financial Management