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How to Email the output of a concurrent program as Attachment

This article illustrates the steps to be followed to Email a concurrent programs output. 1. Write a procedure that will submit the concurrent program whose output has to be sent as an Email and once the program completes, send the output as Email using UTL_MAIL.send_attach_varchar2. 2. Register this procedure as a concurrent program so that this program can be run from Oracle Applications which will email a concurrent programs output.

Detailed explanation with sample code: 1. Write the below procedure which submits the desired concurrent program and waits until it completes and then sends the output of that program to the specified Email address using the utility UTL_MAIL.send_attach_varchar2

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE apps.erp_send_email ( errbuf VARCHAR2, retode NUMBER, p_concurrent_program_name VARCHAR2, p_parameter1 NUMBER

) IS /*Variable declaration*/ fhandle UTL_FILE.file_type; vtextout VARCHAR2 (32000); text VARCHAR2 (32000); v_request_id NUMBER := NULL; v_request_status BOOLEAN; v_phase VARCHAR2 (2000); v_wait_status VARCHAR2 (2000); v_dev_phase VARCHAR2 (2000); v_dev_status VARCHAR2 (2000); v_message VARCHAR2 (2000); v_application_id NUMBER; v_concurrent_program_id NUMBER; v_conc_prog_short_name VARCHAR2 (100); v_conc_prog_appl_short_name VARCHAR2 (100);

v_output_file_path VARCHAR2 (200);

BEGIN fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.output, ); fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.output, Conc Prog: || p_concurrent_program_name ); fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.output, Parameter 1: || p_parameter1 );

/* Get Concurrent_program_id of the desired program and application_id */ BEGIN

SELECT concurrent_program_id, application_id INTO v_concurrent_program_id, v_application_id FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_tl WHERE user_concurrent_program_name = p_concurrent_program_name;

fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG,Conc Prog ID: || v_concurrent_program_id ); fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG, Application ID: || v_application_id );

/* Get the programs Short name */ SELECT concurrent_program_name INTO v_conc_prog_short_name FROM fnd_concurrent_programs

WHERE concurrent_program_id = v_concurrent_program_id;

fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG,Conc Prog Short Name: || v_conc_prog_short_name );

/* Get the Application Short name */ SELECT application_short_name INTO v_conc_prog_appl_short_name FROM fnd_application WHERE application_id = v_application_id;

fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG,Application Short Name: || v_conc_prog_appl_short_name ); EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS

THEN fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG, Error: || SQLERRM); END; /* Calling fnd_request.submit_request to submit the desired the concurrent program*/ v_request_id:= fnd_request.submit_request(v_conc_prog_appl_short_name, v_conc_prog_short_name, NULL, Description NULL, Time to start the program FALSE, sub program p_parameter1 ); fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG,Concurrent Request Submitted Successfully: || v_request_id );


IF v_request_id IS NOT NULL THEN /*Calling fnd_concurrent.wait_for_request to wait for the program to complete */ v_request_status:= fnd_concurrent.wait_for_request ( request_id => v_request_id, INTERVAL => 10, max_wait => 0, phase => v_phase, status => v_wait_status, dev_phase => v_dev_phase, dev_status => v_dev_status, MESSAGE => v_message

); v_dev_phase := NULL; v_dev_status := NULL; END IF;

/* Getting the path where output file of the program is created */ SELECT outfile_name INTO v_output_file_path FROM fnd_concurrent_requests WHERE request_id = v_request_id;

/* Open the output file in Read mode */ fhandle := UTL_FILE.fopen (/opt/oracle/OACRP1/common/admin/out/OACRP1_dtuusebs14,o || v_request_id || .out, r);

IF UTL_FILE.is_open (fhandle)


DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (File read open); ELSE

DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (File read not open); END IF;

/* Get the contents of the file into variable text*/ LOOP BEGIN UTL_FILE.get_line (fhandle, vtextout); text := text || vtextout || UTL_TCP.crlf; EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN EXIT; END;


UTL_FILE.fclose (fhandle);

/*Calling UTL_MAIL.send_attach_varchar2 to send the output as Email attachment */ UTL_MAIL.send_attach_varchar2 ( sender =>, recipients =>, subject => Testmail, MESSAGE => Hello, attachment => text, att_inline => FALSE ); END; /

1. Register the above written procedure as a concurrent program

Define Executable:

Define Concurrent program with 2 parameters: Concurrent Program Name and Program short Name.

Assign this concurrent program to the desired responsibility.