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This experiment is in partnership with NATO Public Affairs, NATO HQ Public Diplomacy, NATO ACT Strategic Communications Capability Development, and ACT Operational Experimentation. Interested in participating? Questions? Contact the experiment team,

Strategic Communications
Social Media Experiment
LTC Christian Bell StratCom Capability Development 757-747-4246 LTC Guy Leclerc Experiment Coordinator 757-747-3992 Mr. Randy Scanlon Experiment Integrator 757-747-3975 WE-NATO is the latest social media collaboration tool focused on all NATO events. Just tune in under Live Events and comment as you watch the scheduled NATO events.
For more information on NATO and the Chicago Summit: Allied Command Transformation 7857 Blandy Road, Suite 100 Norfolk, VA 23551

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Allied Command Transformation


NATO seeks to increase the awareness of the Alliance to the public. To achieve more global awareness, NATO has identified social media as the platform for this experiment. By focusing analysts efforts on social media during the events surrounding the Chicago Summit, the experiment is designed to precisely examine and assess audience comments and inputs. This experiment will assist NATO to improve on audience messaging by learning what viewers and listeners need or dislike, then tailoring delivery of future messages appropriately.


Who: Anyone! With a focus on Future World and National Leaders (identified by NATO as individuals ages 20-40) What: A Strategic Communications and social media experiment utilizing and other social media technologies When: May 19-21, 2012 during the NATO Chicago Summit and supporting events Why: Your feedback and participation will help to improve and focus future NATO outreach and messages Where: Anywhere! An internet connection or smartphone is the only requirement All you need to do is to watch the scheduled NATO events and collaborate via WE-NATO or Tweet, Blog, Facebook your thoughts and comments.


Scheduled Events 19 May - Youth Leaders Forum Speech 20 May - Opening Summit Remarks 21 May - Closing Summit Remarks Events will be broadcast on Sign up on the website to contribute your thoughts during the scheduled events. Cant break away from your social media outlets? Dont want another username to remember? Your current social media inputs count, too! Blog, Tweet, or Facebook during the events and be heard. Bottom line: Your online engagement is essential to NATOs future messaging.