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Sector H-9, Islamabad (PAKISTAN) Phone: +92(051) 90400912, +92(051) 90400913, +92(051) 90400917 Fax: +92(051) 90400902 Website. APPLICATION FORM FOR EQUIVALENCE OF DEGRESS FOR HEC SCHOLARS Photo of the Applicant

I .

Particulars of the Applicant 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . Name Mr. Miss Mrs. (in Block letters) Date of Birth CNIC No Postal Address Mobile No. (day/month/year) Ms.

I I .

Particular of the HEC Scholarship 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Name of the Scholarship program Title of degree obtained (i.e. Master of Science, Ph.D. etc.) Country in which qualification obtained Name of the University/institutions awarding the degree Duration of course/study Mode of study leading to the degree by If yes, total number of credit a) Course Yes No hours-------------------------------work If yes, title of b) Research/ Yes No thesis--------------------------------------------------Thesis

c) Course Work and Research Thesis i) Credit hours of Course Work ii) Duration of Course Work in year/semester iii) Credit hours or duration of research work till the thesis submission Field of study (i.e. Biological science, Botany, 7. History, English etc.) Total period of study abroad with date of entry 8. and exit Name of Pakistani degree with which 9. equivalence is required
III . Admission requirements for the degree whose equivalence is required. 1 . 2 . IV . Minimum qualification required for Admission/Entrance Total years of schooling required for admission Passing year

Certificate/ degree

Board / Institution / University

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Matric/O Level or equivalent F.A/F.Sc./A Level or equivalent B.A./B.Sc.etc M.A/M.Sc. M.Phill/MS Ph.D. Any other

Documents required: The following documents are attached with the application form. 1. Photocopy of each degree/diploma/certificate obtained as mentioned at section IV. Photocopy of year-wise transcripts/DMC of the degree for which equivalence required as 2. mentioned (as at II (2)). Photocopy of HEC Scholarship award letter, a copy of thesis title pages in case of the research 3. degree (as at II (1)). Documentary proof of completion of studies abroad, (supported by passport showing visa, 4. entry/exit. (as at II (3)). 5. Copy of National Identity Card (as at I(3)). VI Certificate . I hereby solemnly declare that the documents presented/attached are genuine, and have neither been altered nor tampered with. I understand that in case of falsification of documents tendered or the wrong information supplied/concealment of correct information, I shall be held responsible for the consequences including legal action. I enclose the required documents and request for equivalence. Signature of Applicant with Name _____________________________

For official use only

Verification of documents and completion of study from HRD Division The information and documents as mentioned at section # II and IV in respect of the above HEC scholar is correct and in accordance with our record. The HRD project -------------------------------------------- has all the documents in record as mentioned at section IV. Project Director Name Official Stamp ___________________________ ___________________________

Counter signed by the Advisor (HRD) _____________________________________