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The singular number shows one The plural number shows more than one

How the plural nouns are formed??

1. By adding S to the singular (the general rule). 2. By adding ES to nouns ending in hissing sound, that is, ending in X, -SH, -S. 3. By adding ES to nouns ending in O. But there are some exceptions. 4. By changing Y after a consonant, into IES. 5. If the Y is after a vowel (a.e.i.o.u), we follow the general rule, just add S. 6. By changing F or FE into VES. But there are some exceptions. 7. By changing the inside vowel (depends on nouns). 8. By adding EN or REN. 9. Some nouns have no plural form. 10. Some nouns are in plural only.

SINGULAR Ant Boy Girl Dog Toy Shoe Cupful Spoonful Box Six Fox Tax Fish Flash Bush Dish Wish Hero Buffalo
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SINGULAR Handful River Pen Thing Picture Day Stand-by Lay-by Itch Batch Branch Watch Syllabus Gas Glass Virus Class Mosquito Tomato

PLURAL Handfuls



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Mango Volcano Potato Cargo Memento Veto Photo Two Bamboo Shampoo Radio Taboo Studio Lady City Glory Story Beauty Duty Day Play Joy Way Delay Alloy Bay Ray Leaf Life Calf Half Roof Hoof Bluff Proof Gulf Dwarf Handkerchief Staff Man Woman Foot Axis Oasis Cactus
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Negro Echo Tornado Motto Manifesto Solo Zero Zoo Tattoo Trio Piano Scenario Commando Army Fairy Ferry Baby Spy Theory Toy Guy Key Monkey Boy Valley Tray Decoy Knife Loaf Thief Wife Belief Mischief Turf Chief Cliff Wharf Serf Sheriff Goose Mouse Nucleus Emporium Crisis Terminus







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Child Sheep Deer Cattle Furniture Music Trousers Thanks Statistics Economics Politics

Children Sheep


Ox News Advice Knowledge Luggage Scenery Shorts Pyjamas Scissors Spectacles People

Oxen News


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Names given to the young people / animals.
PARENTS MALE Man King Emperor Negro Ass Bear Billy-goat Boar Buck Buck Buck Bull Bull Bull Bull Dog Dog Tom-cat Ram Stallion Bird Cob Cock Cock Ant Bee / Wasp Beetle Butterfly / Moth Cockroach Eel Fly Frog / Toad Mosquito Salmon FEMALE Woman Queen Empress Negress Mare She-bear Nanny-goat Sow Doe Doe Doe Cow Cow Cow Cow Bitch Vixen Tabby-cat Ewe Mare Bird Pen Hen Hen YOUNG (BABY) Child, Baby Prince / Princess Prince / Princess Piccaninny Foal (colt/filly) Cub Kid Piglet Fawn Leveret Rack Calf Calf Calf Calf Puppy Cub Kitten Lamb Foal (colt/filly) Nestling Cygnet Chicken (cockerel/pullet) Squab Grub Grub Grub Caterpillar Nymph Elver Maggot Tadpole Wriggler Parr

People Donkey Bear Goat Pig Deer Hare Rabbit Cattle Elephant Seal Whale Dog Fox Cat Sheep Horse Bird Swan Fowl Pigeon

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HOMES (Nouns)
Homes of people / animals.

PEOPLE Beggar Convict King Man Priest Gipsy Soldier Traveller Monk Lumberman Lunatic Patient Noble Nun Peasant Prisoner Red-Indian Boarder Lodger Pioneer Nomad Worker Arab Eskimo


ANIMAL Bee Bird / Wasp Dog Beaver / Otter Eagle Mole Pig Tiger Fox Hare Wild rabbit Tame rabbit Sheep Cow Ape Bear Fowl Horse Lion Mouse Owl Squirrel Spider Ant


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