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I am writing in reply to your advertisement I saw on the Internet and I should like to apply for the position you are advertising. I am 24 years old and I come from Porto in the north of Portugal. I studied English for seven years at school, so I can speak English well. I have already been to Ireland, where I

attended a summer course. I feel I would be suitable for this job because I went to a vocational school where I took a course in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and I can surf the web and use most of Microsoft Office quite easily. I also have work experience which can be useful in doing this type of job. Since I left school, I have been continuously employed. At first I worked

10 as a secretary for a big company where I had to use my computer skills. At present I am working as a computer technician for a small factory, but my contract comes to an end in six weeks and I would particularly like to join your company for the opportunity it would give me to use my technical skills and to improve my oral English. I know that English is very important these days for any type of job. 15 As a person, I am patient, punctual and I think I am responsible, I get on very well with people and I like making new friends. This job gives me an opportunity to meet new people. I am prepared to work any hours and start work in about two months. I enclose the names of two referees and a letter of recommendation. I look forward to hearing from you. 20 Pedro Gonalves Pedro Gonalves

1. Read the text and choose the best option. 1.1 An announcement in a newspaper that invites people to apply for a job is : a) A vacancy b) An advertisement c) An announcement 1.2 A document with information about exams you have passed and jobs you have done is a) An application form b) A CV c) A diploma 1.3 A job that is available for somebody to do is a) A work b) A vacancy c) A position

1.4 Knowledge or skills that you get from doing a job is a) An experience b) An experiment c) Qualifications

2. Answer the following questions. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 Why is Pedro writing? What did he do in order to improve his English? What reasons does he give to choose this job? What is he doing at the moment? I am patient, punctual Which of these characteristics is more important to you? Justify your answer. What type of letter is the one you have just read?

3. Find equivalents in the text for the words below. 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 right / appropriate helpful finishes become better put in the envelope people who make a statement about the character or ability of somebody

4. Say what these words refer to in the text: 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 your (line 1) you (line 2) where (line 6) which (line 8) it (line 12) me (line 16)

5. Ask questions to these answers. 5.1 ___________________________________________________? Pedro saw it on the Internet. 5.2 ___________________________________________________? He took a course in ICT in Ireland. 5.3 ___________________________________________________ ? He wanted to join the company because he would use his technical skills and improve his oral English.

6. Fill in the gaps using the right tense of the verbs in brackets. While Pedro 1 (write) the letter his sister 2 (say) : My friend Helen 3 (not call) yet, so I 4 (go) to her house. If I 5 (not come back) until 6.00 oclock, youll inform mummy about this. 6 (you /listen) to me, Pedro? Then Pedro 7 (answer) : Of course and if you want, I 8 (go) with you to her house. 9 (you / want) me to?

7. Rewrite the sentences below without changing their meaning and beginning them as suggested.

7.1 In spite of being unemployed, he lives in a big flat. Although 7.2 On the first day he should place an important order with a firm in Cleveland. An important order 7.3 Pedro didnt get the job, so he got angry. Pedro got angry

8. Choose one of the following topics and write about 60 words on it. 8.1 Computers and modern life. You may consider your interest in computers, what you use them for, the way they are changing our lives 8.2 Two friends of yours are talking about their prospects in relation to work and the labour market. One of them has a rather pessimistic opinion but the other one is determined to fight for success. Write down the dialogue.