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The early beginning of the Society can be traced back to October 11,1927. When
a society bearing the name, The India, Burma & Ceylon Newspapers -London
Committee came into being, the name of which was changed to India & Eastern
News paper Society (IENS) on October 4,1935. This was an organization based
in London representing and acting solely under the authority of newspapers,
magazines, reviews and other journals published in India, Burma, Ceylon and
other countries of Asia. The early beginning of Society can be -traced back to
October 11, 1927. When a Society bearing the need, however was felt the
establishment of a coordinating body in this country, comp-rising the proprietors
of newspapers, which could deal directly and more expeditiously with the various
day-to-day problems arising out of newspaper -production. In September 1938,
Reuters, London introduced. A News Service to “A” subscribers on payment of
Rs.1750/- per month. It was resolved that the -agreement with them be terminated
and a new agreement entered into from -1.5.1939 providing for a comprehensive
“A” service of 1,00,000 words per month on payment of Rs.1600/-. It was also
decided that newspaper should combine be maintain a representative in the
United States, so as to bring the Indian market to the American advertisers.

Thus The Indian & Eastern Newspaper Society came into being. It was
inaugurated at meeting of the representatives of the following founding publication
on February 27, 1939, at the statesman House, New Delhi , with Mr. Arthur
More : Editor of the Statesman in the chair, with the primary object was of serving
as a Central Body for promoting the common interests of newspapers in India,
Burma and Ceylon.

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The Bombay Chronicle
The Times of India
The Rangoon Gazette
The Amrita Bazar Patrika
The Hindustan Times
The Hindustan Times
The Hindustan Standard
The Pioneer
The Leader
The Tribune
The Civil and Military Gazette
The Hindu
The Madras Mail
The Statesman

During 1945, the Society took up the issue of transfer of the proprietarily control of
the Associated Press of India to news papers in India and a subcommittee
was formed to frame concrete proposals . The Committee recommended
that control of API be taken over by a Trust or similar organization.

At the meeting Society held in October 1946. It was decided to form a new
company namely the press Trust of India (PTI) and its first Board of Directors
was elected by the Society. The principal features of the Agreement between
Reuters Limited and PTI included purchase of shares in Reuters setting up an
independent organization by PTI in London for collection and dispatch of Reuter
news etc. Subsequently the press Trust of India was set up as an independent
news agency, primarily at the initiative of the INS.

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Company Details:

• Divya Bhaskar, Gujarat daily from Dainik Bhaskar stable will hit the stands
with its Amendable edition on 22nd June. Paper would be paper would be
launched with an invitation price of Rs 1.50, to be offered to the reader
under one year guarantee bond scheme against regular cover price of Rs 2.

• According to Bhaskar Source, exhaustive research was conducted in

Ahmedabad and near by districts to determine readers requirement and
expectations from a newspaper. Survey according to the paper source was
conducted in 12 lakh households in Ahmedabad and surrounding districts.
As per the survey findings 55% people have ranked city news as very
important while 34% have ranked it as important.59% of the respondents
want their paper to be colorful and almost everyone would prefer a daily
-supplements for the family. Another factor bought out was that 85% of the
readers want not more than 25% of the front to be ads.

• Have there been any revelation in the research that Dainik Bhaskar was
not anticipating ? Girish Agarwal, Directing, Dainik Bhaskar states,
“There were quite a few of them in fact. For instant, we had not really
expected 70% of the respondents to say that their current paper is average
were the lowest option given ! And a massive 90% of the audience stated
that they felt the need for an unbiased and ethical newspaper. Broadly
speaking these two factors volumes about readers current satisfaction

• Bhaskar claims to be tailoring a Gujarat news paper as per the needs of

the people. It would as per the sources launch a newspaper with 16 main
pages, 10 pages in color which clammily is much larger than competition
and restrict front page advertising to 100cc..

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• It would also launch three supplements and four magazines every week.
All of them color. These include Rasrang (family and general interest
content) on Sunday, Disha Bhaskar on Monday ( Business guidance and
career options) Madhurima on Tuesday(For Women),Kalash on Wednesday
(health, sports religion, and culture) BAL Bhaskar on Thursday (For kids),
Navarang on Friday (for film an d TV buffs) and Lifestyle on Saturday.

• It has set itself a circulation target of 4.25 lakh plus copies in Ahmedabad
and near by districts. Competitive-on is skeptical if Divya Bhaskar
would be able to sustain a steady growth rate and make a dent in SEC
A& B as the market is already ‘saturated’. Responds Agarwal,“ All these
number need to be verified after six months by an independent
research company. Naturally, my competitor is not going to say that
Bhaskar will come and take over SEC A. Let the number speak for

• Is the paper anticipation a healthy growth ? Says Agarwal, “everywhere

under the sun initial run is a sampling exercise, which gets the early
user or readers. At the entry level, we are anticipating 4 lakh plus copies.
We are putting so much effort and only to make a mark at entry level. We
plan to do things right on a long term basis. Product qualify will be good
on a consistent basis. There is no marketing formula that guarantees
product success, despite poor product quality”..

• Both Gujarat Samachar and Sandesh, as reported by exchange 4 media

earlier are getting ready for the new competition. However Agarwal is
nonchalant. Says he,” it is good for the market and provide better option.”

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• Divya Bhaskar would soon launch five district edition for surrounding district
Anand, Mehsana , Nadiad, Surenndranager and palanpur Patan. Mumbai
has the largest Gujarati population in the country. One wonders if there are
no plans to launch an edition from there as well. Says Agarwal , “Of curse,
launching an edition from Mumbai is part of the plan, but it would not
happen in immediate future.”

• It is asking for an ad rate of Rs 750 per cc, with an introductory offer

or 101 days of Rs 575 per cc. And Agarwal states that initial response from
the advertiser and media fraternity ‘has been pretty good’.

• Dainik Bhaskar has every intention to venture in to other language papers

as well. Agarwal states,“ Yes, there definitely is a plan to launch papers
in other language as well. However, I fell that covering Gujarat in totally
will take us good two-three years. That is the priority at the moment.”…

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In 1950 Mr, Dwarika Prasad Agrawal, a man of vision and enterprise started a
newspaper in Bhopal by the name "DAINIK BHASKAR".

 Than In 1983, it was launched in indore. Generally DAIN!K BHASKAR was

launched in Raipur, Gwalior, Jabalpur, 8i!aspur and Satna.
 In 1992, it got the honor of NO.1 in circulation in Madhya Pradesh, (ABC
 In 1995, DAINIK BHASKA.R announced itself as one of the fastest growing
newspaper in the country.
 In 1996, it was launched in Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan and
subsequently in Jodhpur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Kota and Shrinagar, announced
itself as one of the most readable newspaper. (Indian Readership Survey
 In the year 2000, it was started in Chandigadh and Haryana.
 On .22nd June 2003,' Gujarati language newspaper was launched In
Ahemedabad by the Brand name “DIVYA BHASKAR", with record
circulation of 4.5 lacks copies on the 1st day.
 Recently Divya Bhaskar launched it second edition from the Diamond city of
Surat Now Divya Bhaskar has 8 lacks copies circulation in Gujarat today the
circulation tally of Bhaskar Group is 42 lacks copies in the 8 states.
 On 28th, March 2004, the newspaper was launched in Surat by the Brand
name "DIVYA BHASKAR" with 3 lakh copies on the first day.
 With 12 lacks Divya Bhaskar reader, it has become one of the leading
newspapers in Gujarat. (Org marg Survey Report)

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About Surat Branch

A Projected was completed in the record time of 121 days.

It was launched 3 lacs copies in one days.

40,000 sq ft bulit up area and 15,000 sq feet fully air

conditioned office with 550 kva power sub station.

Three printing machine with printing capacity of 105000

copies per hour.

4.5 lacs household of Surat and 2.5 lacs household of

South Gujarat visited in 2 round in extensive survey in 80

Ground breaks 27 November 2004 and fully operational on

27 March 2004.

“ Divya Bhaskar “ has been launched at Baroda and Now

Bhaskar Group is going to launch in Rajkot in near future...

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Objective and vision of Bhaskar group

Bhaskar have the following objective with them for which they need the strategies’
input and implantation expertise of the marketing consulting firm.
They are carrying with label of the vernacular daily although they are single
publication in India which caters 30-35 % potential of north and west india. The
group aspire for the status of country’s 2nd largest powerful media house after
times of india.
The group also feels that they need to sharpen their space salling strategies. the
group feels that they have yet to exploit the potential of their markets and
dominance of their product in these markets, both combined can result into
opening the revenue stream for us
The group also feels that it needs to restructure the sales dept. of the organization
for further growth in revenue stream. It needs help of hr arm of consulting firm or
an suggested for identification of the right people who can help them in realizing
under the lying potential and group also needs a structured periodic and result
oriented training program for its sales force.

Bhaskar group has four pillars of virtues and thoughts:
Bhaskar group concentrate in each step of development and Entrepreneurship.
Bhaskar group believe in team work and to win the race.

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Organizational profile:-
Name of the organization :- “Divya Bhaskar”

Head office :-

Bhopal :
Dwarika Sadan”, press complex
M.P.Nagar , Bhopal
Madhaya Pradesh-462 011
Tel -(0755) 2551601
Gujarat Head office:-

280- Near Y.M.C.A club,
Makarbaa: Gandhinagar, Sarkhej
Highway : Ahemdabad - 380 051
Tel - (079) 55309501

Surat :
B-129 A/B Central Road No.12
Near Udhna Udhyog nagar Sangh
Surat -394210, Gujarat
Tel (0261) 5529105

Baroda :
Plot no.805 Near Chhani hall
Plaza Baroda-391 740, Gujarat
Tel - (0265) 2762448

Rajkot :
306, Kber Complex;
Dr. Yagnik Road ; Rajkot
Tel - (0281) 85539911

Web Site :-
www. DainikBhaskar. Com

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Owners and Promoters

 Board of director
Chairman: - Mr. Ramesh Chandra Agrawal
Managing director: - Mr. Sudhir R Agrawal
Director: - Mr. Girish R Agrawal
Director: - Mr. Pawan R Agrawal
Director:-Dr Bharat Agrawal

 Bankers
State Bank of India
Axis Bank

 Auditor
Advertising: Mr. Rakesh Rathi(CA surat)
Printing and circulation: Mr. Rakesh Jain

 Promoters
Mr. Ramesh Chandra

 Managers of Surat branch

Mr. L.K.Dube:- The Unit Head
Mr. Arundas Gupta: - MKT Chief Manager
Mr. Upendra Singh: - Production Head of Department
Mr. Sanjay Prashir: - Finance Head of Department
Mr. Sanjay Panchal:-Sr. HR Executive
Mr. H K Unntkar: - Editorial Head of Department
Mr. Umesh Sharma: - Circulation Head of Department

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Organization structure of Divya Bhaskar

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.


Future plan of Divya Bhaskar

Bhaskar group’s dreams of making a presence as a powerful group in

media globally.

• We have the following objectives with us for which we need the strategic
input and implementation expertise of a marketing consulting firm:

• We are still carrying with us the label of a vernacular daily although

we are single publication in this country, which caters 30-35% potential
of north & west India. The group aspires for the statues of country’s 2nd
largest and powerful media house after Times of India.

• The group also feels that we need to sharpen our space selling
strategies. The group feels that we have yet to exploit the potential of
our markets and the dominance of our product in these markets, both
combined can result into opening the revenue stream for us.

• The group also feels that it needs to restructure the sales dept. Of the
organization for further growth in the revenue stream. It needs help of
the HR arm of the consulting firm or as suggested for the identification
of the right people who can help us in realizing the under potential and
group also needs a structured periodic and result oriented training
program for it’s sales force.

• Divya Bhaskar was launch to the FM Radio in the city of Bhopal,

Jalndhar, Udaypur.

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About Bhaskar group

1950 mr dwarika Prasad agrawal a man of vision and enter prise
started a newspaper in Bhopal bythe name “dainik bhaskar”
1983 A new thinking started. Launch of Indore edition, followed by
Raipur, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Bilaspur and Satna editions.

1992 Achieved No. 1 status in Madhya Pradesh

1995 Leadership across Madhya Pradesh
1996 Entered Rajasthan by launching Jaipur edition in December,

Soon established its leadership in the state with launch of

Ajmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur, Kota, Ganganagar, Alwar,
Sikar, and Bhilwara.
2000 May 2000 launch of Chandigarh edition covering Chandigarh,
Panchkula, Mohali & Himachal. Launch of Panipat and Hissar
2001 Launched of Faridabad Edition.

2003 Bhaskar group enters Gujarat with launch of its first Gujarati
daily Divya Bhaskar Ahmedabad in June.

2004 Divya Bhaskar’s Surat edition launched in March.

Divya Bhaskar’s international edition launched from New York

in May.

Bhaskar group’s new Hindi magazine, AHA ! Zindagi, first of its

kind on lifestyle and positive thinking was launched in
September & Divya Bhaskar’s Baroda edition also launched in
the same month.

“Saurashtra Samachar” , the leading Gujarati newspaper of

Bhavangar taken over in the month of October
2005 DB Aktivations – the BTL (below the line) division started in

Bhaskar group in association with Zee enters Mumbai market

with its first English daily DNA in July

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2006 Launch of Aha Zindagi- Gujarati in Ahmedabad

Launch of MYFM in Jaipur

Launch of DNA Money in Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad &


Launch of Dainik Bhaskar in Punjab with two editions, Amritsar

& Jalandhar

Launch of Divya Bhaskar Rajkot & Jamnagar

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Vivekananda College for B.B.A.


Marketing department structure

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Marketing Department

Marketing Dept. is just like Blood for any organization. Marketing persons sales

what we are producing. But in a business like press, Marketers collect

advertisements to be printed in their news paper.

The whole work of press runs due to the advertisements. Advertises are the main

sources of earning. As we know , news papers are provided to readers for the

cost of just RS.2 though the cost of printing a paper is around 7Rs./copy. So the
Marketing Dept. plays very important role for collecting advertisements.

For performing such task, marketing department of Divya Bhaskar press IS

divided in Sub departments as defined under.


 8 - Color Pages In A News Paper.

 9 Magazines Or Supplements In A Week .
 Free Gift Of Good Quality Every Month .
 Very Good Picture And Paper Quality .
 Good Commission to Add Agencies.
 Add Criteria Like-Not More Than 130 Cc Add On Front Page Gifts,
Calendars, and Hand Books As A Gift At The Time Of Survey.
 Wishes to Regular Customers on Their Big Days, Like Birthday,
Anniversary Etc.

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Marketing strategy

Involves the people of Gujarat to make a newspaper for and by them marketing
they realize their latent need or a good newspaper.

1) The Product – Market Growth perspective.

 Market penetration strategies:

• Market penetration refers to Divya Bhasker's attempts to increase sales pf

its present products, in present markets.
•By attracting users of competitor's brands.
•Broadening the customer base by converting non-readers into reader in a
defined segment.
•More effective sales promotion and advertising.
•Each and every products of Bhaskar group are launching on Sunday.

 Market development strategies: Market development refers to a firm's

attempts to increase sales of its present products by tapping new markets.
•By reaching new market segments like untapped and unutilized market
converted into Marketing executive has allocated work by their experience
readership by Divya Bhaskar.
• Marketing executive has allocated work by their experience.
Marketing strategies based on stagese in producrt cycle What
products are to be sold into what markets, becomes marketing objectives,
while the means of achieving these objectives using the marketing mix,
are marketing strategies for Divy'a Bhaskar.

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 Strategies for introduction stage
•This is start when the new product is first distributed and made available for
purchase (launch). The company's sole objective is to stimulate awareness,
interest, trial and purchase.

•A Rapid- penetration strategy of launching the product at a low price and

spending heavily on promotion. This brings about the fastest market
penetration and the largest market share and is suitable for a massive size of
market, where buyers are unaware of the product concept and are price-
•Divya Bhaskar has spent heavily on advertising and promotion.

 Strategies for growth stage

•The growth stage of Divya Bhaskar is marked by a rapid climb In sales.
Price of the newspaper remains constant in so far as demand is increasing
quite rapidly. Promotion -sales ratio. Profit increasing as sales goes up.
•Marketing manager of Divya Bhaskar should adopt the following strategies
to sustain market growth, as long as possible.
•The product quality improvement, new product features and models must
be added to fight new entrants.
•New distribution channels must be introduced for expanding markets.

•Shift in advertising from building awareness to bringing about conviction

and loyalty.
• Giving the different kinds of schemes e. g. Lakhpati and Daily coupons
scheme as a part of sales promotion.
•Sponsoring the different kinds of the events.

•Analyzing the daily advertising that not, appeared in the Divya Bhaskar
newspaper but those in the competitors' newspaper.

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Types & Classification of products

In economics, manufacture and processing of goods or merchandise, including

their design, treatment at various stages, and finance contributed by banks. As the
means by which wealth is created by human labour, it is regarded by some as the
fundamental economic process. Various economic lows, price data, and available
resource are among the aspects of production that must be considered by both
private the main product of Divya Bhaskar is Newspaper. But Bhaskar group also
offered some other, products like the following:-

 Newspaper

 Solvent Extraction

 Textile

 Jems and jewellry Export

 Salt

 Broadband Internet Service

 Television Network

 Refined oil and Vegetable oil

The other media venture

 Bhaskar group has not covered news media but it has also diversified
business as it has launched Bhaskar T.V. in Jaipur and Indore as India's
first fiber Optic Network.
 In Jaipur "Bhaskar Group" provides Internet services.
 The Noida printing division is one of the largest commercial printing
divisions in the country. Its client list includes Reliance Industries Limited.
Colgate Palmolive, Outlook, sun Magazine, Cricket Samrat, Competition
Success Review, Cricket Today, Times of India Group, The Hindustan times,

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.

Business Standard, and various other clients.
The other industrial venture:

 In Mandideep (Near Bhopal), it started composite Textile plant with

denim plant having capacity of 10-lack meter/month ..
 in Devas (Indore) and Shivpuri (Gwlior),!t has solvent Extraction
 in shivpuri ( Gwlior ), it has started refined oil plant.
 Bhaskar salt a premium quality salt in 1 kg packing , 500 gms
packing reaches to the 15 lakh household of Madhya Pradesh,
Rajasthan and Haryana.

Classification of Newspaper:
Here, the main product of "Divya Bhaskar" is the newspaper. Daily
Newspaper contains the 16 or 18 pages and different supplements
1 (Color Page) National News
2 (Color Page) Surat City News
3 (Color Page) Surat City News
4 (B&W Page) Press Notes Classified, Panchang,
5 (Color Page) Surat City Detail
6 (B&W Page) Surat City Detail
7 (B&W Page) Gujarat and Saurastra News
8 (B&W Page) Business Abhivyakti
9 (B&W Page) Business
10 (B&W Page) Gujarat and Saurastra News
11 (B&W Page) Business
12 (Color Page) Desh Videsh
13 (B&W Page) Desh Videsh
14 (Color Page) Ramat Jagat
15 (Color Page) Surat City Detail
16 (B&W Page) Surat City Detail

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The Product Features are basically maintained due to a very tight competition in the
market today." Divya Bhaskar" news paper consists of mainly 16 pages. (8colour
pages and "'Black & white Pages ). The main features of Divya Bhaskar" are that it

gives supplement(s) everyday. These supplements mainly consist of various

information, news, articles etc. related to the world and society.

Product Mix of Supplements

Day Supplement Related To

Monday Dharma Darshan Religions

Tuesday Woman Bhaskar Female oriented
Wednesday Kalash Family Oriented

Thursday City Bhaskar, Surat City,

Navrang +
Friday Bollywood, Hollywood
City Bhaskar
Saturday Baal Bhaskar + WOW Children Related
Sunday Bhaskar+
Sunday City Bhaskar General

Product mix
Hear product mix is providing news with supplement which is knowledge
based. The product features are basically maintain product in market due to
very tight competition. Newspaper contain 16 to 18 pages which is relate to
news with advertise. People read news paper than what? So that Divya
Bhaskar provide supplement. Supplements mainly contain various
information, article, glossary etc and all this relate to world and society

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1) Market segmentation
•The process of disaggregating a market into number of sub markets/segments
is known as market segmentation.
•Marketing begins with segmenting a market into different subsets, and then
identify the most appropriate segment or subset to operate in, so that all
marketing efforts focus on that segment.
•Divya Bhasker's newspaper product is published only for Surat city that is
called as city Edition.

 Surat City Market

To sell or to circulate the newspaper in Surat city Market is divided in to 10



•Bombay Market
•Athwa Gate
•Bada Ganesh

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 Upcountry Market:
Divya Bhaskar's newspaper product is published only for upcountry market, so that
is called as Dak Edition. Up Country Market is divided in to 12 centers for
newspaper circulation.

• Valsad
• Vapi
• Bilimora
• Pardi
• Autl Daman
• Chikhali
• Songadh
• Vyara
• Olpad
• Vanasda
• Kosamba
• Dharampur

Customer Segments of Divya Bhaskar

Customer Segmentation is subdividing of a market into a destines subset of
various customers, Where any sub-set might be considerably be selected as a
large Market to be regained with a district marketing mix.

4.Education and Immigration

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9. Food Product
10. Four Wheelers
11 .Government
12. Health and Medical
13.HR Appointment
14.Office Automation
15.Readymade Garments
17.Three Wheelers
18.Two Wheelers
19.Industrial Notice
21.Mega Stores
23.Home appliances.

2) Targeting
The main target of Divya Bhaskar is untapped market and who are not [urchasing
their own newspaper.
Marketing being with segmenting a market into different into different subset, and
identify the most appropriate segment or subsets to operate so that all marketing
efforts focus on that segments. This is known as targeting.
For targeting Divya Bhaskar has several options
Single segment concentration
Selective specialization
Product specialization
Market specialization
Full market coverage
Divya Bhaskar has decided to target on selective specialization, means targeting
on different market with different product.

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M1 M2



P= Product

For example: city edition only distributed in Surat city and the DAK (upcountry)
edition distributed in outside Surat city.

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A marketing channel is a set of interdependent organizations involved in the
process of making a product or service available for use or consumption.
In "Divya Bhaskar" to sell or to circulate the news paper in Surat city
Market is divided in to10 centers.
The aim of channel management is to satisfy the three entities:
•Channel members

In "Divya Bhaskar" , the bundle of newspaper passes through channels
before reaching the final customer The newspapers are distributed to
these centers through its own vehicles. This centers distribution the
newspaper directly to the hawkers who are local newspaper venders
who sit on the bookstalls, or house to house newspaper delivery to the
customer . Here there is no agent appointed to distribute the

In this upcountry market agents are appointed who supply the
newspaper to hawkers and other rural areas nearly.

Channel levels:
"Divya Bhaskar" uses its Distribution place to distribute their newspaper
to the Hawkers and then Hawkers sell the newspaper to the customers,

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.

here marketing people uses One-level channel. But the main channel
used by marketing people that is Two-level channel under which press
sell their newspaper to Agency and then Agency distribute to the
hawker & than hawkers sell the newspaper to the customers. So press
maintains good relationship with their agencies.

1. Level 2. Level
Manufacturer Manufacturer

Hawker Hawker

Customer Agency



• The main customers (Target Customers) for " Divya Bhaskar" are their
advertisers. Advertisements can be defined as Blood for any Print
• The ads published in other newspapers but not in Divya Bhaskar are
called Missing.
• The process of ordering means Process of Advertising graphically
defines below.

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.


Vivekananda College for B.B.A.



In Economics, conditions that are present in Markets where buyers and sellers
interact to establish price and exchange goods and services. Economic
competition is the means whereby the self - interest of buyers and sellers acts to
serve the needs of society as well as those of individual market participants.
Society is served when the maximum number of goods is produced at the lowest
possible prices.

The competitors of” Divya Bhaskar” have been divided in major two departments.

These are those competitors who affect the sales and profit of " Divya Bhaskar"
too much extent. Major Competitors are those who are in same line of business
with large and almost equal amount of production. They also share the more and
equal goodwill in the market and do have a very healthy competition.

The List of major competitors is given below.

1)Gujarat Samachar

These are those competitors who are also in the same line of business but do not
cover mass area nor they do the mass production like Major competitors, but on
other hand they affect the sales and profit of “ Divya Bhaskar” to a very minor
The List of minor competitor is given below.

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.

(1) Gujarat Mitra
(2) Pratap
(3) Dhabkar

Comparisons of Performance of different Newspaper

Divya Bhaskar = 7.57

Gujarat Samachar
= 5.43
Sandesh = 3.45

Gujarat Mitra = 2.51

As per survey, Divya Bhaskar is best newspaper than the other competitor because 41
% respondents say that "Divya Bhaskar" is an excellent newspaper while 17%
respondents say that “Gujarat Samachar” is an excellent newspaper.

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.




The main product of " Divya Bhaskar" is Newspaper. But along with newspaper, to prevent
competition, each competitor has to provide supplements daily.
The details of comparison of Supplements with competitors are as follow.

Day Divya Gujarat Sandesh Gujarat

Bhaskar Samachar Mitra
Sunday Sunday Ravi Purti Sanskar Ravivariya
Bhaskar + City purti
Monday Dharma Science Vignan Satsang
Darshan Knowledge Sandesh
Tuesday Woman Sahiyar Garima Aspas Chopas
Wednesday Kalas Shatdal Ardh Saptahik Dharma Purti

Thursday City Bhaskar Dharmalok Jivan Jyot Manoranjn

Friday Navrang + Chitralok Cine Sandesh City Plus

City Bhaskar
Saturday Baal Bhaskar Zagmag Ball Sandesh Sannari

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According to "Divya Bhaskar", 55% readers said the price or the newspaper should be
Rs. 2, 40% readers said the should be Rs. 1.50 and 5% said the price should be
Rs. 2.50.

So, price of the newspaper was kept 'according to the wish of the people as revealed
during the survey and is Rs. 2

The price of the Divya Bhaskar newspaper was fixed while competitors’ price of
newspaper daily charged.

Comparison of the price between three competitors:-

Day Gujarat Sandesh Gujarat
Bhaskar samachar Mitra

Sunday 2.00 3.00 3.00 2.50

Monday 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00
Tuesday 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00
Wednesday 2.00 3.00 3.00 2.00
Thursday 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00
Friday 2.00 3.00 3.00 2.00
Saturday 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00

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Promotion Strategies are concerned with the planning, implementation and control of
persuasive communication with customers.

Activity Divya Bhaskar Sandesh Gujarat mitra
Advertising    
   
Public relation   

Free gifts   
hoardings 
Surveys 
Special day

Media partner
  
in event

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I discuss above that is advertising is most important part of any press industries.
As same in Divya Bhaskar advertising is most important part. Let us see how work
this department.

Terms and condition

The dimension of an advertising will hence form be in CC. (column
centimiter), hence it is imperative to define the advertise an “column ×
width” from realease an order & all other related communication.
Add sizes:
Firs of all paper size: 8column (width) × 50cm (height)
1column (width) =4.2cm
Minimum add sizes:
Dainik Bhaskar: 1column (width) × 3cm (height)
Divya Bhaskar: 1column (width) × 3cm (height)
Maximum add sizes:
Dainik Bhaskar: 8column (width) × 50cm (height)
Divya Bhaskar: 8column (width) × 50cm (height)
Front page souls and sizes:
Dainik Bhaskar: 8column (width) × 25 cm (height) (max limit)
Divya Bhaskar: 8column (width) × 25 cm (height) (max limit)
On other page there is also publish full page
Add will excepted at unit and also through agency
Creative of any add can be of any dimension/shape. However all add will be
billed as per the rectilinear area bounding advertisement.

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All add must be in their code of standard state laws and rules stipulated in
the code of Indian newspaper society (INS)
All add are subject to cancelation without notice

Material dead lines

Regular issue: 3pm (for next day)
Magazines: 10 day in advance.

Rate as applicable on the insertion date will apply, irrespective date of


Add are accepted in good faith and management does not except if liability
done, liability for contents for advertisement, delay omission or errors in
publication forwarding replies etc.

Add material like art work and text only demanded back within 6 week from
the date of release.

Add copy matter accepted in subjected without assigning any threat.

We are not bound any condition which conflict with those stated in our rat

Complain on add regarding reprint etc, must be bought to notice within a

week of publication of the add otherwise it not be entertained.

Technical material
Screen: b/w & color on SNP – 85 LPI., Only color 100/120 LPI.
Add format EPS or PDF files.

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Types of Advertise:

• Local Adds: - Local adds are the adds from a city in which the news
paper is being printed,

• Corporate Adds: - Corporate adds are the adds of the firms out side the
state in which the press is situated.

•Local corporate Adds: - Local corporate ads are the ads of firms within the
state but out side the city in which the press is located.

•Central Government Adds: The ads given by Central government of India.

D/PR Rates: Central Government gives to the OIPR Rate to the

press. But these Rates give these presses whose produce minimum
11, 00,000 copies compulsory.

• State Government Adds: - The ads given by State Government of India.

DA VP Rates: State government gives to the DAVP Rate to the press. But
these Rates gives to these press whose completed 1 Year compulsory.

•Government Corporation Adds: - The ads given by Local-City Government

Corporations of India.

•Satellite Adds: - The adds given by Multi National Companies (MNC) to be

printed in all over the world.

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•Tropical Adds:- Tropical Adds are the adds come directly from Bhopal (Head
office - The press has to print those adds any how For that, any local add can
be cancelled or changed or delayed.
Classification of the adds :

• Display adds
• Pointers
• Court notices
• Greeting
• Entertainment
• Public tender
• Classifieds
• Display classifieds
• Sad demises / Death notes
• Death notes – classifieds
• In house adds
• Appointment adds


Public Adds Rates

1.Commercial Page Coll. B/W

I.P. 1000 700
L.P. 1500 1050
F.P. 2000 1400
3rd P. 1250 875
2.Besna / shraddhanjali Inside Last Page
Coll.5*2 1100 1350
10*2 2500 3500
B/W 5*2 800 1100
10*2 1800 3100
3.Appointment Rs.275/-per cc
(Thursday & Saturday)
4.Classified Rs.8/- per word

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5.Notice Rs.300/-Per cc.


About Events:
• Event marketing is a fast growing, high profile industry the world over.
This highly versatile marketing tool of Divya Bhaskar integrates
corporate sponsorship of an event with a whole range of marketing
elements such as advertising, sales promotion, and public relations.
• Event based marketing is gaining around because it allows a Divva
Bhasker to break through the advertising clutter and target an audience
through association to a particular event.
• Divya Bhaskar's purpose of event-based marketing is to create brand
awareness and also to reinforce the image associated with the brand in
the mind of the target customers.

• If it is not convenient to organize an event, Divya Bhaskar can sponsor

some event organized by others. Sponsoring an event is a win-win
proposition for both the parties.
•Various events that are being used by Divya Bhaskar (Surat) as marketing
tools can be classified into the following broad categories.

 Sports events:
In the wake of rising competition, many firms are attempting to galvanize
their corporate images through sponsorship of sports events orate images
through sponsorship of sports events.
Divya Bhaskar is now using sports to consolidate the positioning of their
brand in the mind of the consumers.

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 Music and stage performances:
To keep up the contemporary image of the brand Divya Bhaskar,
marketers like sponsoring events with their target audience identify most.
The most important things about sponsoring an event are that it should
have a logical connection with the image/personality of the brand.
In the absence of this synergy, consumers will not be able to identify the brand with
the event.
• Dil Chahta Hai Night (Sankar Mahadevan)
• Dandiya-rash

 Fairs and festivals:

With a minimum spillover, divya bhaskar can make a pinpoint
communication with a literally captive audience because people can't
Zap or change channels.
•Children Film Festival
• Bhaskar Utsav
•Naveratri Mahotsav
•Dandiya - Rash

 Trade shows and exhibition

• Fairs and exhibition provide good exposure to the products by
drawing in large cross-selection of population, including the
actual and potential! Users.
• Trade shows and exhibition not only create quick awareness about
a Product but also allow Divya Bhaskar to generate an aura of
excitement around the brand by capitalizing on media type.
• Trade fairs also provide Divya Bhaskar an opportunity to interact
with their consumers face to face and understand their

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perceptions, priority prejudices and problems about the product.

•Children Film Festival
• Surprise Cinema

 Social Welfare / cause related activities

In sponsoring a social cause-related event, it is extremely important to design
programmers in such a way that the cause and the sponsor have the same
target audience.
The cause-led marketing efforts are gaining ground because of their positive
rub off on the Divya Bhaskal"'s image and the free media publicity, which
works better than the best advertising.
• Raktadan shibir
• Free cardiology check UP camp
• Maha Raktadan Shibir
• Media Seminar

 Other events
Divya Bhasker's purpose of event - based marketing is to create brand
awareness and also to reinforce the image associated with the brand in the
mind of the target customers. Some other events are the following:
•Hungama- pizza Eating
•Pani-Puri Spardha
•Vangi Spardha
•Rangoli Spardha
•Manendi Spardha

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Forecasting is thinking about future plan. Forecasting is deciding in advance, what
future market opportunities are there to get big market. Forecasting in Divya
Bhaskar is done on many things which are as follows.

1) Increase Price: ~
1. How much revenue can be earned due to increase in
Advertising rates.
2. How many customer we will lose due to Increase Advertising

2)Season :-
In coming season which segment can give more revenue? For e.g. at the
time of result, Schools, Colleges, Tuition classes etc. give more revenue.
3} Circulation:-
Increase in circulation of news paper can attract more advertisers.
4) Gifts:-
If in any month, more valuable gift can be distributed, it can be forecast
that in that month, circulation can be increased.
5)Customer Satisfaction :-
If Advertisers are satisfied, they are definitely willing to give more

Types of Forecasting

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The forecasting of Sales for" Divya Bhaskar" depends on the following
1) Past Records:-
•If forecasting is done on the bases of data of past two years, in very
few circumstances they seem to be fail.
•How much business had done in past two years, the proportionate
change can be forecast for the coming year.
•According to proverb. “Experience is the Best Teacher". past
records guide in almost profitable way.

2) Seasons:-

•In some seasons, particular segment can give more

Advertisement as that segment is related to particular season. E.g. At the
time of Diwali , All segments can achieve higher targets.

•As seasons are fix, the forecasting related to particular season can be
done perfectly.

3)Monthly Forecasting:-

•According to data of past target achievements of last month, forecasting

can be done easily which will be helpful in setting goals for every

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Sales plan

The sales plan of "Divya Bhaskar" is based on the segments of their Market. As
"Divya Bhaskar" has divided its customers into different segments to capture the whole
market, then only it is possible to have control on the whole market and none
advertiser can be left none inquired. The Sales plan of " Divya Bhaskar" so
Based on these segments.

The Sales Plan Can be briefly define as follows

1) Sales Plan for Missing:


Its Segment

Related Marketer

Follow Up


3)Sales plan for New Advertising:

New advertiser

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.


Its Segment

Related Marketing person

Follow Up


Pricing Policy

The profit earned by any company depends upon the price of the price of the
product manufactured by that company. "Divya Bhaskar" as the manufacture of
the newspaper has a very united role to play in declaring

the price of the newspaper

The policies adopted by the "Divya Bhaskar" are with regards to prices are

totally administrative pricing policy, according to which the prices of the

newspaper are stationary

The profit earned by any company depends upon the price of the product /
products of that particular company.

There are two basic methods for pricing goods. One is to make the product,
calculate the cost of making it, and add a percentage make-up (the profit) to arrive
at the price. the other is to make a judgment as to the price a product can be sold
for in a market, and then to develop and make the product according to
specification the cost of which will give an acceptable profit when the product is
sold in the market. When formulating its policy, a company takes a view on how

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the prices of its products should compare with those of its competitors. It may
pursue a low-pricing policy in order to gain market shares

Selling Price = Expenses + Benefit



As reporting is a very important and crucial part of Management, it is found in

each and every organization It is impossible that there is only one person who
Looks after whole department In this case sub-ordinates are appointed to listen to
his orders. Now. What sub-ordinates are doing is also to be watched. So they
have to report of their work done to their Authorities. This practice is called
"Divya Bhaskar" is a big firm having eight main departments. So there are eight
Department Heads. Each department has so many employees. So they are
responsibilities of related Department Heads. En "Divya Bhaskar " reporting is
given so much emphasis.

1.Reporting at Marketing level :-

As marketing is only department which generate revenue to"Divya
Bhaskar", each and everyday reporting process is done. The marketing
executives report their Department Head, after following up missing and
their potential customer. Also reasons for not getting ads, getting ads,
delays for some days are reported by Marketing Persons and The Head of
Marketing Department, report to G.M, ,On the basis or these reports, Mr.

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.

Dubai Sir take important decisions like: price rise or reduce, salaries,
Forecasting, future planning etc.

2.Reporting at General level :-

Reporting at general level means not only marketing but all eight
departments of "Divya Bhaskar "is related with Reporting. Each and every
employee has to submit their whole day report to their Department Heads.
And all the Department Heads submit their Reports to .G.M and also they
have to submit their daily work done Report to Head - Office, Bhopal.

The Reports generated by different departments are listed below.

1. Production Department-

a) Report of Daily Produced Copies

b) Report of Daily wastage.

2. Circulation Department '-

a) Report of Copies Dispatched to Every Centers

3. Human Resource Department:-

a)Report of New joining Employees
b)Report of Left employees

4. Editorial Department:-
a) Report of News Head Mines if sent from Surat.

5. Billing Department :-
a) Report of Daily Bill Generation.

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6. E.D.P. Department:-
a) Report of Surveys Conducted By" Divya Bhaskar"

7. Recovery Department:-
a)Report of Daily Payment Recovered
b)Report of Dues of " Divya Bhaskar"

8. News Print Department:-

a)Report of Incoming of reels.
b)Report of Consumption Of reels.

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Human resource management


Organization structure

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Human Resource management

Meaning and Definition :-

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Human resource management is a management function that helps manages
recruit select train and develops members for an organizations. HRM is concern
with the people’s dimension in organizations.

DAINIK BHASKAR which basically one of the product as news paper of the
BHASKAR GROUP, also conducted the human resource management very well
and in effective manner. In Gujarat it launches its paper in merely gives the
name as DIVYA BHASKAR, which gets open its offices in Ahmedabad,Surat,
Baroda, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and many where.

DIVYA BHASKAR manages its office and organizations efficiently with human
resources management system. Divya bhaskar conducts the formula human
resources management system, which terms as the hierarchical managing and
querying system. There are different heads for each department and they
-control their department and its employees with human resources
management system.

HRM department i.e. Human resources management if DIVYA BHASKAR, which

deals with managing the staff and employees and the customers also. It
controls many sub division as explained below.


Security is the important task of the company, which is in DIVYA BHASKAR

conducted by HRM department. Securing the office, store, and go down,
production area at the main door of the security guard also counsel under the
HRM department.

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Time office basically controls and conduct attendances, leave records, weakly
leaves, official tours of the employees and other staff members. It also
manages the medical leaves, paid leaves and casul leaves. With these all
leaves it also maintains the total number of days works out for the
organization in total working days..


Administration includes house keeping, general utility, traveling details and

services, hotel booking services employees and members. Cleanness, required
material and stuff for office use and water facilities are also provided for the
employees of the organization . for booking of the tickets and provided the
Executive with comforts in traveling . it also conduct traveling accommodations.
For visit and staying of guest and senior executive . it also manages the hotel


General detail of all employees are been taken by the HR department and
there After any problem regarding health , accommodation , and social
problem are been managed by the manager of HR.


Every organizations has the reception to welcome the guest and to solve
there query regarding t he officials of the company. DIVYA BHASKAR has
receptionists at the entry of the company to solve the query and to receive
the guest and their calls for the employees.

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DIVYA BHASKAR has a big library to keep knowledgeable books and

magazines. For the staff and employees to read and take different books and
novels, magazines as per their wish and requirement. It also have daily,
weekly magazines of other organization also indifferent languages.


For keeping record of the old paper and magazines and purifies, there is record
room in DIVYA BHASKAR.So by keeping the record of the old paper, which
can be used in future for any query. It stores about one month old records.


Simple definitions of HRP...... Includes the estimation of how many qualified

people are necessary to carry out the assigned activities, how many will be
available And what if anything, must be done to ensure that personal supply

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equals personnel demand at the appropriate point in t he future. HRP is
mainly called manpower planning , personal planning or employment planning.

“ DIVYA BHASKAR “ also conduct the human resources planning process,

which ensures that company has right number and kind of people, at the
right place, at right time, capable of efficiently and effectively completing t hose
tasks that will help whole organization to achieve its overall objective.

There are several stages of the HRP processes which tell us that how Divya
Bhaskar works on the basis of HRP process.

1) Future personal needs

2) Coping with change
3) Creating highly talented personnel
4) Protection of weaker section
5) International strategies
6) Foundation for personnel functions
7) Increasing investment in human resources
8) Resistance to change and move
9) Other benefits


The following are the steps undertaken by the “ Divya bhaskar “ for their
future requirement of employees.

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Objective of HR needs HR supply

HRP Forecast Forecast

Control & HR HR
Evaluation Implementation Programming


Some of the general objective of the DIVYA BHASKAR are :-

1) To reduce labor turnover in organization at both the levels executives and
2) To reduce the rate of absenteeism
3) To develop all the employees of the organization by exposing them to different
areas. So sprat from their own personal development, co–operation among
different department and units..
4) To increase production an level.
5) To predict future requirement of employees and staff.


HR need forecasting is the estimation of future requirement of a people of

specific quantity with specific quality i n news-paper at present DIVYA
BHASKAR has big staff with sufficient labors and workers.

Labor : 375,
Unskilled : 75,

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Executives Staff : 75

“Divya bhaskar having a total employee of 327. The role of HR is to maintain a

present level of employment and vacancy arises or company in need of an
employees, the vacancy should be fulfilled.
Now, the company has planned to go for an export in future. Hence they have
started it prepare HR need required in future..


After analysis of personal need, next logical steps to find out the no of people
from the available sources. The availability of employees may be within or
outside an organization. If vacancy arises in the organization and fulfilled by
an existing
worker who having a qualified skilled and within well experience, company recruit
within an organizations only.. But vacant designation is not matched with the
employees, company should go for an outside recruitment..


Divya Bhaskar has well managed way of sales and production of newspapers and
other stuffs. With balanced demand and supply of personal. The vacancy is filled
up by the right candidate at right time. Therefore HR programming is of great
importance in HRP, which is utilizing at its best level.


Converting HR plans into action is known as implementation. DIVYA BHASKAR

has made good HR plans f or the future success.
Recruitment plan covers permission from authorized person who selects the
message and media sources.

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Selection plan includes the different type of interview and tests.


Control is necessary at the time of implementing HR plans. “DIVYA BHASKAR”

has budgeted, targeted and standard HR plan. While implementation,
responsibility and duties should be well clarified among employees
An evolution is the analysis of HR plan, where the estimate result should meet in
the actual result.


Human Resources planning help to determine the number and type of people
an Organization needs. Job analysis and job description specify the tasks and
duties of Jobs and the qualification expected from prospective job holders.

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The next logical step at “DIVYA BHASKAR” is to hire the right number of people of
the right type to fill the jobs. Hiring involves two broad groups of activities.
1) Recruitment
2) Selection


“It is the process of searching for and obtaining application for job among whom
the right people can be selected.”

It is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment . the
Process begins when new recruit are sought and ends when their applicants are
Submitted. The result is pools of applicants from new employees are selected.

Recruitment is the first step that a company tries to interact with its employees
which Makes the employees more familiar with the culture and tradition of the
company .Individual come to know the working processes of company and they
can decide Whether they wish to work for it or not.

“It is the process of searching for and obtaining application for job among whom
the right people can be selected.”

Pre-recruitment Recruitment Searching

Process Planning

Evaluation & control Screening

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In pre-recruitment, HR manager brings indents from all other department and

analyses it. If a vacancy is filled up by giving additional responsibility to the
coworker / employees of the department, than there is need of recruiting


“Divya Bhaskar “ has decided a job specification & job specification & job
description for each position in the organizations. Different qualification &
experience is required for each job. If any vacancy generates among one of the
four department, than it should be fulfilled with regard to job specification
& job description, which is being formulated by organization.


(1) Source Activation

Human resource manager verified that there is any vacancy exist or will exist,
but here no actual recruiting take place until manger gives a permission.

(2) Selling
Selling the organization means both message & media should be well selection. “
Divya Bhaskar ” gives its advertisement in his local newspaper for welcoming of
more & more applicant.


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The purpose of screening is to remove from the recruitment process at an early
stage, those applicants who are unqualified for the jobs. The screening can save a
great deal of time and money.
In “Divya Bhaskar” Mr. Sanjay assistant manager of HRM scrutinizes and short
list all application and shortlist applicant list is sent to HR manager. Than only
eligible application are called for interview.


Evaluation and control is necessary to carry out recruitment process at low cost
“Divya Bhaskar” control its cost by way of

# Giving advertisement in his local newspaper.

# They also control costs by recruiting unsuitable candidates
for the selection process.
# Company has a too short recruiting procedure so there is
no overtime cost.

(1) Internal Recruitment:-

1. Previous Applicant
Recruiting previous applicant is an inexpensive way of recruitment. Instead of

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.

going for advertisement in a newspaper for new vacancies, Fairdeal group
carried out previous applicant, who had applied for a job with specific
knowledge. Sometimes skilled & qualified candidates apply in the past are not
being appointed, because of few vacancies available in the firm So in future, if
company goes for expansion or if there is any vacancy ,than first preference is
given to previous applicant.

2. Personal contact:-
In a bigger organization it has been found that there is a process of hiring
employees on a persona! Contact. Same Djvya Bhaskar is applying; first
preference is given for the employees who come on basis of personal contact,
which helps to know the efficiency and skills of individual much better.
Generally at higher post these fundamentals are used to select the employees
at Management and knowledge level these types of process are helpful in

3. Direct recruitment:-
It is the process of recruiting and selecting the employees’ indirect basis without
any such reference and interviews.

4. Employee’s relative and friends

DIVYA BHASKAR is also conducting the process of selecting employees through

the contacts of employees.

Employees’ relative and friend are also given priority if they are well known ledged
and efficient in specific task.

(2) External Recruitment

1. Advertisement

Most easier and highly used recruitment and s electing process is through
advertisement in newspaper and magazines A letter has been sent to an
advertising agency name “ Discrete Advertising” , where all the details like

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.

when to released advertise, on which page, newspaper name and designation
for which post advertisement is given.

2) Special recruitments:-
Many times employee working for other organization also 'been recruited at higher
salary for their high efficiency and high skills. These are the special 6 type

or recruitments and selection. Which are very helpful in promoting an organization

at high level of success?


Selection is the process of picking an individual with requisite qualification and

competence to fill jobs in the organization. It's the 'process of different between
applicants in order to identify those with greater likelihood of success in a Job.

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.

The role of selection in DIVYA A BHASKAR is mainly influence the two thing
1) Work performance, depends on individual. Effective selection, therefore,
assumes greater relevance.

2) Cost incurred, in recruiting and hiring personnel speaks volumes about the role
of selection.

In DIVYA BHASKAR the HR department and its head under take both processes
for employees, with concerning to different departments. In DIVYA BHASKAR there
are number of employees have been selected after recruitment for the job of
different tasks at different post.

DIVY A SHASKAR has different process and steps for selecting are as follows. In
details. During probation period an applicant performance is satisfactory Selection
is the process of picking individual out of the pool of job applicants with requisite
qualification and competence to fill jobs in the organization.
Enable applicants are called at the convenient place for an interview, where
company gives a form to filled up for the "personal bio data" and this form is used
at a time of preliminary interview and also kept for the office use. The specimen of
personal bio-data is given below. Selection procedures of “Divya Bhaskar" are as

Preliminary Employment Reference &

Interview Interview Badkgroumd

Contract & Selection

Job Offer
Employment Decision

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{A} Preliminary interview

The main objectives of "Divya Bhaskar" interviews are as follow.

# Helps to obtain additional information from the applicants

# facilitates giving genera! Information to the applicants such as company

policies, jobs, products manufactured

# Interview helps to build the companies image among the applicants. The
purpose of preliminary interview is to eliminate unqualified applicants. The people,
who are selected for interview', are interviewed by particular head of Department.
For e.g. if interview is conducted for the post of Finance Assistant Manager than
the entire question related to post is being asked by head Of finance department.
Following are the question, which C.A. /Assistant manager of 'finance asked during

1.Entry related work.

2.Checking & editing related work.
3.Reconciliation related work.
4.Statutory completion related work.
5.Filling & other work.
More details of their work are shown in the Job Discretion of a particular job.

(b) Employment Interview

Interview is a formal in depth conversation conducted to evi3lwate the applicant
acceptability. It allows a two-way exchange of information. The employment
interview can be:
1.One to one

Vivekananda College for B.B.A.

"Divya Bhaskar" has selected one to one & sequential interview. In one to one
interview, there are only two participants- HR manager /CA & the applicant. While
in Sequential interview, a series of interview is involved. So that each head of
Department can ask question related ton his or her subject.

(c) Types of Interview

Interviews are of different types. The main reason 10 conduct an interview is how
applicant responds to answer at a time of.Interview & how he behaves of reacts
During interview.
There are usually structured, unstructured, mixed, behavioral & stress interview.
"Divya Bhaskar" has selected mixed & behavioral interview. The reason of
selecting mixed interview is as it is based on structured as Well as unstructured
red questions. where comparison is done between different applicant. Behavioral
interview focuses on a problem, how applicant is expected to solve & how he
reacts during interview.

(d) Reference & Background Check

During interview the "Divya Bhaskar "ask the name, address, & telephone number
of reference for the purpose of verifying information about on applicant. But
information gathered from reference should hardly influence selection decision of
"Divya Bhaskar". The reasons are:
# The candidate approaches only those people who would -favored about him.
# The reference people always try to favors towards candidate.
# The reference people try to show strength of candidates, so that it helps in his

(e) Selection decision

In "Divya Bhaskar", Head Manager & HR manager take interview of employee,
while director finally selects them.
(f) Job offer
After passing from interview, the next step is job offered to applicant through
appointment letter. In "Divya Bhaskar" selected candidates are appointed on

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probation basis for 3 months. During this time period a performance of the
candidate is evaluated & if it is up to mark than he becomes permanent employee
of the company. When performance is unsatisfactory & fails to meet minimum
desire level of the company, than probation period is extended for one month &
again his performance is evaluated.

(g) Contracts of Employment.

After selecting a qualified applicant by management, an applicant is appointed
on probation basis as a management trainee. Before commencing a job,
applicant signs a probation contract employment form, where all the terms and
conditions relating jobs are given than appointment letter is issued to
management trainee and he becomes a permanent employee of a company
and he will be appointed at Surat office. Specimen of contract and appointment
of an employee at registered office are given behind .

After the process of recruitments and selection, finally the candidate has
been selected and Interview assessment sheet, have been filled up by the
1)Personal history form for enrolling the details CD employee.
2)Joining report form, when the candidate has join the 'company
3)Vehicle requisition form if the candidate is having his personal vehicle
4)Proposal form for insurance in group personal accident Policy
5)Employees state insurance corporation form,for insurance of the employes.

6)Employees' details for ID card form to fill the details, of employees in ID card.
7)Provident fund form to be filled by the employee.

Performance appraisal determines who shall receive merit increases, counsels
employees on their improvement, training needs promotability & identifies those
who should be transferred. Moreover it improves employee job performance,
encourages employees to express their views or to seek clarification on job duties,
broadness their outlook. Capacity & potential, promotes a more effective utilization of

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manpower & improves placement, facilities selection, reward & promotion of the
best-qualified employees, prevent grievances & increase the analytical of

The main functions of "Divya Bhaskar" for purpose of performance appraisal are:
1.To provide an adequate feedback to each individual for his performance.
2.It help's in improving on changing behavior towards Some more effective working
3.It provides data to manager, with which they judge future job assignment and

At the time of evaluation of performance following are the factors to be consider.

1.Attendance I punctuality
2.Job knowledge
4.Responsibility level
5.Communication skill

"Divya Bhaskar" evaluates employee's performance on the following grade:

A = Excellent
B = Very Good
C = Good
D= Satisfactory
E = Poor

Job Knowledge & Responsibility leve

At the time of evaluating performance of employee, more importance is the job
knowledge. It means whether he is aware about his aware about his job or not. If
the person is aware, than he is accepting a responsibility or not. Some employee
in the organization try to gives their responsibility to his junior or senior or

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Communication Skill

A communication skill show how the person is effectively communicates with his
senior or colleague or junior. For e.g. how staff person at surat office,
communicates with the plant members, whether they are receiving a daily
production stock & department finished goods at the end of the day?


In "Divya Bhaskar" transparency of employee is considered during promotion. If

the employee has committed a mistake & is denied to accept his fault, than this
entire subject is considered while evaluating performance or giving promotion.


Obedience shows how the employees obey his superior order. for e.g. if any
worker is on leave, than his colleague will accept his responsibility by obeying the
order of his superior.
All above mention factors are also analyses during promotion. Even performances
of the employees are evaluated at the end of probation period of three months, to
judge his ability, skills & knowledge.


Welfare means the efforts that make life worm living for workmen. So welfare is
comprehensive term including various sources, facilities & amenities provided to
employees for their betterment available to employee under legal provision &

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Collective bargaining. These welfare activities are essential part of employee
welfare & that of social welfare.

1) Medical Facility
“Divya Bhaskar” provides various medical facilities to the employees. First Aid
center is there inside premises Medical facility is only provided to the worker who
in production department and first Aid is provided to each and every employees.

2) Canteen Facility
“ Divya Bhaskar” having a good canteen facility at plant & at head office. At the
production plant the company offers three times tea to every worker including
master, supervisor as well as executive, while lunch & dinner are offered only to
master, supervisor & executives.

3) Rest Room
It is only provided to the workers in production areas for taking rest after
completion of the production process.

4) Loan Facilities
Company provides loan facility at 0% interest to executive employees for the
selected purpose. The payment is made on installment basis whose amount is
fixed by the company. The placed form is to be filled up by executive while taking

5) Divya Bhaskar Welfare Trust

This Welfare funds which is operated by the “ Divya Bhaskar” run at the whole
Gujarat branches at Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat , Rajkot.


Training and Development employees are the life long assets of an organization.
Training consists of planned programs undertaken to improve employee

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knowledge, skills, attitudes and social behavior so that the performance of the
organization improves considerably.
Where as Development is a process utilizing a planned and systematic procedure
by which managerial personnel acquires conceptual and theoretical knowledge
for enhancing general administrative abilities.

For growth and development for the employees and the firm “Divya Bhaskar” has
its own style of training program which is practiced in “Divya Bhaskar” has no
particular fixed training period rather there is a probations period.

If company adopts a new management policy then top level person will only
analyses development programme for the junior manager. No outside person is
recruit for development programmer.

Types of training

1) Training for Promotion:

Promotion involves vertical transfer of an employee followed by change in

authority, responsibility, status and pay. In “Divya Bhaskar” if any types of
transfer take place from one department to other department. One month
training has been given to an employee who is given by senior person only.

2) Induction Training :

In “ Divya Bhaskar” the supervisor or department head intro-duce him to other

member of the department. This may help him to adjust with his work maters.

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More over with these basic information like company products, policies,
responsibilities, accountability and other work related terms and given to an
employee. During the probation period, trainee gets the training for15 days
under the marketing department to know about the basic knowledge of product.
After one month trainee is posted to his specific place for which he has selected.
So the main purpose of induction training in “ Divya Bhas-kar ” is to make the
employee more comfortable so that he can easily adjust to the new


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Promotion is line of future advancement way accepting new duties & responsibility
or by increase in the basic salary. So promotions are usually given to put the
workers in a position, where they will be of greater value to the company & may
increase in their personal satisfaction. To create among employee a feeling of
content with their present condition & encourage them to succeed in the company,
the company builds up moral loyalty & a sense of belonging. On the employee
when its brought home to them that they would be promoted if they deserve it.

Promotions in " Divya Bhaskar" are not just on higher post basis , but also
monetary basis –like some one who is performance excellent in this assigned
Every press has its own promotion policy. "Divya BhaSkar'' takes merit /
performance in to consideration at the time of giving promotion, but sometimes
length of service, education, training courses completed, previous work history,
etc. are factor which are given weight while giving a promotion.

Types of Promotion
Promotion may be of multi chain promotion, up or out promotion & dry
promotion.”Divya Bhaskar” gives multi chain promotion to their employees, in
which company not only increase its salary, but also increase its duties &
It will attract and retain employees in "Divya Bhaskar'' and also helps them to become


Demotion means the lowering down of the status and responsibilities of an

employee. " Divya Bhaskar" has not accepted any such of demotion activities. If

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the employees is irregular & try to delay his responsibility and don’t show any
interest in the organization than employee is warned for twice and than also there
IS no improvement in his behavior than the employees have to leave a job. In
"Divya Bhaskar" If the performance of the employee is not up to the mark due to
the personal problems, not satisfied in the department etc.


"Divya Bhaskar" has policy give an increment on the starting of financial year i.e.
15th June. Because performance is evaluated at the end of financial year, in the
month of 31st May the basis of their performance & performancereport, increments
is given to employee. Increment given to the Department wise. Some % increase
in the employee's salary.


Wages is the remuneration paid for the service of labour in production, periodically
to an employee or worker. Wages usually refer to the to the hourly rate paid to

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such group as production & maintenance employees.
Salary normally refers to the weekly or monthly rates paid to clerical,
administration & professional employees.
An objective of wage & salary administration is to establish & maintain in equitable
wages & salary structure. Wages & salary administration try to established &
implement a sound policies & practices of employee compensation.
In "Divya Bhaskar" calculation of wages and salary is done by the finance and
account department. In "Divya Bhaskar" per month total salary is 14, 50,000.
Wage & salary structure at plant and registered office is different for probation &
permanent employee. At the time of probation a stipend @ Rs 2500 per month is
paid to employee. Other benefits like Providend Fund, Bonus, and Gratuity etc. will
unavailable to an employee during this period. After becoming permanent
employee, he posses right to get all these benefits. Again basic salary and wages
of employees are as per are their post but allowances allowed to them are equal.
The specimen for daily wage and monthly salary paid at plant are attached behind

Type of wage
Output Rate System:
In "Divya Bhaskar" workers are working on machine are paid as per output rate
system. in output rate system along with production and quality of product is
also maintained. The wages paid to worker engaged in fabric manufacturing
depends on their production. Company pays 0.78 paisa per meter of fabrics'
manufacture. Wages of workers depend on their production ability.

Allowance is an amount paid in addition to wages or salary over a period of time
including holiday pay, bonus, social security, benefits etc. “Divya Bhaskar” allows
various types of following allowances for the comfort of their employees.

# HRA Allowance

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# Conveyer Allowance
# Educational Allowance
# Medical Allowance
# Gas & Elect. Allowance
Bonus is an extra payment to the workers beyond the normal wage. In the other
words bonus is employee earnings besides salary.
In the "Divya Bhaskar" bonus of 8.33% of the salary are paid to employee.
Considering need of employee bonus are paid before festival.

Providend Fund

In "Divya Bhaskar" employees are allowed Providend fund membership from the
date of becoming permanent employee & 10% of basic salary will be deducted
from his salary as Providend fund. Again same amount is contributed by the
company as per Providend fund rules.

House Rent Allowances(HRA)

Some fixed amount of house rent allowances is providend for those who are living
in rental houses.

Leave Travel Allowances(LTP)

every year allowances is. given to the employees for traveling any place for
company's work and for this such amount is also already fixed by the company

SWOT analysis

High quality product, low pries
Service provided by press is good

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High production capacity
Wide area coverage from Ahmadabad to Bombay
High qualified human resource in all departments
Strong reputation in market
Strong financial condition of group because Different business of Bhaskar
Effective use of finance
I.e. company use money of circulated newspaper for the new unit
development for place in all India.

Conflict between employees
More priority is given to missing
Its budget is on monthly basis

To Increase customer focus
To cover global market
Effective use of finance I.e. Company use money of circulated newspaper
for the new unit development for place in all India.
To get more contract for production

Close competitor
If Price increase newspaper
Calculation of price for advertisement

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Production department

Org structure of production department

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Production process
In every manufacture business production department play crucial role in that unit.
Means in Divya Bhaskar production department is work fast and give out put

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quickly as possible.Production process start from page making it is also start from
marketing department where advertise put in the page than that page goes to
editorial department where news are pute on the page and then work start of
production department.
Let us see process of one news paper from blank page to one news paper
1. work of marketing department (add scheduling)
In marketing department one executive get add that add put in computer
after 5 o’clock one marketing person put that add in one page. After putting
all add in all pages than that page going to in editorial department.
In brief
The job of an add scheduler is to make an arrangement of advertisement of
advertiser as per information given by the customer or firm or organization.
The advertisement scheduler receives advertisements from agency or direct
Moreover add scheduler also find that a particular add publish in a news
paper or supplement. If customer wants his add should printed between
news that time arrangement being according to the customer need. And
identify number given to all add which through ad identify and also given the
caption through add identify.
Identify number which given to a particular add that call sap number. When
after period of sometime advertise want to give same add that time sap
number useful and as proof sap number is useful.

2. Work of editorial department (final page making proceed) on computer

When add put on page after that pages going to editorial department where
the news are put on page and all the thing which contain with one news
paper are putted by editorial department.

From the news of reporter and photographs of photographer and add from
marketing department, contains of pages are decided, but it is not decided
what should be placed and where, all contains are send to page making
department by editorial department.

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In page making department special software is installed for designing
pages, this software has seven vertical lines which divide page into eight
column of newspaper. Quark express is that software. Quark express make
it very easy for page maker to arrange all contains of newspaper
automatically. The page maker set all the pages and final output is
The front page and the sport page of Divya Bhaskar are made at
Ahmadabad, The state head office. Some space on the sport page is left
for local and up country news. The pages from Ahmadabad sent through
3. Outputting
Outputting shows all picture of news paper of particular day for outputting
Divya Bhaskar use software Quark express. This software arranges the
news in such manner that news related to particular incident is automatically
arrange on the pages.
For example
I f there is any news of death it means “SHRADHANGLY” or “BESANU” this
type of news mostly printed on last page. Software arranges this news
directly on last page.
4. Image setter
Out putting give complete page for image setting. Page comes through
compute in image setter room, where one software is MAC
(MECHANTOSE) software.
This software dived pages in to four color pages (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
and Black) after separating of this pages make send this pages to protect
machine. Protect machine is used to make out positive. Positive are film roll
of ordinary camera but this are white film instead of black films. Positives of
each film are generated. In this way four positive are generated.

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5. Lacer print
The total black pages which come through out putting, are not send to MAK
for separating color because that page has only one color-black. But these
black pages are sending to lacer print machines. Here the image of that
page copied on butter paper. And these butter papers are send to plate
6. Pasting
The positive of different color and butter papers, came from image setter
room are fixed on transparent plastic sheet with the help of a “pasting table”
has a lamp under its glass. When it starts that time pointers (marks) of
plastic sheet and positive can be matched easily. These plastic sheets are
stocked reverse. If we reverse this sheet than we will able to read, what is
printed on those positives or butter papers.

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7. Plate making
After doing pasting, the plastic sheet send to exposure machine name
“MAMORY” this machine equipped with altar violet lights consumes 6000
volts electricity. Aluminum plates are fitted in memory machines than with
the help of altar violet lights, what is printed on positives are printed on
plates. We can easily read what is printed on aluminum plates. Than plates
are washed in wash room. And then plates are inserted in gumming
machine, which insert layer of gum on the plates. Because of gumming
there is no fear of scratch or spots mark on the plate. Almost 85 plates
consumed daily because 4 plates of 4 colors are made for each page.

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And then all plates fitted in printing machine

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Printing is the core process of any print media. The machines used for
printing machines are listed below.
News Lie -45
Color man
Geo man
Eco man
Among all these machines,
Color man
Geo man
Eco man
News lie -45
Are the latest machines
Divya Bhaskar use machine which listed under
1) News line -45,
2) Orient super.

Feature of news line-45

The capacity of news line-45 machines is 45000 IPH [Impression Per Hour].
News line-45 is a India made machine but collaborate with man rolled of
Germany. In Surat, “Divya Bhaskar” has 4Y ad 2H ad one high lie with
BALLEN former.
In this configuration, we can at a time of numbers of colors pages and 12
pages black. Total number of pages 20. In high line, at a time we can print
four pages color and in Y, we can print 2 black pages and in H we can print
black 4 pages black. News line - 45 is completely automatic machine.

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Feature of orient super

The capacity of orient machines in one hour is 30000 IPH (copies). In orient
super, we have 4I- which can print 4 pages color at a time & in 3c. We can
print 2 pages color &in mono we can print only black & total of pages are 20.

Process of printing:-
All the plates of all pages come from plate making department. Then these
plates are folded on plate folding machines. Then these plates are fitted into
printing machines. The webs are fitted into machines and ink is feed. Then
as soon as power button of printing machine is turn on, the machines
automatically begin to feed paper. So all the rollers of printing machines
begin to roll.
The blankets are already fitted. The blanket gets impression from plates.
This impression is reverse on blanket and one time read it. Blanket gets ink
with the help of roller and then print on paper.

Approximately 8 copies printed per second.

In this way, the total printing process is doe in "Divya Bhaskar". The
machine men continuously observe the copies and try to improve the
printing quality cautiously.

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The printed copies continuously come from printing machines. With the help
of conveyer belt these copies are sent to starker machines where bundles of
150 copies or 200 copies are bound with plastics stripes. It is previously
decided by circulation department how many bundle gives to hawkers. And
for the agencies of Up-Countries the trucks or tempos or jeeps are used as
transportation. Copies of city Edition are also supplied in the same way but
some hawkers reach directly to Divya Bhaskar to collect their copies by

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Factor affecting plant location
The objectives of industrial organization are to minimize the cost of production and
to achieve progress in the industry. But, when the location of an industrial unit is
preplanned many factors are taking into consideration.
“Divya Bhaskar " has consideration all such factor before establishing a unit at

1] Nearness to market: -
“Divya Bhaskar “basic core product is News paper will be start from early
morning 5 o’clock. So they have to make an arrangement for hawkers and
agency person. In the early stage Divya Bhaskar has decided to take a
place in Surat city. But because of limited space, they have selected
Udhana and find that, distribution will be easily. Nearness market is
important from the point of view control over the market.

2] Product:-
Newspaper is such a product that, it is sales in the morning only. Even a
same day newspaper will not be sold either in the afternoon or evening. No
doubt the sales been made but it is of 5% of the early morning sales.
Because people are of habit to read a newspaper in the early morning, to
know for the news like politics, sports, share, etc.

3] Supply of raw material:-

Divya Bhaskar is an industry with newspaper and its basic raw materials are
paper, print ink, and aluminum plate. It has given more important to the
printing quality. They purchase a paper from the Ahmadabad. Print
purchase from Bangalore.
The supply of paper should be regular and on frequent basis. Newspapers
are print and sold every day. No doubt the sales may increase or decrease
but firm have to keep a constant watch on the stocks of a paper.

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4] Transport facilities:-
The plant location which they have selected is 5 km far away from surat
railway station, while Udhana railway station is located at a distant of
1km.Divya Bhaskar has good market controls at Vapi, navsari, Valsad, and
bharuch through transport facility.

5] Power facility:-
Divya Bhaskar has selected Udhana, which is also known as Udhana
Udhyog Sangh, which is well industrial develop area well all the amenities.
Power is necessary for the process of production and for transporting
finished goods and raw material. When power shortage take place that time
Divya Bhaskar have generator and use it. When electricity supply stops that
time generator automatically start so that shortage of power not affect to
production process.

Moreover in Divya Bhaskar other work like editorial and papermaking is also a part
of production and it is done on a computer only.

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The mission of the purpose dept. / marketing dept. Is to save cost, provided good
quality at better price, give and take goods services. And ultimate goal is no product
shortage should be there. To carry out production, company has to purchase
raw material. So to purchase raw material company will adopt there own purchase

Sales order Work order
work order
to Plant


not defined
Material Preparation
and sending Job Allocation
Planning indent to
Mkt. Dept


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1] Circulations managers receive sales orders from different customer. After

collecting all the orders, manager will prepare work order and send it to
Production manager.

2] The purpose of making production schedule is to meet the demand for the
product by the customer. At plat, production manager prepares production
schedule to produce qualities as per order placed by marketing department.
If material is unavailable, manager prepares indent and send to marketing
department. The another responsibility of production manager is to decide
which operation is to be performed on different machine at different time.

3] The preparation of this production schedule will resulted in to required raw

material, by deducting present stoke in storehouse.

4] Raw material requirements are informed by production manager through

sending IDET FORM to store department at head office. From includes final
output of raw material whether for newspaper production.

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Material handling equipments
The design of material handling system is knowledge of the different
kinds and ad type of the material handling equipment that available.
There are hundreds of different kinds and types of handling equipment.
But only few of them are used in "Divya Bhaskar ".some details of that
equipment are given below.

1] Conveyer belt: -
Conveyer belt is used for traveling of good from one place to another. When
the goods is bulky or in so much quantity, conveyer belt seems very
convenient. It saves time as well as manpower. The wheels on conveyer
belt and the belt attached with them allow product to travel easily.

2] Reel shaft: -

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The reels of paper in "Divya Bhaskar” are called web. These webs are
almost above 375 kg weight. There is a hole in center of webs which paper
is rolled. To lift these webs “reel shaft " is used. So, in short, reel shaft is
used to lift webs easily and to fit webs in to printing machine.

3] Rubber roller trolley: -

This trolley is used to keep long reel type material arranged properly. In
"Divya Bhaskar”, these trellised are used to keep rubber rolls. These rubber
rolls are used in printing machines and they are very important. The trolley
helps to arrange all these rubber rolls in a proper manner and their wastage
and damage can be minimized.

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4] Ink container: -
Ink is used to print or write something. As “Divya Bhaskar “is a press which
prints a lot of newspapers every day and consumes almost daily,
it is very difficult to keep this much ink properly. These are the asked type
cottiers, which can move drums of ink easily and we can also easily move

5] West folding machine: -

We can imagine from the name of machine that it can be used to fold
some material. As "Divya Bhaskar" is a press, it has so much wastage
material. It is very difficult to fold for each layer, print waste all paper wastes
manually. The waste folding machine folds the feed material and ties up it in
proper way. So that it can be kept easily.

6] Four clip machine: -

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Four clip machines is made y Bajaj Company. This machine is use to unload
or upload heavy materials. Four clip machines have hydraulic dumper which
are helpful in uploading heavy weight up to 500kgs. "Divya Bhaskar" uses
webs which are very heavy. So four clip machines arrange webs in stores
ad climb them up.

7] Rewinding machine: -
Rewinding machine is using to rewind the roles. It is to possible that the web
used in printing machine finish every day. After printing, some layer of web
remains unused. And sometimes it is too possible to use them the next day.
In "Divya Bhaskar", these unused webs are collected and set to rewinding
machine. Here all the webs are rewinded and one full web is made, so that
they get best from their waste.

Inventory control

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Inventory control is the activities that maintain stock keeping items at desire levels.
In manufacturing, since the focus is on physical product, inventory control focuses
on material control. Inventory control system monitors both the patter of demand
and the time required to deliver an order (lead time). If both demand and lead-time
are know and constant, the required inventory levels and inventory can be readily
computed. Inventory control system is the ordinary and monitory techniques used
to control the qualities & framing of inventory transaction.
The ordinary & monitory techniques used to control the quantity & framing of
inventory transaction. Company controls inventory on the basis of ERL base.

ERL method

To manufacture newspaper, paper roll/news print and aluminum plate are

the basic raw material. These materials are supplied to company’s plant,
which is nearer to production plant. Due to their home production size and
text material. Company gate benefit of purchase at uniform rate. And other
way we can say that firm receives material whenever they want. There is no
need for inquiry and quotation while placing purchase order. Again there is
no question for ordering cost and carrying cost. So these result in shorter
period of lead time.
The main advantage to the press is, the material is received at lower cost
and profit margin is not added to selling price


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" Divya bhaskar " kept stoke of various spare parts of machinery
required by various department as per its maintenance schedule. Moreover,
they keep less stoke of spare parts available in local market, while unavailable
spare parts are imported from outside by bringing quotation of various
companies. The company keeps stock of these types of spares parts by
ordering in large quantity to save ordering cost and to get befit of cash discount .
Including this group also have stock of stationary items like computer pages,
files, invoice ,bill book, stationary, etc.

Any break down occurs in a machines than required spar parts are
replaced immediately if it is available in store department. Store manager has
to inform the authorized person of that department for the replacements of
spare parts to get approval letter from him, which is kept as record in store
department. Fallowing are the specimen of record kept in store department.

Sr . Product Quantity Date. Remarks Sign

No N am e


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IN " Divya Bhaskar ",supplier delivers the material to the receipt section of the
stores department along with a suppliers advice note. This note is supplied to
the receipt section through the driver of the carrier. As soon as the company
receives the material, the receipt clerk sign the delivery challan in testimony to
the fact that he has received the materials recorded in the document. Further
the receipt clerk of company records the materials details in material receipt
file in computer. This file contains following details.
• Challan number and date
• Date and time of receipt
• Suppliers' name
• Quantity
• Carrier's details
• Goods inward note reference
• Rejection memo reference

Company also prepares material checking book as per following specimen.

Immediately after the receipt of the material and making necessary entries in
the material receipt book, the storekeeper proceeds to check the quantity of
the material with the help of the purchased order placed by company. The
person also checks the quality of raw material and notes the necessary details
in the material -checking book.
Inward Challan Supplier Material Qty. Rate Amount Remark Sign
No. No. Name Record

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Time plays a important role in organization. Time is considered as money so we

have to understand that the value of time. So," Divya bhaskar " is enough
sensitive towards optimum use of time. Time keeping has a separate office
concerned with security deportment. It is situated at the main gate of the
company. The office runs for 24 hours and is dealing with public services. There
are 3 shifts in " Divya bhaskar " and they are as follows:-


1 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Office peoples and staff

2 nd Editorial and photo

4:00 pm – 12:00 pm
3 10:00 pm – 6:00 am Production

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