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What is the meaning of life? - law, Cambridge who do you most admire and why?

- law (jurisprudence), oxford if I said Manchester won a football match believing without a doubt that this was true but actually Chelsea won, was I lying? - law (jurisprudence), oxford do you know where the multiplication sign came from - mathematics and statistics, oxford what is the significance of prime numbers? - mathematics and statistics, oxford how do we know if 1 + 1 = 2 if the concept of numbers was in fact 'invented' by humans? - philosophy and modern languages, oxford why do you think grandparents feel the need to academically surpass their children and grandchildren? - philosophy and modern languages, oxford is it possible for a society to exist in which everyone lies all the time? why? - philosophy, politics and economics (ppe), oxford define 'cruelty' - philosophy, politics and economics (ppe), oxford if there were three beautiful, naked women standing in front of you, which one w ould you pick? does this have any relevance to economics? - philosophy, politics and economics (ppe), oxford why can t you light a candle in a spaceship - physics, oxford if I said that when I tossed this coin and every time it said heads you have to give me 50p but every time it showed a tails I give you a pound, how many times would you let me flip it and the coin show heads in a row before you would stop playing the game? - biological sciences, oxford what is free will? - classics, oxford what is life? - earth sciences, oxford why do you play table tennis - mathematics, cambridge you re in a desert and 2 enemies are working independently. one poisons your water bottle, the other then tips the water out (not knowing it was poisoned). you wa lk out into the desert and die of thirst. which one is guilty of murder? - law ( jurisprudence), oxford if we have 25 people, what is the likelihood that at least one of them is born i n each month of the year? - mathematics, oxford what makes a tennis ball spin as it's travelling through the air? - mathematics, oxford how would you design an experiment to disprove the existence of god medicine, oxford why can you not see many stars when you stand on top of a mountain? medicine, oxford are you cool? - philosophy, politics and economics (ppe), oxford why could you not time a pendulum for 10000 swings by watching it with a timer? how would you conceptualise an emotion? - psychology, philosophy and physiology (ppp), oxford if I could pass any piece of legislation through parliament, what would it be? what is your opinion on spontanteneous human combustion? - medicine if you could invite any 2 people alive or dead to a dinner party, who wouldthey be and why integrate arctan x! does law create morality or does morality create law? were the Russian peasants mystically connected to the countryside? is Hitler really evil? if you could interview anyone from history, who would it be? Is the Bible a fictional work? Could it be called chick lit? What was the most beautiful proof in A-Level Mathematics? What makes you think that I am having thoughts? If you could make up a word, what would it be? Why? I am an oil baron in the desert and I need to deliver oil to four different town s which happen to lie on a straight line. In order to deliver the correct amount s to each town, I must visit each town in turn, returning to my warehouse in bet ween each visit. Where should Iposition my warehouse in order to drive the short

est distance possible? Roads are no problem since I have a friend who is a sheik h and will build me as many roads as I like for free. f you entered a teletransporter and your body was destroyed and instantly recrea ted on mars in exactly the same way with all your memories in tact etc, would yo u be the same person? Who is your favourite Metaphysical poet? (Bear in mind this was a MATHS intervie w) What is the most pieces of pizza I can get from 'n' cuts? Is it moral to hook up a psychopath (whose only pleasure is killing) to a realit y-simulating machine so that he can believe he is in the real world and kill as much as he likes? 'What would you say if Gordon Brown were to take a report which shows that peopl e who go to university earn more than those who do not, and then proclaim that g oing to university causes you to earn more? Emma has become a different person since she took up yoga. Therefore she is not responsible for anything she did before she took up yoga. Why does the word 'God' and 'I' have a capital letter? Are you surprised that there is no Russian word for "privacy" Why did they used to make the mill chimneys so tall? How would you simulate altitude in your living room? Was Romeo impulsive? If you could have half an hour with any mathematician past or present, who would it be? If you were to form a government of philosophers what selection process would yo u use? Why is the pole vaulting world record about 6.5m, and why can't it be broken? 1. Can a thermostat think? (Experimental Psychology, Oxford) 2. Compare these bottles of Tesco and Timotei shampoo? (Law, Oxford) 3. Could there still be a second-coming if mankind had disappeared from the pla net? (Theology, Cambridge) 4. Describe this saucer to me as if I wasn t in the room (Economics, Cambridge) 5. Describe your school from an anthropological perspective (Archaeology and A nthropology, Cambridge) 6. Do you believe that statues can move, and how might this belief be justifie d? (French and Spanish, Oxford) 7. Do you think the Bavarian peasants of 1848 had an ideology? (History, Cambr idge) 8. Does a snail have a consciousness? (Experimental Psychology, Oxford) 9. Here is a piece of bark, please talk about it. (Biological sciences, Oxfor d.) 10. How do you organise a successful revolution? (History, Oxford) 11. How many grains of sand are there in the world? (Physics, Oxford) 12. How many monkeys would you use in an experiment? (Experimental Psychology, Oxford) 13. How small can you make a computer? (Engineering, Cambridge) 14. How would you market a rock band? (Economics and Management, Oxford) 15. How would you measure the weight of your own head? (Medicine, Cambridge) 16. How would you poison someone without the police finding out? (Medicine, Camb ridge) 17. If a wife had expressed distaste for it previously, would her husband s habit of putting marmalade in his egg at breakfast be grounds for divorce? (Law, Cambr idge) 18. If I were a grapefruit, would I rather be seedless or non-seedless? (Medicin e, Cambridge) 19. If it could take a form, what shape would the novel To the Lighthouse become? (English, Oxford) 20. If my friend locks me in a room, and says I am free to come out whenever I l ike as long as I pay 5, is this a deprivation of liberty? (Law, Cambridge) 21. If there was an omnipotent god would he be able to create a stone that he co

uldn t lift? (Classics, Oxford) 22. If you re not in California, how do you know it exists? (PPE Politics, Philoso phy, and Economics, Oxford) 23. Instead of politicians, why don t we let the managers of IKEA run the country (SPS Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge) 24. Is Taggart an accurate portrayal of Glasgow? (English, Oxford) 25. Is it morally wrong to attempt to climb a mountain? (Theology, Oxford) 26. Is the chair really there? (Philosophy, Cambridge 27. Is the moon made of cheese? (Vet Sciences, Cambridge) 28. Is Wittgenstein always right? (French and Philosophy, Oxford) 29. Put a monetary value on this teapot. (Philosophy, politics and economics, Ox ford.) 30. Tell me about your life, from the beginning to what made you sit in that cha ir (Natural Sciences, Cambridge) 31. What colour is that notice board? (Mathematics and Philosophy, Oxford) 32. What effect on the whole of society does someone crashing into a lamppost h ave? (Law, Oxford) 33. What happens if I drop an ant? (Physics, Oxford) 34. What would happen if you drilled through the Earth all the way to the other side and then jumped into the hole? (Engineering, Cambridge) 35. Why can t you light a candle in a spaceship? (Physics, Oxford.) 36. Why is it a disadvantage for humans to have two legs? (Medicine, Cambridge) 37. Would I be justified in saying that only morons play sport? (Economics, Camb ridge) 38. Would Ovid s chat-up line work? (Classics, Oxford) 39. Would you rather be a novel or a poem? (English, Oxford) 40. Writing about music is like dancing about architecture. Discuss. (Music, Oxf ord) if god is all-powerful can he create a stone that he cannot lift?