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5/19/12 Installation Instructions for SiteManPro Software | Invanto

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SiteManPro (SMP) is an application designed to run from your own web server. You can have SMP
up and running in no time by following this easy to follow step-by-step installation guide.
Step 1: Download Software
Download your licensed copy of the software from here.

Step 2: Unzip & Rename Folder
After downloading, unzip the downloaded file on your computer. Files will be unzipped in a
folder with a name similar to SMP_VXXX where XXX is the current version number of the
software. Rename the SMP_VXXX folder to "smp" or a name of your choice. For this
installation demonstration purpose, we will name it as "smp".

Step 3: Upload Files
Now, upload the entire "smp" folder to your webserver using a FTP Client, such as filezilla or
cuteftp. You can upload the "smp" folder under root (public_html) or inside a sub folder.

Step 4: Create MySL Database
For SiteManPro to work, you first need to create a MySQL database that will hold all the
necessary tables. Go to your domain's CPanel and log in. Usually, the path is something like
this, depending on your hosting provider: The CPanel will look
like this:

To create the empty MySQL database, scroll down until you see the section: Databases.
Then click on MySQL Databases icon:

5/19/12 Installation Instructions for SiteManPro Software | Invanto

A window will open in which you'll see the option to create the database (see image below). In
the field provided, enter the database name as "smp" or a desired name of your choice and
click on Create Database button.

The database name, once created, will consist of the combination of your hosting account's
user name followed by an underscore and the database name you just entered in the field
(e.g. accoundid_myslqname). In this example, it is inet_smp. Once the database is created,
you need to assign a user to it. If you don't have any user already setup, you need to create
one. Scroll down and find the section MySQL Users:

On the fields provided, enter a Username, a Password and click on the Create User
button. You can have the system generate a more secure password by clicking on the
Generate Password button. Once the new user is created, you'll see it listed under Current
Users section towards the end of the page. You'll notice that the Username you entered is
now preceded by your hosting account's user id followed by an underscore. These two unique
IDs is what make up the database user id. Write down as we are going to use it later on.

The next step is to assign the new user to the database with full permissions to it. Find the
section: Add User To Database as shown below. Select from the drop down boxes the
newly created Username and the corresponding Database from the list. Then click the Add

On the window that opens, assign privileges for this Username. Click on the ALL
5/19/12 Installation Instructions for SiteManPro Software | Invanto
PRIVILEGES box to select all options. This will give these user full permissions to the
database. Make sure all boxes are checked.

Once you assign the permissions, under the Current Databases section, you'll see the
database listed along with the assigned user. You are now ready to create the empty tables
on the database. Click the Home button on the top-left of the page to go back to the CPanel's
main page if you are not already there.

NOTE: Write down your SQL database name, the Username you assigned to it and the
Password as you will need this information later on when configuring the SMP Core files on
Step 5.

Step 5: Create Tables
Now, from the CPanel, locate the phpMyAdmin icon under the Databases section, and click
on it to open it.

A new window will open. You will see your database listed on the left panel. Click on its

At this point, the database is empty and we need to create the tables. To create the tables,
select the IMPORT tab located toward the top of the right panel.

5/19/12 Installation Instructions for SiteManPro Software | Invanto

This option will allow us to import and run the SMP database file. Click the "choose file"
button, as shown in the screenshot below, and select the "db.sql" file from your computer
inside the "smp" folder. Then hit the "go" button.

Once the database file is imported successfully, you will see all the tables on the left hand
side of your screen. The number of tables created may vary depending on the version you are

Step 6: Rename Config Files
Open the file manager from the cPanel, by clicking on the "File Manager" icon as shown in
the screenshot below:

5/19/12 Installation Instructions for SiteManPro Software | Invanto

Once file manager is opened, look for "database-dist.php" and "user_config-dist.php"
files in the folder "smp/app/config/" and then rename them to "database.php" and
"user_config.php" respectively..

Step 7a: Edit Config File "database.php"
Now, open the smp/app/config/database.php in edit mode by right clicking on the file and
selecting "edit" option.

Once you have opened the database.php, you will need to update the following fields listed
below with the information about the database name, user name, and password you
5/19/12 Installation Instructions for SiteManPro Software | Invanto
created under step 4.

Replace db_name with the actual name of your database. Do not delete the quotation
marks surrounding it.

Replace localhost with the name of SQL server name (Usually, it is called localhost and you
won't need to change this field. So, if you can't open SMP Core once we finish its setup,
check with your hosting company the name of your SQL host. Do not delete the quotation
marks surrounding it if you need to update this field.

Replace db_user with your database user name. Do not delete the quotation marks
surrounding it.

Replace db_password with the password assigned to the database user. Do not delete
the quotation marks. Once done, save the file.

Step 7b: Edit Config File "user_config.php"
Now, open the smp/app/config/user_config.php in edit mode by right clicking on the file
and selecting "edit" option.

Update the following settings:

5/19/12 Installation Instructions for SiteManPro Software | Invanto

Save the file.

Step 8: Logon To Admin Panel
Now open the browser and login to the application. The path should be

To login for the first time, enter admin for Username and admin for Password. Do not
forget to change the username and password after you login the first time. That's it.
You have successfully installed your SMP Core.
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