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Properties: INDUFLOOR-IB1050 is a low viscosity liquid based on lithium silicate.

INDUFLOOR-IB1050 penetrates deeply into the surface zone of concrete and cementitious screeds and reacts to form insoluble calcium silicate hydrate in the existing pores. Treated surfaces have a matt sheen and reduced porosity. Increasing hardening Continuously rising abrasion resistance Intensified sheen and colour Inhibits crack formation Weather resistant Inhibits frost damage Water vapour permeable VOC free No surface protection necessary

Foot traffic: Max. hardness:

after approx. 1 to 2 hours at +23 C after 7 days at +23 C

Cleaning: Thoroughly clean work tools with water immediately after use. Packaging: INDUFLOOR-IB1050 is available in 30 litre and 220 litre containers. Storage: 12 months in the original unopened container when stored dry and cool above +10 C. Substrate preparation: The area to be treated must be: Dry to matt damp without puddles, sound, load bearing with a good key. Free from separating and adhesion inhibiting substances such as e.g. dust, laitance, grease, rubber marks, paint residues etc. Free from post treatment materials (evaporation protection). Notes: Fresh concrete does not require any preparation. It must be able to take foot traffic and it may not show signs of moisture films. Agents to protect against evaporation may not be applied before using INDUFLOOR-IB1050. Use suitable means to prepare the substrate dependant on its condition such as e.g. sweeping, vacuuming, brushing, planing, high pressure water jetting. The following minimum requirements for the substrate are to be fulfilled: Concrete quality: Screed quality: min. C 20/25 min. EN 13813 CT-C25-F4

Areas of application: INDUFLOOR-IB1050 is used for the durable hardening of cementitious areas e.g. in Production areas Storage areas Cool rooms Car parks Aircraft hangars Warehouses Food industry Technical data: Basis: Colours: Density: Application temperature: Minimum cure temperature:

lithium silicate transparent approx. 1.03 g/cm3 at +23 C min. +2 C, max. +50 C +5 C

Product preparation: INDUFLOOR-IB1050 is delivered ready for use. Method of application: INDUFLOOR-IB1050 is applied by spray techniques to the fresh concrete/screed. 1) Substrate preparation see above. 2) INDUFLOOR-IB1050 is applied evenly and until pores are filled in one process. Consumption: Smooth concrete: minimum 100 200 ml/m2 dependant on the porosity of the substrate. Concrete with Dryshake: min. 200 ml/m2 dependant on the porosity of the substrate. 3) Applied material is then evenly distributed with a fine bristled broom or rubber squeegee avoiding the formation of puddles. 4) Allow applied material to dry. Notes: After application the surface must look wet for approx. 15 to 20 minutes. Rapid drying (permeation) will require further material application. Excess material does not necessarily need to be removed as dried out material (normally after 1 2 hours) changes into a grey powder, which can be disposed off later by brushing or vacuuming. Material that has not penetrated after 20 minutes can be washed away with water and removed with a floor cleaning machine with vacuum attachment. The treated surface is ready for use after 1 to 2 hours. The final strength is achieved after 7 days and a further sheen effect forms over 30 to 90 days. In order to achieve an immediate sheen effect, use the following methods: (method 1 achieves the sheen effect faster). 1) Dry polishing: polish the surface in both directions with a floor grinding machine. Use 800 grit diamond abrasive pads or

2) Wet polishing: polish the surface in both directions using a little water and a floor grinding machine (175 300 rpm). Use 120 150 grit abrasive pads. Physiological behaviour and protective measures: Once cured INDUFLOOR-IB 1050 is harmless. Important advice: In high air temperatures it is important to pre-wet the substrate thoroughly with clean water. INDUFLOOR-IB1050 can be applied as soon as the substrate is matt damp and free from puddles. Do not use INDUFLOOR-IB1050 on frozen, contaminated or wet substrates. Small shade variations are unavoidable due to greatly varying porosities. Do not use acid based cleaning materials. A regular maintenance clean improves the surface sheen. Immediate sheen effects can only be achieved by polishing. Applications that are not clearly explained in this technical data sheet may only be carried out after consultation with and written confirmation from the Technical Services Department of INDUTEC GmbH.