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devotee asked me, Why do we offer prasad to God ? I explained her , When we cook food, we cook it not for our pleasure but for the pleasure of the Lord. In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that if we offer Him even a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, with love and devotion He eats it. When the Lord eats the food offered to Him, it becomes Prasadam a sacrament. Just as a person suffering with tuberculosis contaminates the food, which if shared with someone else and transfers the disease. The transcendental saliva of God now contaminates this food. And if you eat, it you get infected with Bhakti Love of God. The seeker immediately asked Why should God eat the food we offer to Him. Isnt he perfect and complete? Why does He need to eat any food? The master replied: God, who is perfect and complete, eats the food, and yet it remains in full for His devotee to consume. If your child takes money from your wallet, buys a chocolate that he wants, and then before gobbling it up, offers a piece to you with love and devotion- would you eat it (even if you hated sweets)? Of course you would! The master further continued, God does not need to eat anything or accept any offering, yet He does- overcome by the love and devotion that accompanies it. The result of eating this offering as Prasadam is a magical transformation of the individual into a Bhakta or Devotee. Everything that you eat, if offered to God, will infect you with Bhakti and enable you to eat your way into Gods heart. Isnt it a mouth watering story. Now, most of us would think we have found the answer to our question of why we must offer prasad to deities. However we easily miss a few very crucial points. 1. The dad would accept the chocolate being offered by the child, only cos it is his child. In any other instance it would be a case of theft and the fathers reaction would be different. Therefore, relationship is crucial when it comes to dealing with God. Do we like children , reflect the nature and essence of our God our parent ? Where did we get qualities like sin, evil, rebellion, hatred, lies, murder, wickedness etc.. why are we seeking moksha, let the wise discern..
Karma 2

2. God is holy and just, as much as He is love. If he has to be just, every sinner must be punished, even If it is his own son. So, would God just accept the prasadam offered to him? or Do we have to find a solution for our sins, before we carry the prasadam in our hands. 3.Even though the prasad is very tasty, and the emotion behind the act very genuine, would you eat the prasad if offered in a leprous, infected and bleeding hand? No, you would never, even if it is your sons hand. Therefore intent becomes very important than the content. No matter what ever is offered to God, if we carry a heart full of wickedness, hatred, evil and selfishness. God who is all knowing sees and understands it much before we try to camouflage with our tricks, size and smell of prasads. God is love and He loves us immensely, but we must also remember that He is just righteous and holy unlike anyone else. Therefore before we cook anything for Him, we must know His taste. Just like a mom who hates every germ in the house, including the germs on her sons hands and would want to destroy them at first sight. Gods Holy & Righteous character, hates sin and rebellion and must execute judgment as he is just. The problem of sin must be first resolved before we think of the Prasad. The forgiveness of our sins restores the relationship with God, which could then make our sacrifices and offerings acceptable. Else they would all remain unacceptable just like the good deeds of a murderer arent mentioned or considered as a reason for forgiveness in the court of law. While we all desire so deeply to immerse ourselves in the bhakti prema rasa ocean, and with the genunity of desirehunger for the cosmic saliva of God. To please God, we however need to find his taste and know him better, else we will be left salivating and fooling ourselves. After all isnt He God and we his creation! On the spiritual path those that are most inclined to lead a peaceful existence that respects the value of all life often adopts the vegetarian lifestyle. It is in accordance with the yogic principle of ahimsa, which is to observe nonviolence and abstain from injuring any being in any way. However, in the process of bhakti-yoga, devotion goes beyond simple vegetarianism, and food becomes a method of spiritual

progress. In the Krishna temples, food is offered to the Deities in a special sacrament, after which it becomes prasada or prasadam. This means the mercy of the Lord. Thus, the food we eat after it is offered to the Lord becomes a means for our purification and spiritual development. In the Bhagavad-gita Lord Krishna says, All that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and give away, as well as all austerities that you may perform, should be done as an offering unto Me. So offering what we eat to the Lord is an integral part of bhakti-yoga and makes the food blessed with spiritual potencies. Then such food is called prasadam, or the mercy of the Lord. The Lord also describes what He accepts as offerings: If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it. Thus, we can see that the Lord does not need anything, but if one offers fruits, grains, and vegetarian foods, He will accept it. The Lord does not accept foods like meat, fish or eggs, but only those that are pure and naturally available without harming others. So we offer what Krishna likes, not those items which are distasteful to Him. We also do not use garlic, onions, or mushrooms when we prepare food for Krishna. The Lord is fully satisfied in Himself. He is the creator of all so everything is already His. He supplies us with food through nature, but we give thanks to Him by offering it back in a mood of loving devotion. So if His devotee offers something with love, out of His causeless mercy Krishna accepts it. The Lord is never hungry for our food, but for the love and devotion we offer. And then He reciprocates with that love. So on the spiritual path eating food that is first offered to God is the ultimate perfection of a vegetarian diet. The Vedic literature explains that the purpose of human life is reawakening the souls original relationship with God, and accepting prasadam is the way to help us reach that goal. Prasadam is food that has first been offered to God. Meaning the Lords mercy, prasadam is prepared specifically for God and offered to His deity, and is thus considered sacred. The tongue is very difficult to satisfy since it is always craving different kinds of foods. Due to this desire, we end up eating things that we shouldnt. In acquiring such food, we go to great lengths such as killing innocent animals. We become bound up in the material world through our eating and thus have to suffer the results through the laws of karma. Prasadam is considered karma-free food since it is sanctified by God. Prasadam is prepared and offered to satisfy God and not to satisfy our senses. We purify ourselves by remembering that God supplies us everything and that we should aim to please Him instead of ourselves. In preparing and eating prasadam, we thank God for everything He has done for us

and we pray that we will always remember Him. In the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna: If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it. When we prepare and offer food specifically for God, He eats the food but through His mercy he leaves the remnants for us. The ingredients are selected with great care and must be fresh, clean and pure vegetarian. Also, in cooking for Krishna we do not taste the preparations while cooking. We leave the first taste for Krishna when it is offered. After all the preparations are ready, we take a portion of each one and place it in bowls on a special plate and take it to the altar to offer it to the Deities or pictures of Krishna. Then the preparations are presented with special prayers as we ask that God accept our humble offering. The Lord accepts it with the most important part being the love with which it is offered. God does not need to eat, but it is our love for God which attracts Him to us and to accept our offering. Even if the most sumptuous banquet is offered to God but without devotion and love, Krishna will not be hungry to accept it. It is our love which catches the attention of Lord Krishna who is then inclined to accept our service. After He glances over and tastes that loving offering of vegetarian preparations, He leaves the remnants for us to honor and relish. Krishnas potency is absorbed in that food. In this way material substance becomes spiritualized, which then affects our body and mind in a similar way. This is His special mercy for us. Thus, the devotional process becomes an exchange of love between us and God, which includes food. And that food not only nourishes our body, but also purifies our consciousness. By relishing the sacred food of Krishna prasadam, it purifies our heart and protects us from falling into illusion. In this way, the devotee imbibes the spiritual potency of Lord Krishna and becomes cleansed of sinful reactions by eating food that is first offered in sacrifice to God. We thus also become free from reincarnation, the continued cycle of life and death. This process prepares us for entering the spiritual world since the devotees there also relish eating in the company of Krishna. Not only do we make advancement, but also all of the plants that are used in the preparations as an offering to God are also purified and reap spiritual benefit. However, we become implicated in karma if we cause the harm of any living being, even plants, if we use them for food without offering them to God. Thus prasadam also becomes the perfect yoga diet. Therefore, the cooking, the offering and then the respectful eating or honoring of this spiritualized food all become a part


Preparation of Sundal/Requirements 1. Channa (or chick pea or green gram or Bengal gram or any dal you wish) - 1 cup 2. Onion 1:3. Dry chili 3:4. Mustard - 1 tsp:5. Curry leaves - 1 hand full 6. Salt and oil as per need.:7. Grated coconut - 1/2 cup Method 1. Soak the Channa (or whatever dal you selected) in water for at least 4 hours.:2. Put the dal in a pressure cooker and cook for 1 or 2 whistles.:3. Drain excess water and take the dal and keep it aside.:4. Place a pan in the stove.:5. Pour little oil.:6. Add the mustard and let it spurt.:7. Then add the red chili and fry.:8. Add the onion and curry leaves and fry till onion turns translucent.:9. Now add the dal (cooked and drained) to this and mix well.: 10. Add salt and grated coconut. Mix well and put of the fire:11. Serve hot. But there are few things to be noted when you are making as a prasadam. In Hindu Purana, adding salt is considered as a sin (in the sense, that salt will kindle your taste bud, giving importance to your tongue than to GOD) and so, generally people offer prasadam to GOD without adding salt. But in this modern era, people who attends the Puja and bajans may not like to eat a food without salt. So, to avoid the hassle, generally you may take a plate full of prasadam separately without adding salt, immediately after preparing and keep that plate before GOD as offering. Rest of the sundal she will add salt, that is used to distributed to all those who come to home for the function. The unsalted prasadam will be distributed to all the family members and those who like to have it. Similarly, onion is believed to induce sexual feeling and there by it is always avoided in prasadam preparations. But few people use onion. So, you can use or leave depending upon your level of beliefs. Dal is rich in protein. So, in general, this sundal can be made at any time, and not only for prasadam. It is too good for growing kids to get protein. To avoid losing the protein content, it is good to cook the sundal in exact water and no much water to drain. Also, if you wash the dal nicely before soaking, then you can use the same water used to soak the Dal for cooking also and there by not losing any nutritional values.

of the joyful process of devotional service to the Lord. Anyone can learn to do this and enjoy the happiness of experiencing prasadam. The Sunday love feast in the Hare Krishna temples is the opportunity in which everyone can participate in this opulence of Lord Krishna. So we invite you to attend as often as you like and make spiritual advancement simply by relishing Gods prasadam. Due to its auspicious nature, prasadam should be distributed to as many people as possible. This sanctified food ignites a spiritual spark in the soul which will eventually reawakens ones dormant love for God. Vedic literature references many historical incidents where people have had the good fortune of partaking of prasadam, sometimes even by accident, and have had their lives made perfect as a result. It is believed that anyone who regularly partakes of it, will at the very least return as a human being in their next life. Different Prasadams to God and How to make it?

Annam Payasam or Paramannam

(Food Of The Gods) Its a sweet dish which is prepared as an offering to God in almost every home in Andhra on most special occasions and festivals. According to Hindu tradition & spiritual customs,
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by offering Naivedyam to God in the form of sweets like chakripongal, payasam, paramannam and fruits the devotees acknowledge the good things that come from God. After God partakes of the offering the naivedyam becomes prasadam. Prasadam is consumed after performing puja or worship and consuming the delicious prasadam symbolizes the bliss of self-realization. Paramannam can be served hot or cold as a dessert and is prepared with rice, milk and sugar or jaggery and garnished with raisins and cashewnuts. We prepared Paramannam as Prasadam(offering to God) this morning on the occassion of Bhogi,the first day of Sankranti Festival and this is the recipe as prepared by Amma. Ingredients 1/2 cup raw rice washed and drained:1/2 cup sugar or grated jaggery 1 lt milk:pinch of salt:1/4 tsp ground green cardamom:fried cashew nuts and raisins for garnish:1 tbsp ghee(clarified butter)for frying cashew nuts and raisins Wash and soak rice in water for about fifteen minutes. Heat a pan and bring milk to a boil. Lower heat and add the rice to the milk. Cook until the rice is soft and the mixture looks thick. Remove from heat and cool. Add the sugar and mix well and keep stirring till it mixes well. Heat ghee in a skillet and add cashew nuts. Fry for 1-2 mts till the cashew nuts turn light brown. Add raisins and stir for a few seconds. Add this along with the remaining ghee to the cooked rice. Add cardamom powder and a pinch of salt and mix well. Turn off heat and keep covered for 5 minutes. Serve hot or cold. Note: If you are using jaggery in place of sugar you must follow this method. Heat a small pan and boil 1/2 cup water and add grated jaggery.On slow fire let the jaggery cook till it melts and is sticky (if you touch a drop of the jaggery between the thumb and fore finger it should feel sticky).Dont let it heat too much, it should basically meltapprox 4-5 mts. Remove from heat and keep aside. Let it cool for 3-4 minutes and then add to the cooled cooked rice otherwise the milk might split. Masala Vadas are popular South Indian deep fried crisp lentil dumplings prepared with channa dal(bengal gram lentil),onions and Indian spices. The outer crust is crisp, tastes great and is generally eaten as a snack.It can be eaten as it is or served with green chutney or coriander chutney. Paramannam,Masala Vada with masala chai .our festive breakfast menu for Bhogi after offering prayers .

Masala Vada
Ingredients: 1 cup soaked and drained channa dal(split bengal gram):1 tsp raw rice:1/2 tsp cumin seeds:4-5 flakes garlic:1 ginger chopped:5-6 curry leaves:4 green chillis:1 large chopped onion:1-2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander leaves:pinch of garam masala (optional) 1 tsp chopped mint leaves (optional):salt :oil for frying Soak channa dal and rice in water for 2 hours.Drain.Keep aside a fistful of drained channa dal and grind the rest of the channa dal and rice,green chillis,cumin seeds,ginger and garlic coarsely.To this coarse mixture, add chopped onions, curry leaves, coriander leaves,salt and garam masala and mix well.Add the remaining channa dal and mix well. Make small lemon-sized balls and pat it lightly on your palm or on butter paper and slide into hot oil and deep fry until golden brown.

-Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar he following article would be greatly useful, if you had your children born in a foreign country (not India) I have written the following information especially for our Indian Kids who has born in USA and or raised here. I have personally given thousands of lectures and satsangs in the mandirs, Televisions etc about numerous subjects about our Vedas and have thought that, giving the following some basic basic information to our children would be highly useful. If you have kid born or you are rising your Kids in USA then, make sure you teach the following to your children. Also you and your children are welcome to call me at any time for any kinds of spiritual help Who is the founder of Hinduism? Hinduism has no founder, it developed out of Brahminism. Hinduism is the oldest religion; it may date to prehistoric times. What is the symbol of Hinduism? Aum is the main symbol of Hinduism. It is the sound heard in deepest meditation and is said to be the name most suited for God. Where does the name Hindu come from? The word Hindu comes from the name of the river Indus, which flows 1800 miles from Tibet through Kashmir and Pakistan to the sea. How is Hinduism different from other faiths? Hinduism has no founder, single teacher nor any prophets. Hinduism is not a Single Religion. Hinduism is the practices of a variety of different religious groups which come out of India. What do Hindus believe? For many Hindus, religion is a matter of practice rather than of beliefs. Its more what you do, than what you believe. Hindus believe in a universal soul or God called Brahman. Brahman takes on many forms that some Hindus worship as gods or goddesses in their own right. Hindus believe that there is a part of Brahman in everyone and this is called the Atman. Hindus believe in reincarnation - a belief that the soul is eternal and lives many lifetimes, in one body after another. The soul is sometimes born in a human body, sometimes in an animal body and sometimes in a plant body etc.. Hindus believe that all forms of life contain a soul, and all souls have the chance to
Karma 6

experience life in different forms. Samsara means going through the cycle of repeated births and deaths (reincarnation). Hindus believe that existence of this cycle is governed by Karma. What is Karma? Hindus believe that the soul passes through a cycle of successive lives and its next incarnation is always dependent on how the previous life was lived. (Similar to Buddhist beliefs) Karma is the cause of our particular destiny. Misfortunes in our present life are the result of acts that we have committed in the past. In the same way, our actions in our present lives will determine our fate in the lives that follow. Hindus therefore aim to live in a way that will cause each of their lives to be better than the life before. What is Moksha? The spiritual goal of a Hindu is to become one with Brahma. This freedom is referred to as moksha. Until moksha is achieved, a Hindu believes that he/she will be repeatedly reincarnated in order that he/she may work towards self-realization of the truth (the truth being that only Brahman exists, nothing else). What is the Hindu way of life? For many Hindus there are four goals in human life (purusharthas); 1 Moksha - the release of the soul (Atman) from the cycle of rebirth. The individual soul (Atman) unites with Brahman the universal soul. There are different ways to Moksha.

Spiritual - involves acquiring spiritual knowledge through yoga and meditation. devotion to god working selflessly for the good of society. How a person is reincarnated is determined by karma. 2 Dharma - the code for leading ones life. Respect for elders is considered important and many consider marriage as a sons religious duty. 3 Artha - the pursuit of material gain by lawful means. 4 Karma- through pure acts, knowledge and devotion, you can reincarnate to a higher level. The opposite achieves the contrary result. How do Hindus achieve Moksha? There are four different paths to achieve Moksha which a Hindu can take. The Hindu can choose one or all four of the paths they are: 1 The path of knowledge - Jnana-Yoga Spiritual knowledge -leading to the knowledge of the relationship between the soul (atman) and God (Brahman) 2 The path of meditation - Dhyana-yoga The idea is to concentrate so you can reach the real self within you and become one with Brahman 3 The Path of Devotion - Bhakti-yoga Choosing a particular god or goddess and worshipping them throughout your life in actions, words and deeds. 4 The path of good works - Karma-yoga This involves doing all your duties correctly throughout your life. Why are there so many Hindu Gods? Hindus actually only believe in one God, Brahman, the eternal origin who is the cause and foundation of all existence. The gods of the Hindu faith represent different forms of Brahman. These gods are sent to help people find the universal God (Brahman). Most Hindus have a personal god or goddess such as Shiva, Krishna or Lakshmi to whom they pray regularly. The three most important Hindu gods (forms of Brahman) are: Brahma - known as the Creator. Vishnu - Known as the Preserver Shiva (Siva)- known as the Destroyer. Other Hindu gods include: Saraswathi - Goddess of Wisdom - Wife of Lord Brahma. (Description)

Saraswathi is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music and all the creative arts. Lakshmi - Goddess of Wealth - Wife of Lord Vishnu Lakshmi is the goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth. Parvati - regarded as a representation of Shakti. Parvati is the wife of Lord Shiva and the Godess of household and motherhood. (Shakti is by literal definition sacred force, power, or energy. Shakti is the personnification of Brahman as feminine) Ganesha - Son of Shiva and Parvati. The Hindu god in a human form but with the head of an elephant.(pictured right) What is the Hindu place of Worship? Most Hindus worship (puja) every day at home and have a shrine there. A shrine can be anything from a room, a small altar or simply pictures or statues. Family members often worship together. At the shrine, Hindus make offerings to a murti. A murti is a sacred statue of God, or a god or goddess. The Hindu building for communal worship is called Mandir (Hindu Temple). The temples are dedicated to different gods and are the focus of religious life. Outside India, people mainly gather at the mandir at the weekend. Worshippers repeat the names of their favorite gods, goddesses, and the mantras. Water, fruit, flowers and incense are offered to the gods. What is Hinduisms Holy book? The most ancient sacred texts of the Hindu religion are written in Sanskrit and called the Vedas.

Hinduism does not just have one sacred book but several scriptures. The Vedas scriptures guide Hindus in their daily life. They also help to preserve the religious dimensions of family and society. Hindus have developed their system of worship and beliefs from the scriptures. There are two main categories of the Hindu scriptures: Shruti (that which is heard) consists of the four Vedas and Upanishads scriptures. Smriti (that which is remembered) composed of traditional texts, including the Dharma Shastras (legal and ethical texts), the Puranas, and the folk/historical legends known as the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The Hindu Holy Scriptures are mainly comprised of the following works written in the Sanskrit language: 1. The Vedas Rg-Veda (Rigveda), Yajur-Veda, Sama-Veda, Atharva-Veda (see further down ) 2. The Upanisads - These consider the nature of the individual soul (Atman) and the universal soul (Brahman.) One of the Upanishads contains the earliest reference to the reincarnation of the soul in different bodies (transmigration) of the soul. 3. The Smrutis - (tradition) are the Laws of Manu (250 BC) 4. Ramayana - Contains the story of Rama and his devoted wife Sita. She is kidnapped by the demon king Ravana but is later freed by Rama with the help of the monkey god Hanuman. The poem is about how good will always triumph over evil and Rama and Sita are held up as role models for the perfect husband and wife. 5. Mahabharata - An epic poem telling the story of a war between two branches of a family. The Bhagavad-Gita forms part of this and means The Song of God. 6. The Puranas - A collection of ancient tales about the different incarnations and the lives of saints.

What are the Vedas? The Vedas are the oldest religious texts in Hinduism. The word Veda means knowledge. It is believed that the Vedas were orally revealed by Brahma to certain sages, who heard them and passed them down in an oral tradition. They were not written down; in fact this was prohibited. Because of this earliest oral tradition continuing even now when the Vedas are available in the written form, the Vedas are still known to be Sruti or shruti - that which is heard . The Vedas are mainly comprised of of hymns or mantras written in the Sanskrit language. They cover various subjects, from nature to everyday life and behaviour, and form the basis of all other religious writings. The books are so special that they are often kept in glass cases. The four Vedas are: Rg-Veda (Rigveda) - The oldest and holiest Veda. Yajur-Veda Sama-Veda Atharva-Veda ( INTERESTINGLY I AM THE ONLY HINDU WHO KNOWS AND PRATICES THIS ATHARVA VEDA IN THE ENTIRE NATION AND WESTERN COUNTRIES) Each Veda is divided into four sections: The Samhitas - The oldest portion - Contains the mantras and hymns The Brahmanas - The ritualistic teachings - They are written in prose and explain the hymns. The Aranyakas - The meditational section The Upanishads - The mystic and philosophical. They consider the nature of the individual soul (Atman) and the universal soul (Brahman.) One of the Upanishads contains the earliest reference to the reincarnation of the soul in different bodies (transmigration) of the soul. The Vedas are the law. Most beliefs, concepts, and ceremonies are based on information contained in the Vedas. What are the practices of Hindus? The practice of Hinduism consists of rites and ceremonies centering on birth, marriage, and death. There are three basic practices: 1 Worship (called Puja) This is an integral part of the faith. Offerings (puja) are usually made to representations of the gods. 2 Cremation The dead are burnt not buried 3 Compliance with the rules of the caste system The caste system, prescribed in the vedas, was a division of society to preserve society similar to the society in ancient Egyptian times. Each group had rules of conduct to be obeyed.

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The caste system divided people by occupation i.e. teachers and philosophers were brahmins; fighters were kshatriya; shopkeepers, moneylenders and trades people were vaishya; and servants and cleaners were shudra. No caste was higher or more important (superior) to another. All were equal and acknowledged as essential to the society. With thanks to Nirmisha Bhatt and Smruti Desai for providing us with information about the caste system Is pilgrimage an important aspect of Hindusim? Yes, pilgrimage is important to Hindus. What are the popular pilgrimage places? Popular pilgrimage places are rivers, temples, mountains, and other sacred sites in India. As these are sites where the gods may have appeared or become manifest in the world. Shivagama Tantra Yoga The tantric scriptures of shaivism are the shivAgamas. These along with the vedas are considered the holy scriptures of the religion. Both vedas and Agamas are blessed to us by the God shiva Itself, through the divines and sages. Like the word veda indicate knowledge the root gam in the word Agama indicate the dynamism. (Agama is interpreted as the one that arrived from God). As the name indicate Agamas are the dynamism of the supreme knowledge. It is the implementation or recipe for attaining the Supreme Truth. If vedas are the science, Agamas are the engineering. What does Agama tantras have ? Agamas elucidate four glorious parts/paths called padas. They are Charya, kriya, yoga, Gyana There are 28 shivagamas. All of them have these four parts. The order and the name change. (For e.g. in some of the Agamas it could be called vidya pAda etc.) These four are the worship procedures prescribed for the devotees.

caryapada details the prayashcitta vidhi (atonement), pavitra vidhi (purification), shivalinga lakshaNam (qualification/ characteristics of shivalinga), japamala, yogapatta lakshaNam (characteristics of japamAla-rosary and yogapattam-used in yogic posture). kriyapada explains mantra uddaranam (elevation with mantras), sandhyAvandhanam (twilight salutation), puja, japa, homas (worship, chanting, rites), samaya vishesha nirvana acaryabhiSheka (initiations into the spiritual stages). yogapada tells about the thirty six tattvas, tattveshvara, yama niyama Asana samadi procedures. Gyana pada elucidates the characteristics of pati, pashu, pasha. vedagama Agamas, like vedas are the sources of almost all the philosophical doctrines and the religious life of Hinduism in general and shaivism in specific. It enunciates the nature of the Supreme as well as the way to get to It. Agamas advocate the practical aspects (implementation aspects) of religious life and regulations that would make the worship streamlined to produce the ultimate benefit. So these have quite good elaboration of the rituals. These glorious rituals could be the public worship performed at temples or the personal ones performed at the residence. The rules of Agamas can be followed by any person without bothering about caste, color, creed or sex. The core philosophy the Agama tantras explain are about the three things pati, pashu, pasha . Some of the Agamas appear to put forth non-dualistic and some others the concept of more than one real thing. vedas are called nigama and along with Agama, they are regarded as shR^iti. vedas are full of mantras and so are in the form of aphorisms, but the Agamas are in the form of discussion and so are available in the simple verse structure. Both vedas and Agamas were revealed to the world by the riShis from their spiritual vision. Agama tantra source and verses The Agamas originated from the Supreme shivas five faces, namely sadyojAta, vAmadeva, aghora, tatpurusha, Ishana. There are two classifications of agamas. They are shivAgamAs and rudrAgamas depending upon who the first propogator of the corresponding Agama were (shivas or rudras). There are 10 shivAgamas and 18 rudrAgamas. These Agamas form the basis of the worship of Lord shiva. These Agamas also have upagamas - the supporting agama tantra texts. These are 204 in count for the 28 agamas. Some of the agamas are said to be having trillions of verses. For example kAmika, sukshma and sahasra agamas. Lots of these texts have been lost out in the history. Many of the agamas available today are not having all the parts in full. Some of the agamas have only some of the padas available.

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Significance of this form This is one of the very important form of God, Hindus worship. This is a much-hailed form in scriptures of various languages. Hindus do not say that the God is only male. God is male - female and neuter too ! Since God is conceptually beyond sex, though gets referred as He/She many times, it is more appropriate to refer as It, especially at Its intrinsic condition, as do many hindu scriptures. Philosophically, this form is quite associated with the Grace of God. shiva and shakti are one and the same Supreme. The formless God is called parashiva. On Its own free-will for the benefit of pashus (souls), which are drowned in pAsha (bondage), It thinks to create the worlds. Its dynamism of creation thus springs out of It, which is called shakti. Now shiva and Its power shakti create everything. This is the form of their togetherness that springs out of Lord shiva. Because of this the form is associated with the grace of God. shiva and shakti though the same may also act independently. They are associated like the person and the action of the person. They are one and the same like the ice and the water - one becomes the other. For this reason scriptures describe that shakti to shiva is a wife (they are together), mother (shakti becomes shiva - so shiva comes out of shakti) and daughter (shiva become shakti). Poet kAlidAsa hails them as inseparable like the word and its meaning, the letter and pronunciation!!

n the form of male and female, matted hair with moon, axe, smeared in red (aruNa), wearing snakes and the skin of tiger, embracing the bull and with a bent leg, this the right half, and the left black in color, hand holding a (lily) flower close to the chest, with a silk like lotus foot, wearing gold ornaments, salutations to the Half female God. Purana of the deity Ardhanari Ishvarar : half female God (bhoga murti) Sage bRingi is one of the ardent devotees of Lord shiva. He used to worship only Lord shiva and not shakti. Goddess shakti, being the power as the name indicate, pulled out the energy from bRingi mahaRishis body. Now he was even unable to stand. He pleaded to God. God shiva provided him with a stick. On its support he stood and still worshipped Lord shiva alone. Goddess shakti wanted to become an inseparable part of Lord shivas form. She oberved the kEdhAra mahA vrata (1) austerity, which is now known as deepAvaLi. Pleased with her austerity, Lord shiva granted her the boon of being part of His form. So the Lord now appeared male on the right side and female on the left side and hence became ardhanArIshvara.

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Once there were two sages (rishis) who lived in a hermitage located in a forest. They spent most of their time worshipping Vayu, the wind god. One afternoon, as the sages were beginning their meal, a


The celebrations of Dashera and Diwali, are one of the most important festivities in India. Dashera is the day when Ravana, the ten-headed demon king, was slain by Rama; Diwali marks Ramas victorious return to Ayodhya. This festive period also marks the time of offering respect to our ancestors and worshipping various forms of the goddess Parvati and Durga. These forms include Sarswati, Ambika, Kali and Lakshmi which are worshipped in different parts of India. In fact, Rama worshipped Durga, three days before slaying Ravana. Lakshmi is worshipped five days after Dashera and Kali is worshipped one month later on the day of Diwali. In some parts of India, Parvati and Saraswati are worshipped in the place of Kali. Mahalakshmi is worshipped by the business communities before Diwali, called Dhanteras. These Goddesses, and many others, are the manifestations of the same female power. A funny story associated with Dashera and Diwali is presented here. Once there was a poor old man who lived with his wife in a small hut in a village of Rajasthan. The old man lost his job because of his age. He was too proud to beg and so he and his wife began to starve. Ultimately he decided to go to the Parvati temple two days before the Dashera. It took all day to get there and when he reached the temple the door was closing. Hungry and tired the old man sat down on the door steps of the temple and fell asleep. Goddess Parvati felt uncomfortable inside the temple and asked her attendants to get the old man. Very soon the old man was brought in and he was surprised to see the living Parvati. He thought he was dreaming. He fell down on Goddess Parvatis feet and with tears in his eyes he narrated the miseries he was going through. Goddess Parvati took pity and gave him a magic bowl. The Goddess said, Take this bowl with you. Whenever you are hungry ask the bowl to give you whatever food you want and as much as you want. The old man returned home happily with his bowl. The wife was very happy to know that their bad days are over by the grace of Goddess Parvati. The old man always wanted to share his food with the king and others. So he decided to invite them for a dinner on the day of Diwali. But when he approached the palace the guard stopped the old man. He explained that he wanted to invite the king to his hut for dinner. The guard approached the King and sought his permission. The courtiers laughed and were looking forward to the fun. The old man requested the king and the queen and the courtiers to have dinner with him on the evening of Diwali. The king and his ministers laughed in amusement. The chief minister cautioned, If we come back hungry, you will be hanged for playing jokes with His Majesty. The old man agreed. As the day approached the king was impatient to know what was going on. So he sent his attendant to find out what the old man was up to. The attendant came back and informed him that no preparations were on hand. The old man was not the least worried about the royal visit except that he put up a tent big enough to hold the royal party. The king arrived with the queen and courtiers. At dinner time, the old man came with his magic bowl and asked the king to wish for any food he wants. The king thought that the old man was joking and ordered some of the most exotic foods in the world. Much to his disbelief, before he could finish, the food was served. Thus the old man, with the help of his magic bowl, served food to the queen and

Brahmachari (an unmarried monk) beggar arrived holding his begging bowl. The Brahmachari pleaded to the sages, Pardon me respectful sages, could I beg for a part of your excess meal? Sorry young man, we cannot spare you any food, sourly replied one of the sages. The persistent young monk continued, May I ask you most humbly, which Deva (God) do you worship? We worship Vayu, the wind god answered the sage with pride. He is also know as Prana, the breath of life. Ah! Then you must know that Prana pervades the whole universe said the young Brahmachari. The sages were getting impatient, Yes, yes, we know all that young man. The beggar than asked firmly, Oh honorable sages, could you tell me to whom did you make this food-offering? Prana, the life, who else? said the irritated sage. The young monk smiled and retorted, If life pervades the universe, it pervades me too. Am I not a part of that universe? Yes, thats right replied the sage, in a puzzled state of mind. It is Prana, or life, that pulsates in me, as this hungry body of mine stands before you and speaks, appealed the beggar. The sages were trapped in the argument and admitted, You speak the truth. The beggar then made his final appeal, Then Oh revered rishis (sages), in denying me food, you are denying Prana for whom you have prepared the food. The rishis had no answer. They realized that merely the reading of scriptures can not assure them of their assimilation and true understanding. Ashamed at their ignorance, the sages gladly shared their food with the young Brahmachari.

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the courtiers. The wicked chief minister asked the king to take away such a valuable magic bowl for the treasury. The old man tried to explain that he would starve without the bowl but no one listened. He lost the bowl. Unfortunately, the bowl did not work for any one but the proud chief minister refused to return the bowl to the old man. Soon the couples were starving again. They some how managed to survive for a year until Dashera came again. The old man decided to go back to the temple seeking Parvatis blessings. He reached the temple in the middle of the night and started his prayers. Once again Goddess Parvati called him in and inquired what happened. When the old man explained, the Goddess decided to teach the king a lesson. This time she gave the old man a stick and asked him to go home and use the stick the same way as the magic bowl to get his food. But she asked the old man to invite the king again for a dinner on the day of Diwali. Goddess Parvati further explained that the stick would beat everyone until the bowl was returned to him. The old man did as he was told. The king readily believed him this time and agreed to come with the queen and courtiers. The old man came with the stick. When the orders were placed, the stick began to beat the king, the queen and the ministers. No one could stop the stick so they begged the old man to rescue them. The old man explained, The stick wants its partner, the magic bowl, until then it will keep on beating you. The minister ran to the treasury to fetch the bowl. The bowl was then placed in the hands of the old man and the stick stopped. Soon dinner was served and the king once again enjoyed the worlds best food. The king then built a special house for the old man where he lived happily with his wife.

months later she gave birth to a boy who was deformed at eight joints and so named Ashtavakra. He got his education from his grandfather Uddalaka. Ashtavakra was extremely intelligent and his grandfather loved him dearly and was very proud of him. When Ashtavakra was only twelve, he finished all that he needed to know from his grandfather. He also heard the fate of his father and the Yagna of king Janak which still remained unfinished as no one could defeat Bandhi. One night Ashtavakra ran away from the hermitage and came to king Janak. Looking to his deformed body, the guards were amused. Ashtavakra retorted, Do not judge a person by his appearance and age, judge him by what he knows. Inform your king that there is a person ready to challenge Bandhi. The king came and was surprised to see a small deformed boy. He asked a few questions and was greatly impressed by his knowledge. King Janak soon arranged for the debate with Bandhi. When the spectators laughed on seeing the deformed Ashtavakra, Ashtavakra said with anger, I did not know that the so called learned gathering is no better than a bunch of cobblers who judge a person by the skin and not by the knowledge he has. To everyones surprise Ashtavakara defeated Bandhi in no time. With vengeance he then requested the king to drown his fathers killer. Bandhi then disclosed his identity. He said, I am the son of Varuna, the god of water. I came to earth on the request of my father to get the best sages from here to perform his twelve years of Yagna. The only way I could get them to my father was to challenge them in a debate and throw them into water. Now that my father has completed the Yagna, let us go to the river band and watch the sages walk out of the river. People rushed to the river bank and watched the sages return from the river. Kahoda came and embraced his learned son Ashtavakra. He then openly admitted that his son Ashtavakra was a lot more intelligent than he. Bandhi then asked Ashtavakra to take a dip in the river, with the blessings of his father, Varuna, which would make him normal. Ashtavakra did as he was told and came out of the river as a handsome young man. Janak rewarded Ashtavakra and Kahoda. They went back to their hermitage to be united with the family. Uddalaka, was so happy to see his worthy grandson surpassing in knowledge to all the great sages of his time. Sujata rejoiced at seeing her handsome son and the husband.

The story of Ashtavakra is taken from the great ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata. It is the story of a deformed young boy whose intelligence surpassed many old sages of his time. Sage Uddalaka ran a school (Ashram) teaching Vedic knowledge. Kahoda was one of his best disciples. Uddalaka was so pleased with him that he got his daughter Sujata married to him. Sujata, eventually got pregnant and wanted her child to surpass all the sages of his time. So, she began to sit in the classes taught by Uddalaka and Kahoda, listening to their chanting with the unborn baby. It was one day, in a class taught by Kahoda, the unborn baby spoke up from inside the womb, This is not the way to chant the verse, father. Kahoda felt insulted in front of the class and cursed, You will be born deformed. Sujata did not take the instance too seriously and was ambitious. She wanted more money to raise her child the best. So she asked her husband to go to king Janak who was then preparing for a fire worship ceremony (Yagna) hoping that the ceremony will bring money to the family. When Kahoda approached Janak, the king received him respectfully but said with regret Kahoda, I am unable to perform the Yagna which I decided to perform several years back. Sage, Bandhi arrived from no where and asked me to start the Yagna only after he is defeated in an academic discussion with the sages participating in the Yagna. His condition further includes that the sages who come forth for the debate, if defeated, will be drowned. So far he has killed many learned sages. Now it is up to you to take the challenge. Kahoda agreed to debate with Bandhi. He was defeated and drowned in the nearby river. The widowed Sujata heard the news and repented her actions. A few

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emples are the connecting points of high importance in our religion and culture. The absolute necessity of the temple worship is stressed throughout by the great saints of the religion. It is not very difficult to realize the important role they play in cultivating the spiritualism in people. It is the place for collective worship. Given these significant roles of the temples it is required to have some discipline to be followed in the temples for having the real expected out of the worship. Here are a few one can follow to set that harmony. Most of these are in general applicable to all Hindu temples though a few are specific to shaivite temples. Going to the temple with a clean body. Legs and hands shall be cleaned at entering the temple. Going to the temple adorned with holy symbols like the Holy Ash, rudraxam. Taking something to offer to the Lord. It is an offering out of devotion. It would be nice if the offering is the one required in the worship. Not to enter the temple with foot wear. Prostrating in front of the flag column (dwajastambham) (towards the North) on entering the temple. Not to prostrate anywhere else in the temple. Not to prostrate to anybody else in the temple premises. Taking the permission of nandi devar mentally before entering His abode. Saluting the elephant headed Lord enter the Lords abode. In Lord shivas abode, engage the mind in the thinking of the God. Avoid any gossip. Temple is not the place for gossiping. Can sing or chant His names loudly and sweetly if it would not disturb others. Otherwise it could be done internally without making noise.

The Holy ash given as the blessings should be worn saying shivAya namaH. It should not be spilled on the ground or wasted. It is normally a procedure to offer something to the priest whose whole life should be in the service of the Lord. Circumambulating the Lord saluting the Goddess and the deities in the temple. The circumambulation would be done at least for three times. On special occasions like pradoshham the are special circumambulation methods like soma sUkta pradhaxiNam are followed. While in the temple either the Holy five letters or any praise could be chanted. Before coming out of the temple go to the place of chaNdEshwarar and take permission for the materials which after worship are taken out of the temple as blessings. One must not take anything out in excess and things taken from the temple should be only as the mark of blessings. If nothing is taken it is the normal practice to wipe (rub) the hands together in his place. Should do something in the promotion of the temple physically or materially or whichever is convenient and required. On coming out of the temple, again prostrate in front of the flag column towards the north. Sit facing the north and meditate on the God chanting the Holy five letters. While inside the temple should not make the place dirty in any way or make any noise. Going to the temple at least once in a week with the family. The mind should be focussed on the Lord like the dust of iron that stick to the magnet. A worship with such an orientation would have very good effect in us by the grace of the Almighty.

Santhis leave the Sanctum Sanctorum one by one. As the song ends, only the Mel Santhi is inside the Sreekoil. He extinguishes the lamps one by one and closes the doors for the night after the last lamp is extinguished

Harivarasanam Viswamohanam Haridadhiswaram Aaradhyapadhukam Arivimardhanam Nithyanarthanam Hariharatmajam Devamashreye Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranakirtanam Bakhtamanasam Bharanalolupam Narthanalasam Arunabhasuram Bhoothanayakam Hariharatmajam Devamashreye Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Pranayasathyakam Praananayakam Pranathakalpakam Suprabhanjitham Pranavamanidram Keerthanapriyam Hariharatmajam Devamashreye Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Thuragavahanam Sundarananam Varagadhayudham Vedavavarnitham Gurukrupakaram Keerthanapriyam Hariharatmajam Devamashreye Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa

- His Holiness Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Lord Iyyappan is a famous God in the South India with Millions of Followers: Harivarasanam is the creation of Kumbakudi Kulathur Iyer. In 1955, Swami Vimochananad recited this Ashtakam for the first time at Sabarimala. Sannidhanam, in early 1940s, 50s and 60s , was just wild jungle which few pilgrims visited. It is understood that a VR Gopala Menon of Alapuzha used to stay on at Sannidhanam even when the temple was closed. He built a shack and stayed there even when no human being was anywhere nearwhere nearby during those days when the temple was closed. It was said that the wild animals never troubled him and that he used to feed the wildest of animals. Some years later, when Devaswom Board was formed, the Web Master understands, he was asked to move out. He died as an orphan of the world at a tea estate at Vandiperiyar. He was the only companion to Thirumeni Eashwaran Nampoothiri (an old Mel Santhi of Sannidhanam) in those wild old days of solitude and dedication. Revered Menon used to recite `Harivarasanam with all devotion. It was with immense grief that Thirumeni Eashwaran Nampoothiri heard about the demise of Revered Menon. At that end of the pooja that day, when he was about to close the doors of the Sanctum Sanctorum, he remembered Revered Menon and recited Harivarasanam starting a nostalgic tradition that remains unbroken to this day. Harivarasanam is recited just prior to closing of the temple doors at night.As the final verses are being sung, all the assistant Karma 16

Karma 17

Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Tribuvanarchitam Devathathmakam Trinayanam Prabhum Divyadeshikam Tridashapoojitham Chinthithapradam Hariharatmajam Devamashreye Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Bhavabhayapaham Bhavukavaham Bhuvanamohanam Bhoothibhooshanam Dhavalavahanam Divyavaranam Hariharatmajam Devamashreye Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Kalamrudusmitham Sundarananam Kalabhakomalam Gathramohanam Kalabhakesari Vajivahanam Hariharatmajam Devamashreye Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Srithajanapriyam Chinthithapradam Sruthivibhushanam Sadhujeevanam Sruthimanoharam Geethalalasam Hariharatmajam Devamashreye Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa

universe; the Lord who is the very essence of Lord Vishnus Grace; the Lord whose holy feet are worshipful; the Lord who destroys the inimical mental trends and forces that affect the devotees; the Lord who engages in the eternal cosmic dance that creates and dissolves the universe -in that very Lord, who is the spiritual splendor of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge. The Lord who is worshipped by the Sharana Mantra; the Lord who is the source of the power of mind; the Lord who smoothly administers the entire universe; the Lord who playfully engages in the cosmic dance; the Lord who shines with light reddish hue; the Lord who is the Master of all cosmic forces - in that very Lord, who is the spiritual splendor of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge. The Lord whose very nature is the Supreme Truth; the Lord who is the Master of all life-forces; the Lord who splendors with the divine halo; the Lord who is the very source of Pranavam; the Lord who is pleased by devotional hymns - in that very Lord, who is the spiritual splendor of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge. The Lord whose mount is the horse; the Lord whose countenance is beautiful; the Lord who holds the mace called Varagada; the Lord who is extolled by the Devas; the Lord who bestows Divine Grace as the Supreme Guru; the Lord who is pleased by the devotional hymns - in that very Lord, who is the spiritual splendor of Lord Vishunu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge. The Lord who is worshipped by the three worlds; the Lord who is the Supreme Divinity and the source of all Devas; the Lord who has three eyes; the Lord who shines with divine splendor; the Lord who is worshipped during the three auspicious times of the day; the Lord whose remembrance fulfils the desires in that very Lord, who is the spiritual splendor of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge. The Lord who annihilates the fears and pains of worldly life; the Lord who brings prosperity and auspiciousness;; the Lord who is enchanting to the whole universe; the Lord who is splendidly decorated with divine ornaments; the Lord who has a white divine elephant as a mount - in that very Lord, who is the spiritual splendor of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge. The Lord who wears a graceful and soft smile; the Lord with a beautiful countenance; the Lord whose graceful body is beautifully decked with the sandal paste;; the Lord who rides on a tiger and also on His horse mount - in that very Lord, who is the spiritual splendor of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge. The Lord who is dear to all devotees; the Lord who fulfils the desires;; the Lord who is extolled by the Vedas; the Lord who bestows sustenance and strength to the ascetics; the Lord who is the delightful essence of the Vedas;; the Lord who enjoys the recital of divine hymns and music - in that very Lord, the spiritual splendor of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge. PS:When Harivarasanam is being recited at the sanctum sanatorium by the priest devotees can recite or sing along should they know the lyrics if not just pray silently and do not recite or chant Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa loudly. SWAMIYE SARANAMAYYAPPA

Meaning of the above lyrics....

The Lord who reposes in the tranquil yogic posture of Harivaraasanam; the Lord whose beauty enchants the whole

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practically fought with her to bring him to see me, but he would not come. Betty pleaded with me to find some solution to the situation. I finally conceded on one condition: that she should do the marriage ceremony twice between her and Rick. She agreed to talk to the priest, Pundit Chu, who agreed to do the ceremony 12 months later again. After that, the ceremony took place, Betty got married in August of 2001 and I did not hear from Betty again until two months ago. -For Problems in Marriage, Business, Relationship, Kala Jadoo, Black Magic, Sexual Problems The year is 2004, and both Betty and Rick are now experiencing Vedic Year Code number 3. Now both of them would run a Vedic Marriage Code of 6 for the year. Betty had called me about two months ago and told me about how Rick was depressed. And once again I insisted that she should bring him to me. Once again Rick refused to come and see me. Now, two months later, Betty is calling me with the news that I feared. I was very sad and disappointed, not with Betty, but with Pundit Chu, who, as a reverend and holy leader, should have insisted that Betty and Rick should remarry again. Had he done this second ceremony, Ricks life would have been changed. The year is 2008, and Betty has remarried to Ray, whos Life code is number 8. Their marriage code is 5 and Betty is somewhat happier, but because of her sufferings, cannot find any trust in her marriage with Ray. As her guidance counselor, I have been able to help her spiritually survive Ricks death and she has found a lot of peace and tranquility in having the knowledge of the Life code. The above story illustrates how powerful the Vedic science of Life code is needed for people to understand the path to happiness. Had Rick come and seen me and understood the knowledge of the Lifecode, or more importantly, if the second marriage ceremony had been performed, it would have helped them to avoid a path of depression that eventually led Rick to suicide. One can argue that maybe it was time for Rick to die or that it was not his time to die, but that is a weak excuse for people avoiding the path of knowledge concerning their selves. One cannot say that the blessing and opportunities were not presented to all three of the individuals involved, the priest, Betty and Rick. Each one of these individuals had a free will in choosing whether to follow a positive or a negative path. It is clear that the priest chose the negative path and did not make a sincere effort to remind them about the second ceremony. It is also obvious that Rick was not open minded and that Betty could have believed more in prayer to the point of where she could have influenced Rick a lot more into a spiritual path. This would have guaranteed a second ceremony, even if it was not the same priest that was required to do it. To get a better prospective of the powerful benefit of Life code knowledge, let us analyze a second case. SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP AT THE WRONG TIME Sunil, a devotee of the temple, was a single guy seeking to get married. One day while he was attending the various functions of the temple, he met Sunita, another devotee of the Temple, and fell in love. They decided to consult with myself, the Swami,

THE WRONG TIME FOR MARRIAGE He died? I exclaimed in surprise, how did he die, betty?He hanged himself in our living room she replied. I could sense the sadness and tears through the telephone as I realized that exactly what I feared had happened.Did you do the second marriage ceremony that I had requested you to do? I asked. I remember a year ago I had told you to ask a priest to do a second marriage ceremony one year following the first ceremony for you and RickDid you do it Betty? Her answer was, No, I didnt, we just exchanged rings at the restaurant.But that was not what I wanted you to do, Betty. Do you remember what I had told you fifteen months ago, that there was danger to this marriage because of the timing? I said. Yes I did, She said, but Punditji said that it was ok to wait for laterI realized immediately that Bettys Priest was at fault. Betty was born under the life code number 6. I had known her for many years. She was a struggling single woman who worked very hard to take care of herself and her daughter. Her husband and her were separated more than 10 years ago. A year and a half ago she met Rick in 2001. her vedic year code with the year 2001 added up to the number 9. Also, ricks life code was number 6. Thus Ricks vedic year code also added up to a 9. Together their marriage code came up to 18 [666]. When she called me fifteen months ago and told me she wanted to marry Rick in the year 2001, I was totally against it. I had told her I was very happy that she did meet Rick and that he was her soulmate, but that the relationship cannot be consummated until January of 2002. Betty had insisted that Rick did not believe in any sort of astrology or vedic predictions and that he will not listen to my advice about postponing any marriage relationship for later. I Karma 20

about getting married. Since Sunita lived in New York, they wanted to get married within a month when she returned. After careful analysis of their life charts and with the observation that Sundas life code number is 8 and Sunitas life code is 9, I warned them about starting a relationship in the year 2007 when they met, the reason being that Sunitas life code would match negatively with the year code (number 9) and any marriage or sexual relationships will result in possible death, separation or financial difficulties. They both promised to wait until the year was finished before starting any intimacy in their relationship. Needless to say, I observed that in 2008 Sundas yearly code [8 +2008] will result in a 9. After careful advice and instructions, they and I agreed that we will do a ritual prayer to offset the negativities before they can get together intimately. I also extracted a promise to them that they would agree to get married twice within the next two to three years, in other words they have to perform two marriage ceremonies before the marriage can become satisfactorily happy. All in agreement, Sunita went back to New York and Sunda waited fore her. Two months later, in July of 2007, Sunita came back to do the special prayers required to start the relationship. Sunda and Sunita were scheduled to perform these prayers a few days after she arrived to the Temple. Thinking that the Swami would not know or their actions, Sunda and Sunita secretly went to the hotel straight from the airport and became intimate with each other. Not realizing the consequences of their sexual relationship before the ceremony and urged by lustful desires, they broke the promise with me and thus created the future karma that I feared most. I realized immediately that now the path of their relationship will become a negative one though I did not instill them any fear of this negative path but I advised them to pray for forgiveness. I proceeded to perform the marriage prayers. Sunita took most of the blame for what happened but asked for forgiveness. After starting to live together, Sunita purchased a $50,000.00 mercedes benz and Sunda lost his job after a month into the marriage. Six months later, the Mercedes benz was repossessed by the dealer because Sunita could not afford the payment and Sundas mother quarreled with Sunita. Both Sunda and Sunita came to me to settle their differences. And in all those times, I reminded them that they violated the rules when they slept with each other prior to the ceremony, and that is why they have to suffer the consequences of their actions. It is the year 2008, one year after I performed their marriage ceremony. Both Sunita and Sunil never performed the second ceremony as requested. One day, Sunda called me and told me that he is sending Sunita back to New York. I consented immediately, I told him to send her back to New York because I realized that this is what was needed to repair the relationship. Even though they did not perform the second ceremony, the simple act of separating from each other while Sunda is experiencing a number 9 vedic year code, will bring them back together in a happier and more divine connection. Here is a case where all of the separation and troubles in a relationship could have been avoided if they had followed some of the rules I presented to them. My feeling that it was lust at first sight that created this problem, and had it been real love at first,

each person would have waited patiently and they would have not lost two years of their life without progress. This is a clear indication of how people can avoid negative karma in their life if proper knowledge of their life code is followed. The vedic science of life code can prevent such things as death, sickness, divorces, separation, infertility, depression, health problems, wars and more. It is truly the science of the future and if used by every individual on earth, it will present unlimited prosperity for everyone. THE DANGER OF MOVING INTO THE WRONG HOUSE Kami was a devotee of the Swamiji. Every time she wanted to do something new she would consult with Swamiji. After getting married to Chubby, who being a #3 lifecode person was a perfect match for her, she got married with blessings of every one. Before having the child, she wanted to buy a house, so after a long search she found one that she liked. Her Life code being #8, the house was very appropriate for her it was a #6 house and the sum of that was #5 which was good for Kami. However the #6 house was not compatible with Chubby and Swamiji insisted that they should look for another house. My dear Kami, even though I know that you like this house very much, I do not recommend it as your husband may be in danger from sickness or death. Ok Swamiji, I will look for another house. Replied Kami.A few days later she returned to the temple with her husband and met with the divine teacher. Namaskar Swamiji, My husband does not want another house. He insists that we buy this same one. He wants to talk to you about it, requested Kami as she bowed and took a seat in front of the Holy teacher. Hi Swamiji, said Chubby as he did the same.You cannot have lived very successfully in this house, Chubby, said Swamiji said as he blessed them with a smile.But I like this house and I do not agree that it is a bad house. said Chubby as he looked very doubtful in his expression.

Well even though you may see the house as harmless, the number of the house indicates that negative forces present there will affect your health and your happiness. said Swamiji.I do not believe in this, Swamiji. I am still going to buy the house. replied Chubby adamantly. Well, I am very unhappy to hear that, but you still have my blessings. said Swamiji as he turned to Kami, Please let me know if you have any problems, my dear.After bidding Swamiji goodbye they left. Chubby and kami moved into the house as they said they would and Kami got pregnant while living there. After the baby was born Swamiji again heard from Kami, who reuested a name for the baby. Incidentally the life code # of the child was #9, indicating that Kami and Chubby had some unhappiness in the house during the pregnancy. A few months later Kami called Swamiji in a frantic voice. Swamiji, Swamiji, Chubby is very sick and is in the hospital. The doctors have assessed the disease as Cancer. I need your help and blessings. Do you think he will recover from this if you pray for him. said Kami in a distressed voice.I will see what I can do, my dear Kami. You know I had warned you about this house number and its effect

I know that you had warned us but Chubby never believed it, but I love him dearly, Swamiji. Please see if you can save him. She said in tears. Swamiji then visited Chubby at the hospital. He prayed for Chubby to get well and even though Chubby participated in the rituals and prayers he still was not as devoted as he was supposed to be. He still had his arrogance and did not seem to believe in the Swamijis teachings. However he was able to come out of the hospital. After a few months in the #6 house he ended up in the hospital again and a few weeks after he died from a reappearance of the cancer. Kami out of the house after selling it and she stayed with her parents in #4 house where she was much happier.As you can see from the above, the house number where you live in is very important. If you add you Birth Life code # to the House and it results in a #9 or a #6 then you should not buy or live in that house. The same will apply to apartment numbers and suite numbers. Even if you go to stay in a hotel you should choose the best room number that matches your life codes


-Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar
Atharva Vedic Genetics: THE CAUSE OF MARRIAGE UNHAPPINESS CAN BE PREVENTED IN CHILDHOOD Many women are unable to become great wives or lovers because they cannot understand the difference between Sex and Love. Women who are not able to receive love think that giving herself freely in sex can bring her love. This is because she never received love from her father as a child, and so does not know how to receive it from her male partner.As a result of this lack of love in her childhood from her father she begins to assimilate love as a condition of sexual acts by watching movies that portray such a conclusion, as all movies starts with a kiss and rapidly move to a sex scene. This kind of woman will never be able to stay married to a man for long and will seek drugs or alcohol as a stimulant to in their life leading to short relationships and many men in their lives. When a father hugs his daughter with great love an understanding then so also will the daughter know how to receive and give love to her future husband? This lack of love is a number one spiritual genetics that will make or break our society when it comes to stability in family structure.The following list indicates the negative effect of spiritual genetics that our women can inherit that can contribute to the detriment of our societyThe following are women who will have difficulty maintaining a marriage life with a husband. Women who thinks that they should use their beauty to attract men in their life. Women who have been abused sexually by a family member at a young age before 14 years old. Women who have not been hugged by their fathers when they were young.

Women who do not have a loving relationship with their father and brothers. Women who cannot maintain a great relationship with their mothers and all elder females in the family Women who have had their first baby aborted in their first pregnancy Women who do not like to be touched by males and are usually commanding like men Women who have ran away from home at an early age Women who will provide sexual favors for men very quickly for money Women who will provide sexual favors for money. Women who will insist on paying for her meal on a date The following are the types of women who will make great wives 1. Women who will bring a guy a gift on a date 2. Women who are very feminine in natureie not abrupt and too outspoken 3. Women who are great cooks as that will keep the man in love with her always 4. Women who will be conservative in their shopping but not mean to point of not dressing 5. Women who are concerned about their beauty and looks as they will maintain attraction to the male 6. Women who are not drinking alcohol or addicted to drugs or shopping 7. Women who are ready to help the man when he troubled or sick 8. Women who put the man on a pedestal and defend him when he is not there to be criticized 9. Women who know how to sew, cook and keep a clean home are known as Great wives 10. A great wife thinks about her husband constantly and performs all her duties that will benefit her husband, her children and herself while she maintains a strong family structure. Vice versa the man must do the same when he works to take care of the family.

Karma 22

The main cause of all distress to the women is their relationship to their father. The way the father treats the daughter will create in that female the perceptions she has of all males. This is why when females are raised by single mothers THEY also will have difficulty with their husbands as they look for fatherly love in their relationships. Usually if there is a lack of fatherly love the female will think Sex is love and will sleep will all the men they are attracted to as if seeking some form of approval from the male figure as if they are her father. There are many women like this in the Casinos and Bars who are also strippers and prostitutes who have either been abused by their father or a family member and who have not had a great father figure to look up to. These women seek their peace by drinking and sleeping with different men in their lives. When a woman gets married and the man is hard working, she feels that he is ignoring her when all he is doing is trying to make her comfortable by working hard. Because of the domino effect of her negative feelings, and the arguments for attention from the devoted husband, the children she gives birth to will carry those traits in to their own lives. This is extends into each generation. This is spiritual genetics that we do not need in our society.I know of a young woman who came to me in Canada. She was constantly in jail after almost every relationship she had, after over 20 men in her life she came to see me. I found out that she was sexually abused consistently by her father when she was 10 to 14 years old. Because of this trauma in her life she was unconsciously fighting back her fathers abuse in every man she met. This was her way of getting back at her father even though it was an unconscious action because her father would bail her out from jail many times. Recently I was not so surprised when three young sisters who were

older now, complained how their three uncles would make them take off their clothes when they were young, while their parents were away and ask them to play with their private parts. This traumatized these young women to the point where they would become cold to their husbands during love making. They were not able to be cured until they came to see me and followed a program that cleansed them of these past experiences.The question is where we start eliminating these problems of spiritual genetics that has destroyed the very foundation of our society and is continuing to do so on a wide spread scale. If you think Diabetes and Cancer is destroying our society, think again, there is a greater disease that destroying the past, the present and the future, and that is sexual abuse of young children. It is the cause of divorces, homosexuality, and unhappiness in marriage life, miscarriages, abortions, teenage pregnancy, menstrual problems, excessive bleeding, infertility, and sexual frigidity. It is the very cause of disabled children as well as the failure of children to perform well in their school. Before we can cure all the other diseases, we must first cure this great plague called child sexual abuse which stands to destroy our women and the foundation of a good society. We should not stop after the movie Precious produced by Oprah, or the stories of Law and Order on incest. We should encourage the protection of all young females by educating fathers on how they should treat their young daughters and create incentives for excellent fathers. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential

Karma 23

or wealth/prosperity, creating family problems or unnecessary tensions/phobias, adversely affecting children & family, creating chronic health problems, destroying mental peace, intelligence & happiness, cause inner turmoil, unrest & uncharacteristic / abnormal behavior and even cause unnatural deaths in extreme circumstances. Black Magic not only affects the circumstances and future prospects of a person, but also deprives him materially of everything he was destined for, but also affects the psyche of the victim in such a way that one looses the will-power & mental energy to get out of the sinister situation one is in, and has no desire to live or rise in life. The effects of Black Magic become more chronic, dangerous and fatal with time, if untreated, like a horrible disease. Black Magic starts spreading like a contagious disease, affecting the persons mind, brain, body, relationships, attitudes, work, money, marriage, career and everything in life. Breaking or reversing Black Magic Spell Putting a Black magic spell on someone is very easy for those knowing even a little bit of Tantrik Siddhis / voodoo. But to remove the spell and eliminate its sinister effects needs lot of expertise, continuous & rigorous puja / worship and a combination Siddhis & Sadhana. Gurudev curses those doing Black Magic on innocent people and destroying their lives and happiness for years to come.
Soolini Raksha Kavach for Protection & Cure of Black Magic

Soolini Kavach Maha Yagna to come out of Black magicKala Jadoo Voodoo, Evil Spells, Curses, Tantra problems, Evil eye,Ghosts and Spirits Black magic is the negative use of energies and power by jealous and malicious human beings of Kaliyuga, whose main objective is to harm or deprive others from something, or influence them to do something wrong or negative. Black magic is the evil side of the celestial cycle or negative energies. Black Magic can be used to harm or hurt another person by performing certain acts even at a far away place the effect of this technique can be experienced thousands of miles away. With increase of jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity and inability to accept others happiness & growth, the use of Black magic has become the most common way to take out ones vindictiveness and get an evil kind of satisfaction from the turmoil of others. This problem has intensified a lot in the last few years, and many are suffering all over the world, totally unaware of the attacks made by no other than their closest friends, acquaintances and relatives. Many prosperous and happy families are ruined by Black magic. Symptoms of Black Magic Black magic puts a block on a persons wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problem go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. There is heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.At times, there could suddenly be blue marks on thighs without getting hurt, or faster & erratic heartbeat and breathing without any physical exertion. There are quarrels in the family without any reason. One might feel the presence of somebody in the house.One feels one is not getting ones due and can achieve much more. One feels suffocated & restless in all circumstances, and is never at peace. One remains depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live & rise in life. Effects of Black Magic Black Magic can really play havoc with the life of the target person by destroying any aspect of life may it be career/business Karma 24

Raksha is Protection and Kavach is Shield. Raksha Kavach is the most powerful Talisman for protection and cure of Black magic. Raksha Kavach eradicates all ill-effects of Black magic, Evil spells, Curses, Ghosts and Spirits. Raksha kavach cures one of evil effects of past attacks and protects one from all future attacks.The effect of Raksha Kavach never gets reduced. Raksha kavachs protection is life-long, and lasts for as long as it is worn. The moment it is worn, the negative effects start receding and its protection starts, freeing the wearer from all evil influences which can ruin & destroy ones present and future life. Raksha Kavach is blessed with so much extraordinary energy and power that it can guard and protect an individual against the strongest super-natural forces, negative powers and reverse/ break any kind of spell. The wearer of Raksha Kavach always remains immune from all kind of Black magic (Voodoo, Evil Spells, Curses, Ghosts and Spirits) attacks. Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar / Dr. Commander Selvam is the only Atharva Vedic scholar in USA and in the western countries, who is well specialized in removing and stopping black magic problems. He is not like a funny psychic. He is a master and healed numerous people all over the world. If you have a problems in Black Magic- Kala Jadoo. Call immediately @ 1-888-808-1418.
Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the most learned Atharva Veda scholar. He has researched the Atharva Veda and has brought out a lot of hidden things. He helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418. or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E mail:- All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential.

Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar nilendivarasannibhA~ngalatikam purnendubimbananam shamkharishusharasapaNikamalam kanthiravadhyasinim nityavyajakatakshavikshanasudhadharabhishiktakhilam kshamakshobhavimochinIm shivasakhIm dhyayenmahashulinIm Sri Durga Saptashati is a hymn of limitless power which can grant both aihika and AmuShmika saukhya to the upAsaka. As per the sUtra kalu chaNDIvinAyakau, recitation of Sri Durga Saptashati is kShipra phalakAri in Kali Yuga. The following prayogas are listed here solely for lokopakAra, the same purpose with which Bhagavan AdinAtha has revealed these in the scriptures. As these fall under the category of kAmya prayogas, special care has to be taken when resorting to them and undertaking any of these is permitted only when specifically instructed by Sadguru. One who is duly initiated into navAkSharI mantra and performs vaidika and tAntrika nitya, naimittika karmas, such an upAsaka alone is eligible to perform these prayogas. However, without the Siddhi of navArNa mantra, the prayogas do not give results, as hinted by shrI bhAskararAya in his commentary, guptavatI. For kShipra siddhi of the mantra, i.e. mUla and mAlA in this case, one should understand well the anga vidyas. Skanda Yamala details dwAdasha angas for navAkShari, starting with bhuvaneshwari, till kAlikA. The RishyAdayaH for these are nandA, shAkambharI etc. and each of these represent one chapter of Saptashati. This further illustrates the close association of navArNa mantra with Saptashati and also of the anga vidyas. The diversification of AdyA into three, six, nine and twelve fold shakti samUha is described well in Saptashati, the significance and practical details of which are imparted during the krama dIkshA of shrIkula. The Angas for Saptashati itself are considered to be either six or twelve. Kavacha, Argala, Kilaka and Rahasya Traya form the six. With mAlA mantra,

hR^idaya, dhvaja and sUkta traya added, the count becomes twelve. One of the two schemes is generally adopted based on Guru SampradAya. All of the following prayogas should be preceded with the dasha nyAsas of navAkSharI, aShTottara sahasra japa of navArNa with purottarAnga mantras [dashAmsha] and a complete recitation of Saptashati with all the angas. sAvarNiH sUryatanayo yo manuH kathyate.aShTamaH | nishAmaya tadutpattiM vistarAdgadato mama || mahAmAyAnubhAvena yathA manvantarAdhipaH | sa babhUva mahAbhAgaH sAvarNistanayo raveH || svArochiShe.antare pUrvaM chaitrava.nshasamudbhavaH | suratho nAma rAjAbhUtsamaste kShitimaNDale || By reciting the above three mantras, one is blessed with progeny. One should perform the AvAhana of Parameshwari with santAna durgA mantra in a Kumbha filled with pancha gavya or salila and offer trimadhura as naivedya. The kumbha should be energized by reciting the mula mantra, santAna durgA mantra and the above three mantras 108 times. The water or pancha gavya should then be consumed by the lady desirous of attaining progeny. When this procedure is followed for pakSha traya, garbha doShas are cleared and conception becomes successful. Once the lady is pregnant, to protect the foetus, puruSha sUkta homa, recitation of harivamsha purANa and nAga pratiShTha are advised. vishveshvarIM jagaddhAtrIM sthitisamhArakAriNIm | nidrAM bhagavatIM viShNoratulAM tejasaH prabhuH || By reciting the above mantra, one is freed from diseases and apa mr^ityu. One should write mR^ita sanjIvini yantra on butter, recite the mantra and then eat the butter till the disease is cured. Based on the severity of the diseases, the rogi or his representative should recite the mantra 300, 1008 or 10,000 times everyday. Trimadhura should be offered to Parameshwari as Naivedya. As an alternate prayoga, a salila kumbha is placed in the centre of aShTadaLa padma and avAhana of parameshwari is done in the Kumbha as per navAksharI kalpa. The abhimantraNa of the water is done 108 times with mUla mantra, 108 times with mR^itasanjIvinI mantra [kAlikA para] and with the mantra vishveshwarIm 12 times. The water is then sprinkled on a child suffering with bAlagrahAdi doShas. This procedure is to be repeated for three evenings. The same water energized as above can be sprinkled during nights on those suffering with problems such as bed-wetting, svapna doSha, mala or mUtrotsarjana during sleep, bad dreams etc. The procedure is to be repeated for seven nights. j~nAninAmapi chetAmsi devI bhagavatI hi sA | balAdAkR^iShya mohAya mahAmAyA prayachchhati ||

tayA visR^ijyate vishvaM jagadetachcharAcharam | saiShA prasannA varadA nR^iNAM bhavati muktaye || sA vidyA paramA mukterhetubhUtA sanAtanI | samsArabandhahetushcha saiva sarveshvareshvarI || The above three mantras are recited before rAja darshana i.e. before visiting higher officials etc. for kArya siddhi. One should perform AvAhana of Parameshwari with Svayamvara Kalyani mantra in a dIpa or a bimba, worship with lotuses and offer 108 Ahutis with svayamvarA mantra using apArmarga samit [rough chaff]. The homa bhasma is mixed with gorochana and agaru and energized by reciting the above three mantras 108 times. When this tilaka is applied on the forehead, the higher officials co-operate with the upAsaka and act in his favor. sAvarNiH sUryatanayo yo manuH kathyate.aShTamaH | nishAmaya tadutpattiM vistarAdgadato mama || One should write vAgvAdinI yantra on butter, perform avAhana of Parameshwari with vAgvAdinI mantra and worship with trimadura naivedya. Then, the butter should be energized by reciting vAgvAdini, navArNa and the above mantras 108 times, followed by the complete recitation of the prathama adhyAya. The butter is then consumed before noon by the one desirous of

obtaining speech, oratory skills, poetry, music etc. This process is to be repeated for 48 days. A re-ordered recitation of Saptashati is prescribed for those bothered by evil spirits. Such upAsakas should recite the chapters of Saptashati in the following order, while touching Bhasma. By wearing this Bhasma on the forehead, the evil spirits are destroyed.Instantaneously. The order of the chapters in this case would be: 1 to 10, 4, 11, 2, 3, 4, 11, 4 to 11, 4 to 11. Even incurable fevers are cured by reciting Saptashati in the following order of chapters: 1, 4, 11, 2 to 11, 5 to 10, 4, 11, 1 to 13. If this procedure is performed thrice for three Sandhyas, Siddhis are obtained by the upAsaka.Prayogas and Karmas based on Dina, Masa, Rashi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Rtu etc. . kAmAkShi ki~nkaritasha~NkaramAnasebhyaH | tebhyo namo.astu tava vIkShaNavibhramebhyaH || Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the most learned Atharva Veda scholar. He has researched the Atharva Veda and has brought out a lot of hidden things. He helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential.

Different Good Spells

Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Different Atharva Thantra Prayogs:

(Atharva Thantra Prayog)through Atharva Veda for Your Great Love. Marriage, Sex, Relationship

Atharva Thantra Lost Love Spells / Prayog Lost Love Spell or Spells are used or performed, if you have lost your love and all the efforts that you have tried have failed and there is no way that you can get your love back. Lost love spell will bring your love back to you unconditionally. Also if your love is with some one else then by the power of this spell your love will break his or her relation and he or she will be with you. Atharva Vedic Attraction Spell / Prayog Dramatically improve your curb appeal. This spell brings your inner beauty to the surface, allowing others to see your sex appeal, your intriguing personality and your beautiful qualities. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but when stares and compliments come your way, your self-confidence will soar, and you will feel on top of the world. And well you should be because you are a very special person.

Atharva Veda Divorce Spells Divorce Spells should be used in extreme cases for example if your husband has disturbed you a lot and you are tired of his tortures, you need a divorce but he is not giving you and thus your life had become miserable in such cased you may go for these powerful Spells can also be used to prevent a divorce, if there are people who are not happy with your happy family life and are trying different ways to separate you and so are insisting on a divorce then these divorce spells should be used to protect you from all such evil people so that you may have a very happy and secured married life. Atharva Veda Marriage Spells / Prayog Marriage Spells are supposed to be very strong and affective. If you are in a relation and your lover is not committing or is taking time to decide if she or she or she wants to get married to you or not then these very strong marriage spells are used by which your love will marry you and you will have a very strong and happy married life. Atharva Vedic Fertility spells/Pregnancy spell / Prayog Are often used by womens who want to start her own family. But due to unknown problems she is not able to conceive and some time they may also be scared at the time of pregnancy thinking about the baby, fertility spell or pregnancy spells should be used for the above reasons so that they may have a safe pregnancy and without any problems or complications. Also fertility spells should be used to prevent Miscarriages.

Karma 26

The Monkey and the Crocodile tree. Once upon a time, a clever monkey lived in a tree that bore juicy, in crocodile The fourth stage provides rose apple tree. The red roseAtharvaHe was Banish a Past Lover Magic Spell / Prayog The silly your case. quickly swam back to the you with a spiritual shield apples. Vedic very happy. If youve ended a relationship with someone and they just wont against any future spiritualsafety. He toldyourcrocodile destiny. monkey scampered up the tree to obstacles in the path of to accept a crocodile if they keep that tree and told the tell One fine day, that its over, swam up to calling you, writing to you, or hisThis lovewife that she had married the biggest is recommended wicked spell takes 48 rituals to complete and fool in the monkeyeven he had traveled a long distance and was inmight be justworld. for any love situation in your life such as reunion, marriage, that worse, if they keep coming over, then this search of the spell youve been looking for! Within a day him a of food as he was very hungry. The kind monkey offeredor two fewcasting unconditional love and the termination of all your relationship this spell most people notice an inner feeling asked the The problems. rose apples. The crocodile enjoyed them very much andlike a huge sigh Stork and the Crab monkeyof relief! he could come again for some more fruit. The less upon a time, there was a stork that caught the fish in a whether Then, the past lover begins to attempt contact Once and less often, and what generous monkey happily agreed. usually happens next is other people Atharva Vedicstork always had a Prayog As the years particular tank. The Man stealer spell/ full meal. will begin to get involved in the situation in such a way thatwent by, thewoman has older and weaker. His ability to catch your life. the This stork grew stolen your man and possibly ruined fish past lovers attention is day. And the from you and they diminished. At times he would even starve. can do he had to do The crocodile returned the nextdiverted awaynext. And the next have And it appears theres nothing you He knewabout it. You feel someone or something else to very good friends. They something to survive. if you dont get him back, and you feel helpless, your life is over one after that. Soon the two becamefocus their energy on! alone, and in considerable pain. If this is your predicament, discussed their lives, their friends and family, like all friends do. Atharva Veda monkey Love Spells / wife and that for One there is hope, the side chance you may be reunited with your The crocodile told thePowerfull that he had a Prayog specialtheyLadies day he stood bythere is a of the tank with a very forlorn look lived on Youother side of the river. So want to love and be loved. You wanthis man. You should fish and crabs wondered why he wasand cant the dont ask for much. You the kind monkey offered him on face. The frogs, order this spell, if: You are depressed not a good apples to take you and his wife. A man who is honest, to your any out of your crab He is the what the matter some extra roseman who loves home to only you.The crocodiles trying getcatch man food. A big mind.asked him only one for you. You hardworking, loyal - not a her husband promise or someone know it answered that he was sad hypnotized at fish in wife loved the rose apples and madewhiner or a weakling to get was. The stork and he knows it. Hes just because all thethe moment. who only talks about himself. You are a strong, independent, tank were goinghas die andyourwould and you starve. Heback. You her some every day. the This woman to stolen he man, have to want him said sensual, caring, loving woman. And you dont think its asking hewantheard that places with her so shefill the tank with mud You that had to switch people were going to knows how you feel. too the friendship to be with monkey intelligent man Meanwhile, much to want between the a strong,and the crocodile with a grow crops over it. The fish were very worried and not your man. and want her to get what she deserves...and thats asked the sense of humor. man who stands straight, whos confident You are not deepened as they spentAmore and more time together. The stork to help them. alone! The Man-stealer Curse is one of the oldest and who knows who jealous. She wanted to put him to crocodiles wife started gettinghe is. Sure, you dont wantan end be a and most potent curses available to someone in your position. macho jerk, she pretended lie she could not believe that be You should know that them of bigger tank some been in to this friendship. So but when you thatawake at night, you crave toThe stork offered to take all ofscoresto aothers are or havedistance your held tightly by that with a monkey. Her male who knows away. situation. You are not alone! rest between trips because of her husband could be friendsone hundred percent husband tried to who But he said that he needed toIf you want your man back and you he is and loves the you are. And best of friendship. The his believe in the paranormal, carry a few not at a another minute convince her that he andwho monkey shared a true all, the right man willage. He would only be able to and then do fish waittime. get your best. That caring, giving, sexy, loving, romantic crocodiles wife thought to herself that if the monkey lived on a you! to request that this curse be directed at you-know-who. And you have no doubt that be very right So appears on The diet of rose monkeys, his flesh wouldwhen thesweet.guy she asked your stork took a beakful of fish on his first trip. He flew to a big doorstep, youll never let to their away. SWAMIJI SRI SELVAM SIDDHAR the crocodile to invite the monkey him get house. But sometimes a man and had a good meal. He rested awhile, and when he was rock CONTACT doesnt realize happy about this. He tried to make the hungry again, he took a IF YOU WANT TO OVERCOME The crocodile was nothe has that good woman. Sometimes he is afraid IMMEDIATELYsecond trip. In this manner, he took a trip ALL to commit and fearful of to get the monkey Or perhaps each YOUR he was hungry. excuse that it would be difficult taking the big step. across the he is time that PROBLEMS AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE. Swamiji already committed, but to the wrong woman. And So river. But his wife was determined to eat the monkeys flesh. you want Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the most learned Atharva Veda scholar. him for plan. for He has researched also wanted to save himself and he she thought of a yourself because you know the two of you are rightThe big crab in the tank the Atharva Veda and has brought out a each other. Or maybe you havent met him yet. Perhaps you lot of hiddento take him too. The stork thought it was acome requested the stork things. He helps the human mankind to are frustrated in knowing the and guy the crocodile that good out to try a problems in agreed through Vedic on his One day, she pretended to be very illright told is out there, somewhere, idea differentnew dish. He the life to take the crabRituals. For and the two of would only recover because a monkeys next more the doctor said that she you are incomplete if she ateyour paths havent trip. help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E mail:heart. Ifcrossed. So, what to do. save her life, he must bring her her husband wanted to All your crab looked down to see his friends heart. After the stork flew up with him, theinformation and consultations Let our Master Psychic cast a very specific spell for you, a his new surrounding Swamiji Sri Selvamhe could will be highly what with Guru Maharaj would be like. All Siddhar see was very was aghast. He was in a dilemma. cast for a hand, dry confidential The crocodilepowerful spell that is specifically On the one woman who land. He questioned the stork about this. The stork laughed is ready to spend the rest of her life not possibly let his wickedly and pointed to the rock below where the crab saw a he loved his friend. On the other, he couldwith a real man. Not a man who crocodiles wife threatened him saying him he did heap wife die. Thestill talks about how his parents messedthat ifup, not a man of fish bones. The crab realized that he was to be the storks who blames missed opportunities surely die. and not get her the monkeys heart, she would on everyone but himself, next meal. So the crab dug his claws into the storks neck and not a man who doesnt My love spells are strongly to the rose apple tree and So the crocodile wentrecommended when your invited problem is difficult tohome to meet due the monkey to come comprehend his wife. Heto multiplicity of interrelated ride across told the monkey that he could elements, and the you are in back. The monkey the river onwhen crocodiles dire need of extreme happily potencyAs theyexpediency. middle of the agreed. and reached the Please note that my love spells results frightened river, the crocodile began to sink. Theand effects monkeymanifest in awhy he was doing that. The asked him speedy fashion. crocodile explained that he would have to kill the monkeyMysave his wifes life. The clever monkey to love spells are cast in 48 rituals and told himfour stages. The first stage up his heart to that he would gladly give cleanses your save theauraof theremoves all wife, but he had left life and crocodiles spiritual obstacles. The second stage invokes tree. and your his heart behind in the rose applespiritsHe asked wishes make haste and turn back times. the crocodile to are demanded by me 48 so that The third go get his the deal by offering the monkey could stage seals heart from the apple sacrifices and other ingredients to the spirits as a gift and a reward for their help

-Param Pujya Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Path of Prosperity Get off the poverty road and onto the path of prosperity now. If money has been tight and things havent been going very well financially, this is just the money spell youve been looking for. With this money spell several things begin happening simultaneously, you may find money in unexpectedplaces, you may get sudden and unexpected creative money-making ideas, and people may start presenting you with money-making opportunities. This spell also seems to have a cumulative or snowball effect, the more you take advantage of and act on the opportunities that come up, the more opportunities present themselves. Money Making Ideas If youd like to make more money, especially if youd like to work from home, but you just dont have any great ideas on how to do that, then this is just the money spell youre looking for. Within a day or two of casting this money spell, most people begin to notice that they are looking at almost everything from a potential money making perspective. They begin to take more notice of little things they overlooked before, seeing these things from the perspective of a need that they Could fill and make money doing it. They often have dreams in which they get great ideas, things they ever even thought of before, but could make money with. Start making money from home with your great ideas Increase My Income Use this spell to start getting paid what you are worth. If you feel youre just not getting paid what youre worth and would like to increase your income, then this is the spell for you. This spell usually works in one of two possible ways; many people get a sudden, unexpected promotion at the same company they have been working for, earning a lot more money than before, and other people find that they are suddenly presented with opportunities to move to a different job, making a lot more than they were before. Attract A Better Job You can get a better job AND make more money. If youre stuck in a dead-end job that you cant stand, then this is for you. Within a day or two of casting this spell, you will notice that more and more opportunities start coming towards you. They might hear about a lead through a friend, they might see an ad in the newspaper, or you might even get a sudden hunch to apply somewhere that isnt even actively hiring only for you to land the job. You could even get head hunted to an unexpected position. Success Is Mine Karma 28

Start moving up the ladder of success TODAY! If youve been on the same rung of the success ladder for far too long, this is just the spell for you. This spell has the amazing ability to boost you up the ladder of success much faster and easier than you could possibly do. It helps to transform you into a magnet attracting help and support from the people most likely to boost you up the ladder of success. Success Magic Spells Success Magic Spell helps to guide you in the direction of success by making you more aware of how to best take advantage of your circumstances. Dont be surprised if a lot of little coincidences start guiding you down a slightly different path that helps to increase your success. Its very important with this spell that you listen to and follow those hunches! This spell will work with your intuition to guide you down the right path. It will also heighten your senses and increase your communication skills so that you will be able to communicate more effectively with anyone connected with your business Magic Sales Spell You have the right product at the right price, the only problem is that no one knows about it. Magic Sales Spell works with your intuition to help you understand the most effective marketing techniques, and guides you to those people who are the most

interested in what you have to offer. It helps you to communicate the most suitable benefits more effectively to prospective buyers. This will increase your confidence and allow you to generate more sales. Before you know it you are successfully marketing your business to the most interested people in the most effective way! Money Spells Cast powerful spells to be rich, powerful job spells to be rich and have money available. Are you worried or tensed? Have you tried to get a descent job for long time and you are not getting successful, Even if you are qualified you may see that others who are of no comparison to you are getting goods jobs and you are not getting the type of job that you are looking for. Magic Opportunity Spell Opportunities have been passing you by, or you feel like you might have missed a great opportunity, With the Magic Opportunity Spell, opportunities could be knocking more than once on your door! After casting this good luck spell you will begin to notice small opportunities coming your way, and these small opportunities open the door for bigger and better opportunities. It seems to have quite a snowball effect! The beauty of this good luck spell is that it doesnt just bring one, big opportunity that could possibly be missed, it just keeps bringing More and more, bigger and better opportunities to you! Powerful Money Spell If the following words seem to be coming from your mouth, then this may be the service youve been looking for: I need to improve my financial situation, and I need to do it immediately. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. Today! Here is what this remarkable spell could bring you. Cash in your pocket so you dont have to scrimp for every penny. Money to bring you respect and a higher standing in your community. Money to give you status, more confidence - to make you more appealing to the opposite sex. Like most people, you seek the comfort and stress-free life that only people blessed with an abundance of money can enjoy. The primary goal of this spell is to bring your dream to reality. Coyote Money Spell This powerful money spell Allows you to recognize opportunities for success in all financial endeavours. This spell takes you by the hand so you dont pass up the golden opportunities. You will feel energized and instilled with the knowledge that you will finally locate that pot of gold Money Making Ideas If youd like to make more money, especially if youd like to work from home, but you just dont have any great ideas on how to do that, then this is just the money spell youre looking for! Within a day or two of casting this money spell, most people begin to notice that they are looking at almost everything from a potential money making perspective. They begin to take more notice of little things they overlooked before, seeing these things from the perspective of a need that they could fill and make money doing it. They often have dreams in which they get great

ideas, things they never even thought of before, but could make money with. Start making money from home with your great ideas Increase My Income Money Spell If you feel like youre just not getting paid what youre worth and you would like to increase your income, then this is just the money spell youve been looking for! This money spell usually works in one of two possible ways; many people get a sudden, unexpected promotion at the same company they have been working for, earning a lot more money than they were before, and other people find that they are suddenly presented with opportunities to move to a different company, making a lot more than they were before! Either way, you could come out the winner! Wall of Protection Spell If youve been feeling like youre being bombarded by negative forces from many different sources, this is just the protection spell youre looking for! Within a day or two of casting this protection spell, most people begin to notice a growing feeling of safety and security that actually seems to be emanating from them. They feel it filling a space that extends to about ten feet all around their body with a shimmering white protective light that they cant quite see with their physical eyes, but they are aware of it within their minds eye. Each day they notice it growing stronger and more powerful, keeping all negative influences at bay, no matter who might be sending it! Misfortune Banishing Spell If youve been having continuous flow of bad luck or misfortune and it seems like nothing is going the way youd like it to, this is just the spell youre looking for! Within a day or two of casting this spell most people begin to notice their luck changing for the better. At first it might be small things like find a close parking spot, and then bigger things like finally finding the job they were looking for, and then even bigger things start going better and better! And, before you know it, all that bad luck had completely turned around until things are going great!

your creativity, your motivation to get things done. If you are like most people, once you get going theres no stopping you. This remarkable spell will give you the boost, the energizer to get you going and keep you going. Protection Spell Everyone seeks security, protection, a feeling of well being. And you are no exception. This potent spell casts a protective shield around you, insulating you from the negative forces that could penetrate a more vulnerable soul. Let a Master Psychic cast this Extreme Protection spell in your behalf so you can enjoy a more pleasurable life in peace and serenity. Remember, most ailments are a result of tension, anxiety, and worry. Once you feel you are encased in a protective shell, you will relax and find your mind open to new possibilities, new enjoyments Isis Shield Spell If someone has been sending a lot of negative energy towards you and youve been looking for a way to deal with it, this is just the protection spell youre looking for! Within a day or two of casting this protection spell, most people begin to notice that they feel a lot lighter as if a heavy pressure or burden has been lifted off of their shoulders. Then things begin to look up for them, but, they often also notice that someone they know suddenly begins to run into a streak of bad luck. Whats really happening is that the person who was sending the negative energy to you is now getting that very same energy reflected back to them! The spell is not harming them in any way, its simply sending back to them what rightfully belongs to them, it was their negative energy that was being sent out in the first place! Evil Spirits Banishment Spell If youve been troubled by evil spirits, a haunted house, someone sending you evil energy, or unwanted astral visitors and if youve been looking for a constructive way to deal with it, then this is just the spell youre looking for! Within a day or two of casting this spell, most people begin to notice a very definite change in the energy surrounding them and their home, it feels lighter, brighter, cleaner and more at ease. This spell produces an energy that is soothing and reassuring to humans, but evil spirits find it to be very distasteful and cant wait to get away from it! Extreme Wealth Spell Of course, everyone wants to be wealthy. Who doesnt? Certainly, its everyones goal to have money to burn, possessions galore, and the leisure time to enjoy them. And you are no different. Perhaps this is the time to place yourself in the hands of a gifted Native doctor who can cast a spell that could bring you rewards you never thought possible. And remember, just about every successful person will point to his head when asked what was the most important ingredient for his success. Meaning you have to have the right mindset, the self-confidence, the positive outlook that will eventually lead you to the pot of gold. Extreme Acceleration If you have too many things on your agenda that have been sitting there for months, perhaps its time to shift to another gear. Move up to a higher level when this spell boosts your energy, Karma 30 Extreme Respect Spell One of our most desirable goals in life is to gain respect from loved ones, acquaintances, our peers, etc. This potent spell is designed to open the eyes of people around you so they can recognize your unique and often subtle contributions. You are one of a kind and have so much to offer. Its time others recognized it. Terminator spell Remove a Rival! Remove a Barrier to Marriage! End Unhappiness! Also known as the King of Spells, the Terminator spell is designed to remove a barricade (human or otherwise) standing in the way of your success in love and money. Whether it is the removal of a rival in a relationship or ending a bad luck streak, the Terminator spell could turn your life around on a dime! It is not by chance you are reading these words at this very moment. It is meant to be. Perhaps it is your fate that has crossed your path with the Terminator spell. Whatever the reason, it is very likely you have a strong desire to bring about a dramatic change in your life; if so, you have come to the right place. Here is what the Terminator spell can do for you; Replace the void in your life with the love of your life. Replace loneliness with companionship. Replace sadness with laughter and joy. Replace despair with hope. Replace a rival in a relationship with you! Replace bad luck with good luck. CONTACT SWAMIJI SRI SELVAM SIDDHAR IMMEDIATELY IF YOU WANT TO OVERCOME ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the most learned Atharva Veda scholar. He has researched the Atharva Veda and has brought out a lot of hidden things. He helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential

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Atharva Vedic Astrolgy

His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar

edic Astrology. .I thank all the readers for extending their support to the wonderful magazine Karma. Due to the over whelming support the magazine has come as the first of its kind throughout the country. During the past issues we discussed a lot about Vedic Astrology. In this issue I wish to discuss about how Vedic Astrology controls the health. Not many people realize that our health can be tracked in the stars! Each of the planets and the signs has particular areas of the body that they influence through their ruler ship. Aries Rules the Head, Taurus Rules the Throat, Gemini Rules the Breath, Cancer Rules the Breasts, Leo Rules the Heart, Virgo Rules the Abdomen, Libra Rules the Kidneys, Scorpio Rules the Secret Parts, Sagittarius Rules the Hips, Capricorn Rules the Knees, Aquarius Rules the Ankles and Pisces Rules the Feet. Let me briefly explain the notes of Atharva Veda on this subject. Aries Rules the Head. The head, taken as a whole, is ruled by Aries. The signs have an internal, external and structural relationship. Internally, Aries rules the brain and nerve centers, carotid arteries; externally the cranium, jaw and facial bones. Externally, the ruler ships are more complicated and other parts of the head and face are ruled by Taurus and Scorpio and all of the planets rule various other parts. For example, the Sun rules the right eye in the male, the left eye in the female, while the Moon rules the left eye in the male and right eye in the female. Aries is subject to all kinds of head complaints such as sinusitis, headaches, tooth and gum afflictions, baldness and are prone to accident or injuries to the head and face. As a sign of this celestial association, many Aries individuals are born with a birth mark on their head or face. Taurus Rules the Throat Each sign has external, internal and structural relationships. Externally, Taurus rules the throat, neck, ears and lower jaw. Internally, it rules the thyroid gland, pharynx, larynx, jugular vein, tonsils, Eustachian tubes, cervical ganglia and carotid arteries. Structurally, it rules the occipital, cervical vertebrae, lower jaw and teeth, chin and palate. The pathological tendencies of this sign are stroke, croup, tonsillitis, lymphatic stasis of the neck and head and laryngitis. Vulnerable parts of the body are the neck, throat, shoulders and upper torso. Stiff necks, sore throats and earaches are common Taurean complaints. Taurus rules the throat, giving a powerful, often

beautiful voice. The influence of Venus opens up a world of musical talent and appreciation, so Taureans are good singers and musicians, or at least, love music and can be a force on the business side of music. Gemini Rules the Breath Each sign of the zodiac has external, internal and structural ruler ship. Externally, Gemini rules the shoulders and upper arms. Internally, Gemini rules the breath, nerve fibers, thymus gland, lungs, trachea and bronchi. Structurally, Gemini rules the clavicle, scapula and humerus. This double sign portends the native suffering from two diseases at the same time. The pathological action of this sign is nervousness, negativity, passivity, or even restlessness. Tuberculosis, asthma and anemia are common to the nativity. Vulnerable parts of the body are the arms, hands, fingers, lungs and nervous system, especially the sense of hearing. Respiratory problems and various nervous conditions are common to the people of Gemini. Geminis complaints are benefited with the orange rays. Gemini is traditionally considered a barren sign. Cancer Rules the Breasts The crab is Cancers astrological symbol, so, when threatened, people with Cancer prominent in their chart tend to armor themselves by withdrawing into solitude. When upset, they use food as consolation, which in turn, results in obesity and food allergies. The Sun in Cancer reflects a weakened physical constitution. Externally, it rules the breasts, epigastria region and the elbows. Internally, it rules the stomach, digestive organs, upper lobe of the liver, thoracic duct, pancreas, blood serum and womb. The entire act of digestion with peristalsis is ruled by Cancer. Indigestion, stomach ulcer, flatulence, jaundice, liver torpidity and mammary affections are common. Be on guard against lymphatic stasis. Structurally,

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Cancer rules the maxillae, bladder, blood serum and albumen. People with Cancer active in their charts are subject to coughs, indigestion, gas, gallstones, general problems with stomach, liver and intestines, plus emotional disorders such as depression, hypochondria and hysteria. Leo Rules the Heart Leo represents the heart of the physical system, a fire sign that heats the body and can lead to a loss of equilibrium between body and mind. Internally, Leo rules the heart, spinal cord, liver metabolism, spleen, pulmonary arteries and aorta, superior and inferior vena cava. Externally, the Lion governs the back and forearm, while structurally, the twelve dorsal vertebrae. The diseases of Leo predominately involve the heart, most seriously occlusion of cardiac arteries by blood clot or occlusion bringing on a heart attack. Nervous tension can affect the heart with palpitations and the like. The fire of Leo tends to fevers, especially heart-related issues such as peri carditis and rheumatic heart disease and is linked to jaundice and eye problems. Leo, though fond of children, is traditionally a barren sign. Virgo Rules the Abdomen Internally, Virgo rules the abdominal region, large and small intestines, spleen, solar plexus, lower lobes of the liver, pancreas, portal veins and has some influence on the generative organs. Externally, it rules the umbilicus, hands and nails. Structurally, it rules the carpal bones. Health conscious Virgo makes an effort to stay physically fit and Virgo people dont mind repetitive exercise routines, if they can see achievable outcomes. They enjoy tennis, racquetball, swimming, sailing, fishing, and biking, even though athletically

they are not overly competitive. Its just that they always seek to perfect whatever skills they may have, primarily for the sake of doing a thing well. Talented in various crafts, dressmaking and designing, Virgo may also take a particular interest in such things as cartography, travel, and philately. Virgo rules the sinuses, respiratory system and bowels. Colds, flu, allergies, problems with intestines and constipation are common Virgoan complaints. Black moods and despondency from time to time can adversely affect others in the vicinity. Traditionally, Virgo is a barren sign. Libra Rules the Kidneys As each sign rules structural, external and internal relationships, Libra rules the excretory functions through the kidneys and skin. Externally it rules the lumbar region, buttocks, adrenals and vasomotor system. Structurally, the sign rules the lumbar vertebrae. The pathological tendencies of this sign are lumbago, kidney disease, uraemia, polyuria, renal calculi and oedema. Libra rules the kidneys, lower back and ovaries. Lower back pain, and problems caused by too much sugar or rich food are common complaints. Librans are also subject to interminable hovering between alternatives, or inability to make firm decisions, especially under pressure, when they can be pushed by others into taking steps they may later regret. Scorpio Rules the Secret Parts Each sign has an external, internal and structural ruler ship. Externally, Scorpio rules the nose and nasal bones, the pubic area and genital organs. Internally, it rules the gonads, hemoglobin, bladder, prostate, descending colon, sigmoid flexure and rectum. It has nfluence over the

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vocal cords and larynx. Structurally it rules the pubic bones, coccyx and nasal bones. This sign also influences the thymus and thyroid glands, liver, uterus, menstruation, sweat glands and the endocrine glands in general. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and excretory system, so those with Scorpio active in their charts suffer headaches, infections and fevers, along with various illnesses to do with what used to be called the secret parts. Scorpio people however have a strong constitution and can usually overcome their problems, many of which are of their own making, due to their clandestine activities. Sagittarius Rules the Hips Externally, Sagittarius rules the region around the hips, gluteal muscles, thighs and has considerable influence over the muscles in general. Internally, it has ruler ship of the sciatic nerve, iliac arteries and veins and considerable influence on the liver, lungs and motor nerves. Structurally, it rules the four coccygeal vertebrae, sacral bones and femur. The diseases of Sagittarius particularly involve the hips and thighs. Injury to these areas is common, especially if horse-riding is involved. The pain of sciatica has long been associated with this sign. The expansive, pleasure loving influence of Jupiter inclines to the excessive consumption of rich food and drink, sometimes leading to arthritic pains in the hips. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, the tendency to feverish complaints is also marked. Capricorn Rules the Knees Externally, Capricorn rules the joints (especially the knees), hair, teeth and skin; internally, the mucous membranes, the peripheral nerves and portions of the stomach. Structurally, it rules the skeleton, bones and patella. The planet Lord Sun is weak in this sign, but Capricorn does tend towards longevity unless afflicted by the planets Moon or Saturn. Many diseases result from business anxieties. The accidents from this sign are broken bones, sprains, dislocations and hurts from the knees and below. Sensitive skin, allergies, and broken bones are problems, while worrying too much can also result in physical disorders. Capricorn suffers from insecurity and anxiety in youth, but blossoms under Saturn in the later years. Capricorn people do not readily yield to disease, but once sick they hold onto the symptoms and can become hypochondriacs. Worry and anguish can also result in health problems like heart attacks if they are not careful to relieve their stress with proper exercise. The pathological tendencies are crystallization, dryness and constriction. Routine massage and foot reflexology can be of considerable benefit. Aquarius Rules the Ankles Externally this sign rules the calves, tibia and ankles. Internally, Sun in Aquarius rules the circulation, breath and eyesight; structurally, the bones of the lower limbs. It is closely associated with the blood and circulation, with a tendency toward impure blood. The pathological action of Aquarius is towards nervousness, gloom and sensitivity leading to habits and fixed ideas that make disease persist and linger. Aquarians are prone to varicose veins, hypertension and heart problems. Aquarius rules shins, ankles, and the circulatory system, while cramps, allergies, sudden illness and freak accidents are common for those with Aquarius active in their charts. They may also suffer from various nervous disorders. Karma 36

Pisces Rules the Feet Internally, Pisces rules the lymphatic system, sensorial fluids and functions of the glands in general. Externally, it rules the feet and toes and structurally the bones of the feet. Swelling, allergic reaction to drugs, injuries to the feet and related problems are common complaints, but the Piscean emotional nature can also make them vulnerable to sychosomatic illness. The susceptibility of the Piscean nature to drugs and alcohol as a way of dealing with the pressures of the world needs to be addressed in a sensitive and realistic way. Todays medical world has become vast. The utilities and laboratory facilities have grown to a tremendous height. Without having anything or any facility like today, our ancestors have invented all these factors thousands of years back itself. All these are explained in Atharva Veda. In the next issue I will meet you all with some more different ideas of Vedic Astrology. I pray Lord Shiva and Goddess Vanadurga to shower their entire blessings on all of us to have a comfortable living CONTACT SWAMIJI SRI SELVAM SIDDHAR IMMEDIATELY IF YOU WANT TO OVERCOME ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the most learned Atharva Veda scholar. He has researched the Atharva Veda and has brought out a lot of hidden things. He helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential

Followers Appreciation about the services and Blessings of Guru Maharaj Pram Pujya Vedic Samrat, Maharishi His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Name : BRENDA SHAH , Georgia Swamiji, my parents are living in a different state of USA. I am living in GA. I am the only daughter of my parents. Even though I am good in all aspects, my marriage is being delayed due to the problems in my horoscope. My father and me consulted you and by the power of your wonderful rituals, My marriage is being settled by the first quarter of 2009. Thank you very much for your wonderful mantra powers. Name : NEELAM SINGHADIA , New York Swamiji, after seeing your website, I approached you to solve the problems in my family. My husbands health, my financial position and problems in all walks of life. You came to my family personally and performed rituals. Now the problems are being solved gradually. Thank you very much for your wonderful prayers and rituals. Please shower your continuous blessings on me and my family. Name : GILLIAN AKNOZ, New Jersey Even though I am not a Hindu, I have a great faith in Hinduism. Even though I am good in all aspects, I was not able to get married. I consulted many astrologers around the country; nobody was able to fix the problem. At last, I approached you and you fixed the problem. My wedding is fixed during the first week of December. Thank you very much for this. I will be your devotee until the end of my life Name : DEV PRESAU, Oregon I am a young man. Even though I study hard, I was not able to do well in my examinations. I was unable to get a good job also. I consulted you. You did some wonderful rituals and by your gracious and auspicious blessing, I am doing well in my studies. I have a job also. Thanks and Namaskars. Name : RAJA MOHAMMED , New York I am a poor Muslim. I have two daughters. Even though my wife and me work very hard we were notable to get a good job. We approached you. You found that we have some black magic problems. You solved the problem very easily with your wonderful mantra power. Now we are getting well in all our affairs. Salutes to you and your wonderful mantra power.

Name : Anita Chintala, Arizona Swamiji, Namaste. I approached to solve the problems of my son . He got involved in some affairs and he was imprisoned. Even after the arguments of many attorneys, he was not let free. I approached you to solve this problem. You performed wonderful Thantric rituals. Now he has come out of the case. My entire family is surrendered to your lotus feet. Name : HARIHARA PRATAP, Texas Swamiji, I came to this country along with my wife. We both had jobs but in different cities. Even though we were married, we had to live as bachelors. We had much confusions in our life. We approached your good self to fix these problems. You fixed the problems in a wonderful way with your Atharva Veda Thantric rituals. Now we are leading a peaceful and wonderful life. Thank you very much and namaskarams. Name : Ravi Agnihothri, Illinois I belong to the best family of Agnihothris from India. Even though I came from a higher family, I was having some kind of mental stress. I approached many astrologers and they were not able to fix my problem. I came to know about you through the wonderful magazine Karma. I approached you through telephone. On hearing your voice itself I had a great courage. Within a short period I am able to come out of the stress. Thank you very much Swamiji for bringing my life back. My life is dedicated to you. Name : Mansoor K Ali, California I am a Muslim. I was cheated by a lot or Peers. So I developed an aversion towards the Peers or Swamijis. When I met you and told my problems to you, you just placed your right hand on me. I realized the energy with you and from that moment all the aversions went out of me. You solved all my family problems in a miraculous way. First my thanks to the magazine Karma and my salutation and thanks to you Swamiji. Please dont forget this poor man. Name : Nalin Kapoor, Virginia I am very happy to know about your visit to our State. You blessed my grandson for his studies. Now he is the first in his class. Now please bless my husband, who is a psychic patient. I know your blessings and powerful ritual will make a lot of wonders. Namaskars Swamiji. Name : Yashwant K Sinhha, Georgia: After reading the magazine KARMA, I thought that you are also like other Swamijis. I approached you only half mindedly

to solve the problem in selling my lands. To my surprise you gave me exact directions without caring for the money. Only after your consultation and rituals my land was sold with a good profit. As I pledged in my mind I am sending $10001.00 as a donation to the Temple. Namaskars Swamiji. Whenever you come to NewYork please stay in my house and bless all of us. Thanks once again. Name : Yatin Parikh, Texas: Swamiji, I approached you after reading your article in the magazine kARMA to bring out my son from his drug addiction. You performed wonderful Thantric rituals and Para psychological treatment to him. Now he is very well in all aspects of life. Thanks and Pranams Swamiji. Name : Jai Patel, Missouri Jai Swamiji Maharaj. Only because of your best prayers, we got our kid now. We married 17 years back. We both are hale and healthy. But we were unable to get good kids. Only after your consultation and Thantric rituals we are blessed with a kid. Our life is dedicated to your golden feet. I wish to donate $501.00 to Karma Magazine every month. As it has shown me a good way. Once again Namaskars and Thanks Maharaj. Name : Ken Patel , New Jersey I have a daughter and son. My daughter is very beautiful and well educated but her marriage was postponing due to some kind of reasons. I consulted Dr.Siddhar Swamiji after reading his article Vedic Astrology, in the magazine Karma and followed his advises. Due to that, my daughters marriage went on successfully. She is leading a happy family life. I humbly submit the pranams of my entire family to Swamiji Sri Siddhar. Name : Mukund S Mehrotra , New Jersey I was a successful businessperson. Due to the black magic done by my enemies on me, I lost everything I had. I consulted Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar. He performed the best rituals to remove the black magic. Due to his marvelous rituals, I am returning to my old position. My life is very indebted to Dr Commander Selvam Siddhar. Nilam Iman Ibrahim, Dubai, UAE Swamiji I have no words to explain your power. You brought my son out from his drug addiction. Even though I am a Muslim, I keep your photo in my house and worship it daily. Thanks and Salaams Swamiji. I wish to make a humble donation of $501.00 for your services. Only because of that holy reference from my friend Saluja ,I came to know about you. Vivek Jain, Plano, TX, USA Parampujya Swamiji, Namaskars. I am from a very good Sri. Vaishanvate Brahmin family. Few years back the problems started coming up in my family life due to the black magic done on my family and me. Even though my family members consulted many astrologers here and in India, the problems
Karma 38

were not solved. Finally, I came to you through my sister. You analyzed my horoscope and performed wonderful rituals. Now I am getting alright. Thanks and Namaskars Prakash Desai, Novi, MI, USA Swamiji, even though I am old, I had a un satisfactory life with my wife. I had financial and health problems also. I approached you to solve these problems. By the power of your mantras, the problems are going down gradually and I am on my path of success and peaceful life. Thank you very much Swamiji for making my disastrous life a wonderful one Akshaya Rani, Hayward, CA, USA Swamiji Namaskars. After going through my family friend Kritikas referral about you, I have approached you for making my sorrowful life as a happy life. I had a lot of troubles in my family life. You cleared every thing by your wonderful mantra power. Only because of your blessings I have become a mother for a wonderful kid. Thanks a lot to the wonderful magazine Karma also. Kalyan Sharma, Houston, TX, USA Thank you very much for the information on Karma. It is really a most appropriate necessity for . American Hindus, new generation in particular, are in a bad need for this type of gyan dweep. I am submitting one such article for publication in your illuminating paper. Please send one copy to this temple Pastor Antony P. Braden, Sydney, Australia Dear Revered Soul Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar, I am the Pasteur of a Christian Church in a big city of Australia. I know well about you and your wonderful services to the human race. I pray Jesus Christ to bless you with a long and happy spiritual life. Please schedule a day in your calendar for me. I am ready to join my hands with you in the noble and holy cause of bringing up the human race Nillu Mehta, Richmond, VA, USA Dear Swamiji, Thanks for your wonderful support through your Astrological knowledge and prayers. I am having proper sleep these days after 18 years of my problems. Although as a Indian girl born and raised in US, I always had a fashion for our Indian Vedas. I like to serve for your super cause, Please let me know the day to serve under you. I do not like monetary subjects. I like to have a GURUJI like you. Jai Krishna! Ms.Sowmya Navaneethan, Orlando, FL, USA Dear Siddhar Selvam(Dr Commander Selvam) I was really flying like anything when I touched your feet. I felt like a electric waves went inside my body, when I touched you. You are really extreme powerful Swamiji. Swamiji, I like to join in your Ashram, to serve the mankind. By the way I have got my new Job, and I am doing well in these days.

Mr.Sudhakar Mayavaram, Sugarland, TX, USA Swamiji My daughters marriage is fixed now after a long time only by your blessings. I wish to donate a sum of $25,000 for the new Temple to be built at my state. Billu Bhai Patel, Edison, NJ, USA I wish to have your esteemed blessings for the 3rd business I have started. My first two businesses are running good only because of your blessings. Daily I chant your holy name SRI SIDDHAR SWAMIYE NAMAHA for 108 times before starting my daily affairs. Om Namashivaya and Sri Siddar Swamiye Namaha Sunita Jabbar, Boston ,MA, USA Respected Swamiji, only because of your whole hearted and holy blessings, I have come out of my worst health problems. Now I have become the healthiest lady. Thanks and Pranams for making me as the healthiest. Mr.Gary H Fernley, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe I am a German. I have read a little bit of Vedas. Only after your meeting at Swiss, I am able to think more clearly. Thanks for giving me a wonderful vision. Please expand your magazine circle to my country also to enlighten more and more people. Mr.Babu Nair, Dubai, UAE Siddhar Namboodhri , I have no words to explain the power of your mantras. You have saved me and my family from suicide. We had an idea to commit suicide because the debts. You showed me the best ways to come out of the debts. Once again thanks to you and your fantastic magazine Karma. Ms. Shivani Anjalika ,Alpharetta, GA, USA Swamiji came to you to bring up my downtrodden business. You guided me in the proper way and, only because of that guidelines, my business is going upwards. You please be the consultant to the company and give your esteemed ideas to grow more and more. Namaskars and thanks Swamiji. S.Nila Iyer, Redondo Beach, CA, USA Swamiji you are so sweet. What is the secret of your ever loving smile? You are a living God to me, I am pray to you every day in my life. Now I am happy with my husband, he doesnt abuse me any more after you came up in my life. I love you swamiji and I will give my whole life to you swamiji Ms. Rupa Mayan, West Palm Beach, FL, USA Swamiji I love you so much. At the age of 27 , I have found my REAL GURU. Please have your blessed hands always. I would like to pledge 10% of my pay check every month for your noble cause.. Swamiji please find a right husband, who is so sweet like you! Narender Vimalan Reddy, Queens, NY, USA Dear Dr Commander Selvam(Swmiji), I do not have words to express my gratitude for the help you have rendered me. I am so peaceful now. Everything went very well. I got my

immigration stampings. Now I could go to India. Swamiji I am going to India after 8 years to see my family...without your blessings these things are not possible. All my family wants to pass their koti namaskaramas to you. Shanthi Alwar, Lexington, KY, USA Respected Siddhar Swamiji, I approached you to solve the problems in my job and career. You preferred some Atharva Thantra rituals and you performed those rituals. By the power of the mantras and rituals, now I am in a good job. Thank you very much for making my life a wonderful one Sindu Bajaj,Suva, Fiji Islands Swamiji, my parents are living in a different state of USA. I am the only daughter of my parents. Even though I am good in all aspects, my marriage is being delayed due to the problems in my horoscope. My father and I consulted you and by the power of your wonderful rituals, my marriage is being settled by the first quarter of 2009. Thank you very much for your wonderful mantra powers Rahul Shankar, Toronto, Canada Swamiji, I had a lot of legal problems and immigration problems. I approached many astrologers and attorneys. Nobody was able to fix the problem. I approached you finally. I can darely say that my problems are nearing the end only because of your blessings and rituals. My namaskarams to you and your wonderful mantra and Atharva Thantra powers. Anandhan Sankaralingam, Birmingham,Alabama, USA I consulted Swamiji about my kundli and followed his advice and now I am in a very good position. Thanks and pranams to Siddhar Swamiji. Jasmit Shuku,Springfileld, OH, USA My Dear Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar I love you so much. You are a miracle. My husband totally stopped drinking these days. I do not have words to express your holy power. I truly appreciate your help Swamiji. CONTACT SWAMIJI SRI SELVAM SIDDHAR IMMEDIATELY IF YOU WANT TO OVERCOME ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the most learned Atharva Veda scholar. He has researched the Atharva Veda and has brought out a lot of hidden things. He helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E mail:- All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential

Business Problems and spiritual solutions.

-Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar
A business is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers. One who owns a business is called as businessman. Each and every one who starts a business does not shine as a successful businessman. It is not that they are not capable of running a business. The horoscope and planet position in the horoscope make a n individual as a successful businessman. The 2nd, 10th, and the 11th houses, the owner of those houses and the planets occupying those houses decide the factor of a businessman. Atharva Veda explains a lot more about the business. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar has done a vast research in Atharva Vedic astrology and he has written a lot of articles on this subject. The planetary positions cannot be changed. It is called as Destiny or Karma. None can change it. But by proper Atharva Vedic Yaksha devathas rituals one can make this karma or destiny in a smooth way. The evilness of the planets can be removed and the same evil planets will be made as the best, by the Atharva Veda Yaksha/Yakshini Devathas. The worship of Atharva Veda Yaksha/Yakshini devathas is called as ritual. There is a great difference between the regular prayer and rituals. Physically one may show many reasons for the loss in the business or closure of a business. But the fundamental base is only one. That fundamental base is astrology. If the planets and their positions are good, everything will go smooth and well. But if the planets and their positions are not well the entire things will be spoiled. There are many examples for the best businessmen, who have become the worst businessmen and lost everything they earned. All are not planned but when the planets positions change everything gets changed. What is the remedy for this? Atharva Veda is the only remedy and solution for this. The horoscope of the person is to be scrutinized by Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam). After scrutinizing the horoscopes he will prefer some Atharva Vedic Thantric rituals.. Atharva Veda has wonderful mantras and rituals to bring up the down trodden business and it can make the worst businessman as a successful businessman. The rituals for the following Yaksha devathas are to be performed be at least seven learned scholars. The rituals should be performed only in a divine and auspicious place. The rituals are to be done as per the directions of Siddhar Swamiji. By adopting these one can become a successful businessman. The following Atharva Veda Yakshini Devathas are to be worshipped with the utmost dedication and devotion. The first Yakshini Devatha is Shodashi Devi. She is called Shodashi because she possesses all the sixteen Supernatural powers. Goddess Shodashi is the most enchanting beauty of all the ten great learning. Shodashi, who has the mantra consisting of sixteen letters, has organs glowing like a rising sun. She has four hands and three eyes. She is seated on the lotus, which is placed on the body of Shiva who is lying in a peaceful posture. She has a noose, a hook, a bow and an arrow in each of her hands. Eveready to shower blessings on her devotees, her appearance is completely cheerful and gentle. Her heart is full of compassion. A devotee who takes her refuge achieves great divinity like the deities. In fact her splendors are indescribable. Even the Vedas are incapable of describing her greatness. Being pleased with her devotee she gives more than he demands. The next Atharva Veda Yakshini Devatha is Siddhidatri. She is capable of giving all sorts of occult powers. According to Atharva Veda there are eight types of these powers - Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Isitwa and Vasitwa. The number eight is given special consideration in Atharva Veda. The mother Siddhidatri is competent enough to give all Siddhis to the strivers and her devotees. According to Devi Purana the Lord Shiva acquired these powers only by the grace of this goddess alone. Only due to her grace the Lord Siva became Ardhanariswara. The mother Siddhidatri is four-armed. Her vehicle is lion. She is seated on a lotus flower. She holds a Chakra in her right lower hand and a mace in the upper. In the left lower hand there is a conch and in her upper left hand a lotus flower. By performing the rituals in a manner prescribed Swamiji Sri Siddhar and with his full faith the Sadhaka acquires all Siddhis. There remains nothing unattainable in the universe. He develops competency to conquer the whole universe. It is the duty of every person to always try to propitiate mother Siddhidatri and earn her favor. By her grace only a devotee crosses the ocean of miseries and remaining quite untainted, enjoying all worldly pleasures. By adopting the rituals prescribed by Swamiji Siddhar through the learned pundits in a holy place even the dull most businessmen can become the best businessmen. To know more and more about bringing up the down trodden business call Swamiji Sri Selvam Sidhar immediately

Contact Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Immediately If You Want To Overcome All Your Problems And Live A Happy Life. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the most learned Atharva Veda scholar. He has researched the Atharva Veda and has brought out a lot of hidden things. He helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E mail:- All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential

Karma 40

With Swamiji

Namaskarams to Guruji! I am blessed with Gurujis directions. Though I have been receiving his blessings from 2003 onwards this is the first time am interacting with this group. Am leading a happy life after having my very frequent visits to get Gurujis blessings before which I was in series of personal problems in all walks of my life. During last Oct., 08 I cried on his feet for my situation and with his blessings am getting out of troubles one after the other. With his blessings I did perform the Upanayanam of my son during June 2009 for which his Holiness was present and we are blessed to have him on that occasion. My sincere Namaskarams to Guruji and please involve me for any sort of activities of the group. -Punita Kumar , Pasir Ris, Singapre Grateful thanks to Guruji Grateful thanks to Guruji !! I am staying near 23rd Street Nanganallur. I have approached Guruji on the following occasion and absolutely he has guided me very well to sail comfortably in my life / Career. During 2000 I have approached him whether to purchase the house on particular place and month. He has given clear instruction and I purchased and living very peacefully and comfortably where Guruji has advised. During 2002 =my marriage - He has clearly told me to go ahead for marriage. I am living very peacefully with my kids. During 2003 =There were some pregnancy related issues when my wife was conceived. He has given KUMKUM and he has blessed and my wife had normal delivery. During 2004=Due to some visa problem I was sitting idle for 5 months and I have approached him. He has told me that within 9 days you will get visa. And surprisingly exactly on the 9th day Evening, I got visa. During 2006 =I got transferred to Dindigul and my father was in DEATH BED at Madras.. Family members were suffering very badly as I was away from Madras to take care of bed ridden Father aged 85. I was about the resign the Job. Sought the Arul Vakku of Guruji. He has told to submit the resignation and within a month in the same Company I got the transfer to Madras. More over after my arrival, there were great improvement in father health conditions and now he started walking. Thanks for your patient reading- Namaskarams to my Guruji -Govindarajan Varadarajan. Geneva, Switzerland I live in USA and married for several years but no kids. I asked several times my Mom to visit me, but she gave me all types of lame excuses. During Jun 2004, I went and met Guruji with my Mom. At the entrance, they allowed one person at a time. So, I went upstairs and met him. As soon as I saw him, started crying uncontrollably.I was shocked to see, even my Mom was sent behind me. Guruji spoke to my mom and said, your daughter is craving for your visit to USA. Your visit to USA means more to her than having a kid. He asked her to go alone; God will take care of your husband. My Mom was feeling uncomfortable leaving my Dad(a heart patient) alone. He did not want to visit USA. And he told me, this coming New Year, your Mom will be with you in USA. We came out. We cracked joke saying--what never happened in 10 years, how can my Mom visit USA?

About our Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Namaskaram Swamiji, We all are blessed. It was a very wonderful day and felt so happy on 1-1 session. Its been approximate around 3 years I havent seen Swamiji as I was tied up here. Swamiji blessed us all my family and had a nice day. We request once in a quarter at least if session like this organized would benefit all devotees abroad and Swamijis blessings. Thanks, -Narmada Viswa, Birimingham ,United Kingdom Jai Gurudev ! Guruji Ku Engaloda Panivana Namaskarangal We are very much delighted the way the online Arul Aasi and the speech of Gurujis came out very well. We have been blessed by our beloved Guruji. The Siddhar Peedam has done a very good service in order to see the speech of Gurujis without any disturbances and buffering. Also the voice is crystal clear as if that we were listing Gurujis speech personnely. Even the One to One Arul Aasi with Guruji was also conducted very well and the team has informed in advance about our turn and it helps us to get ready without any tension. We are expecting the same kind of programme in future often. Those who are in abroad like us it will be very good to have our Gurujis blessings.The SSK SANGH media team had done a wonderful effort and it reflected in the result. We are very much thankful for the team also.Expecting the same kind of service and cooperation in future. With Regards, -Srimathi Srikanth, Mombasa Africa Jai Gurudev! Most humble pranams to beloved Guruji. Words cannot express the joy we had listening to the discourse and thereafter the 1-1 with Guruji. I am sure this has been possible only with the sankalpa of Guruji and prayers of his children overseas. It is true that the heart of guru melts to the request of his loved ones. Let him bless us to be a worthy instrument in his hands and shape the future as per his holy mission. I pray that Guruji continue to bless the media team ,trustees with many such unique efforts. Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu. As per his directives we will strive to make our life simple, humble, filled with love and devotion. Guru thiruvadi charanam!! -Gopal & family, Zurich, Switzerland

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Guess what, sudden turns of event, she came in Dec 2004. She had safe trip, my Dad also managed alone well. During her stay, our adoption of a daughter came through. Even today, I thank him a lot. He made possible the impossible task. I took my adopted daughter to Guruji, who was 5 years old, maintaining some distance with me. He predicted that she would glue to you in a months time, you would go in August to USA with her safely. Needless to say, that also came through. In Jan 2009, I went to Chennai, very keen on visiting him, but when I went his place, he went to out of town. Recently my cousin visited him. She is a frequent visitor. He told her, your cousin and daughter from USA wanted to see me, why did not you tell them when I am in Chennai?. They went back to USA without seeing him. I hope, his blessings are always on our family. -Vijaya Reddy, New York, USA I came to swamiji ashram 4 weeks before. He blessed me that I will get my promotion in my office very soon. Miracle happened within 2 weeks itself. I got my promotion as a project manager in my office. Swamiji is a great mahan. -Keertana Loganathan , Scabourogh, Canada Grateful thanks to guruji for his miracle!!I wish to share a miracle that my husband and I experienced after our meeting with Guruji. In June this year my husband was in Chennai to spend some time with his nephew, Hari who had come down from Canada. His nephew told him that he wanted to meet Shri Swamiji, to ask him about some problem he had. My husband was interested also to accompany him as we too were going through a problem. My daughter who studied in New Zealand was waiting to get a job so that she could get her work visa in New Zealand. If she did not get it then she would have to return to India. We were very worried about that. With great difficulty my husband got an appointment to meet Guruji. Guruji just asked him who he wanted to ask about and my husband replied that it was about my daughter. Guruji wrote something and gave it to him. My husband was stunned because he had written the exact date month and the year she was born in. Then Guruji asked my husband what the problem was and Guruji then wrote a date when she would get the job and he also wrote work visa 100% and that she would do very well in life. Then my husband came back to Bangalore and we went on with our usual routine. Suddenly one day my daughter called and said that she got a wonderful job and she had to sign the contract the next day. We were astounded because the date was 9/7/06. And that was the exact date Guruji had written and as foretold she got her work visa within 7 days. It was certainly a great miracle and we are very grateful to Guruji. Then my husband and I went to Erode in November to meet Guruji regarding my son Sharavans Permanent Residence in Australia and some other personal problems. Guruji again wrote down his date of birth and all his problems before we could even tell him. Guruji also told me that I would be going abroad very soon. I am very happy to inform to you that I am mailing from New Zealand. My son Shravans PR is being delayed but Karma 44

I have great faith that as Guruji said he WILL get it and all the other problems will be solved. I know my prayers will be answered because meeting Guruji was a beautiful unforgettable experience. Thank you Guruji. We seek your blessings always With great respect -Aruna Vignesh, Auckland, New Zeland Dear Brother/Sisters of the Guruji family Pardon me if I have chosen this forum to share my personal experience with Guruji. I seeked his guidance a number of times when my father was hospitalized recently and each and every time he blessed and made him feel better after every darshan and grant of his divine kumkum.I requested his blessing once again for passing the most challenging Project management Professional exam from Project management Institute U.S. and as dicatated by his divine advice I cleared the toughest exam of my life today. I am spell bound by his personal care and love. I am writing this just after my return from his abode this evening expressing my gratitude. Koti pranams - shata koti pranams to our beloved guruji.!! Regards -Viswanthan Balakrishnan Dear All!! Namaskarams Hope you all are fine there ? i want to share my experience that happened on Sat with Guruji when I had been to Chennai.... God!!! our Guruji is such a GREAT PERSON...I cant imagine how a person can sit together for 6-7 hours continuously to just serve people , day -in and day-out for the whole year...We all work, but then its for our own satisfaction and for our own personal needs..He does it for us which is something really GREAT...His POWER is something enormous....He just tells you inch by inch what you are and what you feel and whats going to happen to you - he guides you so well... Me and my husband (Venkatesh) went there on Sat and can you beleive he wrote my name all by himself in the morning ,stating that Deepa- Bangalore will come today to meet me, I was ASTONISHED...I am telling you out of my experience that he is a PERFECT GURU and if we just be near him we shall get PEACE and HAPPINESS.. I trust him completely...The best part is that he recognizes our love and devotion towards him... On Sat evening I went again for the class between 7-8 (he talks to people about general issues) and the most UNFORGETABLE INCIDENT in my life happened....I went with my MIL and we did namaskarams and I went and sat little far away from him... He said Deepa come and sit near me, i was TOUCHED...He told my MIL do you know I have taken sweekaaram(adopted) of Deepa and she is my daughter- can you believe how I feltmy god I was SPEECHLESS and DUMB..I dint know how to react...Such a GREATTTTTTTTTTT MAHAAN calling me his daughter- there is nothing more than this I can get in my life....I felt I have reached the HEAVEN... Then he was generally discussing about life, guru, god etc...I am not sure if you are aware of this but I want to share with with you all- There is a SAALIGRAMAM( i hope I have spelt it right) which was worshipped by a guru in the Himalayaas for 100 years

and that saligramam has got a speciality (the only saaligramam in this world which has this speciality)- it is filled with river Ganges water in full such that if you move it you can hear the movement of the water- fully filled with Ganges water which is a rare one..Guruji said this is the only saaligramam in the world which has this feature...This saaligramam has gone to many hands and in Guruvayur they have done the gold sozhi and have indentified that this has to be with OUR GURUJI and they have sent it to our Guruji...Guruji said he has it at his place and guess what - he showed that to me - i was like BLESSED...I really felt on Sat that I reached the HEAVEN because the whole of Sat he was giving me all WONDERFUL AWESOME surprises....He also gave me his books(arul vaakugal) and I am not sure if you have noticed it - if you ask Guruji to keep kumkum for you ,he would keep it as a PERFECT CIRCLE...My FIL was STUNNED when he came to know that it was Gurujis prasadam, but the kummum was a perfect circle)he thought it was a sticker)... I am sharing this because I want to just tell each one of you my experience with Guruji..I sware you give in your COMPLETE SELF -SURRENDER to him and he will take care..You will lead such a HAPPY LIFE and he would make sure you are fine...You might have some bad events in life but if you follow a GURU like him, he will make sure we go through each moment of our life with happiness and he will carry you when we are in trouble...Please TRUST him and experience GOD within you and him..Please share your experiences with me and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee believe that GOD exists and our GURUJI will help you reach him by his grace...There is nothing required to reach GOD- Just surrender to our dear GURUJI... Thanks for your patient reading- Namaskarams to my dear Guruji and you all. Vimala Surendrer (from Bangalore, India) Sub: Gurujis Birthday celebrations We really had a blissfull time in the Jayanthi Celebrations of our loving Swamijis Birthday.....we cherished every moment of the event and also enjoyed every moment of ours before and after the event. We don;t have any words to express but a gratitude of thanks to the the TEAM who took utmost care of us to make a our stay memorable and blissfull one. As I have said this is first time in my life I had take leave on personal basis to be a part of Poojya shri Swamijis Jayanthi celebrations personally. There is a spritual saying, we plan do lot of things in life, ultimately we need to have GRACE of the GURU to accomplish the plans and through HIS Divine Grace and Blessings it becomes Blissfull. We sow the seed of attending the Birthday, by HIS grace we could grace this auspicious occasion and cherish every momement - visiting temples in chennai under the guidance of Swamiji, active participation in Thanga Radham of Swamiji (Life time opportunity), Darshan of Lord Balaji in Tirupati and above all presence in Jayanthi Celebrations - cherishing every moments of the same. We came back safe - enlightened soul. It was indeed a great moment for us to interact with devotees of swamiji and share some memorable moments. Above all we are blessed to spend some memorable moments with our Loving Guruji during our Stay and seek HIS Divine Blessings to all our Loved Ones. Please convey my sincere, heartfelt (direct from

the SOUL) and gratitude of the entire TEAM for their Hospitality and courtesy extended to me during the visit. My Humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Poojyashri Shri Swamiji. I seek HIS ever rendering DIVINE Grace for me, Family and Loved Ones always every moment of my LIFE.I wish the TEAM all the Best for Navartri. Best wishes & Blessings from Bhaskar -Kumudhini Preetika Chari, Mumbai, India Special message to my Guruji !!Dear Swamiji, GuruveCharanam!! Our Humble pranams at your lotus feet......Paadharavindham. We feel at BLISS in your DIVINE PRESENCE. Your DIVINE Presence kindles the LIGHT within Your DIVINE Words creates the awareness from within to lead us in the PATH of ENLIGTENMENT. Your embodiment of LOVE make us feel LOAVBLE. Your CRIMPSON RED COLOUR Attire vibrates spiritual bliss .Red KUMKUM in your EYE centre - entrance to the Kingdom of GOD (Divine DOOR) emanates RADIANCE for People who see within. Through your ARUL VAKKU (Divine Message) you communicate a divine message of reminding of your selfless Love and CARE for us and showering your ever rendering DIVINE Grace on us. Just like a lotus residing in a pond blooms at the sunrays, we bloom spiritually in your DIVINE PRESENCE, yet living in this material world. We feel the inner PEACE and HAPPINESS in your DIVINE PRESENCE like a CHILD feels happy whilst holding his / her father finger enjoying the visit to a fair. The Momement we miss your PRESENCE, we feel dejected / un happy / sad like a CHILD feed worried / tense / sad when his / her finger slips - detachs itself from father. The world was same yesterday, today and will be the same tomorrow. Its NATURE. But in your Presence we feel blissfull enjoying the NATURE. Love - Faith - Devotion becomes a Divine Relationship. By your Divine Grace, we have sown the seed of inner love, nurtured with full faith and devotion to become a Divine Relationship. What a great coincidence, Friday being devoted to Goddess Van Durga the same day we are celebrating our birthday of our Swamji. It is indeed a great blessing for all us present over here to seek the GRACE of our Divine Swamiji. We feel blessed to be in your Divine Presence on your Birthday to seek your Divine Blessings to all of us over here for Peace, Health, Happiness and Prosperity, lead us to the path of enlightenment, shower your ever rendering GRACE on all of us. Guruve Charanam -Rajini Raman, Saratoga, CA, USA
YOUR PROBLEMS AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE. Swamiji Sri. Selvam Siddhar is the most learned Atharva Veda scholar. He has researched the Atharva Veda and has brought out a lot of hidden things. He helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E mail:- All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential

2012 Shani Peyarchi/ Saturn Transit

Sani Peyarchi Palangal
-Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar

Mesha Raasi/Aries Moon Sign Lord Sani is positioning in the seventh place from your rasi and aspect your birth rasi from this place which means some hardship and tension in your life. You could land up with quarrels or difference of opinion with your kith and kin. Driving your car or bike is important area to be taken care. If you invest properly your profits will steadily grow in this year. Mesha rasi Stars : Ashwini, Bharani and first Pada of Krithika) Lord Sani Bagavan is going to visit the seventh place from your rasi and aspect 4th, 9thand your rasi during these two and half years from Thula rasi. Let me describe you few general predictions of your life in this time. For the past 2 years you had been enjoying a good life succeeding from every effort. Good financial flow, peace of mind, good sleep, success in career and business and in general happy life as Sani was visiting your sixth place which was very good place for you. But now Sani is positioning in the seventh place from your rasi and aspect your birth rasi from this place which means some hardship and tension in your life. Be prepared to take the challenges and take precautions to succeed in them with your intelligence and hard work. These challenges are going to be in control if you take proper decisions. Health and Wealth Main cause could be the financial flow. It may drop down sometime like your mobile phone battery if you consume high. And you may face few losses. There could be some difference of opinions with your partners. Business may not run as before if you dont take care properly. With the placement of seventh place Sani may bring you unhappiness in the relationships especially with your life partner. You may have some quarrels or he/she may get affected with some illness. For few of you it may so happen that you have to be away from your house due to business or work. Travelling long distance for long periods may make yourself left alone away from your dear ones. The aspect on the 9th house significantly affects your relationships with your relatives. You could land up with quarrels or difference of opinion with your kith and kin. In these times Karma 46

try to control your temper and keep quiet. When your time is not so good you must understand the situation and avoid heated exchanges in discussions. The aspect on 4th place is also bad for you as it may bring some unwanted expenses in the house, vehicle and family front. Like you know your car gets some repair work or leakage in your bathroom pipe. Pray God that it becomes small and under your budget. 4th place also shows mothers relationship and few may get in to quarrel with their mother or her health may detoriate. So take proper care and visit good hospital at the earliest. Driving your car or bike is important area to be taken care. Never speed up or go in the night time and totally avoid long drive. Keep calm and patience and relax at regular intervals. Sure there may have some trouble for who is love. Try not to spoil the mood and be careful on your words and commitments. If you dont behave properly under certain situations your love may break and dont feel sorry later. Business Businessmen must take extra caution dealing with partners. Think and talk or otherwise you may end up in trouble. Your partner may not be so comfortable adjustable as earlier. People who are dealing in real estate, machineries, public relations, advertisements can expect some good fortunes in their business ventures. For all profits in these sectors may prove better.For people in service more efforts may be needed to satisfy higher authorities and do extra work. You try to take more efforts and positively success will be yours at the end. Sincere efforts never fail and remember these golden words. For self employed peoples more efforts are the need of the hour and with intelligent planning and control is the key point in development. You will gain just for your good efforts. Be careful on expenses especially in the family front. Avoid unnecessary expenditure and cut down where it is possible.Fame and popularity is sure to come on its own for authors, poets and social workers. Religious leaders and reformers are going to get success and familiarity in this period. To conclude I advise you all born in Mesha Rasi (Aries) to take extra care in your daily life by planning and control with patience and braveness. If you invest properly your profits always grows.


Rishaba (Taurus) You can observe quite a lot of good things coming on your way so that all

your tensions and sufferings suddenly reduce and your happy life continues as before. Plans which broke and break half way may get started to turn up again with activity.Loans you had accumulated all these days may slowly reduce and you can find ways to make them give you lesser strain. Your fame will reach a new height as people against you start admiring your tactics and intelligence. Rishaba Rashi Stars: 2nd, 3rd, 4th Padas of Krithika, Rohini and 1st and 2ndPada of Mrigashirisha) Lord Sani Bagavan is visiting Thula rasi which is the sixth place from your birth rasi and going to aspect 8th, 12th and 3rdplaces during these two and half years from 21.12.2001 to 2.12.2014. The sixth place is one of the places called as Ubajeya Sthanam which is described as a beneficial on as per Hindu Astrological scriptures. You can observe quite a lot of good things coming on your way so that all your tensions and sufferings suddenly reduce and your happy life continues as before. Plans which broke and break half way may get started to turn up again with activity. Financially you had been playing pinki-ponky and organizing from one to other to meet ends. But the time has come to make end to all this endless manipulations and money flow is going to smoothen out everything. Till these days you have been running your life as and when you think of which was good and better and they had brought you unhappiness and failures. And on the whole net results were not as you expected and never gave you satisfaction and peace of mind. But now you can expect lot of changes as Sani Bagawan is transiting to Thulam rasi. People who were complaining about your behavior and deeds may have to change their opinion and start talking different. They will join hands with you and only very few might have some sort of different opinion on you. Health and Wealth Always the placement of Planet Saturn in sixth place from a Rasi brings excellent prosperity and lifts their life style to new heights. Whatever had been bottlenecks in your life may become brittle and break away to show you the good signs and proper way. I can assure you success in all the efforts you take hence forth and all against you may get eliminated.You may even forget those black days of sufferings and humiliation and come out of confusion and unexpected conflicts. This is the end of your sufferings and beginning of happiness. Court cases and legal issues may go in your way and you can expect favourable rulings on your side. You wi8ll get relief and gain financially. If you had any issues with your suppliers, clients, superiors or colleagues all of them may get solved and you will be back in to business in good form.Loans you had accumulated all these days may slowly reduce and you can find ways to make them give you lesser strain. Your fame will reach a new height as people against you start admiring your tactics and intelligence. On the health point there could well be a good change and any illness in your body may slowly develop and healed soon

completely. Even the family members of your family may get a relief and you can feel confident of their good health.You can expand your business and try new ventures in this period. Current ventures will run properly and earn you good profits. There can be good financial flow and money can never be any hindrance to your business growth. Look out for good opportunities and invest properly. You must take care and seek to get proper advice to utilize this great opportunities to earn profits and sustain the growth.My advice is that you may get good financial think strategically and concentrate in growth and stability. Create new ideas and work hard and determined to achieve your target. This is your ripe time to show your skills and talent to people who had been against you all these days. Family and Friends You can get blessings and assistance from elders in the family and VIPs and Government officials. If you are in service you can expect promotion and increase in remunerations. Politicians may gain good name and new posts. People who are in the fields as Artists, Writers, Education, public relation may good new opportunities and shine in their field. They will get good appreciations and rewards for their works and may become popular. Children will get good score in the exams. Their study will improve and get good appreciations from their class teachers. They will be active and learn the lessons fast. Their health will be good. For Females in this Rasi also there are going to be a great time ahead. They may buy beautiful ornaments, saris and dress materials of their like and enjoy the life happily. They will have satisfaction in running their family and will be appreciated for their contribution from family members and neighbors.


Mithunam Raasi/ Gemini Moon Sign Over all this period may give some and strain some. Good thing is even you may get depts it will be for a good cause like expanding the business, buying some property or vehicle...etc. Strains in relations will get solved. If there had been any legal battle and issues they will get cleared slowly. Social net work may increase and bring you some success and stress. Some of you may fly abroad and earn money. Mithuna rashi Stars: Mirugasirisha Pada 3 and 4, Thiruvathira, Punarvasu Pada 1 and 2) For the past two and half years Lord Sani has been travelling in the fourth place from your rasi, which I can say is bad and for few worst. It might have affected the flow of money, trouble in health and failures in the business. But now as Sani is transiting to Thula rasi which is the fifth house and he is going to get his maximum powers now, you can expect positive and fruitful changes in your life. There may be some slowness but it will be better than the previous years I can assure you.

You may get some bad name for what you had done and may have to face challenges. Your name may get involved with some unnecessary or unwanted issues due to Lord Sani travelling in the fifth place. But your health and self confidence would improve and that is what I feel is required now for you. You may get some help and support from elders and VIPs. Just keep your words safe and dont spoil the good things coming through them. Any thing you do, do it after some thinking and analyzing. Dont make it fast and fail to achieve the target. Family: Oh! There is going to be good relief here. You will have peace with the family members after a long time. And you may get relieved of some worries about your wife and children now. And parents may also have good relief so that your worries come down to zero. You will be running the family happily but few hitches and misunderstandings here and there may show up and vanish. But all those things will be baseless and for short duration only. Just handle it with patience and keep your mouth shut if required. Wealth Money flow will be better as I told you in the beginning but may not be sufficient for your needs as they are so huge. The thing is whenever you earn more your expenses list also will grow. Of course this is not new to you. But I assure this will be more comfortable than previous year and gap may not be so wide this time. Business will grow and earn good profits and you may be forced to divert or expand the present one, so that your need of finance may become a big burden. Think and plan carefully and spend money efficiently. Careful planning and intelligent strategy is the need of the hour. Even though you may have to take some loans to bridge the gap, it will be little and under control. You may pay them back earlier than you planned. Regarding loans you may have to try a bit with patience and take more efforts. It may reach your hands late but at the end everything will be okay.

before taking major decisions patience is the most required medicine in this period for you. (Stars: Punarvasu Pada 4, Poosam, Ayilyam) ord Saturn (Sani) was staying and travelling in Kanya rasi which is third place from your Rasi for the past two and half years. This house is one of the most auspicious one for Him and so whatever you did became a success. All adventures and ventures you have been involved has been earning you wealth and pleasure. The relationship between your life partner and family members has been excellent and there was no hindrance in running your day today life. Business has been running smoothly and profitably and you cannot complain about the financial flow. But now Sani Bagavan is going to travel in your fourth house which is Thulam Rasi. This position is called as Arthashtama Sani, which is half good and half bad. This period may give you some mixed results and you have to be cautious for about two and half years from 21.12.2011. Even though the placement of Saturn is not so good in this period you are lucky to have Lord Guru Bagavan in the Mesha rasi which is tenth house for your rasi. And his aspect on Lord Sani is going to get you lot of reliefs. Wealth and Health You may get some sort of obstructions in your business and service but they may slowly reduce to zero after a very short time. You may get some health problems and make you sit for a while but some immediate relief will change it to positive so that you run again. Be careful on expenses especially on jolly trips with family or even attending some function in a long distance as it may empty your wallet. Dont make unwanted tours and travel and postpone if not urgent and needed. Better think twice and book tickets. You may have to take some loans due to some expenses which cannot be avoided because of family functions, childrens education..Etc But I can assure you that your income will also increase and compromise the repayments. Business people will see some steady growth in their enterprise and people in service can expect a pay hike or transfer to their desired locations. There can be some developmental activities and some of you can get a promotion. If any choice for shifting to new place comes on the way please take the opportunity and you may never feel sorry for your decision. Family and Society You may get involved with some misunderstandings with your family members especially with your mother or uncles. So take more care and avoid unwanted talks. Dont give assurances and promises and think that you may not be able to complete your promises easily.

Kataka Raasi- Cancer Moon Sign For kataka rashi thisyear is going to be 50 50 for you be prepared to take both sides. If any change of place, change of vehicles, new ventures comes on the way try to take the opportunity positively and take more efforts. If any unwanted expenses through family members, friends, VIPs force you to empty your bank balance think and act wisely. If you are in business take precaution about competitors and enemies and act intelligently. Always consult with true friends and consultants Karma 48

There could be some legal issues if you buy any properties or some new issues may arise for your own properties. And be cautious when making statements among your friends and my advice is to talk less in this period.

may get cured soon giving you a good relief. Family and Society Young people in this rasi waiting for getting married may find their life partner very soon. Friends and family members will be supportive and helpful. There could be happy and joyous moments in the house very often and make you feel comfortable. You may go on pleasure or business trips may be few of you with family and friends and enjoy the good times. Highlights So nothing big to add here the time is excellent and ripe. It is in your hands to make use of it and lead a prosperous life. All these remarks go with children, elders and persons in service belonging to Simha rasi


Simham Raasi - Leo Moon Sign People may envy about your luck as funds would flow like a stream. All dues and payments that were getting delayed will reach your packet soon. Wallet as well bank account will be full and more than sufficient of what you require. Lord Sani is just leaving you after seven and half years from 21.12.2011 at last. Past years had been not so good in every aspect. Saturn was in second house from your rasi and now transiting to third place in Thula rasi. (Stars : Makam, Pooram, Uthiram - pada1) Lord Sani is just leaving you after seven and half years from 21.12.2011 at last. Past years had been not so good in every aspect. Saturn was in second house from your rasi and now transiting to third place in Thula rasi. Tensions, failures, health problems, unhappiness and extra ordinary delays in ventures all these experiences you had been facing all these years are going to come to end. As this sani peyarchi is very good for you, you can sit and relax for some time and enjoy the life. The setbacks and down trend in the business will show tremendous change and success is in the right way now. If you just take this opportunity and good time with proper planning and strategies you gain more than what you lost. You can reach new heights and prove your talents and intelligence to the world. Luck you can expect to know and feel the meaning of this word in coming days and be prepared to gain most out of it. What you need now is the self confidence and action. And you are very well capable of achieving your goals and aims. Finance and Health People may envy about your luck as funds would flow like a stream. All dues and payments that were getting delayed will reach your packet soon. Wallet as well bank account will be full and more than sufficient of what you require. Business will grow and boost like a rocket. Any small effort you take may lead to great profit and success. This is the right time for you to expand business and do it rightly. Invest after research and consultation on properties and fixed assets. Create new ways and ventures for additional income and stabilize your finance. Dont go for fancy and unwanted expenses. Health will be excellent and any long time disease

Kanya Raasi- Virgo Moon Sign 1 So there are going to be some good times ahead and take it as positive signal to correct your life. Invest on good properties and investments. If any chances for shifting the residence or work place come on your way proceed and make use of it. Foreign tours or travelling long distances for good business proposals are on the anvil. Make good use of the travel and take more efforts. Money flow is going to far far better and it is in your hands to utilize them properly and my advice is to use it for only growth. Take precautions and prepare well before you utter angry words and keep cool when you have bad temper. Your patience and good strategies are need of the hour to bring back success and happiness. (Stars: Uthiram padas 2, 3 and 4, hastham, Chithirai padas 1 and 2) Lord Shani is going to travel in the Thula rasi which is the second house from your rasi from 21.12.2011. He is just leaving your rasi it is like getting relieved from carrying a heavy weight from your shoulders. You can expect some major changes as this Pada Shani may bring you lot of surprises and remove bottlenecks in your growth. The past two and half years had been rough on you. Delays and poor financial flows have plagued your prospects. Health has been poor and hospital bills have increasing. Relationship between partners has seen many troubles and was not smooth. But now things are going to change and relief measures are on the way. Work would start immediately and money flow will begin to flow smoothly. There are opportunities for new investments and ventures. New vehicle or house purchase is on the anvil.

There are going to be some happy occasions and functions in your house. Wealth and Health As the expenses go high so will be the incomes. Even if you are forced to take some loans to meet gaps, its purpose will be for good and you will find ways for the easy repayments. You can expect a helping hand from friends, relatives and even neighbors. I can assure you of some surprises in this front. It is just the right time to correct your wrong doings and reinvest in good opportunities that may come on your way. Take good consultations from proper persons and try to act smart this time. These changes will rebuild the confidence people had on your skills and make some people shut their mouth with bad opinions. All your depts would become negligible as pending payments and log dues may arrive soon to fill your packets. Some of almost forgotten money owed by clients and friends may come to your hands as a surprise. Health will improve and remedies to medical expenses will drastically reduce. But take some care while driving and walking on the roads. There could be few small and minor accidents in travel especially on your legs. So, be careful and never drive in night time to long distances. Family and Society You will regain your fame and name and family members will recalculate your capabilities and skills. Your status and prestige will come back to where it was in this period and bring back your self confidence. Tensions and worries in the family front will ease out and you can feel relaxed after a long time. Whatever you plan to do in the family affairs would happen now and bring happiness in the family. Joyous moments are sure to surface again in the house hold.

Lord Shani Bagavan was travelling in the twelfth house for the past two and half years, which is called Viraya Stahnam or the house of loss. This is now the second part of Ezharai Shani for another two and half year which is called as Janma Shani. There could have been quite a lot of medical expenses not only for you but also with all family members. You might have lost money, earned hard because of unwanted but unavoidable expenses in the family front all these days. But there had been no major blow and I tell you that you must be happy for that. Lord Shani has done some favours too, so that you had enough funds flow to face those critical situations. Childrens education, marriage proposals, purchasing or renovating properties, frequent travels have eroded your savings and now left with little or no money in your account. Now that he is going to travel in your own rasi for some time, prepare yourself for another blow, which could destroy your self confidence and break your speed and mind. What you require most is the confidence and will power that will drive you run against odds. Health and Wealth Blockage of money flow from every corner may affect your routine life in the family as well as business place. So keep this in mind and act with proper planning and strategy. Dont commit to people and always have a backup plan. Blindly do not predict things would happen, as if in your way. Now is the time to face life bravely and wisely. Do not try any new ventures, or change of business. And do not go for any expansion for some time. Keeping quiet for these activities may prove to reduce your risk and stress. When things are not happening in your way you have go with what is happening. Whenever you get angry turn it towards yourself and drink a glass of water. If you express your angriness to your clients, vendors, friends and relatives the loss will be just for you only. Try to learn how to avoid such incidents and keep yourself cool. This is the best medicine for you as of date. So, stress is going to increase and drain you down. Fear and tiredness are the two enemies you may have fight now bravely. Fighting against odds is the lesson Lord Shani Bagavan wants to teach you in this period and so better listen to those good lessons. Family and friends There could be big blows in this front too. Better keep your mouth shut and divert your angry to non living things. If not quarrels and misunderstandings are sure to surface up in the family and push you down. Especially take enough care before you through things on your life partners face. Control things that comes in your mind or otherwise you may have to lose good friends and companions and left alone. Now is the time you need good people around you. Listen to people who advice you properly and they are your well wishers. Follow them even if your mind thinks different. Keep in mind


Thulam Raasi/ Libra Moon Sign So this is going to be tough time for you and the only advice is to face it bravely. Keep cool and be patient on things that may go against your expectations. Tighten up unwanted list of expenses and reduce daydreaming. Avoid any quarrels and angry talks with family members, friends and colleagues. Make use of available resources and try not spoiling them. Create friendly atmosphere in the work environment and avoid enmities. Improve self confidence act bravely. Thula rasi Stars: Chithirai pada 3 and 4, Swathy, Visakam Padas 1, 2,and 3

Karma 50

Karma 51

that Lord Shani is controlling your mind and diverting your way so that you fall down on your own. There could be conflicts between you and your sisters or brothers. Few friends may avoid you. If you happen to face humiliation dont get surprised but swallow it down. Be careful in any new friendship especially with ladies that comes with fancy unrealistic lottery, it would land you in deep troubles.

But on health point you have some reliefs. There are going to be some reliefs from your long standing diseases if any. Even if there is stress you may have peace of mind due to the aspect of Lord Guru Bagavan from Mesha rasi. Take care of your family members especially old aged mother. Ask them to walk carefully on roads and prefer them travelling by auto rather than walking. Dont allow them to travel long distances and if they have some health complaints immediately attend to them. As for the flow of money there may be little help from friends and relatives but it is left to you to make use of it efficiently. Dont spoil good relations with your rough talks or irresponsible manners. You may require even small help from everybody in this period. Family and Friends My best advice for you is to keep cool and content your temper. Often your words may aggravate the fire and no use of feeling later. Better keep your mouth shut when someone talks or scold you. Always consult and take opinions from all the family members and go with the majority before proceeding on any major changes or deeds. Take care of your health and visit hospital immediately if you are not feeling well. Strictly avoid any leisure trips and avoid unnecessary expenses. Travelling long distances driving on your own especially in night times is to avoided totally.

Viruchika Raasi- Scorpio Moon Sign It is better to know about the road condition before you drive. So now you know little about the future and prepare well for the test drive. Preserve whatever savings you have and use resources with utmost precaution. Bring your senses down and keep cool when things go against you. Try to avoid conflicts and arguments with friends, family members, relatives and colleagues. Work hard and take good decisions to save your name.Eat good healthy food at right times and avoid driving long distances. Dont go in for expansion or new ventures. Spend money for only good investments without much risk. Do not sign any documents as a guarantor and avoid helping out of your hands. Consult good experienced friends and professional before taking any major decisions. Be friendly with all and avoid creating enemies. Vrischika rasi Stars: Visakam pada 4, Anusham, Kettai Sani Bagavan has been throwing you profits and prosperity over you for the past two and half years while travelling in the eleventh house which is called as Labasthanam or profit house. But now the show is coming to an end and it is better to wake up from the dream. Prepare for your mind for rough weathers because already Ragu is in you rasi and Saturn is going add some fuel. And Sani is a deadly enemy for Lord Angaraka or Chevvai whose is your Rasi Lord. So this beginning of Ezharai Sani is making your life horrible with some tough setbacks. There could be some losses if you are running a business and revenues may come down. You may have to face few competitors and there could be trouble from vendors and clients complaining about your services. Take more precautions and act with lightning speed to preserve your images and goodwill. Health and Wealth There could be some unavoidable expenses from the family front like marriages, schooling or college admissions for the children, buying new vehicles and repair work in the house or office. And all could pressure you drain your packet. Karma 52

Dhanur Raasi- Sagitarious Moon Sign Be happy and enjoy you beautiful period. Take good efforts to straighten out you mistakes and work hard to reach your goals. Save money for future and invest money in good properties. This is the right time to buy a good house or lands.Take precautions on investments and get help from know consultants. Give respect to elders in the house and listen to advises from good friends and relatives. Invest in immovable properties and dont waste your auspicious time spending on useless issues. Dhanusu rasi Stars: Moolam, Pooradam, Uthiradam Pada1 Now coming to the subject, Shani is going to come out of the tenth place from your Rasi after two and half years to a more comfortable house which is eleventh from your rasi. I can just imagine what great reliefs He is going to give you for another 2 years from 21.12.2011. Stagnant business is going to speed up that in 2012 you rarely get any free time. All these years your efforts to get things going in a smooth way had lot of unlucky turnings. But now even if you wish to stop the progress, you may not. Things will happen your way and fetch good deals.

Karma 53

Health and wealth So this is your time. Wake up and run fast with the good time. Expand your business, start new ventures and make more partnerships. Create new investments by properly planning and think wisely. Money is not going to be a problem now. Only your little efforts are needed. Finance will just flow like a stream and make you happy and confident. Beware that after two and half years of time Shani is going to travel in your twelfth house and for 7 years act on you as Ezharai Sani or Shade Sathi. Why I am telling you is that Sani is giving you good time like a good rain before a hot summer. Health will be good and any long time disease are hurting you would be cured at the earliest. As Shani is aspect is falling on your house, only thing is laziness which might make sleep and sit. So do not yield to that and wake up early and fight hard on your work. For people in service there could be a promotion and awards on the way. Higher officials will appreciate your work and good increase in remunerations is sure to bring you surprises. You can plan some good pleasure trips with family and enjoy the season. Family and Friends There is going to be happiness everywhere. Youngsters searching for alliances will find their life partner soon. Marriage proposals are the way to bring back the prosperity in your life and this is the right time. For educated students waiting for placements Lord Shani is going to give them what they had been dreaming to become. If there had been any misunderstandings between family members and friends this is good time to have it mended. Couples who had to be separated may be due to transfers or work places might unite again and if it is your case I advise you to take efforts.

Makara rasi Stars : Uthiradam pada 4, Thiruvonam, Avittam padas 1 and 2) Lord Shani has been travelling in the ninth house form your rasi for the past 2 years and from 21.12.2011 He is transiting to 10th house from your rasi. I can say that things will be better than that of past but not superb. You had been in troubles due insufficient profits in your business which had been going like a tortoise. The flow of money has been hand to mouth. And you had been fighting with your competitors and enemies hard. You might have spent quite some money in family problems, occasions and for medical expenses for elders in the family. You may be facing problems because of some politicians or government rules in the past. Now onwards these things may drastically reduce in this period if you take proper effort and care. Business would pick up and start flowing good profits. If you strategically plan you can win your competitors and enemies. Now you require patience and sharp mind to achieve your goals. Health and Wealth I can assure you better money flow and growth in this period better than last year. Whatever you truly missed may come back as surprise. If you plan properly you can run the show better. Dont go for unnecessary expenses and save your earnings properly. There could be few changes in your work environment which you may have to accept and adapt. Take changes positively and put more efforts. Do not quarrel or discuss against your bosses. If any transfer or change place comes which you do not like also, please accept it and try to make up your mind. Try to avoid loans and avoid fresh loans. Whatever you earn by working hard may drain down your packet for paying interests. Keep cool and face things bravely. If any legal issues or discrepancies are there with your friends, clients, customers and family members try to make peace so that your life is happier. For some of you there could be lucky instances like getting back some forgotten unpaid bills. There could be surprises by way of ancestral properties coming to your hands. Or you may get your share after family sub-divisions. On health grounds there will be good improvement. Family and Friends This is a good time to make peace with few friends with whom you had some quarrels. Some of you having any issues with partners also can take this opportunity to solve by mutual understanding. You may get some relief in the health of family members in this period. Try to avoid any conflicts or quarrels with friends as their help, may be required for you.

Makaram Raasi= Capricorn Moon Sign This Shani Peyarchi is going to be better but not so good in some areas. So it is left to you to take precautions and fight bravely. If any change place, new business opportunities come on the way take it happily and work hard. You may not be able to avoid some unwanted expenses and tiredness due to hectic schedules and hard work. So be prepared and cheer up that it is only for two and half years after which there going to be a golden period when Lord Saturn is going to transit in the 11th house form your rasi. Till that time follow these instructions to have some relief. Karma 54

Kumba Raasi- Aquarius Moon Sign Make use of this good period and help yourself relax in peace. Invest in good properties for your house or land and insure stability. Luck is on your way and your good efforts are need of the hour to make good use of the opportunities. New business ventures and diversions and expansions must be planned and executed and the financial support will help you achieve things. Especially oils, minerals, machineries, retail trade, properties and real estate are prosperous avenues that might prove to be good investments. Listen to good advices from experts and follow. Avoid unwanted talk. If any chances for transfer or change of place come in way happily accept and proceed happily. Meet VIPs and government officials and get help from them. Good times are hard to come and this is one of your best times. Enjoy and live happily. Kumbha rasi Stars : Avittam Padas 3 and 4, Sadayam, Poorattathy Pada1 All these past 2 years Shani has done lot of damage to your health. Complaints are lot so that even the Doctor got confused of what medicines to prescribe for you. Business has gone down like anything beyond limits and no words to say about the poor money flow. And adding fuel to that there had been many problems in the family. Everything happened because of just Lord Sanis travel in the eighth place from your rasi and almost nothing to do with you. Now that he is shifting the travel to the ninth house Thulam, happy days are coming again. And that too I can imagine a great way of life for you as he is going to favor many lucky occasions because of Utcha position in this house. Health and wealth Money flow will improve immediately once Sani transits to Thulam rasi on 21.12.2011 and make your plans success. Business is going to flourish and increase profits. The finance may flow like a stream from all quarters beyond your expectations. Whatever you have lost may come back and strengthen your packet. As Lord Sani Bagavan is going to aspect the eleventh house called as Labasthanam (profit house) during this period, various sources might develop to fill your bank account. New ventures might just come before you and it is up to you to make use of them. For people in service rewards, appreciations, increments and promotions are sure to come as surprise and emoluments may rise up beyond your expectations. Work hard and utilize these


good opportunities to further aggravate this good period. All your health problems will solve suddenly without much medication and totally reduce your medical bills. You will be brisk and vibrant again after a long time. Self confidences will improve and happy and healthy days here again. Family and Friends There could have been few issues with your friends and relatives over the previous year could be solved amicably now. Even legal and business issues that created troubles might smoothly solved now. Friends and relatives will help in need and support your activities. There will be good cooperation from your life partner and business partner and all bad feelings would vanish. Unity in the family will improve and help you make progress. Financial and moral support from father and mother could solve your problems and lead to prosperity. Childrens studies will improve and their health would be better. Some of you waiting to get alliances will make progress and marriages are soon to be happy occasion in your life. Kumba rasi people aspiring to get children, may be blessed with happy news next year. Couples who were separated due to some reasons might unite and start a happy life again soon.


Meena Raasi- Pisces Moon Sign Things could be better these two and half years. It is in your way of approach and intelligence to handle things in the right manner. I can advice you that if any opportunities come on the way for change place or career, it is the right thing to go for it. Save money and invest in good opportunities. Dont try to divert or expand business as of now. Just keep patience and try to run the show. If you are in service avoid unnecessary conflicts and avoid office politics. Keep quiet and work hard to earn good name. Do not go beyond your limits and go way from things that are not clear and good for you. Concentrate on finance and day to day issues and take extra care in transactions and travel. Do not sign any documents as guarantor on behalf of friends or relatives. The following remedies are essential to be followed to have some relief. Meena rasi Stars: Poorattathy Pada 1, Uthirattathy, Revathy Lord Sanis travelling in your 7th house for the past 2 years, might have ruined your personal life and made sizable impact on your business. Stress and strain had become the way of life and now there is going to be some relaxation. Kanya rasi where Sani Bagawan was travelling these days is the 7th house from Meenam rasi and on 21.12.2011 He is starting his transit to Thulam rasi which is 8th house. One way it is good and in other way it is bad. But I would rather say it may be better.

You might get some good relief from the personal strained relationships now. The unexpected loss of profits and business down trends may change direction towards positive side but could be only half as expected. You could have made some losses in production and distribution lines if you own a factory and now things may improve. Health and Wealth Now as Lord Saturn is changing His position financial flow is definitely going to improve. Even though the eighth house is not so auspicious it will better than the seventh house. You can regain some of your losses and delayed projects may slowly regain its tempo. The illness mainly due to hard work and tensions will ease out and medical bills will surely reduce. But still you may have to be on the run for some time for the personal and business related chores. Delays and setbacks may set your mind down but you are a self confident person and come out of it. Any discrepancies, issues or legal proceedings may turn to be successful on your favor and you may have to take extra effort to win them. But if any quarrels or misunderstanding happened between share holders, partners, customers and clients this is the right time for you to initiate peace with them. Take care of your health as there could be some problems in the nervous systems and bones which are Lord Sanis areas. Avoid travelling long distances especially driving on your own in the night time. Take enough rest and avoid over strain of your brain. Eat properly at correct interval and avoid food that may be allergic to you. Try to reduce angry and temper and learn to face problems bravely. When things go against your plan dont get disturbed

but think of alternative ways. Your intelligence and hard work will never fail you and hence you just need to be patient and cool. Family and Friends Disturbances in relations especially with your beloved life partner will come to an end and you can anticipate happy days again. Some of you might have received bad names in the family because of some of your acts and deeds which could be reversed in this period. You will regain their affection and love by your affection and love. Some of you may travel abroad or long distance for office matters or pleasure trips. If any of you are trying for a job opportunity in any foreign country this is the right time for you. Try with good confidence and you may soon get the offer letter. Friends and VIPs are sure to favor you with help and financial support in this period. It is in your hand to make proper use of them with proper plan and strategy. You may have to take some loans to adjust the losses and for running the show but dont worry about it. You will have some expenses due to family functions and gatherings like marriages etc.. in the family front. Children in this rasi may study well and score good marks in the exams. Only thing is to take care of their health and attend to even small injuries immediately. Youngsters seeking to get married may find their partners soon but there could be some delays and hitches. For more help please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418.or in his cell phone # 408 829 7780 E All your information and consultations with Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will be highly confidential.


The body smeared with ash, moon on the head, ornated by ganga, snakes, axe and deer, Pure, sitting comfortably in vIrAsanam, with the left palm over the right, in the posture of a yOgi, wearing the skin of a tiger, burning the cupid with the fire emerging from the eye in the forehead, to You salutations. Description of the deity: kama ari : one who is the enemy of cupid.(vira murti) When Shakthi became pArvati, daughter of the king of Himalayas, She was doing thapas for Lord Shiva. (1) At the same time the great sages, the four sons of Brahma, sanakar, sana.ndanar, sanAtanar, sanat kumArar came to Lord Shiva for enlightenment. The Lord gave them enlightenment in the form of Lord dakshina murti.(2) As the Duo, Who are the cause as well as the energy for the whole world are into yoga, the whole world got more inclined to yoga and life sustenance was in trouble. Meanwhile the dEvas, who were tortured by the sUrapadma and his brothers tAraka, simhamukha, knew that those demons can be killed only by the son of Lord Shiva and Shakthi. Disappointed that both God and Goddess were doing yoga instead of marrying, they asked the cupid to disturb the meditating Lord Shiva with his arrows in order to induce lust for pArvati. When desperation sets in, reasoning gets pushed down.

Can the Supreme be induced with lust by anybody ? The cupid refused since he knew that it will be just fatal for him. But the other dEvAs threatened to curse him if he didnt obey. Saying that it is better to be killed by the God of gods than by the curses of dEvAs, he went with his wife, rati, to the abode of Shiva where He was in meditation. The cupid shot the flower arrow on the Lord. The next moment the fire from the eye in the forehead of the Lord burnt the cupid. Undisturbed He continued His meditation. The cupid is of the reputation that his arrows never fail. But well, it can apply to others, can it be for the Almighty ? His arrows were useless in front of the Lord and he too became just a heap of ash ! Shocked by the death of cupid all the dEvAs realized their plots would not work out with God. They understood that only sincerity could get the showers of Its grace and any other pressure can just not mount over God. They surrendered themselves in front of the Lord and pleaded for mercy. The Lord forgave them and married pArvati and gave subrahmaNya for the destruction of the demons. On their request He also bring back to life kAma, however he would be visible only to his wife and not to others. Because of this reason kAmadeva is called ananga (one without limbs).thiruk kuRikkai is the temple associated with the burning of god of lust

Karma 56

The Four Parts of the Gayatri Mantra 1. Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah . AUM, the Supreme name of God. BHUR BHUVAH SWAH. These three words collectively are known as the Mahavyahriti. They express the nature of God, and demonstrate his inherent qualities. 2. BHUR Firstly, the word Bhur implies existence. God is self-existent and independent of all. He is eternal and unchanging. Without beginning and without end, God exists as a continuous, permanent, constant entity. Secondly, the word Bhur can also mean the Earth, on which we are born and sustained. God is the provider of all, and it is through His divine will that we our blessed with all that we require to maintain us through our lives. Finally, Bhur signifies Prana, or life (literally, breath). God is That which gives life to all. Whilst He is independent of all, all are dependent on Him. It is God who has given us life, God who maintains us throughout our lives, and God alone who has the ability to take away our life, when He so chooses. The only permanent entity, all others are subject to His own will 3. BHUVAH Bhuvah describes the absolute Consciousness of God. God is self-Conscious as well as being Conscious of all else, and thus is able to control and govern the Universe. Also, the word Bhuvah relates to Gods relationship with the celestial world. It denotes Gods greatness - greater than the sky and space, He is boundless and unlimited. Finally, Bhuvah is also indicative of Gods role as the remover of all pain and sufferings (Apaana). We see pain and sorrow all around us. However, through supplication to God, we can be freed from that pain and hardship. God Himself is devoid of any pain. Though He is Conscious of all, and is thus aware of pain, it does not affect Him. It is our own ignorance that makes us susceptible to the effects of Maya, or illusion, which causes us to feel pain. Through true devotion to God, we can be freed from the clutches of Maya, and thus be rid of pain and sorrow. 4. SWAH Swah indicates the all-pervading nature of God. He is omnipresent and pervades the entire multi-formed Universe. Without Form Himself, He is able to manifest Himself through the medium of the physical world, and is thus present in each and every physical entity. In this way, God is able to interact with the Universe created by Him, and thus sustain and control it, ensuring its smooth and proper running and function. Also, Swah symbolizes Gods bliss. All but God experience pain, suffering and sorrow. Devoid of all such things, God alone is able to experience supreme bliss. Happiness as experienced by humans is temporary, a transient state of mental satisfaction, which soon dissolves back into the

Word By Word Meaning By His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar The Gayatri Mantra consists of twenty-four syllables - three lines of eight syllables each. The first line (Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah) is considered an invocation, and is not technically a part of the original Gayatri Mantra as it appears in the Upanishads. Gayatri is also referred to as a Vedic poetic meter of 24 syllables or any hymn composed in this meter. Hence, there exists a whole family of Gayatri Mantras, which serve as meditative aids to pray for the blessings of a particular personal God. Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat A basic translation can be given as... Oh God, the Protector, the basis of all life, Who is selfexistent, Who is free from all pains and Whose contact frees the soul from all troubles, Who pervades the Universe and sustains all, the Creator and Energizer of the whole Universe, the Giver of happiness, Who is worthy of acceptance, the most excellent, Who is Pure and the Purifier of all, let us embrace that very God, so that He may direct our mental faculties in the right direction.

mire of worldly troubles. Perfect, and without any form of deficiency, God alone experiences true bliss, permanent and unaffected by worldly pains and woes. One who realizes God is able to join in this bliss, and thus God is able to impart true happiness to those who establish oneness with that Supreme Divinity. The Mahavyahriti can be summed up by comparison to the word AUM itself, and through this comparison to the tripartite structure, can be compared to the essential nature of God, which differentiates Him from the other two entities recognized in that structure (namely, matter and soul), in the same way as the comparison between the three parts of the word Satchidananda, another name also used to describe God... BHUR Prana Earth Sat Existence BHUVAH Apana Sky Chit Consciousness SWAH Vyana Heaven Ananda Bliss TAT SAVITUR VARENYAM 5. TAT Literally, this word means that, being used in Sanskrit to denote the third person. It is also mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita by Sri Krishna Himself, where He implies the selfless nature of the word. Being used in the third person, the word has implicit in it an idea of selflessness. Sri Krishna uses it to imply the selfless nature of charity (charity, or a gift, being used as an analogy for worship, in the form of action, implying that action should be preformed without regard to its fruits, but simply out of devotion and sense of duty, or Dharma). Tat then is used here in the Gayatri Mantra to indicate that the worshipper is referring to [that] God, and that the praise being offered to God in the prayer is purely directed towards Him, without thought of gaining any personal benefit from that praise. 6. SA-VI-TUR Savita, from which Savitur is derived, is another name of God, this being the reason that the Gayatri Mantra is often known as the Savitri Mantra. The implication of Savita is of Gods status as the fountain, the source of all things. It is through His Divine Grace that the Universe exists, and so this word sums up the Mahavyahriti, by describing Gods ability to create the Universe and sustain it, as well as, at the right time, bring about its dissolution. Savita is also indicative of Gods gift to mankind. Humans also have, in limited amount, the power, or shakti, of Savita. This shakti acts as an impetus in humans, and brings about the requirement for them to do something. They cannot sit idle, and are constantly searching for something to do. This is what is commonly known as the creative urge. It is through this shakti that mankind has created art, and it is through this shakti also that scientific advances are made. The gift of Savita also gives creatures the ability of procreation. Hence, Savita can be thought of as meaning Father (or Mother) also.
Karma 58

Finally, it is the power of Savita that enables mankind to distinguish right from wrong, and vice from virtue. Through this ability, we are able to in some part direct our own selves, and thus, Savita imparts to us a certain self-guiding ability. Thus, by using this word in the mantra, we demonstrate that we are making efforts ourselves also, since God will not help us unless we are willing to help ourselves. 7. VA-RE-NY-AM Varenyam signifies our acceptance of God, and can be translated as meaning Who is worthy. Ever ready to obtain all the material riches of the world, more often than not, they are a disappointment once they have been achieved. God however is the one who, once realized and achieved, has the ability to truly satisfy. We therefore accept Him as the Highest reality, and it is to Him that we dedicate our efforts. Varenyam can also be interpreted as signifying one who is eligible. We have chosen Him to be our Leader and our Guide. We place our all into His hands, and accept Him regardless of anything else. We place no conditions on this acceptance, as it is all out of sheer devotion. BHARGO DEVASYA DHIMAHI This triplet is a further description of the attributes and qualities of God - His functional and instrumental qualities, rather than intrinsic qualities - and through those qualities, His relationship to us. 8. BHAR-GO Bhargo is taken to signify the Glorious Light that is Gods love and power. It indicates His complete purity - being absolutely pure Himself, God also has the ability to purify those that come into contact with Him. Thus, Bhargo is indicative of Gods power to purify, and to destroy all sins and afflictions. In the same way as a metal ore placed into a fire will yield the pure metal, by merging with God, by realizing His Divine Form and establishing unity and oneness with Him, we can cleanse ourselves and be made pure by His Grace. Though the soul, being itself Divine in nature, possesses that Light, it lacks luster, having been made impure by the sins and vices, which are a result of the darkness of Maya. By removing the veil of Maya, and cleansing our soul, God can enable the soul to realize its true, Divine self, and thus purify it. 9. DE-VAS-YA The word Deva, from which this word is derived, has been translated by different people in many different ways. It is generally thought of as meaning simply God. However, its meaning is more complex than that. Deva, which forms the root of the words Devata and Devi, means quality or attribute, and can be thought of as another word for Guna. Thus, the various forms of God are given this name, as each of those forms is related to

a specific quality and function (for example, Brahma has the quality of Creation, Kamadeva has the quality of love, etc.). Also, Deva is thus used to describe anyone who is considered to possess a special quality. Since Deva is symbolic of the individual qualities of God, the word demonstrates the inherent oneness of those different Forms, and thus the use of this word can be taken as describing the fundamental unity of God. Thus we see that here, we reaffirm that central belief in the Hindu Dharma that Ekam sat viprah bahudah vadanti (Truth, or God, is one, but wise men call Him/It by different names). Thus, Deva is indicative of the various multifaceted entity that is the absolute Personality of God. It describes in one word all the functions, roles and different attributes of God, and symbolizes therefore his absolutely essential nature without God, nothing can exist. 10. DHI-MA-HI Meaning to meditate and focus our mind on God. Meditation on God implies that we remove all other thoughts from our mind, since thoughts of the world render our mind impure, and thus we are unable to conceptualize the absolute purity of God. We must be able to concentrate, and direct our mental energies towards the task in hand - which is communion with God. DHIYO YO NAH PRACHODAYAT Prayer is carried out for four main reasons: to praise and glorify God; to thank God; to ask forgiveness from God; or to make a request from God. Having carried out the other three parts (praise of His greatness, thanks for His generosity in Creation and maintaining us through our lives, and forgiveness by demonstrating our awareness of our own impurity, which we have realized is present and must be cleansed through contact with God), this part is now our request from God. Since our soul is the Light of Life within us, and that acts on our body via the medium of the brain, we ask God to make this contact pure and righteous. The soul is of course inherently pure, being itself Divine in nature. The body is under the complete control of the mind. The link is the mind, which is affected not only by the soul, but also the outside world. We ask in these four words that God help us to improve our intellect, and guide it towards what is right. 11. DHI-YO Sanskrit for intellect, this is the essence of this part of the Gayatri Mantra. Having firmly set God in our hearts, we now must try to emphasize His presence and influence on our mind and intellect.

Material prosperity holds no true meaning for the person who is truly devoted to God. Pain and suffering are of no consequence to him as, touched by God, he is imbued with Gods own Divine Bliss, and all worldly sorrows pale to nothingness in comparison. However, still the individual must live in the world. Thus, it is important that the persons intellect remains focussed on serving God, and that it is able, through the medium of the body, to serve God to the best of its ability. Physical objects can be obtained very easily, if one is intelligent enough to know how to go about it. Intellect however cannot be obtained, but must be there from the very first. It is by use of this intellect, in fact, that one is able to cultivate all other qualities (building of wealth, success in life (in material terms), physical fitness, etc.) Thus, intellect is the key to all else in life, and as such, it is the most important possession. We ask God in the Gayatri Mantra to gift us with the highest intellect, and to help us by showing us the way to use that intellect. 12. YO Meaning Who or That, Yo signifies yet again that it is not to anyone else that we direct these prayers, but to God alone. Only God is worthy of the highest adoration, only God is perfect and free from all defects. It is That God to Whom we offer these prayers. 13. NAH Nah means Ours, and signifies the selflessness of the request we make of God in this part of the Gayatri Mantra. We offer this prayer, and make the request of God, not simply for ourselves, but for the whole of humanity. We seek the uplift of the whole of society. Hindu philosophy has since the beginning recognized the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - The whole world is one big family. Thus, we pray not only for ourselves, but for each and every member of that great family, that we may all benefit from the greatness and generosity of the All-loving God. 14. PRA-CHO-DA-YAT Prachodayat, the final word of the Gayatri Mantra, rounds off the whole mantra, and completes the request we make of God in this final part. This word is a request from God, in which we ask Him for Guidance, and Inspiration. We ask that, by showing us His Divine and Glorious Light (cf. BHARGO), He remove the darkness of Maya from our paths, that we are able to see the way, and in this manner, we ask Him to direct our energies in the right way, guiding us through the chaos of this world, to find sanctuary in the tranquility and peace of God Himself, the root of all Happiness, and the source of true Bliss For More Information , please call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar @ Toll Free: 1-888-808-1418.

Spiritual Significance of the Shiva Mahamantra Lord Shiva is referred to astryambakam, the three-eyed one, because his third-eye has been opened by the powers of penance and meditation. The third eye is said to be located in the space between the eyebrows, and is opened when one experiences spiritual awakening. So, when we pray to Lord Shiva, we are in essence asking for his blessings and assistance in opening our third eye of spiritual knowledge. The natural consequence of this awakening is that we will be led towards spiritual liberation ormoksha, and attain freedom from the cycles of death and rebirth. The goal of chanting this mantra is to spiritually ripen so that we can free ourselves Lord Shiva can free us from our bondage to all the material things that bind us! Paarvati Devi Mantra Sarva-mangal-maangalye, Shive Sarvaarth-saadhike Sharanye-triyambake Gauri, Naaraayani Namo-stute The Goddess Paarvati (or Gauri), the consort of Lord Shiva, is praised through this mantra. Paarvati is the one who brings good fortune and prosperity (-mangal-maangalye) to all (-sarva) her devotees. She is the one who is always and forever (-sarvaarth) accompanying Lord Shiva in all his meditations (-saadhike). O beautiful and fair-colored one (-gauri), please give us refuge (-sharanye) in the protection of the three-eyed one (-triyambake). We bow to you repeatedly as we sing the praises (namo-stute) of our protector, Goddess Paarvati (-naarayani), the consort of Lord Shiva. SHANTI (PEACE) MANTRA SUMMARY, MEANING -H.H. SWAMIJI SRI SELVAM SIDDHAR Asato maa, Sadgamayaa Tamaso maa, Jyotirgamayaa ; Mrityor maa, Amritam Gamayaa. Asato-Maa, Sad Gamaya - From untruth to Truth! Untruth is the death of the ego. The Truth is eternal and immortal. So once you are part of the Truth, there is no question of death at all. My friends, the third barrier stopping enlightenment is the barrier of ego. Therefore, to experience God, we should see that the ego dies as early as possible. Tamasoma, Jyotir Gamaya - There lies the light of wisdom. Tamas is the darkness. Jyoti is the light. With light, darkness is dispelled. Darkness is death. The light is Truth, Bliss, Peace. The light is eternal. Mrityor maa, Amritam Gamayaa - Lead me from death to immortality through purity of purpose. We are birthless, deathless and eternal; we are Truth itself. We celebrate birthdays because, having enough money, we want to have a social function. We enjoy it for a while, happily arranging

Significance & Meaning

-By His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar OM triyambakam yajmahe sugandhim pushTivardhanam, urvrukamiva bandhann mrrityormokshiya mmrritt. Summary of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra We worship Shiva - The Three-Eyed (tryambakam) Lord (yajamahe); Who is fragrant (sugandhim) and nourishes (pushti) and grows (vardhanam) all beings. As the ripened cucumber (urvarukamiva) is automatically liberated (bandhanaan) (by the intervention of the farmer) from its bondage to the creeper when it fully ripens; May He liberate us (mokshiya) from death (mrityor), for the sake of immortality (maamritaat). We pray to Lord Shiva whose eyes are the Sun, Moon and Fire May He protect us from all disease, poverty and fear And bless us with prosperity, longevity and good health. The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is a prayer to Lord Shiva (part of the hindu trinity, the lord of destruction, penance and meditation) for help in overcoming death. The seeker is more concerned with avoiding spiritual death rather than physical death. The mantra is a request to Lord Shiva to lead us to the mountain of meditation, which is indeed Lord Shivas abode. Legend has it that Lord Shiva appeared before his devotee Markandeya (who was destined to die at the age of sixteen) and stopped his aging process a few days before he was supposed to turn sixteen. Thus, death would never be able to claim him! Hence, this mantra is also referred to as the Markandeya mantra in classical hindu studies. The mantra should ideally be repeated 108 times, twice daily, at dawn and at dusk. It is particularly useful for meditation and yoga practice. Karma 60

it. Happy Birthday! But actually you were never born. It is only the body that appeared. Thats all! You existed even before the existence of this body. Swamiji gives this beautiful example: There is electricity everywhere. But when it is inside the electric light bulb, it sheds light. When the bulb is removed, the electricity is still there, is that not so? So, electricity is ever-present. When the bulb is fixed, you get illumination. When the bulb is removed, you dont get illumination. With the bulb or without the bulb, electricity exists. You are Divine energy. You are Cosmic energy. You are the eternal Truth. The bulb is the body. Thats all! SAHANAVAVATU (PEACE) MANTRA - ITS MEANING, SUMMARY The Sahanavavatu mantra is one of the shaanti (peace) mantras which has its origins in the Taittiriya Upanisad. This mantra is often used as a universal prayer, to send the message of peace and prosperity. The mantra may also be used to invoke Gods blessings for harmony amongst teacher(s) and student(s). AUM saha navavatu, saha nau bhunaktu Saha veeryam karvaavahai Tejasvi naa vadhita mastu maa vid vishaa va hai AUM shaantih, shaantih, shaantih. Meaning of the Sahanavavatu Mantra Let us together (-saha) be protected (-na vavatu) and let us together be nourished (-bhunaktu) by Gods blessings. Let us together join our mental forces in strength (-veeryam) for the benefit of humanity (-karvaa vahai). Let our efforts at learning be luminous (-tejasvi) and filled with joy, and endowed with the force of purpose (-vadhita mastu). Let us never (-maa) be poisoned (-vishaa) with the seeds of hatred for anyone. Let there be peace and serenity (-shaantih) in all the three universes. This mantra highlights the nature of the teacher-student relationship that produces ideal results for the student. The transference of mental, spiritual and intellectual energies from the teacher to the student can be achieved through a mutually nourishing relationship which is based on (mutual) respect, joy (of giving and receiving), and absence of malice or negative thoughts. The transliterated version of the Sahanavavatu mantra is now presented. This transliteration is based on itrans. AUM sah nAvavatu sah nau bhunaktu sah vIry.n karvAvahai. tejasvi nAvadhItamastu mA vidviShAvahai.. AUM shAntiH shAntiH shAntiH.. SHANTI OR PEACE MANTRA MEANING & SUMMARY, The sarveshaam mantra is one of the peace or shanti mantras which may be used to invoke harmony and tranquility in the environment in which puja or prayers are performed. This shanti mantra may be repeated three or eleven times, as time permits. The mantra may perhaps be used as a closing prayer for the puja, to bless all those in attendance.

AUM sarveshaam svastir bhavatu, sarveshaam shaantir bhavatu sarveshaam poornam bhavatu, sarveshaam mangalam bhavatu sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niraamayaah sarve bhadraani pashyantu, maa kashchidh dukh bhaag-bhavet. Meaning of the Sarveshaam Shanti Mantra Let it be so ordained (-bhavatu), that all the people (-sarveshaam), experience well-being (-svastir) ; let all the people experience peace or tranquility (-shaantir). Let all the people experience wholeness and completeness (-poornam) ; let them experience prosperity and auspiciousness (-mangalam). May it so happen (-bhavantu) that everyone (-sarve) receives happiness (-sukhinah) ; let them all be saint-like (-santu) and be without disease and in good health (-niraamayaah). Let them see with their own eyes (-pashyantu) the goodness of life (-bhadaraani) ; And let them not (maa) contemplate in their conscious mind (-kashchidh) any sorrow inducing (dukh) thoughts while they remain beneficiaries (-bhavet) of good fortune (-bhaag). SHANTI MANTRA FROM UPANISHADS (PRAVARGYA MANTRAS) Shanti Mantra - Translation Peace on Earth. Peace in Space. Peace in the Heavens. Peace in all Horizons and Directions. Peace in Fire. Peace in the Air. Peace in the Sun. Peace in the Moon. Peace in the Constellations. Peace in the Waters. Peace in the Plants and Herbs. Peace in the Trees. Peace towards Cattle. Peace towards Goats. Peace towards Horses. Peace towards Mankind. Peace in the Absolute (Brahman). May there be Peace. Only Peace. May that Peace be in Me, Peace Alone. Through that Peace may I confirm Peace in myself, And Peace in all bi-peds and quadru-peds. May there be Peace in me, Peace alone.

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-By Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Understanding the Nature of Spiritual Healing There are plenty of alternative healing practices today, and spiritual healing is one of them. In fact, spiritual healing is not just one form of healing technique, but is a term that corresponds to a number of alternative practices that all focus on restoring wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Spiritual healing processes vary between tradition and cultures, but what is common about them is that they all have a connection with the Spiritual or Divine, bringing about healing and restoration. How Spiritual Healing Is Done? Spiritual healing is done by channeling healing energy from a spiritual source to the person who needs to be healed. The medium or the channel of the energy is a person who is called a healer, and in plenty of techniques, the healer usually uses his hands to transfer the energy to the individual.

Spiritual and The Religion This form of healing is often associated with religion or spirits, this is because when we hear the word spiritual, we oftentimes associate it immediately with religion. However, spiritual healing is not necessarily just connected to one specific religion, or to any other form of belief at all. Some forms of spiritual healing are not connected to any denomination or belief. Proponents of this form on healing believe that a persons spiritual nature are those that are non-physical such as his mind, his thoughts, his emotions and his life force. Thus, this type of healing does not matter if the person follows a certain belief or religion. Who Can Get Spiritual Healing? Spiritual healing is for everyone. There is no faith required and there is certainly no age limit. It can be administered to adults, children, babies or even animals anyone who you feel might need healing. There is nothing required or expected from the patient or the recipient of the healing. Of course, openness to the possibility of the healing method as well as a certain trust to the healer may prove to be helpful. Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing Spiritual and energy healing are often interchanged for each other, because both terms encompass a wide variety of techniques and practices, and most of these techniques overlap well. Energy healing affects all aspect of ones life, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and spiritual healing focuses on the same. Therefore, you might come across some energy healing techniques that are also used as spiritual healing techniques. They are usually one and the same, and should not be a source of confusion. The Benefits of Spiritual Healing Spiritual healing has a number of positive effects, and these include: 1.Lightening of physical and emotional load 2.Stress relief and Relaxation 3.Elimination of bodily toxins 4.Improvement of blood circulation 5.Relief from pain and body aches

What To Expect From A Healing Session? Most people do not know what to expect from a healing session. Some people who have gone through or tried spiritual healing sessions experience feeling heat, cold and tingling sensation. Some people also report to feeling good, or having that sensation of deep peace and relaxation.Healing sessions do not necessarily work right away, thus it is recommended to have several sessions, or at least a minium of three sessions at least one week apart. When Do You Need Spiritual Healing Most people do not know when they need spiritual healing. In fact, they do not know that they need spiritual healing at all. However, proponents of this method believe that at least 80% of all life problems have spiritual root causes. Thus, it may really help to undergo spiritual healing in these given situations: Having emotional or physical problems that are not resolved despite trying the best worldly efforts Recurring problems with vague causes Problems that affect not just the individuals but also families. In the recent past, spiritual healing used to be dismissed as hogwash but today, more and more people now believe in its effectiveness as a healing method For More help with any kind of spiritual healing call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar ,the ONLY Atharva Vedic Swamiji and Scholar in the entire nation. Also Atharva Veda is the 4th Vedic Science of India which has tremendous Upayas/ healing to maker you to come out of any of your difficulties. Call Swamiji immediately in his cell phone # 408-829-7780. Do not live with your difficulties, when the help is just a phone call away from you. Om Shanthi!!

6.Relief from insomnia and sleep problems 7.Improvement of blood pressure 8.Improvement of organ function 9.Improvement of different illnesses and their symptoms 10.Providing balance to the body What makes spiritual healing a good choice is that it does not only focus on the physical aspect of the individual. The healing process also focuses on the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual. Another benefit of spiritual healing is that it is non-invasive and does not involve any forms of pharmaceutical medication or synthetic chemicals. Types of Spiritual Healing There are plenty of techniques for spiritual healing. The most common one that most people associate with spiritual healing is prayer or praying over. However, there are other techniques and these include meditation, visualization, spiritual art, angel assisted healing, singing, yoga, taichi, drumming, chanting, reiki and more. How To Choose A Healer To go about with spiritual healing, you will need to visit or see a healer. For the healing to be successful it is important to find someone reliable and who you are comfortable with. Spiritual healers need to know what they are doing, but rapport and connection between the healer and the patient is also important. Spiritual healers will vary in specialty, which means that some healers may specialize in one type of technique, while another one may specialize in other techniques. Some people find their personal spiritual healer from word of mouth or recommendation from friends. You can also check websites and forums. Healing sessions vary, depending on the healing technique used and the healer. Most sessions are done in person, but what most people do not know is that it can also be done from a distance, such as over the phone.There are also plenty of websites that provide you with information on spiritual healing and techniques, as well as resources that you can use. In fact, anyone can learn spiritual healing and that means that you too, can become a healer and can help people become well.
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-Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar

4) Meditate with Purpose. Beginners must understand that meditation is an ACTIVE process. The art of focusing your attention to a single point is hard work, and you have to be purposefully engaged! 5) Notice frustration creep up on you. This is very common for beginners as we think hey, what am I doing here or why cant I just quiet my damn mind already. When this happens, really focus in on your breath and let the frustrated feelings go. 6)Experiment. Although many of us think of effective meditation as a Yogi sitting cross-legged beneath a Bonzi tree, beginners should be more experimental and try different types of meditation. Try sitting, lying, eyes open, eyes closed, etc. 7) Feel your body parts. A great practice for beginning meditators is to take notice of the body when a meditative state starts to take hold. Once the mind quiets, put all your attention to the feet and then slowly move your way up the body (include your internal organs). This is very healthy and an indicator that you are on the right path. 8) Pick a specific room in your home to meditate. Make sure it is not the same room where you do work, exercise, or sleep. Place candles and other spiritual paraphernalia in the room to help you feel at ease. 9) Read a book (or two) on meditation. Preferably an instructional guide AND one that describes the benefits of deep meditative states. 10) Commit for the long haul. Meditation is a life-long practice, and you will benefit most by NOT examining the results of your daily practice. Just do the best you can every day, and then let it go! 11) Listen to instructional tapes and CDs. 12) Generate moments of awareness during the day. Finding your breath and being present while not in formal practice is a wonderful way to evolve your meditation habits. 13) Make sure you will not be disturbed. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is not insuring peaceful practice conditions. If you have it in the back of your mind that the phone might ring, your kids might wake, or your coffee pot might whistle than

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% of your attention in one area. The practice comes with a myriad of well-publicized health benefits including increased concentration, decreased anxiety, and a general feeling of happiness. Although a great number of people try meditation at some point in their lives, a small percentage actually sticks with it for the long-term. This is unfortunate, and a possible reason is that many beginners do not begin with a mindset needed to make the practice sustainable. The purpose of this article is to provide 20 practical recommendations to help beginners get past the initial hurdles and integrate meditation over the long term: 1) Make it a formal practice. You will only get to the next level in meditation by setting aside specific time (preferably two times a day) to be still. 2) Start with the breath. Breathing deep slows the heart rate, relaxes the muscles, focuses the mind and is an ideal way to begin practice. 3) Stretch first. Stretching loosens the muscles and tendons allowing you to sit (or lie) more comfortably. Additionally, stretching starts the process of going inward and brings added attention to the body.

you will not be able to attain a state of deep relaxation. 14) Notice small adjustments. For beginning meditators, the slightest physical movements can transform a meditative practice from one of frustration to one of renewal. These adjustments may be barely noticeable to an observer, but they can mean everything for your practice. 15) Use a candle. Meditating with eyes closed can be challenging for a beginner. Lighting a candle and using it as your point of focus allows you to strengthen your attention with a visual cue. This can be very powerful. 16) Do NOT Stress. This may be the most important tip for beginners, and the hardest to implement. No matter what happens during your meditation practice, do not stress about it. This includes being nervous before meditating and angry afterwards. Meditation is what it is, and just do the best you can at the time. 17) Do it together. Meditating with a partner or loved one can have many wonderful benefits, and can improve your practice. However, it is necessary to make sure that you set agreed-upon ground rules before you begin! 18) Meditate early in the morning. Without a doubt, early morning is an ideal time to practice: it is quieter, your mind is not filled with the usual clutter, and there is less chance you will be disturbed. Make it a habit to get up half an hour earlier to meditate. 19) Be Grateful at the end. Once your practice is through, spend 2-3 minutes feeling appreciative of the opportunity to practice and your minds ability to focus. 20) Notice when your interest in meditation begins to wane. Meditation is hard work, and you will inevitably come to a point where it seemingly does not fit into the picture anymore. THIS is when you need your practice the most and I recommend you go back to the book(s) or the CDs you listened to and become re-invigorated with
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the practice. Chances are that losing the ability to focus on meditation is parallel with your inability to focus in other areas of your life! Easy Meditation Techniques Beginners Finally Revealed For

Many Meditation Techniques Beginners To Choose From


If you are like most people you have been looking for a way to reduce your stress and anxiety that is part of our everyday living nowadays. I have researched many different avenues and they all seem to point back to meditation. Until recently, I would say the past decade or so we in the west did not recognize nor understand meditation. It was thought of as being to Asain and mystical. Finally we are catching up and experiencing the benefits of meditation. Meditation techniques for beginners open a door to what is really going on in our minds. The main idea is that by training our mind to be conscious of itself but also to turn off the rambling thoughts and ideas that continuously run through our mind. You will find it much easier to do than expected when you involve breathing exercises and perhaps listening to sounds or music. Simple actions that give tremendous benefits. One Purpose For Meditating Very few of us ever take an intense look at our lives and therefore never find the true purpose of our existence. But with meditation techniques for beginners you can gaze into your consciousness and reveal layer by layer the noise that has covered up your true self. As in most things not knowing how to do something can be frustrating. The good thing about meditation is that its relatively easy to learn. Everyone and anyone can do it. Billions of people each day meditate. It will take a little practice and patience but you definitely have the skills required. And meditation techniques for beginners are straight forward and simple. Another cool thing about meditation is that you can do it whenever and wherever you like. Since the basic action is focused breathing exercises and sometime listening to some sounds or instructions that help guide you to your desired meditative state.

I believe that the focused breathing exercise is one the better and easier meditation techniques for beginners to try of all of the many options. With practice and concentration this one can be almost mastered, which then gives you the opportunity to move on to more complex meditations. Another excellent beginner

meditation is the guided meditation. It seems to be one of the best at teaching the technique of reaching a meditative state. It is common for the guided meditation to be taught first to meditation beginners because it is effective and simple to master with practice. Sometimes you can even be instructed to create your own guided meditation with a recording device. The main objective is to keep your mind focused and to stop the racing thoughts from ruining your peaceful meditation. Buddhist Meditation Techniques For Beginners Another technique that is taught to beginners to get them on their way into a more peaceful and loving life is the Buddhist meditation. The Buddhist meditation is interested in developing your mindfulness. The beauty of mindfulness meditation is that

you develop a friendlier and more loving view on the world and the people around you. Mindfulness meditation focuses on your breathing; you will do visualizations and other focusing exercises. You will be training your mind and body and therefore you will be able to meditate longer. Thats why it is important for beginners to develop a posture that will not interfere with your meditation. There are many common postures, such

Benefits of Meditation The benefits of practicing meditation regularly are many. It will affect you positively in practically every part of your life. As proof, there was a study done at Massachusetts General Hospital that revealed that some areas of the brains cerebral cortex were thicker in people who have been meditating everyday for just 40 minutes a day over several years. This was not anticipated and was one of the first scientific proofs that meditation actually changed the brains of its participants. The cerebral cortex is an extremely important part of the brain that is known to handle processing sensory input and your attention to detail. It normally thins with age. Meditation practiced regularly showed that it increased happiness as well as other benefits. Benefits of Meditation Techniques For Beginners Even people newly trained in meditation have shown amazing results.A report out of the University of Wisconsin showed that there was an increase in electrical activity in the left frontal part of the brain in people just recently introduced to meditation. That part of the brain is believed to be the area of positive emotion and happiness. This is another direct proof of the amazing positive experiences of meditation. You will see for yourself that you have a healthy more alive feeling after your meditation session. There are now countless studies done on the positive aspects of daily meditation and the feeling of well being it induces. One of the main benefits of meditating is the clearing your mind of all negativity. As you learn to do this you will feel much more peaceful and you will worry less. You will develop a state of peaceful contentment. Meditation techniques for beginners will find that they can minimize specific ailments such as pain and at the same time have better general health from being less stressed.But you must become a regular practitioner of meditation in order to achieve this. Further Benefits of Meditation You must know that you shouldnt expect to achieve these results after just

attempting to meditate once or twice a week. It takes time to learn to train your mind and body. But you will eventually benefit from it. You body will also benefit by things such as a lower heart rate and also increased blood flow throughout your entire body. You will decrease the tension in your muscles because you are more relaxed. This will then lead to a better nights sleep and you will notice you worry less. An added bonus is that you attention and memory will be enhanced. Our breath is our most important activity of our life. The deep breathing exercises that are practiced in most meditations will give you a feeling of peace and harmony. You can feel it envelope you as you meditate. Many beginners think after a couple of tries that learning to meditate is an impossible task that is beyond their abilities. But once they begin to realize that the reduced stress and the feeling of well being and the ability to eliminate some medications they put their minds to learn the techniques completely. Even though mastering the ancient art of meditation is difficult, even considered a lifelong destination, you will be amazed and thrilled with all of the differences in your life due to learning to meditate. If you are a novice to meditation and have never tried anything like it you owe it to yourself to try it. The feeling of silencing your conscious mind and entering a completely relaxed state is almost heaven. Meditation is an absolutely wonderful practice, but can be very difficult in the beginning. Use the tips described in this article to get your practice to the next level!For More help with any kind of spiritual healing call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar ,the ONLY Atharva Vedic Swamiji and Scholar in the entire nation. Also Atharva Veda is the 4th Vedic Science of India which has tremendous Upayas/ Healing to maker you to come out of any of your difficulties. Call Swamiji immediately in his cell phone # 408-829-7780. Do not live with your difficulties, when the help is just a phone call away from you. Om Shanthi!!

as walking, sitting, lying down or even standing. Importance Of Posture To Meditation As Ive just stated there are many different postures for meditating, each one has its strengths and weaknesses on our mental focus. But the primary attribute of all postures is to keep your focused on your internal presence, being here and now, and to make you become more centered and grounded.With practice and devotion you will naturally become aware of a sense of well being and also you will notice that people will be drawn to you. This meditation technique for beginners zeroes in on following your breath and actually feeling your energy inside your body.