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The Oil and Gas Engineering Guide

A few things Engineering must do to enable the fast track execution of projects
Published Friday 17/02/2012

Powered by Baron Herv He began his professionnal carreer with an international oil company. Starting out with an interest in the Operation of Oil & Gas Facilities, his technical curiosity about their desing saw him move to engineering contractors to become expert in this area

- precise definition of interface between disciplines, through procedures, responsibility matrixes etc, to avoid "waiting on others", - close coordination between disciplines, such as piping and civil: engineers and designers to be grouped by work areas rather than by disciplines, - a good system in place for design changes. First, develop a strong resistance to design change and habit to strive to find alternatives. For changes that cannot be avoided, early implementation by means of identifiation of all impacts, prompt actions (E, P, C) and precise dedicated follow-up of implementation of all actions, - focus and control of key vendor drawings (interface dwgs: GA, foundation and loads, piping connection, load list, PID, control narrative, C&E), avoiding engineering hold up ydue to vendor information, - proper organization for spooling, reducing the lag between design and shop ISOs, such organization integrates both engineering and the construction contractor, - definition of relevant early work packages, with construction, during constructability workshop, - maintain up-to date bill of quantities, e.g., list of steel structures to be erected, with dwgs and material delivery dates, for Site to plan adequate resources, - provide Site with adequate and updated list of items, material take-of, item count etc. to enable an accurate monitoring of the construction progress. The Construction progress shall indeed be measured against the up-dated work volumes. The later, which constitutes the "100%" will keep changing up to the end of Engineering. It is necessary that such changes are incorporated in the Construction progress measure in order to reflect the progress against the actual work volume, - Implement a precise Engineering progress monitoring. Such as precise progress monitoring is one where steps are precisely and indisputably identified, such as with a binary status 0/1 (document not issued/document issued). Intermediate statuses, such as "document started" etc. shall not not considered. The individual document status is weighted by the number of documents to give the progress of a task consisting of the issue of multiple documents, such as P&IDs.

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A few things Engineering must do to enable the fast track execution of projects Friday 17/02/2012
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