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ATAPI Connector A 50-pin ATAPI interface connector is found at the rear of Most laptop cd, dvd, dvd+r and

Combo drives. The connecting cable should use Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Limited KX14-50Series L or equivalent connector. Pin allocation ATAPI-50:

Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Audio L-CH Audio R-CH Audio Ground Digitally Ground /RESET DD8 DD7 DD9 DD6


Direction (from CD-ROM) out out --in I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O I/O

Description similarly out similarly out

10 DD10 11 DD5 12 DD11 13 DD4 14 DD12 15 DD3 16 DD13 17 DD2 18 DD14 19 DD1 20 DD15


I/O out -in in -out in out out in I/O in in in in I/O in in in in in ---in in -out in n/c or GND evtl. GND openly: Slave, GND: Master

25 /DIOW: STOP 26 Digitally Ground 27 IORDY: /DDMARDY: DSTROBE 28 /DMACK 29 INTRQ 30 /IOCS16 31 DA1 32 /PDIAG 33 DA0 34 DA2 35 /CS1FX 36 /CS3FX 37 /DASP 38 +5 V(MOTOR) 39 +5 V(MOTOR) 40 +5 V(MOTOR) 41 +5 V(LOGIC) 42 +5 V(LOGIC) 43 Ground 44 Ground 45 Ground 46 Reserved 47 DEVICE Config.(CSEL) 48 Ground 49 Reserved 50 Vender unique the Slash/shows negating data lines, active low

How to convert from CSEL to Maybe an easier one here if this is to much I do not have the Cable SELECT pin without drive assembly against Vcc and against GND both marks was measurable a tension. With the drive assembly pin had meant then about the Vcc. this that in the drive assembly the pin with a Pull UP resistance is pulled on Vcc, as soon as GND does not lie close. The drive assembly notices the fact that Cable SELECT is open and goes thereby into the Slave mode Here I needed the telephone assistance of the Toshiba support. This is really good. I got the reference that there are different Rome versions. The difference is the evaluation of the Cable SELECT line. There are versions, those negates this information.

To ideas like this goes are: A laptop look for, in that the drive assembly one recognizes and to update there (there is ATAPI CONTROLLER, those functions also with only one Slave drive assembly). Or a Master/Slave Jumper insert:

In addition further measurements were necessary. This time I put a resistance between Cable SELECT and GND and measured the resistance. With the fact I wanted to guarantee that I do not produce a short-circuit. Since the resistance with resistance was with maximally 0,5mA, it was clear that it was safe the contacts without resistance to connect.

In thus a connection of the plug ATAPI-50, pin 47 for GND necessary. In the simplest case one takes GND von Pin 45, connects thus the second and third pin of on the left of the upper row, if one sees from the rear on the drive assembly. The Jumper is switched between Cable SELECT and GND, the pins beside it is meant only for Jumper mounting plate in the Slave mode. To GND I took not from ATAPI-50, pin 45, but a soldering surface searched, which is likewise connected with GND, whereupon am soldered the pins. I jumpered it as master, and now it folds. Thus it looks now under my laptop keyboard:

down right one sees the Jumper

Or the drive assembly on master firmly:

here the connection is also made by pin 47 to pin 45 in the drive assembly little tin solder For this it is the drive assembly to necessarily screw on (consider warranty loss!). With the newer Toshiba drive assemblies there is the marked three screws, which hold the cover. The drawer mechanism reaching the plate to be driven out, this goes either with the ' emergency hole described above in the screen and a paper clip or with many drive assemblies also through a small which can be attained at the lower surface:

Then the plate lies exposed:

in the upper left corner the ATAPI-50-Stecker, here is installed over it still another metal attachment is to be seen to the installation into the laptop The plate looks different in different drive assemblies, but the ATAPI-50-Sticker is to be always seen:

the ATAPI-50-Sticker always is to be seen in the upper left corner is At this little tin solder a bridge between pin 47 and pin 45 is also manufactured. These are in the pictures the before-next to last and the next to last:

Or a small piece wire into the plug put: This solution is particularly suitable for all, which do not want to know a soldering or. here the connection is made by pin 47 to pin 45 in the plug with a piece wire, these can originate from a braid Into the ATAPI-50-Stecker of the drive assembly a small loop from wire is put. Around him when putting into the correct position to hold one should let it project long. Later it can be cut off then. It should not be a problem, if it affects the metal base of the drive assembly durably, because this is at the same potential (GND).

CSEL to cable select one Position the DVD Drive with the drawer open towards you. It will look like this ------------------- 50 || 1 ------------------ 49 The little wires on the connectors facing the inside of the drive are the one we want , specifically the second and third one from the last on the right where #49 is printed. Those 2 contact are (Counting from the right) 47 & 45. Contact 47 is the CSEL (Cable Select which usually will configure a drive to Slave if this line is open, or Master if grounded) Contact 45 is a ground. We need to apply just enough solder to connect those 2 contacts together to make the drive a master, Make sure that you leave the last contact on the right alone and inspect with a magnifying glass to insure that you did not put solder where it did not belong Modify the drive CSEL line so that it is configured as Slave by bridging Pin 45 & 47 on the drive's connector inside this will invalidate the warranty If the drive is M/S and is recognised as master and you need slave, pin 47 would need to be left open

Not quite sure from above here's another method with different method, this one is done

on the cable side

The really easy way without reading all this technical guff simple Only two things to do! 1. Open your optical drive 2. Solder these two pins as shown on the connector that is all there really is to it. now its a master and will work in your toshiba

put the top back on. JAE 50 PIN female front view conector