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This is an unofficial surface world adventure of The Hollow Earth Expedition Roleplaying Game.

It can be used as a one shot adventure or as part of an ongoing campaign. This adventure requires at least on character to have Academics religion or occult. Other

useful skills include Linguistics Code and deciphering. This is due to the large amount of puzzles found within. Hollow Earth Expedition Game Studios, LLC

and 2006 Exile

Plot Summary
The Mithraic Mysteries was a mystery religion practiced throughout the Roman Empire. The name Mithras was adopted from the Persian god Mithra. Worshipers of Mithras had a complex initiation system that consisted of several grades. They met in underground temples, which is where this adventure takes place. The Temple of Mithras in London is a real temple. The players explore the temple and if they can rise to the challenge receive the light of truth from Mithras himself. The treasure is left to the individual Game master. Anything can be found behind the massive stone doors including ancient text, treasure, or other plot items.

Skill Challenges
Throughout this adventure there are several puzzles that can require a bit of thought. In order to give hints there are several skill checks available. The easier checks are to give hints on how to solve the puzzle. Also the Game Master may wish to grant a synergy bonus of +2 for solving the easier checks to help solve the harder checks or the puzzle itself.

The Hook
For whatever reason the Game Master sees fit the players are in merry old London. There they hear rumors of excavations in the unfinished subway tunnels. Whoever is doing the digging is up to the game master as well. It is possible for the players to be hired to look for the temple or they could be racing against time to beat someone else from finding it. Whatever reason the players have for looking for the temple they will eventually find the entrance to the Temple of Mithras and that is where this adventure starts

The Key is actually the last puzzle of the adventure. Its important that the players see this part of the temple first to help them get in the mindset they need to find a way to figure out what is behind the doors. Before you is a Statue of Mithras Sacrificing a bull. It is surrounded by several other smaller carvings. Below the carvings appear to be several large plates each with a symbol on them. Behind the statue are two massive stone doors. Any amount of pushing cannot open these doors. Academics Religion or Occult (Average 2) will determine that the carvings on the statue are the zodiac and the symbols under the statue represent the names of planets, or in this case gods. The players are able to press the plates and figure this is the key that opens the massive stone doors behind it.

The Lost Temple

Players make their way into the temple. It is in various stages of decay. Most of the paintings are faded or broken off. There are really only two rooms of note. One is a carving of Mithras with a key below it.

In order to solve the puzzle the players will have to progress through the initiation challenges. They answer to the key is the order in which the challenges are completed in. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Luna Sol Saturn

their willpower. Remember to award them a Style point though. After this the players fall asleep. However, they do not realize they are asleep. To them they are just enjoying a glass of wine when a strange man shows up. During the course of the adventure the players may experience a death. If they do take them aside or pass them a note. To the other characters they died but they awoke in the room from a dream. The other players appear to be in restful sleep with normal breathing and heart rate. If they try and drink the wine again it is refreshing but nothing else happens. The Old Man speaks to the players. Greetings travelers, what is it that you seek? -The players may not know exactly what they seek but are likely to have several different answers. The old man says after they have given their answers, It seems you do not know what you seek. It is possible I can help you with that. Would you allow me to help you? -The players are going to ask what he can help them with and what will they find. The old man will simply say. You already have the answer to that question ye you are not asking the right questions. I will help you find what we all seek, truth. I will guild you through several tasks. If you can solve each one you will find what you seek. Now if you are ready follow me.

On the off chance they figure out the correct combination to open the doors they do not possess the LIGHT OF TRUTH so the doors will remain closed. The other room of note is where the players will begin their initiation.

The room is covered in cobwebs and dust. On the floor are several tiled pictures with various symbols on them. In the far corner you find a large clay pot and several glasses nearby. The pot is filled with a liquid that faintly smells of honey. Above the pot is some writing. It reads: Those who seek the treasures within must first drink the light of truth. The idea is to get all the players to drink the honey wine. If one or more players seem reluctant to drink the wine it seems to appeal to them and they feel a strong urge to drink the wine. If they still do not want to drink it the game master can rule it a plot device and force them to drink it. It is as if they lose control of

The game master may have to adapt several of the old mans replies to fit within the answers given here. The old man will never give out any information on what behind the doors or how to open them only that they must seek that information themselves. He is just a guide. If the players refuse to go along with the old man then the adventure is over and they wake up in the room still no closer to being able to open the doors.

Room 1, Corax the Raven

The old man leads you through a series of halls and turns. Eventually you end up in a door way. The old man speaks to you. It is said the Raven has the role of the messenger who comes to entrust Mithras with his mission. You must be the messenger and deliver the message to the shrine of Mithras. Before you is a stone floor. The floor has been divided into squares and each square has a symbol on it. On a pedestal rest a staff entwined with two serpents. Across the tiled floor is a statue with his had outstretched awaiting something to be placed into it.

Academics Religion (Tough 3) The staff is Caduceus, the mystical staff of Mercury Linguistics Deciphering or Academics Occult (Average 2) figure out the signs on the floor are zodiac signs (Tough 3) Will figure out the elements related to each zodiac. Fire Water Earth Air Sagittarius Pisces Taurus Aquarius Aries Scorpio Virgo Libra Leo Cancer Capricorn Gemini Linguistics code (Vary Hard 5) to figure out the correct pattern to solve the puzzle. Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Room 2, Nymphus the Bride

The old man congratulates you on solving your first task. He says, There are still many tasks before you. Please follow me to your second task. He leads you down another hall and through another door. Before you is a statue of Venus. Kneeled before the goddess is a male statue wearing a bridal veil. On a alter before the statue is a lamp and two glasses. One is filled with honey wine the other with water. Further into the room you see a statue of Mithras with his hand extended ready to grasp something. The old man speaks. You must become the Nymphus and pledge you heart to Mithras in order to receive the light of truth. One player must place the veil on, drink the honey wine pick up the cup of water and lamp and take the water to the statue of Mithras and poor the water on the statue. Then place his hand in the hand of Mithras and pledge himself to solve this puzzle. If the player does not do any of the above steps the puzzle resets. Nothing bad happens to the players for not performing the steps in the necessary order. A female is unable to perform the ritual. If a female tries the ritual fails and resets its self. Academics Occult (Tough 3) reveals water represents love, and the cup represents heart Academics Religion (Average 2) honey is a sacrament to the Mithraic mysteries. Academics Religion (Tough 3) The statue is Nymphus The male-bride. 4

The players must figure out which tile represents an air symbol. (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) That is the safe path to take. Only the player holding the staff may walk onto the tiles. If the player steps on the wrong path give them an Acrobatics check (Hard 4) to keep from falling through. If the players fall through the floor they appear to fall to their death to the other players. The staff reappears in the rack where it started. Academics Religion (Average 2) The raven is a servant of Mercury. Academics Occult (Tough 3) Mercury is ruled by the element of air.

Linguistics Code (Very Hard 5) to figure out a male character must take the veil of the statue place it on, drink the honey wine, then pick up the lamp and the glass of water. He then must walk to the statue of Mithras poor the water on the statue place his hand in the statues hand and pledge himself to Mithras.

The mighty beast rears its heads in a final attempt to fight back then falls to the ground dead. A statue appears. The statue is wearing full roman military dress and a wreath upon its brow. Its sword is pointed down with a wreath upon it as if it is offering it to you. On the base of the statue is an inscription that reads: Mithras is my wreath and the only wreath I need.

Room 3 Miles, the Soldier

Again the Old Man leads you down the hall and to another door. Before you is a weapons rack lined with spears, helmets, and a soldiers kit bags lie on tables nearby. Loud growling can be heard in the dark room. The Old Man speaks. Mithras is an invincible god and the good of good. One must triumph over evil and be a servant of good to be sworn into his ranks. Don the gear of a soldier of Mithras and prove you worth. The players must put on the helmet and pick up the spear. Once the player puts on the helmet: Before you is a beast unlike you have ever seen before. It has the body of a lion, the wings of a dragon. It has three heads, one of a lion, one of a goat and one of a dragon. It bears down upon you with cat like reflexes ready to make you its next meal.

To solve the puzzle the players defeat the Chimera and refuse to take the wreath. If any player takes the wreath he is found not worthy and is killed He awakens in the beginning room.

The Spear is the only weapon that can be used to defeat the Chimera. Any other weapon used will not hurt it. The helmet grants a +2 Defense bonus to any player wearing it.
Spear: Damage 3L, Strength 2, speed A, weight 9. A spear can be used as a melee or ranged weapon with a range of 10. Perception (Average 2) to realize there is a symbol on the helmet

Chimera Follower 3 Archetype: Style: Primary Abilities: Body: Dexterity: Strength: Secondary Abilities Size: Move: 1 7(14)** 5 Base 5 2 2 Initiative: Defense: Stun: Levels 5 1 4 6* 6 5 Rating 10 3 6 (Average) 5 2+ 3 5 2 5 Charisma: Intelligence: Willpower: 1 2 3 Mythic Beast 0 Motivation: Health: Survival 9

Academics religion or Occult (Average 2) the symbol of Mars is on the helmet

Perception: Skills Brawl Stealth

Academics Mythology or Ancient History (Average 2) To know that the beast is a Chimera. If the chimera defeats any of the players they awaken in the room where they drank the wine while the rest of the players sleep still. Once the players defeat the Chimera read the following.

Survival Talents

Flurry -2 per attack for each attack in a full attack Quick Reflexes +2 Initiative* Flaw Bestial cannot use tools or communicate

Weapons Claw Bite Fire Breath***

Rating 3L 2L 3L

Size -1 -1 -1

Attack 12L 11L 7L

Average 6L 5+L 3+L

Perception (Average 2) The Lion has a symbol on its brow. Academics religion or Occult (Average 2) the symbol is Jupiter.

**When on all 4 a chimera can move twice its movement rate **Chimera can also fly at its normal movement rate ***A chimera is able to breath fire in a 20 ft cone once every 4 rounds Its Breath Weapon is fire damage and area of effect Hollow EarthExpedition pg 127 If a character is caught in the flame they will catch fire and take fire damage until put out

Read after the player has chosen to drink the water or the wine and kneel before the Lion. Water: You drink from the jug that contains the water. You kneel before the lion. The Lion breaths fire upon you. You are engulfed in flames and burnt to ash. Wine: You drink from the jug that contains the Honey wine. You kneel before the lion. The statue of the lion breaths fire upon you. It engulfs you cleansing you of any wrongs you have committed.

Room 4 Leo, the Lion

The Old Man congratulates you on becoming soldiers in the service of Mithras. He leads you down a hall and around a few more turns and into another room. In the next room you see two large jugs. On closer inspection one jug is filled with water and one with honey wine. In the center of the room is a large statue of a lion with the symbol on its brow. The old man speaks, This Lion serves Mithras. You must purify yourselves of evil and all contamination. Drink your Sacrament and kneel before him. Only then can you continue on your journey

Room 5 Perses, the Persian

The Old Man nods approvingly. He leads you out of the room with the lion and into a large room. This room has a large statue of a bull in the center of it. Placed before you is an altar. On the altar you find a jug of honey and a sickle. The man speaks, Ah the room of Perses, the Persian, He who harvests the fruits and preserves them. Anoint thy hands with that which preserves and harvest the fruits of the bull and return them to the altar. To solve this puzzle the players need to defeat the Bull. Once the bull is defeated wheat grows from the spinal core of the Bull. A player must dip his or her hands in the honey and harvest the wheat with the sickle, and then return the wheat to the altar. Anyone defeated by the bull wakes up at the beginning. Perception (Average 2) The symbol looks like the moon of on the handle of the sickle. Academics religion or Occult (Average 2) the symbol is Luna Academics Religion (Hard 4) According to the Persians honey comes from the moon where the bull slain by Mithras was also taken and purified to produce new fruits and plants.

To solve this puzzle the players must drink the wine and kneel before the statue. It breaths fire and engulfs the players in flame. If they drank the water they are killed.

Investigation Search (Average 2) there are scorch marks around the lions mouth. Investigation Search (Tough 3) There is a pressure plate where you would kneel before the lion. Academics Religion or Occult (Average 2) Fire is purifying in many religions Academics Occult or Religion (Hard 4) Water is hostile to fire and will not allow the fire to clean your soul.

The Old Man speaks. Heliodromus is the courier of the sun. As he rides his chariot across the sky he brings dawn with him, but after the day comes night. Prove you are worth to be true Servants of Mithras. Bring the dawn of a new day. The idea is to win the chariot race against the darkness. The empty chariot has room for 2 people, one to drive it and the other to defend and attack. Inside the chariot are two sets of Lorica Segmentata armor a gladius a shield and 3 javelins. Lorica segmentata armor +2 Armor Str 2; Roman Shield +2 armor Str 3; Gladius 2L Str 2 speed A; Javelin 2L Str 2 25 ft range Rate 1 speed A
Giant Bull Statue Archetype: Style: Primary Abilities: Body: Dexterity: Strength: 5 2 3 Charisma: Intelligence: Willpower: 0 0 2 Guardian 0 Motivation: Health: Survival 8

The chariot is horse Drawn with 2 horses. It has a maximum speed of 19. Its normal operating speed is 16. It has a defense of 6 Size of 1 and a Structure of 7. It has a handling of +1 Performance Degration Structure 4 -2 Handling Structure 3 -4 Handling

Speed 14 Speed 9

Secondary Abilities Size: Move: Perception: Skills Brawl Stealth Survival Talents Diehard Weapons Rating Size Attack Average 1 5(10)* 2 Base 3 2 0 Initiative: Defense: Stun: Levels 5 0 6 2 6 5 Rating 8 2 6 (Average)

Players may attempt to throw Javelins into the chariot. However, when attacking from the side of from the front the driver and the defender have +2 Defense from cover. There is no cover bonus when attacking from the rear. Players suffer a -1 to attack when throwing or attacking from a moving chariot. Evasion Action A Player may try to take evasion actions to avoid damage. This is an opposed drive roll vs. the attackers roll. If the drive roll is grater then the attack roll then the driver of the chariot has avoided the damage. If the attack roll is greater than drive roll the extra successes are damage. Side Swipe A player may attempt to sideswipe the other chariot. Make a drive check vs. Defense. If the attack is successful the defender drive roll equal to the amount of damage or lose control. Full Speed A character driving the chariot may make a full round action and move at full speed.

Hornes Kick

10L 8N

*Animals that run on all 4 legs can double their movement

Room 6 Heliodromus, The Courier of the Sun

The Old Man says you are nearly done. Only a few more trials to go. He leads you to the largest room you have seen yet. Before you is a large room with a large oval track in it. On the track are two horse drawn chariots. One chariot is the color of midnight and its riders are dressed in dark armor. The other stands empty and is the color of the dawn. It has a large golden sun on it.

Players may wish to attack the horses. This is only possible while the chariot is in front of the horses of beside the other chariot. The Horse has a defense of 6, Health 6, and a stun of 3. If one of the horses is killed or stun the chariot loses control and wrecks. Secrets of the Surface World pg 147 The Race is 1 lap winner takes all. If the players loose the race they may try again as long as they are still alive. Have the characters in the chariot roll initiative. At the start of the race have the drivers roll drive checks. Whoever rolls more successes plus the handling modifier of the chariot plus the speed pulls into the lead. For example at the start of the race chariot A has a speed of 16 +1(handling) +3 drive successes = 20, Chariot B has a speed of 16 +1(handling) +2 drive successes = 19. Chariot A would be in the lead this round. The chariots then act in initiative order. They may attack, evade, or do a full speed action. In order for the chariot to gain the lead from behind the other Chariot it must move faster than the other. The Dark Chariot Driver has stats as follows: Health 4; INIT 4; DEF 6(+2 armor) Drive 4 The Dark Chariot Defender has stats as follows: Health 4; INIT 4; DEF 8(+2 armor, +2 Shield) Melee 4, Athletics 4. Gladius 9L, Javelin 9L

After the players sacrifice the bull: The light is searing bright and then you are awakeYou are in the room where you drank the honey wine. It was all a dream as far as you can tell. Mithras is no longer in the room with you. If the players go looking for the rooms where the trials took place: Any of the rooms you were previously in you are unable to find. The only other thing you can find is the statue with the strange key and the massive doors behind it. They may not realize it but the order in which they completed the rituals is the key to the door. If they need a push in the right direction have the players make a perception roll (Average 2) to help them remember their dreams. What is behind the doors is up to the Game Master. It could be anything from alantian artifacts to ancient roman treasure. Or it could be only more puzzles and clues to lead the players to their next adventure.

Room 7 Pater, The Father

The Old Man leads you out of the room. He says You have brought the dawn to another day and defeated the darkness. You are worthy. Come with me. The Old Man leads you to another room. In this room you see a Giant Statue of Mithras before you standing over an altar. On either side of the altar is a statue of a lion. The light of day shines over the statue as if the sun its self is present in the room. Before you is a sacrificial knife. The old man now stands before you as Mithras. He says, You have become worthy to become my servants. Take of the knife and sacrifice the bull in my name and learn the secrets of what brings you here. Perception (Average 2) The Altar has a symbol on it. Academics religion or Occult (Average 2) the symbol is Saturn.