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8000 Series Alternators

Exceeding Military Standards without the Cost

Polar Power Inc developed its 8000 series of all permanent magnet alternators specifically for battery charging applications in:

High and Low Ambient Operation (-80 to 160 F)

Hybrid Electric Propulsion Hybrid Photovoltaic Solar Communications Uninterruptible Power Systems Wind Energy Hydroelectric High reliability and Limited Maintenance High degree of corrosion resistance No Mechanical Adjustments Very Light Weight High Quality Electrical Output Stiff voltage regulation to current demand Up to 94% Efficiency

Design Performance:


Available in Voltages of 12 to 500 Vdc 32 pole high frequency design provides low electrical ripple Higher frequency design provides compact and lightweight performance Direct engine mounting further enhances the compact and lightweight design Conventional 3 phase stator lowers assembly cost NdFeB Magnets for high efficiency Class H magnetic wire for long and reliable service life Anodized type III process for aluminum parts Nickel Plating for steel parts Stator is vacuum impregnated

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8000 Series Alternators

Low Maintenance and High Reliability

1. Polar Powers 100% permanent magnet alternator has no bearings, couplings, brushes, slip rings,or rotating fields so there are no alternator parts to wear out. 2. Our unique alternator design (large diameter / 32 poles) allows you to run your engines at lower speed for the same output, extending engine life. 3. Each Polar Power stator lamination stack is fully bonded to create a stator without voids which prevents moisture penetration, corrosion, and swelling. After the copper winding is in place, the entire stator assembly is vacuum dipped and a class H coating is baked on. This seals the metal surfaces from corrosion and improves thermal performance. This also increases resistance to salt fog. The coatings also protect the stator from particle abrasion and vibration. 4. The steel magnet ring is 100% Nickel plated. The magnets are then bonded to the inside the ring with high temperature aerospace grade epoxy. The purpose of Nickel plating the ring is to provide a surface with high degree of corrosion resistance thereby preventing corrosion from starting in one area, migrating under the magnets and creating a bond failure. The assembled magnet ring is then epoxy painted to further seal the surfaces and provide a higher degree of salt fog corrosion resistance. 5. The magnets are mounted on the inside of the ring so there are no centrifugal forces pulling against the epoxy bonds. 6. There are no electronic parts (diodes, etc.) or electrical connections inside the alternator. There is nothing to short or vibrate loose inside the alternator. 7. The alternator is almost impossible to damage electrically. The outputs can be shorted for minutes without damage. 8. The alternators rotor is mated to the engines flywheel and this mated pair is dynamically balanced to improve the engines bearing life.

9. Polar Powers PMHH alternator should have an MTBF exceeding 100,000 hours as there are no parts which rub, wear, or overheat under normal operating conditions.
Available Controller Features:

The model 8000 series alternator requires the voltage regulator to change the engine speed in response to changing loads (current) to maintain a regulated voltage. The voltage regulator provides thermal protection for the alternator; a sensor on the yoke can alert the operator of a high temperature condition. If no action is taken, the regulator automatically reduces the output current so the alternator can run cooler.

22520 Avalon Blvd Carson, CA 90745 USA Tel (310) 830-9153 Fax (310) 830-9825

8000 Series Alternators

The voltage regulator through a current transducer monitors the output current of the alternator. The voltage regulator lowers the engine speed during an over current condition. This feature prevents the alternator from over heating or stalling the engine. For long reliable life, the Diode Bridge is remote from the alternator and mounted on a large heat sink to keep cool and free of engine vibration. The voltage regulator also monitors the diode bridge for an over temperature condition. The voltage regulator maintains the voltage drift too less than 1.5% during a change in ambient temperatures of 60 F over 8 hours. Voltage regulation from no load to full load is less than 200ms. There is an optional load dump feature for the voltage regulator to limit the voltage rise transient after a sudden change from full load to no load. This optional feature is rarely used.
Very High Quality Electrical Output
12.35 in 313 mm

Low Fuel Consumption for the selected engine

The PMHH alternator has an efficiency of between 85 to 94% versus 45 to 70% typical of most other DC alternators.
Low Acoustic Noise

Low EMI emissions are designed into the system. There are no brushes or slip rings. Field coil is isolated from the buss through fast diodes and capacitance. The voltage regulator does not strobe the field coil on and off. Proportional control reduces the back EMF produced by the field coil. 1. The 32-pole design reduces the amplitude of the voltage and current waveforms. 2. The relatively large iron and copper mass in conjunction with a fast responding voltage regulator reduces the load transient response time to under 200 milliseconds from no load to full load and vise-versa.
Light Weight


Model Number

Power Range



8080 8220

2-10 KW 10-22 KW 15-34 KW

2.8 in 7.15 cm 3.915 in 9.95 cm 4.46 in 11.35 cm

45 lb 20.5 kg 55 lb 25 kg 74 lb 33.5 kg


Model 8000 series alternators incorporate an aluminum yoke. Additional reductions in weight can be attributed to the 32 pole design, high-energy Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets and the pancake design of the assembly.

Maximum power is rated at 3600 RPM Weights are approximate and do not include controls and Diodes Fluid colling adds 3.5 lb (1.6 kg)

22520 Avalon Blvd Carson, CA 90745 USA Tel (310) 830-9153 Fax (310) 830-9825

8000 Series Alternators

Configuration: _____ ______________ . ______ Style Cooling 808 822 834 1 = Air cooled only 2 = Water cooled only Voltage
35% range

________ Speed
200 RPM

A = 12 B = 24 C = 36 D = 48 E = 72 F = 96 G = 120 H = 144 I = 240 J = 320 K = 500

A = 800 B = 1200 C = 1600 D = 2000 E = 2400 F = 2800 G = 3200 K = 3600

3=Water and air cooled

Limited Warranty:
Polar Power Inc. hereby warrants goods manufactured and sold by it to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 24 months after date of delivery. The Warranty is limited to repair or replacement at 22520 Avalon Blvd. Carson, Ca 90745 or at Repair Center designed by Polar Power Inc. For details please contact Polar Power Inc.

22520 Avalon Blvd Carson, CA 90745 USA Tel (310) 830-9153 Fax (310) 830-9825