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Harvest Moon "A Wonderful Life" Special Edition for Playstation 2 FAQ & Strategy Guide By Purplepassion10 Questions?

Introduction When I purchased this game I couldn't find an official strategy guide anywhere. So I went online and searched. I found some guides with bits and pieces. If I put them all together I would have a decent guide, but with a lot of unanswered questions. How do I get a daughter? I can get a painting from Cody? What's with that lizard up by the waterfall? So I took it as my personal mission to make a complete easy to understand guide to Harvest Moon - It's A Wonderful Life. I hope you enjoy it. And if there is something I've missed or you still have a question, feel free to e-mail me at the address above. O.K. Ready? Here we go! General Info Harvest Moon "It's A Wonderful Life" Special Edition is just one in a long line of Harvest Moon games. In this particular game, your character is a young man who has just taken over a farm in Forget-Me-Not Valley that was previously owned by his father. Your fathers friend Takakura also lives on the farm. He is there to help you along by answering questions, and filling orders for you. The object of this game is to make friends with all the townspeople while cultivating a successful and profitable farm and family. That's right... family. Your character shows up single but is supposed to get married by the beginning of year 3. And along with marriage comes the child. After you get married. The object of the game changes. You must raise your child to choose the right career path. Do you want your child to take over the farm or to be a brilliant scholar? It's up to you. It's also a good idea to experiment with growing hybrid crops. By the time the game ends your child will be grown and you'll be an old man hopefully with lots of friends and lots of money. Good luck! Controls I thought you might need to know what all the buttons do first. Directional buttons: These buttons turn you but don't make you walk or move. Left Analog Stick: This makes your guy walk/run. Right Analog Stick: Turns your whole view Square Button: This button accesses your rucksack, and the village map when you're riding your horse. Triangle Button: Washes your livestock at the water trough. Cuddles your animals. You also eat food with this button. Circle Button: You cancel an action with this button. This is also how you get off your horse. X Button: Executes any action. You use this button the most. Start Button: Brings up a screen where you can see all your carried items, money, calender E-mail me at

day and a visual picture of how your guy is feeling. 1st Left & Right Button: Gives you a magnified view. It's hard to master maneuvering . 2nd Left Button: Whistles for your horse. Changes pages on your inventory. 2nd Right Button: Whistles for your dog. Changes pages on your inventory. Game Chapters: Chapter 1 - A Beginning Chapter 2 - A Birth Chapter 3 - Harvest Chapter 4 - Farm Life Chapter 5 - A Journey Chapter 6 - Twilight _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Chapter One The People

A. Eligible Bachelorettes There are four girls that you can choose from to be your wife. Each with different personalities and qualities. Once you woo them to the point of marriage, the Harvest Sprites will give you a Blue Feather in the summer of the first year. Give this to your sweetie to propose. *TIP: You must propose to someone by the end of winter year 2 or the game will end. No matter when you propose, you will not be married until Spring day one of the following year. Lumina: *TIP: Will not take gifts while she's playing piano.

Lumina is the youngest of the choices at 18 years old. She lives with her Aunt Romana at the Villa and prefers flowers for gifts. She's very pleasant and easy to please. Celia: *TIP: Come by the farm at 2:30pm daily. Celia will be outside.

Celia lives with Vesta at her farm. Celia makes a wonderful wife but marrying her will upset Marlin and Vesta since Celia is already betrothed to someone else. If you choose Celia, you may have trouble getting gifts from Vesta and Marlin since they're not too happy about your union. Muffy: *TIP: Alot of times Muffy won't take gifts when she's behind the bar.

Muffy is the oldest of the potential brides at 30 years old. At this point she's pretty desperate and easy to woo. She works at the Blue Bar and loves getting flowers. You'll have to win over Griffin before he'll allow you to marry Muffy. Nami:

By far the most difficult girl to befriend. She's quite cranky. I personally have never married her, but I know she likes to get the human statues and some bones from the dig site as gifts. I also hear a rumor that if you propose to Nami in the first year, you'll be able to use the boat at the beach to fish in. Let me know if this works, I'm curious. B.Townspeople (Person/Location/Gifts/Tips) Carter Dig Site gifts while inside the dig site. time:before 9:30am/after5 pm Flora Dig Site before 9:30am/after 5 pm. Vesta Marlin Vesta's farm Vesta's farm Milk, fish Flowers Cheese,milk,eggs Flowers Flowers Flowers Best time: ----------------She's outside Will not take Only in year Eggs, milk Will not take Best

Celia Vesta's farm Vesta's farm at 2:30pm Gustafa Green Yurt (tent) gifts while playing guitar. Nina one. Galen Village houses

Village houses/ Cooked dishes,fish,wild plants. Milk, crops Gives you Ruby's ---------

Ruby Inner Inn spice in year 2. Tim ----Inner Inn

Fish, milk, eggs, crops. Flowers, coins. Statues,skulls Gemsoil, fish Cooked dishes,milk Flowers,wild plants

Rock Inner Inn flowers after year 2. Nami Inner Inn to talk very long. Dr. Hardy Village houses old house after year 1. Takakura Your farm

Doesn't like She doesn't like Lives in Galen's ------------Climb the rope

Patrick/Kassy Fireworks hut to enter their elevated house. Griffin -----------Blue Bar

Gold Coins,fish, stones from digsite. -

Muffy Blue Bar gifts while behind bar. Daryl in the lab.


May not take

Labratory Bones,fish,eggs May not take gifts while Isn't awake til after 1pm. Milk, coins Milk, crops Flowers,milk,fruit Won't take gifts Won't take gifts Catch her at Enters game in Loves to go to Will not take Will not take --------------Will not take

Hugh Village houses while jogging. Wally Village houses while jogging. Chris Village houses home in the evening.

Grant Village houses Eggs year 2. Won't take gifts while sitting. Kate Village houses the dig site/spring. Flowers

Cody Metal Trailer Eggs, statues gifts while arms are crossed or working on art. Romana Villa gifts while sitting in her chair. Sebastian Villa Flowers Milk,fish,crops Flowers

Lumina Villa gifts while playing piano.

Van Van's shop ------------I can't get him to take any gifts from me. _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ *TIP: How them on your horse head will turn and that's a hint that C. Your Family do you know if someone has become your friend? Ride by or run by. If they are officially your friend, they're watch you as you pass. If they don't watch you pass by, you need to pay more attention to them.

As in real life, every choice for a bride will have different personalities and different scheduales. So will your child. A child with Celia will have dark hair and will most likely take over the farm. A child with Muffy will have blonde hair and tends to be more athletic. And so on. Learn your families patterns for cruising around the farm and talk to them often, give them gifts. If you don't, your wife will lose hearts and your child will not choose the career you were steering him/her towards. *TIP: Yes I said him or her. You can choose a daughter if you want. If it's a son you want, then just skip this section because you will automatically get one. But if you want a daughter, here's what you have to do:

Talk to Nina (Galen's wife) daily and give her gifts. Around the end of Fall in year one she'll offer to tell you about a strange dream she had. Make sure you listen to her dream (It's about the Harvest Sprites) Then, starting on the first day of Winter go up to the Harvest Sprites tree by the Waterfall. It's the big tree with two spotted mushrooms in front of it. Eat one of the mushrooms to get into the Sprites tree. (That part stumped me. I couldn't figure out how to get in. I thought that the mushrooms might be poisonous and I'd die if I ate them or something. You have to talk to "Mr. Pots" 100 times before the end of winter to get your daughter. "Mr. Pots" is a collection of three pottery vases at the right side of the Harvest Sprites tree house. Note:You do not have to leave and come back into the tree house for each talking session. Eat one mushroom and pester the pots 20 times per visit. Mr. Pots' responses will change and progress from time to time until he offers to grant you a request if you promise to go away. When you receive this prompt, talk to the center Sprite (red suit) and he will convince Mr. Pots that you are a friend and a nice guy and you will get your daughter. If you don't accomplish this by the last day of Winter, year one, then it will be too late. Make sure that when he grants your wish, you leave the poor guy alone. He's quite upset with you at this point because you bugged him 100 times. If you bug him some more, he may take your wish back. No matter who you marry, you have to accept the fact that they are not going to help you work on the farm. Your wife and child are just there and you have to keep them happy! As your child gets older he/she will eventually get their own bedroom added onto the house. On the bookshelf you have he option of peeking into their dairy. DO IT! It lets you know how your child is feeling and what career they are leaning towards. Don't feel guilty. Your child won't be mad. _____________________________________________________________________________ __________ Chapter 2 The Farm A. Buildings 1. Your House The house you live in may start out small, but every spring your house will grow a little bit bigger. Adding room by room. After year one you'll get a wife, a child and a kitchen. After year two, your child will have a bedroom of their own. Year three - you get your own bedroom. After this there are no other home extensions. In your house you have a bed, a little kitchen, a TV, a couple bookshelves and a record player. You can earn several records from different townfolk (more on that later.) On the table next to your bed, there is a green book. Click on that book to sleep, save your game and check game status. If you go down to "Assets" you can see how you, your wife and child and your animals are fairing. Under your status it shows 3 bars: ST for stamina, SP for spirit and AP for appetite. Appetite and stamina can easily be remedied with food and sleep. Spirit is a little harder. You can tell if your guy has low spirit not only by the bar but by the look on his face. A low spirit face will not be smiling. He may even look mad. You can fix this a few different ways. Talking to alot of townspeople. Buying a few drinks at the blue bar or buying a Turbojolt from Van. That's the quickest fix. But it costs 750G.

On the right wall, you have one useless bookshelf and one with Takakura's notebook and the "Config" book. At the start of the game, you'll need to go to config and turn the vibration on (you'll need it for fishing.) As for Takakura's notebook, you may need that for answering any questions you may have about crops or animals or tools. On the wall between the 2 bookcases, there is a calender. Check here daily to see if Van's shop is open that day or maybe there is a festival. Also make it a habit of checking the weather and horoscope every morning. You can build your day around those results. However both the weather and horoscope (as in real life) are notoriously unreliable. Still, it's a good idea to check. I have seen no corolation between an unlucky day and having anything bad actually happen. The only possible difference between a lucky and unlucky day may be that you might not catch as many fish on an unlucky day. But that's about it. 2. Dog House

When you get your dog at the start of the game, Takakura will build a house for your dog. It sits right outside your front door. The dog will go inide his house during bad weather. And you can feed him by putting any of your food items into the bowl next to the dog house. 3. Chicken Coop

The chicken coop is the white building with the blue trim. Chicken feed costs 150g per serving. That freaked me out at first. I thought it meant 150g per day. But I found out that it takes a few days for a full coop of chickens to eat all of one serving. Whew! A full coop equals 8 chickens. The game will not allow you to put an egg in the incubator if you already have a full coop. 4. Food Storage/Ordering Room

You will use this room in all phases of the game. It contains a freezer where you can store all crops, fish, eggs, and milk. An order form. Takakura will bring you animals, tools, fodder, medicine, and chicken feed if you order it here. You can also order your building extensions and sell animals here. There are two baskets, one for selling crops and one for selling milk/eggs. You cannot sell fish here. But hopefully you'll never use this as a means of selling your produce. Here's a good plan: *TIP: By doing the following, you will ensure a future with lots of money. At the start of the game you are given a normal cow. From day one you should save all of your normal cows "S" milk and half of the "B" milk in the storage freezer. You can sell all of the "A" milk to Van. This will be hard to do at the beginning since milk is one of the few foods to eat or gifts to give. But it will get easier. Once you aquire the food processing room, you can turn all of your saved milk into cheese and butter. Sell all the "S" butter/cheese to Van. All the "B" butter/cheese can be used for recipies. ( See more on milk, cheese, and butter prices in the chapter on cows.) 5. Takakura's House

His house is located next to the storage shed at the end of your property. You won't need to go in there much until year 2 when Takakura brings Tartan home. Tartan is the 2-headed talking plant that hybridizes

your plants for you. It's kept in Takakuras house. section on hybridizing. 6. Tool Shed

More on Tartan in the

The smaller building attached to the barn is the tool shed. On day one you should go right in there and scoop up all the tools available. You'll start out with a cow milker (which you never use) a small watering can, a heavy hoe and a heavy sickle. It'll do for now. There is also a storage cabinet. You'll find 2 tomato seeds here. When you make seeds, order fodder or the like, Takakura will put your items in there. And last but not least there's a door that leads to the barn (I didn't notice that until year 3.) Well, that's about it for that building. 7. Barn/Pasture

Your barn is the biggest building on your farm. It has a silo for your fodder and a fully fenced pasture out back. You can get fodder to feed your animals out of the window/storage bay at the left wall of the barn. Right next to the fodder window ther is a little noteboard that will tell you how many fodder you have remaining in the silo. Down the left wall a little ways is a trash chute. This won't come in handy for you unless you get the fodder maker. You have enough room in your barn for 8 animals. 2 of those slots will be taken up right away with your first cow and your horse. Along the back wall there is a big board with animal pictures on it. This tells you the status of all the animals in the barn. You may also notice that mysterious red button on the back wall. I am endlessly grateful for this one. It's the bell system that calls your barn animals into and out of the barn. Push the red button inside the barn to call the animals in from grazing. There is another red button outside the pasture door to call the animals outside. No more shoving them in and out one by one. It's automatic. The pasture is huge. There's a water trough where you can wash your animals and alot of grass that you have to put fertilizer on. But that's about it. You need to buy fertilizer at Vesta's farm and place it on the grass square by square. And it's not cheap. Fertilizer costs 200g per square. And you need to buy some ASAP or you will run out of food for your animals. *It takes exactly one game month for fertilized grass to grow to cutting gieght. Grass will change to a dark green color when it's ready to cut. Take your sickle out of your rucksack and walk to a grass square. The button icons in the top right corner will say "cut" when you walk over ready grass holding your sickle. 8. The Crop Fields

There are 3 fields to plant crops in. The first one is right next to your house. This field has the worst soil. Alot of crops will not grow here. I use this field to grow my tree crops in (Bananas, apples etc.) They will grow in any soil. Don't plant regular crops here. The next field is on the far side of the chicken coop. It has mid grade soil. This is where you should plant crops to start out. All crops will grow here. Not to mention that it's the closest field to the fountain where you refill your watering can. Nice! The 3rd field won't be an option until sometime in year 2. There is a wooded area past the second field and the useless shed at the back end of your farm. Takakura will offer to clear it for you for 10,000g in year 2.

Which is a small price to pay for the exceptional soil that's underneath. soon as you can afford it, get this done. B. Expansions 1. Seed Maker


One of the most important things to aquire is the seed maker. You can buy it for 6,000g or you can befriend Daryl who will eventually give you one as a gift. But you have to earn it from him by the end of year 2. I have tried and tried to get it from Daryl and have never suceeded. But I know it can be done. Once you get the seed maker, you can put any crop into it and in 2 days you've doubled your seeds. It has 12 slots inside. When you put one crop in, it turns into two seeds. It's perfect to expand your collection of hybrid crops. And once you upgrade your seeds it doubles those as well. *TIP: You'll make a ton of money if you turn a bunch of peaches or banana into seeds. Banana seeds sell to Van for 140g each (before haggling) as opposed to selling the regular bananas to him for 50g each. Very profitable. Get your hands on one ASAP. Once you get one, Takakura will put it in the toolshed. 2. Food Processing Room

This one is a doozy at 30,000g but, it is the single most important addition to your farm. This room will increase your income 10 fold. Once you save the money for this baby it will be added onto your crop storage room with a door connection the two rooms. It includes a machine to turn milk into butter and another machine to turn milk into cheese. Depending on what kind of milk you use, you could make "good" butter/cheese or "regular" butter/cheese. Of course the good butter/cheese sells to Van for more G. Below is a list of what milk makes what: Milk Selling Prices: as cheese/butter. Cow Normal Brown Marble B milk 75/-*N A milk 115/138 *N 175/? *G 175/? *G S milk 150/180 *G 225/? *G 225/? *G 540/648 *G Note-*N=normal cheese/butter *G=good cheese/butter I have underlined the milk that should be sold

115/? *N 115/? *N

Star 270/324 *G 405/480 *G __________________________________________ Good Butter/Cheese sells to Van for 300/360g

I'm sorry that I don't have the haggle prices for Brown or Marble milk. I never bought these kind of cows. Why would I want to...look what you can get for star milk! 3. Milking Room

3 words...WASTE OF TIME!! I could think of alot of better ways to throw away 60,000g. You pay all that money and you have to shove your stubborn cows through the door one by on to be "automatically" milked. If you have a full barn, it'll take you all day. Much faster just to milk 'em by hand. I wish they would have put the bell system on this one. Oh well, save your G's. 4. Pond

The pond is just something pretty to have. It's cheap to buy at 2,500g. And if you get it by the end of year one, you have the option of keeping 2 ducks later on in year 2. But you can get the pond anytime in the game even if you don't want ducks. If you get it, it will be placed next to the tree in your pasture. It'll take out some of your grass so make sure you don't put fertilizer on the grass right in front of the tree or you'll waste that money you spent on fertilizer. 5. Chicken Yard The chicken yard is a good and bad thing to have. It's fairly cheap at 10,000g. The good thing is that you can leave your chickens here safely and you don't have to feed them. They'll even magically go back to the coop when bad weather arises. But the bad thing is putting the chickens into the pen. There's no bell system here either. You have to carry them out one by one to the yard which will be put in place of the useless shed between field 2 and 3. With a full coop it'll take you a couple of game hours hours to finish. It's up to you if you think it's worth your time. *TIP: You need to let your chickens outside at least once per game year or their health bar will start to go down and they'll get grouchy. Although the pen does keep them in one place, you can just at easily put them right outside the coop door for a day to keep them happy. 6. Fertilizer Maker

I happen to like this one. I forget how much it costs but, it's worth the price anyway. Once you get it, you can make your own fertilizer from flowers, crops, wild plants or anything else. I used flowers. They're common and not expensive to waste. Just put flowers in the garbage chute located in the barn. 2 flowers = 1 square of fertilizer. Then run around to the outside of the barn by the silo and get out your fertilizer. It' a little time consuming since you can only get out one fertilizer at a time, but you can get your whole field fertilized in no time. You can also use it to fertilize your crops, or sell it to Van for some extra G's. Chapter 3 1. Animals Your Dog

You get to choose from 2 dogs at the beginning of the game. There's no difference in the two except for their ears. Your dog will never leave your farm and you can't carry him off the farm. If you want to get your dog's hearts up, you have to pick him up and talk to him and also feed him once a day. The dog can only be useful to you if you train it all the way. And it's gonna take some work. When you approach the dog, the icon in the top corner will give you a few options. "Pick up or Train." Press the "Train" button and you'll see 4 more symbols. One is located off to the

side. Hold a button down until the dog gets a green or red heart bubble over his head. That means he has successfully completed one repetition of that paticular training exercise. The icon off to the left is the most difficult for you to do. (It looks like a horseshoe with an arrow.) Take the left analog stick and move it back and forth in a horseshoe shape. You have to get the timing right or your guy will stop too soon. Repeat the movement until your dog gets a green or red heart. If you want to stop training, press the circle button. As your dog's training progresses, each trick will take longer and longer. You'll be there a while. Luckily time stops while you're training. If you want to check the training progress, go to the "assets" page of the green book in your house. The green bar indicates how much he's been trained. Once he's fully trained, he'll chase that homeless guy away from your food storage shed. And he'll keep Daryl from peeping in your windows and things. He'll be an excellent guard dog. 2. Your Horse

I've only seen 2 kinds of horses, brown and white. Takakura will give you your horse on the first day of Fall. It will always be a male and you cannot choose what color horse you get. Riding your horse saves you time and energy. You'll notice how quickly you get tired in the time before you get your horse. *TIPS: Did you know that if your guy is tired you can ride your horse and raise your energy levels. Not much but enough. Also, no matter where you are in the village, you can always whistle for your horse and there he is. Even if he's inside the barn. Your horse needs to eat once a day. But once you get his heart levels up, you won't need to feed him hardly at all. He needs to be brushed, washed, and cuddled to get his heart levels up. The last 3 hearts are the hardest to earn. If you have apples, feed him one per day. He loves apples. *TIP: A good way to get his hearts up fast is to do all of the above things but make sure you talk to him every time you're about to climb on for a ride. I don't know why your horse even has a health bar. You can leave him out in the rain with you while you get your work done and he'll be fine/ However, I've never left him outside overnight. Maybe that will ruin his health. You only get one horse and your horse cannot have a baby. As with the rest of the animals, never bother your horse when he's sleeping. But you can climb on for a ride while he's sleeping. He doesn't mind. 3. Cows

There are so many things to know about cows. Where do I begin. You are given a Normal cow to start the game. Cows give milk for 40 days only after having a calf. Your cow will start out giving alot of milk. (4-6 bottles 2 times a day) But it will slowly decrease. *TIP: When your cow gets down to 2 bottles of milk per milking, order the miracle potion. That way you can continuously get milk from your cow with no interuption. It takes approximately 21 days from the miracle potion for you cow to give birth. Here's a breakdown: Day one: Miracle Potion Day 3: Cow is officially pregnant Day 18: Cow is put in isolation Day 20 or 21: Calf is born Days 22-25: Cow makes 2 bottles of Mother's milk per day (must be given to calf) Day 25-?: Your cow gives regular milk.

As long as your cow still has milk, you can still milk her up until you put her in the isolation fence. Then she won't let you until she has her baby. Do not leave your cows outside in bad weather or they'll get sick. Don't leave them out overnight even if the weather is good. Cows need to be fed and milked twice a day, 6 hours apart. If you try to milk your cow before enough time has passed, they'll get a little upset bubble over their head and they'll growl at you. Upset them enough times, and their heart levels will go down. Also, don't bother them when they're sleeping. If they're asleep they are kneeling on the ground with their head down and eyes closed. *TIP: If you're not sure if they're asleep, simply talk to them, if they moo in response, they're awake. No moo--sleeping. While your cow is giving you alot of milk (3 or more bottles per milking) they tend to be hungrier than usual. If they're in the barn, you may notice them mooing at the fodder bin with an angry bubble over their head. Or perhaps, they keep eating their fodder right when you put it in the trough. In this case, you can settle them down by hand-feeding them one serving of fodder. They just want a little snack and some attention from you. Then fill their trough as usual. There are 4 types of cows: Normal, Brown, Marble and Star. There are 3 levels of milk: B milk (cheapest), A milk (mid-grade) and S milk (best) *TIPS: Tired of getting B milk? You can raise the quality of your cow's milk. If you feed your cow nothing but good fodder for 2 days. That B milk will shoot up to S milk. You can order good fodder from the food storage shed. Also, you do not need any of the animal milkers. When you walk up to a cow to milk it, you do it by hand unless you take the cow milker out of your rucksack first. So, if you get desperate for money you can sell your cow milker to Van for 450g. 3A. Calves

When a calf is born the Harvest Sprites will put it into the protective calf hutch. You don't have to. Until the calf has grown big enough it will stay in the hutch which sits in the corner of the pasture by the water trough. As soon as the calf is born, milk the mother cow to get a bottle of Mother's milk (It looks like a baby bottle). Take it out to the hutch. (Now this is the hard part) In the front of the calf hutch. there is a door with a window. You have to approach the side of the door in order to give the calf the milk. Inch towards the door and watch the icon in the top right corner. Around the calf hutch, the icon will usually say "check" or "?" or "talk". Move toward the side of the door with the milk in your hand until it says "show". Then select it and wait until the bottle disappears. It's difficult, I know, but you have to give the calf milk or it will get sick. (I learned the hard way). Also, put one fodder inside the hutch. (Just walk straight up to the door). And if you plan on keeping that calf, love and talk to it daily. Then when it's grown, you'll have a head start on those heart levels. As the calf grows bigger in the calf hutch, it will decide that it prefers fodder over milk. If it rejects your milk, start checking and refilling it's fodder supply daily. It's a good way to tell that it's days in the calf hutch are numbered. After approximately 1/2 a game month, the calf will outgrow the hutch and take it's place in the barn. (The Sprites will let you know when it's time). But your cow is still just a teenager. It cannot give you milk until

it's fully grown and has a calf of it's own. You can tell if it's grown by the change in it's size. A fully grown cow will be the same size as the others. The very day that your calf grows up, you can give it the miracle potion. That is, if no other cow is pregnant. Unfortunately, you can only have one pregnant cow at a time. So plan carefully so that you never run out of milk giving cows. Here's what I did: There are six available spaces for animals in your barn. I didn't bother with sheep or goats. I had one star bull to mate my cows with. (He was actually the calf of my first star cow that I bought). It doesn't cost you anything to use your own bull for mating. I had one Normal cow. I use her milk for gifts and cooking. And 3 star cows. I left 2 spaces open for the rotating calves. After I got a full enough barn, I would sell every calf once it outgrew the calf hutch. If you don't have the available slot for a new calf in the barn, the game won't even let you get another miracle potion. So keep those spaces open in order to keep the milk a-flowin'! I kept star cows simply because you get so much money for their milk. But you can choose from any of the 4 kinds. Part of the fun might be to breed different kinds of cows together and see what you get. Also selling a full grown or teenage cow nets you more money than selling a calf. Last but not least, you have to wait until the day after a cow is isolated before you can order a miracle potion for another cow. That' the soonest you can impregnate another cow. 3. Sheep

Don't even bother with sheep. They only give you wool once per season and they eat just as much as cows. There are 3 types of wool you can get depending on heart levels. Normal - sells for 75g White - sells for 115g (before haggling) Golden- sells for 600g (before haggling) 4. Goat

You can only buy a goat from Van in year 2 and 3. It costs 4,000g and Van will throw in the goat milker for free. (Remember you can sell the milker back to Van since you don't need it.) The only reason to buy a goat is if you're completly out of cow's milk. The goat will give you up to 4 bottles of milk per day for 40 days. After that, you can't have little goat babies so you have to have Takakura sell him.. And that's that. 5. Ducks

If you order the pond in year one, then in year two you'll get a cut scene with your wife saying that she's spotted two ducks in the pond. Then she'll ask you if you want to keep them. Here's the pros and cons... Pro's: You'll get little baby ducks that you could keep or sell for some extra G. Con's: Just 2 more animals to worry about. The ducks don't actually lay their own eggs. The chickens do. 2 or 3 times per season a chicken will lay one egg that will hatch as a duckling. You can tell the difference by picking up an egg and checking on it. You have to add your ducks to the count of your chiken coop. They count as 2 chickens. So if you have 6 chickens and 2 ducks, you have a full coop and no more eggs can be put in the incubator. *TIP: Ducks can be left outside no matter the weather. Or they can be kept in the coop.



Chickens are definately a necessity. At first you'll have to buy a rooster and a hen to start. They are 1,500G each. And they come to you as egg laying adults which is nice. Now hurry up and get their heart levels up and they'll be laying golden eggs in no time. Only happy chickens lay golden eggs. Chickens lay eggs every 2-3 days. You need to check each egg to see if its a regular egg or a fertilized egg. Only fertilized eggs can be placed in the incubator to get a chick. You only need one rooster so sell all males once they're fully grown (450G each). It takes about one game week for a baby chick to grow up. Chicken feed sells for 150G per serving. It sounds like alot of G's but one serving lasts 2-3 days with a full coop of chickens, so it streaches pretty far. You can avoid feeding them at all if you leave them outside in the chicken yard. It's hard to tell if a chicken is sleeping. If a chicken has it's head to the ground and wings pointed down, then it's asleep. You can pick up a sleeping chicken to get an egg or to talk to it and it won't mind. But if you nuzzle a sleeping chicken they'll get the upset bubble over they're head. Here's the list of the different eggs and what they sell for: Type Norm. Fertilized Golden 7. Cat Selling Price ea. 40 G 50 G 300/360 G

You can get the black cat once you give Romana a couple of gifts in year one. Around summer of year 2 you'll get a cut scene when you come out of your house. Romana will offer you the black cat. You can pass up the offer or take it. The cat doesn't contribute anything to your farm.. As a matter of fact he just demands your attention and eats your dogs food. But it's nice to be meowed at as you walk by. And you can leave the cat outside 24/7. Just make sure you fill your dogs bowl twice per day. _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Chapter 4: Cooking) Crops (*For information on Wild plants/flowers, see

Hey, you have to eat, right? At the start of the game, go to Vesta's farm by 6 banana seeds, 4 tomato seeds, and 6 turnip seeds. If you look in the tool shed cabinet you'll see that Takakura kindly started you off with 2 tomato seeds. Whoopee...Plant the banana seeds in the field right next to your house. Make sure to keep one empty square between each tree. Pland the crop seeds in the farther field. This should leave you with just enough G's for a fishing pole. (More on that later.) *TIP: Trees do not need to be watered. Plants need water 2 times a day. Trees make fruit over and over again. But once you harvest a plant crop, it needs to be hoed down. You do not have to water on rainy days. But you do have to water on snowy days. Certain crops grow in certain seasons. Some take longer to grow than others. Turnips are ready in 6 days, potatos take 10. I'll highlight these

for you in an easy to read chart. The best idea is to plant every crop on the first day of the season so you won't lose any by waiting too long. Crop Chart Crop Type Sp=spring Season(s) Su=summer Growing time 9-10 days 8-9 days 9-10 days 8-9 days 7-8 days 5-6 days 8-9 days 7-8 days F=fall


Carrot plant F/W Melon plant Su/F Potato plant Sp-W Strawberry plant F/W Tomato plant Sp-F Turnip plant Su-W Watermelon plant Sp/Su Yam plant F ___________________________________________________

Trees take one year to fruit from the time they're planted. Bananas, Peaches and Oranges fruit in Summer. Apples and Grapes fruit in fall. You cannot plant anything right next to a tree. You have to leave at least one square empty on all sides of the tree. If you plant trees in a solid row half of them will die. Trees will also overshadow and kill crops. So give your trees room. Before a tree gets fruit it has blossoms for one season. Starting the first day of the following season, fruit will appear. From this point on, you can either wait for the fruit to fall off or, if you're the impatient type, you can shake the tree to make some fruit fall. For the first year or two, tree fruit should be the only crop sold to Van. Everything else is too valuable for food. *TIP: Bananas are the most profitable of the trees especially if you turn the fruits into seeds. You will double the number of seeds using the seed maker and sell each seed to Van for 140G each. (before haggling) So that about covers it for your first generation crops. But have you heard of hybrid crops AKA 2nd generation crops? Chapter 4: A. Hybridization Tartan/2nd Generation Crops

In Spring of year 2, Takakura will bring home a strange 2headed talking plant named Tartan. Tartan is responsible for blending your crops. At the beginning of year 2, go into Takakura's house every day after 6:30pm until Tartan arrives. After that, you can enter Takakura's house anytime to hybridize. First you must befriend him by talking to him daily. Let him "analyze" a few crops too. After 2 or 3 days, he will ask you if you want to hybridize. Now, Tartan can be moody. Some days he may just want to talk and analyze crops for you. Some days it may take a while before he'll give you the option of hybridizing. Because he's so moody, you should save your game before you go to see him. A bad mood will cause him to spit out the crops you were trying to hybridize and you'll lose them forever. If this happens, and you have saved your game before you went in, simply restart your game and try again. Tartan's bad moods don't last. What didn't work last time will probably work the next time. I've included a list of combinations for second generation crops at the end of this chapter. *TIP: You must give a new crop combination to Tartan in order or they won't work. i.e. A tomato plus turnip = a Trady. A turnip plus tomato = nothing and you lose a turnip and a tomato forever. So be careful to enter

them right. As far as I know, this rule only applies to 2nd generation crops. You don't have to worry about the order when you're making rare crops/trees (3rd gen.) or using Happy Lamps, Gemsoil and Upseed. B. Hybridizing Flowers A few of the wild plants around the village will help you make better crops. 1. Gemsoil - This is a gray flower that can be found every 3 days in the fall by Carter's dig site. It's the least helpful because it only allows you to plant a seed in any kind of soil. Even bad soil. I just save these to give as gifts to Dr. Hardy and the fireworks brothers. 2. Happy Lamp - These are pretty red flowers found down by Gustafa's Yurt every 3 days in the summer. And one is found by Cody's trailer too. When combined with a seed, a happy lamp allows you to plant that seed in any season. Nice! Upseed - By far the most valuable and the most rare of the 3. One upseed flower is located by the stream on the path to the digsite. Another by Cody's trailer. They bloom every three days in the winter. When added to a seed, they instantly upgrade your seed to a coveted "S" seed. "S" crops sell for more money. (They impress the heck out of the townsfolk too) When you put an "S" seed into the seedmaker. You get 2 "S" seeds back. *TIP: To combine one of these with your crops. You have to use seeds not crops. Take a seed and your choice of a wild plant into Tartan. Select "hybridize" and combine the two. It will produce a new bag of seed. (A blue bag will appear when using upseed.) C. 3rd Generation (Rare) Crops

Now in order to make 3rd generation (rare) crops, you asolutely need a seed maker! The cool thing about rare crops is that you get to name them yourself. However, those silly game programmers only gave you space for a 4 letter name. So, it might be a good idea to follow the list below and use numbers instead of names. It will save alot of confusion and it makes good use of the 4 spaces provided. These crops hybridize in the same way as 2nd generation crops. Here's an alphabetical list of 2nd generation crops and known 3rd generation crops. (I'm sure there's more than these.) 2nd Generation Crop List (alphabetical) Spring = SP Summer = SU Fall = F Winter = W NOTE: a backslash means "and" Spring/Summer. a dash means "through". Spring New Crop Season(s) Bashber Bashota Berrican Berryber Berrylon Berrytoma Cabbery Cabber Combination Potato/Watermelon Potato/Yam Strawberry/Yam Strawberry/ Watermelon Strawberry/Melon Strawberry/Tomato Carrot/Strawberry Watermelon/Carrot Growing SP/SU W-SU F-SP SP/SU F-SP SP-F F-SP SP/SU Fall-

Cady Carrot/Turnip W-SU Camelo Carrot/Melon SU/F Dhibe Turnip/Strawberry F-SP Dhilon Melon/Turnip SU/F Gretoma Watermelon/Tomato SP-F Kandy Turnip/Yam W-SU Kanro Yam/Carrot SU/F Kashry Yam/Watermelon SP/SU Melotoma Melon/Tomato SP-F Paberryta Strawberry/Potato F-SP Potamelo Potato/Melon SU/F Radita Turnip/Potato W-SU Raury Turnip/Watermelon SP/SU Sholo Melon/Yam SU/F Tobatama Potato/Tomato SP-F Tomaca Tomato/Carrot SP-F Tataro Potato/Carrot W-SU Trady Turnip/Tomato SP-F Yamato Yam/Tomato SP-F _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2nd Generation Tree Crops New Crop Combination

Gehju----------------------------Grape/Banana Jurum--------------------------- Grape/Peach Lanmuge---------------------Orange/Peach Magenge----------------------- Banana/Orange Magerum----------------------- Banana/Peach Orahge-------------------------- Grape/Orange Oraphu-------------------------- Orange/Apple Phuju----------------------------- Apple/Grape Phurum-------------------------- Apple/Peach _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3rd Generation Crop List Note: Silver Rock can only be created from 6pm-6am. Golden Rock can only be created from 6am-6pm. RC=rare crop *TIP: Although it's fun to name your own rare crops. Since there are so many of them, it would be a good idea to number them using the system below. Otherwise, it would be really confusing to use the recipe list. _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Crop# --------New Crop------------- Combination of-----------Growing------ Growth Time Type _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 1 Spring Red Light Bulb 6-7 days Berrylon / Trady


rc 2 " " Berrylon / Tomaca " " " rc 3 ----------------------Berrytoma / Camelo rc 4 ----------------------Berrytoma / Dhilon rc 5 ----------------------- Cabbery / Melotoma ---------------------rc 6 ----------------------Dhibe / Melotoma _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ " rc 7 Purple Garlic Cady / Tataro Spring 8-9 days rc 8 " " Potamelo / Sholo _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 9 White Carrot Cabber / Cady Spring 7-8 days rc 10 " " Cabber / Tataro rc 11 -------------------Caberry / Cady ---------------------rc 12 -------------------Caberry / Tataro ---------------------rc 13 -------------------Cady / Camelo ---------------------rc 14 -------------------Cady / Kanro ---------------------rc 15 -------------------Cady / Tomaca ---------------------rc 16 -------------------Camelo / Tataro ---------------------rc 17 -------------------Kanro / Tataro ---------------------rc 18 -------------------Tataro / Tomaca ---------------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 19 Bean Sprout Berryber / Melober Spring 7-8 days rc 20 " " Cabber / Melober " " " " _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 21 White Chicken Cady / Radita Spring 7-8 days _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 22 Bomb Spring 6-7 days rc 23 " " " " " rc 24 ---------------------------Berryber / Melotoma Berrylon / Gretoma Berrytoma / Melober " -





_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 25 Bell Berrylon / Dhibe Spring 7-8 days _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 26 Eggplant Bashber / Gretoma Summer 9-10 days rc 27 " " Bashber / Kashry " " " " rc 28 -------------Bashber / Melober ------------------------rc 29 -------------Bashber / Paberryta ------------------------rc 30 -------------Gretoma / Kashry ------------------------rc 31 -------------Gretoma / Melober ------------------------rc 32 -------------Gretoma / Tobatama ------------------------rc 33 -------------Kashry / Melober ------------------------rc 34 -------------Melober / Potamelo ------------------------rc 35 -------------Melotoma / Potamelo ------------------------rc 36 -------------Melotoma / Tobatama ------------------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 37 Blue Light Bulb Berryber / Dhilon Summer 7-8 days rc 38 " "Berrylon / Cabber " " " " rc 39 ----------------------Berrylon / Raury rc 40 ----------------------Caberry / Melober _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 41 Garlic Bashota / Cady Summer 8-9 days rc 42 " " Kandy / Tataro " " " " _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 43 Peanut Summer 7-8 days rc 44 " " " " " rc 45 ---------------------------------rc 46 ---------------------------------Berrytoma / Trady Gretoma / Melotoma Gretoma / Trady Melotoma / Tomaca " -


rc 47 ----------Melotoma / Trady -----------------------rc 48 ----------Tomaca / Trady -----------------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 49 Silver Rock Dhilon / Kashry Summer 8-9 days rc 50 " " Dhilon / Yamato " " " " rc 51 ----------------Kandy / Melober -----------------------rc 52 ----------------Raury / Sholo -----------------------rc 53 ----------------Sholo / Trady -----------------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 54 Golden Rock Dhilon / Kashry Summer 8-9 days rc 55 " " Dhilon / Yamato " " " " rc 56 ------------------Kandy / Melober -----------------------rc 57 ------------------Raury / Sholo -----------------------rc 58 ------------------Sholo / Trady -----------------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 59 Maracas Dhibe / Dhilon Summer 7-8 days _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 60 Green Apple Bashota / Kandy Summer 9-10 days rc 61 " " Kanro / Kandy " " " " _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 62 Fall rc 63 " " Yellow Carrot Berrican / Kashry 6-7 days " " Berrican / Sholo " --------------------- Kashry / Sholo


rc 64 ------- --------------rc 65 --------------------- Kashry / Yamato ------- --------------rc 66 --------------------- Sholo / Yamato ------- --------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________

rc 67 Yellow Pea-pod Camelo / Dhilon Fall 8-9 days _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 68 Yellow Light Bulb Berrylon / Caberry Fall 6-7 days _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ White Radish Cabber / Kanro 8-9 days " "Cabber / Tomaca " " " " rc 71 -------------------Caberry / Kanro ----------------rc 72 -------------------Caberry / Tomaca ----------------rc 73 -------------------Camelo / Kanro ----------------rc 74 -------------------Camelo / Tomaca ----------------rc 75 -------------------Kanro / Tomaca ----------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 76 Fall rc 77 " rc 78 ----rc 79 ----rc 80 ----rc 81 ----rc 82 ----rc 83 ----rc 84 ----rc 85 ----rc 86 ----rc 87 ----rc 88 ----rc 89 ----Beige Fruit 8-9 days " " " ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bashber / Bashota " Bashber / Cabber Bashber / Paberryta Bashber / Potamelo Bashber / Tataro Bashber / Tobatama Bashota / Paberryta Bashota / Potamelo Bashota / Tataro Bashota / Tobatama Cabber / Potamelo Paberryta / Potamelo Paberryta / Tataro Paberryta / Tobatama " rc 69 Fall rc 70

----------------Potamelo / Tataro ------------rc 91 ----------------Potamelo / Tobatama ----------------rc 92 ----------------Tobatama / Tataro ----------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ ----Cymbals Berrylon / Cady 7-8 days " " Camelo / Dhibe " " " " _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 95 Purple Light Bulb Berrylon / Dhibe Winter 6-7 days _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 96 Sycamore Seed Kandy / Cady Winter 7-8 days _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 97 Whistle Cabber / Camelo Winter 7-8 days rc 98 " " Cabber / Caberry " " " " rc 99 ----------Camelo / Cabberry --------------------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ rc 100 Unknown Cabber / Raury Spring ? rc 101 " " Kanro / Radita Summer ? rc 102 ---------------Camelo / Berrylon Winter ? rc 103 ---------------Radita / Kandy Spring ? rc 104 ---------------Dhilon / Cabbery Fall ? rc 105 ---------------Berrylon / Cabber Spring ? _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Chapter Five: Fishing rc 93 Fall rc 94

rc 90

In the beginning of the game, fishing will be your main source of income and food. Make sure to save your money for day 3 when Van comes to town. I think the fishing pole costs 520g and you can only buy it from Van. There are 5 places to fish. Waterfall, upstream, downstream, the Spring and Swamp. Each location catches you different kinds of fish. The spring is

located by the Harvest Sprites Treehouse. The Waterfall is by Carter's Dig Site. Upstream is considered to be anything above the bridge up to the Waterfall. Downstream is below the bridge. And the Swamp is between Gustafa's Yurt and Cody's trailer. You cannot fish at the beach. ( I don't even know why they put a beach there.) In order to fish, pull the fishing pole out of your rucksack and walk up to the water's edge. If you notice, the icon in the top corner should say "fishing". Press the "x" button to cast your line. Now you play the waiting game. It could take a few seconds to a few minutes to get a nibble. Since you don't have to hold any buttons while you wait, now might be a good time to file those fingernails or get that homework done. A fish will nibble a few times before it bites. You don't do anything until the red bobber is taken underwater with a splash. The key to successful catching is not to press the "x" button until the bobber goes down and back up again. Then reel 'em in. Make sure you put them in your rucksack and not eat them. I accidently ate a 2,000G Sharshark once. I'm still kicking myself! *TIP: In my experience, the longer you wait for a nibble and the longer it takes to reel it in, the better and more valuable the fish will be. For example a Huge Yamane will take longer to catch than a tiny snelt. Patience is the key. On an average fishing day you should be able to catch 68 fish or more. For the first year or so, you need to save all the fish worth 70G or less for food and gifts. Sell all the fish to Van worth more than 70G. And don't forget, anything worth 101G or more can be haggled with Van for more G's. More on haggling in the chapter on Van's shop. Below is a list of fish types, locations and selling prices: FISHING LIST Fish Selling Price Haggle Price

Locatio Spring Spring Spring Spring

Tiny Arna 300g 360g Arna 400g 480g Big Arna 400g 480g Huge Arna 1500g 1800g _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Tiny Colombo 10g ------Colombo 20g ------Big Colombo 40g ------Huge Colombo 100g ------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Tiny Huchep 60g ------Huchep 90g ------Big Huchep 170g 204g Huge Huchep 250g 300g _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Tiny Nayamane Nayamane Big Nayamane Huge Nayamane 50g 60g 130g 200g --------------156g 240g

Swamp/D Swamp/D Swamp/D Swamp/D

Upstrea Upstrea Upstrea Upstrea

Swamp/W Swamp/W Swamp/W Swamp/W

_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Tiny Rainbob 70g -------Rainbob 80g -------Big Rainbob 150g 180g Huge Rainbob 500g 600g _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Tiny Sharshark 500g 600g Sharshark 600g 720g Big Sharshark 1200g 2000g Huge Sharshark 2500g 3000g _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Tiny Snelt 20g -------Snelt 30g -------Big Snelt 60g -------Huge Snelt 100g -------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Tiny Yamane 300g 360g Yamane 500g 600g Big Yamane 1000g 1200g Huge Yamane 2000g 2400g _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ *TIP: Remember, there is no "magic fishing spot" but fishing in certain places will eventually net you the more valuable fish. Also, I have only caught a Sharshark in Spring and Summer. I'm not sure if you can catch them any other time of year. _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Chapter 6: Cooking

Downstr Downstr Downstr Downstr

Downstr Downstr Downstr Downstr

Swamp/D Swamp/D Swamp/D Swamp/D

Waterfa Waterfa Waterfa Waterfa

*TIP: To fill your appetite bar, you have to eat three individual foods or one cooked meal.Since you can only make Soups and Salads at first, it would be a good idea to plant lots of Turnips and Tomatoes. That way you can cook alot of Light Pickles and Marinade. You have to cook 25 successful meals before the rest of the courses are unlocked. When you bring up the cooking window (as you stand at the kitchen stove) you'll notice there are 3 squares. If a recipe says Turnip and nothing else - like Light Pickles - it means to use 3 Turnips. You have to fill in all the squares before it will let you cook a meal. Once you have unlocked all the courses, you will have Salad, Soups, Entrees, Main Courses, and Desserts. Keep the recipe list for reference. You can't possibly memorize all of them. Make sure you choose the right course when you make a recipe. If you make a recipe that belongs in another category, you will get a failed recipe. And eating a failed recipe will fill you up but it will give you one heck of a tummy ache.

Below is a supposedly complete recipe list. There's probably a few that have been missed. Some recipes have 2 selling prices next to them. The first is the regular selling price. The second is what you can get after haggling with Van. Have fun experimenting! Recipe List *NOTE: The recipes are listed in two groups. The first group uses only regular or 1st generation crops. The second group uses one or more rare crops which are listed by number. Refer to the crop list. _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Name of Dish Price Ingredients Haggle Price SOUPS Potato Soup 100g Earth Soup 100g Fish Stew 250g Stew 200g Tomatama Soup 90g Yam Soup 110g Potato/Hackberry/Mugwort -------Carrot/Potato -------Potato/Fish/Turnip 300g Potato/Milk/Carrot 240g Carrot/Tomato ------Yam 132g _____________________________ Good 4 U Soup RC 96 / RC 52 or 57 400g 480g Good Soup Fish/Turnip/Bashota 250g 300g Rare Stew RC 100 / Milk / RC 23 400g 480g Souper Soup RC 10, 59 or 98 / RC 1, 38 or 68 400g 480g _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ SALADS Fruit Salad 40g Light Pickles 25g Marinade 35g Tomacarro Salad 35g Tomamelo Salad 35g Tomato/Apple/Orange -------Turnip -------Mugwort/Tomato or Turnip/Fish -------Tomato/Carrot -------Tomato/Melon -------____________________________

Dhibe Salad Dhibe/Tomato/Berrytoma 35g -------Egg Salad Egg/Tomato/Gretoma 25g -------Mellow Salad Melotoma / Dhilon / RT 23 35g -------Melon Salad Melon/Tomato/Trady 25g -------Pickles 1 Trady/Raury 25g -------Pickles 2 Cabber 25g -------Potamelo Salad Potamelo/Tomato/Berrytoma 35g -------Rare SaladRC 14, 23, 26, 46, 61, 67, 69 or 81/ Tomato/ Dhilon 350g 400g Red Salad Tomato/Trady/Dhibe 35g -------Red Veggies RC 1 / Tomato / Trady 35g -------Shiny Salad RC 1, 38 or 68 / Apple / Orange _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ ENTREES Fried Mushrooms 80g Fried Veggie 70g Grape Pie 50g Melon Pie 50g Sashami 150g Sashami (Lg) 200g Smoothe Veggie 75g Strawberry Pie ??? Wild Mushroom/Turnip/Butter -------Tomato/Carrot/Butter -------Grape/Egg/Butter -------Melon/Egg/Butter -------Fish 180g Big Fish 240g Turnip/Potato/Carrot or Tataro -------Strawberry/Egg/Butter ?? _________________________________


Fried Nuts RC 46 / Potato / Butter Mixed Fry RC 27 or 81 / Hackberry / Fish 95g -------Shiny Stir Fry RC 1, 38 or 68 / Turnip / Butter 450g 540g Shiny Tempura RC 1, 38 or 68 / Fish / 450g 540g _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ MAIN COURSES


Curry 200g Gratin 200g Meuniere Set 250g Mushroom Curry 200g Mushroom Gratin 150g Omelet 200g

Potato/Carrot/Ruby Spice 240g Milk/Butter/Cheese 240g Butter/Milk/Mushroom 300g Potato/Mushroom/Ruby Spice 240g Butter/Milk/Mushroom 180g Egg/Butter 240g __________________________________

Baked Tataro RC 52 or 57 / Tataro / Egg 125g 150g Bean Bowl RC 61 150g 180g Fish Set RC 52 or 57 / Fish 250g 300g Hot Curry RC 59 / Carrot / Ruby Spice 250g 300g Mixed Veggies RC 61 / Potato or Berrican / Egg 150g 180g Mountain Bowl RC 81 / Wild plant / Mushroom 150g 180g Mushroom Pasta RC 101 / Cady 225g 270g Rootbaisse RC 52 or 57 / Carrot 125g 150g Veggie Pasta RC 27 / Tomato / Wild Plant 200g 240g _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ DESSERTS Carrot Cake 150g Fruit Juice 50g Fruit Punch 150g Grilled Yam 75g Ice Cream 110g Love Cocktail 200g Peach Tart 125g Pound Cake 175g Rich Juice 75g Strawberry Short Cake 190g Carrot/Egg/Milk 180g Any 2 Fruit/Milk ------Any 3 Fruit 180g Yam ------Brown Milk/Star Milk 132g Grape/Watermelon 240g Peach/Egg/Butter 150g Butter/Egg/Milk 210g Star Milk/ any 2 Fruit ------Strawberry/Egg/Milk 228g

Sweet Potato 150g Veggie Cake 150g

Yam/Egg/Butter 180g Tomato/Egg/Milk 180g ____________________________

Cocktail Phuju / Melotoma 190g 228g Dancing Dessert RC 25, 59, 98 or 104 / RT 1-9 / Apple 350g 420g Dhibe Cake Dhibe / Egg / Milk 1,675g 2,010g Good Juice Tomato / Gretoma / Apple 60g -------Juice DX RC 14 or 100 / Carrot / Orange 400g 480g Kashry Sherbet Brown Milk / Star Milk / Kashry Magenge Jam Magenge 45g -------Orahge Juice Orahge 75g -------Phurum Jam Phurum 40g -------Short Tart RT 8 / Egg / Butter 125g 150g Super Yam RC 65 400g 480g Sweet Cocktail Gehju / Oraphu 200g 240g Veggie Juice Tomato or Carrot / Berrylon 50g ------_____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ A. Ruby Spice


Some of the recipes call for "Ruby Spice". The way you get this is by befriending Ruby at the Inner Inn. Most people say that they didn't get the Ruby Spice until year 2. I managed to get mine in Winter of year one. It's just an exotic spice that she picked up in her travels. Around the end of year 1. Start going to visit Ruby after 12pm noon. You need to catch her alone in her kitchen. When you get a cut scene, she'll give you the spice. Starting in year 2 you'll have a refrigerator. You can store crops, meals, fish, milk and eggs here as well as the Food Storage Room and your Rucksack. *TIP: Meals cannot go bad. And unlike hybridizing, you can put ingredients in any order. If it's a valid recipe, they will always work. B. Wild Plants / Flowers the village can they make great about the grow in different

All the wild plants and flowers found around be used for something. Although you can't eat the flowers, gifts and can be used to make fertilizer. (See the section Fertilizer Maker.) There are 6 kinds of Wild Plants. They seasons in different places. Here's a list:

Wild Plants by Season Spring: Mugwort Toy Flower Gifts/Fertil. Goddess Drop Gifts/Fertil. Summer: Happy Lamp Hybridizing Royal Fern Mist Moon Gifts/Fertil. Fall: Hackberry Bracken Trick Blue Gifts/Fertil. Gemsoil Hybridizing Matsutake Toadstool Van Winter

Type Plant Flower Flower

Selling Price 15g 10g 15g

Uses Recipes

Flower Plant Flower

25g 15g 10g Recipes

Mushroom Mushroom Flower Plant Mushroom Mushroom

20g 15g 10g 20g 25g 100g

Recipes Recipes

Recipes Sell to

Sorrel Plant 20g Recipes Upseed Flower 25g Hybridizing Amorous Flower 10g Gifts/Fertil. _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Chapter 7: Carter's Dig Site

Digging at the dig site is also an excellent way of making money in your first year. All the things that you dig up here can be sold to Van or given to certain people as gifts. Some are more valuable than others. In the first year, the dig site is very small with only a few things you can dig up. Every year the dig site gets a little bigger and you can find more and more items. Be sure to find the stone tablets. That's what Carter is looking for. There is one tablet to find every year. I hear a rumor that if you find all the stone tablets and make friends with Carter, he will give you a Chihuahua dog. *TIP: Once you dig up one square, you can still find item in that square if you keep digging. Below is a list of items you can find at the digsite year by year and their value: Year One: Item Old Money Skull Fossil Selling Price 10g 50g

Human Statue Moon Ore Year Two: Sugar Ore Fossil Horse Statue Silver Coin Year Three: Hip Fossil Hop Ore Jade Ball Year Four: Gold Coin Strange Fossil Misc. Stones

40g 40g 50g 40g 70g 40g 60g 80g 150g/180g 50g 100g 300g-2,500g

*Note: Every year reveals new items to find, but you can still dig up items from the previous year(s).(Except for Stone Tablets) So by year 6, you're digging up everything on this list. *TIP: Want it to stop raining/snowing for the day? All you have to do is enter and exit the dig site. When you come back out, the rain or snow will have stopped. Chapter 8: Van's Shop

Van is your #1 buyer. He signs you paychecks. It's too bad he only comes twice a month. He opens shop on the 3rd and 8th at around noon. However, he's been known to show up at late as 2:00. But he closes promtly at 6:00pm. When he opens and closes shop, the whole game stops to let you know it. (unless you're inside a building.) So if you're fishing, you'll lose that fish. Time your fishing around Van's shop times. A. Haggling

The key to making money with Van is haggling. Every item has one set price that Van offers. Every item that initially sells to Van for 101g or more can be haggled for a higher price. For instance, a Golden Chicken Egg sell for 300g each. That's a great price right? If you haggle with Van you'll get 360g for it. When you show him an item he'll ask you, "Will you take 300g for it?" Just say NO! He will either offer you a better price or he'll say "That's too bad." But don't give up. He'll eventually get tired of you asking and give you a better price just to shut you up. In extremely rare cases, you could get a second offer of an even better price. In my experience, it has to be a lucky day (check your TV) and the items have to be really, really good. Like a very valuable fish or Star "S" milk. If you think you're lucky, refuse his offer of a higher price by saying "never mind" he'll either say "That's too bad" or give you a higher price. Remember, jerking Van around too much will make it much harder for you to get higher prices on things. He'll eventually give you a better price, but you could be there all day with a very grouchy Van. You can sell anything to Van. Even flowers, fodder, tools or fertilizer. Everything but your farm animals. (you do however buy the goat

from Van.) If you sell crops to him he'll offer you the same price for them that you would get if you put them in the shipping bins. But if you turn those crops into seeds with your Seed Maker and sell the seeds to Van, you get alot more G's. Van offers to sell several items that are exclusivley at his store. Some are only available certain years. They are as follows: Records: There are several records that you can collect. More on those in the next chapter. Van offers 2 of them. Winter Theme (Year one) and Spring Song (Year 2 and after). Health Drinks: Van offers 3. Turbojolt - 750g, Bodyhyper - 1,000g, and Bodigizer - 750g. Each one has a different boosting effect on you. Home Interiors: Each year, (if you buy them) Van will offer you new decorations for the inside of your home. Interior one is what you already have in your home. Interior 2 costs 5,000g (Year 2) Interior 3 costs 30,000g (Year 3) Interior 4 costs 100,000g (by Year 4, you'll have the money to spend.) Buying a new interior basically gets you new rugs, mats and tablecloths. Plus a new rug for your child's room. Toys: When your child is little, Van will offer several different toys to buy. Blocks, a ball, a car and a big Teddy Bear. You should get them all. It helps you child bond with your child. The first three toys mentioned are offered in the first year only. The Bear is offered in Year 2. When you bring any toy home, just put it in your child's toy box. He/she won't take it from you if you show it to him. But he/she will take it out and play with it from time to time. Vase: In year 4 you can buy a special Vase for your house. It's a huge floor vase and Van will deliver it to your house personally. There seems to be no purpose for it except to look pretty in your bedroom. Goat: You have to buy the goat from Van. But if you want to sell the goat, go through Takakura. The goat costs 4,000g to buy. Chapter 9: A. MISC. Collector's Items

Most of the people in the village can offer you a special gift at some point. But you have to make them your friend first. 1.Records records. town. At the beginning of the game you are supplied with 2 Breeze and Quiet Winter. But here are more you can find around

64 Memories: After winning 10 games of Territory Capture, Kassey or Patrick will give it to you . Joy of Fall: Mukumuku will give it to you. You can only find him by the Sprites tree in the Winter time. Marine Jazz: You have to befriend Griffin at the Blue bar and catch him alone in his room to get this record.

Summer Memories: If you become friends with Carter, wait until a day when Van's shop is open. (That's Carter's day off.) He'll give you this record if you talk to him on the beach. Town Spirit: Sebastian the butler at Romana's Villa gives you this one. (You have to catch him in his room. Winter HM: Given by Kate. Grant and Samantha's daughter. ________________________________________________________________ 2. Tools: Wool Clippers - Wally gives these to you. Fishing Pole #2 - See Galen for this from year 2 on. Strange Hoe - Given by Tim at the Inner Inn Wierd Hoe - Given to you by Vesta in year one. Strange Sickle - See Cody Weird Sickle - Dr. Hardy gives this one to you. Wooden Watering Can - A special watering can from Romana. ________________________________________________________________ 3. Other

Alarm Clock - Given by Grant in Year 2. Fireworks - See Patrick from Year 3 on. Gold Medal - From Wally. Year 3 on. Necklace - Given to you by Flora from Year 3 on. Sheet Music - See Romana from Year 3 on. Tumtum Drum - See Gustafa in his hut from Year 3 on. ________________________________________________________________ B. Your Own Shop

Did you know that you could have your own garage sale? That's right! Just pick a day when Van is not in town. Go to the spot where he sets up shop. Walk around that area until the icon in the top right corner says "open store" (or open shop, I forget) then you play the waiting game. When someone walks by, talk to them. They'll ask about a certain item. You have the choice of squeezing every possible nickle out of them or you can give them a deal on it. After selling that item, see if they want something else. You could be there all day so make sure you have taken care of your farm duties before you go. When you want to leave, walk to the edge of the carpet that you're standing on and follow the icon's directions. *TIP:Before you set up shop, leave everything at home that you don't want to sell., animal medicine, etc. If someone asks to buy something and you say no, you'll lose points (and business) with them. C. Mukumuku

What the heck is that abominable snowman up by the spring? He's sweet and cuddly but Daryl is on an endless quest to capture him. Well, all I know is that you get certain gifts from him. If you give him 3 fish a day for 3 days, He'll give you that lizard you see by th waterfall. ( Has to be done in chapter one.) Also if you give him 3 flowers a day for 3 days, he'll give you the "Joy of Fall" record. The cool thing about that one is you can do this over and over again. He'll give you the same record repetedly and you can sell all but one to Van for 486g each

(after haggling) Keep one for yourself. What's the catch? one, you can only find Mukumuku in the Winter. D. Games

After chapter

1. Grave Cleaning: When dear Nina dies at the end of chapter one. Galen moves to a little house on Grave Hill in front of Vesta's farm. Nina's gravestone is next to it. If you can catch Galen standing by her grave, he may ask you to clean it for him. You have 30 seconds to do it. 2. Territory Capture: The fireworks brothers, Kassey and Patrick play a game with you called Territory Capture. Climb the rope to their elevated house. If they're holding fireworks in their hands, they'll offer to play the game with you. Ask the brother on the right side to play, and you get to take your turn first. As the brother on the left, and he'll go first. Win 10 games and they'll give you the "64 memories" record. I still haven't won this game. 3. Milk Drinking Contest: After Year 1, go to the Inner Inn around mid-afternoon. If you catch Rock, Grant or Hugh in the front room and talk to them, they'll ask you if you want to play. This game is fairly easy to win. 4. Unknown Game: I heard of a game where you help the Harvest Sprites clean the Goddess Spring or something and they would give you the owl that sits on the Harvest Sprites tree. I haven't had any proof of this. But let me know if it really does work. _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Conclusion Well, guess what?! That about covers it. or if you have any questions, please E-mail me at And please put "HMAWL question" in the title or I spammer. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I If I have missed anything, the address on page one. could delete you like a do. GOOD LUCK! Copyright (c) 2006 by Purplepassion, and All rights reserved. This document may not be duplicated or modified without prior permission.