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Currently world trade no longer constrained by space and time.

High human mobility demands world trade able to provide services and goods with instant accordance with consumer demand. To overcome these problems so now appears transactions using the Internet media to connect between producers and consumers. Transactions via the Internet is better known as E-Commerece and E-Business. E-commerce is the process of selling products, services or information through electronic media view komputer.One of them is using a network ,called internet.So can be said that e-commerce is a business communications and commercial transactions that utilize computer networks (between seller and buyer). The development of information technology, especially in this case is the internet, is one factor supporting the development of e-commerce. The Internet is a global network that connects computers all over the world.So, allowing the interaction and communication between a party with other parties throughout the world.With using a computer system that can be connected to each other like this, the transaction can be done automatically and in a short time.With do the business electronically, companies can reduce the cost of expenditure for the purposes of sending the information transaction quickly.Process will also increase the productivity of firms. e-commerce is part of e-business, where the scope of e-business more broadly, not just commerce but includes also collaboration among business partners, customer service, job vacancies,etc. In addition to the www network technologies, e-commerce also requires database technology, e-mail, and other forms of non-computer technology as well as other delivery systems, and means of payment for this e-commerce. E-business is business through electronic media using computer.Business network covers many things, such as buying and selling, customer service, and other job-vacancies.E-business is the use of information technology to facilitate business processes, conduct e-commerce and provide cooperation to support the communication company.Almost same with e-commerce, the term "ebusiness" refers to the use of the Internet to trade.There is common terminology with e-mail, ecommerce, because both use the internet. In principle, the term e-business is more extensive than the e-commerce, e-commerce philosophically is part of e-business. The focus of e-commerce in the activity / mechanism of transactions conducted electronically / digitally then e-business has a broader scope, including: 1-activity relationship between the two companies 2-Interaction between the company and its customers 3-Collaboration between the company and its business partners 4-The exchange of information between companies and their business competitors etc. The application of e-business is expected to increase revenuegeneration (profit) directly or indirectly. Indirectly will also save the high cost (costcutting) because all diutomatisasi.Most of people who apply the concept of internet working, a small & medium-scale companies can easily work with the giant companies to offer various products and services to the customers. BENEFITS OF e-business

The purpose of implementation of e-Business is to support the efficiency and integrity of data management of Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain Management / Logistics Management. It also serves as a means of communication & information for the public and other stakeholders. With Internet-based system can be accessed anywhere in accordance with predetermined access rights. Benefits of implementing e-Business are: Improve operational performance of the company, Increase opportunities for access to markets, suppliers, and funding is very broad, Improving the efficiency of the company, Simplify the management of company assets Improve the quality of customer service, Improve communication of all stakeholders, Overcoming the digital divide, Media promotion of corporate competencies, Streamlining of economic activity, Facilitate business transactions, Support dissemination of information widely, etc.. There are a few tips - tips in e-business: fix the first enterprise resource management systems in an integrated manner. Create an investment plan in detail and comprehensive technology. Determining the direction of technology investment to address long term needs. Create an organizational structure that is flexible and adaptive to change. Cooperating conducive with business partners (vendors, suppliers, financial institutions, etc.). There are several methods of e-Business Development: Consideration of Commodity Infrastructure Development Planning Database Application Program Development Implementation and dissemination E-Business Strategy Development Preparation of Development Plan Construction of a gradual / dynamic Need to prioritize implementation Selection of appropriate technology Preparation Resources Use Web-Hosting services Development of a third party submitted Cooperation with Institutions Internet service providers Positive & Negative E-Business Positive: The flow of new revenue that could be more promising and can not be found in traditional transaction systems. Can increase market exposure. Lowers operational costs.

Expand coverage. Increase customer loyality. Shorten the time of production. Increase the revenue chain. Negative Theft of confidential information that is valuable. Disorders that arise may disclose all such confidential information to parties who are not eligible and can result in big losses for the victim. Loss of business opportunities due to disruption of service. This error is non-technical errors such as electricity suddenly goes off or the network is not functioning. Loss of trust from consumers. This is due to various factors such as work done on purpose by others who try to slander the reputation of the company. Use of access to resources by unauthorized parties. Suppose that the burglary of a banking system by hackers, then move the number of someone else's account into his own account. The loss was not unexpected. Disturbance caused by deliberate, dishonesty, improper business practices, and human factor errors or mistakes electronic system. Factors Contributing to Failure of E-Business No commitment from top management intact. Implementation of e-business change management process is not followed. No professional information technology vendors who become business partners Poor communication infrastructure No selarasnya IT strategy with corporate strategy. The existence of security problems in transaction Lack of financial support Lack of regulations that support and protect the transacting parties (cyberlaw).

Intelligence was created and put into a machine (computer) in order to do a job like that can be human. Some kind of field that uses artificial intelligence, among others, an expert system computer games (games), fuzzy logic, neural networks and robotics. Intelligence was created and put into a machine (computer) in order to do a job like that can be done.So, artificial intelligence is very relevant to the development of e-commerce and e business.Artificial intellegence made this will underlie the development of information technology application in the field of e-commerce and e business.Higher artificial intelligence, mean that activities of e commerce and e business will be more advanced.