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STREAM AREA (Shizuka Village) [NOP] ---------------------------------------------(baits: Worm, Shrimp, Frog, Insect, Bee Larva) After choosing and naming the character of your choice, you will be taken to a short cut-screen and dialog in a family of 4 consisting of a father, mother, bro and sis. After the dialog, you will be outside the house. I suggest you first go to the Inn infront of your character's house. Enter to read the Notice Board. There will be three messages to read. The first one mention about a fishing tournament, the second about cooking contest, while the third mention about a stream spirite. Next, go to the far south to meet Mamoon, he will talk about curry. Next go to the sign board infront of the shop, to read the name of your village. Go into the shop, it's an equipment shop that also sells a medium basket. Don't buy it yet. Walk out of the shop and talk to the woman next to the well and your house. She will ask you to do an errand for her. She wants you to catch for her a river trout. Open your "equipment, you will find that you have 1 worm, bamboo pole, float A (Round), and a small basket. Go to the next shop, it's an bait shop that sell lures, rods, and baits, as well as other fishing equipment. Buy a shovel there, if you have enough money, go ahead and buy the insect net also. Without the items like insect net, shovel, landing net, etc. You will have trouble finding the baits that are available in the areas I've mentioned, if you don't have all the

equipments for bait hunting. The insect can be found near Minoru and around Old Next, walk to the fish shop, use the "examine" option on the dark green patch next to it and the cooking contest stand. You will get "worm bait", keep pressing x button to fill up you bait box. Next, go to the stream to start fishing, once you catch a river trout, give the fish to the woman. She will give you a treasure map. You can choose to find the treasure or continue fishing. I suggest you continue fishing for more. Once you have enough money, use it to buy the Magnifying Glass and Medium Basket. You can also choose to buy the recipes after buying the equipments, including the rods and poles, as well as the lures and baits. But I have to say that the maggot and bee larva will not come to play in this area. So why waste money buying it now. Now go to talk to Naoko on the first bridge, she will ask you to catch an Ayu fish. She will compare who's fish is longest. If you win, she will give you a recipe. Before catching the fish, take your time to talk to all of the characters to learn more on where to catch fish and find out about the area. You can also choose to try answering the trivia questions the animals ask. Also you can continue to find out where to find the baits. The bee larva can be found across the north bridge around the red shrine and waterfall. If you fail, don't worry, keep entering it. You must get first place to trigger Old Smarty's dialog. After winning you will get 500G. As I've mentioned, now go to Old Smarty's house. Talk to him to learn how to swim. Now go to where the Ayu fisherman is. Swim across to meet the Blue Sprite. He will give you a ??? seed. Return to Old Smarty to talk about the boulder that is blocking the path to Mntn area. Just follow the clue, you will end up infront of the tree next to your house beside the woman who looks more like a grandma to me. You will find a treasure of some sort. Next, go to the fishing tournament and join. Catch as many Ayu(s) as possible within the time limit. I'm sure by now you should have a general idea where to catch the fish. Once you caught an Ayu fish, go to Naoko to trigger another conversation and collect your reward if you win. I won the first time round. So I don't know what will happen if your fish is smaller than hers. Go to the Jizo statue infront of the bait shop to find the treasure. Smarty's house, also behind the fisherman next to Minoru. The frog can be found south across the 1st bridge before the young fisherman, near some trees. The shrimp is south of the Ayu fisherman before the river dam. The worm can be found next to the fish shop and up further before the path to Takako.

give you a reward. Return to Minosa Pass, to meet He will tell you to catch a Yamame for the Wood god. Catch one for it. Place the fish by using the "examine" option infront of the shrine. A cut screen will trigger and the boulder will be removed. Time to head for the next area. %%% ? Love letter : Not sure what for and who's. ? %% % B.MNTN (Minamo Pass and Minamo Peak) [OPQ] --------------------------------------------------(baits: Fish Egg, Insect, Shrimp, Frog, Pasta Bait) Once you enter the next area, go to meet Shizu on the right side behide the large mount before the bridge to Minosa Pass. Now go to the bait shop to buy a landing net and anything you feel you might need. Personally the rest of the items are less important for the moment. Next go to talk to Naoko near the boat dock, a dialog will trigger about the great brown trout. Go to the only tree there and use the "examine" button, Go talk to the rest of the characters in Minosa Pass and go across to Minosa Peak. Walk straight to the far south passing Nussie while talking to all of the characters there. You will end meeting Naoko again. Start fishing for the trout mentioned. I caught it after 2 tries. I believe you will also especially since by now you should have an idea that the larger the fish the larger it is visible to your eye even before starting to fish, although you won't be able to know what fish it is before it bites on your lure. Once you caught the fish, talk to Naoko, she will Upon winning, go to meet Behei, he is the Ninja look alike g uy on the bridge at the centre of Minosa Peak. He will talk about his 99 fish and ask you to catch an Albino Rainbow you will get a fossil. Swim back. Now go to meet Sochico, the red dress girl near the fisherman who talks about Wataka and Honmoraka fish. She will talk about a Bass Festival. Now go to find 6 of it. Take it back to her and get your reward. Go to the equipment shop to buy a Large Basket. Now go back to where the green Jizo statue is. Walk to the beach and press the zoom out button. You will see partially an island. Swim across to meet a fisherman who will talk about buying a boat. Go to Minosa Peak to talk to Daisuke and Nussie. But before that, make sure you have at least 3 large fish. After giving the fish to Nussie, it will give you a treasure map. After that, go back to stream area to meet Minoru. You will trigger a dialog about a floating bottle containing a recipe that he tried and liked. He will ask you to find the person who wrote the recipe. Go back to Minosa Pass and talk to Shizu. You will trigger another dialog, where Minoru propose to Shizu to stay and marry him. Shizu will give you a reward. Shizu again.

trout. But this Island is further and deserted. Swim from where Nussie is, you will end up on the island. Try catching it from there. I don't guarentee anything. But, that's where I found the fish Benhei mentioned. Do remember that on the island you won't find any bait or lure. So make sure you bring enough. So if you run out of lure or bait, you must go buy more or search for more. Go back to Benhei after catching it. He will let you pass to the next island behind him. He will also mention about a washtub hidden in the statue on the island. Go to find the item mentioned. After that, go to the fishing tournament to join the Bass fishing tournament. Catch a large fish to win before time up. Once you win you will get 500G. Next you can choose to catch more fish to buy all the items available in the Mntn area. Now go back to the stream area, talk to Yoko near the shrine, she will give an errand, you must go to meet Takako not behind the hill from the Oshorokana fisherman. Talk to Takako to trigger another errand. After knowing what the errand is, go back to Minosa Peak, start fishing for the salmon. Now go back to Yoko to start another dialog. She will give you 2 recipes, Blacken Newt and Boiled Prawn. A new area is now available.

C.Field (Asatsuya Village) [PQR] -----------------------------------------

(baits: Worm, Insect, Pasta Bait, Shrimp) Go and explore the area. Now talk to the Member #1 infront of the fish shop. He will give you an errand to meet Naoko and get for him her autograph as well as give her a monster bass. Now go to where the tall grass is near the 1st bridge. You will also by now know that there are plenty of bass in the centre of the pond. Equip the washtub, and row to the centre of the pond. You can equip your rod while in the tub. Catch a monster bass.

Do the errand to get a Loach Stew Recipe. After that, you can choose to catch as much fish as possible and buy all the recipe. After doing so, go back to the stream area and meet Mamoon at the far south lower stream area near the equipment shop. He will talk about his special curry known as "Mamoon curry". He blocks the path to the next area, you must get his 3 things. But he will ask for 1 at a time. Get each one to

the fish maybe found. It's near a water wheel. Not easy to find, but it's around that place. Catch it, to get another errand. This time from the fish it'self. It will ask for you to catch 3 of it's guppy friends. Catch it, then take "them" to Old Beardy. He will give you a float D (Panda) as reward. Next go and meet Yama the sloppy detective by the brown well on the hill side by the Inn. He will take you to a cutscreen about a possible murder. The suspect is Akako, the red dress lady behind the tree. But before you get to her, you must talk to some of the rapids area residence. First talk to Saburo the gardener next to Yama. He will give you a clue to the witness. Next go to the equipment shop. The equipment shop

Take it to Naoko across the bridge behind the cooking contest stand. She will give you her autograph. Take it to Member #1, he will give you a Giant Baskett. You will notice that there are 2 fishing tournaments available. Choose the one you feel will give you the best chance of winning. After collecting the reward from the first contest, go and join the second contest. I believe catching Tanago is easier than Hera. Once you win in both contests, you can go to meet Serika across the pond in the area.

satisfy him. The errand is to catch Itou, Cherry Salmon and Prawn. Once you get all three, he will let you taste his curry. It will replenish your HP. Also he will open the path and drop a Raw King Carp Recipe. Now the rapids area is open. D.Rapids (Mizukiri Pass and Mizukiri Village) [QRS] --------------------------------------------------(baits: Maggot, Small Fish, Insect, Shrimp) Now explore the area first. This area is by far

is not easy to find. it's on an island downstream from Old Beardy's location. Swim to the area. You will notice there are 3 persons there besides the equipment shop lady. Talk to Misako to get another clue. She will tell you to go to a house upstream just behind the Mizukiri Pass sign post. Talk to Hironori. He will tell you to find Suzuka upstream. But before you find him at the downstream across the bridge from the equipment shop. Go upstream and swim to the island next to the water wheel. Meet Norio, a friend of Suzuka, he will tell you where the boy is. Now go to meet him. He will tell you to go meet Misako to find another possible witness.

She will talk about fossils.She then will offer to give you her's if you catch for her an Eel, Iwana and Smelt. You must catch all 3 before going back to give to her the items in her errand list. By far this errand is the toughest because catching the 3 fish are not easy as it's not many and only can be found in certain spot in each area that you must visit. After doing the errand. Talk to Ms.Rumiko, she's the teacher next to the equipment shop in the area. She will ask for help to catch 6 Killifish for her biology class.

the most intresting of the areas I've explored. The fish are more agressive than that of the other areas. It's my favourite area. First, go to the bridge, you will meet an old man holding a round fish bowl. He will talk to you about a missing guppy pet of his, named Miya. His name is Old Beardy. You must look for it. If you go to the lower right across the bridge, far below the vegetable plot, you will meet an old lady who will give you a clue to where

area is open. Then, go to meet Hiroshi near water wheel, Now go to meet Kaori, the girl in red standing next to the well near the water wheel. She will later tell you of another possible witness, Miyuki. She is downstream, next to Misako. Meet her to find more information. You will meet Yama, next to the inn. You will later find that Akako is the suspect. There's not much to buy in the area, there's the work gloves for your other fishing equipment needs, float C(rabbit) and the wet fly to buy. Other than that, there's no recipe or rod to buy. After that, the turtle fishing tournament is open for play. Now go to the mntn area to meet Kaoru, he will offer an exchange for you ??? seed with a vegetable set (The Straw Millionare:Part 2). Now go to the field area, find the woman standing north of Serika's house. Talk to her and trade the vegetable set for a bracelet (The Straw Millionare:Part 3). Next, meet another woman behind the water wheel in the rapids area, to trade the bracelet with a pretty stone (The Straw Millionare:Part 4). Go to the fish shop to talk to the fishmonger. If you talk to Tetsuo, you will find out that Akako ran to the swamp area followed by Yama the detective, but Akako is hiding in the island south of the equipment shop. Find Mizuki further north from the fish shop, he's Find Naoko across south dam at Rapids area near Akako's hiding spot. She will challenge you to a fishing showdown to catch an Aouo of 40 Inches or larger. Catch one of the required size and bring it to her. Once you win, the swamp wearing a blue shirt with a panda patern. He will talk about his father. He is then willing to return home if he can bring his father's favourite food, a boiled prawn. Make one and give He will ask an errand to catch a King Akane and a Big Snakehead for him to cook for a customer, he will give you a Stew Motsugo Recipe. E.Swamp (Kisumi Village) [RST] -----------------------------(baits: Worm, Shrimp, Bee larva, Frog) To get to this area, there are two ways, the first is to go from the east of the fish shop at the rapids area, while the other is through the stream area behind Tetsuo. The rapids area path is openned first, later the stream area path will also available after winning the showdown with Naoko at the rapids area. he will ask for help to find a fish that he need. Get him one at a time, a Big Iwana, Big Rainbow Trout, and Big Catfish. He will give a big catfish miso soup recipe and a treasure map. Follow the clue to find the treasure in the rapids area, a fossil. Go to the field area, to meet Kazuki, he will ask for help to find his brother Mizuki. Go to the swamp area to find him, talk to him and he will ask for a boiled prawn cooking. Get it for him.(also informed in part E.)

it to him to complete the errand. Talk to the apprentice, he will talk about his teacher "the chef" and his problems. He will ask for help to catch some fish. He will ask for a Big Itou of 63 Inches or larger size, Silver Buna of 7 Inches or more, Oshorokoma of 9 Inches or more, and a Big Grass Carp of 50 Inches or more. Complete the errand to open a short cutscreen. The chef will give a monster catfish miso soup. Now, find Raiko, the old man near the field in the area, talk to him to exchange the pretty stone for a master lure rod (The Straw Millionare: Part 5). The fishing tournament by now should be open, join it and catch a monster size catfish within 5 minute. After winning it, a long cutscreen will show a tv reporter interviewing you from an "All Pro Fishing Channel". Now head south to the hill, to find Naoko, Ayu and Ayu's Manager debating. Ayu will propose a fishing showdown. Go catch an electric ell of monster size. Upon winning, you will get a grilled big eel recipe from Ayu. Next, swim to the island next to the catfish contest. Find Naoko behind some trees. She will ask for a final showdown. This time, the is known as '7ups', where you must get a fish from any area within the mentioned size range. It cannot be smaller or larger than the ranged size. Also you must empty your basket leaving only a fish to contest for each range. The first range is, 1-11 inches, the second is

16-22 inches, the third is 26-35 inches, and the last is more than 40 inches. If you win, she will give you a boss fly rod. And the rivalry between you and Naoko is officially ended.

the waterfall from Old Smarty's house. Swim or use the tub to go into the waterfall to reveal a new area. F. Underground Lake [STU] This time, there will be plenty of river kings to catch. All can be found at the centre lake of B3. Also, if you talk to the charachters in the game after completing the game and then continue, they're dialogs will change. And Kazuko's fortune-telling will also require more questions than the last time before completing the game. This area is divided into 3 areas; B1, B2, and B3. All are the same but with different fish in lake. To get to each areas, you must either swim or use the tub to the far end of the lake in each area. As long as you have enough HP and your fishing skill is at least 4, you should have no problem in this area. Go to the B3 area to find the River King, it's a monster size coelacanth, with it's fin bearing a red "Australia Continent" marking. Once you get the fish, then a cutscreen will appear. End of game, but it will take you back to the stream area where you can save your game and continue searching for other fish or items yet to find. Having difficulties finding the river king? Well, if you notice the fish in the centre, near the far end of the lake in B3, which appear and disappear quite quickly. Well....that's it. You may be fooled a few times. But with sure luck, that fish will bite. Also, if you go back to your house at the stream area, >>>>>>>>>>>>>> END OF Walkthrough >>>>>>> You can also choose to change character and play from beginner again but with all areas already opened, from the loading screen. ------------------------------------(baits: Maggot, Small Fish, Fish Egg)

Now talk to Kazuma to get a treasure map. Find the 'piece of something' treasure near the woman who talks about wild boar. Use the "examine" button to find for it. It's quite tricky and more difficult to find than the other treasure map. On finding the fossil, there will be a cutscreen showing an earthquack. Go to the stream area to talk to Old Smarty. He will inform you that the fossil actually is a 'fish fossil', which is a River King's. He will also give a Master's Pole. A new area will open, after he mentioned about a mysterious underground lake. But before you leave for the next area, go to the Mntn area to find Kai at the boat dock, standing on a boat, talk to him several times until he ask you about fishing and mention about pineapple. He will give you a mineral rod if you answer "fish" when he ask you about what you like. Now, go back to the stream area and prepare yourself. If you talk to Kazuko 'the fortune teller' at the stream area, she will read your fortune, by answering simple questions. Make sure your fishing skill is 4 or higher to proceed, and make sure you have made enough food and full HP. Once ready, go to the far north to

you will be informed that a new River King has appeared. If you want to catch it, just go to the same spot where you caught the fish.