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Review Exercises in Plane Trigonometry

1. A certain angle has a supplement five times its compliment. Find the angle? a) 67.5o b) 157.50 c)168.5o d)186o 2. the measure of 2.25 revolutions counterclockwise is: a)-835o b)-810o c)805 o d)810 o 3. what are the exact values of the cosine and tangent trigonometric functions of acute angle A, given that sin A = 3/7? a) cos A = c) cos A = ; tan A = ; tan A = b) cos A = d) cos A = ; tan A ; tan A

4. Find the value in degrees of arcos (tan 24o). a)61.48 b)62.35 c)63.56


5. In an isosceles right triangle, the hypotenuse is how much longer than its side? a)2 times b) times c)1.5 times d)none of these

6. Given 3 angles A, B, and C whose sum is 180o. if the tan A + tan B + tan C = x, find the value of tan A x tan B x tan C. a)1-x b) c) d)x

7. Find the value of x in the equation csc x + cot x = 3. a) b) c) . c) d) d)

8. If tan = , determine a) b)

9. Three times the sine of a certain angle is twice the square of the cosine of the same angle. Find the angle. a)30o b)60o c)45o d)90o 10. In the equation tan(2 3) = a)14.57o b)15.30o , find the angle in degrees. c)13.88o d)16.97 o

11. Solve for the value of in the equation sin2 = cos . a)30o b)60o c)45o d)90o 12. Simply the trigonometric equation, sin2 (1 + cot2 ). a)cos2 b)sin2 sec2 c)sin2 d)1 13. Find all values of x in the equation sin x cos x + sin2x = 1. a)32.2o ; 69.1o b)-20.9o ; 69.1o c)20.9o ; 69.1o d)-32.2o ; 69.1o 14. If sec2A is , the quantity 1 sin2A is equivalent to: a)1.5 b)0.4 c)2.5 d)0.6

15. What is the value of cos4B sin4B. a)cos 4B b)cos 2B c)sin 2B ENGR. ROBEN M. CASANO

d)sin 4B Page 1

Review Exercises in Plane Trigonometry

16. Determine all the roots of the equation cos2A = 1 cos2A. a)45o ; 315o b)45o ; 125o c)45o ; 135o d)45o ; 225o 17. If sinA = and A is in the 2nd quadrant, sinB = a) b)c) and B is in the 3rd quadrant, find sin(A+B). d)-

18. How many different values of a)3 b)0

lie between 0o and 180o for the equation (2sin 1)(cos + 1) = 0? c)1 d)2

19. If 77o + 0.44x = Arctan (cot 0.25x). find x. a)10o b)20o c)30o 20. If tan A = and , find the angle (A + B). a)30o b)60o c)45o



21. Find the values of in the equation cosh2x sinh2x = 2 sin . a)30o b)60o c)45o d)90o 22. What is x in the equation coshx + sinhx = 7.389? a)2 b)10 c)ex d)ln x 23. A truck travels from point P noprthward for 30 minutes, then eastward for 1 hour, then shifted N 30o W. if it has a constant speed of 40 kph, how far directly from P, in km. will it be after 2 hours? a)43.5 b)45.2 c)47.9 d)41.6 24. In triangle ABC, A = 45o and angle C = 70o. the side opposite angle C is 40m long. What is the side opposite angle A? a)29.10m b)32.25m c)30.10m d)31.25m 25. The sides of the triangle ABC are AB = 15cm, BC = 18cm and CA = 24cm. determine the distance from the point of intersection of the angular bisectors to side AB. a)5.21cm b)3.78cm c)4.73cm d)6.25cm 26. The angle of elevation of the top of of a tower at a distance 40m from it is the compliment of the angle of elevation of the same tower at a distance of 120m from it. What is the height of the tower? a)67.89m b)54.46m c)69.28m d)76.58m 27. The angle of elevation of a tree from a point 10m horizontally away from the tree is twice the angle of elevation at a point 50m away from it. Find the height of the tree. a)38.73m b)34.46m c)46.58m d)27.89m 28. A flag pole 20m high stands on top of a tower which is 96m high. At what distance from the base of the tower will the flag pole subtend an angle of 4o? a)46.48m b)43.35m c)57.68m d)50,29m 29. A 5ft-high picture on the wall subtends an angle at a point on the level floor 14ft away from the wall. If the base of the picture is 7ft above the floor, find . a)14.03o b)15.65o c)10.25o d)16.44o


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Review Exercises in Plane Trigonometry

30. A man finds the angle of elevation of the top of a tower to be 30o. he walks 85m towards the tower and finds that the angle of elevation of the top is 60o. how high is the tower? a)76.31m b)67.22m c)73.31m d)73.61m 31. A digital tower and a monument atand on a level plane. The angles of depression of the top and bottom of the monument viewed from the top of the tower are 13o and 35o respectively. If the tower is 50m high, find the height of the monument. a)35.6m b)28.46m c)33.51m d)30.42m 32. A 40m high tower stands vertically on a sloping ground which makes an angle of 18o with the horizontal. A tree also stands vertically uphill from the tower. An observer on the top of the tower finds the angle of depression of the top of the tree to be 26o and the bottom of the tree to be 38o. find the height of the tree. a)10.62m b)15.29m c)13.27m d)7.38m 33. A passenger ship sailed N 42o 25 E at 14 kph. Four hours earlier, a freight ship started from the same point at a speed of 8kph along the direction N 15o 45 W. how long will it take the passenger ship to sail such that it would be exactly S 75o 25 E of the freight ship? a)3 hours b)4 hours c)5 hours d)6 hours 34. A pole casts a shadow 15m long when the angle of elevation is 61o. if the pole has lean 15o from the vertical directly towards the sun, what is the length of the pole? a)54.23m b)48.64m c)36.84m d)64.84m 35. A boat can travel 8mi/hr. in still water. What is its velocity with respect to the shore if it heads 35o east of north in a current that moves 3mi/hr. west? a)4.556 mph b)6.743 mph c)8.963 mph d)5.400 mph 36. The area of an isosceles triangle is 36 square meter with the included angle of 30o between the two equal sides. Find the perimeter of the triangle. a)28.43m b)32.12m c)30.21m d)29.65m 37. The area of the triangle whose angles are 61o 9 32", 34o 14 46, and 84o 35 42 is 680.6 sq. in. the length of the longest side is: a)29.64 inches b)46.13 inches c)52.43 inches d)61.17 inches 38. The sides of the triangle are 18cm, 24cm, and 34cm respectively. Find the length of the median to the 24-cm sides, in cm. a)24.4 b)21.9 c)23.4 d)20.4 39. A point O is inside a square lot, if the distances from point O to the three successive corners of the square lot are 5m, 3m, and 4m respectively, find the area of the square lot in sq. m. a)36.6 b)45.4 c)23.2 d)32.1


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