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Appandai Raj

Antagonistic Meanings
The word 'Neram' means 'Time' in Tamil and 'Crime' in Telugu?? Why so?? I think they have
same Sanskrit etymology??

14 டசமபர
Neeram. is not derived from Skt. It is Tam. Kaal and Kaalam are from the Skt. root.

24 டசமபர (18 மணிேேரம மனப)

"Neeram. is not derived from Skt. It is Tam. Kaal and Kaalam are from the Skt. root. "
It is Neram (crime in Telugu). It is no way related with Sanskrit language.
So far as Kal and Kaalam are concerned, they are Tamil words and borrowed by Sanskrit.
(ul)-al-> algal (day in Tamil)
(ul)-al-(an)->(am)->amaiyam (time in Tamil)
amaiyam->amayam (time in Tamil)
al-alagu (measurement, number)
al->(ava)->avakasam (time and opportunity in Tamil)
(ava)->aadhi (measurement in Tamil)
al->aLa (to measure)
aLa->Lagai (age/period between 8 and 12th years)
aLa-aLabu (measurement)
aLabu-Alabedai ( time period/measurement for pronouncing a letter/vowel)
aLa->aLavu (measurement, boundary)
aLavu->aLappu (measurement, boundary)
al->(aRu)-aRuppu (famine period)
(aRu)->ARuvai (Chitra Star day in Tamil)
(aRu)-(aRRu)->aRRam (time in Tamil)
al-(aaL)-aaNdu (year in Tamil)
(aaL)->aattai (year in Tamil)
(aaL)-Aayu (life time in Tamil)->aayuss (Skt)
Aayusu (life time in Tamil)->aayuss (Skt)
aayu-aayuL (life time in Tamil)
aayuH = [long] life
aayus * = n. life, vital power, vigour, health, duration of life, long life RV. AV. TS. S3Br. Mn.
MBh. Pan5cat. &c.; active power, efficacy RV. VS.; the totality of living beings [food Sa1y.] RV.
ii, 38, 5 and vii, 90, 6; N. of a particular ceremony (= %{AyuH-SToma} q.v.); N. of a
Sa1man; of the eighth lunar mansion; food L.; (%{us}) m. the son of Puru1ravas and
Urvas3i1 (cf. %{Ayu}) MBh. Vikr. VP.; [cf. Dor. $; perhaps also $.]
This skt word aayus is marked with * to denote doubtful origination

24 டசமபர (18 மணிேேரம மனப)

al->algal (day = Tamil)

al->algal-(agal)-agasu (day = Tamil)- ahaH (Skt= of daytime)

(agal)-(agan)-(aganam)-aaniyam (day,period = Tamil)

aahna4 * = n. (fr. {ahan}), a series of days, many days S'Br. Pân. (marked with*)

ul->(il)-idai (time,period =Tamil)

idai->ittaRudhi (time =Tamil)

(il)->(in)->(im)->imai (winking period)


(im)->immi (a small measurement)

(il)-in (again, yet)

in-> innam, innum (yet in Tamil)

in-> ini (hereinafter)

ul-(uga)->ugam (Era, yuga= Tamil, Telugu (ugaadhi))

ugam- yuga(Skt = World Ages)

ul->(uga)->(uva)->uvaa (full moon, new moon days)

ul->(uRu)->uRai (lifetime =Tamil)

ul->uLhi (time,period =Tamil)

uLhi->uRRuLhi (proper period =Tamil)

uLhi->OoLhi (time,period =Tamil)

uL->El->EN (maths, value, to count, number)

eNpatham (proper time = Tamil)

(al)->El (day time, day=Tamil)

El->Elli (day time, day=Tamil)

ellundi (dayafter tomorrow =Telugu)


andhi->sandhi (twilight=Tamil)

Sandhi ->sandhi (Skt= The junctional point of two consecutive bhaavas,

sandhiikaala = twilight (both morning and evening time)

ul-(oru)-orkukka (altime=Tamil)

al->(kaL)-kada (to measure=Tamil)

Kada->kadaththudhal (spend time)

kada->kadigai->ghaTi (Skt= Hour)

kadigai-kadigaram, kadiyaram (clock, watch =Tamil)->gadiyaramu (watch in Telugu)

ghatii (Skt= (f) clock, watch)

kadigai->(kalikai)->clock (English)

Kada-(kattu)->kattaLai (measurement)

(kaL)-(kaNa)-KaNagan (astrologer)

KaNagan-Kanakkan (astrologer, clerk)

(kaNa)-Kanakku (maths, value, to count, number=Tamil)

(kaNa)->kaNam (Tamil= one second)

KaNam->kshaNaM = one second

24 டசமபர (18 மணிேேரம மனப)

KaNi->kanisam (a measurement=Tamil)
Kanisam->kanitham (maths, measurement)
KaNi->KaNippu (to measure=Tamil)
(kaL)-(kari)->Karisai (400 Marakkaal measurement)
(kal)-Kalai (a time period=Tamil)
Kalai->kala (Skt)=* mf(%{A})n. (etym. doubtful) indistinct, dumb Br2A1rUp. ChUp.; (ifc.,
%{bASpa}, or %{azru} preceding) indistinct or inarticulate (on account of tears) MBh. R. &c.
[260,2]; low, soft (as a tone), emitting a soft tone, melodious (as a voice or throat) R. BhP.
Vikr. &c.; a kind of faulty pronunciation of vowels Pat.; weak, crude, undigested L.; m. (scil.
%{svara}) a low or soft and inarticulate tone (as humming, buzzing &c.) L.; Shorea robusta
L.; (in poetry) time equal to four Ma1tras or instants W.; (%{As}) m. pl. a class of manes
MBh.; (%{am}) n. semen virile L.; Zizyphus Jujuba; (%{A}) f. see %{kalA} below.
kalaa = Art= *f. (etym. doubtful) a small part of anything, any single part or portion of a
whole, esp. a sixteenth part RV. viii, 47, 17 TS. S3Br. Mn. &c.; a digit or one-sixteenth of the
moon's diameter Hit. Katha1s.; (personified as a daughter of Kardama and wife of Mari1ci
BhP.); a symbolical expression for the number sixteen Hcat.; interest on a capital (considered
as a certain part of it) S3is3. ix, 32; a division of time (said to be 1/900 of a day or 1-6
minutes Mn. i, 64 Hariv.; or 1/1800 of a day or 0-8 minutes Comm. on VP.; or 2 minutes and
26 54/201 seconds

24 டசமபர (17 மணிேேரம மனப)

Kal-KaRpam (a period of time)
kalpa (see also kaalpa) * = (some text omitted) a fabulous period of time (a day of Brahma1
or one thousand Yugas, a period of four thousand, three hundred and twenty millions of years
of mortals, measuring the duration of the world; a month of Brahma1 is supposed to contain
thirty such Kalpas; according to the MBh., twelve months of Brahma1 constitute his year, and
one hundred such years his lifetime; fifty years of Brahma1' (marked with*
(kaL)->KaLhanju (12 Rupee coin weight=Tamil)
KaL->KaLai (a time period =Tamil
(kaL)-KaaL (time, yama who determines lifetime, period, life=Tamil)
Kaal-Kaalam (time, period =Tamil)
Kal-> kaalaya * (Skt= Nom. P. {-yati}, to show or announce the time Dhâtup. xxxv, 28 (v.l.)
kaale = time, kaalena = in the course of time, kaaleshhu = times)
KaaL->(KaaL)-Kattai (time, period =Tamil)
Kal ->Kal (yesterday, tomorrow =Hindi)
Kaalam-Kaalan (Yama=Tamil)
Kaal->Kaalai->(morning time, lifetime, time, times, opportunity=Tamil)
Kaal->KaaRu (a time period, time=Tamil)
ul->(kuL)-(KiLh)->KiLhamai (week, Day=Tamil)
ul-al->(andhu)->sandhu (time, period =Tamil)
Sandhu->sandhi (twilight time, time=Tamil)
Sandhu-(sandharavu)-(sandharppu)-Sandharppam (time, opportunity=Tamil)
sandhu-sandhai (seasonal market=Tamil), Chantha =Malayalam, Santha=Telugu
(al)->(sal)->(San)->(sam)-samayam (time=Tamil)->samaya (skt= time)
(Sam)->Saam->Saamam ( 3 hours period=Tamil)->yaamam (3 hours period in Tamil)-
>yaa4ma * (Skt= 1 m. (for 2. see below, for 3. see p. 851, col. 3) motion, course, going,
progress RV. AV. Br.; a road, way, path ib.; a carriage, chariot RV.; (ifc. f. {A}) a night-watch,
period or watch of 3 hours, the 8th part of a day )
(al)-(sil)->(sel)->Sevvi(proper time =Tamil)

24 டசமபர (17 மணிேேரம மனப)

(sil)->(sel)->SeN (long time=Tamil)

ul->(thul)-(thal)-thadhi (proper time=Time)

(thal)->(thalam)->Tharam (time= tamil)->Time (English)

(thaL)->(Thara)-TharuNam (time=Tamil)

TharuNam-Tharuni (women of age between 16 and 30 years)->taruNii (Skt)= young woman

(Thara)-ThaRuvaay (time=Tamil)

(Thara)-ThaRparai(1/60th second time=Tamil)

(thal)->(thaal)->Thasu->2 1/2 NaLhigai

(Thul)->(theel)-Theegan (moon=Tamil)

theegan->(theengan)-ThingaL (moon, month based upon the calucation of moon =Tamil)

(thul)->ThiL-Thiyadhi (date=Tamil)

Thiyadhi-thedhi (date = Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam)

Thiyadhi-Thidhi (date i= Tamil)-> ThiThi (skt)

Thul->Thil-(thiva)->Thivasam (day in Tamil)-Divasa (Skt)

(thiva)-Thivaa (day)

Thul->Thil->thinam (day =Tamil)->Dina (Skt)

Thul->TheL-Therivai (women of age between 25 and 35 years)


(ul)-(nul)->(nal)-(nava)->Navam (rainy season)

Nul-NaL-NaaL (day,daytime, time, lifetime, star, week, morning=Tamil)

NaaL-NaaLai (tomorrow=Tamil)

NaaL+Madhi->NaaNmadhi (moon)

NaaL->NanD(R)u (time=Tamil)

(Naul)->(Nil)-Nitham, nidham (altime=Tamil), nitya (skt) = always, nityaM = daily/always

nityaH = eternal,nityajaataM = always born,nityam.h = ever

NaL-NiL->NeeLi (longlive =tamil)

NiL->(NeL)-Nerunel (yesterday=Tamil)->Nennal(yesterday=Tamil)->Ninna


NuL->NIL-(Nin)->(niM)-Nimai (eyelid)
Nimai->(Nimayam)-nimidam (minute=tamil)->minute (English)

Nimidam-Nimisam(Vulgar tamil)->Nimisha (skt)

Nul-(NoL)->Nodi (Second=Tamil)
Nodi- Vinaadi(second=Tamil)
Vinaadi->Vinhadi (24 Seconds =Tamil)

(ul)-al-(Pal)-Pagal (daytime=tamil)

(pal)-PgaL)->Pakkam- (15 days/ 2 weeks period=Tamil)->paksha (skt)= (m) political party,

fortnight *

paL)-(Panju)-Panjam-famine period

(paL)-(paru)->paruvam (time, age, proper time=Tamil)

24 டசமபர (16 மணிேேரம மனப)

in skt it is doubtful. marked with*

parva * = in comp. for {-van}.

parva-kAla * =m. a periodic change of the moon R. MârkP.; the time at which the moon at its
conjunction or opposition passes through the node MBh. Var.; {-nirNaya} m. N. of wk.;
{-rAzi} m. time for festivals Jyot.

parva-divasa * =m. the day of a periodic change of the moon Hcat.

parva-dhi * =m. `" period-container "', the moon L.

parva-nAdI * =f. `" moment of the Parvan "', moment of opposition or conjunction MW.

Paruvam-Pavvam (season =tamil)

PaL-Paagai (time period =Tamil)

PaL->Pattam (times = Tamil)
PaL->PaaNi (time=Tamil)

(ul)-(pil)-(pidhi)->Pidhir (time sharpes=Tamil)

Pil-(Pira)-Piravudai (women of age between 31 and 55 years)

(Pul)-(Pool)->Poogam (time=Tamil)

Pool->Poota (time =Telugu)

(Pul)->(PeL)->Pedhai (women of age between 5 and 7 years)

PuL->PoLhudhu (time=Tamil)

PoLhudhu->POLhdhu (time=Tamil)->Podhu (time=Tamil)->Podhdhu (time=Telugu)

ul-(mul)-(maL)-Madangal (yuga=Tamil)

(MaL)->MaNi (time, hour in Tamil)->MaNikkoor (hour in Malayalam)

MaL->Madhi (moon, month =Tamil)

Madhi->Madhiyam (month=Tamil)

Madhi->Maadham (month=Tamil)->Month (English)

Madham-Maasam (month =Tamil)->maasa (skt)= month, maasa* = m. (or n. Siddh.) the

moon (see {pUrNa-m-}); a month or the 12th part of the Hindû year (there are 4 kinds of
months, viz. the solar, {saura}; the natural, {sAvana}; the stellar, {nAkSatra}, and the lunar,
{cA7ndra}; the latter, which is the most usual and consists of 30 Tithis, being itself of two
kinds as reckoned from the new or full moon cf. IW. 179; for the names of the months see ib.
173 n. 3) RV. &c. &c. ({mAsam}, for a month; {mAsam ekam}, for one month; {mAsena}, in
the course of a month; {mAse}, in a mñmonth = after the lapse of a mñmonth); a symbolical
N. for the number `" twelve "' Sûryas. (MARKED WITH *)

maa-Maththirai, Maathiram (time duration in pronouncement of letters=Tamil)

24 டசமபர (16 மணிேேரம மனப)

Mul-MuLutham,Mugoortham (good time)->Skt

Mul-Val-Varai (time=Tamil)
Vara-Varudam (year =Tamil)->varshha (skt= year)

VaL-VeL-VeLai (Time=Tamil)->velaa*= f. limit, boundary, end S'Br. Kâvya7d.; distance S'Br.

KâtyS'r.; boundary of sea and land (personified as the daughter of Meru and Dhârinî, and the
wife of Samudra), coast, shore ({velAyAm}, on the sea-shore, coast-wise) MBh. Kâv. &c.
[1018, 3]; limit of time, period, season, time of day, hour (with {pazcimA}, the evening hour;
{kA velA}, `" what time of the day is it? "' {kA velA prA7ptAyAH}, `" how long has she been
here? "' {-velam} ifc. after a numeral = times) S'Br. &c. &c.; opportunity, occasion, interval,
leisure ({velAm pra-kR}, to watch for an opportunity; {velAyAm}, at the right moment or
season; {artha-velAyAm}, at the moment when the meaning is under consideration) MBh.
Kâv. &c.; meal-time, meal (as of a god = {Izvarasya bhojanam}, S'iva's meal) L.; the last
hour, hour of death BhP.; easy or painless death L.; tide, flow (opp. to `" ebb "'), stream,
current MaitrUp. MBh. &c.; `" sickness "' or `" passion "' ({rAga} or {roga}) L.; the gums L.;
speech L.; N. of the wife of Buddha L.; of a princess found on the seashore (after whom the
11th Lambaka of the Kathâsarit-sâgara is called).

VeLai-While (english)

ul->oL-(Or)-Orai (hour, time =Tamil)->hour (english)

horaa = A Varga. The Division of a sign into Solar and Lunar or Division into halves. Used for
determining Wealth amongst other things

24 டசமபர (16 மணிேேரம மனப)

1250, from O.Fr. hore "one-twelfth of a day" (sunrise to sunset), from L. hora "hour, time,
season," from Gk. hora "any limited time," used of day, hour, season, year; cognate O.E. gear
"year" (see year). Greeks borrowed the notion of dividing the day into hours from the
Babylonians, but the Babylonian hour was one-twelfth of the whole day and thus twice as long
as a modern hour. The Greeks divided only the period of light into 12 parts, and the Romans
adopted the system from them. Night was not similarly divided till much later, and thus the
period of time covered by an hour varied according to the season. In 16c. distinction
sometimes was made between temporary (unequal) hours and sidereal (equal) ones. The h-
has persisted in this word despite not being pronounced since Roman times. Replaced O.E. tid,
lit. "time," and stund "period of time." Hourglass is from 1515.