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P.O. Box 11979. Tel: 1-300 III 50764 Kuala Lumpur. 000 or 1111 from your Celcom mobile Fax: 603 3630 8889

Our Ref.: C120409-38402036 Your Ref.: MCMC

10 April 2012

Muhammad Bin Abdul Rahman No 18 Lorang Rupawan 4 Taman Rupawan 13200 Kepala Batas Pulau Pinang

Dear Encik Muhammad

ACCOUNT 43685039 AND 43685486 0192079359 AND 0134507861

1. Reference is made to your concern raised via Malaysian Communications and Multimedia
Commission on 9 April 2012, concerning the above matter.
:>.. Please accept our apologies on the experience you had. We duly note on the comments made.

We wish to share with you that Celcom SMS Announcements to our valued customers are sent either from Gateway number 1xxxx or 2xxxx or non-displayed gateway number (but with the service name). On the other hand, Celcom Content Providers send their promotional SMS via Gateway number 3xxxx or 6xxxx.


On that note, we would like to gently remind to please ignore the SMS received from gateway numbers other than those stated above. We have also taken action to block all level 6xxxx short codes found to send misleading SMS to our customers. also wish to take this opportunity to share with you that our Standard Operations Procedure stipulates strict compliance to the confidentiality of customer's information and any disclosure of information to an unauthorized party could only be done upon written request from the registered customer or the authorized personnel (if it is a corporate account).

5. We


Referring to your concern on RMOAO charge billed in the 013 4507861 account as reflected in the 28 March 2012 invoice, based on our investigation, the said charge was due to internet browsing activities on 27 March 2012 at 'pay per use' charge of RMO.10 per 10kbps.

an aXlata company


On that note, we would like to share the possible contributing factors which may have led to the situation described. the phone settings have triggered the internet connection (for example, there are 2 APNs; one is for connection to the internet and the other for MMS) the internet icon was accidentally clicked or the internet session was not closed properly an account was created in your inbox and selected your e-mail to automatically send/receive every X hours for applications such as e-mail, chat (Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger) social websites (Facebook, Twitter) etc. the use of a local/unregistered mobile phones which triggered the automatic connection To prevent recurrence of such situation in future, perhaps you would want to reset your Celcom APN settings by calling our Technical Helpdesk at 1300 111 000 or you may visit our nearest Celcom branch for assistance. We hope that we have clarified the above matter and sincerely appeal for your kind understanding in this circumstance.

Best regards

Assistant Manager Customer Correspondence Management Customer Interaction Management

1. Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission 2. Chief Executive Officer - Celcom Axiata Berhad 2. Head, Regulatory and Government Affairs - Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd 3. Head, Product, Services and Innovation - Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd 4. Head, Seberang Jaya Branch - Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd


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