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FlexCord Linepipe

The reliability solution for high pressure pipelines with PD pumps.

Product Highlights
Pressure Cycling Capability: Pressure: Sizes: Design: Suitable to operate at full pressure under severe pressure pulsations combined with frequent on-off pressure cycles. Maximum operating pressure 2000 psi 3 and 4 inch ID sizes Patent pending design with HDPE liner and jacket reinforced with high strength galvanized steel cords

FlexCord Linepipe delivers the same corrosion resistance and installation benefits as other Flexpipe Systems products, plus is capable of handling the high pressure, severe pressure cycles and pulsations generated by piston pumps such as triplex pumps and diaphragm pumps. Unlike other pipeline options, FlexCord Linepipe has been specifically designed for high reliability in such demanding applications. Extensive testing has validated that unlike some other composite products there is no need to overdesign or de-rate FlexCord Linepipe even under severe cycling.

Benefits of using FlexCord Linepipe

Eliminates corrosion. Reliable full MAOP pipe performance with no need to over-specify. Decreases installation time and cost. Faster installations due to light weight reels and ease of fitting installation. Increases onsite safety with smaller crews and logistics. Reduces the amount of environmental disruption. Increases reliability with Flexpipe-designed installation equipment that controls pressure to ensure the same robust fitting connection every time.

Performance Highlights
The FlexCord Linepipe patent pending high strength steel-cord reinforced pipe design offers: A safety factor of 10 on cyclic life. Extensive testing that has verified it to be suitable for a high frequency of 150 psi peak-to-peak pressure pulsations, combined with 10 full pressure on-off cycles per day. The suitability to operate at full MOAP under severe pulsations, combined with frequent full-on-off pressure cycles. Large internal diameters. Suitability for up to 2000 psi.

Project Snapshots
FlexCord Linepipe was used by an energy producer in SE Alberta for water injection lines. Pump type: duplex piston pump, operating at 70 pressure cycles per second. The client intended to put a 1400 m (4500 ft) fiberglass line back into service for water injection, but after the fiberglass pressure test failed the decision was made to replace the line using FlexCord Linepipe. The client chose FlexCord Linepipe to mitigate cyclic issues and corrosion concerns. FlexCord Linepipe offered a robust solution increasing the reliability of the pipeline system. FlexCord Linepipe was chosen as the corrosion resistant pipeline solution in NW North Dakota for an energy producers oil gathering system: Pump type: FMC MO615 triplex pump operating with a mean pressure of 1000 psi. Because FlexCord Linepipe is a flexible, lightweight composite pipeline system the client was able to greatly reduce the total installation cost compared to the use of lined steel in the same application. Flexpipe Systems reliable pipeline system is capable of handling severe pressure pulsations and does not require over-specifying pressure rating or diameter.

FC801 Product Data

Maximum Operating Pressure @ 60C or 140F Nominal Size Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Weight Min. Bend Radius (operational) Length / Reel Reel Weight Full Fitting Outside Diameter* Metric (mm) Imperial (inches) Metric (mm) Imperial (inches) Metric (kg/m) Imperial (lbs/ft) Metric (m) Imperial (ft) Metric (m) Imperial (ft) Metric (kg) Imperial (lbs) Metric (mm) Imperial (inches) 13,790 kPa / 2000 psi 3 99 3.91 77 3.02 5.1 3.5 1.8 6 615 2018 3855 8500 107.1 4.22 4 128 5.03 99 3.90 8.6 5.8 2.1 7 525 1722 5669 12500 136.5 5.38

*Fitting dimensions do not include O.D. of flange provided for Flanged End Fittings. Fitting O.D. and I.D. apply to Flanged End, Weld-Neck, and Pipe-to-Pipe Coupling fittings.

Product data is subject to change without notice. Flexpipe Systems is not responsible for variations in data presented. Flexpipe Systems products are protected by US Patents 6,889,716 and 6,902,205, by Canada Patent 2,513,506 and by European patent 1592908. Additional patents are pending. ISO 9001:2008. ShawCor Ltd., 2012