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Plant Integrity Management Ltd, Company Guideline- PSV documentation (Draft)

1.0 PURPOSE 1.1 To establish a procedure for the data gathering and validation of PSV data for use in an upload template for Plant Integrity Managements PSV database, to ensure integrity of raw data and efficient upload time.


SCOPE 2.1 This procedure applies to all PSV data being prepared for upload to Plant integrity managements PSV database.

2.2 3.0

This procedure applies to all employees preparing PSV data for Plant integrity managements PSV database.

RESPONSIBILITIES 3.1 3.2 The Project Manager has responsibility and authority to ensure this procedure is followed. He may delegate tasks to qualified personnel as needed. All employees involved with PSV RBIs are responsible for knowing and following this procedure.




DEFINITIONS 5.1 RBI Risk Based Inspection P+ID Piping and instrument diagram PSV Pressure Safety Valve


PROCEDURE 6.1 Guidance Notes 6.1.1 All information being used for PSV data gathering must be kept in the working documents folder relating to each site excluding PSV certificates which will be organised within the received documents folder.

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Plant Integrity Management Ltd, Company Guideline- PSV documentation (Draft) 6.1.2 Print out all associated P+IDs for each site and file in order of (XX), platform (Field-Platform-Module), drawing number (xxxxx), sheet number (xxxx) HDBY-XX-XXXXX-XXXX 6.1.3 P+ID registers will be provided by the client and must be cross checked with available P+Ds. Any missing P+IDs must be highlighted in the missing documents spreadsheet. Highlight all PSVs witnessed on P+IDs whilst updating the PSV register with PSV location, PSV system and service on line associated with PSV. Using database import template located in 03_MaerskOilDenmark/00_General/03_PSVProjectGenericdata/WorkingDocu ments, certificate information must be imported to the template for upload to the Plant integrity management PSV database. Manual data entry will be required at this step and rules must be followed to ensure a simple upload to the PSV database. Three worksheets are available in the data import template: Certification all certificate data must be inserted into this worksheet. A unique number must be assigned to each certificate (RowID). Association must be established between certificates and their corresponding valve (ID_ValveRowID) using the unique number from tblTagandValveData worksheet (RowID). When applying safety codes to certificate details on the worksheet they must be input as TRUE or FALSE. No cell may be left blank in the safety code section of the worksheet. All Pre-pop, Leak and Actual leak test results must be input as either a PASS or FAIL. Valve data all valve data must be inserted to this worksheet. Valve data should only be extracted from the latest certificate available. As before, a unique number must be assigned to each valve (RowID) RBI data For purposes of upload this worksheet will largely be left blank. Only the first 5 columns must be completed to allow upload to the PSV database. Within the worksheet RowID corresponds to the unique number applied to each RBI. HistoryID corresponds to the certificate RowID and the Valve ID corresponds to the Valve RowID. 6.1.6 Certificate data must be organised within the document received folder using a hierarchy of Site System Valve.

6.1.4 6.1.5

Issue. 1 (Draft) 29 August 2011

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Plant Integrity Management Ltd, Company Guideline- PSV documentation (Draft) 6.1.7 As two certificates are required for each valve RBI a check needs to be performed against the PSV register highlighting which valves have 0/1/2 certificates. For completeness, a missing documents register must be created highlighting gaps in the available documentation. This must include: Missing P+IDs, PSV on register but not witnessed on P+ID, PSVs witnessed on P+ID but considered to be removed, number of valves missing one or more certificates.



DOCUMENTATION Examples of the PSV documentation process may be found under MaerskOilDenmark/01_TyraEast/00_PSV RBI/WORKING DOCUMENTS/ Tyra East Template MaerskOilDenmark/01_TyraEast/00_PSV RBI/WORKING DOCUMENTS/ East Tyra PID Register

Issue. 1 (Draft) 29 August 2011

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