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KB: Central File Server: How to connect to the Shares folder

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Title: Central File Server: How to connect to the Shares folder

Synopsis: Central File Server: How to connect to the Shares folder Solution: The Shares folder is a Windows file sharing service provided by OIT to promote document sharing and collaboration across the network and across departments for faculty and staff. Students do not have access to Shares. Each user has a mininum/maximum quota of 5GB quota. This quota is shared by all folders and/or files you create. The location of the Shares folder on the OIT Central File Server is: \\files\shares. The Central File Server also contains software for download. For more information please see: [URL:] . Windows users Windows users can connect to the Shares folder in one of two ways. For single session access only: Click on the Start button Pull up to Run... Enter \\files\shares on the command line and click OK For access each time you log in to your computer, map the Shares folder to a drive on your computer: From your Desktop, right-click on My Network Places From the menu, select Map Network Drive... The Map Network Drive dialog box will appear In the Path field, type in: \\files\shares In the Connect As field, type in your netID Make sure Reconnect at Logon is checked. Make note of which drive letter is displayed in the Drive field. Click OK. (A password dialog may come up. If so, enter Princeton\NetID in the login field and your domain password and click OK.) Mac OS X users With the Finder active, select Connect to Server... from the Go menu, or from the keyboard use Command In the Connect to Server window, type the following in the Address field: smb:// Click on the Connect button If you are requested to provide authentication information, enter the following:

Workgroup/Domain: PRINCETON


KB: Central File Server: How to connect to the Shares folder

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Username: YourNetID Password: your Windows Domain password

After authentication is complete, the mapped drive will appear on your desktop where you can interact with it like any other folder on your hard drive.

Alternative Filesharing Options

For an overview of Online Collaboration Tools at Princeton, please see the FAQ regarding alternatives for online collaboration [URL:] . WebSpace If your primary form of communication will be through shared documents (e.g., reports written in Microsoft Word, presentations given with PowerPoint, spreadsheets) with the possible need for a place to hold online discussions concerning those documents, WebSpace can provide the service you need. The wiki feature within WebSpace can be used to hold notes or online discussions. Alerting mechanisms let team members know when new information is available. WebSpace is integrated with Blackboard so is the appropriate tool for faculty to share files with students. See: [URL:] for more information. SharePoint SharePoint can also be used to share documents and enable online discussions. SharePoint has many additional tools that can be used to communicate and coordinate a team including task tracking, calendaring, contact tracking, bug/issue tracking, surveys, forms, announcements, wikis, blogs, and template-based web pages. Microsoft Office applications are SharePoint-aware which often makes working in SharePoint seamless. Although it offers more tools and features, SharePoint can be more challenging to learn, configure, and organize than WebSpace, and is more appropriate for project management. Choose SharePoint if these additional tools and features are important for your work. See: [URL:] for more information. Related Links: OIT Central File Server: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [URL:] Shares folder document management and rules for use [URL:] Online Collaboration Tools at Princeton FAQ [URL:] Last Updated: February 28, 2011 Solution ID: 5849

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