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Women empowerment

A women is like a Tea Bag, its only when shes in hot water that you realize how strongs she is. (By Eleanor Roosevelt & Carl Sand Burg) The culture of women has evolved throughout the years but within different societies. They are better today with all the changes that have been made in society. The purpose of my presentation is to explain the change and cause that these cultural diverse women have gone through and to discuss about the women empowerment. If we look in different parts of the world, we can see that no other culture is alike. Culture changes as time passes, just like women have change throughout the year. The women of today have been able to transform their lives because they can vote and represent themselves in a positive manner within their society. They have both led a tradition as well as modern lifestyle. Now they are more educated and independent In 19th century, life in the 1800s was harder for women in their everyday lives. Family depends to contribute from each other in order to get through that day or week. They lived a traditional stay at home life. They didnt really interact with others unless needed. The only time these women socialized was when it was time for marriage gathering. Other than that all they had were children and husband. Some women were able to escape this routine by becoming teachers. The only problem at that time was that they were considered as inferior. This created the notion that women were the weaker sex and this type of position was okay for them to carry out. Women were unable to keep their jobs if that get married. As we are discussing about the women empowerment; let first discuss what is empowerment?

Empowerment is now increasingly seen as a process by which the ones without power gain greater control over their lives. This means control over material assets, intellectual resources and ideology. It involves power to, power with, power within. The question surrounding womens empowerment the condition and position of women have now become critical to the human right based approaches to development. The Cairo Conference in 1994 organized by UN on population and development called attention to womens empowerment as a central focus and UNDP developed the gender empowerment. This focuses three variables that reflect womens participation in society- political power or decision making, education and health. Womens political participation has been considered a major measure of womens women. Globally, through histories of the world we have recorded of very few regents, sovereigns and active agents in nobility who were women. More than one million women have now entered political life in India and 43% of the seats are occupied by them district, province and national level. It was found in (1999 2000) by national sample survey organization, that there is a higher demand of female labor in some sectors. It was found that women leader are more assertive and persuasive, have a stronger need to get thing done and are more willing to be take risk. Womens leaders were also found to be more empathetic and flexible, as well as stronger in personal skills.

Conclusion These women are having changed the world for the better. There are many other women leaders who have reached great heights. Some of them were

born leaders while others learned the skills and qualities required to become good leaders. They are competent, efficient, broadminded and straight forward, they ethical and could show sound judgment, while being passionate about their vision. The society where we live today is transformational society, which lead to success, growth and positive change with its cross functional results and has evidence the ability to stand still in this circumstances of the society, here the society means not only the geography area but inclusive meritocracy. To define I can say, if am not wrong the statically evidence provided by the leading magazine Forbes has given that for the last two decades women has shown their fullest ability at the mark of success. Woman has established their competitive and reasonable skill in every other fields like science, entertainment, Sports, politics and spirituality also.