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No 1

Problem SD Drop 1 2 3 4 5

TC Drop

1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2

SD Blocking

TC Blocking



3 4 1 2 3


4 5 6 1 2

3 4 5 Timers T3212 T100 T3101 1 2 3 Factors Affecting CSSR: Diff bw: Antenna with 0 Tilt & other with Inbuilt 6 and uptilted 6 degree Reasons for Poor HOSR Antenna Vertical Beamwidth: Directivity Clutter Loss for a Commercial Building Diff Feeder Loss: 7/8" Cable is 4.5 db per 100 Metre Concentric Cells- C2 Cell reselection with Penalty time; Umbrella Handovers: More level Margin No calls Established despite good coverage: Accmin: RXP or DMAX:MAXTA:TALIMIT Formula for Tower Height Calculation TIMERS 1 T3212 2 T100 3 T3101 4 T7 Frequency of the HANDOVER_REQUIRED message

8 Poor RSR


Possible Reason Interference Bad Coverage: Bad Signal Strength: Overshooting Wrong DRT Value for Neighbours like -100 etc should be -85 Co-BCCH Hardware Problem Hardware Problem: Loose or Faulty Cables, Faulty Connections Interference: on BCCH or hopping, Wrong HSN, MAIO, MS etc Bad Coverage: Bad Signal Strength VSWR Swap: Sector or Cable Wrong PER: Should be 4 Hours Less SDCCH TS in Sector Wrong LAC Boundary or Overlapping Coverage at LAC Boundary Traffic : SMS or Calls: Wrong no of SDCCH Alarms on SDCCH or TRX Hardware Problem Dynamic SDCCH Not working Blocking due to More than 18 Logical Channels in one Trx (with TCHD and SDCCH) Hardware Problem Lesser Trx's Wrong Half rate settings Locked TS or Trx's Outage of nearby site: high traffic due to that Non-BCCH Trx Lock for a time period when Site on Battery Co-BCCH BSIC in neghbours Co-BCCH Overlapping coverage in neighbours Congestion on Target cells: BLT is 70 normally: should be changed to 90 when poor HOSR due to congestion Wrong Definitions: More Neighbours Large LAC with high Traffic PGCH: AGCH ratio wrong, Ideally 6:3 or 7:2 if needed and if does not impacts CSSR Switch Problem Coverage holes area; User gets out of coverage many a times so paging failures till user does not gets Detached i.e. 4 Hours( PER time)Solution Decrease PER Timer to 2 or 1 Hours & Monitor Wrong MFR Parameter(Default is 4) Paging Timer in MSC 4.5 Second Overshooting Interference

HO Problems: due to congestion etc Frequent HO: Ping Pong: Coverage; Wrong Handover Margins Wrong MAIO;HSN;MS Periodic Location update RLT Interference Timer Parameters ( RET)

20 20*480ms

with Inbuilt 6 and uptilted 6 degree

db per 100 Metre n with Penalty time; Umbrella Handovers: More level Margin overage: Accmin: RXP or DMAX:MAXTA:TALIMIT

PER RLT Immediate Assignment

4 hours 24 20*480=10 Seconds Def:

UIRED message MinIntBetweenUnsuccHoAttempt

4 Hours 10Seconds

AGCH, PGCH, SD, Block, SD Drop, Quality, Signal Strength


Decrease by 1 when SAACH is not received o Timer start condition: The timer T3101 starts when the BSC sends an IMMEDIATE_ASSIGNMENT_CMD message to the BTS. o Timer stop condition: The timer T3101 stops when an ESTABLISH_IND message is received from the MS.

Resolution: 1 Remove Interference 2 Improve Coverage 3 DRT -85 4 Remove Co- BCCH 5 Remove hardware Problem 1 Remove hardware Problem 2 3 4 5 1 2 Check Interference and parameters Improve Coverage Check VSWR Hardware Check Dynamic SDCCH Right LAC Boundary

3 HYS Value change to 8 db from 6 db but see it does not increases drops 4 5 6 7

1 Proper Half Rate Settings 2 TRHO should be enabled with a neighbour level of -85 3 DRT Should be Enabled


message to the BTS.

Check HRI(Tch in handover) Parameter Value



Increment by 2 when SAACH is received