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a Complete the sentences with will or wont.
0 My dogs very friendly. It




bite you. win.

1 Amys really good at tennis but Chloe is very bad. I think Amy 2 Nick is very intelligent. He 3 The food is awful. You

pass his exams. like it. be happy. go there one day.

4 I didnt do my homework last night. My teacher 5 Neil is very interested in Japan. I think he


b Put the words in the right order to make questions.

0 like / I / food / the / Will ? 1 you / Will / abroad / go ? 2 Kate / be / one day / Will / famous ? 3 Champions League / the / Will / win / Liverpool ? 4 tomorrow / be / Will / hot / it ? 5 job / sort / will / Sara / What / get / of ?

Will I like the food?

c Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the present continuous.
0 Tim 1 Avril 2 I 3 We 4 5

is going

to the cinema this evening. (go) on Saturday. (babysit) football tomorrow. (play) our cousins next week. (visit)

you James

a party at the weekend? (have) here for dinner? (come)

d Match the verbs in A with the words in B.
0 1 2 3 4 5 0

A get fail go out leave go fall

a b c d e f
2 3 4

B with someone a job in love abroad exams school


e Underline the right word.

0 Im going to the cinema tomorrow / next afternoon. 1 My birthday is in / on November. 2 Toms going to the USA last / this year. 3 Im seeing Tim in / this evening. 4 Jemima is cooking dinner tomorrow / next evening. 5 My parents are going to a restaurant in / on Saturday evening.

5 Test total 25

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Quick test Unit 9




a Complete the sentences with a or some.
0 Could I have 1 Id like 2 Would you like 3 I think Ill have 4 Could I have 5 Ill have




rice, please?

baked potato, please. drink? salad. soup, please? beefburger, please.

b Put the words in the right order to make questions.

0 lemonade / you / how / much / do / drink ? 1 rooms / many / there / how / are ? 2 much / you / rice / eat / how / do ? 3 many / times a day / you / how / do / computer / use / a ?

How much lemonade do you drink?

4 many / party / the / people / at / were / how ? 5 sleep / much / do / get / how / you ?

c Underline the correct option to complete each sentence.

0 There arent much / many students in my German class. 1 Weve got much / a lot of homework this week. 2 Jim doesnt eat much / many fruit. Hes not very healthy. 3 Do you do much / many exercise? 4 Weve got much / a lot of exams this week. Im really nervous. 5 Have you got much / many hobbies?

d Read the definitions and complete the words for food and drink.
0 Theyre small and round. I like them with tea. b _ _ cu _ _ _ i s__ i ts 1 Its white. They eat a lot of this in Japan. r _ _ _ 2 Its red. Its good with chips. s _ _ _ _ 3 Theyre long and round. Some English people eat them for breakfast. s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 Theyve got bread and meat. I like them with cheese. b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5 Its hot liquid. You eat it with a spoon. s _ _ _ 6 Its got lettuce, tomatoes and its very good for you. s _ _ _ _ 7 Its in a bottle. I drink lots of it every day. m _ _ _ _ _ _ w _ _ _ _ 8 Its a fruit. Its small, red or green. g _ _ _ _ 9 Its white and I like it in my coffee. s _ _ _ _ 10 Theyre very small and green. p _ _ _

10 Test total 25


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Quick test Unit 10


a b
1 will 2 will 3 wont 4 wont 5 will 1 Will you go abroad? 2 Will Kate be famous one day? 3 Will Liverpool win the Champions League? 4 Will it be hot tomorrow? 5 What sort of job will Sara get?


1 is babysitting

2 m playing

3 re visiting

4 Are having

5 Is coming

2 1

d e
1e 1 in 2a 2 this 3f 4d 3 this 5c 4 tomorrow 5 on


UNIT 10 Grammar
a b
1a 2a 3 some 4 some 5a 1 How many rooms are there? 2 How much rice do you eat? 3 How many times a day do you use a computer? 4 How many people were at the party? 5 How much sleep do you get?

1 a lot of

2 much

3 much

4 a lot of

5 many

1 rice 2 sauce 3 sausages 8 grape 9 sugar 10 peas 4 beefburgers 5 soup 6 salad 7 mineral water

Quick tests Units 9&10 key



0 A:



a Complete the sentences. Circle the right answer: a, b or c.

you like a drink?

B: Yes, please. a Are b Do c Would 6

1 A: Will you be at home this evening? B: a No, I wont. b No, Im not. c No, I dont.

I fall in love next summer?

a Do b Will c Would

7 How much

do you get from your parents

UNITS 9-10

2 Natalie and Josh a is having 3

a party at the weekend.

c is going to have

every week?
a euros b dollars c money

b are having

I have some soup, please?

a Could b Do c Would

8 I havent got a much

c a lot

b many


4 Ive got a a lot

homework today.
b much c a lot of

9 A: Is Jack getting married soon? B: a Yes, he is. b Yes, he does. c Yes, he will.

5 I think theres a some b any

milk in the fridge.

c a

10 Im sorry. We havent got a many b any c some



b Complete the sentences with much or many.

0 How


eggs do you want? bread at home. people in the cinema. exercises for homework? fruit do you eat every day? vegetables. He prefers fast food. money. pasta Im not hungry. baked potatoes shall I cook? veggieburgers do you want? fruit juice in the fridge.

1 There isnt 2 There werent 3 Have you got 4 How

5 Paul doesnt eat 6 My parents havent got 7 I dont want 8 How 9 How 10 There isnt

10 Grammar 20


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Progress test Units 9-10


0 Im going to see my grandparents



a Complete the sentences. Circle the right answer: a, b or c.

the weekend.
a on b at c in

1 Id like to go a to abroad

when I am older.
b abroad c at abroad

6 I hope Ill fall a in b into

love one day.

c on

2 What are you doing a last night

c tonight

7 Im sorry you a passed

your French exam.

c took

b this night

b failed

3 Im very happy because I a failed b passed c took

all my exams.

8 At what age can you leave a school b the school

c for school

4 Joe is going to

married. He really loves

9 Its my birthday a in b at c on



a get b go c fall

10 I want to get

in the school holidays.

c a work

5 Our holidays start a on b at c in


a the job

b a job


b Complete the food and drink words.

0 Fish and c h _ p _ is a popular meal in Britain. _i _s 1 This coffee is awful. Did you put any s _ _ _ _ in it? 2 Would you like chips or a b _ _ _ _ 3 A: Is that vegetable s _ _ _ ? B: No, its not. Its chicken. 4 On the 31st of December, well all eat twelve g _ _ _ _ _ . 5 The English like b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with their tea. 6 My favourite vegetables are p _ _ _ and carrots. 7 No, no s _ _ _ _ , thanks. I dont like ketchup. 8 Im a vegetarian so I dont eat b _ _ _ b _ _ _ _ _ _ . 9 The Chinese and Japanese eat a lot of r _ _ _ . 10 Its important to drink a lot of m _ _ _ _ _ _ w _ _ _ _ every day.

UNITS 9-10

p _ _ _ _ _ with your meat?

10 Vocabulary 20

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Progress test Units 9-10






Nikky Caldwell, a teenager at St Peters Secondary School, wrote this article for her school magazine. Read it and answer the questions.

The future
UNITS 9-10


hen I think about the future, Im sad and happy at the same time. I think its possible to be a pessimist and an optimist. I can see that some things will get worse and some things will get better. I feel very optimistic about my future because Ive got lots of plans. When I leave school, I want to go to university and study to be a doctor. Then I want to go abroad and help children in Africa and Asia. It will be very difficult but Im sure I can do it. I dont think Ill get married until Im thirty and then Id like to have two or three children.

We dont know what the future will bring us, but this is what Id like to do. If I think about the future of the world, I dont feel so optimistic. I believe there are some things that are going to get worse. There will be more people in Africa and Asia but not enough food. I hope there will be better medicines for the people who are not well. There will be new inventions and computers will do more things, at work and at home. Maybe people will live on the moon or under the sea but I dont think they will be happier than they are now.

Are these sentences true (a) or false (b)? If there is not enough information to answer true (a) or false (b), choose we dont know (c). Circle the right answer.
0 Nikky is a pessimist. a true b false c we dont know 6 She doesnt think the future of the world is very

1 Everything will get better. a true b false c we dont know

a true b false c we dont know

2 Nikky feels good about her future. a true b false c we dont know

7 She says there will be better medicines. a true b false c we dont know

3 She wants to be a secretary. a true b false c we dont know

8 Computers will do everything. a true b false c we dont know

4 She wants to travel to different countries. a true b false c we dont know

9 She thinks people will fly to Mars. a true b false c we dont know

5 She doesnt want to get married. a true b false c we dont know

10 She thinks that everyone will be happier. a true b false c we dont know



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Progress test Units 9-10


Write your entry and say in 2535 words:



Theres a competition in your school magazine to write about the food you normally eat.

what you have for breakfast what you have for lunch and what you have for dinner.




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Progress test Units 9-10






Listen to Tom and Sarah talking about the future. For questions 1 5 circle the right answer: T (Tom) or S (Sarah).
1 Who started their exams first? 2 Who will be happy when school finishes? 3 Who wants to go abroad and get a job? 4 Who wants to travel for a year? 5 Who wants to go to America?


UNITS 9-10

Listen again and for questions 6 10, answer the questions.

6 When did Sarahs exams start? 7 Which exams were OK? 8 Who does Sarah want to visit in Australia? 9 How long will she stay with them? 10 What does she want to do before she gets married?


Listening Speaking Test total

10 10 80


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Progress test Units 9-10

A Two students answer your questions.

Greet Students A and B and ask them how they are. Ask each student questions using language associated with giving information of a factual, personal kind e.g. What do you usually have for breakfast? Do you have lunch at school or do you bring food from home? Whats your favourite food? (The students are to practise food and drink vocabulary.)

B Two students talk to each other.

Give each student a copy of the prompt card and the menu. Explain that they are in a restaurant and they need to choose a starter, main dish, dessert and drink each. They should make suggestions for one another (e.g. How about the soup? No, thanks. I dont like chicken. I think Ill have the salad. etc). So if Student A suggests the chicken soup, Student B should turn it down, giving a reason and make an alternative suggestion.

The Old Rose Inn

V egetable soup Chicken soup with bread Tomato salad Potato Salad


Apple pie and cream Chocolate cake Fruit salad Cheese and biscuits

UNITS 9-10

Main dishes
Burger and chips Baked potato and salad Chicken, rice and salad V egetarian pasta

Fruit juice Lemonade Water

You and your partner are ordering food at a restaurant. Take it in turns to choose a starter, main dish, dessert and drink for your partner. You should refuse your partners suggestion, say why and choose something else.

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Progress test Units 9-10



a b
1 a 2 b 3 a 2 many 9 many 4 c 5 a 6 b 7 c 8 b 9 a 10 b 7 much 1 much 8 many 3 many 4 much 10 much 5 many 6 much

2 3 4 5

a b
1 b 2 c 3 b 4 a 5 c 6 a 7 b 8 a 9 c 10 b 1 sugar 2 baked potato 3 soup 4 grapes 5 biscuits 6 peas 7 sauce 8 beefburgers 9 rice 10 mineral water

1 b 2 a 3 b 4 a 5 b 6 a 7 b 8 b 9 c 10 b

Check individual answers.


TOM: My exams are starting next week. What about you? SARAH: Mine started two weeks ago so I finish on Friday. I cant wait! TOM: Do you think youll pass them? SARAH: I dont know. I didnt like the maths or physics exams, but English and
history were OK. I hope Ill pass them all. How do you think youll do?

TOM: I think itll be OK but Ill be glad when its the end of term. What will you
do next?

SARAH: I want to go abroad and get a job. TOM: Oh? And where do you want to go? SARAH: Id like to visit my cousins in Australia. They say its easy to find a job
there. Ill stay there for six months and then Ill come back here.

TOM: Maybe youll fall in love and get married and then youll stay there and
have lots of Australian children!

SARAH: I dont think so! Im too young to get married. I want to have fun first
before I go out with anyone.

TOM: I agree! I think Ill get a job here when I finish my exams. I want to make
some money and then Ill go abroad and travel for a year. There are so many countries I want to see. Ill probably go to America first. And then, who knows!

SARAH: Yeah, but dont forget university. TOM: Oh yeah

Answers 1 S 2 T 3 S 4 T 5 T 6 two weeks ago 7 English and History 10 have fun

8 her cousins

9 six months

Check individual answers.


Progress test Units 9-10 key