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Introduction to INtools & Smart Sketch Significance of INtools Area of application of INtools Different Modules in INtools like Admin, Index, Wiring, Specification, Calculation, Process data sheet, Loop wiring, Hook up, Browser, Import Utility. Future Expansion in INtools. Introduction to Admin Module Introduction to system administration Introduction to domain administration Creating new user, domain, owner, plant, area, unit in Admin Module Assigning and denying the rights to accesses to the user. Introduction to PPE Various phases of Project engineering Introduction to various documents like Instrument Index, Specification, Wiring, PCD, Instruments JB & Cable Layout, Hook-up, Loop Drawing etc. Introduction to symbols Reading a P & ID. Introduction to Instrument Index Preparation of Instrument Index in INtools Practice on Preparation on Instrument Index Introduction to Instrument Specification Preparation of Instrument Specification in INtools Process Data & calculation Module Practice on Preparation on Instrument Index Introduction to Wiring. Introduction to concept of Device Panel, JB, Marshalling Rack, various cables. Preparation of Wiring in Intools. DCS connection in wiring module Cross wiring in MR to DCS Practice on Preparation on wiring Introduction to Loop Drawing Concept of Loop of a Tag & DCS configuration Preparation of Loop Drawing in INtools using help of AutoCAD Practice on Preparation on Loop Drawing Revision of Admin Module Revision & more added information on preparation of Instrument Index, Specification, Calculation, Process Data, Wiring modules

Preparation of Loop Drawing in INtools using help of Smart Sketch Practice on all modules covered until now. Introduction to Hook-Up & their classification such as Process, Pneumatic, Electrical Hook-ups. Preparation of Hook ups in INtools with the help of AutoCAD. Practice on preparation of Hook-Ups. Introduction to Spec Binder Module Binding various specification sheets in one report. Using Browser Module in various ways. Practice on Spec Binder & Browser Module. Introduction to Smart Plant P&ID Software : Smart Plant P & ID Preparation of P&ID using Smart Plant P&ID in 2D as well as 3D view. SmartPlant Electrical Introduction to Automation Tools like PLC, SCADA and DCS