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From: Sent: To: Cc: elMayo elMayo ( Saturday, May 26, 2012 6:27:25 PM; FBI Washington (; Gitte Toldsted ( (; (; (; (; (; (; (; Human Rights Watch Press (; Amnistia Mexico (; amnestyInternational Denmark (; Andrey Safanasye (;; Irena Birganti Foxnews (; Dana Klonghoffer Foxnews (; Brian Lewis Foxnews (; (; (; JohnMcCain2 (; JohnMcCain3 (; John McCain (;; (; (; ( ( Auto Select

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FBI Washington-field and Miami-field. and

Answering your question below, the FBI can help immediately arresting and bringing in front the a USA judicial court in Miami, Florida State, the U.S. State Department official ANITA F. FUNCKE according my accusation sent to both U.S. attorney general ERIC HOLDER, Florida attorney general BILL MCCOLLUM-PAM BONDI and the FBI Director ROBERT S. MUELLER III since March 23, 2012.

This is the face of ANITA F. FUNCKE, State Department official inside the USA embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This is the accusation that you are hiding inside the Department of Justice against Anita F. Funcke.

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5/26/12 6:28 PM

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This is my first answer to your question FBI: HOW CAN THE FBI HELP YOU?

And this is my second answer to the same question: I am informing you FBI that there are in total nine USA citizens defrauded here in Denmark of their most fundamental Human Rights with the accomplish and conspiracy silence of the U.S State Department and the corrupted team administration of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA-HILLARY CLINTON-ERIC HOLDER.

At last, three of them, have been directly defrauded by the USA State Department ANITA F. FUNCKE.

FBI stop obstructing justice for political conveniences, you suppose to be there collecting American taxes to protect the justice, no to obstruct it!!! Bring it on now in front of USA Federal court. What are you waiting for?

I am requesting you FBI send this email to my Florida governor Rick Scott. Mario Herrera. USA citizen. Hialeah, Florida State. Social security number: 595-93-0602. USA passport: 047884147.

PS. - This letter is sent both to Amnesty Intentional and Human Rights Watch with the intention to present in front a USA judicial court as evidence of conspiracy silence in this case of torture, kidnapping, violations of VCCR, violations of freedom of expression against a USA citizen in Denmark. At the moment of this email, Mario Herrera continuous waiting for prison according the phony-CLOWN Danish judge H. S. Kristoffersen sentence on November 09, 2010 against his freedom of expression. This is happening with the accomplish silence of U.S president Barack Hussein Obama and the Queen of

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5/26/12 6:28 PM

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Denmark Margrethe II.


From: To: Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 06:52:25 -0400 Subject: RE: Open letter to SCRIBD.COM

How can the FBI help you?

FBI Miami

From: elMayo elMayo [] Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2012 3:17 AM To: scribd; Cc: Washington Field; Miami; Gitte Toldsted; Andrey Safanasye Subject: Open letter to SCRIBD.COM


This is an open letter and legal warning.

I already notice today (April 28, 2012) that this document, a petition on Human Rights bases sent to the Mexico president Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, have been censorship from you. (See print screen of the restriction attached to this email)

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5/26/12 6:28 PM

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However, I don't see any kind of restriction impose to these examples:

Then, why are you imposing restrictions to my documentation in special this letter to the Mexico president Felipe Calderon Hinojosa to denounce president Barack Hussein Obama of violations of USA Constitution and my freedom of expression?

I want to know in what legal bases or what political motivations have you been selecting me or my documentation in this website to be censored.

I consider this a clear act of censorship and against my first amendment of the USA Constitution. I expect immediately will be removed this restriction imposes to this document or whatsoever other document based in my denounces for corruption addressed to the USA government about my case. This will be considerer a clear act of restriction to my first amendment of USA Constitution. However, I will expect your explanation back in this case.

It is my will, that all documentation that I am uploading in this website will be respected. All documentation uploaded from my person to this website it is directly addressed to the USA government and other foreign governments of my free election. It is also my will that all these documentation have to be open and publicly, and also at the time to be presented in front a USA judicial court, USA Congress, USA Civil Rights Commission, or any other USA official as the 6th amendment of USA Constitution protect me for that.

I am nicely requesting you SCRIB.COM that immediately refrain yourself to whatsoever attempt to obstruct, interrupt, sabotage, modify or censorship any of my statements exposed here in this website. The first amendment of USA Constitution protect me for that. I expect immediately you put back in the original condition this documents or any other document related with my person or may account.

All documentation uploaded in this account is accountable to be presented as evidence in front a

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5/26/12 6:28 PM

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USA judicial court, that is my will.

Please notice that I am sending this email also to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to keep transparency in this case. and

I think, I have made myself clear in this legal warning. I will be very vigilant to however or whatsoever attempt to obstruct my freedom of expression. Please, respect my freedom of expression!

Waiting solution or resolution immediately from you ahead.


Mario Herrera Hjortevej 2. Horsens. 8700. Denmark. Tel. +45 2929 5209.

Gitte Toldsted.

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5/26/12 6:28 PM