10 YEAR GLASS WARRANTY PCT Global Pty Limited warrants that EnduroShield® will resist water and oil

based stains for a 10 year period from the date of the invoice provided to your customer. CONDITIONS This warranty only applies if: The application of EnduroShield is done in accordance with directions and instructions given by PCT Global Pty Limited; Is applied to new glass; The product applied is within 12 months of its production date (as shown on the bottle); The glass is maintained as per the care instructions below. If EnduroShield does not, in these circumstances, remain water and stain resistant for the 10 year period then PCT Global Pty Limited will gladly provide replacement EnduroShield® for Glass in an amount determined to be adequate to re-coat the area that is deemed to be unprotected. PCT Global Pty Limited reserves the right to inspect the glass in order to determine that the product has been applied and maintained in a manner consistent with the manufacturers’ directions and instructions. This warranty is given by PCT Global Pty Limited whose details are set out below: Address: Unit 5, 21 Bearing Road, Seven Hills NSW Telephone:+61 2 9674 9299 Email: sales@enduroshield.com You will bear all costs and expense in making a claim under this warranty. To make such a claim you should send to PCT Global Pty Limited the following: The original proof of purchase; A brief explanation of the problems giving rise to the claim; and Your contact details including telephone number. You should allow up to 3 to 4 weeks for your claim to be processed by PCT Global Pty Limited. EXCLUSIONS This warranty doesn't include damage caused by sand or dust abrasion, often as the result of storms in or from dry areas. Note: The durability of the coating in a sand or dust storm depends on the length and ferocity of the storm. If the glass suffers wear, then the EnduroShield coating that is bonded to the glass molecules will have been worn away with the glass. After the storm a simple water beading test can be carried out as the affected areas will be invisible, and if necessary the coating can be reapplied to areas that have been stripped of the coating.

New Orleans. They are not required or recommended for use on EnduroShield treated surfaces. Glass Railings.5% solution (5g (0. rinse off excess contaminants with a hose using fresh water before cleaning. EnduroShield® is a great choice. Should you have any queries regarding the cleaning of your treated surfaces please contact EnduroShield in your country or visit www. For best results clean the glass when covered with shade to prevent streaking. and dry the glass** with a high quality professional grade squeegee (such as Ettore or Pulex). highly acidic. Note: cleaning before removing these abrasive contaminants may damage the coating. gritty. In some cases this staining can occur in less than 1 year. Failure to follow the recommended cleaning instructions may result in damage to the coating and void the warranty. Pool Fencing. Allow the vinegar solution to sit on the surface for 5-10 minutes to help dissolve lime deposits before cleaning as their abrasive nature may damage the coating. Please follow these instructions to ensure you care for your treated glass. ** Do not use a squeegee on dry glass as this may damage the coating over time. the EnduroShield® coating is a great option in these conditions. rather than allowing the build up to continue over a long period of time. alkaline or abrasive cleaners such as Comet (powder). If the lime scale is still proving difficult to remove use a more concentrated vinegar solution.com . Caution Do not to use any rough. A solution of white vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 5 parts water). Facades.2 oz) to a Litre (1 Qrt) of fresh water is recommended. Cleaners like this damage or polish back the actual substrate of the surface. In areas prone to salt build-up or dust build-up. however it is not a necessity. Doors. but it takes a little more work due to these specific environmental conditions. your glass may have to be restored to bring back the clarity or even replaced. Being so robust. Tip for extreme hard water conditions Around the world there are some unique locations which have extremely harsh conditions. In these harshest of water environments.enduroshield. Glass Windows. (it is not damaging the glass but can build up over time) and become difficult to remove. may build-up on the protective coating and not be easily removed with a mild detergent*. Louisiana. Mirrors & Splashbacks Using a mild detergent* and water. Simply put if you didn't have the EnduroShield protection. We recommended using the vinegar / water solution (listed above) every week or so as a cleaning option to reduce this build up on the surface. mineral deposits. or a damp good quality microfiber cloth will remove soap scum and grime from the glass. wash the glass with a sponge or damp good quality microfiber cloth. EnduroShield allows you to have great looking glass.CARE INSTRUCTIONS EnduroShield® makes your cleaning easier and less frequent. In areas with hard water or bore water. containing calcium and magnesium ions. The use of a high quality professional grade squeegee (such as Ettore or Pulex) may be used to dry the glass**. Ajax or cerium oxide as they may damage the protective coating. some European countries and Western Australia are examples of areas with very high mineral concentrations. * A mild detergent such as dish washing liquid at a 0. Glass Shower Screens A quick clean once a week or as required using a mild detergent* and a sponge. will need to be used occasionally to dissolve these deposits. however it is recommended that you continue to clean the surfaces regularly. In such environments minerals are so prevalent in the water that they can still create a build up on the EnduroShield coating.

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