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Speaking Test Episode 1

From : Puteri Kecils Homework 5/28/2012

~Set 1~
Candidate A In my opinion, more foreign business people will set up companies in Malaysia if we are eco-friendly because : 1. World is in an environmental crisis. 2. There are many problems as a result, such as erratic weather, flash floods, poor air & water quality, rising temperatures, etc. 3. Many businesses are now taking environmental issues seriously. 4. They want to promote an eco-friendly culture. 5. Their customers also want to be convinced that the products they purchase are eco-friendly. 6. So we must promote our country as eco-friendly. 7. Must provide recycling facilities, have strict environmental laws etc. Candidate B In my opinion, more foreign business people will set up companies in Malaysia if we have a skilled and educated workforce because : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Human resource is vital. A skilled and educated local workforce will be an asset. Need minimum training. Reliable, trustworthy, productive, responsible etc. Can send for additional training in specialized skills. Promote locals as management staff, no need for expatriate experts. Cheaper, more efficient way of running businesses.

Candidate C In my opinion, more foreign business people will set up companies in Malaysia if we are politically stable because : 1. Peace is vital in any business. 2. Cannot conduct business in countries where there is political unrest / no stability. 3. Everything disrupted } work, transportation, supply, electricity, water etc. 4. Companies will incur loss. 5. Fear for their lives } why endanger themselves, their business, their investment. 6. Political stability ensure safety, continuity and prosperity. Candidate D In my opinion, more foreign business people will set up companies in Malaysia if we are a hospitable, friendly people because : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Everybody wants to be happy. Great to work in a country where people welcome you and accept you. It will be a home away from home. If you are happy and contented, your productivity will increase. Foreign business people will enjoy being in Malaysia and this will promote further business opportunities as they may encourage their peers to come to Malaysia.

~Set 2~
Candidate A In my opinion, body building in the gym is a current craze among youths these days because : 1. Look at the number of gyms, like Celebrity Fitness, Fitness Concept and True Yoga, that have mushroomed in all towns. 2. The young like to be seen in such trendy places. Thats why these gyms have huge glass windows where all the people exercising can be seen. 3. The gyms are air-conditioned. Young people do not like the outdoors. 4. They get to meet lots of other young people, both sexes. 5. They can go there regardless of the weather. Candidate B In my opinion, futsal is a sport that many young people like because : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Futsal is a team sport. The young do not like to be alone. It is an indoor sport. The young do not like to go outdoors. It is exciting as there is fierce competition among the teams. They get to cheer each other. There are spectators } usually their friends who do not play can go along. It is not expensive.

Candidate C In my opinion, swimming would appeal to the young because : 1. 2. 3. 4. Malaysia is a very hot country and swimming keeps you cool. Everyone knows swimming is a very good exercise for keeping fit. Those who can afford it like the exclusivity of private clubs and pools. Moreover there are many condos nowadays, even in small towns, and most of these condos have swimming pools. 5. The young get to show off their bodies when they wear their swimsuits. 6. Hanging around the swimming pool and sunbathing is viewed as a trend among foreigners and young people like to emulate them. Candidate D In my opinion, jungle trekking is a sporting activity which the young would love because : 1. It is gaining popularity these days as you get to explore the great outdoors. 2. Young people can convoy in groups and explore different treks every weekend. 3. It is great opportunity to go travelling as they trek hills near and far, such as FRIM, Gasing Hill, Gunung Ledang and Gunung Maxwell. 4. It is practically free as you do not need to pay any fee except for transportation. You need to pay for transportation for all other sporting activities too. 5. Most trekkers go in big groups and form great camaraderie. 6. It is suitable for both sexes, unlike futsal, which is more popular with the males. 7. You can develop good stamina from jungle trekking.

~Set 3~
Candidate A In my opinion, the government should make it compulsory for all new drivers to pledge their organs when they receive their probationary licenses because : 1. The government is the best authority to enforce compulsory organ donation. 2. It is very difficult to get people volunteer, so it is time to make it compulsory. 3. The under aged are not able to donate their organs, so 18 is a good age donors. 4. Schoolchildren are too young and it would be difficult to convince the old. 5. Moreover, 18 years old who are able to drive or ride motorcycles should be able to think for themselves and should not need their parents permission. 6. This is a good move, as it will also make the new drivers more conscious of the dangers of fatal accidents, and will indirectly make them more careful drivers. 7. If the new drivers are not willing to sign up as organ donors, it would be a good way to deter them from driving. This is good because many fatal road accidents involve the young, especially motorcyclists.

Candidate B In my opinion, all radio and television stations should constantly promote organ donation though public service announcements because : 1. It is true that it is always difficult to get people to volunteer to donate their organs. 2. Even people who may want to volunteer may not do so because of a lack of information. 3. As such, the radio and television stations can play the most significant part by constantly making public announcements throughout their broadcasts. 4. Radio and television are more effective means of mass media than newspaper because these days, fewer people read newspapers. 5. The public announcements must be well-worded and tastefully done so as not to offend any sector of our society. 6. These announcements should be able to convince the public of the need for organs to be donated. 7. They should impress on public that organ donation is the highest form of selflessness and a noble deed for people of all religions and beliefs. Candidate C In my opinion, NGOs should regularly organize functions such as jagathons, walkathons, or concerts to encourage organ donation because : 1. NGOs have become very active in Malaysia these days and are effective in carrying out many good causes. 2. They have committed volunteers and a strong following of people. 3. As such, they would be most effective in helping to get more Malaysians to pledge their organs. 4. They have a lot of experience in organizing events with huge turnouts, such as peaceful rallies, jagathons, walkathons and even concerts. 5. These NGOs can collaborate with each other for the same cause. 6. They can reach many people in all the states because many of these NGOs have wings and branches all over the country. 7. In addition, they have the necessary funds to organize such public events, whether from government allocations or public donations. 8. The public are more likely to be convinced by NGOs as they are view as neutral bodies with no underline motives. 9. At such functions, they can distribute flyers to inform and educate the public on the importance of organ donation and the proper way to do it.

Candidate D In my opinion, Universities should organize talks on organ donation for all new students during orientation week because : 1. There are over 50 public and private universities in Malaysia with a collective students population of hundreds of thousands. 2. Yearly, tens of thousands of new students enter these universities and universities colleges. 3. As such, the universities are in the best position to reach out to young adults to sign up for organ donation. 4. The best time to do this is during registration and orientation, when the students are fresh and eager. 5. The universities can organize talks by doctors and other relevant bodies to inform and educate the students on the importance and nobility of donating organs, often referred to as the ultimate gift. 6. They need to know about the process of becoming a donor and the procedures that will be taken before organs are actually harvested. This will dispel their fear. 7. They should be encouraged to ask questions so that whatever reservations they have regarding organ donating can be professionally clarified. 8. When the young are in a group, it is much easier to convince them. If they are with their parents, they may be discouraged even if they really want to donate.