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Where is the best place to locate a commercial structure? a. In CBD area with ample parks and street b. In front of a residential subdivision adjacent to a parking lot c. In a commercial zone near a transportation terminal d. All of the above

What would be the effect of rapid increase of a population in an urban area?

a. Loss of business opportunities b. Increase in mortality rates c. Increase of informal settlers d. All of the above

In planning, who is responsible for evaluating how land resources will be maximized?
a. Mayor b. Environmental Planner c. Land Developer d. None of the above

In elements of a city, it is the channel of movement a. Edge b. Nodes c. Path d. District

It serves as a protection against extremes in temperatures. A bank of earth is placed against one or more exterior wall of a building. a. Drum Roll b. Sun Control c. Trombe Wall d. Berm

These are metal or concrete rigid posts that can be arranged in a line to close a road or path to vehicles above a certain width, and to separate traffic from pedestrian a. Bollard b. Railing c. Fence d. Planting Strips

Which shows the separation of units?

a. Large setbacks b. Provide shrubs, fence between units c. Fire wall d. All of these

What is usually seen in the center of the figure?

a. Church b. Town/City Hall c. School d. Central Train Station with Mall

It has at least 6 buildings like church, school, government buildings, etc

a. Community Center b. Neighborhood Center c. Commercial Strip d. CBD

Given a University Plan, locate the best location for Dormitory, Canteen, College, etc. (familiarize yourself with symbols) Given a diagram of a CBD, where is the Central Area of the Plan It is the Center of Activity

The figure illustrates

a. Satellite b. Constellation c. Centralized d. Radial

What important element in planning is established when prominent structures lies in a single axis?

a. Axis b. Datum c. Network d. Composite

Subdivision lot should be made

a. Not too deep b. Not too wide c. Not in sloping areas d. Not in flat areas

What is shown in the Figure at right?

a. Setback b. Property Line c. Sidewalk d. RROW

What is used as reference line in establishing a room or floor elevation?

a. Street Level b. Natural Ground Line c. Ground Floor Line d. FFL of NGL

What is the most important part in effective process of Planning?

a. Public consultation and Stakeholders b. Participation of Stakeholders c. Constant Communication d. Extensive Research

What statement is true about urban heat? The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) Sector Model

What is Reduccion? a resettlement policy employed by the Spaniards which was designed for a convenient administration of the colonies. The Spanish authorities enticed the natives to live near the churches, or within hearing distance of church bells (in Spanish: bajo de la campana).

What is Ghetto? a section of a city occupied by a minority group who live there especially because of social, economic, or legal pressure. The term ghetto was originally used in Venice to describe the area where Jews were compelled to live. A ghetto is now described as an overcrowded urban area often associated with a specific ethnic or racial population.

What is a Shanty Town? a slum settlement of impoverished people who live in improvised dwellings made from scrap materials: often plywood, corrugated metal and sheets of plastics. Shanty towns are usually built on the periphery of cities, and often do not have proper sanitation and electricity.

During the American Regime here in the Philippines, building houses near places of work was prohibited by law. What is the government reason for such a law? a. Because of the provisions of the Fire Code of the Philippines b. Because of the unwanted human pollution caused by these settlements c. Because there was no sanitary sewage system d. Because of the lack of water supply

Building houses near places of work was prohibited because of the type of houses built by settlers. What type of houses were usually built by settlers? a. b. c. d. Bungalow Shanties Wood and Concrete Two-Storey

What law during that time is still being used today?

a. Zoning Provisions b. Local Ordinances c. Disability Law d. None of these

If youre living outside of Metro Manila and you have to travel from your town to your workplace in Metro Manila, what will you most likely encounter?

a. b. c. d.

Lack of mode of transportation Heavy Traffic Load Lack of Transportation Infrastructure All of these

What do you think is the most probable cause of heavy traffic in Metro Manila? a. Limited transportation routes b. Limited means of transportation c. Vehicular accidents d. Overcrowded streets

What is the major cause of Transportation problems in Metro Manila and the neighboring provinces? a. b. c. d. Local ordinances Zoning regulations Mode of transportation Road network system

Cavite province is one of the fastest growing province in Luzon in terms of human population and migration. What is the main reason for this development?
a. Land prices is much lower compared to other provinces b. The erection of factories in the province in the last 10 years have given more job opportunities c. Cavites location near Manila as compared to other provinces

What is the key factor in determining the utmost benefits in good site planning? a. b. c. d. Topography Users and Beneficiaries Local Government Laws Buildings and its Links

Study the following: a. Edge linear elements not used or considered as paths - Linear elements not used or considered as paths - Lateral references, not coordinate axes - May be barriers or seams - Not as dominant as paths but are important organizing features

- Edges can be disruptive to city form - Strong edges are: visually prominent continuous and impenetrable to cross movement b. Path Channels along which the observer moves - Predominant element for many persons image - Other elements are arranged and related through paths

Spatial Extremes highlight paths - Strong paths are: Easily identifiable Have continuity and directional quality Are aligned with a larger system c. Landmark point references considered to be external top the observer - Physical elements that may vary widely in scale

Unique and special in place of the continuities used earlier Sequential series of landmarks as traveling guides d. Nodes points, strategic spots by which an observer can enter Intensive foci from which observer is traveling Junctions and concentrations Directly related to the concept of paths and the concept of districts

Move people from one place to another. a. Path b. Node c. Edge d. Arteries

For the given figure, what is the best landscaping element that will deflect wind speed
a. Ground cover b. Trees c. 3ft Wood Fence d. Low Bushes

Best way to lessen noise created by traffic. a. b. c. d. Tall Trees Ground Grass Cover 3-ft Wall Fence Bushes

What would be the most effective design for air to enter the structure?

Identify the lot shown in the Figure at right

a. Inside Lot b. Corner Lot c. Corner Through Lot d. Interior Lot

From the Figure, what type of lot is Lot 1?

a. Through Lot b. Corner Lot c. Inside Lot d. End Lot


From the Figure, what type of lot is Lot 2?

a. Through Lot b. Regular Lot c. Inside Lot d. End Lot


From the Figure, what type of lot is Lot 3?

a. Corner Through Lot b. Through Lot c. Corner Lot d. End Lot


From the Figure, identify lot 4?


a. Single Detached b. Duplex c. Row house d. Through Lot

From the Figure, identify lot 5?

a. Interior Lot b. Regular Lot c. End Lot d. Corner Lot

Study Tributary Roads/ Minor Street/ Alley

What type of street arrangement was primarily observed in the Law of the Indies that is still seen in some cities today?

a. Parallel b. Grid c. Radial with a central core called Plaza d. Arterial

In the Figure at right, which of the following is considered as unsafe parking

a. D b. C c. B d. A

What is parking?





a. Buffer Parking b. Parallel Parking c. Perpendicular Parking d. Parking beside the road

What is the most economical but unsafe in backing-out?

a. Buffer Parking b. Parallel Parking c. Perpendicular Parking d. Parking beside the road

What is economical, safe in backing-out, and the most efficient?

a. Buffer Parking b. Parallel Parking c. Perpendicular Parking d. Parking beside the road

What is economical and safest?

a. Buffer Parking b. Parallel Parking c. Perpendicular Parking d. Parking beside the road

For the subdivision lot in the Figure at right, what type of Commercial Establishment is suited? a. Home-Based b. Market c. Mall d. Church

Where is the frontage for lots D & E?

Where are setbacks?

In the Figure below, identify the type of lot for #1 a. b. c. d. Inside Lot Interior Lot Corner Lot Corner Through

In the Figure below, identify the type of lot for #2 a. Inside Lot b. Interior Lot c. Corner Lot d. Corner Through

In the Figure below, identify the type of lot for #3 a. Inside Lot b. Interior Lot c. Corner Lot d. Corner Through

In the Figure below, identify the type of lot for #3

From the Figure, what is the most ideal slope of site for a Vacation House

a. b. c. d.


Important feature on site that should be considered by the developer on housing project to attract client.

a. b. c. d.

Church Creek Small lake inside the property Market

What is the most ideal for a residential resort to develop especially if facing a lake?

a. 0-2% slope
b. 6-15% slope c. 3-5% slope

d. 15-30% above

From the same figure above, what is the most expensive to develop "plumbingwise" .

a. 0-2% slope
b. 6-15% slope c. 3-5% slope

d. 15-30% above

For a Lakeside development, which is least desired?

a. b. c. d.

1.50 Canopy 0.30m Sun Breakers 3.0m Eaves 1.20m Balcony

For a lot with a 4% slope and depth of 125m, what is the difference in elevation?

a. b. c. d.

5.00 m 7.50m 31.25m 3.20m

Identify the type of road in the figure at right.

a. Cul-de-sac b. Branch c. Tee d.

From the given figure, identify what is indicated.

a. b. c. d.

Cul-de-sac Arterial Road T-road Rotonda

From the given figure, identify the type of street

a. b. c. d.

Cul-de-sac Arterial Road Collector Road Crescent

What is the function of the arterial road?

What of type of street has high velocity and high velocity of traffic flow?

a. b. c. d.

Arterial Street Minor Street Collector Street Cul-de-Sac

What type of street comes from a selector street to an individual property and provides access to an abutting property?

a. b. c. d.

Cul de sac Minor Street Marginal Access Street Arterial Street

What is the most effective layout for subdivision lots?

a. Lot lines are perpendicular radiates b. Lot lines follow contour streets c. Lot lines are diagonal to streets d. Lot lines are parallel to streets


What is the part of the RROW found right after the property line?

a. b. c. d.

Front Yard Perimeter Curb Set Back

What is the ideal slope for Area?

a. b. c. d.

1-2% 3-7% 8-15% Above 16%

The idea of slope of the land for economic subdivision housing in relation to draining system?

a. 6-8% b. 1-2% c. 15% d.

Which slope does not drain well and needs to be paved?

a. b. c. d.

1% 2% 3% 4%

What is a piece of land that is unsightly, dilapidated and which depreciates the land?

a. b. c. d.

Ugly Blighted Sore Eyes Idle

In planning, bedroom are usually oriented in what direction?

a. b. c. d.

North East West South

Situational Question regarding Topography, Contour and Site Conditions. (Blighted areas, noisy areas, steep contour, wind exposure, etc.) and finding the best location (for view and accessibility) as well as the worst location (for building and noise)?

What is a Topographic Map? A type of map characterized by large-scale detail and quantitative representation of relief, usually using contour lines.

Buy/borrow/photocopy O.K. Ching's Books. Many illustrations and concepts (for the 1st day) came from that book. It's a favorite among examiners! Graphic Standards as well as Building Construction Illustrated is also recommended. Some questions were also lifted from Fajardo's books

Situation: Given Subdivision ...



1. How do you describe the lots near the road? a. Regular lots near the road are more expensive. b. Irregular lots near the road are more expensive c. Both a & b

Identify the Cul-de-Sac Identify the BIGGEST lot What lot has the LEAST privacy?

What lot has the MOST privacy?

a. A long, but typical regular lot b. (Other choices are regular lots, but the rear part of the lots face an open, communal space) c. Corner lot d. Inside lot

Situation: Arcades ...

Which part of Metro Manila is allowed to have Arcades? a. b. c. d. Quiapo Recto Espanya Morayta

Who determines if a place shall be arcaded or not?

a. b. c. d.

Local Planning Authority Mayor DPWH Barangay

What would you recommend to use as a traffic separator below Arcades?

a. b. c. d.

Bollard Fountain Planting Strips Fence