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How to do trigonometry

How to do trigonometry In mathematics, trigonometry is most popularly known for the concept of its measurement. Trigonometry is most widely used in the concept of maths field like in Fourier series and Fourier transform we required the concept of trigonometry to solve the problems. In mathematics, trigonometry is a concept which is formed by the two Greek words; these are Trigonon and Metron. The word trigonon refers to the word triangle and the Metron word refers to the measure of the triangle. In trigonometry we generally study the trigonometry function that helps in understanding the concept of mathematics to solve the problems. The concept of trigonometry formally related to the field of geometry. The Concept of trigonometry is used for study the measurement of triangle and finds the relationship between the sides of the triangle and angles of the triangle. At that time question arises in our mind that how to do trigonometry in mathematics? In the trigonometry we study the function to specify the relationship of triangles sides and angles.


Trigonometry has their important role in various field like in the different concepts of mathematics, in different branches of science and in various technologies of science field. In the trigonometry, triangles have three sides which named as a) Hypotenuse b) adjacent, which is base of the triangle c) Opposite, this side sometime called as perpendicular line of a triangle. The opposite side has the measure of 90 degree. In that case we can say that trigonometry contains the right angle triangle. When the shape of the triangle contains the angle of 90 degree then we can say that we can easily apply the concept of trigonometry into it. The figure of the triangle is completely determined by the angles. When the angles of the triangle are known and the trigonometry ratios of the sides are known, regardless to the size of the triangle. If in case length of one of the sides of the triangle is known, then other two are known by the trigonometry functions. In the below we show you the trigonometry functions in respect of triangle A. (A)Sin function defines the ratio of the side opposite the angle to hypotenuse angle. The value of sin A can be calculated by finding the ratio of opposite and hypotenuse angle. sin A = opposite / hypotenuse (B) Cosine means cos function defines the ratio of the adjacent side to the hypotenuse. Cos A = adjacent / hypotenuse


The above ratio define the calculation of Cos A for finding the ratio between Adjacent and hypotenuse angles. (C) Tan function defines the ratio of the opposite side to the adjacent side. Tan A = opposite / adjacent The above can be written as Tan A = sin A / cos A The above are the most basic functions of the trigonometry. Through the use of above three trigonometry function we can write the reciprocal of these functions to solve the problem related to the trigonometry ratios. (D)Cot A = 1 / Tan A The above function is the reciprocal of the trigonometry function Tan A. (E) Sec A = 1 / Cos A The above function is the reciprocal of the trigonometry function Cos A. (F) Cosec A = 1 / Sin A The above function is the reciprocal of the trigonometry function Sin A. The above are the functions which are used to find out the value of angle or side when two sides of angle or sides are known.

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