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Battle For Karak Kadar

Warhammer Fantasy Apocalypse free event

Individual armies are to be no more than 3000 points. Teams are to be organized as the forces of destruction versus the forces of order. Normal force restrictions still apply, unless otherwise given consent by the other players, in a timely manner before the day of the event. Only war machines, monsters, monstrous infantry, or monstrous cavalry may attack the walls and gates. Attacking infantry units can buy Siege towers as upgrades at +50pts. A siege tower has a Toughness 5, Wounds 5. A siege tower works like a raised piece of battlefield, allowing the unit inside to assault a unit on the battlements as normal. Only Infantry and Monstrous Infantry may use siege towers. If a unit wishes to use a siege tower that was not bought as an upgrade to that particular unit, can go up the siege tower, but it takes one movement phase. If a unit that has bought the siege tower upgrade, they may attempt to charge the walls. However, pushing the weight of the tower takes its toll. Units with the siege tower upgrade can only move an extra half of their normal movement distance, rounding up, when marching. They only charge 2D6, not 2D6 +M. If an attacking unit completely occupies a section of wall, they may sabotage it, dealing D3 wounds to it per turn. Defenders and attackers may move up and down from the walls using the ramps, allowing walls to be taken, or re-taken. Magic: Each army will have its own magic dice power pool as normal. For the purposes of having dispell dice, at the beginning of the game "opponents" must be chosen. When they roll to generate power dice, you will gain dispell dice in the same manner as normal. Spells can only attempt to be dispelled once per magic phase. Anyone can attempt to dispell a spell. Dispell dice and power dice can NOT be shared with anyone.

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The winner of the Battle would be the side that has the most Victory Points.

Note: The forces of order start with all 9 points, the object is for the forces of destruction to destroy the gates and walls, and/or hold the walls and center table.


The game is to played on three tables, set up in an "I" or "H" pattern. Two parallel tables, with a perpendicular table centered between them, and touching both. There will be two sections of wall and a gate at both ends of the perpendicular table. The walls are 6" thick, and 48" wide. They will be place on the parallel tables, touching the edge of the perpendicular one. The gates are 12" wide, and centered in the walls. The forces of order may deploy in the center, perpendicular table, and within 6" of the walls and gates. The Forces of Destruction may deploy up to 18" away from their wide table edges.

Length of Game Special Rules

The game lasts 5 turns.

Line of Retreat

Unit that are forced to flee must move towards their nearest deployment edge.

Special Reserve Deployment: Reserves can only come onto the "wide" tables. The forces of order can chose which side on each "wide" table their reserves, if any, are coming from. Their reserves can only come from that side for the rest of the game. The forces of destruction get to use the other side, and only the other side as well. The exception to this would be, for example, Wulfric the Wanderer's special Rule: SeaFang. Walls and Gates, Siege and Razing: Walls and gates can be destroyed (designated prior to deployment). Walls have Toughness 10, wounds 10. The gates have Toughness 6, Wounds 6. The forces of Order can open or close the gates at their discretion.

Calculating Victory

Each section of wall and each gate along with the three sections of the center table are worth 1 Victory Point The Team having the most points at the end of the game wins. Annihilated 0 or 1 Victory Point Major Lose 2 or 3 Victory Points Minor Lose 4 Victory Points Minor Victory 5 Victory Points Major Victory 6 or 7 Victory Points Massacre 8 or 9 Victory Points