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65, Last Updated 2012-04-11 View/Download Original File <> Hosted by GameFAQs </> Return to *The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC) FAQs & Guides* </pc/615805-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/faqs> Liked this FAQ? Click here to recommend this item to other users. ^ _____________________________________________________ ^ ^/ \^ .''. ^/ \^ // \\ | Please click the link above to recommend this FAQ | // \\ / | | \ | to other users. This is the best way you can show | / | | \ | | | | | your appreciation for my FAQs. Thank you very much! | | | | | | | | | '._______________________________________________________.' | | | | |_||_| |_||_| _______________________________________________________________________________ -and- Blitz Knight Stunt Present: _____ _ _____ _ _ _____ _ _ _____ |_ _| |_ ___ | __| |_| |___ ___ | __|___ ___ ___| | |___ | | | | | | | -_| | __| | . | -_| _| |__ | _| _| . | | |_ -| | | | |_| |_|_|___| |_____|_|___|___|_| |_____|___|_| |___|_|_|___| \___/ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _______ _____ ____ ____ .dMMMbM MMM MMM !MM MM! MMNMMgg, ]M& MMM, gMM MM " ]M& yM@^ 'M6 jM' MM #M ]M& MMMMg jMMM MMMg_ ]M&_g#' 'MgjM' MM _#M ]M& MM MM&_#M'MM `MMMMM ]M&MM, 'MM' MM MMMP` ]M& MM ~MM@ MM , `MMM ]M& "MMg MM MM #&g ]M& MM ~ MM #p_ _MM ]M& MM& MM MM MM& ]M& MM MM `MMMMMP MM& MM#v MM MM6 "M& ]M& MM MM A j #M, N# QM*~ *MM pM9 lM& gN# p dM& jMMV M& l@N& jMM8 yMMMM#M#M& _MMMP MMMMMMm, )NMMg ,MMMM 4M7^ "7& MMMMg _MMMM8 "~ jM l#MMM, _MMMMM& _pMF jMNMMMc #MMMMMMMc _gNM5~' #MMMMMMM, BMMMMM ` NMMM MMMMM# #MMMMM8 ~QM ]MMMMM& pMMMMMM _ , MMg _ #MB#MM& 4MMMMMM# MNgp#, MMM _ggMF #MMMMMM& "MMMMMMMMmmgNMMMMM&MMMMMMMMMggmMMMMNMMMf "#MMMMMg2**#ZMMMMMN#MMMMM2@**~QMMMMMMF =MMNRMMMMMMMMMMMM@MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP 7MM&B@MBMMMMMMM!^NMNMMMMMMMMMMNMM# #MMWMMMM4MN2MMMpJMMMMBM7~MNMNMM@ QMMMZ" ~ *MQ7MM' M^ "MMMMN PMQf] ^@~MM ' #MM'

#Mp1 ] 4M gMM' `MMMg , M _#BM' "MMMMp, [r" _gMM@( +MMMMI j@ ]#MMM9 \MMMI jF,` ]BMMF \#MI jZv #M' YM| #f G| ,& _#, yM/ M& `Mg,g*^ )QM# ! "QT/ "7 < ASCII art created by Aardwolf_Zy 2011 > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Game Name: The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Developer: Bethesda Game Studios Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Release: 11/11/11 Emails: gregorio31[at]gmail[dot]com Platform: PS3 / 360 / PC Authored: Bkstunt_31 Guide Started: 11/11/11 Last Updated: 04/11/12 Latest Version: 1.65

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Homepage: -Facebook: --This document Copyright 2012 Gregory Michael Wright -The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Copyright 2011 Bethesda Softworks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. ============================================================================== - TABLE OF CONTENTS ============================================================================== To navigate much easier through this guide, I added the search system, which works just by following these simple steps: - Highlight the "Section Code" of the section which you wish to go and copy it (CTRL+C). - Press CTRL+F to bring up the search sub-menu. - Paste (CTRL+V) the "Section Code" and press ENTER twice to be where you wanted to be. Just like magic! This takes you to where you want to go easily and FAST, which is important since this guide is HUGE. It sure beats scrolling through this text document

for 30+ minutes, right? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~~~~~> Section <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Section Code <~~~ 1] Introduction........................................................[BK100] 1.1] Contact Rules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK101] 1.2] Donations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK102] 2] Game Basics.........................................................[BK200] 2.1] 2.2] 2.3] 2.4] 2.5] 2.6] 2.7] 2.8] 2.9] Story . . . . . . . Controls . . . . . . Races . . . . . . . Using the Compass . Leveling Up . . . . Skills and Perks . . Being Stealthy . . . Lockpicking and You Dragon Shouts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK201] .[BK202] .[BK203] .[BK204] .[BK205] .[BK206] .[BK207] .[BK208] .[BK209]

3] Main Questline......................................................[BK300] 3.1] 3.2] 3.3] 3.4] 3.5] 3.6] 3.7] 3.8] 3.9] 3.10] 3.11] 3.12] 3.13] 3.14] 3.15] 3.16] 3.17] 3.18] Unbound . . . . . . . . . . . Before the Storm . . . . . . . Bleak Falls Barrow . . . . . . Dragon Rising . . . . . . . . The Way of the Voice . . . . . The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller A Blade in the Dark . . . . . Diplomatic Immunity . . . . . A Cornered Rat . . . . . . . . Alduin's Wall . . . . . . . . The Throat of the World . . . Elder Knowledge . . . . . . . Alduin's Bane . . . . . . . . The Fallen . . . . . . . . . . Season Unending . . . . . . . The World-Eater's Eyrie . . . Sovngarde . . . . . . . . . . Dragonslayer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK301] .[BK302] .[BK303] .[BK304] .[BK305] .[BK306] .[BK307] .[BK308] .[BK309] .[BK310] .[BK311] .[BK312] .[BK313] .[BK314] .[BK315] .[BK316] .[BK317] .[BK318]

4] The Companions Questline............................................[BK400] 4.1] 4.2] 4.3] 4.4] 4.5] 4.6] 4.7] 4.8] 4.9] 4.10] Take up Arms . . . . Hired Muscle . . . . Proving Honor . . . Animal Extermination The Silver Hand . . Retrieval . . . . . Striking the Heart . Blood's Honor . . . Purity of Revenge . Glory of the Dead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK401] .[BK402] .[BK403] .[BK404] .[BK405] .[BK406] .[BK407] .[BK408] .[BK409] .[BK410]

The Companions Miscellaneous Quests: 4.11] Trouble in Skyrim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK411]

4.12] Purity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK412] 4.13] Escaped Criminal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK413] 4.14] Rescue Mission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK414] 5] College of Winterhold Questline.....................................[BK500] 5.1] 5.2] 5.3] 5.4] 5.5] 5.6] 5.7] 5.8] First Lessons . . . Under Saarthal . . . Hitting the Books . Good Intentions . . Revealing the Unseen Containment . . . . The Staff of Magnus The Eye of Magnus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK501] .[BK502] .[BK503] .[BK504] .[BK505] .[BK506] .[BK507] .[BK508]

College of Winterhold Miscellaneous Quests: 5.9] 5.10] 5.11] 5.12] 5.13] 5.14] 5.15] 5.16] 5.17] 5.18] 5.19] 5.20] 5.21] 5.22] 5.23] 5.24] 5.25] 5.26] 5.27] 5.28] 5.29] 5.30] 5.31] Rejoining the College . . Tolfdir's Alembic . . . . Out of Balance . . . . . . Enchantment Fetching . . . Restocking Soul Gems . . . Valuable Book Fetching . . Shalidor's Insights . . . The Atronach Forge . . . . Velehk Sain's Treasure . . Aftershock . . . . . . . . Rogue Wizard . . . . . . . Arniel's Endeavor Part I . Arniel's Endeavor Part II Arniel's Endeavor Part III Arniel's Endeavor Part IV Brelyna's Practice . . . . J'Zargo's Experiment . . . Onmund's Request . . . . . Destruction Ritual Spell . Illusion Ritual Spell . . Conjuration Ritual Spell . Restoration Ritual Spell . Alteration Ritual Spell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK509] .[BK510] .[BK511] .[BK512] .[BK513] .[BK514] .[BK515] .[BK516] .[BK517] .[BK518] .[BK519] .[BK520] .[BK521] .[BK522] .[BK523] .[BK524] .[BK525] .[BK526] .[BK527] .[BK528] .[BK529] .[BK530] .[BK531]

6] Thieves Guild Questline.............................................[BK600] 6.1] 6.2] 6.3] 6.4] 6.5] 6.6] 6.7] 6.8] 6.9] 6.10] 6.11] A Chance Arrangement . . Taking Care of Business Loud and Clear . . . . . Dampened Spirits . . . . Scoundrel's Folly . . . Speaking with Silence . Hard Answers . . . . . . The Pursuit . . . . . . Trinity Restored . . . . Blindsighted . . . . . . Darkness Returns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK601] .[BK602] .[BK603] .[BK604] .[BK605] .[BK606] .[BK607] .[BK608] .[BK609] .[BK610] .[BK611]

Thieves Guild Miscellaneous Quests: 6.12] No Stone Unturned . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK612] 6.13] Growing The Guild . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK613] 6.14] The Numbers Job . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK614]

6.15] 6.16] 6.17] 6.18] 6.19] 6.20] 6.21] 6.22] 6.23] 6.24] 6.25] 6.26] 6.27]

The Fishing Job . . . . . . . The Bedlam Job . . . . . . . . The Burglary Job . . . . . . . The Shill Job . . . . . . . . The Sweep Job . . . . . . . . The Heist Job . . . . . . . . Retrieve Arondil's Journals . The Dainty Sload . . . . . . . Summerset Shadows . . . . . . Imitation Amnesty . . . . . . Deliver Moon Sugar to Ri'saad Silver Lining . . . . . . . . Under New Management . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

.[BK615] .[BK616] .[BK617] .[BK618] .[BK619] .[BK620] .[BK621] .[BK622] .[BK623] .[BK624] .[BK625] .[BK626] .[BK627]

7] The Dark Brotherhood Questline......................................[BK700] 7.1] 7.2] 7.3] 7.4] 7.5] 7.6] 7.7] 7.8] 7.9] 7.10] 7.11] 7.12] 7.13] 7.14] 7.15] 7.16] 7.17] 7.18] 7.19] Innocence Lost . . . . . . . . . With Friends Like These . . . . Sanctuary . . . . . . . . . . . Contract: Kill Beitild . . . . . Contract: Kill Ennodius Papius . Contract: Kill Narfi . . . . . . Mourning Never Comes . . . . . . Whispers in the Dark . . . . . . Contract: Kill Lurbuk . . . . . Contract: Kill Hern . . . . . . The Silence has been Broken . . Bound until Death . . . . . . . Breaching Security . . . . . . . The Cure for Madness . . . . . . Recipe for Disaster . . . . . . To Kill an Empire . . . . . . . Death Incarnate . . . . . . . . Hail Sithis! . . . . . . . . . . Where you hang your enemy's head . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK701] .[BK702] .[BK703] .[BK704] .[BK705] .[BK706] .[BK707] .[BK708] .[BK709] .[BK710] .[BK711] .[BK712] .[BK713] .[BK714] .[BK715] .[BK716] .[BK717] .[BK718] .[BK719]

The Dark Brotherhood Miscellaneous Quests: 7.20] 7.21] 7.22] 7.23] The Dark Brotherhood Forever . . . . . . Take the Hidden Treasure - Part I-IV . . Receive a reading from Olava the Feeble Locate the Assassin of Old . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK720] .[BK721] .[BK722] .[BK723]

8] Civil War Questline.................................................[BK800] 8.1] Stormcloaks . . . . . . . . . . . 8.1.1] Join the Stormcloak Rebellion 8.1.2] Joining the Stormcloaks . . . 8.1.3] The Jagged Crown . . . . . . . 8.1.4] Message to Whiterun . . . . . 8.1.5] Battle for Whiterun . . . . . 8.1.6] Liberation of Skyrim . . . . . 8.1.7] Rescue from Fort Neugrad . . . 8.1.8] A False Front . . . . . . . . 8.1.9] The Battle for Fort Snowhawk . 8.1.10] The Battle for Fort Dunstad . 8.1.11] The Battle for Fort Hraggstad 8.1.12] Battle for Solitude . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK801] .[BK801] .[BK802] .[BK803] .[BK804] .[BK805] .[BK806] .[BK807] .[BK808] .[BK809] .[BK810] .[BK811] .[BK812]

8.2] Imperials. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK813]

8.2.1] 8.2.2] 8.2.3] 8.2.4] 8.2.5] 8.2.6] 8.2.7] 8.2.8] 8.2.9] 8.2.10] 8.2.11] 8.2.12]

Joining the Legion . . . . . . The Jagged Crown . . . . . . . Message to Whiterun . . . . . Battle for Whiterun . . . . . Reunification of Skyrim . . . A False Front . . . . . . . . The Battle for Fort Dunstad . Compelling Tribute . . . . . . The Battle for Fort Greenwall Rescue From Fort Kastav . . . Battle for Fort Amol . . . . . Battle for Windhelm . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

.[BK814] .[BK815] .[BK816] .[BK817] .[BK818] .[BK819] .[BK820] .[BK821] .[BK822] .[BK823] .[BK824] .[BK825]

9] Daedric Quests......................................................[BK900] 9.1] 9.2] 9.3] 9.4] 9.5] 9.6] 9.7] 9.8] 9.9] 9.10] 9.11] 9.12] 9.13] 9.14] 9.15] A Daedra's Best Friend . . A Night to Remember . . . . Boethiah's Calling . . . . Discerning the Transmundane Ill Met by Moonlight . . . Pieces of the Past . . . . The Black Star . . . . . . The Break of Dawn . . . . . The Cursed Tribe . . . . . The House of Horrors . . . The Mind of Madness . . . . The Only Cure . . . . . . . The Taste of Death . . . . The Whispering Door . . . . Waking Nightmare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK901] .[BK902] .[BK903] .[BK904] .[BK905] .[BK906] .[BK907] .[BK908] .[BK909] .[BK910] .[BK911] .[BK912] .[BK913] .[BK914] .[BK915]

10] City Overviews....................................................[BK1000] [Coming Soon!] 11] Random World Quests and Encounters................................[BK1100] 11.1] 11.2] 11.3] 11.4] 11.5] 11.6] 11.7] 11.8] A Scroll for Anska . . . . . . . . Destroy the Draugr in Angarvunde . Evil in Waiting . . . . . . . . . . Siege on the Dragon Cult . . . . . Silenced Tongues . . . . . . . . . The Legend of Red Eagle . . . . . . The Pale Lady . . . . . . . . . . . Unlock the Sarcophagus in Ragnvald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK1101] .[BK1102] .[BK1103] .[BK1104] .[BK1105] .[BK1106] .[BK1107] .[BK1108]

12] Side Quests.......................................................[BK1200] 12.1] 12.2] 12.3] 12.4] 12.5] 12.6] 12.7] 12.8] 12.9] 12.10] 12.11] A Return to your Roots . . Blood on the Ice . . . . . Forbidden Legend . . . . . Forsworn Conspiracy . . . . In My Time Of Need . . . . Kyne's Sacred Trials . . . Laid Rest . . . . . . . . . Lights Out! . . . . . . . . Missing in Action . . . . . No One Escapes Cidhna Mines Promises to Keep . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK1201] .[BK1202] .[BK1203] .[BK1204] .[BK1205] .[BK1206] .[BK1207] .[BK1208] .[BK1209] .[BK1210] .[BK1211]

12.12] 12.13] 12.14] 12.15] 12.16] 12.17] 12.18] 12.19] 12.20] 12.21]

Repairing the Phial . . Rise in the East . . . Rising at Dawn . . . . The Blessings of Nature The Golden Claw . . . . The Heart of Dibella . The Man Who Cried Wolf The White Phial . . . . The Wolf Queen Awakened Unfathomable Depths . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

.[BK1212] .[BK1213] .[BK1214] .[BK1215] .[BK1216] .[BK1217] .[BK1218] .[BK1219] .[BK1220] .[BK1221]

13] Dragon Information................................................[BK1300] 13.1] Unique Dragons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK1301] 13.2] Dragon Wall Shouts/Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK1302] 14] Followers.........................................................[BK1400] [Coming Soon!] 15] Trainers..........................................................[BK1500] 16] Standing Stone Locations..........................................[BK1600] 17] Skill Book Locations..............................................[BK1700] 18] Marriages.........................................................[BK1800] [Coming Soon!] 19] Crafting..........................................................[BK1900] 19.1] 19.2] 19.3] 19.4] Alchemy . . Smithing . Enchanting Cooking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK1901] .[BK1902] .[BK1903] .[BK1904]

[Coming Soon!] 20] Diseases..........................................................[BK2000] 21.1] Vampirism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK2001] 21.2] Lycanthropy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK2002] 21.3] Other Diseases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK2003] [Coming Soon!] 21] Trophies..........................................................[BK2100] 21.1] 21.2] 21.3] 21.4] Bronze Trophies Silver Trophies Gold Trophies . Platinum Trophy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK2101] .[BK2102] .[BK2103] .[BK2104]

23] Version History...................................................[BK2200] 24] Credits & Thanks..................................................[BK2300] =============================================================================== ================================== END OF ToC =================================

=============================================================================== _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 1. Introduction ||| [BK100] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O -= Bkstunt = Hey everyone, its Bkstunt here with a guide on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I'm a BIG fan of Bethesda after playing through Morrowind and Oblivion (and Fallout 3), so getting the chance to write for Skyrim meant I had to jump at it! If you've played any of the games listed above, you KNOW that Skyrim is HUGE. There will undoubtedly be things about this game that I just don't know, so input from you, the gamer, is very much welcome. Also, I know for a fact now (after playing the game for 100+ hours) that you WILL NOT play the same game as me. Bethesda is clever and will change things up... the EXPERT lock I may encounter may be a MASTER lock in your game. And if I run into three enemies, you may run into TWO... or FOUR, which makes this game somewhat random. Randomness is NOT a guide-writers friend, so I'll ask that you appreciate the game for what it is and DON'T use this guide as a crutch, but a tool. This is by far the biggest game I have ever decided to try and write a guide for. I've done my best to point out everything I found that can help you, and I've also tried to NOT spoil the game's story either. Hopefully you'll find this guide entertaining, informative, and enjoyable. Enjoy the guide! ~ Bkstunt =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 1.1] Contact Rules ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK101.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----' -= Bkstunt = Have something you want to see in the guide? Any good ideas? Or perhaps you just want to say thanks? Well you can email me at: --> gregorio31[at]gmail[dot]com <-I do my best to check everything I get, although I'll outright ignore emails that I can't understand or have no meaning. I will also say that it can take me an inordinate amount of time to get around to checking my email. Just a fair warning. ____________ FOLLOW ME! ____________

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/ | | \ SONY / (/_\) \ ! __ \/ __ | ! ,-. `-' ,-. | | |__ > < __| !__SELECT START__| ([ ]) ( O ) ! ! /\ ___`-. ,-' `-' ,-. `-' | |\ |__| ,' `. \ / ,' `. ( X ) /| | `. / \ | | / \ `-' ,' | | `-.____,-. \ / |____| \ / ,-.____,-' | | ,'\ `.___,' / \ `.___,' /`. | | / `-.___,-' `-.___,-' \ | \ / \ / \ / \ / `.__,-' `-.__,' o------------+----------------------------------------------------------------o |- L1 button | = Uses what's equipped on left hand. | | +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Equips that item/weapon when on favorite quick-menu. | |============+================================================================| |- L2 button | = Sprint. | |============+================================================================| |- L3 button | = Toggle Sneak Mode. | |============+================================================================| |- R1 button | = Uses what's equipped on the right hand. | | +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Equips that item/weapon when on favorite quick-menu. | |============+================================================================| |- R2 button | = Shout/Power. | |============+================================================================| |- R3 button | = Switch between first-person and third-person views. | |============+================================================================| |- D-pad | = Favorites. | |============+================================================================| |- L analog | = Moves player forward/back and strafes. | |============+================================================================| |- R analog | = Aims Crosshair/Rotates camera. | |============+================================================================| |- Start | = Opens up your Journal. | |============+================================================================| |- Select | = Wait. | |============+================================================================| |- X button | = Activate. | |============+================================================================| |- [] button | = Ready weapon. | | +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Sheathe weapon. | |============+================================================================| |- /\ button | = Jump. | |============+================================================================| |- O button | = Character's Menu. | o------------'----------------------------------------------------------------o MICROSOFT XBOX 360 CONTROLS _.-'``-._ _,-'`'-._ ,-' `-.,____________,.-' .-. `-. / .---. ___ ( Y ) \ / ,' ,-. `. __ / X \ __ .-. `-` .-. \ / | | | | (__) | / \ | (__) ( X ) ( B ) \ / `. `-' ,' __ \___/ `-` ,-. `-` \ | `---` ,-` `-. .---. ( A ) |

| | ! | | | | \ `.__,-'

,' . `. `-` | - - | \ -. ,- / `. ' ,' `-.__,-' `---` ________________ _,-'` ``-._ ,-' `-. ,' `. | | `-.__,'

/ -' `- \

| | | | | | | /

o------------+----------------------------------------------------------------o |- LB button | = Sprint. | |============+================================================================| |- LT button | = Uses what's equipped on left hand. | | +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Equips that item/weapon when on favorite quick-menu. | |============+================================================================| |- R analog | = Switch between first-person and third-person views. | | [push] | | |============+================================================================| |- L analog | = Toggle Sneak Mode. | | [push] | | |============+================================================================| |- RB button | = Shout/Power. | |============+================================================================| |- RT button | = Uses what's equipped on the right hand. | | +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Equips that item/weapon when on favorite quick-menu. | |============+================================================================| |- D-pad | = Favorites. | |============+================================================================| |- L analog | = Moves player forward/back and strafes. | |============+================================================================| |- R analog | = Aims Crosshair/Rotates camera. | |============+================================================================| |- Start | = Opens up your Journal. | |============+================================================================| |- Back | = Wait. | |============+================================================================| |- A button | = Activate. | |============+================================================================| |- X button | = Ready weapon. | | +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Sheathe weapon. | |============+================================================================| |- Y button | = Jump. | |============+================================================================| |- B button | = Character's Menu. | o------------'----------------------------------------------------------------o PC CONTROLS o------------+----------------------------------------------------------------o |- Left | = Uses what's equipped on right hand. | | click +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Equips that item/weapon when on favorite quick-menu. | |============+================================================================| |- ALT | = Sprint. | |============+================================================================| |- Shift | = Walk. |

|============+================================================================| |- F | = Switch between first-person and third-person views. | | | | |============+================================================================| |- CTRL | = Toggle Sneak Mode. | |============+================================================================| |- Right | = Uses what's equipped on the left hand. | | click +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Equips that item/weapon when on favorite quick-menu. | |============+================================================================| |- Z | = Shout/Power. | |============+================================================================| |- Q | = Favorites. | |============+================================================================| |- W,A,S,D | = Moves player forward/back and strafes. | |============+================================================================| |- C | = Automove. | |============+================================================================| |- Mouse | = Aims Crosshair/Rotates camera. | |============+================================================================| |- J | = Opens up your Journal. | |============+================================================================| |- T | = Wait. | |============+================================================================| |- E | = Activate. | |============+================================================================| |- R | = Ready weapon. | | +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | | = Sheathe weapon. | |============+================================================================| |- Space | = Jump. | |============+================================================================| |- TAB | = Character's Menu. | |============+================================================================| |- #'s | = Hotkeys | |============+================================================================| |- M | = Map. | |============+================================================================| |- I | = Inventory. | |============+================================================================| |- P | = Magic. | o------------'----------------------------------------------------------------o =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 2.3] Races ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK203.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----' Just like the previous Elder Scrolls games, like Morrowind (III) and Oblivion (IV), at the beginning of the game you will create your character from several races, ranging from several kinds of Elves, to Orcs and some Human races. Which one should you pick? Well, that's entirely your choice! There's really no wrong choice, but each race has its own specialties so keep on reading and pick the one that you're looking for. Please note that all races begin with two spells, and some races get extra spells (see below): o------------------.----------------------------------------------------------o | Flames | A ball of fire that does 8 damage. per second. Targets |

| | on fire take extra damage. | |------------------|----------------------------------------------------------| | Healing | Heals the caster 10 HP per second. | |------------------|----------------------------------------------------------| | Conjure Familiar | Summons a Familiar for 60 seconds wherever the caster is | | (Breton only) | pointing. | |------------------|----------------------------------------------------------| | Sparks | Lightning strike that does 8 points of shock damage to | | (Dark Elf only) | Health and Magicka per second. | |------------------|----------------------------------------------------------| | Fury | Creatures and people up to level 6 will attack anything | | (High Elf only) | nearby for 30 seconds. | o------------------'----------------------------------------------------------o Now, let's get started with the different races, shall we? _____ .__ / _ \_______ ____ ____ ____ |__|____ ____ / /_\ \_ __ \/ ___\ / _ \ / \| \__ \ / \ / | \ | \/ /_/ > <_> ) | \ |/ __ \| | \ \____|__ /__| \___ / \____/|___| /__(____ /___| / ____________________\/_____/_____/_____________\/________\/_____\/_____________ This reptilian race, well-suited for the treacherous swamps of their Black Marsh homeland, has developed a natural resistance to diseases and the ability to breath underwater. They can call upon the Histskin to regenerate health very quickly. o Racial Starting Stats: Lockpicking +10 Alteration +5 Light Armor +5 Pickpocket +5 Restoration +5 Sneak +5

o Racial Abilities: Histskin: Invoke the power of the Hist to recover health ten times faster for 60 seconds. Resist Disease: Your Argonian blood is 50% resistant to disease. Waterbreathing: Your Argonian lungs can breath underwater.

__________ __ \______ \_______ _____/ |_ ____ ____ | | _/\_ __ \_/ __ \ __\/ _ \ / \ | | \ | | \/\ ___/| | ( <_> ) | \ |______ / |__| \___ >__| \____/|___| / ________________________\/______________\/_________________\/__________________ In addition to their quick and perceptive grasp of spellcraft, even the humblest of High Rock's Bretons can boast a resistance to magic. Bretons can call upon the Dragonskin power to absorb spells. o Racial Starting Stats:

Conjuration +10 Alchemy +5 Alteration +5 Illusion +5 Restoration +5 Speech +5

o Racial Abilities: Dragonskin: Absorb 50% of magicka from hostile spells for 60 seconds. Magic Resistance: Breton blood grants a 25% resistance to magic. o Extra Starting Spell: Conjure Familiar: Summons a Familiar for 60 seconds wherever the caster is pointing. ________ __ ___________.__ _____ \______ \ _____ _______| | __ \_ _____/| |_/ ____\ | | \\__ \\_ __ \ |/ / | __)_ | |\ __\ | ` \/ __ \| | \/ < | \| |_| | /_______ (____ /__| |__|_ \ /_______ /|____/__| ____________________\/_____\/___________\/_________\/__________________________ Also known as "Dunmer" in their homeland of Morrowind, dark elves are noted for their stealth and magic skills. They are naturally resistant to fire and can call upon their Ancestor's Wrath to surround themselves in fire. o Racial Starting Stats: Destruction +10 Alchemy +5 Alteration +5 Illusion +5 Light Armor +5 Sneak +5

o Racial Abilities: Resist Fire: Your Dunmer blood gives you 50% resistance to fire. Ancestor's Wrath: For 60 seconds, opponents that get too close take 8 points per second of fire damage. o Extra Starting Spell: Sparks: Lightning strike that does 8 points of shock damage to Health and Magicka per second.

___ ___ .__ .__ | \|__| ____ | |__ / ~ \ |/ ___\| | \ \ Y / / /_/ > Y \ \___|_ /|__\___ /|___| / /

___________.__ _____ \_ _____/| |_/ ____\ | __)_ | |\ __\ | \| |_| | /_______ /|____/__|

____________________\/___/_____/______\/__________\/___________________________ Also known as "Altmer" in their homeland of Summerset Isle, the high elves are the most strongly gifted in the arcane arts of all the races. They can call upon their Highborn power to regenerate Magicka quickly. o Racial Starting Stats: Illusion +10 Alteration +5 Conjuration +5 Destruction +5 Enchanting +5 Restoration +5

o Racial Abilities: Highborn: Regenerate Magicka faster for 60 seconds Highborn: High Elves are born with 50 extra magicka. o Extra Starting Spell: Fury: Creatures and people up to level 6 will attack anything nearby for 30 seconds.

.___ .__ .__ | | _____ ______ ___________|__|____ | | | |/ \\____ \_/ __ \_ __ \ \__ \ | | | | Y Y \ |_> > ___/| | \/ |/ __ \| |__ |___|__|_| / __/ \___ >__| |__(____ /____/ _________________________\/|__|________\/______________\/______________________ Natives of Cyrodiil, they have proved to be shrewd diplomats and traders. They are skilled with combat and magic. Anywhere gold coins might be found, Imperials always seem to find a few more. They can call upon the Voice of the Emperor to calm an enemy. o Racial Starting Stats: Restoration +10 Block +5 Destruction +5 Enchanting +5 Heavy Armor +5 One-Handed +5

o Racial Abilities: Voice of the Emperor: Calms nearby people for 60 seconds. Imperial Luck: Anywhere gold coins might be found, Imperials always seem to find a few more.

____ __.__

__.__.__ __

| |/ _| |__ _____ |__|__|__|/ |_ | < | | \\__ \ | | | \ __\ | | \| Y \/ __ \_ | | | || | |____|__ \___| (____ /\__| |__|__||__| _____________________________\/____\/_____\/\______|___________________________ Hailing from the province of Elsweyr, they are intelligent, quick, and agile. They make excellent thieves due to their natural stealthiness. All Khajit can see in the dark at will and have unarmed claw attacks. o Racial Starting Stats: Sneak +10 Alchemy +5 Archery +5 Lockpicking +5 One-Handed +5 Pickpocket +5

o Racial Abilities: Claws: Khajiit claws do 15 points of damage. Night Eye: Improved night vision for 60 seconds.

_______ .___ \ \ ___________ __| _/ / | \ / _ \_ __ \/ __ | / | ( <_> ) | \/ /_/ | \____|__ /\____/|__| \____ | ________________________________\/__________________\/_________________________ Citizens of Skyrim, they are a tall and fair-haired people. Strong and hardy, Nords are famous for their resistance to cold and their talent as warriors. They can use a Battlecry to make opponents flee. o Racial Starting Stats: Two-Handed +10 Block +5 Light Armor +5 One-Handed +5 Smithing +5 Speech +5

o Racial Abilities: Battle Cry: Target flees for 30 seconds. Resist Frost: Your Nord blood gives you 50% resistance to Frost.

________ \_____ \_______ ____ / | \_ __ \_/ ___\ / | \ | \/\ \___ \_______ /__| \___ >

___________________________________\/____________\/____________________________ The people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains, Orcish smiths are prized for their craftsmanship. Orc troops in Heavy Armor are among the finest in the Empire, and are fearsome when using their Berserker Rage. o Racial Starting Stats: Heavy Armor +10 Block +5 Enchanting +5 One-Handed +5 Smithing +5 Two-handed +5

o Racial Abilities: Beserker Rage: You take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds.

__________ .___ .___ \______ \ ____ __| _/ ____ __ _______ _______ __| _/ | _// __ \ / __ | / ___\| | \__ \\_ __ \/ __ | | | \ ___// /_/ |/ /_/ > | // __ \| | \/ /_/ | |____|_ /\___ >____ |\___ /|____/(____ /__| \____ | __________________\/_____\/_____\/_____/____________\/___________\/____________ The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel, the Redguards of Hammerfell have a hardy constitution and a natural resistance to poison. They can call upon an Adrenaline Rush in combat. o Racial Starting Stats: One-handed +10 Alteration +5 Archery +5 Block +5 Destruction +5 Smithing +5

o Racial Abilities: Adrenaline Rush: Stamina regenerates 10x faster for 60 seconds. Resist Poison: Your Redguard blood gives you 50% resistance to poison.

__ __ .___ ___________.__ _____ / \ / \____ ____ __| _/ \_ _____/| |_/ ____\ \ \/\/ / _ \ / _ \ / __ | | __)_ | |\ __\ \ ( <_> | <_> ) /_/ | | \| |_| | \__/\ / \____/ \____/\____ | /_______ /|____/__| __________________\/____________________\/__________\/_________________________ The clanfolk of the Western Valenwood forests, also known as "Bosmer". Wood elves make good scouts and thieves, and there are no finer archers in all of Tamriel. They have natural resistances to both poisons and diseases. They can

Command Animals to fight for them. o Racial Starting Stats: Archery +10 Alchemy +5 Light Armor +5 Lockpicking +5 Pickpocket +5 Sneak +5

o Racial Abilities: Resist Disease and Poison: Your Bosmer blood gives you 50% resistance to poison and disease. Command Animal: Make an animal an ally for 60 seconds.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 2.4] Using the Compass ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK204.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----' The Compass appears in the center of the screen on top to show various locations, from cities to dungeons and even enemies. Take a look at the Compass ASCII below and SOME symbols so you can get a better grasp of your surroundings. _____________________________________________________________________ /\ /| |\ /\ / \X/| |\X/ \ \ /X\| |/X\ / \/ \| |/ \/ _______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || |\ | | DIRECTION: This only shows where North is so you can find || || | \ | | your way more easily. Note that there are letters for || || | \ | | EAST, SOUTH, and WEST as well (well, duh!). || || | \| | || ||--------------+------------------------------------------------------------|| || __/\__ | ACTIVE QUEST TARGET: This shows the location of the next || || \ \/ / | objective for the quest that you are doing at the moment, || || \ / | of course. NOTE that this shows up when the objective is || || \/ | outdoors. || ||--------------+------------------------------------------------------------|| || __/\__ | CUSTOM TARGET: The symbol is the same as the previous one, || || \ \/ / | only that this one is blue, hence the "~B". These are || || \~B/ | markers that you put on the map. || || \/ | || ||--------------+------------------------------------------------------------|| || __/\__ | QUEST TARGET THROUGH DOOR: This shows the location of the || || |\ \/ /| | next objective of the quest that you are doing at the || || | \ / | | moment. NOTE that this shows up when the objective is || || | \/ | | located indoors or through a door. || || |______| | || ||--------------+------------------------------------------------------------|| || .-. | ENEMY: When there's an enemy nearby, a red orb like this ||

|| ( ) | attempt appears, so you don't lose track of the enemy. || || '-' | || '~._____________|___________________________________________________________,~' Note that these ARE only some of the symbols, but the most common. The rest are used for the different types of dungeons, or for cities and whatnot. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 2.5] Leveling Up ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK205.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----' Here we'll discuss leveling up and HOW to do it. In past games, the leveling systems was... a tad bit confusing to say the least, but in Skyrim the process has been stream-lined. You have EIGHTEEN (18) different skills in the world of Skyrim (see the skills and perks section below). EACH skill has its own level up bar, but your character also has a level up bar. Here's why this is important: EVERY TIME you level up one of those eighteen skills, a section of your MAIN level up bar fills up. So technically you can level up without FIGHTING at all. in town and, say, use the BLACKSMITH FORGERY (to level up skill), go on a LOCKPICKING SPREE, and PICKPOCKET a bunch (or any skill) enough and you'll level up your main level to your next level. You COULD just stay your SMITHING of people. Do this bar, advancing you

Each level you gain will let you increase your HEALTH, MAGIC, or STAMINA by 10 points. You'll also be given a SKILL POINT, which lets you choose a PERK to learn (again, more about perks in the next section). So as you can see, the only way to level up and get stronger in the game is to use your skills! In other words, play the game and the levels will come! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 2.6] Skills and Perks ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK206.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----' Here we'll list the game's EIGHTEEN skills. We'll also list all of the PERKS that you can get by investing SKILL POINTS into those skills. Note that you need to level up your skills to a certain level before you can learn the perks you want. Hey, good things come with time! Knowing how to level up skills is... pretty self-explanatory. Well, for the most part. All you do is USE what you want to level up after all. Here's some skills that you may be wondering how to level: o-------------.---------------------------------------------------------------o | Heavy Armor | In order to level up Heavy Armor, just take damage while | | | WEARING Heavy Armor. | |-------------|---------------------------------------------------------------| | Light Armor | In order to level up Light Armor, just take damage while | | | WEARING Light Armor. | |-------------|---------------------------------------------------------------| | Speech | In order to level up Speech, buy and sell items at a store. |

| | You can also choose PERSUADE and INTIMIDATE options while | | | talking. | o-------------'---------------------------------------------------------------o Down below is the list of ALL the 18 skills, as well as their tree ASCII and the skill list. Have fun with reading it all and plotting out your character! (-NOTE-) Many of the skills with incrementing levels are going to be blank until I can get around to checking them. _____ .__ .__ / _ \ | | ____ | |__ ____ _____ ___.__. / /_\ \| | _/ ___\| | \_/ __ \ / < | | / | \ |_\ \___| Y \ ___/| Y Y \___ | \____|__ /____/\___ >___| /\___ >__|_| / ____| ______________________\/__________\/_____\/_____\/______\/\/___________________ An alchemist can create magical potions and deadly poisons. ] -------------------. | | ] .------------------- [ 8 | | | | ] -------------------' [ 7 | | ] -------------- [ 2 ] -------------- [ 6 | | [ 1 ] [ 9

[ [ [

5 | | 4 | | 3

] ] ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Alchemist [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Potions and Poisons you make are 20/?% stronger. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Physician || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Potions you mix that restore health, magicka or stamina || || :|: are 25% more powerful. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Poisoner || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Poisons you mix are 25% more effective. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Concentrated Poison || || Lv. Required :|: 60 || || What it does :|: Potions applied to weapons last for twice as many hits. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 ||

|| Name :|: Green Thumb || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Two ingredients are gathered from plants. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Benefactor || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Potions you mix with beneficial effects have an || || :|: additional 25% greater magnitude. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Experimenter [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 50/?/? || || What it does :|: Eating an ingredient reveals first two/?/? effects. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Snake Blood || || Lv. Required :|: 80 || || What it does :|: 50% resistance to all poisons. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Purity || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: All negative effects are removed from created potions, || || :|: and all positive effects are removed from from created || || :|: poisons. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' _____ .__ __ __ .__ / _ \ | |_/ |_ ________________ _/ |_|__| ____ ____ / /_\ \| |\ __\/ __ \_ __ \__ \\ __\ |/ _ \ / \ / | \ |_| | \ ___/| | \// __ \| | | ( <_> ) | \ \____|__ /____/__| \___ >__| (____ /__| |__|\____/|___| / ________________\/_______________\/___________\/____________________\/_________ The School of Alteration involves the manipulation of the physical world and its natural properties. This skill makes it easier to cast spells like Waterbreathing, magical protection, and Paralysis. [ 9 ] | | '------- [ 10 ] | | ] -------' ] ] -------------- [ 5 ] [

[ [ [

7 4

] -------------- [ ] -------------- [

2 ] | | '------------------- [

8 | | 6 | | 3 | | | | | 1


.;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Novice Alteration || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Cast novice level alteration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Alteration Dual Casting || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Dual casting an alteration spell overcharges the effects || || :|: into an even more powerful version. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Apprentice Alteration || || Lv. Required :|: 25 || || What it does :|: Cast apprentice level alteration spells for half magicka.|| ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Mage Armor [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 30/?/? || || What it does :|: Protection spells (like Stoneflesh) are twice as strong || || :|: if not wearing armor. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Magic Resistance [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 30/?/? || || What it does :|: Blocks 10/?% of a spell's effects. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Adept Alteration || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Cast adept level alteration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Stability || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Alteration spells have longer duration. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Expert Alteration || || Lv. Required :|: 75 || || What it does :|: Cast expert level alteration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Atronach || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Absorbs 30% of the magicka of any spells that hit you. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 10 || || Name :|: Mater Alteration || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Cast master level alteration spells for half magicka. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' _____ .__ / _ \_______ ____ | |__ ___________ ___.__. / /_\ \_ __ \_/ ___\| | \_/ __ \_ __ < | | / | \ | \/\ \___| Y \ ___/| | \/\___ | \____|__ /__| \___ >___| /\___ >__| / ____|

_____________________\/____________\/_____\/_____\/_______\/___________________ An Archer is trained in the use of bows and arrows. The greater the skill, the more deadly the shot. .------------------- [ 9 | | 7 ] | | 4 ] [ 5 | | | | 2 ] -------------------' | | '------------------- [ 1 ] -------------------. | | [ 8 | | ] [ 6 | | [ 3 | | ] -------------------'

[ [ [

] ] ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Overdraw [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: 0/20/40/60/80 || || What it does :|: Bows do 20/40/60/80/100% more damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Eagle Eye || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Pressing block while aiming will zoom in your view. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Critical Shot [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 30/60/90 || || What it does :|: 10/15/20% chance of a critical hit that does extra || || :|: damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Power Shot || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Arrows stagger all but the largest opponents 50% of the || || :|: time. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Steady Hand || || Lv. Required :|: 50/60 || || What it does :|: Zooming in with a bow slows time by 25/50%. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Hunter's Discipline || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Recover twice as many arrows from dead bodies. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Quick Shot || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Can draw a bow 30% faster. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------||

|| Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Ranger || || Lv. Required :|: 60 || || What it does :|: Able to move faster with drawn bow. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Bullseye || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: 15% chance of paralyzing the target for a few seconds. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' __________.__ __ \______ \ | ____ ____ | | __ | | _/ | / _ \_/ ___\| |/ / | | \ |_( <_> ) \___| < |______ /____/\____/ \___ >__|_ \ _____________________________\/_________________\/_____\/______________________ The art of blocking an enemy's blows with a shield or weapon. Blocking reduces the damage and staggering from physical attacks. .------------------- [ | | 7 ] | | 5 ] | | 3 ] | | | [ | | '------------------- [ 9 ] -------------------. | | [ 8 | | [ 6 | | [ 4 | | ] | | | ] -------------------'

[ [ [

] ] ]

2 | | 1

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Shield Wall [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: 20/40/60/80/100 || || What it does :|: Blocking is 20/40/60/80/100% more effective. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Quick Reflexes || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Time slows down if you are blocking during an enemy's || || :|: power attack. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Deflect Arrows || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Arrows that hit the shield do no damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 ||

|| Name :|: Power Bash || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Able to do a power bash. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Elemental Protection || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Blocking with a shield reduces incoming fire, frost and || || :|: shock damage by 50%. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Deadly Bash || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Bashing foes five times more damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Block Runner || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Able to move faster with a shield raised. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Disarming Bash || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Chance to disarm when power bashing. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Shield Charge || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Sprinting with a shield raised knocks down most targets. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' _________ __ __ .__ \_ ___ \ ____ ____ |__|__ ______________ _/ |_|__| ____ ____ / \ \/ / _ \ / \ | | | \_ __ \__ \\ __\ |/ _ \ / \ \ \___( <_> ) | \ | | | /| | \// __ \| | | ( <_> ) | \ \______ /\____/|___| /\__| |____/ |__| (____ /__| |__|\____/|___| / __________\/____________\/\______|_________________\/____________________\/____ The School of Conjuration governs raising the dead and summoning creations from Oblivon. This skill makes it easier to cast these spells as well as Soul Trap and bindings. .------------- [ | | | | | | [ | | 9 ] | | | [ | 14 ] | | | | | 11 ] | | | | | 7 ] | [ [ 13 ] | | | | | 10 ] | | | | 15 ] | | | | | 12 ] | | | | | 8 ] |

[ [

| | 5 ] '--------. | | | | 2 ] [ 3 ] | | | | | | | '------------------'--- [ 1

| | 6 ] | | | | | | [ 4 | | | | ] ----'------------------' [

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Novice Conjuration || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Cast novice level conjuration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Summoner [0/2] || || Lv. Required :|: 30/? || || What it does :|: Can Summon Atronauchs or raise undead twice as far away. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Conjuration Dual Casting || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Dual casting a conjuration spell overcharges the spell, || || :|: allowing it to last longer. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Apprentice Conjuration || || Lv. Required :|: 25 || || What it does :|: Cast apprentice level conjuration spells for half || || :|: magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Atromancy || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Double duration for conjured Atronauchs. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Mystic Binding || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Bound weapons do more damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Necromancy || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Greater duration for reanimated undead. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Adept Conjuration || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Cast adept level conjuration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Elemental Potency || || Lv. Required :|: 80 || || What it does :|: Conjured Atronauchs are 50% more powerful. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 10 || || Name :|: Soul Stealer ||

|| Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Bound weapons cast Soul Trap on targets. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 11 || || Name :|: Dark Souls || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Reanimated undead have 100 more health. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 12 || || Name :|: Expert Conjuration || || Lv. Required :|: 75 || || What it does :|: Cast expert level conjuration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 13 || || Name :|: Oblivion Binding || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Bound weapons will banish summoned creatures and turn || || :|: raised ones. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 14 || || Name :|: Twin Souls || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: You can have two Atronauchs or reanimated zombies. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 15 || || Name :|: Master Conjuration || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Cast master level conjuration spells for half magicka. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' ________ __ __ .__ \______ \ ____ _______/ |________ __ __ _____/ |_|__| ____ ____ | | \_/ __ \ / ___/\ __\_ __ \ | \_/ ___\ __\ |/ _ \ / \ | ` \ ___/ \___ \ | | | | \/ | /\ \___| | | ( <_> ) | \ /_______ /\___ >____ > |__| |__| |____/ \___ >__| |__|\____/|___| / __________\/_____\/_____\/__________________________\/____________________\/___ The School of Destruction involves the harnessing the energies of fire, frost and shock. This skill makes it easier to cast spells like Fireball, Ice Spike, and Lightning Bolt. [ [ 12 ] | | | | | | | | | | | 4 ] [ [ 10 ] | | | | | 7 ] | | | 14 ] | | 13 ] | | | [ 11 ] | | | | 9 ] | | | | | +--------------' | | 5 ] [ 6 ]

8 | | | | | |

| | 2

| | | '------------. | .------------' ] ------------------- [ 1 ] ------------------- [

| | 3

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Novice Destruction || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Cast novice level Destruction spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Augmented Flames [0/2] || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Fire spells do 25% more damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Destruction Dual Casting || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Dual casting Destruction spell overcharges the effects || || :|: into an even more powerful version. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Augmented Frost [0/2] || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Frost spells do 25% more damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Apprentice Destruction || || Lv. Required :|: 25 || || What it does :|: Cast apprentice Destruction spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Impact || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Most Destruction spells will stagger an opponent when || || :|: dual cast. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Augmented Shock [0/2] || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Shock spells do 25% more damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Intense Flames || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Fire damage causes target to flee if their health is low.|| ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Adept Destruction || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Cast adept level Destruction spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 10 || || Name :|: Disintegrate || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Shock damage disintegrates their target if their health || || :|: is low. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 11 ||

|| Name :|: Rune Master || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Can place runes five times farther away. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 12 || || Name :|: Deep Freeze || || Lv. Required :|: 60 || || What it does :|: Frost damage paralyzes targets if their health is low. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 13 || || Name :|: Expert Destruction || || Lv. Required :|: 75 || || What it does :|: Cast expert Destruction spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 14 || || Name :|: Master Destruction || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Cast master level Destruction spells for half magicka. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' ___________ .__ __ .__ \_ _____/ ____ ____ | |__ _____ _____/ |_|__| ____ ____ | __)_ / \_/ ___\| | \\__ \ / \ __\ |/ \ / ___\ | \ | \ \___| Y \/ __ \| | \ | | | | \/ /_/ > /_______ /___| /\___ >___| (____ /___| /__| |__|___| /\___ / _____________\/_____\/_____\/_____\/_____\/_____\/_____________\//_____/_______ The more powerful the enchanter, the stronger the magic he can bind to his weapons and armor. .------------------| | 7 ] | | 4 ] | | 2 ] | | '------------------[ [ [ 9 | | 8 | | 5 | | | | | 1 ] ] ] 6 | | [ 3 | | ] -------------------' [ ] ]

[ [ [

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Enchanter [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: New enchantments are 20/?% stronger. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Fire Enchanter || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Fire enchantments on weapons and armor are 25% stronger. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------||

|| Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Soul Squeezer || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Soul gems provide extra magika for recharging. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Frost Enchanter || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Frost enchantments on weapons and armor are 25% stronger.|| ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Insightful Enchanter || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Skill enchantments on armor are 25% stronger. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Soul Siphon || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Death blows to creatures, but not people, trap 5% of the || || :|: victim's soul, recharging the weapon. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Storm Enchanter || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Shock enchantments on weapons and armor are 25% stronger.|| ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Corpus Enchanter || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Health, magicka, and stamina enchantments on armor are || || :|: 25% stronger. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Extra Effect || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Can put two enchantments on the same item. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' ___ ___ _____ | \ ____ _____ ___ _____.__. / _ \_______ _____ ___________ / ~ \_/ __ \\__ \\ \/ < | | / /_\ \_ __ \/ \ / _ \_ __ \ \ Y /\ ___/ / __ \\ / \___ | / | \ | \/ Y Y ( <_> ) | \/ \___|_ / \___ >____ /\_/ / ____| \____|__ /__| |__|_| /\____/|__| ________\/_______\/_____\/______\/______________\/____________\/_______________ / Those trained to use Heavy Armor make more effective use of Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Orcish, Ebony, and Daedric armors. [ [ [ 6 | | 4 | | ] ] [ [ 8 | | 7 | | 5 | | ] ] ]

2 ] | | '------------------- [

3 | | ] -------------------'

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Juggernaut [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Increases armor rating for heavy armor by 20/?%. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Fists of Steel || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Unarmed attacks with heavy armor gauntlets do their || || :|: armor rating in extra damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Well Fitted || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: 25% armor bonus if wearing all heavy armor: head, chest, || || :|: hands, feet. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Cushioned || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Half damage from falling if wearing all heavy armor: || || :|: head, chest, hands, feet. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Tower of Strength || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: 50% less stagger when wearing only heavy armor. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Conditioning || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Heavy armor weighs nothing and doesn't slow you down || || :|: when worn. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Matching Set || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Additional 25% armor bonus if wearing a matched set of || || :|: heavy armor. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Reflect Blows || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: 10% chance to reflect melee damage back to the enemy || || :|: while wearing all heavy armor: head, chest, hands, feet. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' .___.__ .__ .__ | | | | | __ __ _____|__| ____ ____ | | | | | | | \/ ___/ |/ _ \ / \ | | |_| |_| | /\___ \| ( <_> ) | \ |___|____/____/____//____ >__|\____/|___| /

__________________________________________\/_______________\/__________________ The School of Illusion involves manipulating the mind of the enemy. This skill makes it easier to cast spells like Fear, Calm and Invisibility. .------------------- [ 13 ] | | 11 ] .------------------- [ 12 | | | | | | | [ 10 ] | | | | | | | 8 ] | [ 9 | | | | | | | [ 7 ] | | | | | | | 5 ] -----. | [ 6 | | | | | | | [ 3 ] [ 4 | | | '-------------| | | | 2 ] -------------- [ 1 ]--------------------'

] ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Novice Illusion || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Cast novice level illusion spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Illusion Dual Casting || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Dual casting an illusion spell overcharges the effects || || :|: into an even more powerful version. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Hypnotic Gaze || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Calm spells now work on higher level opponents. || || :|: Cumulative with Kindred Mage and Animage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Animage || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Illusion spells now work on higher level animals. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Apprentice Illusion || || Lv. Required :|: 25 || || What it does :|: Cast apprentice Illusion spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------||

|| Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Kindred Mage || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: All illusion spells work on higher level people. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Aspect of Terror || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Fear spells work on higher level opponents. Cumulative || || :|: with Kindred Mage and Animage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Adept Illusion || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Cast adept illusion spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Quiet Casting || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: All spells you cast from any school of magic are silent || || :|: to others. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 10 || || Name :|: Rage || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Frenzy spells on higher level opponents. Cumulative with || || :|: Kindred Mage and Animage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 11 || || Name :|: Expert Illusion || || Lv. Required :|: 75 || || What it does :|: Cast expert Illusion spells for magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 12 || || Name :|: Master of the Mind || || Lv. Required :|: 90 || || What it does :|: Illusion spells work on undead, daedra and automatons. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 13 || || Name :|: Master Illusion || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Cast Master level illusion spells for half magicka. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' .____ .__ .__ __ _____ | | |__| ____ | |___/ |_ / _ \_______ _____ ___________ | | | |/ ___\| | \ __\ / /_\ \_ __ \/ \ / _ \_ __ \ | |___| / /_/ > Y \ | / | \ | \/ Y Y ( <_> ) | \/ |_______ \__\___ /|___| /__| \____|__ /__| |__|_| /\____/|__| ____________\/_/_____/______\/_______________\/____________\/__________________ Those trained to use Light Armor make more effective use of Hide, Leather, Elven, and Glass armors. [ 5 | | ]-----------------------------------------[ 6 | | ]

3 ] [ 4 | | '------------------------.------------------------' | [ 2 ] | | [ 1 ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Agile Defender || || Lv. Required :|: 0/20/40/60/80 || || What it does :|: Increase light armor rating by: 20/40/60/80/100%. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Custom Fit || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: 25% armor bonus if wearing all light armor: head, chest, || || :|: hand, feet. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Unhindered || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Light armor weighs nothing and doesn't slow you down || || :|: when worn. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Matching Set || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Additional 25% armor bonus if wearing a matched set of || || :|: light armor. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Wind Walker || || Lv. Required :|: 60 || || What it does :|: Stamina regenerates 50% faster in all Light Armor: head, || || :|: chest, hand, feet. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Deft Movement || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: 10% chance of avoiding all damage from melee attack while|| || :|: wearing all light armor: head, chest, hands, feet. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' .____ __ .__ __ .__ | | ____ ____ | | ________ |__| ____ | | _|__| ____ ____ | | / _ \_/ ___\| |/ /\____ \| |/ ___\| |/ / |/ \ / ___\ | |__( <_> ) \___| < | |_> > \ \___| <| | | \/ /_/ > |_______ \____/ \___ >__|_ \| __/|__|\___ >__|_ \__|___| /\___ / ____________\/__________\/_____\/|__|___________\/_____\/_______\//_____/______ The art of Lockpicking is used to open locked doors and containers faster and with fewer broken lockpicks.

[ [ [ [ 10 ] -------------- [ 7 4 ] -------------- [ ] -------------- [

11 ] -------------------. | | 9 ] -------------- [ 8 | | 6 ] -------------- [ 5 | | 3 ] -------------- [ 2 | | [ 1

] ] ] ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Novice Locks || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Novice locks are much easier to pick. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Apprentice Locks || || Lv. Required :|: 25 || || What it does :|: Apprentice locks are much easier to pick. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Quick Hands || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Able to pick locks without being noticed. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Wax Key || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Automatically gives you a copy of the picked lock's key || || :|: if it has one. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Adept Locks || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Adept locks are much easier to pick. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Golden Touch || || Lv. Required :|: 60 || || What it does :|: Find more gold in chests. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Treasure Hunter || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: 50% greater chance of finding special treasure. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Expert Locks || || Lv. Required :|: 75 || || What it does :|: Expert locks are much easier to pick. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Locksmith || || Lv. Required :|: 80 ||

|| What it does :|: Pick starts to the lock opening position. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 10 || || Name :|: Unbreakable || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Lockpicks never break. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 11 || || Name :|: Master Locks || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Master locks are much easier to pick. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' ________ .__ .___ .___ \_____ \ ____ ____ | |__ _____ ____ __| _/____ __| _/ / | \ / \_/ __ \ ______ | | \\__ \ / \ / __ |/ __ \ / __ | / | \ | \ ___/ /_____/ | Y \/ __ \| | \/ /_/ \ ___// /_/ | \_______ /___| /\___ > |___| (____ /___| /\____ |\___ >____ | _________\/_____\/_____\/_______________\/_____\/_____\/______\/____\/_____\/__ The are of combat using one-handed weapons, such as daggers, swords, maces and war axes. Those trained in this skill deliver deadlier blows. .------------------------ [ 10 ] | | | | 7 ] [ 8 ] [ | | | | '--------- [ 5 ] ---------' [ 6 ] | | | .----------------------' | | 3 ] | | [ 4 ] | | | | | | | | '--------- [ 1 ] -'-------'------------------------ [

9 | | | | | | | | | 2

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Armsman [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: 20/40/60/80/100 || || What it does :|: One-handed weapons do 20/40/60/80/100% more damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Dual Flurry [0/2] || || Lv. Required :|: 30/? pts || || What it does :|: Dual wielding attacks are 20/?% faster. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Hack & Slash [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 30/60/90 pts || || What it does :|: Attacks with war axes cause extra bleeding damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Bone Breaker [0/3] ||

|| Lv. Required :|: 30/60/90 pts || || What it does :|: Attacks with maces ignore 25/?% of armor. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Fighting Stance || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Power attacks with one-handed weapons cost 25% less || || :|: stamina. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Bladesman [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 30/60/90 pts || || What it does :|: Attacks with swords have a 10/15/?% chance of doing || || :|: critical damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Savage Strike || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Standing power attacks do 25% bonus damage with a chance || || :|: to decapitate your enemies. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Critical Charge || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Can do a one-handed power attack while sprinting that || || :|: does double critical damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Dual Savagery || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Dual wielding power attacks do 50% bonus dmg. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 10 || || Name :|: Paralyzing Strike || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Backwards power attacks have a 25% chance to paralyze || || :|: the target. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' __________.__ __ __ __ \______ \__| ____ | | ________ ____ ____ | | __ _____/ |_ | ___/ |/ ___\| |/ /\____ \ / _ \_/ ___\| |/ // __ \ __\ | | | \ \___| < | |_> > <_> ) \___| <\ ___/| | |____| |__|\___ >__|_ \| __/ \____/ \___ >__|_ \\___ >__| ________________________\/_____\/|__|_______________\/_____\/____\/____________ The stealthy art of picking an unsuspecting target's pockets. A skilled pickpocket is less likely to be caught and is more likely to find valuables. [ [ 6 ] [ | '------------. | 3 ] '------ [ 8 | | 7 | | | 4 ] ]

| | '------------------- [ [

| | 2 | | 1

| | ] -------------------' ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Light Fingers [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: 0/20 || || What it does :|: Pickpocking bonus of 20/40/?%. Item weight and value || || :|: reduce pickpocketing odds. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Night Thief || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: +25% chance to pickpocket if target is asleep. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Poisoned || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Silently harm enemies by placing poisons in their pocket.|| ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Cut Purse || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Pickpocketing gold is 50% easier. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Extra Pockets || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Carrying capacity is increased by 100. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Key Master || || Lv. Required :|: 60 || || What it does :|: Pickpocketing keys almost always work. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Misdirection || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Can pickpocket equipped weapons. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Perfect Touch || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Can pickpocket equipped items. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' __________ __ __ .__ \______ \ ____ _______/ |_ ________________ _/ |_|__| ____ ____ | _// __ \ / ___/\ __\/ _ \_ __ \__ \\ __\ |/ _ \ / \ | | \ ___/ \___ \ | | ( <_> ) | \// __ \| | | ( <_> ) | \ |____|_ /\___ >____ > |__| \____/|__| (____ /__| |__|\____/|___| / __________\/_____\/_____\/_________________________\/____________________\/____

The School of Restoration involves control over life forces. This skill makes it easier to cast spells like Healing, Turn Undead, and magical Wards. 12 ] | | [ 11 ] | | 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] | | | | | | 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] | | .--------------' '----. |--------------' | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | | | | '---------'------------. | | 2 ] ------------------- [ 1 ] ------------------------' [

[ [

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Novice Restoration || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Cast novice level Restoration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Respite || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Healing spells also restore Stamina. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Ward Absorb || || Lv. Required :|: 60 || || What it does :|: Wards recharge your magicka when hit with spells. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Restoration Dual Casting || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Dual casting a Restoration spell overcharges the effects || || :|: into an een more powerful version. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Regeneration || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Healing spells cure 50% more. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Apprentice Restoration || || Lv. Required :|: 25 || || What it does :|: Cast apprentice Restoration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Recovery [0/2] || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Magika regenerates 25% faster. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 ||

|| Name :|: Necromage || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: All spells are more effective against undead. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Adept Restoration || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Cast adept level Restoration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 10 || || Name :|: Avoid Death || || Lv. Required :|: 90 || || What it does :|: Once a day, heals 250 points automatically if you fall || || :|: below 10% health. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 11 || || Name :|: Expert Restoration || || Lv. Required :|: 75 || || What it does :|: Cast expert level Restoration spells for half magicka. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 12 || || Name :|: Master Restoration || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Cast master level Restoration spells for half magicka. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' _________ .__ __ .__ .__ / _____/ _____ |__|/ |_| |__ |__| ____ ____ \_____ \ / \| \ __\ | \| |/ \ / ___\ / \ Y Y \ || | | Y \ | | \/ /_/ > /_______ /__|_| /__||__| |___| /__|___| /\___ / _____________________\/______\/______________\/________\//_____/_______________ The art of creating and improving weapons and armor from raw materials. .------------------- [ | | 8 ] | | 6 ] | | 3 ] [ | | '------------------- [ 10 ] -------------------. | | [ 9 | | [ 7 | | 4 ] [ 5 | | | | 1 ] -------------- [ 2

[ [ [

] ] ] ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Steel Smithing || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Can create steel armor and weapons at forges, and || || :|: improve them twice as much. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------||

|| Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Dwarven Smithing || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Can create dwarven armor and weapons at forges, and || || :|: improve them twice as much. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Elven Smithing || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Can create elven armor and weapons at forges, and improve|| || :|: them twice as much. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Arcane Blacksmith || || Lv. Required :|: 60 || || What it does :|: You can improve magical weapons and armor. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Orcish Smithing || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Can create orcish armor and weapons at forges, and || || :|: improve them twice as much. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Advanced Armors || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Can create scaled and plate armor at forges, and improve || || :|: them twice as much. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Ebony Smithing || || Lv. Required :|: 80 || || What it does :|: Can create ebony armor and weapons at forges, and || || :|: improve them twice as much. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Glass Smithing || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Can create glass armor and weapons at forges, and || || :|: improve them twice as much. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Daedric Smithing || || Lv. Required :|: 90 || || What it does :|: Can create Daedric armor and weapons at forges, and || || :|: improve them twice as much. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 10 || || Name :|: Dragon Armor || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Can create dragon armor at forges, and improve them || || :|: twice as much. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' _________ __ .__ / _____/ ____ ____ _____ | | _|__| ____ ____ \_____ \ / \_/ __ \\__ \ | |/ / |/ \ / ___\ / \ | \ ___/ / __ \| <| | | \/ /_/ > /_______ /___| /\___ >____ /__|_ \__|___| /\___ /

___________________\/_____\/_____\/_____\/_____\/_______\//_____/______________ Sneaking is the art of moving unseen and unheard. Highly skilled sneaks can even hide in plain sight. [ [ [ [ 8 ] --------------------------------------- [ 9 | | 6 ] [ 7 | | | | 4 ] [ 5 | | | | 2 ] [ 3 | | | | '------------------- [ 1 ] -------------------' ] ] ] ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Stealth [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: 0/20 || || What it does :|: You are 20%/25%/? harder to detect when sneaking. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Muffled Movement || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Noise from armor is reduced 50%. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Backstab || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Sneak attacks with one-handed weapons now do six times || || :|: damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Light Foot || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: You won't trigger pressure plates. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Deadly Aim || || Lv. Required :|: 40 || || What it does :|: Sneak attacks with bows now do three times damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Silent Roll || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Sprinting while sneaking executes a silent roll. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Assassin's Blade || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Sneak attacks with daggers now do a total of fifteen || || :|: times normal damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------||

|| Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Silence || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Walking and running does not affect detection. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Shadow Warrior || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Crouching stops combat for a moment and forces distant || || :|: opponents to search for a target. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' _________ .__ / _____/_____ ____ ____ ____ | |__ \_____ \\____ \_/ __ \_/ __ \_/ ___\| | \ / \ |_> > ___/\ ___/\ \___| Y \ /_______ / __/ \___ >\___ >\___ >___| / ________________________\/|__|________\/_____\/_____\/_____\/__________________ This skill of persuasion can be used to get better prices from merchants, and persuade others to do as you ask. .------------------- [ | | 8 ] | | 6 ] | | 4 ] | | 2 ] | | '------------------- [ 9 ]

[ [ [ [

7 | | [ 5 | | [ 3 | | ] -------------------'

] ] ]

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Haggling [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: 0/20/? || || What it does :|: Buying and selling prices are 10%/? better. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Allure || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: 10% better prices with the opposite sex. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Bribery || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Can bribe guards to ignore crimes. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 ||

|| Name :|: Merchant || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Can sell any type of item to any kind of merchant. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Persuasion || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Persuasion attempts are 30% easier. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Investor || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Can invest 500 gold with a shopkeeper to increase his || || :|: available gold permanently. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Intimidation || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Intimidation is twice as successful. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Fence || || Lv. Required :|: 90 || || What it does :|: Can barter stolen goods with any merchant you have || || :|: invested in. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: Master Trader || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Every merchant in the world gains 1000 gold for || || :|: bartering. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' ___________ .__ .___ .___ \__ ___/_ _ ______ | |__ _____ ____ __| _/____ __| _/ | | \ \/ \/ / _ \ ______ | | \\__ \ / \ / __ |/ __ \ / __ | | | \ ( <_> ) /_____/ | Y \/ __ \| | \/ /_/ \ ___// /_/ | |____| \/\_/ \____/ |___| (____ /___| /\____ |\___ >____ | ________________________________________\/_____\/_____\/______\/____\/_____\/__ The art of combat using two-handed weapons, such as greatswords, battle axes, and warhammers. Those trained in this skill deliver deadlier blows. [ .------------------- [ | | 6 ] | | '------------------- [ 3 | ] 9 | | 8 ]

] -------------------. | | [ 7 | | 5 ] -------------------' | | | | |------------------- [ 4 |

| '------------------- [

| 1

] -------------- [

_______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Number :|: 1 || || Name :|: Barbarian [0/5] || || Lv. Required :|: N/A || || What it does :|: Two-handed weapons do 20/40/60/80/100% more damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 2 || || Name :|: Skull Crusher [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Attacks with war hammers ignore 25/50/75% of armor. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 3 || || Name :|: Limb Splitter [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Attacks with battle axes cause extra bleeding damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 4 || || Name :|: Deep Wounds [0/3] || || Lv. Required :|: 30 || || What it does :|: Attacks with great swords have a 10/20/30% chance of || || :|: doing critical damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 5 || || Name :|: Champion's Stance || || Lv. Required :|: 20 || || What it does :|: Power attacks with two-handed weapons cost 25% less || || :|: stamina. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 6 || || Name :|: Devastating Blow || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Standing power attacks do 25% bonus damage with a chance || || :|: to decapitate your enemies. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 7 || || Name :|: Great Critical Charge || || Lv. Required :|: 50 || || What it does :|: Can do a two-handed power attack while sprinting that || || :|: does double critical damage. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 8 || || Name :|: Sweep || || Lv. Required :|: 70 || || What it does :|: Sideways power attacks with two-handed weapons hit all || || :|: targets in front of you. || ||---------------+-----------------------------------------------------------|| || Number :|: 9 || || Name :|: War Master || || Lv. Required :|: 100 || || What it does :|: Backwards power attacks has a 25% chance to paralyze || || :|: the target. || '~.______________|__________________________________________________________,~' =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 2.7] Being Stealthy ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK207.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----' Being stealthy in this game is very important so you can sneak around dungeons and sneak up on enemies. What does this allow you to do? Well, first of all, you can evade needless battles, evade strong enemies and, if you decide to attack 'em, you'll deal MUCH more damage to the enemies by doing a surprise attack. There are 3 modes the crosshair has while sneaking, and here they are: ________ _ ________ (________| (_) |________) This is the first mode. This is when you are completely "invisible" to the enemy. While the crosshair is like this, you can do much more damage to the enemy, but watch out because when you do damage to the enemy, the crosshair passes from this to the one below (unless you kill them in one hit, of course). If there IS an enemy nearby, the words "HIDDEN" will appear across the screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------.---------. .---------. / ,--------' _ '--------. \ ( ( (_) ) ) \ `--------. .--------^ / `---------' '---------^ With the crosshair in this mode, the enemy is already alerted of your presence, but don't know your exact location. Use this time to leave the place where the enemy saw you/you hit the enemy so you can still be hidden. Damage dealt to the enemy while the crosshair is in this mode is still the same as if you were in the previous mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------.---------. .---------. / ,--------' '--------. \ / / \ \ / / _ \ \ ( ( (_) ) ) \ \ / / \ \ / / \ `--------. .--------^ / `---------' '---------^ This is when you're detected by the enemy. The Eye is bright white now and the word "DETECTED" is at the bottom of the eye. While in this mode, you'll have to fight the enemy or run for your life. Damage done in this mode is normal as if the enemy would've encountered you in the first place. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 2.8] Lockpicking and You ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK208.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----'

[ASCII Coming Soon!] Use the RIGHT STICK to rotate the lock and the LEFT STICK to rotate the lockpick. When the lockpick is rotated, the closer it is to the correct position, the more the lock will rotate before the lockpick breaks. Only when the lockpick is in the correct position will the lock fully rotate and open. This makes lockpicking a type of hot-and-cold game. With enough skill, lockpicks, and patience you can narrow down where the "sweet spot" is on even the toughest of locks! I'd personally recommend investing in some gear that will make lockpicking easier as well as saving before trying to open expert and master locks. A very good trick... well, maybe not trick but more of a tip. Try dividing the keyhole in sections. For the Master/Expert locks, try dividing the keyhole in several sections, lets say 16 parts. Start trying in each section until you see that the lock starts to turn. If it gets stuck, leave it like that and move it a tad to the right or left. If it gets stuck faster, move to the other side. If it gets a little further, but then stucks, leave it and move just a little bit more to the side you moved. That's how I've always done it and I've had no problems at all. I picked Expert locks at very low levels with little to no problems at all. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 2.9] Dragon Shouts ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK209.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----' Not only do Dragon Shouts play a HUGE part in the story, they are just plain fun to use! As you play the game (specifically, after the main quest "Dragon Rising"), you'll soon learn how USE Dragon Shouts. In total, there are EIGHTEEN (18) Dragon Shouts to learn and master, all of which have their own special abilities. You will learn several for FREE just by playing through the main questline. I emphasize "free" for a reason: the VAST MAJORITY of your shouts will be FOUND by you by locating DRAGON WALLS scattered throughout Skyrim. These walls will TEACH you a single word of a shout (Shouts are always comprised of THREE WORDS). However, learning the word itself isn't enough: you'll have to "unlock" the word by spending a DRAGON SOUL. You obtain dragon souls by killing dragons, naturally. That's really all there is to it: find/learn a word, and then if you have to, spend a dragon soul to use it (be sure to equip it in your SHOUTS menu!). I should also point out that there are THREE levels to every shout, which often simply vary the shouts power according to how long you hold down the SHOUT button (R2 is the PS3 default). To make your life easier, check out this guides "Dragon Information" section, where we list where to find ALL of the Dragon Walls in the game! _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 3. Main Walthrough ||| [BK300] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O

Start up a New Game and you'll soon find yourself in a wagon. The prisoner next to you will start to explain your situation and why you're there. Listen to the talk to gain a slight knowledge of what's going on. Soon you'll enter a village where you'll get off. Watch the stupid horse thief die, then step forwards. Here you will have to select your character, which I shouldn't have to tell you is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE. If you want to see what the different races will grant you, look at the Race section of the guide (which is above the walkthrough, in the "Basics" section). I think it's really neat that the Imperial guard here makes comments based on what race you've selected (such as what you may have done and where they'll send the body back to). Watch the following scenes as it looks like you don't have long for this world. However, you will be saved by an unlikely ally. As soon as you regain control, you will start the FIRST MAIN (story-line) QUEST: "Unbound". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== U N B O U N D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK301] Ok, you find yourself needing to escape to the Keep. Follow the prisoner in front of you (the one you rode in the cart with) to the tower opening up ahead. He'll talk with the other prisoners for a minute before leading you up the stairs. Follow until the wall breaks in, then the game will tell you to jump to the house in the distance. Press "Triangle" to jump and aim for the right section of the house as there's a fire on the left (you'll probably be hurt a bit by the jump as well). Head through the house and down to the bottom floor. Outside you'll find one of the city guards who will flat out tell you if you want to live follow him. Trust me and STICK BY THIS GUY (you can die if you don't). Past an archway you will complete the "Make your way to the Keep" objective, which will now be replaced with "Enter the Keep with Hadvar or Ralof" as your next objective. (-NOTE-) It doesn't make that much of a difference WHO you follow. Not really, anyways. Both of the paths are down below anyways, so pick which one you want and go! The Ralof path is down below, and the Hadvar path is even further down. - Ralof Path Just to be clear, Ralof is the NORD, so you want to go RIGHT. Head inside of the keep, where Ralof will say goodbye to a fallen comrade. He will then cut you free of your bindings and tell you to take Gunjar's items. With Gunjar's items in hand you'll have your first weapon: an Iron War Axe. Be SURE to equip it along with Gunjar's Armor! You can also equip magic at this time, since every new character starts out with the "Flames" and "Healing" spells. Equip your weapon to either L1 or R1 and continue. Ralof will commence checking the iron gates now, noting that they are locked.

Before long, two imperials will come down the right hallway. Get out of sight like Ralof does as they open the gate, and then attack! Remember that to attack you use the L1 and R1 buttons buttons. The game will also remind you that you can BLOCK using L1. After you kill the two imperials, Ralof will unlock the other iron door and tell you to go with him. Now, you CAN go explore the area the imperials just came from to find several chests with more Imperial Armor and weapons, as well as some gold, a key (the 'Helgen Keep Key') and a book. The wines here are light and worth a bit, by the way. Follow Ralof when you're ready as you're led deeper and deeper. Soon you'll have to enter a door after the roof falls in. There's two imperials in here rummaging for potions you can take out. You'll see an optional quest marker pop up telling you to rummage for potions. Search the ENTIRE room for various potions and wines, as well as another book (the entertaining "Chance's Folly") and various eats. Follow Ralof when you're ready. You'll be in the torture room now. Help kill the guards with Ralof and two new companions, then as usual search the room. The MOST IMPORTANT thing in here is the dead MAGE in the cell. You'll get your first taste of LOCKPICKING here, so use those skills to open up EVERY CELL in the area (as you gain experience by doing it). You can find several more lockpicks lying around this room as well. If you need help with lockpicking, you can read about it in the "Basics" section of the guide up above. Follow the party when you're done exploring and unlock the cells along the way (note that you can search skeletons for gold). You'll soon be in a wide open room with several imperials in it, so join your companions and take them down. Note that one section of the floor has oil on it, making it a great place to use some fire magic. After you've killed them all follow Ralof and soon another cave-in will separate you from your two previous companions. Keep following Ralof (noting that there's a path off to the left that leads to a skeleton, gold, and a healing potion) Keep going and soon you'll be in a room full of spiders. Help Ralof kill these things and afterwards be SURE to loot each of them for their venom (at it is quite valuable). Keep following the path and soon Ralof will stop you, pointing out a bear up ahead. Here you can learn either the basics of sneaking (press L3 and move quietly in the shadows) or you can practice a bit of archery. I'd recommend trying out archery as the bear pelt is worth a nice chunk of change, plus you have Ralof to help you. Keep progressing through the cave and soon you'll be outside. Witness the Dragon leave the town alone and you'll have completed your FIRST quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. (-NOTE-) At THIS time, whatever you do in Skyrim is completely up to you. (-NOTE-) Below is the HADVAR PATH. - Hadvar's Path Once inside and safe from the Dragon, approach Hadvar and he'll set your hands free. Very nice of him. Now open up the chests on the left and right side of the room and grab the Imperial Light Helmet, Imperial Light Armor, Iron Sword, Imperial Light Boots, and the Helgen Keep Key. Equip all that equipment ASAP, as well as a spell on the left/right hand. Now that you're fully equipped, follow Hadvar and soon enough, you'll have to fight some Stormcloaks. Steal their treasure and keep on following Hadvar.

When you get to another larger room, kill both Stormcloaks and loot the area for some Potions. Nice. After this room is another one with a torture chamber. You'll find an ally here and will start talking to Hadvar. Before leaving, check the center of the room to find a little table with 'The Book of Dragonborn'. Take this book, take the Dagger next to it and check the sack to get some Lockpicks. Now try picking the locks of the cages using the lockpicks you just got. I recommend trying to pick all 3 cells to start leveling up that Lockpicking skill. Inside the middle cell, there's some Gold, a Potion and the Spell Tome: "Sparks". (-NOTE-) If you plan on becoming a magician, be sure to rob the poor dead body in here its Novice Hood and Robes, which will help your magic! Now go down the hallway to the west and lockpick all the cells in here (to get the lockpicking experience!). Continue on until you find Hadvar. Follow him and you'll get to a room with many Stormcloaks. There will also be some archers, which are new enemies to you. They're stepping on oil, so approach them and set it on fire to take care of them. Make sure to loot them and get your very first bow (a big event for those interested in archery!). Keep on going and you'll go in yet another room with a little river. Instead of following him, follow the path left to find some goodies. Nice. Return and now go behind Hadvar. Continue the straight-forward path until you reach a room full of spiders. They are quite easy since they're weak against Fire, so use your Flames spell to quickly take them out. In the next room, Hadvar tells you about Sneaking, by pressing L3. Either do that or kill the enemy by using your Bow and arrows. Keep progressing through the cave and soon you'll be outside. Witness the Dragon leave the town alone and you'll have completed your FIRST quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. (-NOTE-) At THIS time, whatever you do in Skyrim is completely up to you. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B E F O R E T H E S T O R M _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK302] (-NOTE-) If you followed the RALOF path in the first quest, you will be advised to seek out his sister GERDUR. If you followed the HADVAR path, you will be advised to seek out his uncle ALVAR. Again, it really doesn't make a lasting difference. Below we assume you are looking for GERDUR, but if you aren't just replace her name with ALVAR (who is the blacksmith in Riverwood). We start this quest after parting ways with Ralof. He advised us to seek out his sister Gerdur in the nearby town of Riverwood. Travel down the dirt path ahead on you and soon you'll reach an intersection with a sign-post nearby. Now, Riverwood is to the north, but if you travel slightly south you'll see a camp on the hill to the left. This is a BANDIT camp, giving you a chance to do some killing. The REAL treasure here though is the SKILL BOOK: "Night Falls on Sentinel". It's in one of the tents here and will raise your skill in

One-Handed by one. There is also a TREASURE MAP on one of the bandits! Go back to the sign post and head North. You'll end up heading downwards along a rocky path and soon you'll find the "Guardian Stones", a small monument that has THREE pillars that are devoted to the THREE main types of playstyle in Skyrim. They are the "THIEF", "MAGE", and "WARRIOR". You can activate ONE of these stones now to gain a bonus: o The Warrior Stone: Those under the sign of The Warrior will learn all combat skills 20% faster. o The Mage Stone: Those under the sign of The Mage will learn all magic skills 20% faster. o The Thief Stone: Those under the sign of The Thief will learn all stealth skills 20% faster. (-NOTE-) The Guardian Stones location will now be on your map. Very handy. Pick the stone that you'd like a 20% boost in, then continue heading down the rocky path. You'll likely meet some wolves along the way, but they aren't very threatening. Continue along the path until you reach Riverwood. As you'd guess, being a town Riverwood has more to offer than out Main Story quest-line. I'd definitely recommend checking out the town and seeing what it has to offer, but you definitely want to sell any items you've been packing around that you don't need. There is PLENTY to do in Riverwood right now but we're going to focus on the quest at hand (you can check out the section on Riverwood if you want to see what it offers). You will find Gerdur hanging around the lumbermill in the town, which is next to the blacksmith and the river. You can ask her for items and she'll offer you a wide variety of things for free. Take what you want then she will ask you for help. She will ask you to go tell the Jarl of Whiterun of the dragon attack on Helgen and see if he'll send soldier's to protect Riverwood. Well, I guess we have no choice but to assist. Whiterun is north of Riverwood so head out of the north side of town and cross the river. Keep following the path and kill any wolves that you may come across. You'll undoubtedly find the "Honningbrew Meadery" as you go along. You'll also come across several farms and discover them. Along the way you'll undoubtedly see a group of fighters fighting a giant. Even when I *TRIED* to join the fray, the beast was already slain. A hunter will then come up to you and say thanks for nothing. Talk to them to learn that they are part of a group called the Companions. Think of it like the fighter's guild in Oblivion. If you want to delve into their missions, head to that section of the guide. Enter the outskirts of Whiterun and climb up to the main wall. A guard will stop you and tell you that the city is closed with dragon's about. Tell him that you're here for Riverwood and he'll let you in. You're now inside of Whiterun, and like Riverwood there is a TON to do here. Read about the town in the town section if you wish, but what you want to do is go to dragonsreach by going to the back of the town and up the hill. Enter the keep and head all the way to the back. Before you can talk to the Jarl, you'll be stopped and asked what you're doing. Insist on talking to the Jarl and he'll listen to what you have to say. Tell him of Riverwood's danger and he'll reward you with

some Imperial armor and you'll be done with "Before the Storm". He'll then tell you that he wants you to meet with his court wizard, Farengar on something related to dragons. This starts the "Bleak Falls Barrow" MAIN QUEST, so go to the next section if you want to do it now. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B L E A K F A L L S B A R R O W _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK303] After delivering the news to the Jarl of Whiterun, he will take you to see his court wizard Farengar. Farengar will have use of you: he wants you to go explore the Bleak Falls Barrow and to retrieve a Dragonstone from there. All of this is in the name of understanding WHY dragons are returning to Tamriel. After accepting the quest from Farengar (who's honestly a jerk) head up the stairs behind the Jarl's throne. There's a sort of mini-war room up here that has a ton of flags in a map of skyrim. This is an excellent chance to look at the map and add these points of interest to your map. Also, there's plenty to steal in the keep if that's how you're playing... Once you're ready to continue, head out of the keep and back to the world map. Bleak Falls Barrow is to the WEST of Riverwood, so you want to head south like you're going back to Riverwood and then start heading into the wilderness before you reach Riverwood (I can see the bridge crossing the river outside of Riverwood when I started my ascent). You'll fight some wolves while going this way, so be ready. As you trek up into the mountains you'll see a trail leading up into the snow. There's a broken-down tower along the way with three bandits in it that you can kill. Be sure to explore the tower as a chest at the top has a bunch of goodies for you. Not far from the broken-down tower you'll find and discover Bleak Falls Barrow, which has some nifty arch-work. At the top of the stairs to this area are THREE bandits: two archers and one with a battle-axe, so get the drop on them and take them out. Proceed into the temple once they're dead and looted. (-NOTE-) If you don't have the quest "The Golden Claw" yet, you will get it now as it is tied-in to this area. By 'now' I mean once you enter the temple. If you're wondering, you could have also gotten it from Lucan Valerius, the owner of Riverwood Traders in Riverwood. It really doesn't matter how you get it as long as you get it though. Inside of the temple you'll see a dead bandit and SEVERAL dead skeever's. Straight ahead of you are two more, alive bandits, so take them out and pick the chest near them for a nice bump in gold. Head down the stairs here and follow the path until you see a man in front of you. Watch him as he activates a lever and gets himself killed. Head into the room and loot it and then go investigate the pillars on the right-hand side of this area. The CORRECT order for them to be in is: <LEFT> SNAKE <CENTER> SNAKE <RIGHT> WHALE

Go hit the lever once they are lined up like that and the gate will open. Be sure to read the book on the table past the gate called "Thief" (it's a skill book for pickpocketing) and raid all of the goodies here. After that head down the stairs and kill a few skeevers and loot some more until you reach an archway covered with spider webs. You'll need to hack/burn through it, but be sure to SAVE before you do. When you go INTO the room, a "Wounded Frostbite Spider" will attack! This creature is BIG and can effectively be called your first BOSS BATTLE. This is a tough fight too, as not only does it HIT hard, but it can poison you and drain your stamina and health. Fire works well against it, and you can ALWAYS go back through the arch that you came out of to take a break and heal up. This is the first fight I had to use potions on! Alternatively, archer-type characters can put arrows in it safely from the arch. Just be sure to stay healed first and foremost and you'll be ok. After the fight raid the place and then go talk to the human in the spider webs blocking the way. His name is Arvel the Swift. He'll ask you to cut him down. You'll soon find out this is the man that took the Golden Claw from Lucan Valerius in Riverwood, but you HAVE to cut him down to proceed. (-Note-) This quest is part of a Riverwood City questline, but does involve the area we're currently exploring. You may as well do it now if you want. We told you about this quest earlier and have it listed under the side quests as well. After the ordeal with Arvel proceed deeper into the temple, looting as you go. Past the embalming room is a room full of the dead... but not all of them are as dead as we'd like! Three Draugr will get up and attack you! Kill them off as they rise and continue. Be CAREFUL of the path to the left here, as there's a trap activated by a tile on the floor that HURTS. You can go around it by a path on the right if you wish. Past that is another room with THREE Draugr. Again, hit them as they are getting up. Loot this room and get the chest up the fallen-in stairway on the left. The path to the right has three swinging blades guarding it, so use your years of video-game playing to time your way through it. Pull the chain after the last blade to make them all stop. Continue your way into the temple and you'll have to fight several more Draugr that are standing up in alcoves guarding the path (you can get the drop on them quite often knowing this, and there's also some oil on the ground for a devastating fire attack at one point). You'll soon reach a room with a Draugr and a stream running through it. Kill the Draugr, inspect the chest, then activate a chain hear a metal door to continue. Follow the stream to a cavern area. Here you can harvest glowing mushroom, loot a skeleton, and loot a chest. You can even get a sneak attack in on a Draugr if you look out over where the waterfall is. Take the right path now and head down. You'll see a path going further down and one going right. Further down is a chest and some skeletons, so go on a side trip to loot then go right. Follow this path and you'll soon reach an open room with a RESTLESS Draugr in it. He takes a LOT more hits to fell, but he's not too challenging. Be sure to get the chest that's in here and then open the doors to the Sanctum. Once inside the Sanctum you'll face yet ANOTHER blade trap. Cross each blade

as it swings and pull the chain at the end to stop them. Three Draugr will no attack you! Kill the close one ASAP as he rises and deal with the other two as they come down the stairs (range helps here, and there are oil spots in this room). Follow the path past that to a locked door. Here there will be THREE rings that you can interact with and below those rings are a keyhole. (-Note-) Once again this is part of the "The Golden Claw" quest from Riverwood but it co-incides with our current quest so just go with it. The secret to solving this puzzle is found by reading the journal that the thief, Arvel the Swift, left. Then EXAMINE the Golden Claw to see the answer sketched in it. Or to make it easier, just do this: - Upper Ring: BEAR - Middle Ring: MOTH - Lower Ring: OWL After that hit the keyhole and the door will open. Follow the path to an open room. Head into it and near the altar you'll find a peculiar wall with strange symbols. Approach it and you'll learn FORCE - UNRELENTING FORCE, part of a DRAGON SHOUT. You can't use it right now, but it's a good find! Don't get too comfy though, turn around and get ready for a fight as a Draugr Overlord emerges from the nearby tomb! Hit him as he is getting up and then get ready for a fight. He hits HARD and uses a form of Unrelenting Force, just to illustrate it to you (giving him some ranged options). His axe also does cold damage and can harm your stamina. Take him out just like any Draugr, only heal when you need to and you should be ok. Be sure to loot him after the fight to find the Dragonstone that you were sent here for. Loot the whole area of course as the chest here has several magic items, then climb up the big staircase nearby. Activate the handle to reveal a way out and loot the chest before going back out to the world map. (-NOTE-) You should be able to finish "The Golden Claw" quest with ease now, since all you have to do is return it to Lucan AND Riverwood is on your way to Whiterun... (-NOTE-) You'll also come across "Anise's Cabin" which you can explore. Of note here is the skillbook "Song of the Alchemists". Be sure to save if you do TOO much exploring though. With the Dragonstone in hand head back to Whiterun. Go and talk to Farengar and you'll give him the stone. This will complete the MAIN quest "Bleak Falls Barrows" and will start the next main quest "Dragon Rising". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D R A G O N R I S I N G _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK304]

This quest starts immediately after "Bleak Falls Barrow". A guard will come in and interrupt you and Farengar (and his associate) stating that a DRAGON has been spotted! Ooohhh, how exciting. Our first objective is to talk to Jarl Balgruuf. Follow everyone up the stairs where the Jarl will be waiting. He'll hear the report from the guard and then will instruct Irileth to go to the western watchtower. He will then give us our reward from the last MAIN quest: a suit of Iron Armor of Minor Illusion (good for you Illusionists, money for everyone else). He will also ask us to help Irileth take down the dragon, changing our objective to "Meet Irileth near the Western Watchtower". Head outside to Whiterun and follow Irileth as she heads to the main gate. Here she'll rally some guards and lay our task before us. After that, follow her to the main world map and to the western watchtower. It's pretty obvious this place has been hit by SOMETHING, so go check for survivors until the dragon returns! Grah, you'll have to fight a DRAGON now! This Dragon's name is Mirmulnir, and he just LOVES to circle around and spit out fire. Ranged players are in luck, as their arrows can harm the beast so try to hit it even as it flies (aim where it WILL be, not where it is..). Every so often it will come down and attack (likely attacking one of the NPC's). What I'd do is equip an ice powered weapon (you got several of them in the last MAIN quest) and attack it with that while it targets the NPC's. It will target you as you lay on the pain, but you can retreat and heal. A few onslaughts like that and you'll have yourself a dead dragon... Be sure to examine the corpse afterwards for SEVERAL goodies. The corpse will soon glow and the dragon's soul will be absorbed by you. This, combined with the FORCE - UNRELENTING FORCE that we found in the last MAIN quest will grant you the ability to use your DRAGON SHOUT power. Go ahead and try it out. The party will talk about you and being "dragonborn" and then your next objective will be to report back to the Jarl. Head back to Dragonsreach and go see the Jarl. Tell him everything that happened at he'll in turn tell you about the Greybeards, who you heard on your way back to the keep. The Jarl will make you a Thane of Whiterun and reward you with a "Axe of Whiterun". You'll have also complete the quest "Dragon Rising" and you'll be given a new quest: "The Way of the Voice". As a note, you now have your own personal HOUSECARL (servant) named Lydia. Lydia hangs around Dragonsreach, and you can ask her to accompany you at any time. Check our Companions section for more info on followers. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E W A Y O F T H E V O I C E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK305] Our goal now is to learn more about our mysterious power. To do so, we need to go visit the Greybeards at their monastery of High Hrothgar. Take a look at your map and check out where that is! Gah, that's aways away! To start our journey there, we'll need to visit the town of Ivarstead, south of the

Throat of the World. If you haven't explored any of the world outside of the main quest, your best bet is to go to the Honningbrew Meadery and start circling the mountain clockwise using the road you'll find. Going this path you can hit a couple of points of interest along the way, such as the "White River Watch" where you can slay some bandits, a "Ritual Stone" where you can gain the power to raise the dead (you have to fight a necromancer AND give up your guardian stone power to do so). There's also a place where you'll either have to follow the river or go UP some steps. The path you want to take is to follow the river, but if decide to explore up the steps SAVE FIRST. Giants live up there (the place is called "Guldun Rock") and they can one-hit kill you. Magic and ranged character can take them down from afar if they get up on the mountain-side though. So in short, continue to follow the river clockwise. You'll reach the Valtheim Towers, where a bandit will demand 200 gold from you. Ha! I say we go on a killing spree! Everyone in this place is pretty soft and weak, the only exception being the bandit leader here (who you want to fight one on one and keep your health up during the fight; magic is GREAT here). There's a TON of loot here, enough to warrant a trip back to a town to sell off. There's also a SKILL book here called "The Black Arrow, v2" along with a couple of unique bows. Keep heading onwards and you'll undoubtedly reach Fort Amol. This place has a bunch of mages that will attack you when you get near them. The mages are easy enough to take on 1 vs. 1 and carry clothing that can be sold for a pretty penny. However, if you explore the prison or the insides of the fort you'll be facing more than one mage at a time, and that can get UGLY FAST, so drink potions, kill them fast, and up your magic resistance if you can. The reason you'd want to explore this place is for a skillbook, the "Complete Catalogue of Enchantments for Armor", which ups your enchantment by one. Whatever you do, just be sure to SAVE first. Past Fort Amol is a bridge, and past that is a path leading up the mountains. This is the path you want to take. It winds up quite a ways, so pick up plants and roast goats as you go. Once you reach the river and the path following it be sure to SAVE. There is a SABER CAT in the area that is downright nasty. Try to get a jump on it and drink a few potions if you must. Continue along the way and you'll see the path split: the right path following the river and the left path going up and over an overhang. There's a TROLL living near the river, and he has a TON of health. He only has short melee attacks though, so he makes a good punching bag (Just be sure he doesn't kill you, eh?! Stay out of reach!). Keep following the path and soon you'll reach the small town of Ivarstead. The objective changes now to further up the mountain. You'll hear the locals talk about the path to High Hrothgar being "7,000 Steps". Yikes! May as well start climbing. As you go, you'll run along some emblems that tell a sort of history involving the dragons, the voice, and man. Check them out and roast the goats on your way up. I'm going to put the emblems here as well (since its my guide and I think they're cool!). o Emblem I: Before the birth of men, the Dragons ruled all Mundus. Their word was the Voice, and they spoke only for True Needs.

For the Voice could blot out the sky and flood the land. Continue up the path (which I'm starting to think may literally have 7,000 steps) and sooner or later you'll see a hunter worshiping at the second emblem: o Emblem II: Men were born and spread over the face of Mundus. The Dragons presided over the crawling masses. Men were weak then, and had no Voice. Be careful as you go further up, as there are Ice Wolves up here now. Saving isn't a bad idea and you may want to break out the fire and stash any ice weapons (old RPG sterotype there). Continue up the path and soon you'll reach the third emblem, which is on the left this time in an opening: o Emblem III: The fledgling spirits of Men were strong in Old Times. Unafraid to war with Dragons and their Voices. But the Dragons only shouted them down and broke their hearts. Another Ice Wolf is nearby if you haven't killed him yet. There's also an iron ore vein nearby if you've got a pickaxe (off the beaten path, of course). Keep following the path. With the fourth emblem in sight, a Dragon will appear and circle above you for awhile (I tried and tried to engage it, but was unable to)... Go talk to the pilgrim by the fourth emblem then check it out: o Emblem IV: Kyne called on Paarthurnax, who pitied Man. Together they taught Men to use the Voice. Then Dragon War raged, Dragon against Tongue. Further up the mountain is an ICE TROLL. I won't lie, this fight is HARD AS HELL. The only way I even did it was by playing keep-away and running around a rock by the steps (before you even get to where he is) and pepper him with arrows and magic. It's hard because 2-3 hits from him will outright kill you and he regenerates his own health if you don't keep the pain on. Here's some different strategies for dealing with the troll: < John Tyldesley writes: I don't know if this counts, as it's not a strategy

for defeating the troll, but after getting my rear handed to me on a number of tries, I found that I could bypass the troll all together by scaling the outside of the peak to the west (left) of the path and coming back to the stairs beyond the troll's location (and missing the fifth emblem). I was sneaking when I did this, but I didn't even see the troll, so it may not be necessary. > < Ryan Preiss writes: When you see the Frost troll jump down from the cliff, look right there should be a big rock. Now while on the rock, he can still hit you, but there is a ledge that you can jump on behind the rock that will allow you to pelt the troll with either arrows or magic and he cannot get to you. He doesn't run away or try and get to you another route, he just runs at you. > < Daniel Dye writes (paraphrased): Just sprint past the first troll, there's no need to kill him and all he drops is troll fat anyways. > < Amy Zielazinski writes: If you have any magic ability or weapons that inflict fire damage the trolls are actually really easy to kill and it doesn't matter if they are a frost troll or a cave troll. (This is true, the fire damage supresses the troll's ability to regenerate, PLUS fire is always a good idea to use against "Frost" anything). > Past the troll is the fifth emblem: o Emblem V: Man prevailed, shouting Alduin out of the world. Proving for all that their Voice too was strong. Although their sacrifices were many-fold. Thankfully there's no killer trolls in between this emblem in the next. In fact, the next emblem is just down the road: o Emblem VI: With roaring Tongues, the Sky-Children conquer. Founding the First Empire with Sword and Voice. Whilst the Dragons withdrew from this World. The seventh emblem is also not far off, except its on the left this time. With the emblems being this close together, you have to figure we're almost there! o Emblem VII: The Tongues at Red Mountain went away humbled. Jurgen Windcaller began His Seven Year Meditation. To understand how Strong Voices could fail.

Emblem number eight is also on the left, just up the way: o Emblem VIII: Jurgen Windcaller chose silence and returned. The 17 disputants could not shout Him down. Jurgen the Calm built His home on the Throat of the World. Hey, that's where we're at, "The Throat of the World". Head up the path and you'll reach the ninth emblem: o Emblem IX: For years all silent, the Greybeards spoke one name. Tiber Septim, stripling then, was summoned to Hrothgar. They blessed and named him Dohvakiin. If you've played The Elder Scrolls at all, you'll recognize that name. Head upwards and you'll see one last emblem on the right: o Emblem X: The Voice is worship. Follow the Inner path. Speak only in True Need. With those last words of wisdom you'll have finally discovered High Hrothgar. You'll also notice that you've gained a NEW POWER: Voice of the Sky. This power will last for 23 hours and makes it so animals will neither attack nor flee from you. Pretty handy, actually. Head up the steps after checking out the goodies by the stairs and enter. Inside you'll find the greybeards: four old men who follow the way of the Voice. Only one of them will (and can) talk to you. You can learn a LOT of info here about who you are and who they are (which you can learn at your leisure). The important thing here is that they fully explain how your SHOUTS WORK. You'll have to demonstrate to them that you are indeed the dragonborn first though, so use Unrelenting Force on Arngeir. You'll learn that there are THREE words of power to a shout. You KNOW the first word of UNRELENTING FORCE: Force. However, one of the greybeards here will teach you the second word: Balance. With both words learned, you will have to knock down three targets as they appear one at a time in the middle of the room. To do it, don't just hit R2 as they appear, but HOLD R2 for a short while as that is how you build up your shout's power. Repeat this three times and then the greybeards will want you to come outside with them. There

are a lot of restoration potions in this place to be had, if you're not against being a thief that is... Head out to the courtyard and a different greybeard will teach you the first word of a NEW Shout power: WHIRLWIND SPRINT. The word that he teaches you is WHIRLWIND. The group will then head to the left a ways and demonstrate just how this power works, which is awesome. They'll have you do it as well, so when they open the gate hit R2 (making sure you EQUIPPED this shout) and you'll go flying through it! The greybeards will be impressed, stating that you have only one last task to complete. And with that, our current quest of "The Way of the Voice" is complete. The greybeards will ask you to retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, their founder, from his tomb in Ustengrav. That will set up our next MAIN quest: "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller". (-NOTE-) If you try and go further up the mountain, to where the fifth greybeard member is, you will get HURT... a LOT. You will end up close to death but alive if you retreat. I would imagine that this is a GRAND place to level up RESTORATION talents... --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E H O R N O F J U R G E N W I N D C A L L E R _,-^\_}\_________________,-._________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK306] The first thing to do is to check out your map and see where it is exactly you are supposed to go. You'll see Ustengrav is just NE of Morthal (which, if you haven't done anything but MAIN quests, is NW of Whiterun). It's definitely a good trip without fast travel! I'll be assuming that like me, you need to travel there all the way from Whiterun. If you don't, bully for you! That's really good, you'll be saving a LOT of time! In that case, just pick through this section of the guide to see what you NEED to do then! Fast travel to the Western Watchtower and head west from there. The first new place you'll likely head to is Fort Greymoor, which has been overrun by bandits (so take them out). The biggest reason to stop here (besides all of the loot) is to find the skillbook "Rislav the Righteous", which upgrades your Light Armor by one point. It's INSIDE of the place, in the training room. Be sure to visit the jail as well for even more loot. With that place cleared, I went NW to Redoran's Retreat (just to discover it, I didn't go in), then from there NW to Greenspring Hollow, which is just a hole in the ground with a BEAR living inside. Get the jump on it now that you know he's there! If you have your housecarl with you it's way easier. This hollow was the home of trappers (emphasis on "was"), so you can loot the place clean and make some decent money! From there I went SW to Swindler's Den (again, just to discover it, I didn't go in it) and then SW a bit more to Gjukar's Monument (beware of the giant out in the fields!). Then it's a short jog NW to the small town of Rorikstead. From Rorikstead you can follow the path down to the river. You'll hit a bandit ambush on your way (which is easy to get through) and THEN you'll hit the

river and see a bridge leading across it. Save here and move forwards. This little structure is called "Robber's Gorge" and it's filled with civilized bandits who want a toll! Ha! Give them your blade as a toll! (-NOTE-) If you have companions with you, you may end up getting shot at even whilst talking to the bandit who asks for a toll... This place is mainly full of cookie-cutter bandits, but they have a rock trap past the first wooden bridge that you should be careful of. They also have an orc with them that can hit hard, plenty of archers (who have a drop on you) and a TOUGH bandit chief. She's usually in the small house here though, and will usually let you kill all of her subordinates before joining the fray. The big treasure here is her loot and the chests, as well as an ARCHERY skill book called "The Black Arrow, v2". You can also go INTO a COVE via. a cellar door in the house. This leads to some more loot and a cove. Note that you can jump into the water here and find a HIDDEN CHEST UNDER THE WATER with items in it. Heck, you can even take this cove out to the river if you wanted to. After having your fun with the bandits, head north. You should see a split in the path, with a road going east and a road going west. Go west first to find the small town of Dragon Bridge (who's most unique landmark is a bridge that has stone dragon heads on it, oh the clever naming!). From there you can head east. There's a couple of unique things that happened to me when I headed east from Dragon Bridge. The first is the Old Orc encounter where you will meet an Orc who is ready to die and just waits in one spot for a fight. Note the saber cats around him. Anyway, you can fight him if you wish but he doesn't have anything special (this fight is noted in the "On the Road" section of our guide). The second big thing is that you can run into "Meeko's Shack". Meeko is the proud owner of this shack and he's a... dog?! Yep, poor Meeko's owner is dead, and so you can ask Meeko to come along with you if you wish (this event is listed under the "Companions" section of our guide). Keep heading east towards Ustengrav and you'll run into another fort: Fort Snowhawk. Like every other fort in this god-forsaken land, it is infested by necromancers (who are ready to kill you). You can take them out if you wish, just be ready for the skeletons that they summon (having companions helps here a ton, just for the distraction they provide). You can also head INSIDE of the fort (like most forts) to fight more necromancers, including a full-fledged NECROMANCER (not a novice or apprentice). This guy is behind a locked door when you first enter the fort. If you examine the door it will say it's barred from the other side, but I've been able to OPEN it regardless by moving my curser over portions of the door until is says ACTIVATE (something). This will open the door, but beware, the NECROMANCER is no pushover (be ready to heal at any time; resisting magic helps as well). The big prize inside of this place (besides all of the robes that fetch a ton of money) is a BLOCKING SKILLBOOK called "A Dance in Fire, v2". Very nice. From Fort Snowhawk, it's a short journey SE to the city of Morthal, then from there it is a short trek north to Ustengrav. Once you do reach Ustengrav, you will notice there are a lot of dead bandits lying around. *Gulp*, that's not a good sign. Go ahead and enter. Once inside, this first floor will have a lone Conjurer walking around (with a LOT of dead bodies). Kill the mage off and loot everyone here. There's a chest here too, so be sharp! Continue on and you'll hear fighting down below!

Aha, there's definitely some internal strife here between bandits, mages, and the undead. Either let them fight it out and take out the winner or go in gun's blazing. Once everything is dead be sure to loot and check out all of the side rooms as there are a lot of urns here with gold, scattered potions to be found, and even a SKILLBOOK called "Mystery of Talara, v2" that ups your RESTORATION by one level! Continue onwards and you'll see a path go down on the right and a path that goes straight into a new room. Go right first. Down here is some gold coins scattered on a table if you want to pick them up, but the wall to the left of the table is also a FALSE WALL. There's a chain nearby that will open it that leads to a chest. Head back and go straight. Three undead wait for you in here, including one restless, so take them out then go up the stairs on the left. There's a chest up here and some potions. Follow the path to reach a door that leads to the Ustengrav Depths. Head downwards and enjoy the view. There's a single Draugr patroling here that can reach you as well as one off in the distance. Kill it and continue on where you'll have no choice but to hit a large pressure plate that spits flames at you (whirlwind dash past it). Continue onto a bridge where you can sneak attack a Draugr at range if you want, but sneak around to the floor below. There's another restless foe patrolling the far bridge. Kill him then follow the path to a room further on where two undead will rise (there's an oil spot here too). After killing them again you can check out a gate on the right. The lever to the left of the gate opens a door further in, but hey, you can duck and activate the CHAIN past the first door to open it! There's a chest here with several potions and an alchemy lab. Continue further in and you'll be back in the wide-open cave area. There are several skeletons down here, so take them out be beware of a fire trap up some stairs (there IS a chest and gems up there though, so you'll want to get them). Head DOWN to the lower part of the cave first, for down here is a DRAGON WALL that will teach you a new word: FADE - BECOME ETHEREAL. As we know though, you must have more than a word to become ethreal (which does just what it sounds like it does). Be sure to check behind the waterfall as well for a restless undead and a chest. Go back up now and across the land-bridge leading to the far side of this area. Over here theres another skeleton and more loot, but more importantly there are THREE stones that glow when you get near them. Note that each stone opens up a gate up ahead, and that each stone is spread out a bit. What you need to do here is RUN past each of the stones (to get all of the gates up) and than use WHIRLWIND SPRINT to get past the gates. It took me 2-3 tries (you have to line up JUST right...) but it's completely do-able. Past the gates (which stay open once you get past them) is a room FULL of fire pressure-plates. There's also some spiders to your upper right. Go through this room by using the debris to step on and you'll face a large spider at the end. Kill it then hack through the webbing ahead to reach a big room. Walk down the stairs as giant statues appear. As you reach the alter you'll see that you've FAILED your quest! WHAT!?! 'How is that possible?' you may ask. Well, go read the note that's in the place of where the horn should be: o----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | |

| Dragonborn -| | | | I need to speak to you. Urgently. | | | | Rent the attic room at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, and I'll | | meet you. | | | | -- A friend. | | | o----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Sheesh, some friend. Loot the place then go through the door behind the alter for even more loot (you should find some NICE items here). Keep heading down the new path as it leads you to the entrance of this area and head back to the world map. Now we have to head over to Riverwood. Fast travel over there and do as the note instructs: rent the "Attic Room" in the Sleeping Giant Inn. Once you have the room rented, go sleep in the bed (time doesn't matter). After you've done so, Delphine (the inn keeper!) will wake you up and GIVE you the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller! This allows you to finish this quest, but also initiates the start of the NEXT main quest: "A Blade in the Dark". With the horn in hand, fast travel to High Hrothgar (if you don't want to undertake that mountain climb again, that is!). Go and talk to Arngeir who will lead you out into the main room to learn PUSH - UNRELENTING FORCE, the third and final word of power for Unrelenting Force. Once you've learned it you will have mastered the power. Before letting you go you will have to stand in the middle of all four greybeards as they all talk to you. Their voices will shake the screen but you will pass the test and complete this quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A B L A D E I N T H E D A R K _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK307] After getting the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller from Delphine she will ask you to follow her. She will lead you to a secret room below the inn and questions you on your Dragonborn status. Talk to her to get a glimpse about what she does and who she's working to stop. Eventually she will tell you about the re-emergence of the dragons and that she KNOWS where the next one will show up and as a dragonborn asks you to slay it! If her predictions are correct, the next Dragon will resurrect near the town of Kynesgrove. She promises to answer all of your questions should you slay the dragon. We need to go locate the dragon burial site now (which, if you look at the map, is JUST south of Windhelm). Be SURE to loot this secret room, as it is just chock FULL of potions. There's gold and weapons to be had here as well. It's almost as if someone's preparing for a dragon fight... Head over to Kynesgrove once you have prepared (You DID prepare, right? Bring potions, fire resistance, that sort of thing). A good companion (like Lydia) will help out tremendously as well. Once you get to Kynesgrove talk to Delphine. No time for hello though, as a resident claims a DRAGON flew over

the town to the old dragon's burial site. Follow Delphine as she sprints to the site. Stay your hand though and witness what is happening (it is SO cool that you can partially understand what they are saying). After the scene, the first dragon will fly away, leaving the dragon Sahloknir to deal with you. This is pretty similar to the first dragon fight. Sahloknir will actually talk to you though, which is cool. He can fly around and lay down lines of fire which you should avoid, as well as hover around (a perfect chance for archers) and every now and again he'll come down to fight. Hopefully you brought along Lydia or a companion to distract him so you can get in some good licks (Delphine will help too). Keep your health up and pick away at him and you'll fell yet another Dragon. Loot him after he's dead and you'll receive his soul as he turns to bones. Delphine is a solid believer now, so you can talk to her here and now to learn that she is a member of the Blades, and sworn to protect the dragonborn. She THINKS that the Thalmor are behind this but has no solid proof. She will ask you to meet her back in Riverwood as we plan our next move, which starts the next MAIN QUEST: "Diplomatic Immunity". And with the great dragon Sahloknir dead and Delphine talked to you'll have completed "A Blade in the Dark". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D I P L O M A T I C I M M U N I T Y _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK308] After the last Main Quest, head on over to Riverwood to meet up again with Delphine. She'll take you down to the secret room and talk to you about the Thalmor Embassy and how YOU are going to sneak inside! Huh, sounds dangerous! Apparently that throws parties that you're going to be invited to, we just have to travel to the town of Solitude and meet with Delphine's contact, Malborn first. So it's off to the Winking Skeever Inn in Solitude (which, if you didn't know, Solitude is in the north-west section of the map, north of Dragon Bridge and good ol' Meeko's Shack). Once you're in Solitude, go to the Winking Skeever Inn and meet up with Malborn. Now, here's the part where the quest gets interesting. Malborn will offer to sneak in some equipment for you, because when you go to the party you won't have ANY of your normal gear. Now take his advice and bring what is ESSENTIAL to you (for me for example, I brought a bow and arrows, a blade, and some lockpicks...). A weapon is DEFINITELY recommended (unless you're the magic type). After talking to Malborn and giving him the equipment, head back outside of Solitude and go meet Delphine near the stables. She will give you two pieces of party clothing and your invitation. She'll also hold onto EVERYTHING you own in the meantime. When you're ready to go let her know. You'll arrive at the embassy in the wagon. Give the nearby wizard your invitation and head in with the other party-goer named Razelan. Once you are inside the ambassador Elenwen will engage you in conversation before being interrupted by Malborn. Talk to the people here if you wish to hear some interesting conversation, but your next objective is to cause a distraction so you can follow Malborn. To do so, go get a drink from Malborn (or one of the servants) and go give it to Razelan. You'll INSTANTLY become his best friend (SOMEONE has been drinking already today!). Since you're his

new best friend, you can ask him to make a distraction, which he'll proudly do. Head over to Malborn now and he'll lead you through the kitchen and past a nosy Khajit to the rest of the house. You can grab the gear he smuggled in by examining the chest in the pantry. Once you go into the hallway you will be locked into this portion of the house. Be careful, in the immediate room to your left you will find two soldiers and a wizard who will fight on contact. Since I'm a badass, I just killed them all (I imagine some invisibility would get you through without being seen, but their armor is worth gold!). Loot the place now (there's no more enemies in this section of the house) and once you're done looting there will be TWO doors leading out to "Skyrim". In reality they lead to a small backyard where two soldiers and another wizard await. Out here, try to fight them one on one and avoid fighting anything the wizard may summon (it's best to kill the wizard first if you can). You should be able to divide and conquer by using the building out here. Once they are dead head into the stand-alone building. You'll now be in an office of sorts. There's a single patroling guard here and an informant talking to someone in the back. I snuck around and looted stuff until the informant was done talking, then I killed him and the guard. Loot the rest of this place too (as the person who was talking to the snitch went downstairs). Of particular note is a bunch of documents in a chest behind a desk. Thalmor Dossier's, one on Delphine and one on Ulfric Stormcloak. You'll also see a document called "Dragon Investigation: Current Status". Take it and read it. Seems like they know about as much as we do. There's also an EXPERT display case here that you can try and crack but it's pretty damned hard unless you have SOME proficiency with lockpicking. Very good stuff inside though. Now our next goal is to go into the dungeon down below, and if you raided/looted properly you should have the key! Head down to the dungeon and sneak around. Listen to what's going on and when you're ready kill the guard and the wizard down here (followed by more looting of course). You should find another Dossier on Esbern that will prove quite revealing. Seems like this guy is their #1 target in Riften. Go free the prisoner now and he'll thank you. He'll show you a trapdoor nearby where he's seen them dump bodies, but it's locked! Right about now two guards should appear with Malborn in two, claiming they have you trapped and have your spy! You have to kill both of them, as they have a key for the trapdoor on their persons. You'll now have Malborn AND the prisoner following you. Head through the trapdoor. Down here you'll run into ANOTHER FROST TROLL. This guy just sucks (I HATE these things). Oftentimes the prisoner will just run ahead like an idiot and get himself killed. Ideally, you'll want to shoot the troll with arrows or use magic from the ledge your on to kill it, but it's super hard to come out of this with NPC's that are dumb (you can always reload the auto-save if you wish). You could also just plain run past it, as the exit to Skyrim's world map is close by. I should really note though that there's an ILLUSION SKILLBOOK here called "Before the Ages of Man" to be had, so some troll killing may be in order. Back out on the world map your companions will run away. Our next objective is to retrieve our stuff and talk to Delphine, so fast travel back to Riverwood. Tell Delphine everything you've learned and she'll say that you HAVE to go to Riften to find Esbern! Oh, a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: All of your gear is in the CHEST down here in the secret room.

With our next goal of finding Esbern we'll receive our next MAIN QUEST: "A Cornered Rat". We'll also have completed "Diplomatic Immunity". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A C O R N E R E D R A T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK309] With our goal of needing to find Esbern clear we'll have to travel to Riften. Riften is in the far SOUTHEAST corner of the map, if you've never been there before. I hadn't been there yet, so to get there I went to Kynesgrove and started a rather lengthy trek to the SOUTHEAST. You'll undoubtedly run into wolves and a bear or two on your way, as well as have the opportunity to find several points of interest (like Mzulft, Stony Creek Cave, and Cragslane Cavern just to name a few). If you're trekking this path too, make it a goal to reach the town of Shor's Stone on your way up. There's a fort nearby called "Fort Greenwall" that like most forts is full of bandits. This one has a One-Handed SKILLBOOK in it called "Mace Etiquette" (which made me laugh) that you can grab. From the fort it's a short trek south to the major city of Riften. Once inside you'll quickly hear on the streets that the Thieves Guild operates out of this town. In fact a man named Maul may outright stop you and you can ask him about the guild. Our goal though is to find and talk to a man named Brynjolf. He's usually out about town and easy to find. However, Brynjolf isn't about to hand out information so easily. He'll want a favor first, so unless you can pass a speech check for a persuade talk option you're going to have to help him. (-NOTE-) If you know what the minimum speech is that can pass that check, email me and let me know! Brynjolf will ask for your help framing a fellow merchant nearby. His play is to have you steal a ring from Madesi while he distracts everyone, then have you pickpocket Brand-Shei and put Madesi's ring INTO his inventory (it's really more like reverse-pickpocketing...). It's not really that hard to do. Before doing it, just make sure you know where Madesi'a stand is and who Brand-Shei is. Oh, and make sure you have some lockpicks... (-NOTE-) Alternately, if you DON'T want to do this but want to progress the main story anyways, check this out: < Meredith Kniest writes: Concerning the beginning of the quest A Cornered Rat - if you want to get the information about Esbern from Brynjolf in Riften, but don't want to screw over Brand-Shei by planting the ring on him, you can intentionally get caught picking the lock by a guard, pay the 15 gold bounty, and then go back and talk to Brynjolf. Not only does he invite you to join the Thieves Guild anyway, despite your embarrassing failure, but if you choose the middle conversation option (something like "The pay sounds good, but I don't know") then finish the conversation, you can immediately talk to him again and get the information about Esbern, without having to follow him into the sewers or anything. Plus you'll still

have the option to join the Thieves Guild later, if you change your mind Brynjolf says he'll wait for you at the Ragged Flagon. > After that just tell Brynjolf that you're ready and he'll draw everyone in the area around him. Head to Madesi's stall and pick the sliding drawer, then pick the box you find there. May as well steal everything. Now go find your target, Brand-Shei (who should be sitting on some boxes to the right). Enter sneak mode and target him behind the boxes (you should be hidden) and put the ring INTO his inventory. After that just talk to Brynjolf for your reward (100 gold). Job well done! (-NOTE-) This is actually the very first THIEVES GUILD Quest, "A Chance Arrangement". After doing this for Brynjolf you can ask him about the "old man" hiding out in the city. He'll confirm that yes, Esbern is in the Ratway Warrens, and so our next objective is to enter there and find him! The Ratway Warrens isn't hard to find: from where Brynjolf is at there's a canal nearby that has an entryway to the sewers below town (follow the in-game compass). Enter the Warrens and get ready to fight two thugs in the tunnel. Keep following the linear path until you reach a door. This door is trapped, so be sure to take the trap off of it (which requires a lockpick...). Further in is a pugilist called Gian the Fist who will try to beat you up! Ha! He's got some unique armor too! Keep trekking onwards and watch out for a battering ram trap as you go up a long flight of stairs. Further on is a "lowlife" you can take out, but be sure to grab the SKILLBOOK "Beggar" nearby for a +1 increase to pickpocketing. The arch on the left here has a lever to make easier to get this far again, the arch on the right leads to an EXPERT locked door, and the arch on the far right leads to the Ragged Flagon. Enter the Ragged Flagon, which is home of the Thieves guild. We're just passing through for now to "The Ratway Vaults" which is beyond the way. In here you will encounter more Thalmor soldiers, so be ready to take them out (it looks like we better find him fast!). Follow the path as it leads ever downwards. In the room with the anvil be sure to loot the chest, and past that is a room with a LOT of chests for you to pick/loot. Keep following the path and you'll soon reach a door to "The Ratway Warrens". Again... Enter the door and make your way to the marker to find Esbern's house (and you'll probably be attacked by a hungry "chef" on the way). Talk to Esbern and be sure to tell him "Remember the 30th of Frostfall", which proves to him that Delphine sent you. He'll invite you inside his house where he'll learn exactly who you are and what you can do (as he's long ago give up hope). Esbern will tell you that you must escort him to Riverwood, and with that the quest "A Cornered Rat" is complete. You'll now move on to the next MAIN QUEST: "Alduin's Wall". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A L D U I N ' S W A L L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK310]

Ok, our first goal is to get old Esbern to Riverwood in one piece... easier said than done. Before going anywhere, be sure to loot his house, as there are several good things lying around, including a SKILLBOOK that ups your one-handed skill by one (it's called "Fire and Darkness"). As soon as you leave Esbern's place you'll run into a Thalmor soldier AND a wizard (and probably some summons too). Kill them off and ask Esbern if he knows the way out to have him lead (you can ask him about the 30th of Frostfall too!). Follow him to The Ratway Vaults and stick with him as he leads you back to the Thieves Guild. Back out at the Ratway you may be the target of an assassination attempt by a Khajit named Shavari (who was sent by someone named "E") but Esbern will help you out. Does this guy even NEED an escort!? Head out to Riften and once you're out to the open world you can fast travel back to Riverwood. Head back to the Sleeping Giant Inn and the two blades will re-unite. Ah, how touching. Go down to the secret room where Esbern will divulge our next plan: to go see Alduin's Wall. He has rediscovered its location at the Sky Haven Temple and believes it is the key to defeating Alduin. Delphine and Esbern will be coming with us this time though, although you may tell them that you'll meet them at Karthspire if you wish and travel alone. Delphine will give the Inn to Orgnar before she leaves. We'll now have to reach Karthspire, which is on the western side of the map. It's just east of Markarth, or west of Rorikstead. You can take a carriage from Whiterun to Markarth if you wish (which is what Delphine suggests) or you can walk there from the east. (-NOTE-) I personally walked from Rorikstead, but I saw Alduin arrive and just WEST of the town he resurrected ANOTHER dragon, this one named Nahagliiv. The guards nearby can help you take him out, just keep your health up. (-NOTE-) From there, I headed west to a place called "Sojund's Sinkhole". Here I fought yet ANOTHER dragon, this one a BLOOD DRAGON that used ice attacks. A guard nearby will help and makes a good distraction, just don't let the dragon bite you. Keep your health up and you'll have another Dragon Soul before too long. Also, its important to note that right before Karthspire is a Karthspire camp that is FULL of forlorn enemies. The only ones to REALLY worry about here are the enemies that use ICE magic (they one-hit killed me a couple of times, so be VERY careful). As an interesting side note, even though I told Delphine to meet me there, she came to my aid as I fought, effectively doing a pincer attack on the camp! Ha! There's also a SKILLBOOK here called "A Dance in Fire, v2" that helps your BLOCKING. After the fight, head over to Karthspire and enter it. There's more forsworn enemies in here, so take them out and loot the place good. Continue further in and you'll be stuck at a bridge with some pillars nearby. To get past this, you need to put the symbol of the Dragonborn on each of the pillars. The symbol you need looks like this: \ / ( < > (-NOTE-) There's also an arrow pointing down in the middle of it. I had to )

turn the left pillar once and the middle pillar twice. Once the bridge is down head up the stairs and another "puzzle" will be in front of you. Here you have to step on ONLY the switches with the Dragonborn symbol. It's REALLY easy, just make your way to the chain in the back and have any companions wait behind for awhile. Once you pull the chain the trap is deactivated. Head further in to discover the Sky Haven Temple (and a nice big chest). Right before the big face is a BLOOD SEAL that Esbern will tell us about. Go activate it and spill some blood to open the way ahead and enter the Sky Haven Temple. In here be sure to loot the place, as you can find a unique katana called "Dragonbane" that does 20 EXTRA points of damage to dragons (and 10 extra shock damage to anything else). There's also a SKILLBOOK called "Mace Etiquette" by Dragonbane that ups your One-Handed skill by 1. This place also has a room full of beds and chests, which can be worth looting just for stuff to sell. After you're done looting, go check out Alduin's Wall with Esbern as he recounts its history. It seems we need to learn a specific shout, but no one has any idea what it could be. Delphine will begrudginly tell you to go talk to the greybeards about it, ending our current quest and starting the next MAIN QUEST: "The Throat of the World". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E T H R O A T O F T H E W O R L D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK311] Well, to start this quest we want to fast travel to High Hrothgar so we can go talk to Arngeir. Once you talk to him and explain what it is that you want, he will get rather mad at you for working with the blades! Sheesh dude, chill! Someone else (Paarthurnax) will remind Arngeir of his place. However, Arngeir doesn't know the shout "Dragonrend" and says that only Paarthurnax may know it. Follow Arngeir to the courtyard and he will teach you a new shout, CLEAR SKIES. He'll teach you ALL THREE WORDS: SKY, SPRING, and SUMMER. Using this Thu'um, it is possible to clear away inclement weather, which you'll need to do to open the way to the summit. Equip the Clear Skies shout and try it out to get rid of the damaging mist plauging the path ahead (head to the top of the stairs first and be sure to re-use it as needed). Once you clear the way, our objective will change to "Talk to Paarthurnax" so start trekking up the mountain some more. You'll face several Ice Wraiths along the way. They're not a real threat, but you have to examine the chunks of ice they leave behind for any kind of reward... At the top of the mountain you will finally discover "The Throat of the

World" and meet Paarthurnax (who is totally a dragon!). Ask him what you need and he will contemplate it. First he will "speak" onto the dragon wall nearby, which displays the first word for an entirely new shout: FIRE - FIRE BREATH. Go up and learn it and then equip it, as you need to actually USE it on Paarthurnax to continue. He will be happy once you torch him as he hasn't talked to "his own kind" in quite awhile. Once again, ask him to teach you the Dragonrend Shout (I though we made that clear a second ago!?). This will lead to a rather lengthy talk between him and you about Alduin and the last time he was defeated. In the end, Paarthurnax doesn't know the shout Dragonrend, as it was the very first Thu'um created by Dragonborn alone. He will tell you exactly what happened to Alduin so very long ago though, which involves a familiar relic to the series: the Elder Scroll. The Elder Scroll was used in conjunction with Dragonrend to push Alduin forward into time, and the only people that could possibly teach you the shout Dragonrend would be the ancient heroes that used it in the beginning. Paarthurnax reasons that if you had the Elder Scroll, you could go back in time and learn the shout from those heros yourself. When asked what Dragonrend actually does, Paarthurnax says it forces the dragon to have a concept of mortality... a concept that is so foreign to the immortal creatures that it weakens them. This ends the quest "The Throat of the World" and starts the next MAIN QUEST: "Elder Knowledge". (-NOTE-) You can meditate on the Words of Power now by talking to Paarthurnax. He will essentially ask you what word you wish to meditate on. Here are the words and what bonuses they give: FUS: o Force Without Effort: You stagger 25% less and foes stagger 25% more. FEIM: o Eternal Spirit: You gain a 25% bonus health regeneration rate after using Ethereal shout. YOL: o The Fire Within: Fire Breath shout deals 25% more damage. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== E L D E R K N O W L E D G E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK312] The main goal of this quest is to learn the location of the Elder Scroll, so we may have a shot at learning the shout Dragonrend. To start, you need to

either talk to Esbern or Arngeir about it. Head back to the Sky Haven Temple and talk to Esbern. He will suggest going to the College of Winterhold in the hopes that some mage there can help you. If perhaps you went and asked Arngeir about the Elder Scrolls, he will tell you the exact same thing. Looks like we're on our way to Winterhold. (-NOTE-) You can ask Esbern to give you the Dragonslayer's Blessing now, which gives you a 10% increased Critical Hit Chance vs. Dragons for 5 days. In case you've never been there, Winterhold is located on the NORTHEAST portion of the map. Since I've never been there in my game, I just ended up hiring a carriage to get me there... When you get to Winterhold, a gatekeeper will stop you before you can go to the college itself. She will insist that you do something for them before you can go in, however if you say your a dragonborn and then demonstrate your power (such as breathing fire nearby) she'll gladly let you in. (-NOTE-) She'll also give you the first College of Winterhold quest "First Lessons" since you're now part of the college. Enter the college and make your way to The Arcanaeum inside. Find Urag gro-Shub and talk to him. Once again making it known that you are a dragonborn well help here as Urag gro-Shub heard the greybeards call out to you sometime ago. Ask about the Elder Scrolls and then finish talking to him to have him bring out two books on the subject. Read both of them and then you'll get a NEW quest: "Discerning the Transmundane". (-NOTE-) While this is a new quest entirely, it goes hand-in-hand with our current quest so think of this portion of the guide now covering BOTH of those quests. Our goal now is to find Septimus Signus in the hope that he can lead us to an Elder Scroll. Turns out he marched into the northern ice floes and hasn't been seen since, which makes sense. Leave the college (all the way to the town) and start marching north yourself to the objective. Out here be careful of the ice SABRE CATS which can pack a punch. There are also wolves and walruses for you to kill. You'll soon reach Septimus Signus's Outpost. Head inside and lo and behold there is Septimus. Go ahead and talk to him and you'll see he's... been affected a tad bit by the Elder Scroll. He will ask you for a favor before helping you out though: he wants you to use a machine located in Alftand (where the Elder Scroll supposedly is) to transcribe the scroll onto a lexicon so he can read it. And with that our objective will point towards Alftand, which is southwest of our current position. Head back out to the world map and start your journey towards Alftand. You're going to want to approach it from the south, jusy FYI. Once you reach it, you'll see that it looks like it's in ruins. Explore the place and loot, then to north to find some catwalks. Follow these until you reach and enter a new places called "Alftand Glacial Ruins".

The ruins stretch on for quite a ways, but its all very linear. You're going to face dwarven constructs in this place. Notably Dwarven Spider Workers (who can pop out of holes on the wall at literally ANY time, so be ready) and the much more dangerous Dwarven Sphere. Just proceed through this place and loot whatever you can (there's a lot of ores here) and kill any constructs. You'll also find a live Khajit down here that will attack you (and his dead brother who is nearby). When you get to the piston room save because you'll be facing TWO dwarven sphere's soon, but after killing them you can follow the path (which leads you on TOP of the walls you just passed, dodging pistons) and you'll soon reach the "Alftand Animonculory". Proceed forwards to fight a spider and a sphere. You can explore UNDER the floor here (to the left) to find a dead caravan member, but then head up the stairs and kill another spider. Now this NEXT set of stairs has FLOOR TRAPS on it that will pop out a DEADLY spinning blade trap if you touch them. Past that you'll end up in a wide area with a path spiraling downwards. Kill the spider on the left and go get the chest in the cubby then head down to the bottom. Pick the door down here and head inwards. Now, there's an EXPERT locked gate in here that has a MASTER chest behind it as well as a SKILLBOOK on lockpicking called "The Locked Room". Very ironic, no? You have to be pretty damn good at lockpicking to get this, but I did it and there isn't a whole lot you'd miss if you skip it. You're going to have to jump down to the lower platform when you're done. Be careful of any pistons that may try to push you off the path up ahead. There is a chest up above (with a spider) but then head downwards. You'll start running into the FALMER enemies (mostly archers) so be prepared to take them out since you have the upper ground. Continue spiraling down until you have to run past a flame trap and open a door, then two more falmer enemies will be below you. Kill them and proceed onwards where you'll find three MORE falmer enemies that you can get the drop on. A bit past that is a torture room with three MORE falmer... my god these things are everywhere! There's an exit to the glacier ruins here, but keep going forwards back to the big open room. There's thee falmer down here as well as a spider. Try to take them all out from up top if you can (or at the very least weaken them). Once they're dead, go down and towards the objective but don't let the big CLAW TRAP (a tripwire) get you. Enter the Alftand Cathedral at the end. In here there's a couple of falmer and a spider to kill. Take them out and then explore the place for the 2-3 chests you can find. The lever to open the gate to continue is above the entrance with two more chests. Save and then head up the steps. There will be a DWARVEN CENTURION up here that is more or less a TANK. He can also shoot steam at you. His strikes HURT, so non-warriors should use hit and run tactics to beat him. He's also got a key on him, so be sure to loot (there's a chest in the upper-right of this area too). After that head to the objective and you'll see Sulla Trebatius and Umana... they REALLY don't trust eachother, but they don't trust you either since they attack! Kill them both and put them out of their misery (they will often fight each other and let you pick you to kill). With that done go activate the dwarven mechanism which leads to "Blackreach". Wow, this is a pretty place, no? There is a dwarven sphere straight ahead, but from where you entered you can sneak to the left and hit a lever to fire a volley of arrows at it and kill it. Go into the building it was guarding,

the one named "Sinderion's Field Laboratory". There's a lot of good alchemy stuff in here, as well as loot (including boots that let you carry even MORE loot), but poor Sinderion has passed on. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this place (besides how downright awesome it is) is the fact that you can get a quest merely by harvesting a plant down here (you harvest the "Crimson Nirnroot" and get the quest "A Return to your Roots"). This quest has to do with poor Sinderion, and BOY is it tedious... I have it listed under the Sidequest section. The last thing I'm going to note about this area (since I'm not handholding you through it) is that there are TOUGH enemies to be found while exploring. I'm talking DWARF CENTURION and FROST TROLLS. That's right TROLLS, PLURAL. Yikes! Be sure to save when you explore! Make your way to the quest objective, which should be inside of a building where you'll find a lever that takes you to the "Tower of Mzark". Loot the place when you arrive (of note is a SMITHING SKILLBOOK called "The Armorers' Challenge") and continue inwards. Climb up the ramp to the left and you'll see quite the contraption before you! Go to the very top where you'll see a row of buttons. There's also a pedestal on the right to hold the lexicon that Septimus gave you. Put the lexicon in and buttons number 3 and 4 will open. Ok, now to get what you want, hit button number THREE until you see button number TWO open up. Now, hit button number TWO until button number ONE opens up. Hit that and you'll see an arm come down and open up a pod. Congrats, you can now waltz over to it and pick up the ELDER SCROLL. Be sure to pick up the lexicon too. Once you pick up the Elder Scroll, the quest "Elder Knowledge" will be done and you'll start the next MAIN QUEST: "Alduin's Bane". (-NOTE-) The other quest that we were doing with "Elder Knowledge", "Discerning the Transmundane" has MORE parts to it past "Give the Lexicon to Septimus". The rest of this quest will be in the DAEDRIC QUESTS section of the guide. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A L D U I N ' S B A N E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK313] (-NOTE-) A pretty big boss fight is coming up, so you should take this time to prepare. Stock up on potions, arrows, or whatever you need to last through a dragged-out boss fight. Better safe than sorry. Make sure you've saved recently too... With the Elder Scroll in hand, fast travel to the Throat of the World. Paarthurnax will greet you once you show up and applaud your conviction. Go to the Time-Wound and stand in the midst of it, then open up your inventory and read the Elder Scroll...

Watch the AWESOME scenes that transpire and you will soon learn all three words of DRAGONREND: Mortal, Finite, Temporary... Watch the rest of the scenes and soon you'll be back in your own time... with Alduin the World-Eater right in front of you! Equip your newfound shout and bring him down. Fighting Alduin is QUITE a bit different than fighting any other dragon. For one, he NEVER comes down voluntarily... NEVER. AND the entire time that you're fighting him fireballs will be raining down with rocks scattering EVERYWHERE. Thankfully these attacks don't do much damage. While Alduin is flying around, he will be sparring with Paarthurnax, frankly making it MUCH HARDER to know which dragon to target (Alduin looks much more menacing and the objective arrow will constantly follow him. Plus, if you have a companion, you can see who THEY are targeting...). The saving grace in this fight is that every now and again Alduin will stop and hover somewhere (because hitting him with Dragonrend when he's flying is frickin' HARD), so use those times to get him. He'll crash land, but he's still extremely dangerous. He's not very mobile when he's on the ground, so be sure to attack from the sides if you can. Keep it up and remember to heal yourself first and foremost and with time you'll have "defeated" Alduin. Watch the scenes that follow once his HP reaches 0 and then the quest "Alduin's Bane" will be finished and your next NEW MAIN QUEST, "The Fallen" will begin... --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E F A L L E N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK314] After that adrenaline-filled battle with Alduin your next objective will be to talk to Paarthurnax OR Arngeir OR Esbern. Well hell, Paarthurnax is RIGHT HERE so let's go talk to him! Paarthurnax will congratulate you, even though it's not a true victory its certainly more than those before you could do. Our immediate goal now is to find a way to learn WHERE Alduin has retreated to. Paarthurnax will suggest that one of Alduin's followers (read: another dragon) may know, but how do you convince a dragon to tell you such a thing! He will say that Drgonsreach in Whiterun used to hold a captured dragon, so perhaps we may trap one there again! We'll have to talk to the Jarl about it though... (-NOTE-) You can go and talk to Arngeir and Esbern as well to learn some interesting knowledge about where Alduin has gone and what he's doing. (-NOTE-) You can ask Arngeir where WORDS OF POWER are in the world of Skyrim. He can hear them, even on top of the mountain. He will give you hints under your MISCELLANEOUS quests on where they are...

(-NOTE-) Esbern and Delphine KNOW that Paarthurnax is the leader of the greybeards. And, despite knowing that he's helping you, insist that if you want their continued support you need to KILL Paarthurnax. This starts a different quest called "Paarthurnax". It is under the RANDOM quest section of the guide... Head over to Dragonsreach so we can talk to the Jarl of Whiterun. The Jarl will hardly believe what you're asking of him, but flatly refuses when the threat of war hangs over his head due to the civil war between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. The only way he's going to help you is if you can manage to bring both sides to a truce... (-Note-) If you already finished the Civil War Quest, then the Jarl won't speak about bringing both sides to a truce. This starts the Main Quest "Season Unending". Note that "The Fallen" is STILL an active quest, but is dependant on us doing "Season Unending" in the meantime... So with that in mind, skip ahead a section and do "Season Unending", then come back here and finish up "The Fallen" with me. [ GO DO "Season Unending" at this time and come back when it's done!] (-NOTE-) Once again, if you already finished the Civil War Questline, whether you allied with the Imperials or the Stormcloaks, you won't have to worry about Season Unending. Ok, you've finished "Season Unending", right? GOOD! That means you should be at a conference table right now. Esbern will talk to you soon about HOW we are going to call and trap a dragon. Through his research, he found out the name of one of Alduin's allies. Calling a dragon's name is a shout itself. This dragon's name is Odahviing, and you'll learn its shout from Esbern: CALL DRAGON - Snow, Hunter, Wing. Head to Dragonspeak and talk to the Jarl. He'll be ready whenever you are. Tell him that you're ready and go up the stairs behind him to see the great porch, where we're about to trap ourselves a dragon! Head out to the open-air section at the far end, and use your CALL DRAGON shout. After a little while, Odahviing will appear (killing a guard in the process). Now I KNOW your first thought is to fight. Don't. Equip Dragonrend and use it when Odahviing hovers. This will bring him down to the castle. From here, Dragonrend will wear off. What you need to do now is back-peddle and draw Odahviing FURTHER INTO the area. Once he is drawn in aways he will be trapped. Your new objective is to interrogate the beast. He will actually salute your wit in being able to trap him and will confirm that Alduin is indeed at Sovngarde right now, devouring the souls of dead Nords to regain his power. The portal that Alduin used to get there is located at a dragon temple named Skuldafn in the eastern mountains. However, there's one catch: the only way to reach it is to have Odahviing FLY us there. This completes "The Fallen" and starts the NEXT main quest: "The World-Eater's Eyrie". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---=====

S E A S O N U N E N D I N G _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK315] (-NOTE-) This MAIN QUEST starts and completes itself in the middle of the PREVIOUS main quest, "The Fallen". Complete this quest in order to finish "The Fallen". Head over to High Hrothgar and find Arngeir (he's probably in the courtyard meditating or in his bed sleeping). When he learns that he is needed to stop the civil war he will agree to help (only because Paarthurnax is helping you, though). He will tell you to go talk to Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius and get them to come meet him at High Hrothgar. Let's go talk to General Tullius first. Head on over to Solitude where he is located at and head into the castle. You should be able to find him pretty easy, and convincing him to go to the peace meeting isn't that hard either, so just talk to him about the meeting until he agrees. Next let's go find Ulfric Stormcloak. You'll find him at Windhelm, most likely inside the Palace of the Kings. He's a tad easier to convince and get to go to the peace meeting than General Tullius is, so you shouldn't have a problem talking him into it. (-IMPORTANT NOTE-) Doing this quest can screw your chances of obtaining the "War Hero" Trophy later. That trophy requires that you take Fort Greenwall as an Imperial or Fort Sungard as a Stormcloak. Be careful of WHAT you give to WHO here... After convincing both of them, go back to High Hrothgar and talk to Arngeir. You'll see the blades force their way into the meeting, even though the grey beards are at odds with them. Head to the conference room (follow the objective) and take your seat. Here you will have to help guide the talks as you are asked for your thoughts on the matter. Make no mistake, things WILL change as a result of these talks but it needs to be done. Personally, I gave DAWNSTAR to the imperials and let the stormcloaks have MARKARTH. In the meantime both sides accused me of liking the other but a truce was finally agreed to. Once you are done you will have completed "Season Unending". At this point you should go BACK UP to the PREVIOUS MAIN QUEST, "The Fallen", and FINISH IT before moving on (well, you can't move on if you don't...). --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== W O R L D - E A T E R ' S E Y R I E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK316] After trapping Odahviing we have no choice but to let him free in return for his promise to fly us to Skuldafn so that we may pursue Alduin. To set him T H E

free you'll need to talk to the Whiterun guard on the second floor of the great porch. He doesn't like the idea of doing it, but he'll set the dragon free. After that we'll need to talk to Odahviing to get to Skuldafn. (-NOTE-) This is a ONE WAY TRIP! Be sure to take whatever you need to, say, fight a dragon on your own and live. And be sure that you're not over-burdened. Also note that if you have a COMPANION, they CANNOT follow you. Odahviing will drop you off at the base of the temple and will fly off after sayingn he'll wait for either you or Alduin to return. Head forwards into the area and you'll be ambushed by a RED DRAGON! This is a fairly normal dragon fight, with the possible exception that you are all alone (I don't know if you've fought them 1 vs. 1 yet, but you are going to now!). The dragon has a nasty fire attack, so be sure to heal. This also gives you a chance to try out Dragonrend on your own and see how it does. Kill the beast and proceed up the temple. There are Draugr up here that you will have to put down, an easy task compared to the dragon you just fell. Head inwards and you'll soon be ambushed by another DRAGON! This dragon breathes frost, but other than that isn't much different from the dragon fight a moment ago (focus on any Draugr first so you can focus on the dragon). After defeating him you can check out the Skuldafn South Tower straight ahead of you, but we need to continue up the stairs (the tower has more Draugr and some treasure). You will also start to fight Draugr Wights now, which are tougher versions of the undead (and the restless variety is now commonplace). There's also a chest in the broken tower along the way, but fight your way to the giant doors above to enter Skulafn Temple. You KNOW there are going to be Draugr in here, so kill the first three in the first section of this temple and loot the place. There's a TON of burial urns past the first Draugr that with any luck will give you a lot of gems. Past the embalming section Draugr will start to come out of tombs. Clear the area and you'll see there's a lever here with a bunch of pillars. Another animal puzzle for us to solve. The secret here is to go to the lever and face the pictures. Now, turn around and you'll see a gate on the left and the right. They each have a picture above them: the left has a SNAKE, the right has a BIRD. Now, turn the left and the right statues until the BIRD faces you (when looking from the lever; the key to this is that you're making the faces on the walls match the symbol of the pillar closest to them). Now, to open the right gate make the middle pillar show a BIRD (BIRD, BIRD, BIRD). You can get a chest this way. Be sure to CLOSE that gate, then to proceed open the left gate by making the middle pillar show a SNAKE (BIRD, SNAKE, BIRD). Now you can continue... You'll make your way to another tomb. Kill the Draugr below but as you go down two more Draugr will pop out of some tombs. Kill them and loot the place then proceed into the webbed area. Yep, more frost spiders. Take them out but look for a chest hidden under some webs near an iron door. Past that iron door and some more Draug patrolling the area. Kill them and examine/loot the area. This is yet another rotating animal puzzle. The clues are all right

by their pillars. Make the bottom pillar a SNAKE, the upper RIGHT pillar a BIRD, and the upper LEFT pillar a WHALE. Pull the lever and continue to a new area. In here there's a melee Draugr straight ahead with two archers above him. Take them out and continue. Before going into the room with the spiraled staircase leading upwards, note that there's a TRAP FLOOR PLATE here that sparks the oil below and shoots arrows at you. Loot the place and take the staircase up. If you're FAST (and have ranged) you can shoot down the pot above the oil up here to fry the three Draugr (or however many Draugr are in that small room). Get the chest up here and hit the lever to continue. Continue on the empty corridor. Be careful of the oil spill once you reach it as a pot will ignite it all. Grab the chest and continue. At the end of this path is a Draugr Overlord, who needs to be slain. Once you've killed him (which isn't too hard) be SURE to loot him for a DIAMOND CLAW. There's a door in front of us now that we need to use the claw on, but first make sure the rings are in this order: - TOP RING: WOLF - MIDDLE RING: MOTH - BOTTOM RING: DRAGON Use the claw once they are in that order and continue onwards. Head forwards and soon you'll see a DRAGON WALL. This one will teach you the first word of a new SHOUT: STORM CALL - STORM. This is an EXPENSIVE shout that still needs a dragon soul to power up (which I KNOW you have) and can turn the sky of Skyrim into destructive lightning. Head onwards, loot the room you come to on the right, and proceed out into Skuldafn. Out here there are TWO Draugr Wights and one restless, so get ready for a fight. Once you've downed them, you can explore the ruins that are straight in front of the door you came out of. At the bottom of them is a LARGE chest with several good items in it. Head back up and go to the top of Skuldafn, where you will find the portal. But its GUARDED by a magician named NAHKRIIN. (-NOTE-) This is a good time to save! NAHKRIIN is a master of ice magic and will often summon a storm familiar to assist her (it?). In actuality, Nahkriin was a dragon priest. At my level (19) its ice magic TORE ME UP. I would die in three hits, so if you're like me be careful. Mages and ranged have an easier time of it with their ability to take pot shots and fight dirty. Once you do prevail, you'll get some awesome items from the corpse. With the portal found, go up to the altar and activate the dragon seal. Nahkriin's dragon staff will be removed and the way to Sovngarde will be open: simply walk into the energy pillar to be taken there. Once you arrive the quest "The World-Eater's Eyrie" will be complete and the next quest will start: "Sovngarde". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---=====

S O V N G A R D E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK317] This is undoubtedly the shortest main quest in the game. Simply walk forwards into this new area and a Stormcloak soldier will tell you about the mist. Alduin is out here feasting on the lost and wandering soldiers. Thankfully, you have a quest pointer to show you the way. You'll soon come to a dragon's bone bridge, guarded by a gatekeeper named Tsun. He won't let you enter the Hall of Valor without challenging him in one vs. one combat. He hits HARD, by the way. Mages and ranged can use the rocks here to get distance, and thankfully you only need to deplete half of his health for him to yield. Head into the hall of valor where a Nord named Ysgramor will greet you. He'll tell you that three heroes have awaited your arival: Felldir the Old, Hakon One-Eye, and Gormlaith Golden-Hilt. As you recall, these are the three heroes that (unknowingly) taught us Dragonrend during "Alduin's Bane". Talk to them where they will decide to team up with you to dispel the evil mist (the soul snare) outside so we can force Alduin to face us. This ends "Sovngarde" and starts the next MAIN QUEST: "Dragonslayer". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D R A G O N S L A Y E R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK318] Head outside with your new companions, past the bone bridge and to the edge of the mist. What you need to do here is use the shout CLEAR SKIES, which will also make your fellow dragonslayer's use it as well. Do this a total of THREE times to finally clear the valley of the accursed mist. With the mist gone, Alduin will come to face you. With a four vs. one fight, you should have plenty of distraction to afford yourself time to heal when you must, as Alduin's breath is strong. The fight is very similar to the one at the Throat of the World in every other regard: your main GOAL in this fight is to land the shout DRAGONREND on Alduin whenever he's hovering. This will bring him down and allow your companions and you to damage him much easier. Keep your health up and keep landing Dragonrend and through time you will defeat him. Note that unlike other dragons, Alduin's death is much, much more dramatic and DOESN'T grant you a soul. You also won't have a carcass to loot, even though I SAW the words "search Alduin" when he was dead! You can hit the 'X' button to try and loot him, but you'll be unable to)... Instead, talk to Tsun, who will reward you with a new shout and all its words of power: CALL OF VALOR - HERO, CHAMPION, LEGEND.

Using this shout calls forth the valiant of Sovngarde (your companions) to come to your aid. One press will call forth Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, holding it a bit longer will call forth Felldir the Old, and holding it down all the way for a bit will call forth Hakon One-Eye. When you're ready, Tsun will send you back to Skyrim. And with that you've defeated the MAIN QUESTLINE of Skyrim. Of course, you and I both know there is MUCH, MUCH MORE to do. One look at your quest log would tell you that. So please, pursue the rest of the guide to your hearts content, but most importantly have fun. (-NOTE-) Just as a recap, once you get back to Skyrim you'll be put at the Throat of the World. Here, Odahviing will eventually come tell you that he recognizes your power, and that if you wish you may call him and he will come to your aid if he can. (-NOTE-) One last note, while it was my pleasure to bring you this guide, I would still love to hear from you. Seriously, a simple thank you goes a long ways for motivation, and even the smallest of donations can help offset my costs (in time and money) to bring this guide to you. Congratulations on "beating" The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 4. The Companions Walkthrough ||| [BK400] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O So you want to be a "Companion" huh? Well, it's very likely that as you first approached the town of Whiterun you encountered the companions fighting a troll out in a field. Hell, chances are you tried to help! Well, after talking with them you will have received a MISCELLANEOUS QUEST called "Speak with the leader of the Companions". To start you on your path to joining them, make it your active quest. Head inside the city of Whiterun and follow the quest marker until you reach a building called "Jorrvaskr". Here you want to find and talk to Kodlak Whitemane. (-NOTE-) Of particular note here is the locked display cases in the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters. There's a NICE bow here (especially for those just starting out). You can also find an ARCHERY SKILLBOOK here called "The Markmanship Lesson" in one of the rooms. There is another SKILLBOOK for TWO-HANDED called "Song of Hrormir" in a different room. Once you find him tell him you'd like to join the Companions. He will eye you over and agree you may have what it takes. He'll then ask how you are in battle. Answer however you want and after a brief interruption by Vilkas, he will tell Vilkas to go test you out. This ends the MISCELLANEOUS QUEST that brought you here and starts a PROPER quest: "Take Up Arms". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===-----

==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T A K E U P A R M S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK401] Follow Vilkas as he leads you out to the training yard. Once out at the training yard, Vilkas will tell you to come at him! For love's sake, DON'T use magic here! He'll just make you attack again if you do. Also, ENCHANTED weapons are out as well. Hit him with several good blows (all he does is block) and you'll pass the training. Next Vilkas will give you his sword and tell you to take it to Eorlund to get it sharpened. Eorlund is nearby, up the steps by the "Skyforge". Such an awesome blacksmithing set-up. There's also a SMITHING SKILLBOOK here named "The Armorers' Challenge", so be sure to read it. Tell Eorlund you are here with Vilkas's sword. He will take it and teach you a bit about the Companions: apparently they have no leader. Interesting. He will then ask you to take Aela her shield back, so be a nice guy and do it. Once you give Aela her shield, she will recognize you. She will call in Farkas and tell him to show you your room. Well, I guess we're officially part of the group now. On the way back to your room the current quest will deem itself over, and Farkas will eventually ask for your help right here in Whiterun. Say you can handle it to start the quest "Hired Muscle". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== H I R E D M U S C L E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK402] Well, it looks like we're needed for some intimidation. A person named Skulvar Sable-Hilt has been causing trouble. He's out by the Whiterun Stables, in case the name didn't give it away. Go out and talk to him, but he will refuse to be intimidates. This will start a BRAWL. Like any fight, dodge out of the way when he swings and clock him back. You can even hold the attack button for a power attack. Chances are you are a LOT tougher than him, so you will knock him down for good before too long. Talk to him a few more times and the fight will be over. Go back to the HQ and talk to Farkas to tell him you're done. He'll give you 100 Gold as a reward, and the quest will be done with. However, he will then say that Skjor has another job for you, starting the next quest: "Proving Honor". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== P R O V I N G H O N O R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK403]

Go find Skjor to see what he wants with us. He will tell us that a scholar has told him where to find a fragment of Wuuthrad, and so as a group we are bound to search for it. In case you didn't know (because I sure didn't), Wuuthrad was Ysgramor's weapon (Ysgramor started the Companions). Skjor will also tell you that Farkas will join you on your journey to judge our valor. Go find Farkas to confirm this and tell him that you'll meet him at Dustman's Cairn. Now it's time to go there ourself. Dustman's Cairn is west of the city of Whiterun, not too hard to find especially with Farkas hanging out nearby. Travel there and talk to him, then head inside. Inside Farkas will comment that someone has been digging here... and to be careful. Loot the corpses here and pick the chest, then read the SKILLBOOK (Two-Handed) called "Battle of Sancre Tor" on the table. Keep heading inwards and soon you'll be in a burial room (several inter-connecting burial rooms, actually). This is where some Draugr will attack you (their strength is based on your level). Take them out, loot them, and continue on. You'll come to an empty room now, with a locked gate to the right and a room with several potions and a lever in the middle. Make sure Farkas is near you (and healthy) then go into the middle room and hit the lever. Bah, you're stuck with no way out! Farkas to the rescue! But wait! Watch the interesting scene and soon Farkas will let you out. So, Farkas is a... werewolf. Interesting. Question him to see what "The Companions" is really about and he'll tell you only "The Circle" are werewolves, not everyone. Hmm... Well, be sure to loot the victims. As you can probably guess, "The Silver Hand" are anti-werewolf... Continue on through the newly opened door. There's more silver hand up ahead, so take them out and open the wooden doors to continue. Even more silver hand are up ahead, so be ready. There's also a chest under the stairs leading upwards. Head up and in the room on the left there is a MASTER chest. Pick it if you can (there was an EBONY sword in there for me) and continue on with your looting until you reach another set of wooden doors. There's more burial walls here. Put an arrow into any Draugr just laying down to get in preemptive strikes. Keep doing this and moving forwards and you'll run into another silver hand. Take him out with Farkas and head downwards, picking a chest and past another wooden door. There's three silver hand in here, so take them out and continue. Watch out for a trap floor plate past the open vine room, then head down and take out two more silver hand. The next door here leads to "Dustman's Crypt" so enter to continue. This area has more crypts and burial walls. Head forward to see a silver hand lounging about on the right, then continue past a skywalk before heading down into a burial wall area (shoot the Draugr that are lying down). Another silver hand is down here, so take him out too. Continue forward and up some stairs to a room where you can sneak attack another silver hand fairly easy. From here there are several silver hand members in the left-hand room, so be ready for a BIG fight (Farkas makes a good distraction here). (-NOTE-) It's also possible that if the enemies heard you on the skywalk, that they'll all bum-rush you and get into fights with the Draugr on the way. You MAY find yourself in a free-for-all.

The room with the ladder stairs in it has a locked chest under the stairs and the door on the right is a supply closes that's locked (both ADEPT type locks) if you want to pick them. Head into the crypt room and loot the chest on the left for the DUSTMAN CAIRN KEY (among other things) and use it to unlock the door straight ahead. Kill the rat's that attack and go forward. There's an alchemy lab in a room here with a locked supply closet door and a door on the right that we need to take. More rats await us here. Follow the path out to a cave where we'll run into a GIANT FROSTBITE SPIDER, who attacks with a smaller frostbite spider. You can use the narrow passageway as a safe haven, but chances are Farkas will jump into the fray headfirst to provide a good distraction. After that head through the cave until you encounter two high level Draugr enemies by a waterfall of sorts. Take them out and continue on. You'll reach an iron door that is the biggest crypt room you've seen yet! There are quite a number of goodies in here, so pick them all up. Of note is the DRAGON WALL in here that teaches INFERNO - FIRE BREATH. Very nice. The fragment that we have been searching for is in here too. BEFORE picking it up let me tell you that you're about to face a GAUNTLET of Draugr... they will come in waves, and will vary on how hard you'll have to face. It's a good idea to summon up an ally if you can (any way you may know how, like Call of Valor, Summon Assassin, or even call a spirit to come help you). Take the fragment and get ready for a fight. There's not much I can say here besides keep your health up and use the nearby stairs for hit and run tactics. After the fight a crypt up the stairs will open up and lead to the exit of this place, which is very nice and convenient. Exit Dustman's Cairn and head back to Jorrvaskr. You'll be greeted by Vilkas and taken around back, then you'll formally be inducted into the Companions. Congrats! This ends this quest, but you are told to talk to your brothers for more work. There are three choices of who to go for work but you can only pick one. For the guide's sake (some sort of format) let's go with Aela and "Animal Extermination". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A N I M A L E X T E R M I N A T I O N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK404] (-NOTE-) This is a RADIANT QUEST, and as such you may be told to go somewhere different than me to kill some different animal. None of these quests are TOO hard though. I should also note that you can re-receive this quest AFTER finishing the quest "Glory of the Dead", which is how I found out this was a Radiant Quest. I also have my suspicions that this may not be the quest that you get after "Proving Honor". I may have gotten it purely from talking to Aela. Be sure to email me if you got some other Radiant Quest here... Apparently a wild animal got into somebody's house! So... call a mercenary! Makes sense I guess. You are to kill a snowy sabre cat that has taken up lodgings in Birna's home in Winterhold. Not a very hard task. Travel there and follow the objective arrow to find her home, then enter and slay the beast.

After that, return to the Companions HQ and report back to Aela. She will admit it was an easy job, but work is work. You'll get 300 Gold for taking care of business. This takes care of this quest, but as you'll see they don't let you pick any of the other two quests. Instead, when you ask for work, you are told that Skjor is looking for you again and a new quest will start: "The Silver Hand". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E S I L V E R H A N D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK405] Go talk to Skjor who will have something planned for you. He will want you to meet him at the "Underforge". Since we haven't been there before, ask him what it is. He'll say that it is under the Skyforge, but it has a secret entrance. Oooo, sounds fun. You're supposed to meet him at night to see the secret entrance though. It was night for me already (wait with your select button if you have to), so talk to him again and he'll show you the secret entrance. Inside is a.. werewolf! Ha. So that's what we're doing here. Skjor will now invite us to join the circle and have the beast's blood inside of us, thanks to Aela. Whether you personally choose to join or not is up to you, but like Skjor says you can only reach the top ranks of the Companions if you do... plus I'm a fan of being bad-ass so I say we go for it. (-NOTE-) You CAN undo this choice... just an FYI. After the drink you will blackout... and then you'll be outside only this time as a werewolf! Try out your form if you wish. You can do just about any damn thing in the town without threat of bounty since, well.. they don't know that you're a werewolf. You'll blackout again soon though. When you come to, you'll be with Aela, who you can question about your new life. We cover changing forms in the BASICS section of the guide, but here's a quick overview: yes, you ARE a WEREWOLF now. You have a new power (listed under your powers menu) called BEASTFORM that you can activate once a day. Being a werewolf has NOTHING TO DO with the moon: it is something you activate on your own. The major benefits are increased health and attack. Plus, no one will know you are a werewolf, which can help with avoiding a bounty (don't let them SEE you change though). Being a werewolf doesn't last very long though, but it can be extended by feeding on corpses. The major disadvantages is being unable to do human things: loot, talk, etc, etc. Also, you have a weakness to SILVER weapons. You can find out more about being a werewolf by reading the disease section of the guide (yes, you essentially have a disease). Ok, that's a good brief overview. Now, be sure to re-equip all of your equipment and as Aela probably told you by now we are going to exterminate

a group of werewolf hunters (The Silver Hand). They are holed up slightly northwest of our current position at Gallows Rock and Skjor has gone ahead of us to track them. Aela is our current follower for now, by the way. Head up towards the rock. There's THREE Silver Hand members outside, so get the drop on them and take the rest out. Loot the place (there's a ADEPT chest in the tower) and then enter Gallows Rock proper. Head inwards to see the way barred, but don't worry there's a chain nearby you can pull to open the way. Down below are two Silver Hand members enjoying a meal, making for an easy ambush. Kill them and check out the dead werewolf. Aela will comment about how some can't control the power and become feral, and she doesn't recognize the smell of whoever this is. The direct route is blocked, so take the other door and kill the rat. Go up the stairs to see two more Silver Hand members, but be careful because there is a floor plate here with a spiked-wall trap. Take them out. This area is a prison, with three cells on each side. Pick the locks if you wish but note that there are two more Silver Hand members at the far end and one of the cells has a SAVAGE WEREWOLF in it. If you let him out he will ATTACK you, so be careful. Continue going forwards and open the wooden door. There are a total of FOUR Silver Hand members in here, so be ready for a fight (you can get in a sneak attack if you're ranged...). Kill them off and loot the place, specifically the bottom room which houses a MASTER chest and all sort so goodies. The top level has a ton of tanning racks and a ONE HANDED SKILLBOOK called "The Importance of Where" sitting on one of the shelves up here. Continue on and you'll come to another smaller room where a single Silver Hand member is chilling out. Knock him off and pick up the SMITHING SKILLBOOK here called "Last Scabbard of Akrash". From there you can pick the door here to loot a bedroom, then head down the stairs. Aela will caution us that we are getting close now and we shouldn't underestimate the leader, who's called the skinner. Yeah, probably not someone to underestimate... This is a good time to save. Inside past the door up ahead are THREE Silver Hand members and the skinner. You'll know the skinner when you see him, as he's the one decked out in full plate armor. Try to get a sneak attack in on him, and then go to war (having a companion besides Aela helps here). Keep your health up and use those potions you've been hoarding if you have to and you'll win. Go on and loot the place like the victor should, but happiness is soon lost as you find out what happened to Skjor. Damn. Aela will vow to avenge him. This ends this quest, and Aela will give you your next quest: "Retrieval". Head out the right door to get back to the start of this dungeon easily so you can fast travel and begin your next quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E T R I E V A L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK406] Aela has learned that the Silver Hand are holding a fragment of Wuuthrad at

Fort Fellhammer, which of course means we're going to retrieve it. Another fragment shall be ours! Our target is Fort Fellhammer, just south of the city of Dawnstar. Head to Dawnstar and head south from there (use a carriage if you haven't been to Dawnstar before). You're likely to run into wolves or ice essence enemies on your way. The outside of the fort itself (which like all forts has no gate) is guarded by THREE Silver Hand members, likely ready to take pot-shots at you with their bows. Take them out and proceed to the second level of the fort so that you can enter "The Garrison". Inside there's only one enemy: the Silver Hand Leader. He's probably sitting alone in a room, looking away from you, giving you a perfect chance to gank him. Take him out however you want and check the chest for the fragment of Wuuthrad. Well, that was easy! Now our job is to return to Aela and give her the fragment. Once you do that you'll be rewarded with 300 Gold and this quest will be over, replaced by the next quest: "Striking the Heart". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S T R I K I N G T H E H E A R T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK407] Our goal at Broken travel to system if is to assassinate one of the Silver Hand's leaders. He's camped out Helm Hollow, which is just south of the major city of Riften. So, Riften and start heading south! Again, use the game's carriage you've never been there before.

You'll want to head east / southeast to get there. You should cross a bridge and start heading up a mountain. The entrance to the place is just a door in a rock, but it's guarded by two Silver Hand members. Take them out and head inside. Inside there are two Silver hand members as well as the leader. Now, if you do this at night they'll all be asleep, meaning you can sneak attack just the leader if you wish, but it ultimately doesn't matter as long as you kill them all. The only other thing to note here is that the chest by the leader is trapped (a weapon will fall down from overhead) and that there's a TWO-HANDED SKILLBOOK named "Battle of Sancre Tor" here. Once you're done, simply return to Aela. That will complete this quest, and instead of more work you'll be told to speak to Kodlak. This starts the next quest: "Blood's Honor". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B L O O D ' S H O N O R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK408]

Time to find Kodlak (who's probably in the living quarters) and speak to him. He will tell you that you've had your vengeance and need to STOP killing the Silver Hand. Hahah, I have to admit, he makes a good point. He'll then go on about his lycanthroypy and wish to cure it. He will tell you the back history behind the curse and will tell you he's found a cure. But he needs you to go and collect a Glenmoril Witch's head. And with that our new task is upon us. Note that we can also (OPTIONALLY) wipe out the Glenmoril Witches. Something to keep in mind. If you check out the map, you'll see that the witches live in Glenmoril Coven (well duh!?), which is just northwest of Falkreath. So head to the closest place you can and make your way to the Coven. Once inside the Coven, sneak up to the middle room where you'll find the first witch with a wolf. These witches are a lot like the classic Hagraven enemies and can burn you to a crisp if you let them (ranged sneak attacks work well). Kill them both off and loot the body for the head and that's that! (-NOTE-) You CAN go back to Kodlak now if you wish, or you could kill off the rest of the witches. I'd HIGHLY recommend killing off the rest of the witches because you can USE their heads to cure yourself if you ever wished, but it's STILL your choice. PLUS there's two SKILLBOOKS here we should grab... AND it's not even hard! Well, like I just said in the note, you can go back to Kodlak now if you wish, but the layout of the coven makes it EXTREMELY EASY to kill off the rest of the witches. Plus there's TWO SKILLBOOKS to be found here. Instead of holding your hand through this (there's really no need), I'll just tell you that there are four more witches, and this BIG room that you are in now is a HUB room. From here, there's FOUR passageways to four other rooms, each with a witch (and sometimes a rat, or a spider, or something small to worry about). So its your goal to go to each room and kill the witch in it, which isn't too hard since you fight one at a time. The TREASURES here are in the room with the enchanting table, where you can find an ENCHANTING SKILLBOOK named "A Tragedy in Black", and in the room with the tent, where you can find a DESTRUCTION SKILLBOOK named "Horror of Castle Xyr" INSIDE of the tent (it can be hard to see). There's also a chest by the tent that you should definitely loot. But whether you killed all the witches or not, be sure to grab at least one head and return to Jorrvaskr. As you approach the headquarters, you'll see your brothers outside with several Silver Hand dead. It seems that in our absence, the Silver Hand decided to attack! Head inside and Vilkas will ask where you've been. Answer however, and then he'll tell you that the Silver Hand attacked, and the only person killed (besides a lot of them) was Kodalk. They also managed to steal all of the fragments of Wuuthrad that we had! He will then say that he and you are going to go attack their main base, and wipe them out! This ends the current quest, and starts the next Companions quest: "Purity of Revenge". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===-----

==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== P U R I T Y O F R E V E N G E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK409] Vilkas is our companion now, by the way. Our goal is nothing short of completely wiping out the Silver Hand. They are located at Driftshade Refuge, very close to Fort Fellhammer, which we previously visited (both are south of Dawnstart). Fast travel to the nearest place and work your way up the mountain until you discover Driftshade Refuge. There will be two guards out here you can take out before going inside. Once inside go down the AMAZINGLY LONG stairs and enter the wooden door. There are two guards here to pick off. As you might expect, the direct route straight in front of you is blocked off, so you need to go down the open door on the left. There's another guard here, so take them out and loot the place thoroughly. There's a path to the left that leads you further in. You'll find two more silver hand guards this way that you should take out, then head a floor down below where you can find an adept chest in a room on the left. Continue deeper in down the corridor and you'll see a locked room on the left. Break into it to find another guard here (he was sleeping for me) and then kill him and loot. Further in the corridor will end and two more guards will be here to kill. Loot the area (only some potions here) and hit the lever to the right of the spiked door to open the way down to the Driftshade Cellar. Down here head forwards and double back the right path to find a chest. Further in is a TRAP via. a pressure plate on the floor, and a guard should be patrolling nearby. There's also a dead werewolf in a cage. Heck, you can even activate said trap by finding a lever on a pillar to the left past the floor plate, and there's a chest down that path (try not to hit Vilkas with the trap door!). Go down the stairs further in and through a wooden door where you can kill two more guards. The bookcase has a LIGHT ARMOR SKILLBOOK here called "The Rear Guard" by the way. Head into the cold cave area, where two more guards lurk just around the corner. Take care of them, and notice there's two large cages in here, one with a dead horse and another with a savage werewolf (you KNOW what will happen if you let it out...). Continue down the path to a torture chamber with one more guard and a dead werewolf. Continue along and you'll find the next room in shambles, but two more guards are here that you can kill. Past this room you'll go upstairs and out of the cellar, to be back in "Driftshade Refuge" again. Head upwards to find a big cozy room with THREE Silver Hand members in it. Two of them are normal, but the third is your classic steel-plate leader type. Take them out and loot the room. Of note is the massive chest in the area, the fragments of Wuuthrad (our goal), and TWO SKILLBOOKS in the area (just lying around): "Warrior" (BLOCK) and "2920, Morning Star, v2" (One Handed). With the guards and leader dead we've completed our goal of wiping out the Silver Hand. And with the fragments of Wuuthrad in our pockets (backpacks?) we should get out of here and head to Jorrvaskr. Thankfully the door up ahead,

as you've guessed, leads to the beginning of this area (gotta love it!). Head outside and fast travel home. Once you get back home, Valkis will comment that the others have probably prepared Kodlak's funeral, and we should go to the Skyforge to pay our respects. That ends this quest, and starts the next: "Glory of the Dead". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== G L O R Y O F T H E D E A D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK410] Head up to the Skyforge where all of the Companions and even the Jarl will be in attendance. Aela will start the funeral, so just watch until it's over. At the end, hand over the fragments to the blacksmith, who will ask you to go into Kodlak's living area and find one more fragment. Go into the living quarters and back to where Kodlak always sat. The piece is in his end table (where the quest marker points) but there's something in here AWFULLY more interesting: Kodlak's journal. There is a VERY surprising revelation in here that you should REALLY read. Go give the fragment to Eorlund and he will tell you that the Circle is waiting for you in the underforge. Head down there and the group will be discussing Kodlak and him not getting his dying wish and a way that we may yet still be able to do it: by going to Ysgramor's Tomb and performing a ceremony. However, the tomb only opens up for Wuuthrad. However, Eorlund will come in and show us that he's repaired the legendary great axe. Our next objective will now be to travel to Ysgramor's Tomb with the circle. And of course when I say "with" I mean "let's fast travel and meet them there". Ysgramor's Tomb is in the far north reaches of Skyrim, on the ice floes, north of the city of Winterhold. Fast travel there and make your way to it and enter. Once inside, you'll find Vilkas, Aela, and Farkas. Vilkas will not be joining us, as he has "too much anger" (a poor excuse), but does caution us that some of Ysgramor's general may challenge us. Aela and Farkas will join us. Active the statue of Ysgramor by giving it Wuuthrad, which will open up a door straight ahead. (-NOTE-) You can TAKE Wuuthrad back once the door opens. Travel down the path and sure enough, two companion ghosts will pop out of the left and right tombs. Take them out and continue on into a rather large room where four more will pop out. Four vs. three isn't bad though, so take them out as well and go down the path to the left. Down here there's a small flooded section with four more ghosts, so take them all out and loot the place good. As you go to continue into an obviously spider-infested area, Farkas will call it quits. Turns out that ever since Dustman's, he's been afraid of spiders! He's going to go back and wait with Vilkas! Gah! Ok, just you and Aela now (I always though she was better anyways). Break through the cobwebs and into the frostbite spider room and start killing

them all. There's quite a few here (and you could always use the hallway to make it a 1 vs. 1 fight) but you got this. Break through another webbed doorway and a GIANT spider will come down from the ceiling (giving you first strike). Kill the spiders in this room too and use the chain to open the door and continue on into the crypt. Down here you'll have to deal with a stead stream of companions that appear as you progress (stop moving forwards if you can't deal with them). Loot what you can as you go until you reach another iron door. Go inside and hit the lever on the altar, then take the path that opens. Four more ghost companions come out to play here, but once you're done with them be sure to read the TWO HANDED SKILLBOOK "The Legendary Sancre Tor" on the table. Continue on and you'll reach a room with a magical fire burning. Explore this room as there is a chest to be had here (with good stuff in it) and when you're done go talk to Kodlak's ghost. He will chat a bit and then ask you to throw one of the witches heads into the fire. Once you do, the wolf spirit will separate itself from Kodlak, and you must kill it with Aela. This will cure Kodlak of his beast, and he will be overjoyed. In fact, Kodlak will name YOU the new Harbringer and leader of the Companions. After that the quest will end. Aela will accept you as the new leader as well, and in fact you can ask her to be your companion at any time now that this quest is done. We have one more thing to do first though. Head up the stairs on the right (be sure you loot that chest) and pull the chain near the door here. Use this path to get to the entrance, and instead of going out the way you came in take the WEST exit out to Skyrim. Out on the world map now take a right and follow the stairs. These lead to a DRAGON WALL which teaches you the word ANIMAL - ANIMAL ALLEGIANCE. Well worth the small detour, no? We have no further MAIN COMPANION QUESTS now, as you have done them all. But you can now go back to Jorrvaskr to talk to the circle members and finish up some unfinished work. I will post these quests below for you. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ THE COMPANIONS MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Here you can find all the quests that you may not have gotten to during the MAIN QUESTLINE for The Companions. Or, maybe you'll find some that you need to do that weren't in the main guide, what with that "Radiant Quest System" and all! Either way, we got all your needs right here! (-NOTE-) Many of these quests are give by following The Companions Miscellaneous Quest "Talk to the Companions leaders for work". (-NOTE-) Many of these quests are RADIANT QUESTS and the game will give you different objectives than it gave me. Knowing that, use my advice as more of a guideline than anything. (-NOTE-) The game may give you "Animal Extermination" again. In that case, just go kill whatever poor beast they tell you to, as I won't list the same quest twice here.

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T R O U B L E I N S K Y R I M _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK411] Talk to either Aela, Farkas, or Viklas to get this quest (What I will be calling "The Circle Members" from now on). Apparently a group of vampires has been causing trouble in Eastmarch, so we need to clear out Mara's Eye Pond. (-NOTE-) These are VAMPIRES we're talking about, so if you don't wish to contract their disease bring along a "cure disease" potion. Ok, Mara's Eye Pond is just east of Gallows Rock (or just southwest of the big town of Windhelm). It's in the middle of a lake, accessed by a trapdoor. Smart! Head inside once you find it. There's one vampire in here and one fledgling vampire. They aren't too hard to best, although they will try to raise a servant and sap your health. Take them out and explore the place to find all sorts of jewels. There are two chests to pick through here too, as well as some cages down by the water. Once they are dead, head back to whatever member gave you this quest and turn it in. You will be rewarded 300 Gold upon completing the quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== P U R I T Y _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK412] Farkas wishes to be cured of his lycanthropy as well, and so we must once again travel to the Tomb of Ysgramor to perform the same ceremony that we did on Kodlak. Agree to help him out with this and he will become your companion for this quest. (-NOTE-) The companion asking you to do this may well be VILKAS as well. In fact if you keep taking orders from the circle, they will BOTH ask for this quest to be done. (-NOTE-) And current companion you may have has went back to their "home". (-NOTE-) You need a GLENMORIL WITCH HEAD to do this quest. Hopefully you did as I suggested when we hunted one for Kodlak and killed ALL of the witches then! This quest is JUST as easy as when you did it with Kodlak. Actually, I take that back, cause it's 1000x easier: you don't have to go through the entire ruins this time! Just head to the Tomb of Ysgramor and take the EAST path down to the fire. Now, put a witches head on the fire and out will pop Farkas's wolf spirit. Simply kill it to rid Farkas of his lycanthropy. This will end

this quest. Oh, you will also get 300 Gold out of the deal! Very nice. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== E S C A P E D C R I M I N A L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK413] Apparently some criminal escaped from Riften. Surprise, surprise. We are to hunt them down and kill them. Sounds simple enough. The person you will hunt is only named "Criminal" and starts out just west of Riften. They will travel themselves though, so fast travel to Riften Stables and give chase! You should catch up with them pretty soon, and since they aren't particularly tough you will have killed them in no time. (-NOTE-) This is a RADIANT QUEST, and therefor the criminal may start anywhere on the map. It doesn't make a whole bunch of difference though: simply fast travel to the nearest place and attempt to hunt them down to complete the quest. Report your job complete back to one of the circle members for your reward of 300 Gold coins. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E S C U E M I S S I O N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK414] It seems someone has been kidnapped and we're hired to rescue them. On this mission we will have to rescue Vulwulf Snow-Shod from Shimmermist Cave, which is slightly northeast of Whiterun. Go enter the cave and kill the single frostbite spider in your way. Past that you will find Vulwulf in the next room. You may or may not have to kill the FALMER up above, but definitely don't shoot at the guy with the objective pointing at him! Go talk to him and he'll start to follow you. You'll have to escort him back to Riften now. Exit the cave and to "escort" him you can simply fast travel to Riften. Once you are there, talk to him again to let him go, Now simply return to the circle member that gave you the mission to complete it. You will be rewarded with 300 Gold for finishing the mission. _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 5. College of Winterhold ||| [BK500] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O There's nothing quite as satisfying as wielding magic to suit your needs in

Skyrim. Instead of a formal Mage's Guild, Skyrim (and the city of Winterhold) house the College of Winterhold, a place where aspiring mages go to learn. This questline will guide you through this place. To start it, you need to just plain visit the college. (-NOTE-) If you didn't know where the college was, you can basically ask just about ANY innkeeper or tavern "Where can I go to learn magic". This question will start the miscellaneous quest "Visit the College of Winterhold". First of all, head to Winterhold, all the way up to the NE corner of Skyrim. Once here, go to the N side and you'll see a stone bridge going up. Before this, there's a woman named Nirya. Speak to her and tell her you want to become part of the College. You'll now get a new quest... --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== F I R S T L E S S O N S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK501] Go up the bridge behind Nirya and speak to Faralda. Tell her you want to join the College and she'll tell you to cast Healing Hands on her. If you don't have the spell, tell her so and she'll sell it for 30 Gold. Now the new objective is to Cast Healing Hands on Faralda. Equip the spell and cast it on her. You'll be granted access to the College. Follow Faralda all the way to the entrance of the College and once inside, you'll see Mirabelle Ervine speaking with someone. (-NOTE-) If you've started the main quest and know a shout, you can alternately say you're a dragonborn to gain access to the College, as Nirya will call you a "nice addition". (-NOTE-) Faralda MAY ask you to use some other spell, and not 'Healing Hands'. I've had to summon up a Flame Atronach, for example. She will sell whatever spell she asks you to do though. Once she's free, speak to her. She'll give you the Novice Robes of Destruction, which are pretty nice for a destruction mage (you have to start somewhere!). She will now offer you a tour, so follow her into the Hall of Attainment. She'll show you your room, which you can use when you want to. Be sure to grab all the stuff here. There's a lot of useful stuff in the other rooms in this area, by the way, so if you're into stealing you can likely find a lot worth taking here. Return to the main area and go north to the Hall of the Elements. In here, open the gate in front of you and listen to what Tolfdir has to say. During the lecture, you'll receive the 'Lesser Ward' spell, as Tolfdir wants to demonstrate it to the class, so equip it and keep using it until Tolfdir fires a spell on you. Afterwards, you'll complete the first quest of the College. (-NOTE-) Want to level up ILLUSION in a hurry? Find Drevis Neloren at the college and buy the spell MUFFLE from him. You can cast it while you travel around in your spare time and it will level up your skill in Illusion fast. Be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket

though! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== U N D E R S A A R T H A L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK502] After the previous Quest, First Lessons, you'll automatically start this one. You have to visit Saarthal, the site of an ongoing excavation by the college. Where's it at? It's exactly southwest of Winterhold. Once you arrive, speak to Tolfdir who's just outside. You can buy spells from him, and I recommend buying the Candlelight and Stoneflesh ones. Once inside, follow the characters and when asked when you got any questions left, ask whatever you need and proceed. Keep on following Tolfdir until you reach Arniel Gane. He'll ask you to go check out the ruins to the north, and 4 markers appear (3 rings and an amulet). Approach the one directly ahead of you (the amulet) and remove the amulet. When you've removed it, you'll be caught in a trap. To escape, equip the amulet and the wall where you got it starts to spew some kind of gas. Use a Destruction spell on it to break the wall. Now speak to Tolfdir and follow him. At the end of the path, a little scene takes place. After it's done talking, tell Tolfdir about the Psijic Order and all that and then he decides to open the coffins. Watch out for the enemies that appear. You can just have Tolfdir kill 'em if you want. Proceed through the catacombs and in the next larger room, you'll be attacked by more undead enemies. Wonderful. Kill them all and Tolfdir decides to stay behind to check the place out, so proceed to the marker in the next room by activating the chains on each side of the door. Follow the path, but beware of undeads coming out of the graves and there's also traps on the floor (fire runes), so be careful. Follow the path until you go up a level. There's two chests up here you can loot before going through an iron door. Be careful of another FLOOR TRAP in front of the next chest you see. When you reach a room with bed-like places on the walls, you'll also find some black-colored pillars on the sides with various animals, like an eagle, a snake, or a whale. Behind the pillars, there's another picture of an animal, only smaller. Activate the pillars in order that they match. Once you do so correctly with all 6 pillars, use the lever and the gate opens. Open the doors at the end of the hallway to find yourself in a larger room. In here, you'll find a strong foe, so be ready (It was a Draugr Deathlord for me). Continue on (grabbing the chest and avoiding the FROST RUNES on the floor) and you'll be in another room with a puzzle similar to the previous one. However, there's a catch here. Rotating the pillars MAY ALSO rotate the OTHER PILLARS. They're trying to get smart on us! Check out what does what below: .----------|======|----------. | | | | | 3 4 | | | | |

| | | 1 2 | | | | | '----------| ^^ |----------' Ok, the numbers represent the pillars, the "^^" is where you entered from, and the "====" is the iron door. There's obviously a lever in the middle here, but it's not important. The important thing is: Which pillar, when moved, affects the pillars around it? Here's the answer: o Pillar 1 moves ITSELF, and BOTH of the RIGHT PILLARS. o Pillar 2 moves JUST ITSELF. o Pillar 3 moves ALL FOUR PILLARS. o Pillar 4 moves BOTH of the RIGHT PILLARS. Therefore, logic dictates that you must first use PILLAR 3 to get IT to line up first, as we don't want to keep moving all four pillars and no other pillar when moved affects pillar 3. From here, you basically take the same approach: once pillar 3 is lined up, worry about pillar 1! Then pillar 4, and finally pillar 2! Once they are lined up, hit the lever to continue. Go through the door and as you reach the next room, you hear Tolfdir shouting for you. Looks like he's caught back up with us. Be careful of the trapped floor in this room. You can find an alchemy station to the right. Use it if needed and open the door to the next room, which is amazing. An enemy named Jyrik Gouldurson appears, and it's impossible to damage him. What you need to do is to distract it while Tolfdir extracts the power from the orb behind it. Once you're given the order, approach the enemy and kill it. Once you kill the beast, talk to Tolfdir. He will ask you to bring the Arch-Mage to this place, so we'll do that... when the time comes. Haha, nah, before that though, go behind the orb thing, through the iron door, and follow the path and you'll see a chest in the center of some grass and a Dragon Wall. Approach it to learn ICE - ICE FORM. Very nice. Now proceed through the door and you'll find a shortcut to the entrance. Way to go. Leave the place and head to the College. Once here, go see the Arch-Mage. After you speak with him he tells you to go find Urag to learn more about the orb. That finishes this quest and start the next one. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== H I T T I N G T H E B O O K S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK503] From the room of the Arch-Mage, head to the Arcanaeum and speak to Urag here. He tells you about some books being stolen and we need to get them back in

order to know what that orb thing was. Looks like we're tracking down stolen books. (-NOTE-) It's possible to run into Ancano after talking to Urag. You'll get to see first-hand how much of a... "jerk" he is. Yes, I had to hold my tongue. Well, fast travel to Whiterun and from here look northeast to find Hellglow Keep. This is your destination. Not a very long journey. There are some Mages here that use thunder and fire, so take care of them and go down the spiral steps where the target is. Inside, you'll fight some spiders in the first room, and an Apprentice Ice Mage. Go further inside and at the arrow trap, continue forward to find a squashed room with a chest in it. Take all the goodies and return to the trap. Go right this time and you'll get to a room full of Vampires, locked in. Kill the Mage that's taking care of them, unlock the cages and let 'em kill the mages. They'll flee, which is good. Go past this cell room to find the torture room. Nothing special about it. In the next room, you'll find another room with more cells. Kill the mage here and you'll find your objective, the guy that's locked in the cell. Use the lever in the center of the room to open up his cell and ask for the books. After the chat, either take him along with you or let him go and proceed through the door. You'll find the training grounds for the Fire Mages. Take them out (without using fire of course) and proceed. You'll find yourself in a room with Conjuration Mages. Damn. Take out the Mages ASAP, then focus on the zombies and/or skeletons. Grab the Spell Tome: Raise Zombie. The door on the right has a chest behind it. Leave this area through the door on the left, then kill both mages that appear and read the CONJURATION SKILLBOOK "The Doors to Oblivion" to have your Conjuration level raise by 1. Very good. Now proceed, kill the enemy in the next room and go to the next hall. In here, there's a door to the left and a door in front. Go in front and you'll be greeted by a wolf and a mage (These enemies can vary in here, just FYI). Kill them both and you'll see 2 doors downstairs and 3 entrances upstairs. Inside the door downstairs (the unlocked one of course), there are only two enemies. Nothing special. Upstairs, the only door is locked, so go to the west room and you'll see an Alchemy station and an Arcane Enchanter. Use them if needed, return to the main room and go through the east entrance. You'll find a circle made of bookshelves, and in the center is two more enemies. Kill them and look on the tables to find a DESTRUCTION SKILLBOOK named "A Hypothetical Treachery" that raises your Destruction level by 1. Continue along the path and in this long hallway, you'll see two doors on your left and one all the way to the back. Enter the second door to find a sleeping mage. Kill her and loot her to find 'Fellglow Keep Key'. Go to the end of the hallway, enter the room on the right using the just acquired key and loot around. There's a "Shrine of Julianos" in here that will up your magicka by 25 if you use it (for a limited time, of course). Return and enter the last door. Kill the Flame Atronach, go up the stairs and enter the Fellglow Keep Ritual Chamber. You'll find some woman who calls herself The Caller. After a little chat, you'll have to fight her. She's tough. I'm level 7 and had a hard time against her. Use Dual Casting Frostbite

if you're using magic or your stronger melee weapons. Make sure to have favorited some Potions of Healing and Magika Potions to quickly recover. Make sure to kill the Flame Atronach that The Caller invokes. It can get quite annoying. (-NOTE-) Alternatively, if you still have Orthorn alive, you can offer to TRADE The Caller the books for him. Be sure to talk to her twice if that's what you want to do. Heck, you can even BETRAY her afterwards and get in a sneak attack. After the fight, loot her for the 'Fellglow Ritual Chamber Key' and take all 3 books. Go inside the middle room, loot the place, and go through the trap door. From here, unbar the door and leave the Keep. Fast travel to the College and locate Urag. Speak to him and give him the books. This ends the Quest and starts the next quest in the questline, "Good Intentions". (-NOTE-) As a reward, Urag will give you the following books, all SKILLBOOKS: - 2920, Hearth Fire, V9: Raises Conjuration by 1. - Catalogue of Weapons Enchantments: Raises Enchanting by 1. - Daughter of the Niben: Raises Alteration by 1. - Racial Phylogeny: Raises Restoration by 1. - Response to Bero's Speech: Raises Destruction by 1. - The Black Arts on Trial: Raises Illusion by 1. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== G O O D I N T E N T I O N S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK504] After speaking with Urag we'll have to go meet Tofdir. Follow the marker and speak to him. Follow him as he observes the orb and soon you'll be interrupted by Ancano. Follow him into the Arch-Mage Quarters and up here, speak to the monk from the Psijic Order named Quaranir. Talk with him and you'll be given another objective: find Augur of Dunlain. From the arch-mages room leave and go to the Hall of Attainment. Speak to Tolfdir and he'll tell you where to find Augur. Return outside and go to the northwest side of the garden to find a trapdoor with the entrance to the Midden. Once down here, when you reach the large room, go downstairs and you'll find two ways to go. Both lead to the same place, but the tunnel to the right gets you there much faster. The tunnel ahead of you has an interesting "forge" that you can check out though. Loot any treasure you find and when you get to the room with the pool of water, go through the doors to get to the Midden Dark. In here, at the ice bridge, drop down to your left, open the chest and you'll have to ways to go. Follow the tunnel path (the one with the torch), kill the spiders that appear and move to the northeast side of the room. Burn down the webs that block your path and you'll find yourself soon enough in a freaky room with a hand

in the center of it. You can't do anything with it right now so carry on and kill some Skeletons in the next room (That is a SHIT TON of bones!) and in the next hall, you'll find an Alchemy Station with a book on it. It's an ALCHEMY SKILLBOOK named "De Rerum Dirennis", so read it to up your Alchemy by 1. Proceed onwards and you'll now find yourself in the room that's just after the room with the ice bridge. Go west from here and approach the door. It'll say it's locked, but then you can hear a voice. Try entering (keep trying) and the voice will unlock the door. The well activates and now you have to activate Augur of Dunlain. Speak to him and after the chat, you need to return to the Arch-Mage. Head back up and go find and talk to the Arch-Mage. After chatting with him for a bit the quest will end, but not before the Arch-Mage gives you the Mage's Circlet, which increases your Magika by 30 points if you equip it. Not bad. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E V E A L I N G T H E U N S E E N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK505] Leave the Hall of the Elements and go find Mirabelle. Once you find her, speak to her and she'll give you a good lead: head over to the ruins of Mzulft. If you haven't visited this place yet, it'll be a long travel. Fast travel/wagons to Riften or Windhelm and make your way to the Ruins of Mzulft (South of Windhelm or North of Riften). Once inside, listen to the dying man and loot him. Make sure to take the Mzulft Key from him and the Research Log. Use the key to open the door. Proceed and when you get to a awfully suspicious hall, watch out for a stepping stone which activates a trap (spears from the ceiling). Loot the researcher on the other side and proceed. In the next room, you'll fight some Dwarven Spiders (2), so take them out. Cross the hallway to find yourself in yet another similar room. Two more Spiders are here, so take them out. You'll have two ways to go from here. If you go north, watch out for the trap in front of the door that activates once you open it. Try opening it from outside the reach of the trap. Kill the Spider in here and open the chest. Return and go east this time. Go through the hallway, kill the Spider that appears at the end and go into the next room. Proceed and in the next large room, you'll find an enemy called Chaurus. Kill it ASAP and try not to get poisoned. Go up the wooden stairs and loot the guy here. Note the moonstone mineral veins in here if you want to mine them (in fact, there's even a pickaxe nearby). Now keep going north and watch out for the hidden rope that triggers a trap of falling rocks. In the room behind, there are two Chaurus. Take care of them. In the next room, you'll be attacked by a Dwarven robot (called a dwarven sphere). Take him out. He's hard as hell and has a ton of HP, but you can do it. After the fight, lockpick the gate where this enemy was and take all the loot inside. Continue on north until you get in a fight with another of those Dwarven Spheres. Once you destroy it, you'll see two paths. One that continues north, and one going down some stairs. Go down the stairs first, use the

Alchemy Station if you need/want to, then open the locked gate. Loot the items here and now follow the path going north. You'll see a stone table in front of you and a Dwarven Sphere on the other side of the room. Use long-range attacks as much as you can on it and when it comes your way, you'll see it activates the trap on the left side of the room. Ha! If you're having trouble with these, hide behind the stone table (there's a small ledge here that you can stand on) and start hitting him from there. As for the trap, you'll see three pistons that push you down, then a gap, and then three more pistons. In the gap are where the plates are that activate the trap, so wait on them and then proceed. If you do get pushed down you'll have to fight two spiders. No big deal. In the hallway behind this room, you'll find a dead Falmer, as well as a chest. Loot 'em and proceed to the next room, which leads to the Mzulft Boilery. There's still a lot more ground to travel inside this dungeon. When you get to a fork the path ends up just forming a square, so take any direction. There's a Falmer walking around these halls, so kill it and when going east, kill another Falmer. In the next room, there are 2 Falmers, and one of them uses Frostbite, so be careful. There's a gate on the side, which has an Expert lock. Pick it if you want. Continue east to the next room and you'll enter some type of cave. Follow the path and when you see a forking room to the right enter it to find a chest and a mineral vein. Loot it and continue. In this room, you'll have to fight a Falmer with Frostbite and 2 Chaurus. Loot the chest inside the "tent" and proceed to the next cave, which has 2 more Falmers. Proceed forwards and kill the Chaurus that's left in the cave. There's also a semi hidden chest here, so loot it and exit to the ruins once again. Kill the Falmer, picklock the Master door on the right (if you can) and continue north. There's an expert locked door on your right for more looting. When you get to a room with water, kill both Falmers and check the northeast side of the room to find a locked chest. Loot it and move to the southwest corner. Open the door and back up as you do since a trap triggers as you open it. Kill the Chaurus in here and loot the place. Return and enter the northwest door. Enter the Aedrome. Kill the Falmer and the Chaurus on top of the path and proceed. In this large room, kill all the Falmers one by one. There are quite a few of them, so take them out slowly. Once you're done with them, loot them to find the Focusing Crystal Pry. Now go east until you find a couple dead Falmers. Loot them and save, because in the next room you'll find a Dwarven Spider Guardian. These have a ton of HP and use Spark, which is damn annoying. Loot the room and in the chest, you'll find the Mzulft Observatory Key. Return to the previous room filled with Falmers and go west this time towards the Observatory. The door is locked, so try opening it and you'll speak with someone named Paratus. Talk with him and tell him you've got the Focusing Crystal. After some thanks, follow him to the top of some machine and put down the Focusing Crystal. In case you don't have the spells Frostbite and Flames, go to the top of the ramp and grab the tomes. Once you learn them, you can use the spells on the Focusing Crystal to have the beams of light move. Also, look at the ceiling and you'll see 3 blue mirrors. The 3 beams of light that are coming out of the Crystal must hit one. Now, also notice that there are 3 separate parts of the ceiling.

Equip the spells you learn and use them on the crystal (in the middle of the room) until all three lights are in the MIDDLE of different wall rings. Now, use the buttons up above to rotate the wall rings so that the light hits the mirrors. Once you do so, a map appears underneath the place you were just standing. While Paratus gets all pissed off, ask for the Staff of Magnus. He will tell you its location: Labyrinthian. After the talk, leave this room and in this hallway there's a double door. Try going to it and you'll be stopped by Quaranir. Go through the doors after the talk and then onto the world map. Finally! Head over to the College and speak to Aren. Inside the Hall of Elements, speak to Aren and now use your spells to break the barricade. Go inside and a scene triggers. This ends the quest and starts the next one. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== C O N T A I N M E N T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK506] You're told by Mirabelle that you need to find Aren. Leave the area and speak to Tolfdir. Now we need to protect the town of Winterhold. Speak to Faralda so she can help you out. Now go to Winterhold and a new objective pops up: Defeat all creatures. There are 10 of them total. The 10 Magic Anomalies are strong, not physically, but their defense sure is. They take a lot of magic to kill each one, but with Faralda and Arniel Gane on your side you'll take them out quickly. After you kill them, return to the College and head to the Hall of Elements to speak with Mirabelle. After an interesting chat, we're off to Labyrinthian. She also gives you the Torc of Labyrinthian and Savos Aren's Amulet. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S T A F F O F M A G N U S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK507] Leave the College, equip the Amulet you got from Mirabelle and we're off to Labyrinthian. Fast travel yourself to Morthal and from here, simply go southeast until you get to Labyrinthian. There are a LOT of Ice Trolls patrolling around Labyrinthian, by the way. They love to hang out here. Dual cast some fire to deal with them. When you get to the entrance, you'll see some Spirit Forms of Savos and other members of the College... Once the scene is over, approach the door and use the Torc of Labyrinthian to enter the place. In here, Savos' party appears once again. After the chat, check the northeast table to find the Spell Tome: Telekinesis. Go inside the next room and at the end of the hallway, there's a lever that raises some iron bars that lead into a room with a ton of skeletons (archers, mages and warriors) and when you step inside, a Skelletal Dragon appears! Yikes (and, very cool!). T H E

The best thing before going inside is raise the bars, alert the skeletons so that they approach the door, then raise the bars once again and whack them when they're near you but can't reach you. You won't be able to defeat the archers this way, but you can deal with them after. Once you're inside the area, you can use the pillars for cover as the Dragon likes to cast ice magic, which has a huge range so stay behind the pillar at all times. Archers can put MUFFLE on and literally snipe everything in the room with sneak attacks (which is what they should do!). Once you're done with this area, continue east and Savos' party reappears. Now go out to the Chasm. In here, you'll arrive at a door sealed with ice. Kill the enemies that appear, grab the Spell Tome: Flames, learn it if you haven't (I don't think you can get this far without learning it!) and melt the ice blocking the door. In the next room, there are several Draugr. There's a hall going south right under where you enter with a Draugr guarding it. Follow it, but beware of the trap on the door and kill the other Draugr inside. In the now the (N) but here, there's an Alchemy Station and an Arcane Enchantment. There's also Spell Tome: Equilibrium and a chest. Go back and continue downwards and you'll see an entrance going west. Go through it, kill the Draugr, loot place and go north following the lower path. When in the water, go left and you'll hear the dragon tongue again You'll be drained of MP once more, continue on and enter the door.

You'll fight a Skeleton and a Draugr here. Easy. There are two ways to go from here (they both lead to the same place). Lockpick the gate, loot the chests and pots and continue, dropping down the ledge. Cross the hall and in the next room, you'll find a Troll. Fun. Loot the chest on the south side and go north to the next room. In this large room, you'll find some very easy enemies and a Troll on the left side after the bridge. Go through the cave where this Troll was and you'll find another Troll. Kill it, loot the place and go north. The voice appears once again. Now use the lever and go across. Be sure to grab the chest on the ramparts above you after you cross the spears. After the large flag-like thing, there's a place that resembles a cemetery, with more of those Magic Anomalies. There's also a Wispmother. Take it out with Fire, as well as the Shades it summons. Now follow the northeast path and grab the chest. The voice speaks again and drains your MP once more... You'll face a Fire Spirit up ahead. Use Dual Cast Frostbite to take care of it. Now use Frostbite on the door until it opens, watch another scene with Savos' party and proceed. You'll have to fight several Draugr Wrights here. They possess weapons that absorb either Stamina, HP or MP. Very nice weapons to have around. Continue until you reach the next area of the dungeon. Follow the cave system while killing the Draugrs and the Spectral Dog and when you get to a double door going west loot the chest nearby and take the Spell Tome: Steadfast Ward from the stand. In the next room, you'll find several Soul Stones (soul gems). These are used against you to cast spells at you. Grab the first one on the right, then quickly run to the left to grab the second one. At the end, you'll see three tossing Fireballs at you. Wait for the Fireballs to pass and quickly nab the stones. In the next room, kill the Draugr. You can also explore the tower above you as there's some chests up here. Heck, you can even find ores in the water below. Continue on and... your MP will be drained. Again. Dammit. When you get to a fork head

south, lockpick the lock and grab the goodies. Continue on and in the next room, you'll have to fight a Draugr Deathlord. He's easy, but has a ton of HP. Approach the southwest corner to find another Word of Power: Time, Slow Time. (-NOTE-) If you already have TIME - SLOW TIME you'll just get a different word. This proves Dragon Walls don't necessarily have a specific word, just a specific shout. As you proceed, your MP freaking goes down again. Also, some more enemies come out to play. Yay. Continue, listen to Savos, loot the place and continue through the double doors. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and save here, just in case. From the entrance, you'll see two beams of light joining together on the right side. First of all, go to where these two beams of light are coming from and kill both sorcerers. When you kill both sorcerers, the true nightmare begins: Morokei awakens. This guy is a DRAGON PRIEST, and can likely kill you in 2-3 hits if you aren't careful, so there's no way you can face him face to face unless you're a badass (and you may very well be, who knows!). With that in mind, you're going to want to use this area to kill him, sniping down at him from above with arrows or magic until he dies and taking cover to heal when need be. use the pillars to give yourself cover and to be able to go back and forth between them quickly. This will often make Morokei hit the pillars while you hit him. Depending on your strength, this can take awhile (5+ minutes) but it's the safest way. PLUS you can always chicken out and use the pillars to heal. Also, don't be afraid to use potions! Moments like these is why you are carrying them around! (-NOTE-) A badass archer can actually SNIPE him to death before he even SEES you. I know, I've done it. Granted, my archery was at 100. After the fight, loot Morokei for the Staff of Magnus and the Morokei Mask. These are wonderful items! Follow the east path on the higher level and follow the path until you meet Estormo. Kill him and proceed until you reach the world map once again. Fast travel back to the College. Speak to Tolfdir and the quest comes to an end. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E E Y E O F M A G N U S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK508] As you regain control, equip the Staff of Magnus and try entering the College. The maelstrom won't let you pass. Use the Staff to gain access. Now go inside the Hall of the Elements and a scene with Ancano triggers. After all the talking, it'll be up to you to defeat him. You will also have a partner with you during the fight. (-NOTE-) Your partner here can very. Personally I've seen Tolfdir, but don't be surprised if it isn't him. The Eye of Magnus gives Ancano invincibility. 'How do you damage him then?'

you may be asking. Well, use the Staff of Magnus when the Eye is completely open to have it close faster. Once it's closed, find Ancano and attack him with the best you got. He doesn't have that much HP, but if you don't kill him fast, he'll reopen the Eye and hide to heal himself completely. When the Eye reopens, some Magic Anomalies will come out to play. Ignore them and leave them to your partner. You focus on Ancano. He's not that hard, but you have to be fast. Speak to Tolfdir as you kill Ancano and then Quaranir will appear. Speak to him and he and the Eye will disappear. This marks the end of the main College questline and as a reward you are now the Arch-Mage of the College. Tolfdir gives you the Arch-Mage Robe and the Key to Arch-Mage's Quarters. This is your personal house, which you get free. Pretty sweet reward, right? Congrats on playing through the main College of Winterhold questline! =============================================================================== =============================================================================== ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ COLLEGE OF WINTERHOLD MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =============================================================================== =============================================================================== R E J O I N I N G T H E C O L L E G E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK509] If by some kind of mistake you're suspended from the College, ie. you kill a companion, this quest starts. Speak to Tolfdir and you must pay 250 gold for your first offense, 500 gold for the second, and 1,000 gold for every subsequent offense. This is if you committed a serious crime. If you struck a college member or pick-pocketed one of them, you won't have to pay. That's it. Pay up! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T O L F D I R ' S A L E M B I C _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK510] o Available: From the point where you join the College. Speak to Tolfdir and choose "What was it you were missing?" if available. He seems to have lost his Alembic, which is an alchemic still (two vessels connected by a tube). You won't get a quest marker, but oh well, here are the places I've found it so far: o Top floor of the Hall of Attoinment, in the room directly across from the stairs, on top of a barrel. o Top floor of the Hall of Countenance, in the chamber with the Arcane Enchanter, under a display case. o Ground floor of the Hall of Countenance, in the room with the large cask, on

top of a crate. Once you've found it, return it to Tolfdir and he'll give you 30 Gold Coins and a Random Soul Gem filled. How nice of you, Tolfdir. (-NOTE-) This FIND yes, THAT is a repeatable quest that you can do once a day. Also, you can the item before even taking the quest, which can be handy. And he really losses that shit once a day. How bad of a memory would take!?

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== O U T O F B A L A N C E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK511] o Available: From the point where you join the College. Locate and speak to Drevis Neloren. Ask him if there's anything the College needs. Agree to help him cleanse the Magic Points and you'll receive the Mystic Tuning Gloves. Equip them and now you got markers on all focal points. Go to each point and activate them. There are 3 total, one in each hall and one outside. These can do a random thing to you, from breaking an item, filling a Soul Gem, or harming you. Be careful. Once you've activated all 3, return to Drevis. He thanks you and removes the gloves... and that's it. You don't get anything. LAME! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== E N C H A N T M E N T F E T C H I N G _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK512] o Available: From the point where you join the College. Locate and speak to Sergius the Enchanter. He asks you to help bring the item to enchant to him. He always gives you a random NPC and a random location, so just go to this NPC, retrieve the item and return to Sergius to receive some gold for your efforts. That's it. (-NOTE-) I happened to find an interesting glitch while doing this quest. I was supposed to go get some gear to be enchanted from a guy named Aicantar in Markarth. Problem was, he was in Calcelmo's Tower, and for the life of me I COULD NOT talk to him without getting told that I wasn't supposed to be there (I could NOT do this quest at ALL). ALSO, I got the theives guild quest "Hard Answers" for a SECOND TIME when I entered the Dwemer Museum! Lesson: SAVE before taking quests from Sergius. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---=====

R E S T O C K I N G S O U L G E M S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK513] o Available: From the point where you join the College. (-NOTE-) This quest/task DOES NOT show up in your quest list, not even under miscellaneous quests. Just like the previous Radiant Quest, speak to Sergius and he wants some Soul Gems. He wants a [random number] of a [random] Soul Gem. When you find in your journey the amount of Soul Gems he requests for, bring them to him and he'll give you gold in exchange. (-NOTE-) He will NOT accept stolen Soul Gems, but you can find soul gems just laying around the college fairly often. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== V A L U A B L E B O O K F E T C H I N G _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK514] o Available: From the point where you join the College. Locate and speak to Urag gro-Shub. If there's any business he wants to attend to, then you're good to go. Just like the previous Quest, he wants a [random] book from a [random] location. There's a marker where the book is. It can be in a cave, in a fort, but it's inside a chest. Once you got the book, bring it back to Urag to receive your payment... (-NOTE-) As it happened, this quest can ALSO be glitchy. For example, you can FIND a book BEFORE DOING this quest, and then once you have the quest Urag will tell you to go find a book from a dungeon you've already visited (for me it was "Glories and Laments"). Urag will NOT take the book from you're inventory and the book will NOT be in the chest where the game points to. Oh, and you CAN'T drop the book out of your inventory. Lesson learned: SAVE before hand. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S H A L I D O R ' S I N S I G H T S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK515] o Available: From the point where you join the College. Locate and speak to Urag gro-Shub. Ask if there's any business that needs to be taken care of and he mentions Shalidor and wanting some of his writings, so we have to go look for them. The location is random, by the way. Just go to

that location and fight your way to the marker. Once you get the Book, return to Urag and give it to him. Now wait for 48 hours and speak to him once again. He gives you one of the following scrolls: o o o o o o Shalidor's Shalidor's Shalidor's Shalidor's Shalidor's Shalidor's Insights: Insights: Insights: Insights: Insights: Insights: Alteration (3) Conjuration (3) Destruction (3) Illusion (3) Restoration (3) Magicka (3)

All of these increase the effect and decreases the cost of the spells for 120 seconds. Pretty neat. The last one fortifies your Magika by 100 and increases your regeneration. Also, instead of giving you any of the above, he can up any of your magic-related skills by one. Even better. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E A T R O N A C H F O R G E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK516] When you enter the catacomb of the College, you'll see in the first area an Atronach Forge, which has an Oblivion symbol in the center of it. This allows you to create powerful items and/or Atronachs. These Atronachs attack you, so be careful. You can create some nifty things here, like those Staves and Tomes. Nice. Read the list below for the items to be created here. _______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Name :|: Atronach Flame || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Fire Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Gem Ruby || || Mundane Item #3 :|: || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Atronach Frost || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Frost Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Gem Sapphire || || Mundane Item #3 :|: || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Atronach Storm || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Void Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Gem Amethyst || || Mundane Item #3 :|: || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Conjurer's Elixir || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Empty Bottle || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Ectoplasm || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Soul Gem (any) || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Fire Salts || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Salt ||

|| Mundane Item #2 :|: Gem Ruby || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Soul Gem (any) || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Frost Salts || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Salt || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Gem Sapphire || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Soul Gem (any) || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Void Salts || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Salt || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Gem Amethyst || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Soul Gem (any) || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Scroll: Flame Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Fire Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Charcoal || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Paper Roll || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Scroll: Storm Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Void Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Charcoal || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Paper Roll || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Scroll: Frost Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Frost Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Charcoal || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Paper Roll || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Staff: Flame Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Fire Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Great/Grand/Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Broom || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Corundum Ingot/Ore || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Staff: Frost Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Frost Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Great/Grand/Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Broom || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Moonstone Ingot/Ore || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Staff: Storm Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Void Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Great/Grand/Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Broom || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Orichalcum Ingot/Ore || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Tome: Flame Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Fire Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Ruined Book || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Dragon Tongue || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Bear Pelt || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Tome: Frost Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Frost Salts ||

|| Mundane Item #2 :|: Ruined Book || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Frost Mirriam || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Ice Wolf Pelt || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Tome: Storm Atronach || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Void Salts || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Ruined Book || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Deathbell || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Mammoth Tusk || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Tome: Soul Trap || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Salt || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Ruined Book || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Soul Gem (any) || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Torchbug Thorax || '~._________________|_______________________________________________________,~' Note that you can also create your Daedric Armor/Weapons in this very Forge, so read the chart below for info on the ingredients: _______________________________________________________________________ .;^|`:. || Name :|: Daedric Boots || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Boots || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Cuirass || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Cuirass || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Gauntlets || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Gauntlets || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Helmet || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Helmet || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Shield || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Shield || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Battleaxe || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Battleaxe || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Bow ||

|| Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Bow || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Dagger || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Dagger || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Greatsword || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Greatsword || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Mace || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Mace || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Sword || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Sword || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric War Axe || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony War Axe || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Warhammer || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Warhammer || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Centurion Core || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Armor [random and enchanted] || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Ingot || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Void Salts || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Filled Soul Gem [Greater/Grand/Black] || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedric Weapon [random and enchanted] || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Ebony Ingot || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Silver Sword || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Filled Soul Gem [Greater/Grand/Black] || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #1 :|: Human Heart || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Black Soul Gem || || Mundane Item #3 :|: || || Mundane Item #4 :|: || ||------------------+--------------------------------------------------------|| || Name :|: Dremora ||

|| Mundane Item #1 :|: Daedra Heart || || Mundane Item #2 :|: Raw Meat [any raw meat] || || Mundane Item #3 :|: Raw Meat [any raw meat] || || Mundane Item #4 :|: Human Skull || '~._________________|_______________________________________________________,~' --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== V E L E H K S A I N ' S T R E A S U R E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK517] First of all, go to the Midden Dark and locate the area where the Daedric Gauntlet is in the center of a ceremonial circle. On the table there's a book and a key, which explains what happened there and how to move the Gauntlet. Take the key as well and go to the Arcanaeum. On the left side, there's a chest with a Master lock (It's called the "Investigators Chest"). Pick it or use the key you got and pick all 4 rings from inside. Return to where the Gauntlet is and put the rings in the following order: o o o o Little Finger :: Pithiken's ring. Ring Finger :: Balwen's ring. Middle Finger :: Treoy's ring. Index Finger :: Katarina's ring.

Afterwards, the Gauntlet closes and a Dremora is summoned. This is Velehk Sain. Throughout the talk, tell him you're interested in his stash and then release him (or alternately see the note below to fight him). He gives you a map. It doesn't explain much, and it's kinda hard to tell where it is, but leave the College, go under it where the sea is and follow the coastline WEST while looking NORTH to see a Shrine of Talos (a large statue). It is on an island to the SOUTH of Ysgramor's Tomb, (the rather large island halfway between Winterhold and The Tower Stone). Head to it and under it is the treasure. When you approach, you'll hear a chime. This allows you to see the stash. It's mostly gems and rings and whatnot, but it's good to sell. That's it for this quest. You got yourself some goodies. (-NOTE-) You can choose to FIGHT and kill Velehk instead, but doing so only nets you a couple of schimatars, a Dremora Heart, and some clothing (Hammerfell Garb). Now you know. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A F T E R S H O C K _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK518] Once the quest "Eyes of Magnus" is done, speak to Tolfdir and he'll give you

this quest. He tells you that ruptures have appeared throughout Skyrim thanks to Ancano's meddling with the Eye. You now need the Staff of Magnus to close them. Bring your Staff along and fast travel to the closest location to where the marker is and go to it. Some Anomalies pop out, so take them out and shut the rupture. That's it. Return to the College to receive your payment. 1500 Gold! Wow! Note that this quest can be taken again and again if you wished. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R O G U E W I Z A R D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK519] o Available: After the College Quest: Eyes of Magnus. Locate and speak to Tolfdir. He mentions of some mage causing trouble. He tells you to go deal with him. He points the location on your map, so fast travel there, or to the closest location and go to the marker. Clear out the cave system until you locate the mage. He's wearing the College's uniform, so you'll identify him quick, as well as he has the marker over him. Kill him and return to Tolfdir. He thanks you for taking care of him and... that's it. Yeah, no reward, besides what you looted. (-NOTE-) For some reason, I could NOT get this quest to spawn. No idea why, but my friend Vinheim got this one to work. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A R N I E L ' S E N D E A V O R P A R T I _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK520] Go find and speak to Arniel Gane, who will ask for help with a special project of his. He'll want you to go and bring him TEN Dwemer Cog's, but he WON'T tell you what he's going to use them for... I swear we're too nice. Ok, Dwemer Cogs are, of course, fairly common in any Dwemer ruins. Personally, I went and fast-traveled to Mzulft (southeast of Windhelm, you have to go through it to complete the college's questline) and got all ten there. You can get 3-4 from a storage building before you even enter Mzulft proper, then you just need to search Mzulft high and low until you have ten of these. They are often behind locked doors and can be found on the corpses of spiders and guardian spheres. There are also cogs in the Dwemer Museum in Markarth (you'd need to steal them). If you don't quite have ten, go find another Dwemer Ruin (there are a lot in the mountains west of Windhelm) and make it happen. Return to Arniel and give him the cogs. He'll be quite happy and will give you 750 Gold as a reward.

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A R N I E L ' S E N D E A V O R P A R T I I _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK521] After your first time helping Arniel you can return to him and ask him if he needs anything else done. This time he'll ask you to go speak to Enthir for him, who is backing out on a trade. Go speak to Enthir who will CORRECT you and tell you Arniel never PAID for the item... so if we want it we're going to have to go get a particular staff for Enthir. The staff is (I suspect) put in a random location in Skyrim for you to go grab. For me, I had to travel to Cragwallow Slope (a cave just southeast of Windhelm). So, fast-travel to the nearest place you can get to and go through whatever dungeon they want you to to find this staff. Once you obtain the staff (and kill whoever DOES have it), return to Enthir and trade it to him for a Warped Soul Gem, which is what Arniel wanted. Now simply go back to Arniel and give him the soul gem to end this quest. WITHOUT a reward, I might add... --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A R N I E L ' S E N D E A V O R P A R T I I I _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK522] I bet you saw this coming! Arniel STILL needs our help. Go find and talk to him and ask him how his project is going. "TERRIBLE!", he will tell you! At long last, Arniel will FINALLY tell you what his project is all about: looking into why the Dwarves have all disappeared. Listen to him tell you his story (it's rather lengthy) about what he's done and why the project is going terrible. In the end, he'll ask you for help again and will give you the warped soul gem you gave him the last time you helped him. He'll state that we need to find Dwarven Convectors throughout Skyrim and put the soul gem into them, and then use a special spell called "Arniel's Convection" to heat up the machine. And since we're so nice, we're just GOING to take the job. We'll be given the soul gem and the new spell (which is designed specifically for this purpose, so don't get too excited) and our hunt for convectors will begin. If you look at the map, you'll see there are multiple areas we can go to, including Mzulft (southeast of Windhelm), Deep Folk Crossing (North of Markarth, northwest of Karthwasten) and the Ruins of Bthalft (South of Ivarstead). Once you find them (and they really are pretty easy to find, thank god), just put the soul gem in and use that spell on the box for three seconds. Do this with three boxes and you're done! Go return the gem to Arniel to finish this quest, and to once again receive no reward...

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A R N I E L ' S E N D E A V O R P A R T I V _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK523] (-NOTE-) You have to wait a few days between parts III and IV. Just an FYI. Here we are again, Arniel is utterly useless without us. Once again, he will ask us to go speak to Enthir on his behalf, who has another item he needs. Agh, I would have put Arniel's head through a wall by now... Go speak with Enthir again. Enthir will get short with you (as usual) and tell you that the courier NEVER arrived. AND it was Arniel who set up the arrangements, so he doesn't even know what item it is that Arniel is having brought in. Our new objective will be to "Find the Courier". Thankfully the game will be nice to us and will tell us where the courier is on the map. The game will give you a RANDOM LOCATION to search for the courier at (I know this for a fact because it sent ME to Mara's Eye Pond/Den, which I have already cleared out). Head to your location and scour the place high and low for the (dead) courier. You'll find a dagger named "Keening" on him. Grab it and return to Arniel. You'll now just need to watch Arniel do his experiment. It seems like the whole thing was pointless until... well, there's no more Arniel. You are left all alone now, but you do get some rewards: the dagger Keening is yours now as well as a unique Conjuration spell: "Summon Arniel's Shade". PLUS, you can rest easy knowing that Arniels has no more tasks for you! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B R E L Y N A ' S P R A C T I C E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK524] o Available: After the College Quest: Under Saarthal. Locate Brelyna inside the College and speak to her. After some chat, she asks you for help on her magic. You just KNOW this isn't going to end well, but we're nice... Agree to volunteer and all the screen will turn green... (-NOTE-) If you say what's in it for you, she gives you an enchanted necklace. But even if you don't, at the end you'll still get an enchanted necklace. She tells you that you shouldn't worry since it should wear off in a little while. Yeah right. Wait for the effects to wear off, go run around the College, start another Radiant Quest, I don't know. Do whatever you want until you can see clearly once again. Once you can, return to Brelyna and agree to volunteer once more. She now casts a spell on you that transforms you into several animals. Ha!

After changing several times, she's not convinced that her spell works (I wonder why) and decides to stop. She then thanks you for helping her out and, if you want her to, will follow you in your adventures as she can now be your companion. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== J ' Z A R G O ' S E X P E R I M E N T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK525] o Available: After the College Quest: Under Saarthal. Just like with Brelyna, after the "Under Saarthal" Quest, this quest becomes available. Locate and speak to J'Zargo. He also has problems with his spells, so agree to help him to receive 10x "J'Zargo's Flame Cloak Scroll". These are very powerful Scrolls. What you need to do is to test if the spell works how it's supposed to. What we need to do is to kill 3 Draugr with the scrolls to finish the quest. Go to any Nordic dungeon where the Draugr are located, equip the scrolls and use them to kill 3 Draugr. You don't need to kill them together or anything of the sort, just kill 3 and return to J'Zargo... (-NOTE-) These scrolls pack a punch for you AND the Draugr, so be careful when using them. You may need to heal yourself while using them. Just be careful and keep an eye on the old health bar. After J'Zargo apologizes, he'll agree to follow you in your quests, if you so desire, becoming a companion choice. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== O N M U N D ' S R E Q U E S T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK526] o Available: After the College Quest: Under Saarthal. Go speak to Onmund and he tells you about a trade he did with Enthir. He wants you to go to him and ask him about the amulet. Locate and speak to Enthir. He is HARD to persuade and you can't buy the amulet from him either. Ask him if there's any way to get the amulet back. (-NOTE-) I WAS able to persuade him, but my speech skill was 75+ at the time, so it is possible to succeed at persuading him if your skill is high enough (if anyone knows the threshold here for the speech skill, let me know!). Also, if you have the "Amulet of Articulation" from the Thieves guild, I would suspect it would help a TON. You now need to get a Staff, the Staff of Charming, which is, as always, in a random location. You need to fast travel to the closest location, get the staff and return it to Enthir.

<BK> GLITCH NOTICE: If you ALREADY have the staff in your possession, the game will STILL tell you to "Go and get it" from somewhere (it told ME to go to Shriekwind Bastion). The fix to this is to equip it and go find a weapon rack somewhere and activate it (weapon racks are ALSO known to be glitchy, just FYI) so you put your staff on it (since you can't drop it). This will let you retrieve it. Return to Enthir once you have the staff and he'll give you the amulet that Onmund want's so bad. Now simply go and give it back to Onmund, who will be overjoyed and will join you as a companion anytime you ask now. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D E S T R U C T I O N R I T U A L S P E L L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK527] [Coming Soon!] --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== I L L U S I O N R I T U A L S P E L L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK528] [Coming Soon!] --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== C O N J U R A T I O N R I T U A L S P E L L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK529] [Coming Soon!] --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E S T O R A T I O N R I T U A L S P E L L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK530]

[Coming Soon!] --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A L T E R A T I O N R I T U A L S P E L L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK531] [Coming Soon!]

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 6. Thieves Guild Walkthrough ||| [BK600] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O To start the Quests for the Thieves Guild, you need to head over to Riften. Once inside, move forward and you'll meet Moul. After a quick chat, ask about the Thieves Guild and he'll tell you to go find Brynjolf if you're interested. Go to the marketplace and look around for him. Once you speak to him, tell him you're interested in joining the guild. After some more chatting, you'll start your first quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A C H A N C E A R R A N G E M E N T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK601] Brynjolf will ask for your help framing a fellow merchant nearby. His plan is to have you steal a ring from Madesi while he distracts everyone, then have you pickpocket Brand-Shei and put Madesi's ring INTO his inventory (it's really more like reverse-pickpocketing...). It's not really that hard to do. Before doing it, just make sure you know where Madesi'a stand is and who Brand-Shei is. Oh, and make sure you have some lockpicks... After that just tell Brynjolf that you're ready and he'll draw everyone in the area around him. Head to Madesi's stall and pick the sliding drawer, then pick the box you find there. May as well steal everything. Now go find your target, Brand-Shei (who should be sitting on some boxes to the right). Enter sneak mode and target him behind the boxes (you should be hidden) and put the ring INTO his inventory. You're basically going to pickpocket the Dark Elf and instead of stealing, head over to your Apparel sub-menu and press [] on

Madesi's Ring to plant it on his pocket. After that just talk to Brynjolf for your reward (100 gold). Job well done! He'll then talk to you about proving yourself ever further, which starts the next quest in this questline: "Taking Care of Business". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T A K I N G C A R E O F B U S I N E S S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK602] Time to go to the cavern. From the plaza we were in the for the last quest, drop southwest into the water and locate the door leading to the Ratway. Inside the sewer, proceed and you'll find two thugs talking about the guild. You'll have to kill them, naturally. Proceed further in and when you drop down, you can go two ways. The long way to the west, or go east and try your luck opening the locked Expert door. Either way, when going west, in the next room, you'll find oil all over the floor, so use that to your advantage. In the next room, you'll find a guy who uses fists as weapons. Kill him and beware of the bear traps inside this room. There's an Alchemy Station here, so use it if needed and proceed. From here, proceed to the little garden and in the next room, kill the thug and read the book SKILLBOOK "Beggar" on the table to have your Pickpocketing skill raised by 1. Now proceed into the Ragged Flagon. Inside this cool looking tavern, locate Brynjolf and speak to him. Tell him you'll collect on his "Deadbeats" for him and now you got three more objectives. Ask about the other tips on each target and you'll get three more [Optional] objectives. (-NOTE-) You can do these objectives in any order you wish. You can also either choose to take advantage of the optional objectives or not, it's really you're call. I'd take advantage of them unless you want to get into brawls with people. Also, for the love of god and all that is holy, TALK to the deadbeats before just punching them! The objectives are as follow: :: KEERAVA'S DEBT Head over to the Bee and Barb building. Speak to Keevara the Argonian and tell her you have a message for her from Brynjolf. During the chat, tell her that "Don't say I didn't warn you" to brawl with her. Beat the living lights out of her and when she's on the ground, speak to her again and she'll pay you 100 Gold. On the other hand, if you don't wanna brawl with her, speak to the other Argonian here with the marker over his head to learn something intimate about Keerava. Go back and talk to her again and bring up her family and after that, you'll get the payment.

:: HAELGA'S DEBT Step into her Bunkhouse. Same deal. Tell her about Brynjolf and then brawl with her. Afterwards, she'll get the money for you. On the other hand, if you wanna avoid brawling, go to the southeast corner and look around for the Statue of Dibella. Steal it, then show it to her to get your payment. Oh, you sneaky bastard you. :: BERSI HONEY-HAND'S DEBT Head over to the Pawned Prawn and speak to Bersi. Tell him about Brynjolf and then tell him "I think you need to shut your mouth". Brawl with him and you'll get your payment. On the other hand, if you don't wanna brawl, break the vase in front of him and you'll get your money. (-NOTE-) After you've collected from TWO people, the THIRD one will give you the money right away when you bring up Brynjolf's name. That's the power of word of mouth! After you got all 300 Gold, return to the Ratway and speak to Brynjolf. He'll be pleased if you give him the 300 Gold and there were no casualties. He'll give you a Poison, a Healing Potion and Fortify Stealth Skill. Keep on speaking with him and you'll join the Thieves Guild. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== L O U D A N D C L E A R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK603] Start by following Brynjolf and once in the Cistern, you'll get together with Mercer Frey, the Guild's leader. Talk to him and he'll give you a job to do to prove your worth: you need to go to Goldenglow Estate and burn a bunch of beehives and clear our Aringoth's safe. Be sure to ask Mercer all the questions you can to get all the optional objectives. (-NOTE-) The chests scattered throughout this room are FULL of goodies for you. Note that they are the "Thieves Guild" chests, meaning you can freely take whatever you want from them. Return to the Ragged Flagon and speak to Vex. Ask her about Goldenglow and she'll tell you about a sewer on the north side of the island. This path is [Optional]. Also, speak to Torilia to know that she's the Fence down here. You'll want to get to know her really well, as she can buy your stolen items from you and lord knows that means something! After some chat, you'll receive a complete set of Thieves Guild Armor. Nice. Put them on if you so desire. Return to the Cistern and head out of Riften.

You can enter this place one of many different ways. You can use the sewer Vex told you about (get to it by going to the dry land north of the lake and coming in by the south; it's the middle objective), or you can just go through the main gate, slaughtering all the mercenaries. Either way, let's continue once we're inside. (-NOTE-) I highly recommend the sewer path, as you can find a PICKPOCKET SKILLBOOK called the "Guide to Better Thieving" in there. Beware of skeevers, oil on the floor, and the occasional trap though. On the southwest corner of the isles, you'll find 5 beehives. The objective states that you should only burn 3, so do so. Some mercs will show up, so deal with them if you want to and proceed to the northeast island, where the Goldenglow Estate is. Go inside by either entering from the front which is unlocked or by the back (a more sneaky option) which has an EXPERT lock and an [Optional] objective pops up: Obtain the key to Aringoth's safe. (-NOTE-) Alternately, you can also just go downstairs and PICK the safe, instead of getting the key. It's an EXPERT lock though. Inside, sneak your way/kill to the east side of the Estate, which has a locked gate and some stairs going up to the second floor. Go up to the second floor and make your way around this maze-like floor. Loot all the rooms and when you get to Aringoth's, either pickpocket the key from him, persuade him, or fight him. <BK> Despite what I just said about being able to pick the save lock, I would highly recommend giving the upstairs a visit anyways, as you can easily sneak to Aringoth's bedroom and in there, there is a QUEEN BEE STATUE you can steal that spawns a miscellaneous quest of giving it to Delvin. Also note that you can freely walk around in front of Aringoth and he won't do anything. That includes stealing his stuff. Either way, when you get the key, return downstairs and go down to the basement and here, sneak your way to the marker and open the safe. Take the loot inside, then go into the sewers right next to the safe to make your escape. After that, head back to Brynjolf and speak to him. Show him what you found and in the end he'll pay you your pay (600 Gold) and will tell you that Maven Black-Briar wants to speak to you personally. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D A M P E N E D S P I R I T S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK604] Now, time to speak to Maven. Leave the Guild and to find Maven in Riften, either head over to the Bee and Barb or to her manor. Speak to her to learn what exactly she wants done, and her beef with the owner of Honningbrew Meadery, Sabjorn. Our next objective is to speak with Mallus Maccius. Head over to Whiterun and enter the Bannered Mare. Speak to Mallus Maccius in here and listen to his and Maven's plan. It's quite clever, actually. Now leave Whiterun and head over to Honningbrew Meadery, which is to the southeast of Whiterun. Inside, speak to Sabjorn. Tell him you're here to clear out his skeever problem and he'll hire you. Now you can use either

PERSUADE or INTIMIDATE to get HALF of your pay (500 Gold) up front. Trust me, you want to get some upfront! After getting hired, go into the warehouse on the right. BEFORE going into the basement, head UPSTAIRS (search around for the door leading to a ladder) and you'll find Sabjorn's bedroom at the end of the walkway. Why head here? Well, there is a LOT of stuff to steal and get, including an ALCHEMY SKILLBOOK entitled "A Game at Dinner" and another "sell to Delvin" item behind a locked door: the HONNINGBREW DECANTER. Once you've nabbed those things, go down into the Basement. You'll find Venomfang Skeevers down here: a slightly stronger version of the normal Skeever. Follow the straightforward path and kill a ton of Skeevers in the next room and in the room after that you'll find a lot of Frostbite Spiders. Watch out for traps in the upcoming halls. In the next room, you come across a mage called Hamelyn. This guy has Sparks on him, and likes to use it. If you've played through the College of Winterhold Quests, you'll find this fight similar to Morokei's as he can put a hurting on you FAST with his magic. You should try to enter this fight and start it with a sneak attack if you can, to do more damage. If you're REALLY having trouble, break out the potions and survive his magic until he depletes his magic reserves and starts trying to hit you with melee attacks. He's a joke at that point, and you should be able to kill him off easily. (-NOTE-) Loot and read his journal after killing him, it's HILARIOUS. Loot his body afterwards. Go to the room where Hamelyn was (if you're not there already) and check the SKILLBOOK on the chest called "Three Thieves" to increase your Sneak skill level by 1. Nice. Now apply the poison to the hay that's next to the chest to complete the objective. Now, follow the path on the east side of the room until you reach Boilery (watch out for more bear traps). In here, grab the key next to the door, loot the place and plant the poison where the marker is. Leave the place once the objective is complete and speak to Sabjorn. Tell him the job's finished and wait around until Sabjorn is taken away. Now speak to Mallus and go pick up the documents in Sabjorn's dresser. After that just return to Maven and tell her the job is done. You'll receive an enchanted weapon for your efforts. Now return to the guild and speak to Brynjolf. This will end the current quest and start "Scoundrel's Folly". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S C O U N D R E L ' S F O L L Y _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK605] Now, we need to go speak to Mercer. He'll tell you that a man named Gulum-Ei needs shaken down for information, but he tells you to speak to Brynjolf before heading out, so do so. Now we need to go to Solitude to find this Gulum-Ei. Either fast travel there of use the carriage. Once inside the city, enter the Winking Skeever tavern. You'll find the Argonian inside the tavern. When prompted, bribe him to have him leak info about Goldenglow Estate. After bribing the Argonian, he tells you to bring him some Firebrand Wine, then he'll talk.

Hmmm, I don't like this. Ok, leave the tavern and head east until you reach the Blue Palace. Once inside, go left and in the hallway, pick up the Firebrand Wine case. Easy enough, huh? Return to Gulum-Ei and listen to the chat between you guys. He then leaves the tavern, so it's time to shadow him. Follow him as far as possible all the way to the harbor southwest of Solitide. The bad thing is that he's very slow. Yeah... Don't approach him too much. He'll go inside a warehouse at the harbor, so follow him inside... (-NOTE-) If you jump in the ocean next to the dock, you can find some barrels and a chest on the seafloor. Once inside, follow him using higher ledges and platforms since there are other soldiers here. Make sure NOT to engage in any battles whatsoever. It's a grand idea to save right now, by the way. If you want to, you can simply swim across to the east side too. Once on the east side, Gulum-Ei tries entering the double doors, then returns and goes east inside Brinewater Grotto. Before following him, go to the northeast corner on the higher ledge and enter the building up here. Check the desk to find East Empire Shipping Map. Grab all the gold and the Coin Purse. There's also several rings on the desk if you check carefully. Now go back down and avoid the guard. Look for a staircase going down into the water and next to it, another ramp going up behind the boxes. Follow this path to find the entrance to Brinewater Grotto. Now we get the objective to confront Gulum-Ei. In here, watch out for trip wires that make maces fall down on you. Soon enough, you'll find two bandits on a little dock. Kill them. From here you can either continue through the cave or go through some spider webs to the right. If you go through the webs, you'll have to fight two little Frostbite Spiders and a large one. Following the cave itself leads to two thieves. Either way, you'll get to a part of the cave leading southeast... (-NOTE-) Make sure to check the northwest part underwater near the second set of bandits/thieves to find a sunken chest with goodies inside. Follow this path, kill the thief on the other side and when you get to two thieves, take them out ASAP, as well as a dog that they let loose. From here, continue to the northeast. (-NOTE-) The path leading west is just another path to take here and you'll return to near where you killed the lone thief. Further ahead, two more Thieves are patrolling the area. Kill them too and soon you'll find Gulum-Ei with another thief at a campfire. Kill the thief and speak to the Argonian. Answer however you want and he'll say the name Karliah. After some talk, we need to get back to Mercer. Thank you Gulum. Now, before leaving, loot all the chests that are here. There are like 4-5, so take everything you can. <C ICE writes in: I was emailing you to let you know something concerning the Thieves Guild quest "Scoundrel's Folly." When you are supposed to shadow Gulum-Ei and then finally confront him, you CAN kill him (I did so by accident when he stepped between the crosshairs of my bow and a guard). If you do kill him, you fail the objective to confront him, however, your new objective is to search for new information. The arrow points you to a nearby chest to open, and inside there is the deed to Goldenglow Estate as well as

a letter from Gulum-Ei to Karliah (the letter is written by Gulum-Ei knowing he would be killed). It tells you all of the information he would tell you if you confronted him. When you return to Mercer, he yells at you for killing a Thieves Guild agent and doesn't pay you for the mission as punishment.> (-NOTE-) There are a couple of Expert-locked chests, so save before trying to open them before you break all your lockpicks. Now hit the middle lever and fight your way past some Horkers to leave the cave fast and bypass the warehouse completely and return to the Guild once you're back on the main map. Speak to Mercer. You'll discover Karliah's location: Snow Veil Sanctum. Our next objective: Follow Mercer and kill Karliah. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S P E A K I N G W I T H S I L E N C E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK606] This Quest now starts, but before heading out, head over to where Tonilia is and she'll trade you a piece of your Thieves Guild equipment for a much more enchanted one. Here are the options: o o o o Thieves Thieves Thieves Thieves Guild Guild Guild Guild Boots (Improves Pickpocket 25%) Armor (+35 Carry Weight) Gloves (Improves Lockpick 25%) Hood (Improves Prices 15%)

Now speak to Delvin Mallory and tell him you found the map at the EETC. He'll give you gold for the map. Nice. Leave the Guild now and fast-travel/carriage to Windhelm. From here, go northeast following the shore on the upper part of the mountain of course and soon enough you'll get to Snow Veil Sanctum. Mercer's outside waiting for you, so speak to him. Ask anything you want and head towards the entrance of the ruins (Mercer has a LOT of backstory to tell, so be sure to talk to him). Mercer opens up the doors to the catacombs. Once inside, follow the halls into the first room, where there's a chest and two Draugrs that come out of the walls. Continue and when you start going north, look on the right (to the east) to find a locked door with Potions inside. You can always pre-emptively hit any Draugr you find standing up IN the wall too. Beware of bear traps RIGHT after the potion room! Continue on north, killing all the Draugr that appear and when you get to a part where it goes around to keep going south, pull the chain next to the gate to open it (its on the left). After that, before going east when they want you to, open the door to the south and loot the urns and the chest that you'll find. Now go east and you'll fight SIX Draugr. Easy. Be sure to check out the table here for several potions and the SNEAK skillbook "Three Thieves". Continue on and in this larger room, you'll fight several more Draugr. Ugh.

After killing them all (should be rather easy), there are 2 sets of stairs. Take the ones on the southeast side until you come across a room filled with oil on the ground and an item in the center of it. Grab this Model Ship and the lantern will fall, burning everything. Grab the Model Ship and quickly sprint out of the way... (-NOTE-) This Model Ship is to be given to Delvin Mallory back at the Guild. DON'T be an idiot like me and shoot down the fire pots. That will end up destroying the ship! After surviving this, follow the second set of stairs all the way to the next area. Right off the bat and a few steps into this new room and you'll be fighting three more Draugrs. Kill more Draugrs as you proceed and before the gate blocking your path, you'll find two chests behind a trapwire with bones. If you trip it, you'll wake a Draugr each time. Don't worry too much, loot the chests, activate the chain and proceed. As you start going south, Mercer tells you about the door up ahead hiding an ambush. Make sure you're ready, just like he says. Inside, you'll find several Draugr, and one magic user. Target the magic user first and take care of the rest. In here, check the south side of the room to find a Word of Power: WEAPON - DISARM. Nice. There's also a LIGHT ARMOR skillbook on a table near where you came in at called "Ice and Chitin". Continue east now and follow the path until Mercer starts speaking about Karliah once again. As the door opens and you go inside, you faint and when you wake up, you'll see Mercer and Karliah speaking. Wow, good stuff. And now you're... dead. WHAT!?!?!?! Heh. This quest is now done and we start the next one. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== H A R D A N S W E R S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK607] Speak to Karliah and get some answers. The evidence is damning against Mercer and Karliah can fill in a lot of the story. You'll receive some potions, which is nice of her. Now fast-travel/carriage to Winterhold and enter the Frozen Hearth Inn where you'll find Enthir. Enthir will say the journal is in Falmer, and he can't translate it. He'll tell you of a man named Calcelmo who can though and now we know where we need to go. Fast-travel or carriage yourself to Markarth so we can find Calcelmo. Once here, go all the way west and enter the Understone Keep. Go left at the fork and speak to Calcelmo. Whatever you do, he won't give you access to his research. Dammit. Now we get two more objectives, one optional. The optional one is to get the Museum's key. Umm... to get this you'll need to pickpocket Calcelmo. Save before doing so and if you equip the Thieves Guild Boots, you'll find this easier. Drink a pickpocketing potion if needed. Return to the entrance and go north. A guard tells you NOT to go beyond into the Museum. Ignore him, get past him and then Sneak. When he's not looking, use the key you just stole OR lockpick the door and enter the Museum. NOTE that you must be stealthy in this part, just like when we were chasing down Gulum-Ei once more.

(-NOTE-) This MUSEUM is chock FULL of display cases. For the most part, there's no "must have" items here though. All the good stuff is in the middle (good stuff being weapons and such). The only thing I'd recommend trying to get, at the very least, is the UNUSUAL GEM found behind a locked door on the left. (-NOTE-) ALSO, if you're a stone cold killer, you could always assassinate all three guards without being caught to freely explore this area. Be careful of getting caught though, I've had it where I still had a bounty even though I killed all the witnesses. If you get caught and don't care, simply kill the three guards and then proceed north to the next area. If not, sneak your way through the area using the right side. It's easier this way, or at least it was for me. In this next room, there are two doors to the east and one to the west. Enter the first room to the east to find a Spider Control Rod. After grabbing it, a little Dwarven Spider comes out and follows you. You can use the rod to control where it goes and if there's an enemy nearby, it will attack them! (-NOTE-) Now that your past the guards, you'll encounter new enemies (who are Calcelmo's guards). It doesn't matter if you take them out or not, but I strongly recommend killing them. Its very difficult to sneak by them, plus you can always profit from the extra loot. An enemy comes out of the second door on the east side, so kill him and there's another enemy in the room to the west. Kill them and loot their bodies for some keys. Go through the door to the west and continue on. The side doors don't have anything special, but take a look if you so desire. You may find some scrolls that aren't worth much in a bedroom. In here, listen to the two soldiers and then kill them. Several more will appear. Make your way through them and go south (the area down the ramps on either side doesn't have anything for you). From here, go up the ramp to the northeast and in the next room you'll find several enemies. Kill them all and loot the adjacent rooms. Now proceed east and you'll get to a hall with a gate on the left. Before entering, continue forward and activate the valve to activate the traps in the adjacent room. Oh, you're evil! Once it kills all or most of the enemies, go inside and kill the remaining enemies. Now check the books on the table to find a SKILLBOOK called "Twin Secrets" that raises your Enchanting level by 1. In this same room, check the southeast corner to find the Dwarven Puzzle Cube... (-NOTE-) This is another one of those items to give to Delvin back at the guild. Now proceed to the Balcony on the east. Go up the stairs up here and into the tower. In here, go southeast, up the stairs and into the room. Read the SKILLBOOK named "Chimarvamidium" on the table to have your Heavy Armor level increase by 1. In here, also make sure to pick up a piece of Charcoal from the table and a piece of paper. Now go through the double doors and examine the stone. Some enemies come in and start searching the tower for you, but we can be

sneaky here. From the stone, drop to the left and up the little stairs. At the gap, jump on the small pillar and from here, on to the metal catwalk (now don't YOU feel stealthy and bad-ass right about now?). Now simply go to the exit. Out here, go where the waterfall is (not the one by the stone bridge, the one past the small path to the south) and jump on it so you can land safely in the water. Fast-travel back to Winterhold and go see Enthir and Karliah. Listen to all of the talk here and at the end you'll receive a Nightingale Blade from Karliah. You'll also be done with this quest and will start the next one automatically. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E P U R S U I T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK608] Return to the Ragged Flagon (not the Guild/Cistern) and speak to Karliah. Agree with backing her up and follow her into the Cistern. After the talk between Karliah, Vex, Delvin, and Brynjolf, follow them to the vault and then speak to Brunjolf after everyone's discovered what's going on. Tell him everything you know about the situation. Now it's time to break into Mercer's house. Question him on everything you can two get two optional objectives: He tells you to go talk to Vex about Vald and he tells you to shoot the mechanism to lower a ramp in Mercer's backyard. Go talk to Vex and she tells you that you can pay off his debt in order for him not to attack you. Pffft, you can do this if you want to, but it's really not worth it (see the note below if you want to NOT kill Vald). Go to Mercer's house backyard and you'll find Vald out here. Save and pick the lock. Once inside, kill Vald ASAP (really easy) and locate the platform that's raised. There's a little cog next to it. Shoot it with an arrow to lower it. (-NOTE-) If you want to erase Vald's debt, follow the guide inside the following box. o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | | | Go find Maven at the Bee and Barb where she usually is. She'll explain | | to you exactly WHY Vald is in her debt: the idiot lost a special quill. | | If fact, it's at the bottom of Honrich Lake! She advised that if you can | | find it and give it to her, she'll absolve Vald's debt. | | | | Now, how to find the quill? Well, we know it's at the bottom of Honrich | | Lake, but the game will NOT give you an objective marker. Thankfully, | | I've scoured the lake FOR you and can tell you exactly where the | | strongbox is that has the quill: | | | | Take a look at the map. See RIFTEN? See GOLDENGLOW ESTATE? Zoom in the | | map and move your cursor so you're pointing at FORT AMOL (this gives us a | | better view of the map). See the grey boat speck on the map JUST to the | | right of GOLDENGLOW (where the boat is?). Good, now see the boat shape on | | the map to its right? Good, the chest is BETWEEN THOSE TWO OBJECTS. You | | should be able to find it easily now. But beware, the chest it LOCKED and | | its an EXPERT LOCK. | | |

| Once you have the quill, head back and give it to Maven (she'll be at her | | manor or the Inn...). Give her the quill in exchange for Vald's debt. Now, | | with that document in hand, you can give it to Vald to have him leave. He | | will also just GIVE you Mercer's house key as he leaves. | | | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Use the key looted from Vald's corpse and inside, kill the three thieves that are guarding the place. Now go to the basement through the northwest corner of the house. There are traps in the sewers, so be careful. At the end, check the table where the marker is. Also be sure to grab the Bust of Gray Fox and the enchanted sword out of the display case... (-NOTE-) This is another item for Delvin. Make sure to give it to him. It should also spark some fond memories for those of you who have played other Elder Scroll games. I LOVE the Gray Fox! Read the SNEAK SKILLBOOK here as well (called "The Red Kitchen Reader") to raise your Sneak level by 1. Also, the bowl here is FULL of jewels. You can continue onwards to go through a short section of the ratway and make your way to the Ragged Flagon. Now return to Brynjolf and the quest ends. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T R I N I T Y R E S T O R E D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK609] Speak to Karliah and now we need to meet with her at the standing stone. Leave Riften and go south of the city to find the standing stone. Speak to Karliah and then enter the mountainside. Watch the little scene and follow Karliah afterwards. She then tells you about the Nightingale Armor. Shortly after crossing the first bridge, be sure to explore the ground to your right to find a PICKPOCKET SKILLBOOK named "Purloined Shadows" (by some hay). Follow the marker and activate the stone to receive a complete set of Nightingale Armor. Be sure to equip it all. Head to the right now and check out the left and right rooms. The left room has a chest while the right room has a chest and a SNEAK SKILLBOOK called the "The Red Kitchen Reader". Keep on following them and when you're asked about the Oath to Nocturnal, say yes. After crossing the gate, stand on the left platform, where the marker is. After a scene with Nocturnal, speak with Karliah again as well as with Brynjolf. Now we're the leader of the Thieves Guild... well, after the quests are over and Mercer is taken down. Something to look forward to at least! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B L I N D S I G H T E D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK610]

Leave the Nightingale HQ. Now you need to go to Irkngthand, which is in the mountains to the west of Windhelm (approach from the west). When you get to the ruins, follow the rather straightforward path while killing the bandits until you enter Irkngthand Arcanex. Inside, you'll see all the dead bandits. Hmmm, Karliah and Brynjolf perhaps? Either way, go to the southwest corner and follow the path. Soon enough, you'll be attacked by some Dwarven Spheres. Go slowly and with any luck you will lure them out one at a time (you want to fight them one at a time if you can, and I've seen 2-3 of them show up here). Defeat them and continue on. Now, in the room after the little pool, follow the path until you see some circular things spitting fire spinning around. As you move through the room, some Dwarven Spiders pop out. Kill them ASAP and proceed through the rest of the room until you get to the next area. Speak to Karliah and Brynjolf and then proceed. There's a gate on your left you can pick (EXPERT) for a bunch of goodies. In the next room, you can see Mercer at a distance, but can't get to him. Follow the path until you reach another large area. Head to the east side of the upper area and you'll find an expert-locked gate. Save and lockpick it. Use the ballista inside to wipe out some enemies. Now, go hit the lever past the gate then quickly return to the start of this room. From that door, go right past some rubble and hit a SIMILAR lever. With both levers hit the door below will open up. Explore and loot the rest of the room and continue. Watch out for traps and soon you'll be in another large room. This place is huge and run down, with multiple ways to get to the end. Go forwards and kill all the Falmer. You'll hear a cave-in soon. Once you've cleared and looted the area you'll see that the cave-in was at the back end of the area and was a tower falling down. Karliah thinks it's Mercer's work. Follow the path upwards to a door and go down the stairs disarming traps. The cubby on the right down here has several chests but they are all empty. Be sure to grab the scrolls of detect life in the area and any potions and go through the gate on the left (more traps ahead). You'll come to another big room here, with several Falmer down below and a dwarven centurion here as well. What I'd recommend is hitting the centurion at range (using a sneak attack) and the thing will start battling the Falmer. From here you can pick off whoever's left and continue onwards (the path is very straightforwards). At the far end is more Falmer and spiders, so take them out and continue to the Slave Pens. In here proceed forwards and take out a dwarven spider. There's a locked gate up on your right you can pick, even though there's only ingots up there. Down below is a lever you can turn on to kill some Falmer for you. Turn it on, kill them, then turn it off. The thief on the rack here has a note too! Continue on and you'll come to a LARGE Falmer camp. You can either ambush them (there's easily five enemies here) or try to sneak around on the right, so make your call. The goal is the pen at the end, where there's two gates (one locked) guarding it. Get to it and continue on. There's another open area up ahead. Just kill the Falmer here as they love to watch the only exit to the right. After them you'll see the pipes rising above another camp. Now these you can use to sneak past everything, dropping down and taking the opening on the left to continue (there's a chest in one of the tents though). There's chorus here too... continue on and take out two more Falmer before you're forced to drop down. There's a MASTER chest on the

right here, so grab it before going through the door and down into the SANCTUARY. In here, you'll see Mercer stealing the eyes. Even though it looks like you have the drop on him, he'll turn around and see you! He'll than use some sort of shockwave to knock you down below. He'll rush down and talk to you for a bit while his shockwave causes the place to slowly fill with water. After a bit of a chat, he'll attack! However, this will be a ONE VS. ONE fight, because the FIRST thing Mercer will do is FRENZY Brynjolf, who will start to attack Karliah. Mercer is quite a swordsman, and will utterly devastate you given the chance. However, he spends most of this fight being INVISIBLE, and will therefor use HIT AND RUN tactics. Now, we HAVE to know where he is to kill him, so here are several tips: o Even though he's invisible, you can still see a shimmering outline, so always keep your eyes open. o Use one of those DETECT LIFE scrolls you picked up! This is the perfect time to use them! o Set Mercer on FIRE... that will keep track of him! o Mercer will leave ripples in the water if he's running through it! <BK> Kraster writes in to say: When fighting Mercer in "Blindsighted" quest you can use Unrelenting Force lvl 3 to kill him in one hit. Just run up to him (while he's behind the statue, upstairs) and stand in a way so that his back is turned to the water. After that use your FusRoDah shout, and he should die from fall damage - It has worked for me on PC version. Use those tips above to track him and take him out. Don't be afraid to use some of those potions you've been hanging onto as well. After he's dead, be SURE to loot him. You'll get TWO FALMER EYES (the gems), 700 Gold, the SKELETON KEY, and a bunch of other goodies. I hope you can carry it all! Once he's dead, the place will REALLY start flooding. At least Brynjolf is no longer trying to kill Karliah. Keep your head above water and wait for the wall near the marker to fall apart and show you your escape route (your going to be waiting awhile, as it doesn't open up until the place is nearly under water, so don't panic!). Use your newly found escape route to reach the Bronze Water Cave. Once you're inside here, talk to Karliah and she'll tell you your task isn't quite over: you still have to return the Skeleton Key. AND, to top it all off, Brynjolf and herself won't be able to help you! Sheesh. She will give you her Nocturnal Bow though, as well as completing this quest and starting your next one. (-NOTE-) The SKELETON KEY can open ANY LOCK. Any lock at all. The next quest will take it away from us, but between now and then... it is yours to enjoy. Take advantage of it! This is a supremely over-powered tool at your disposal. The Skeleton Key functions like a lockpick, but it won't break no matter what. This means you have an unlimited amount of tries and time to open any lock you run across. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---=====

D A R K N E S S R E T U R N S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK611] Our goal now is to enter the Twilight Sepulcher so that we can return the Skeleton Key back to Nocturnal. You'll find the Twilight Sepulcher on the southwest portion of the map (west of Falkreath), so fast travel to the closest place you can and make your way there. Once inside, your goal will change to "Talk to the Nightingale Sentinel", who is right in front of you. Go talk to him and learn who he is and tell him what's happened. It's a long chat, and you'll learn a lot of things about this place and the pilgrim's path in general. Near the end upon asking what you'll face, Gallus will tell you that a person named Nystrom has a journal that may help, giving you the [OPTIONAL] objective of retrieving it. Fortunately, the journal is JUST to your left if you want to get it and read it. Journey fourth through the door and you'll encounter a sentinel. Slay it. There's another one in a room on the left. Loot the place and continue on, watching out for a floor plate and another sentinel until you reach another iron door. In THIS room the light HURTS, so don't stand in it. You must go through this room in the shadows, but be careful as there are floor plates and trip wires everywhere that shoot arrows at you as you go (its best just to keep moving, as the arrows aren't powerful enough to kill you, but still activate the tripwires when you can). Keep following the dark path and you will be ok. The next room is a little tricky, but the journal helps here. At the statue of Nocturnal you have to give her what she wants most: darkness. By each of the flames to her left and right are chains to shut them off, so do so and continue. In the next room you'll see a TON of traps in front of you... and a door to the left. This door is locked with a MASTER lock, but you should take that path. You do have the SKELETON KEY after all. Open the door and continue to the big room on the left. There's two more sentinels here, so kill them off. Down here there's a LOCKPICKING SKILLBOOK called "Proper Lock Design" (aptly named) as well as a SNEAK SKILLBOOK named "Sacred Witness". Go find the door to the west that leads to the Inner Sanctum after grabbing those. In here, go forwards until you see a big pit. Go ahead and drop down. There is a skeleton down here named Anders. Loot him and read his note then just CHILL down here for awhile. You'll automatically pull out the Skeleton Key and get out of the pit. Further down, all that's left for you to do is to replace the key in the Ebonmere. Do so and Nocturnal will show herself and have a nice little chat with you! After that is over, she will disappear and your objective will be to talk to Karliah, who is conveniently right beside you now. Of course, this whole ordeal isn't without its reward. With the Ebonmere's power you can gain a special Nightingale power. I've listed them here below so you can choose between them. You CHOOSE them by standing on certain circles (which have different states of the moon on them), so be careful of where you walk around here! If you should ever want to change your new power, you can wait 24 hours and come back and pick something else.

o Nightingale Strife Instantly absorb 100 points of health from the target. (This circle is the FULL MOON symbol!) o Nightingale Subterfuge: People and creatures in the spell's area of effect will attack anyone nearby for 30 seconds. (This circle is the HALF MOON symbol!) o Shadowcloak of Nocturnal: For 120 seconds you automatically become invisible while sneaking. (This circle is the CRESCENT MOON symbol!) Karliah and Gallus will also have a reunion down here. How sweet! She will tell you that she'll be hanging out at Nightingale Hall from now on, and that there's a portal there that connects us to the Twilight Sepulcher. And with that, we've completed the Thieves Guild. From here you can go out into the world and put all you've learned to practice. You can also build the guild up to its former glory by completing the guild's optional side-quests and miscellaneous quests. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ THIEVES GUILD MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =============================================================================== =============================================================================== N O S T O N E U N T U R N E D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK612] To START this quest, you need to have found an "Unusual Gem" during your travels. There are quite a few of them, and chances are that unless you went to the Thieves Guild asap you've run across one. Once you are part of the Thieves Guild proper, you can show the Gem to Vex, to ask her what the hell is it?! She will tell you that they are the "Stones of Barenziah", and that alone they are worthless... you need TWENTY FOUR (24) of them to make the SET complete. Once she tells you this, the quest in ON in full force. Our goal? Collect the rest of the stones! There are 24 of these bad boys, but thankfully they are all placed throughout the world in certain spots. Here I'll list where you can find them! [List is obviously coming soon!]

- #1: - #2: - #3: - #4: - #5: - #6: - #7: - #8: - #9: - #10: - #11: - #12: - #13: - #14: - #15: - #16: - #17: - #18: - #19: - #20: - #21: - #22: - #23: - #24: --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== G R O W I N G T H E G U I L D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK613] Even if you have went through and completed the ENTIRE Thieves Guild

questline, the guild STILL needs your help to grow. What exactly do I mean!? Well, currently, the guild only has ONE city that it is prominent in: Riften. By doing ADDITIONAL jobs for Vex and Delvin, you can eventually get SPECIAL assignments to help influential customers out in FOUR prominent cities! Doing these special assignments will further the Thieves Guild's rise to power once again, but you will also be rewarded yourself! For each city that you bring into the Thieves Guild's domain, you will be rewarded (see the rewards down below). The cities that we will be taking over are Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm, and Markarth (note how these cities are the ones you have to ZONE into...). But how do you do this? Well, to trigger the special assignments, you have to take jobs from Vex and Delvin. The jobs they will give you can be repeated, and you have to do a total of FIVE or more jobs in a single city before you trigger the special assignment requests. Since you can only go out on TWO jobs at a time (one from VEX and one from DELVIN) this means you've got quite a few jobs to do... (-NOTE-) You can REFUSE to take a job if it doesn't match up to the city that you are trying to gain influence in! Just keep taking and refusing jobs until you get the city you want! The jobs that count towards this total are the next SEVEN quests listed. That's right, you have a LOT of options on what kind of jobs you want to take, so read all of those section over and start taking jobs so you can get those special assignments (the special assignments are ALSO listed down below, along with some other quest, but I trust you can find what you need easily). To help keep you motivated, here are the rewards you'll start to see as you start winning over cities: (-NOTE-) All of the new merchants are outside of the Ragged Flagon. The fence that I'm talking about is Tonilla. o ONE CITY DONE: - New Merchant: Syndus (Sells weapons and armor). - Fence now has 1500 gold.

o TWO CITIES DONE: - New Merchant: Herluin Lothaire (Apothecary). - Fence now has 2250 gold.

o THREE CITIES DONE: - New Merchant: Arnskar Ember-Master (Smith). - Smithing Equipment comes with Arnskar. - Fence now has 3000 gold.

- Able to start the Miscellaneous Quest "Deliver moon sugar to Ri'saad"

o FOUR CITIES DONE: - New Merchant: Vanryth Gatharian (Sells weapons and armor). - Fence now has 4000 gold. - Able to start the Quest "Under New Management". The rewards that you get after all four cities are taken are TREMENDOUS, and if you are serious about your thieving, building up the guild again is a GREAT idea. Have fun doing it! I know I did! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E N U M B E R S J O B _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK614] This quest is given by Delvin Mallory. He will ask you to go change the numbers in a ledger at some RANDOM location in Skyrim. MANY, MANY businesses have ledgers in them, so you can be asked to go to a number of places... The gist of the job is to head to the place, find the ledger, and make the changes without anyone seeing you. Naturally, getting caught or killing anyone automatically fails this mission. Do your best to be SNEAKY. An excellent tip would be to KNOW where the ledger is (its not a crime to FIND it) and only change it when you are HIDDEN. For smaller, locked up locations you could always wait until night when people are asleep as well and do a little breaking and entering. Once you are done, return to Delvin to let him know. You will be given your cut (400 Gold) and the job is complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E F I S H I N G J O B _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK615] This quest is given by Delvin Mallory. "Fishing" is just HIS way of saying "Pickpocketing", so for this job you will be tasked to take a RANDOM item from a RANDOM person throughout Skyrim, so as you can see you may end up going to a number of places. There's two things to know about pickpocketing. The first is that your mark will OFTEN be walking around out in the open. This means that you're going to need to TAIL them while sneaking so you can pickpocket them. Be SURE that you

are HIDDEN before doing the actual pickpocketing. The second thing to know is that pickpocketing is all about percentages. The item you are sent to get may have a very low percentage of you being successful, so be sure to SAVE first and foremost, and then equip as much "Deft Hands" (+ Pickpocket Skill) gear that you can! Once you have the item in hand, return to Delvin and let him know. You will be given your cut (400 Gold) and the job is complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B E D L A M J O B _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK616] (-NOTE-) This job goes well with some of the jobs VEX will give you... if you can get the jobs to be in the same hold/city, you can kill two birds with one stone. This quest is given to you by Delvin Mallory, and is a FUN job! The BEDLAM job is all about mass-stealing. Delvin will just flat out tell you to go steal from a RANDOM Hold like crazy. He'll then assign you a GOLD amount. For example, you may be asked to go steal 500 Gold worth of items from Markarth. To rack up that amount, target shops and/or RICH households. We want to rack up that amount as fast as possible after all. The same old rules apply here, no one can SEE us when we steal these things and NO killing! The one COOL thing about this job though is that we get to KEEP whatever we steal! Once you have went on your crime spree, return to Delvin and let him know. You will be given your cut (400 Gold) and the job is complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B U R G L A R Y J O B _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK617] This quest is given to you by Vex. She will line up a burglary job for you, which prompts the game to send you to a RANDOM location to steal a RANDOM item, often in somebody's home. This job is ALL about stealth. Equip ANYTHING that will make you sneak better. You're also going to need to be handy with a lockpick. Obviously if the item is in some public place you can scout it out, but oftentimes the best time to grab something is either when the residents just plain aren't looking (or aren't home) or when everyone is asleep! Be sure to save and then use your best judgement on which course to take and nab the item! Return to Vex once you have the item for your cut (400 Gold) and the job will be completed.

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E S H I L L J O B _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK618] This quest is given to you by Vex. Not EVERYTHING the Thieves guild does involves stealing! Sometimes it involves FRAMING people for stealing. When you take this job, Vex will GIVE you a stolen item. Your job is to take that item, break into the MARK'S HOUSE (which as you guessed is RANDOM), and plant the stolen item there. Planting an works: Save, darkness may handy with a item is the exact opposite of stealing it, but the same strategy scout the place out, and strike at the right time! Going in under help if the mark will be asleep, and you'll often have to be lockpick.

Return to Vex once you have planted the item for your cut (400 Gold) and the job will be completed. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E S W E E P J O B _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK619] This quest is given to you by Vex. To "Sweep" a place is the equivalent of stealing EVERYTHING of value out of a single place, making this job a bigger, fancier version of "The Burglary Job". You will be given a RANDOM target at a RANDOM location. Also, you will be given a NUMBER of things to swipe (such as 3 fancy items). Head to going to careful. you need the mark and use your sneaking skills to get in. Obviously you're want to do this when the owners are either away or asleep, so be Once inside, you will get objective arrows pointing to EACH item to swipe, so clean the place out and make your escape.

Return to Vex once you have the items for your cut (400 Gold) and the job will be completed. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E H E I S T J O B _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK620] This quest is given to you by Vex. The HEIST job is similar to a Burglary,

but you're going to be doing it in a SHOP. Also, you're going to often be robbing a STRONGBOX, which means you'll be facing BETTER locks (like EXPERT locks). Vex will tell you to steal from a RANDOM shop at a RANDOM location. Once you have the job, head off and find the shop. Being a shop, you can freely scout out the place and find the strongbox. In fact, if the shop owner isn't shadowing you, you can steal from it right then and there (just be sure you are hidden). Otherwise, just break into the place at night and do it. With the store robbed and the owner scared, return to Vex for your cut (400 Gold) and the job will be complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E T R I E V E A R O N D I L ' S J O U R N A L S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK621] To start this quest (which just STAYS in your Miscellaneous Quest tab, so I made up the quest name for it) talk to Vekel the Man (he's the BARTENDER in the Ragged Flagon). Ask him if he needs any help and follow the conversation until you get the Miscellaneous Objective: "Enter Yngvild Barrow". Yngvild Barrow is in the NORTHERNMOST reaches of Skyrim. And why are we here, you may ask?! To Retrieve Arondil's Journals. There are four of them in total. In this first (rather short and linear) barrow section, you will find THREE of the four journals. Just be careful of the Draugr in here as well as the various ghosts. There are only a few side rooms (which often lead to graves and burial urns) so keep following the path, killing enemies and picking up the three books. Note that at one point you can jump across a gap to head UP a spiraling staircase instead of down. There's a treasure chest at the end. As the end of this first linear barrows section you'll reach the door to the throne room. In here are a couple of more ghosts along with Arondil himself! Ha! Take them all out and recover the fourth journal. Arondil has a room here too, so be sure to loot it. You should find a Stone of Barenziah here as well as an ALTERATION SKILLBOOK called "Reality and Other Falsehoods". Return to Vekel to finish this Miscellaneous Quest! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E D A I N T Y S L O A D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK622] After completing a number of jobs in Solitude (5 or so, I think...), Delvin will have this "Special Job" for you. It seems our actions have brought the guild some attention! We are to travel to Solitude and speak to a merchant named Erikur. You can find him hanging out in the Blue Palace during the day. Erikur is after what most people are after: revenge. He's been cheated by a

captain named Volf of the Dainty Sload, and now wants you to acquire something called Balmora Blue and stash it aboard the Dianty Sload in Volf's footlocker to frame him. Head to the docks to find a woman named Sabine who ferries contraband to and from Morrowind. She will sell you some Balmora Blue for the HIGH, HIGH price of 1,500 Gold! You can ask her if there is another way to earn it, but she wants cash so pay up (you can come back later if you don't have the cash now). When you pay up, she'll give you the key and advise that the chest is under the dock nearby, so jump into the water, unlock the chest and grab the Balmora Blue. We'll now have to plant it on the Dainty Sload. Easier typed than done. We will need to be EXTREMELY SNEAKY here (or you could use magic to your advantage, or maybe even an invisibility potion or two as insurance. The Dainty Sload is full of corsairs that will attack you on sight. Wait until night and sneak aboard, as the only entrance is the door on the deck. A pirate will be out here but won't attack as long as you back off, so wait until he is busy before entering. Once you've entered, loot the chest to the right. Down the stairs are two pirates that are talking in a room to the left, letting you sneak by them. Past that is a door with another pirate hanging around the next corner. THIS pirate switches between sleeping and sitting on the bench, so wait until she sleeps to get by. You'll be down in the storage area now where a single pirate patrols. There is a chest to the right by the stairs that lead down here. It can be HARD to get by this pirate, but they will occasionally stare off to the north which will let you get by. You are now in the Captain's area. The first mate is around here but SHOULD be asleep. If not, wait until he is. The reason we want him asleep is because on the desk where he usually sits lies a Stone of Barenziah as well as a SPEECH SKILLBOOK named "A Dance in Fire, v6". Now you can either pick the Captain's Footlocker or pickpocket the key off of the first mate and open it. Take out everything inside and leave the Balmora Blue. Now we have to make our way out of the boat the same way we came in (if all else fails, run!). Make your way back to Erikur and let him know that you're done. He already knows, but will give you the Calm spell tome as thanks. Make your way back to Delvin and let him know you are done as well. Congratulations! Now go do more Thieves Guild missions! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S U M M E R S E T S H A D O W S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK623] After completing a number of jobs in Windhelm (5 or so, I think...), Delvin will have this "Special Job" for you. A wealthy merchant from Windhelm named Torsten Cruel-Sea has requests our assistance. Go see him and he'll explain that his daughter Fjotli was slain and robbed, and that after quite some time he found out it was a Thieves Guild from Summerset Isle called "The Summerset Shadows". It seems that they are trying to enroach upon our turf! We can't have that! Our next objective will be to "Speak to Niranye". Niranye is one of the stall vendors inside of the city, so go find her and speak to her. Ask her about

Fjotli and then tell her you know she was involved. After that, you can try your hand at an INTIMIDATE option or a PERSUADE option. Once you pass one of those Niranye will spill the truth: she is a FENCE that has been coerced into working with the Summerset group under threat of death. She will divulge where the leader, Linwe, is hiding: Uttering Hills Cave. (-NOTE-) Do NOT use the response "I've had enough of this" as it will cause Niranye to attack you! We can use her later, we don't need her dead! If by chance you can't pass EITHER the INTIMIDATE or PERSUADE options, you can get through this another way. Follow the box if you want to find out how! Just an FYI, it does require you to be able to pick a MASTER lock! o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | | | So you can't use Persuade or Intimidate. Damn. Don't fret too much, and | | excuse yourself from the conversation (the bottom option: "My Mistake"). | | You'll be given a new objective to "Discover Leverage to sway Niranye. To | | do this we need to break into her house. Note that you can pickpocket her | | key off of her as well as a "Darkwater Pit" key. Do so if you don't feel | | like lockpicking all that much. | | | | Niranye's house is the first house on the right as you enter Windhelm | | and take an immediate right. Go break into it and you'll find... nothing? | | However, there is a HIDDEN PANEL on one of the walls in the dining room, | | so find it and open it. Down the stairs is the door to the basement, which | | is a MASTER lock. I hope you're good at lockpicking! | | | | Once you're in the basement you'll find Niranye's safe against the far | | wall. The Darkwater Pit key can open the safe, by the way, so either use | | it or pick the lock (an Expert lock for me). You'll now have two letters | | from Linwe to Niranye. Go show her these and she'll reveal the hideout | | just as if you passed the Intimidate or Persuade tests... | | | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Now that we know where to go, you can look at your map and see that the Uttering Hills Cave is just southwest of Windhelm. Make your way there and get ready to bring justice to this Thieves Guild. You'll of course be attacked on sight, so its only right to defend yourself. And by defend yourself I mean kill every last person you come across. There are two guards outside of the cave so kill them and enter. Head inwards until you see an opening with a pine growing WAY above you. Just beautiful! Now brutally slay the guards to your left and right. Take either path downwards to a camp site and kill two more guards there. Open the wooden door and continue on. Head down the steps and you'll see a guard up ahead. There are actually several guards in this area (about 4) as well as Linwe himself who is MUCH tougher than any of these "Summerset Shadows". Take up a good defensive position (like on the stairs) and kill them all. Now feel free to loot the place. Linwe is the prize of course, as he has the locket we need as well as a set of thieves armor that is enchanted. There's also a chest in one of the cubbys by the alchemy lab. Head further in to see their jail and banner. Once you get near the banner you will get an optional objective to destroy it, which you can easily do by putting it to the flame. To the right is a bedroom with a chest and a ONE HANDED SKILLBOOK ("Mace Etiquette"). Once you're done looting the place, head back out to the world map and go

find Torsten. He'll be thankful and will promise to help out the Thieves Guild in Windhelm. He'll also give you an Major Ring of Archery as thanks. Head back to Delvin and report in. Congratulations! Now go do more Thieves Guild missions! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== I M I T A T I O N A M N E S T Y _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK624] After completing a number of jobs in Whiterun (5 or so, I think...), Delvin will have this "Special Job" for you. We are to go talk to Olfrid Battle-Born, a wealthy merchant who needs help. Go over to Whiterun and find him. He'll tell you about his friend Arn, who is slated for execution and is in the local jail. He doesn't want him broke out though, instead he wants us to get into the Jarl's Quarters and steal a letter from Solitude warning Whiterun about Arn, and then changing his name in the Steward's prisoner registry... (-NOTE-) I had already done the Civil War quests and the main plotline before attempting this quest, so the guards in the Jarl's Quarters pretty much didn't care about whatever I did... they surely didn't mind me wandering around, anyways! Head on up to Dragonsreach and enter (be sure to save). Head up past the throne (the stairs are on the right) and enter the Jarl's Quarters through the big double doors to the left. Once inside, enter the door on the right to find the prison registry and forge the names. EASY. Now, head up the stairs and enter the middle door, then the door on the right to find the Jarl's study. Make sure you're hidden and take the letter on the desk. Again, easy... Return to Olfrid and let him know you're done. He'll wonder who this Arn guy is that you're talking about! He'll also give you a Ring of Replenishing as a thank you token. Return to Delvin now and let him know you're done. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D E L I V E R M O O N S U G A R T O R I ' S A A D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK625] (-NOTE-) This quest spawned/popped up for me after doing THREE "Special Jobs" for the guild... Let me know if it did the same for you, eh? After completing three special jobs for the guild (aka: reclaiming three cities), go talk to the Thieves Guild fence, Tonilla. She'll mention that she wants you to do a favor for her. The Khajit caravans roaming Skyrim could be very valuable to the guild if we used them to smuggle for us. She will ask you to deliver some moon sugar to one of the caravan leaders named Ri'saad.

Exit the Flagon and open up the map to see where Ri'saad currently is. I'm sure that he roams the lands, so fast-travel as close to him as you can and go talk to him. Run through the dialog and give him the moon sugar to cement a deal between the Khajit Caravan's and the Thieves Guild. Now go and return to Tonilla who will thank you and give you 700 Gold for the leg work. You will now be able to use the Khajit Caravans to sell stolen goods to, effectively making every one of their caravans your personal fence. Very nice! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S I L V E R L I N I N G _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK626] After completing a number of jobs in Markarth (5 or so, I think...), Delvin will have this "Special Job" for you. He wants you to go see a silversmith named Endon to try and sway his family back to our side. Go find Endon (who I found at the Silver-Blood Inn) and he'll tell you that the reason that he needs your help is that he ordered a special silver mold that was stolen from a Khajit Cravan. The people that took it are bandits led by a woman named Rigel Strong-Arm, and they can be found at their hideout at Pinewatch. He wants YOU to get it back for him. (-NOTE-) I'm going Rambo on the bandits, but you could sneak through the whole thing if you wished: there ARE multiple paths near every bandit after all! Pinewatch is just east of Falkreath, so make your way there. Since these are bandits and my killing-instincts are getting rusty from all this thieving, feel free to kill them on sight (they'll attack YOU on sight). Once you enter the cabin, you'll see that it LOOKS LIKE a fairly small place. Go ahead and kill the man named Rhorlak here: trust me, he's in on this and deserves it. Head downstairs and you'll hear wind in a tunnel. That's easy to explain: there is a tunnel behind the bookcase here, and a button on the wall to the right will open up the path. Head down and kill the two bandits on the walkway. If you go straight, there is another bandit in that room (there's also an EXPERT locked supply door to the right as well as a chest on the floor down below). Go left now and you'll be in a new area. Kill the three bandits here and look out for a chest up on one of the broken-down pillars and proceed onwards to find one more bandit by a door leading to the Pinewatch Bandit's Sanctuary. Enter. Kill the three bandits sitting at the table and loot the chest here. Head up the nearby ramp and through a tunnel to kill another bandit. From here, go up some stairs and open a wooden door to find another bandit patrolling a Draugr filled area (she's killed all the Draugr already). Go pick the RIGHT door (it was a NOVICE lock for me) to find a lot of goodie, including a STONE OF BARENZIAH! The chest here is trapped, just FYI, so open it from the side. Continue on and you'll see a warning on the wall. Seems like Rigel has had some people try to break into his treasure room. Well at least we know there will be traps! Continue on to the bedroom and kill any bandits sleeping. The

rest will be in the dining room next door (You'd have to be invisible to skip being seen here!). You'll be in for a fight as you kill them, as there can be 3-4 enemies here. In fact, Rigel is in a bedroom maybe 2 rooms away. She was SLEEPING for me (meaning I could pickpocket her or get in a sneak attack) but I imagine that it is VERY possible for Rigel to join in on the dining room fight, so be extra careful and use potions when you have to (or even save before hand just to be save). Either way, once you have Rigel dead or pickpocketed you'll have the key to the treasure room, which is even further in. Open up the wooden door then the iron door. There is a floor plate RIGHT before you step out onto some logs, so be sure to avoid it. In fact, just avoid ALL the floor plates as you continue to the next door. Heck, even that door you should open and wait as a mace will fall down once you open it. The treasure is now in front of you though! Be careful of the floor plate by the pile of goodies and loot to your hearts content before using the door nearby as a shortcut out of this place! Go outside and return to Endon to give him his silver mold. He'll be very happy and will reward you with a pair of Elven Boots of Strength (which are verily kick-ass) and will volunteer his services as a fence. Return to Delvin to let him know you are done with this mission. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== U N D E R N E W M A N A G E M E N T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK627] Once you have the four city influences quests done (the ones in Markarth, Whiterun, Windhelm, and Solitude) you will automatically receive this quest. Your objective is to speak to Brynjolf about becoming the new Guild Master. We can certainly manage THAT, no!? Go talk to Brynjolf, who will be in the cistern along with EVERYONE else (everyone and THEN some). Follow him out to the middle of the cistern and a short and sweet ceremony will take place where everyone will proclaim you the new Guild Master. After the ceremony, talk to Brynjolf again. He will give you two items: the AMULET OF ARTICULATION (which will make almost ANY Persuade speech check succeed and makes your speechcraft 30% better) and the GUILD MASTER TRIBUTE KEY (which unlocks a chest by the Guild Master desk that will be periodically refilled with your CUT of the guild profits). He will also tell you to go see Tonilla about obtaining your Guild Master armor. Go see Tonilla and you'll get a COMPLETE SET of Guild Master armor, which is FAR superior to your old Thieves Guild armor. Well, congratulations thief, you have done well for yourself. Lead your guild to success! _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 7. The Dark Brotherhood ||| [BK700] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O

To JOIN The Dark Brotherhood you'll have to do a miscellaneous quest first entitled "Talk to Aventus Arentino". To GET that quest you need to first travel to the town of RIFTEN (any carriage can take you there), then as you enter the town a man maned Maul will stop you. You can talk to HIM about The Dark Brotherhood and he'll mention a local young boy, Aventus Aretino, who ran away and is trying to get their attention. (-NOTE-) You can also get this quest by hearing about young Aventus while in a town or tavern. It's pretty hard NOT to get this quest, really... To find Aventus, head to the city of Windhelm. There follow the quest marker to find the Aretino Residence. Young Aventus is chanting the dark sacrament over and over: "Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear." Ugh, how creepy! Talk to him and he'll assume you're a brotherhood assassin. This will complete that miscellaneous quest and start the quest "Innocence Lost". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== I N N O C E N C E L O S T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK701] After talking to Aventus you'll learn that after his mother died (which I presume was the skeleton in the house) he went to live at the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften, where the headmistress, Grelod the Kind, treats the kids there like crap. Head over to Riften and find Honorhall Orphanage. Go inside to scope out the place and you'll meet Grelod (chances are she's talking to all of the kids and it's VERY clear that she's scum and needs killing). In fact, instead of being sneaky you could kill her right here and now and all of the kids in the house will CHEER and thank you. There's an adult in the house at times that will freak out, but this is one murder that will go un-reported. How crazy is that!? Once you're done, head back to Windhelm and talk to Aventus. He'll thank you and will give you a family heirloom as payment (which isn't worth very much) and this quest will be over. Read about the next quest to start it, since it doesn't trigger right away... --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== W I T H F R I E N D S L I K E T H E S E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK702] Now, to continue with this questline, go head back home (or a secure bed

somewhere) and sleep for awhile (I slept for 24 hours, just to be sure). You SHOULD awaken in unfamiliar territory and someone named Astrid will ask you if you slept well. She'll tell you that by all rights, Grelod was a Dark Brotherhood contract... a contract you stole, which means that you owe her a kill. She has asked you to kill someone in the shack that she took you to in order to earn your freedom and repay your debt. You'll find three hostages behind you. Now, try as you might, there is NOTHING here that's going to tell you WHO has the contract out on them. You can talk to each of them to hear who they are (and get some speech skill opportunities) but in the end you must kill one of them. Personally, I killed all three, as they all seemed like they could be guilty... Go talk to Astrid now who will congratulate you. She'll also say that it's not a matter of WHO has the contract out on them: she told you to kill one and you did. She'll give you the key to the shack and will then tell you to seek out her family in the Pine Forest (which is to the south, by Falkreath). The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary is there. She'll also give you the password to the black door: "Silence, my Brother". Head over to Falkreath and head west to The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (which is pretty easy to find and not very well hidden if you ask me). Give the door the password: "Silence, my Brother", and head inside. You'll find Astrid here so talk to her to officially join The Dark Brotherhood. She'll give you a welcoming present (a set of their clothes) and this quest will end. The next Dark Brotherhood quest, "Sanctuary", will now be triggered. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S A N C T U A R Y _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK703] Our objective here is to speak with Nazir in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary so that we can get our first assassination contract. You may as well explore "Home" anyways, and familiarize yourself. There's more shrouded apparel to be had here after all. There's also a DRAGON WALL located in the Sanctuary that teaches MARKED FOR DEATH - KILL. There's also TWO SKILLBOOKS to be found here: "Sacred Witness" (which ups SNEAK) and "Sithis" (which ups ALTERATION). Sithis can be found near the entrance while Sacred Witness is in Babettes room. When you're ready, talk to Nazir. After introductions ask him for your first set of contracts. He'll have THREE contracts for you to kill three different people. This will end the "Sanctuary" quest and will give you a quest for EACH of the contracts you just got: "Contract: Kill Beitild", "Contract: Kill Ennodius Papius", and "Contract: Kill Narfi". We will do them in that order in the next three quests. (-NOTE-) Many assassination quests can be carried out however YOU want to do it, meaning you can personalize things... You don't HAVE to do what *I* do. The most important thing is to NOT GET CAUGHT. Saving before an assassination attempt (and after a successful one) is a VERY good idea. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---=====

C O N T R A C T : K I L L B E I T I L D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK704] Beitild lives in the city of Dawnstar and has a house there. You can use this to your advantage and wait until night when she's in her house asleep. There IS a lock on the door, but it's a NOVICE lock for pete's sake! Anyways, once you are inside you can kill her with little trouble. Be sure to loot her once you're done. Now you can either do the next TWO assassination or you can report to Nazir (I suggest doing the next two; be sure to save!). (-NOTE-) This contract is worth 500 Gold. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== C O N T R A C T : K I L L E N N O D I U S P A P I U S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK705] Ennodius camps out along a river, just west of Windhelm (at least during the afternoon that's where and how I found him...). He's there all alone, making this job a piece of cake. He's also a weakling. Take him out virtually any way you want and loot afterwards (even though there's nothing worth taking, I'm just in the habit of looting). Now you can either do the LAST assassination or you can report to Nazir (I suggest doing the last one; be sure to save!). (-NOTE-) This contract is worth 500 Gold. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== C O N T R A C T : K I L L N A R F I _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK706] Narfi is a beggar living in Ivarstead. He's the guy that lives in the crappy house across the stream. Since he's already semi-isolated, it makes our job that much easier. I like to wait until night, then head over there. Be sure to sneak so you can assure yourself that no one can see you, then one good sneak attack will take him out. If this is your third contract you should head back to the Sanctuary and report to Nazir. When you get there you'll see a new (and big) crate in the den, as well as a jester named Cicero. Hmm, it seems that the Night Mother is now here. Astrid will talk to you afterwards and give you your newest

contract, triggering the next quest: "Mourning Never Comes". Be sure to talk to Nazir to turn in this and the other assassination quests. (-NOTE-) This contract is worth 500 Gold. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== M O U R N I N G N E V E R C O M E S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK707] This will be your first MAJOR contract. Our job is to head to Markarth and seek out the apothecary's assistant Muiri and form a contract with her. So head on over to Markarth and find Muiri. Once finding her, she will spill the whole story about the person she wants dead (whether you listen to it all or not is up to you). The important thing is that she wants one Alain Dufont dead, who is the leader of a group of bandits. He's located in the dwarven ruins of Raldbthar. She will also offer you an OPTIONAL kill, one Nilsine Shatter-Shield, who lives in Windhelm. One thing at a time, let's head over to Raldbthar. Chances are good that by now you've stormed a fort or two filled with bandits and the like (or mages, or some other group). This is pretty much exactly like that: everyone is hostile and you should go in guns blazing. There's plenty to do here though, with chests to loot and gates to pick (you can even sneak around the mark and use ballista machines to kill him, if you can pick a certain gate). No matter how you do it, kill Alain and all his chums. Make sure you find the STEALTH SKILLBOOK, "2920, Last Seed, v8" while you're here, since it's next to the bandit campfire on a table. Now as for the OPTIONAL kill. Head to Windhelm. Nilsine belongs to CLAN Shatter-Shield, who owns a large house in the city. If you want to take her out at night (all stealthy like) like I did, you need to be somewhat decent at lockpicking, as Shatter-Shield manor has an EXPERT lock on it. Once you get that though, it's all good. Make your way up to the second floor (the shrouded boots are great here) and you'll find her asleep on the right. Now get in a sneak attack to kill her. Loot the body and silently head back out into the night. With both kills done, head back to Markarth and go find Muiri. She'll pay you 800 gold and give you Muiri's Ring, which makes created potions 15% more powerful. Now we'll have to go back and report our success to Astrid. This will complete the quest, and after some talking with Astrid we will get a new quest: "Whispers in the Dark". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== W H I S P E R S I N T H E D A R K _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._

`-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK708] Well, Astrid believes that the jester Cicero is plotting against the Sanctuary, so we will have to go hide in the Night Mother's coffin to try and eavesdrop on the conversation. Getting to the room is a matter of following the objective arrow, but it isn't hard. The room will be empty when you arrive, so go in and open the coffin of the Night Mother and step towards it. The rest will take care of itself. Cicero will come in and start talking, so just stay put and listen. Before long, the Night Mother will be talking with YOU and as luck would have it Cicero will open the coffin and discover you! Go through the dialog options here with Cicero and Astrid (you only have limited dialog options anyway). In the end this news of you being the next Listener (which has Cicero delighted) is a bit too much for Astrid to handle, so in order to give herself time to think she wants you to go talk to Nazir to accept some new contracts. Go talk to Nazir and accept the quests "Contract: Kill Lurbuk" (an orcish bard) and "Contract: Kill Hern" (A Vampire who's always with his lady vampire). After accepting those two quests, you will have completed "Whispers in the Dark". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== C O N T R A C T : K I L L L U R B U K _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK709] Lurbuk lives in the city of Morthal, so let's fast travel there. Like Nazir stated when we took this job, this is an EASY kill. Lurbuk stays at the inn in Morthal, so wait until night (4 AM or so) when he'll be asleep and enter the inn. Lurbuk will be on the first room on the left, so enter there and then sneak to make sure you're HIDDEN. From there it's as simple as a sneak attack and he's dead. Loot the body and get out of there. Now you can either do the LAST assassination or you can report to Nazir (I suggest doing the last one; be sure to save!). (-NOTE-) This contract is worth 500 Gold. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== C O N T R A C T : K I L L H E R N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK710] (-NOTE-) It is very possible to contract the virus that leads to Vampirism during this quest. Just an FYI. If that's what you want, good, let the vampires keep hurting you until you get it. If not, you can use a "Cure Disease" potion to snub it out in it's infancy IF you get it.

Now if you're decently powerful, this job isn't nearly as hard as Nazir made it out to be. Sure, they're vampires, but not immortal. Hern and Hert both live in the Half-Moon Mill. Together, and with NO OTHER WITNESSES. That last part is important, because you can stroll into the house when they are both there, proceed to attack them (and rack up a big fine in the process) and then kill them. When you kill them, the fines and bounties on your head will go away since you killed the only witnesses. Loot the place if you wish, then report back to Nazir. On your way to see him, Astrid will greet you and talk about what happened between you and the Night Mother. She agrees that you must go do as the Night Mother said, and will thus trigger the next quest in the chain: "The Silence has been Broken". Be sure to see Nazir about your reward for this quest though (and the previous one, if you haven't collected yet). (-NOTE-) This contract is worth 500 Gold. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S I L E N C E H A S B E E N B R O K E N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK711] Astrid has given us permission to seek out Amound Motierre and talk to him as the Night Mother wanted us to. She even tells us that Volunruud is a dungeon to the northeast. Chances are that you haven't been there yet, so check out the map and you'll see its southeast of Morthal and north of Whiterun, up in the mountains. Once you find the place, head inwards. At the beginning, you'll see a skeleton on a throne to the LEFT (be careful of him) and a journal on the ground called "Heddic's Volunruud Notes". If you read it, it will start a new BIG quest called "Silenced Tongues". You can do this quest if you wish (it's in our RANDOM quest section, since you stumble upon it) but to find Amound you don't actually have to go very far. Just down the steps and to the left. Amound will be in a room with his servant. It seems that the reason you were to meet him was because he performed the Black Sacrament, and want to take out a number of contracts with you. Talk to him to realize the sheer SCOPE of who he want's killed... You'll end up getting a letter and an amulet, which we need to take to Astrid right away, so leave this place and go back to the Sanctuary. Talk to Astrid and tell her what Amound proposes. The glory of it all will make her say ok, but first she will reflect on the letter while she sends you to go show the amulet to a fence named Delvin Mallory in the Riften Ratway. Head over to Riften and to the ratway (which if you didn't know is in the sewer system under Riften...). Proceed to the Ragged Flagon (which you'll get to after a few fights if you haven't been here before) and inside follow the marker to Delvin. Go through the conversation options and accept the line of T H E

credit that he offers (worth 15,000 septims). Now go report back to Astrid and give her the line of credit. She'll talk about the situation with you for a bit before giving you your next assignment: killing a bride at her own wedding! Oh, we're only working our way up to the big kill, don't you worry! This will end "The Silence has been Broken" and start your next Dark Brotherhood quest "Bound until Death". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B O U N D U N T I L D E A T H _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK712] The poor bride in this wedding is a girl named Vittoria Vici, who is marrying one Asgeir Snow-Shod. Since one is an Imperial and the other is a Stormcloak this union WAS supposed to hopefully calm hostilities between the two. But then you came along... (-NOTE-) The wedding is a PUBLIC reception, which you should take note of. Also, we have been promised a bonus if we kill Vici as she addresses the crowd! Head on over to the city of Solitude. The reception is in an open-air area JUST past the guards training area! Grah! Don't worry, there's some tricks to this place. First of all the bride and groom are sitting down below for now, but if you wait awhile they'll get up and move into a door on the left which makes them appear on a balcony up above. This is when the bride will start her speech. Now there's several ways we can do this. If you don't care about a bounty you can always just kill her outright in whatever manner you wish. That's a little crude though. There's ALSO a very strong gift set in place for you: in the back by the beggar is a door that leads to another balcony across the way. On the balcony however is a magic bow names Firiniel's End, along with an Elixir of True Shot and some arrows. SOMEONE wants you to use a bow, no? You COULD use it, but you'll still be getting a bounty and will have to escape. What I personally did was to go INTO the church nearby (the big doors by the beggar, I also looted the bow by the way, you may as well!) and once inside the church stick to the right hand wall until you get to a door leading to Solitude (outside). This leads you ABOVE the balcony that the bride will be on. Out here there's a GARGOYLE that is LOOSE, so sneak here and MAKE SURE YOU ARE HIDDEN, then once you hear her start to talk, push the gargoyle statue over. This will kill her, but best of all you are HIDDEN. Now, guards will start to look for you but stay still. They can't get to you where you're at, and after a little bit you'll be able to FAST TRAVEL back to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary! Be sure to fast travel as soon as you can! (-NOTE-) If you do get spotted at any time, VEEZARA will show up to help you out. He will get the crowds attention by initiating combat which will help you escape. Head back to Astrid and receive your reward: a unique spell called "Summon

Spectral Assassin", which summons Lucien Lachance (from Oblivion) to fight by your side! Cool! Also, if you killed Vici when she was speaking you'll gain 1000 gold! Sweet. Astrid will now complete the current quest and tell you to talk to Gabriella to start your next quest: "Breaching Security". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B R E A C H I N G S E C U R I T Y _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK713] Go talk to Gabriella, who will tell you that the next target is Commander Maro's soon Gaius, a hit designed to put the commander's mind OFF of security. We will also plant a letter on Gaius making it look like HE wanted to kill the Emperor. Gaius Maro is set to go investigate cities in preparation for the Emperor's visit. We will get a bonus if we DON'T kill him in Dragon Bridge or on the ROAD, but in a city (as his body will be found faster). We also have the option of stealing his travel schedule. Head on over to Dragon Bridge where you'll see son and father part ways. Now, to get the OPTIONAL schedule head into the outpost. Chances are there's a guard in here (if there's not it's easy, or if he's sleeping it's easy). Even if he's sitting and watching the chair you can HIDE directly behind him and steal the schedule. Now read the schedule and you'll see Gaius is a busy, BUSY guy! From here on in he's going to be making a trip around the world of Skyrim to inspect all of the cities. This trip will last the week, and once it's over he will do it all over again! The easiest time to kill him is alone on the road, but we won't get our bonus this way. Instead, look at where he'll be SLEEPING in the next upcoming days... guard house, guard house, INN, etc... I'll tell you right now that no matter how badass you are you're not going to one-shot Gaius (well, I couldn't anyways and I *THINK* I'm badass... I imagine that if you have invested perks into the SNEAK skill, especially ASSASSIN'S BLADE, you'd be ok), so fighting him in a guard house isn't very smart. However, in the Bannered Mare Inn you can get into his room when he sleeps, shut the door, and essentially fight one on one! Crazy, you'd think someone would try to stop you, but no! And no bounty! There's so many ways to kill Gaius that as long as you pull off the job you can't really go wrong. However, when you head back to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Gabrielle will not only give you 1000 gold for the dead, but if you killed him IN a city you will get OLAVA'S TOKEN as well. (-NOTE-) Getting the token results in says "Receive a reading from random quest at all, I'll be miscellaneous quests just to also getting a MISCELLANEOUS quest that Olava the Feeble". While not really a listing it under the Dark Brotherhood put it somewhere. Check it out there.

This ends this questline, but as Gabrielle said there's been a disturbance with Cicero. You'll now start your next quest: "The Cure for Madness". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---=====

T H E C U R E F O R M A D N E S S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK714] So, Cicero finally snapped, eh? Didn't see that coming! Head down into the Sanctuary and talk to Astrid to hear about the situation. Apparently Cicero tried to kill her and injured Veezara (No! Not my Argonian buddy!). Astrid will ask you to search his room for clues on where he could have gone. Go check his room and scattered throughout are a total of FIVE journals. Read each of them for some FANTASTIC back-story on the family and Cicero himself. So much makes sense now. The FINAL journal is the one you want to read to find out where he's gone. Go tell Astrid this and she'll give YOU the job of finding Cicero and her husband and making sure the jester dies. Since time is of the essence though, she will let you ride her horse: Shadowmere. You can ride Shadowmere by waiting for him to emerge from the pond by the Sanctuary. Now head towards the town of Dawnstar. (-NOTE-) If you didn't know by now, you can FAST TRAVEL even while on a horse. Oh yeah, and HOW AWESOME is SHADOWMERE!?!?! JUST north of Dawnstar you'll find Arnbjorn... bleeding outside of the black door. He'll advise that while he's hurt bad, so is Cisero. He couldn't follow him due to not knowing the passphrase of the door, but advised that if you do follow him you need only follow the blood. Tell him to go home while we deal with this. Go up to the door who will ask you "What is life's greatest illusion?". The answer of course is "Innocence, my Brother" (This was in Cicero's journal by the way, for those who have an aversion to reading.). You'll now be inside of the Dawnstar Sanctuary. Welcome Home. Inside you'll hear Cicero's voice echo up to you. Go down and pick up all of the JESTER CLOTHES on the left as they are worth a lot of dough. Now this place is FILLED with shadow guardians, just so you know. Open the door and kill one and proceed to a bridge where an archer will be beyond. Kill him and avoid the spears by running between them (easy). Down some more stairs will be two more guardians. The shelves here have a bunch of worn shrouded clothes and the desk has a great treasure: two SKILLBOOKS ("The Markmanship Lesson" raises your Archery by one and "Fire and Darkness" raises your One-Handed skill by one). Before going into the big room, watch out for a TRAP (a TRIPLINE). This room also has a bunch of displayed weapons you can pick through if you wish. Head upstairs despite the jester's plea to "slow down" and you'll reach another big room with two more guardians. Kill 'em and loot the place then you're forced into an icy cave environment (not a bad idea to save). Up ahead you'll get a little more taunting and there will be some BEAR TRAPS on the ground, so be careful. Those are nothing compared to what you'll face up ahead: a dreaded ICE TROLL. This one is unique since it has a unique name (Udefrykte), but no matter what path you take you pretty much have to face him. Thankfully, you can use the ramp in the room to keep him out of range at any time if you wished, plus there's plenty of room to move around.

Keep going towards Cicero's marker and you'll enter a crypt area. There are THREE guardians down here that fall rather easily, as well as a MASTER CHEST somewhere on the right side. BUT BE CAREFUL AND SAVE SOON, because as you turn around the corner and go up stairs a VERY POWERFUL GUARDIAN will attack. This guy can literally slice up a mage or archer in seconds and even perform executions, so you want to have some backup here and a good plan (and lay on the pain fast!). Personally I used a flame atronach to occupy him while I damaged him. Past that it's a short jaunt to find Cicero. Here you will have one of two choices (since Cicero claims the mother will be displeased if you kill him): Either kill him or let him live. If you kill him, be [slight spoilers] prepared for a fight, as he jumps up and has at you! He's not nearly as tough as the last guy though, so take him down and be sure to loot him for 500G. More importantly, his CLOTHING is all magically enchanted. See!: - Cicero's Boots: Wearer is muffled and moves silently. - Cicero's Clothes: Prices are 20% better. One-handed attacks do 20% more damage. - Cicero's Gloves: Double sneak attack damage with one-handed weapons. - Cicero's Hat: Sneaking is 35% better. Quite a haul! "So what happens if I don't kill him!?" you may ask. Fair question. If you just walk away, Cicero will remain alive, and after the quest "Hail Sithis!" he will rejoin the brotherhood. You'll also be able to command him to follow you, as he is now a companion. Either way, head back to the Sanctuary and tell Astrid what happened. She will be happy her husband is home and will let you keep Shadowmere for "awhile longer". Sweet! You'll have completed this quest and started the next one: "Recipe for Disaster". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E C I P E F O R D I S A S T E R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK715] Looks like we're killing a chef. Moving up in the world, huh? What, no? Oh well. Go talk to Festus who will tell you that no one knows WHO the Gourmet really is, but he found out who might: Anton Virane. Apparently, Anton has a signed book of the Gourmet's famous cook book "Uncommon Tastes", so we have to go interrogate Anton and than kill him. Anton lives in Markarth, so let's go fast travel there. Head to the back of the town and enter Understone Keep. Anton is the cook here and is up the path a ways and to the left (in the kitchen). Now, he has full time help with a young man for the day and during the evenings a maid will hang about, but if you wait until nighttime everyone will be in bed. You can question him now, and after a little intimidation Anton will tell you the Gourmet is a man named

Balagog gro-Nolob. An orc staying at the Nightgate Inn. Lie to Anton and tell him you'll leave him alone (so he'll get back into bed) and then sneak attack him from there. Time to go to Nightgate Inn. It's a cozy little inn west of Windhelm, so fast travel to the nearest place nearby if you haven't been there and make your way there. Go during nighttime and head to the cellar past the innkeepers desk. This cellar is full of barrels and has a special bed where Balagog stays. You can kill him quite easily here (I actually talked to him to tell him what I was doing, then he ran off behind some barrels. Was he trying to hide?). Take him out and make sure you drag him (HOLD X) behind some barrels in the cellar to HIDE him. Loot his body for the Writ of Passage. Be sure to also read the SNEAKING SKILLBOOK, "Legend of Krately House" that's in the room then head back to Festus. Festus will be quite pleased with you and for the first time may actually LIKE you. Crazy, no? You'll get a 1000 GOLD reward as well as a ring called the NIGHTWEAVER'S BAND (if you HID the body) which makes sneaking 10% better AND makes destruction spells 10% cheaper. You'll also have completed this quest and will have triggered the next one: "To Kill an Empire". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T O K I L L A N E M P I R E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK716] The time has come to kill the Emperor. Go talk to Astrid who will give you the honor of being the Gourmet. She'll also give you some Jarrin Root, an ingredient that will instantly kill those who eat it. Yipes! The goal is to pose as the Gourmet and make the Emperor's meal, putting that in it. Head over to Solitude where Commander Maro will be guarding the tower. Show him the writ and he'll be surprised that YOU are the Gourmet, but will let you in, telling you to talk to Gianna. Head inside and before chatting with Gianna loot the place. Especially upstairs, where you can find an ENCHANTING SKILLBOOK called the "Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments" near a locked door. Go down now and talk to Gianna. She'll make you put on a chef's hat before cooking, but once you talk to her again you can start picking out the ingredients to put into your famous dish. Pick whatever you want (I recommend the WEIRD ingredients as the dialog here is HILARIOUS!) and then follow her as she goes to serve it to the Emperor. Once she unlocks the door to the Emperor, quickly loot the room as you can then get over to the opposite door (across from the way you The Emperor will applaud you on the soup before dying, and then the tell you to go through that door, but since you're there you can do best as came in). game will it asap.

Well, it looks like we're home free! Go forwards and... damn. Maro advises you that a fellow Dark Brotherhood member gave you up to save their Sanctuary, but he's not only going to kill us he's also going to slaughter the Sanctuary. You'll have to fight three agents now (or you could run past them and run away to Skyrim proper down the stairs). No matter what you do though, you now have

a 1500 Gold bounty in Haafingar. Damn. (-NOTE-) Even if you kill/escape from the guards, when you get back out to Skyrim you may be unable to fast travel because "a guard is chasing you". Even if you wait, no guard may come. I got around this by finding a guard (near Katla's Farm) and killing him. Just FYI. Our goal now is to get to the Sanctuary. You'll be unable to fast travel to the destination, so fast travel to Falkreath instead and head to the Sanctuary to the west. As you approach, you'll have to kill off four more agents who are guarding the outside. Kill them off and approach the Black Door to finish this quest and start the next one: "Death Incarnate". Oh, also note the corpse on the tree nearby. One brother gone... --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D E A T H I N C A R N A T E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK717] Enter the Sanctuary (we have to protect our family!). There are two right at the beginning you can kill (be sure to loot all corpses you across here, as some have magic trinkets). You can find another dead here. How sad. Go down into the cave now and you'll see the werewolf the guards off. Help as best as you can until he falls. guards come brother fighting

(-NOTE-) No matter HOW kick-ass you are, he will die afterwards. Even if you kill everyone he will fall down dead afterwards. Thanks to Kraster for pointing this out! Go further down the linear path (since most paths are cut off by fire) and you'll find Nazir. Help him out against the NAMED soldier. Nazir, unlike the wolf, won't die so kill the guard and then talk to him. He'll be glad to see you since you saved his hide. There's yet another brother (or sister) lying here dead. Proceed onwards until you hear the Night Mother talk to you, then do as she says (open the coffin and step in!). Watch the scenes that ensue and hear what the Night Mother has to say. Once you are free go to the objective marker to find Astrid and hear what she has to say, which pieces together the whole story. Pick up the Blade of Woe nearby (no reason not to) and use it to put an end to Astrid. Go back to the Night Mother now with Nazir and Babette and listen to her. Sounds like we're seeing this contract with Amaund all the way through. Tell Nazir your decision and he will decide since this Sanctuary is so... messy that we will relocate to the Dawnstar Sanctuary. He will take care of the move while we continue the Amaund contract. This ends the "Death Incarnate" quest and starts the next quest in the questline: "Hail Sithis!". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== H A I L S I T H I S ! _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK718] (-NOTE-) I made sure my BOUNTY was paid off before doing this quest. I recommend you do the same, just to make life easier on you. First talk to Nazir to leave the move up to him, then leave the Sanctuary. Fast travel to Whiterun now and head to The Bannered Mane inn, where we will find Amaund Motierre. He is surprised to see us alive, and even more surprised to hear that we're still doing the contract. Ask him where the REAL Emperor is right now and he'll tell you that the Emperor is on his boat, the Katariah, near Solitude. You can also ask about Commander Maro and receive the OPTIONAL objective of "Kill Commander Maro", and who wouldn't want to do that!? Commander Maro is at the "East Empire Company Warehouse", the docks just south of Solitude. With your bounty paid off (make sure you do this) you can simply go TALK to him in plain daylight. He will be FURIOUS that you are still alive and will start to attack you. You can now kill him and it will be considered self-defense. Well, that was easy. Go north now and find the Katariah anchored off-shore. Go swim towards it and find the anchor holding it down and you'll see that it gives you the option to "Enter the Katariah". Once aboard you can handle the occupants however you want. The ship doesn't have that many guards or sailors aboard, but does have quite a few locked doors and such. Personally I just killed everyone aboard since the sailors were easy prey and there was only 4-5 guards. The people to take notice of here is the CAPTAIN, Captain Avidius and the head of the guards, Lieutenant Salvarus. The reason to take notice of them is because they both have MASTER KEYS to the ship. Other than knowing that info, treat this area however you want. Go in killing, try to sneak through it, or sneak-kill everyone. It's your choice. At the end your goal is the Emperor's room after all. Just be sure to loot everything as you go. Once you reach the Emperor he will ask you if you will let him talk for a bit. I personally let him. The Emperor has accepted his fate, but after some talking will ask you to kill whoever put a contract on him (Amaund). This will give you an optional objective of "Kill Amaund Motierre". Dispatch your target and change history, then go back and talk to Amaund. You can use the "To Skyrim" door nearby and just swim away from the boat to lose any enemies and fast warp away (that's what I did). Amaund will be happy and will tell you your payment is in an urn where we first met with him (in Voluruud). Now you can close the doors to the room Amaund is in and dispatch him if you wish (it's actually quite worth it, as Amaund has quite a few jewels on him). Just be sure you're HIDDEN to avoid a bounty. Head to Voluruud now and take the first left to the room that we first met Amaund in. The urn here has 20,000 gold pieces for you! Jackpot! Now go report back to Nazir to tell him of all that transpired, thus ending this quest. Nazir will tell us to make a visit to Delvin Mallory so that we may re-furnish the Sanctuary, starting the quest "Where you hang your enemy's head...". Also, if you hang out in the Sanctuary for a bit, the Night Mother will speak to you again, telling you to come talk to her. This starts the quests "The Dark Brotherhood Forever". Both are below for you to pursue. Also, did you note that the Brotherhood has two NEW initiates? Indeed, you can even have them come with you on your journey, making the "Dark Brotherhood Initiate" a COMPANION character.

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== W H E R E Y O U H A N G Y O U R E N E M Y ' S H E A D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK719] (-NOTE-) If you left Cicero alive, you will meet him upon EXITING the Dawnstar Sanctuary. From here on in he'll be just another brother. However, you can command him to follow you and he will. You're BFF's now, after all! Time to re-decorate our new place. With the 20,000 gold that we got from Amaund we can go talk to Delvin to procure new features to our Sanctuary. Head to the ratway and then on to the flagon to meet Delvin. Talk to him and tell him you need new furnishings. Here's the furnishings you can buy from Delvin: - New banners (1,000 Gold). Pretty self-explanatory, no need for me to explain this, right? - Poisoner's nook (5,000 Gold). Add's in an alchemy station, as well as a small little garden full of plants. Pretty nice. - Torture chamber (5,000 Gold). This more or less give you four prisoners in your torture room. As a special note, you can interrogate EACH of them to receive FOUR different miscellaneous quests entitled "Take the hidden treasure". We'll handle those quests a bit later on... - Secret entrance (5,000 Gold). This adds a secret entrance to the Sanctuary in the main room (investigate the stained glass to go right outside). You'll be taken to a spot just south of Dawnstar. Pretty neat. - Master bedroom (3,000 Gold). Gives your bedroom a makeover. Includes a chest, big bed, a mannequin (to display armor on) and a special set of gloves called TUMBLERBANE GLOVES, which make lockpicking 20% easier. A nice buy. Once you buy all available upgrades (and oddly enough you have to talk to Delvin again) this quest will be complete. It is not followed by anything. Go check out your new Sanctuary and check it out. If you add up the price of everything I'm sure you noticed that it comes out to 19,000 Gold, so you can easily afford it all with the 20,000 that Amaund gave you. From here the DARK BROTHERHOOD QUESTLINE is essentially complete. You can do the re-occuring quest "The Dark Brotherhood Forever", and finish up the few

miscellaneous quests that we've received through the course of this questline (all of which are documented below). But the most important thing is to have fun, Brother. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ DARK BROTHERHOOD MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =============================================================================== =============================================================================== T H E D A R K B R O T H E R H O O D F O R E V E R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK720] This quest is a RE-OCCURING quest that involves talking to the NIGHT MOTHER and receiving a contract from a random person throughout Skyrim. The person has performed the Black Sacrament, and will ask you to kill a target (also a random target). Once you kill said target the quest will both END and BEGIN again. You know how to kill by now, just be sure you don't get caught (keep saves before you assassinate) and make the Dark Brotherhood proud. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T A K E T H E H I D D E N T R E A S U R E - P A R T I - I V _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK721] "Take the hidden treasure" PART I This treasure is NORTH of "Fort Snowhawk", which is by the city of Morthal. Go north to the marker to find the treasure in a "hollowed-out tree stump". This is definitely worth your time, as you'll find 2,000 Gold in there. Once you pick up the treasure, this miscellaneous quest is over. "Take the hidden treasure" PART II This treasure is slightly NORTHEAST of the city of Riften. Head there and follow the marker to another "hollowed-out tree stump" and examine it to receive 1,000 Gold. Very nice. "Take the hidden treasure" PART III This treasure is slightly south of "Pelagia Farm" (which itself is slightly

south of the city of Whiterun). Head there and follow the marker to a "hollowed-out rock" and inside you'll find 2,000 Gold in there. Worth getting. "Take the hidden treasure" PART IV This treasure is right by the city of Windhelm. Move around the city and head north a bit to find yet another "hollowed-out rock". Inside is 1,200 Gold. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E C E I V E A R E A D I N G F R O M O L A V A T H E F E E B L E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK722] You get this quest if you do the BONUS objective for the quest "Breaching Security". Gabrielle will have given you an "Olava's Token". Head over to Whiterun and see her (She's an old lady that likes to sit in front of her house). Show her the token and she'll agree to see your future. She'll give you a vague view of things to come, but will also tell of an "Assassin of Old" who has met his end in a ruin and has things for you. Once she's told you all of this you'll get another miscellaneous quest: "Locate the assassin of old", which is in the next section. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== L O C A T E T H E A S S A S S I N O F O L D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK723] After getting your reading from Olava, you will have to locate the dead assassin. The location you want to travel to is the "Deepwood Redoubt", which is just west of the small town of Dragon Bridge (you have to travel up into the mountains to find it). The location itself will be guarded by some Forsworn enemies that will attack if you get too close. Kill them off and enter the Deepwood Redoubt. In here, you'll run into MORE Forsworn enemies. Beware here though, because there are a LOT of traps. For example, the chest on the right is trapped, there are FLOOR SWITCHES everywhere (look out for blood and raised floor plates). Follow the path (past the axe trap) until you reach a LOCKED EXPERT DOOR. Now you can either pick it or go kill another Forsword enemy in the next room for the key (beware of the enchanted snow traps here). The Forsworn with the key is a powerful magic user though, so be careful! Unlock the springing a arch you've more looter door and watch out for another floor switch trap (this one wall of spikes your way). Ahead is an iron door leading to the seen earlier (kill any archers here). Keep going, killing one until you can zone into the "Deepwood Vale".

As you can guess, this new outside area (we are back out on the world map after all) is full of forsworn. Head forward into their camp where they have a mix of melee, archers, and some magic. Nothing really notable here except the SKILLBOOK, "Sacred Witness" (SNEAK) in one of the tents and the fact that one of the forsworn is a BRIARHEART (meaning he's tougher to kill). If you've gotten this far though you should have no problems. Go forward and discover "Hag's End" and then head inside the door. Back inside, head left but be prepared for battle. Four witches are in this dining room. The three that say "witch" will fight to the death, but the fourth one will warp away upon taking damage! Coward! Loot the robes and explore/loot the place (some bedrooms are down here as well as a storage area with magic ice traps). Head up the nearby stairs to continue. At the top of the stairs is a trap floor plate, so dodge it and rob the chest. To the right is the coward witch with a regular one, so damage her until she runs away again. There's an ILLUSION SKILLBOOK here called "Mystery of Talara, Part 4" that you should be sure to grab. Now, the BROTHERHOOD ASSASSIN is near. See the throne in this room? Go behind it and find a switch on the left-hand wall. This lowers the rock door nearby. Inside is the assassin. Just seeing him technically completes this quest, but just LOOK at his armor: - Ancient Shrouded Boots: Wearer is muffled and moves silently. - Ancient Shrouded Armor: Increase poison resistance by 100%. - Ancient Shrouded Gloves: Double sneak attack damage with one-handed weapons. - Ancient Shrouded Cowl: Bows do 35% more damage. Wow, very nice. Ok, normally I'd say we're done, but we gotta catch that cowardly witch... Lower the ramp to the right and continue. Kill the witch that comes out of the room on the left, and then go in. There is a FROSTBITE SPIDER in here that will try to be sneaky and ambush you from above, so watch out. There's also a "Hag's End" key here too on a brick jutting out of the wall. Be sure to find the key as it will help out a lot. For example, continue on and to the right is a MASTER locked door the key can unlock (the chest here triggers a flame trap). Activate the chain to the right and wait for the madness to stop, then go up and kill all the witches and watch the coward run again. Loot the room (there's several doors the key unlocks in here) then pull the chain in the middle of the room to open a iron gate. Go into this area and there's a DRAGON WALL on the right that teaches the word SLOW TIME - TIME. A useful DRAGON SHOUT. Head outside now for a final showdown. The witch and two Ice Essence enemies will come out. Be sure to dodge and move here (don't be a sitting target) and take them out (heal when you must, her fireball hurts). She won't run this time so you can finish her. There is a special dagger on the table here as well as a chest you can loot. That finishes this quest.

_____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 8. The Civil War ||| [BK800] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Here you will find the CIVIL WAR Questlines. Note that you must pick between the STORMCLOAKS or the IMPERIALS (this IS a civil war afterall!). You will find both questlines below. It really doesn't matter which one you pick, as there is no real difference in terms of rewards between the two. Whoever you choose to join will have YOU on their side, so just choose whichever faction you would like to win. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 8.1 Stormcloaks ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK801.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----' J O I N T H E S T O R M C L O A K R E B E L L I O N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK801] So, you want to free the land of the Imperials, huh? Can't say I blame you, they DID try to cut off your head after all. Well, chances are that if you've talked to any Stormcloak soldiers or Stormcloak supporters you already have the miscellaneous quest "Join the Stormcloak rebellion". But what you want to do if you have a mind to knock around some Imperial skulls is to travel to the city of Windhelm. Head to the back of the city and enter the "Palace of the Kings". Here you can find the leader of the Stormcloak rebellion, Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak. If you ask him if you can join, he well tell you to talk to his second in command, Galmar Stone-Fist. Talk to Galmar Stone-Fist, who will ask why you want to join them if you're not a Nord. Answer as you will and he will give you a test before he lets you join. He will want you to go to Serpentstone Isle to kill an Ice Wraith. This ends the beginning miscellaneous quest and starts a MAIN quest entitled "Joining the Stormcloaks". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== J O I N I N G T H E S T O R M C L O A K S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK802] Well, we need to go kill an Ice Wraith, but not just any Ice Wraith, as it has to be one on Serpentstone Isle. Now, Serpentstone Isle is tricky to get to and without knowing where it is you've probably never been there before (unless of course you used this guide to find it, as it DOES house the STANDING STONE named "The Serpent Stone"). Basically, you want to head to the major city of Winterhold and head east, crossing the ice floes until you reach the island. Once your on it, head to the top where the standing stone will

greet you, along with an Ice Wraith. Slay the beast and you'll be done, and your next objective will be to report back to Galmar. Galmar will be surprised you're back (the punk actually bet against us), but he'll let you join after taking an oath to always be loyal to Ulfric Stormcloak (even AFTER you die, which is hardcore). This mission will come to an end now as you're official part of the Stormcloaks (they even give you a set of their threads to prove it). You'll also start the next mission: "The Jagged Crown". (-NOTE-) If you had the quest "Join the Imperial Legion" it will now have FAILED, since you can only pick one side or the other. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E J A G G E D C R O W N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK803] Galmar believes that he has found "The Jagged Crown's" resting place at Korvanjund. In case you didn't know, the Jagged Crown is what all the great Nordic Kings used to wear and is a sign of power to them. And so, being this great artifact of power, we have to help Galmar retrieve it. Korvanjund is up in the mountains west of Windhelm (near Shearpoint and Nightgate Inn). Make your way to the objective to find Galmar with half a dozen Stormcloak troops, including our old buddy Ralof (who comments about you if you took the Stormcloak path in the beginning of the game). It turns out that Imperials are out in front of Korvanjund, so Galmar will give a speech and then they'll all storm the place. While I'm pretty damn sure Galmar can solo this, go along for the ride. (-NOTE-) There's a MASTER locked gate at the bottom of this place that secures some gold and a chest. Open it if you can. Once everyone is dead, head inside. In here there are 4-5 more Imperial soldiers that the entire company will sneak up on and engage. Again, help out however you can but the Stormcloaks can handle themselves if left alone. Here Galmar will leave two soldiers behind to guard the entrance in case more Imperials come (a smart move). Head further in with the rest of them to kill three more Imperials in a large room. Everyone will run downstairs and stop at the door there. Galmar will sense an ambush and tell them all to wait while we look for an alternate route. Take this time to loot the place (there's a LOT of burial urns here) and head up the stairs and to the floor above Galmar. You'll find a second entrance here. Use it to sneak above the ambush that was waiting. You can get down to a lower level here and attack the ambush, which results in a sort of pincer attack that you'll win as long as you stay alive. With the Imperials dead, be sure to loot the place. You can find chests here as well as a skeleton holding a LIGHT ARMOR SKILLBOOK "Jornibret's Last Dance". While you loot the team will rush ahead three more Imperials before zoning into "Korvanjund Halls", so go there. a few named and kill meet them

In here it looks like the Imperials are having problems with the undead. Go kill them all and further in there's a corridor full of ancient wall carvings (there's also a chest past a swinging axe trap to the left). At the end of the corridor is a puzzle wall, and laying right next to it is an EBONY CLAW that holds the clue to solving it. Pick up the claw and go into your inventory to examine it (it is under miscellaneous). The claw should show the solution to the puzzle as such: o Wolf (outer ring) o Moth (middle ring) o Dragon (lower wing) Once you have them lined up like that, activate the middle lever to open the path ahead. Everyone will rush into a big room, but our progress is stopped by another iron gate. Galmar will tell everyone to spread out and search for a lever. From the gate, take a right and go through the obvious door to reach the second floor. Up here you should find an elven dagger on a pedestal. Take it. It opens up a rock door nearby. Follow the path to find a room with a giant chest. Now, before opening it, stand in the RIGHT corner near the chest, THEN open it. Take whatever's in there and you'll see why I had you stand where you did as spears come out of the floor since you opened the chest. Head back to the big room and follow the path to another chest up above. There's also a LEVER here that you should pull. Once you do the iron door will open, but a bunch of undead will show up. Help your troops kill them and then take the next door to enter the "Korvanjund Crypt". In here the team will rush forward to an empty room. Well, empty of all but a suspicious looking corpse sitting on a throne, and like an idiot Ralof will head over there and say "Hey guys, is THIS the crown we're looking for?". Sure enough, that corpse turns out to be a DRAUGR DEATHLORD. He'll be accompanied by two more Draugr, leading to one last big brawl (you can get in SEVERAL free and good hits knowing this info). Once it's all said and done, loot the deathlord to retrieve the crown. Galmar will task you with giving it to Ulfric while they stay and look around for anything useful. Well, that sounds like a good idea! There's a chest behind the throne you can loot (its got an apprentice lock on it), and behind it is a DRAGON WALL that will teach you the word SAND - SLOW TIME. Very nice. Follow this path to reach a quick way to exit the temple. Once you're back outside, feel free to fast travel to Windhelm so you can deliver the Jagged Crown to Ulfric faster. He will be pleased and asks if you ran into any trouble. Answer how you will and he will end up giving you his war axe, and telling you to go give it to the Jarl of Whiterun. It seems that it is his time to finally pick a side in this war. This ends your current quest and begins the next quest: "Message to Whiterun". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== M E S S A G E T O W H I T E R U N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK804]

This mission is very short and to the point: Give the Jarl of Whiterun Ulfric's Axe and let him make up his mind on who he's going to join. Head to Whiterun/Dragonreach and give the Jarl the axe. He'll consort with his advisor's for awhile and will finally decide to join the Imperials, giving you back the axe and writing a letter to the Imperials for aid. Return to the Palace of the Kings and let Ulfric know. He will consort with Galmar and will decide the time has come to take Whiterun by force. He will tell you to meet Galmar at the camp outside of Whiterun for your next set of orders. This ends the current quest and starts the next quest: "Battle for Whiterun". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B A T T L E F O R W H I T E R U N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK805] Now THIS is an entertaining mission. Report to Galmar at the Whiterun Military Camp, where the war against Whiterun is already well underway via. catapult. There will be half a dozen soldiers here that Galmar is once again giving a speech to. At the end of the speech, your objective will change to "Break through the Enemy Barricade". Head down the road with the stampede of Stormcloak soldiers as you reach the outskirts of Whiterun. There will be a barricade here that you'll have to smash while archers try to gun you down (simply attack the barricade to hurt and/or destroy it). Either attack the barricade yourself or let your fellow soldiers do it while you pick off the Imperials and Whiterun Guards. After destroying the barricade you can proceed, but the drawbridge to the main doors of Whiterun is up, changing your objective to "Open the Drawbridge". To do so, use the rubble on the right after smashing open that first barricade to bet on the ramparts. There will undoubtedly be SEVERAL Imperials and guards here, and for the moment besides getting some archery support you are on your own. You can either kill all the enemies (if you're badass enough) or make a beeline for the objective and open the drawbridge. This will let the Stormcloaks enter the city proper, with the new objective of "force Jarl Balgruuf the Greater to surrender". Enter the city and start pillaging and looti... I mean, make your way towards Dragonsreach. There will be several more barricades in place here, placed at strategic locations and pretty lightly guarded, so either go on a rampage or go with your army to fight your way up to Dragonsreach. Enter the main hold once you get up there. Here there will be five guards, the Jarl, and his Dark Elf Housecarl. You'll have several soldiers to help you along with Galmar and Ralof. Let the first wave of soldiers come to you and then move up to deal with the Jarl. You'll need to "kill" him to stop the attack on the city. I put kill in quotations since he doesn't actually die. Once you have him beat, he will tell everyone to stand down and will talk with Galmar and Vignar Gray-Mane. Vignar will become the new Jarl of Whiterun, and will be a loyal ally to the Stormcloaks. Galmar will tell you to go and tell Ulfric of our victory. This ends this entertaining mission and starts

our next one: "Liberation of Skyrim". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== L I B E R A T I O N O F S K Y R I M _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK806] (-NOTE-) THIS quest is more of a... generalized goal. You're not going to start it and complete it. Instead, it serves as a framework for a bunch of other quests. This is the last quest you'll complete during the civil war questline. After reporting back to Ulfric, he will give you a nice sword (which I'm pretty sure is random, but I got a Glass Sword of Fire, which has a nice ring to it). He'll tell you to keep killing Imperials where you see them, but our next TRUE objective is to "Liberate Falkreath Hold". That makes our next destination the "Falkreath Stormcloak Camp", which is directly east of Helgen. In fact, you can fast travel to Helgen (which is full of bandits now) and walk there. Once you get there, talk to Galmar and report in. He'll give you a NEW mission: "Rescue from Fort Neugrad", and while this mission is still going we'll have to go complete that one now. ~ [ Go do "Rescue from Fort Neugrad" now and come back when you're done!] ~ Once you've finished "Rescue from Fort Neugrad" you will have to go report back in to Ulfric. Apparently your new nickname is "Bonebreaker". Ulfric will also give you a glass sword as well as offer you a home in Windhelm (you'll have to BUY it, but still very nice). After that outpouring of gratitude, ask Ulfric what's next. He'll tell you that liberating Hjaalmarch is the next order of business. Head over to the "Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp" now, which is just east of Ustengrav (or northeast of the big city of Morthal). Here you'll find another camp (with some chests you can loot). Speak to Galmar and he'll give us our next quest: "A False Front". Like the quest before, we need to do this one before continuing on with "Liberation of Skyrim". ~ [ Go do "A False Front" now and come back when you're done!] ~ Once you're done with "A False Front", go back and talk to Galmar. He'll immediately give you another mission to do: "The Battle for Fort Snowhawk". ~ [ Go do "The Battle for Fort Snowhawk" now and come back when you're done!] ~ After the Battle for Fort Snowhawk (which is a great mission), you'll be told

to go report to Ulfric once more. Go talk to him and he'll give you a new nickname: Snowhammer. He'll also give you a Glass Shield as a sign of thanks. Ask him what to do next and he'll say it's time to liberate the Pale, and will tell you to travel to the warcamp and talk to Galmar. The Pale Stormcloak Camp is directly west of Windhelm, by Nightgate Inn and the Great Lift at Raldbthar. Head there and speak to Galmar. It's time to attack another fort, and after saying that you're in you'll be given a new mission: "The Battle for Fort Dunstad". ~ [ Go do "The Battle for Fort Dunstad" now and come back when you're done!] ~ After the second Fort Battle is done (another great mission) you'll be told to report to Ulfric. Go report to him and he'll end up giving you an Ebony Sword as thanks. His new mission is to liberate Haafingar, and he'll tell you to go report to Galmar at the Haafingar camp north of Dragon Bridge. He'll also give you a full set of Stormcloak OFFICER ARMOR, which will make you look like Galmar if you chose to wear it. After talking to Galmar at the camp, you'll get a new mission: "The Battle for Fort Hraggstad". ~ [ Go do "The Battle for Fort Hraggstad" now and come back when you're done!] ~ After that quest is done, go talk to Galmar at the camp and you'll get the last mission available in this questline: "Battle for Solitude". Once you've finished THAT mission, this mission will be complete as well. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E S C U E F R O M F O R T N E U G R A D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK807] Galmar has sent some scouts out ahead of us, and we're supposed to meet them. The plan is to sneak into the fort's prison and let the prisoners out so we can take over the place from the inside. Brilliant! Go find Ralof (the scout) and talk to him. He'll state that they found a cave that leads to the prison under the lake nearby the fort that you can use to sneak in. Even if you're not much for sneaking, he still says that's the way to do it. (-NOTE-) No matter WHAT I did, I COULD NOT sneak past the fort to the lake. The lake is obviously behind the fort and you need to sneak there, but even though it was night and I had muffled shoes on, I was caught every time. Heck, I approached from multiple angles and was STILL caught. Maybe try an invisibility spell/potion? Maybe its a glitch? Let me know!

< Christian Johnston writes: I'm currently working on the Civil War Questline (Stormcloaks, personally). On the mission, "Rescue from Fort Neugrad", you mentioned having problems being able to sneak into the lake without getting caught, and asked for feedback thinking it may be a glitch. Wanted to let you know that I got in just fine, never detected. It was night, and all I did was cast Muffle and keep to the right side of the fort, sneaked down by the pier, and into the water. (There was someone on the pier, I'm assuming hostile, but he didn't notice me.) I wasn't wearing Muffled shoes or anything. My Sneak skill was at 60, and my Illusion (Muffle) at 37. Not sure why you had so much trouble! Maybe I was just lucky... > If you CAN manage it, the cave is underwater and leads directly to the prison. Here you can shank the prison guard and use his key to let four prisoners loose. They will then go to a nearby chest and gear up, and help you attack the fort. Follow them outside as they and Ralof's men clean up. From there, head inside of the fort proper (only Ralof followed me in) and start to kill the Imperials inside. Be sure to loot the place, as there are a lot of potions laying about. There's also a LIGHT ARMOR SKILLBOOK lying on a table through the middle door of the main room called "Jornibret's Last Dance". Once you've killed all the guards and the fort commander (who isn't too hard) your objective will change to "Talk to Ralof". Once you talk to him, he will tell you to go report to Ulfric and this mission will be complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A F A L S E F R O N T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK808] Our goal is to intercept an Imperial Courier to steal his documents, which Galmar plans on using to make forged documents for us to deliver to the enemy commander in Morthal. The easiest way to do this is to simply head over to the town of Dragon Bridge and go into the tavern. Here you can talk to the innkeeper and ask her about any Imperial Couriers she may have seen. Now you'll have the choice to PERSUADE, BRIBE, or INTIMIDATE her. Personally I tried to persuade and it failed (speech was at 46), so I just bribed her instead. Now you'll have the location of the courier on the road! This makes it easy to go out there and find him. He'll be alone, so it's just as easy to take him out and take his documents. (-NOTE-) To TRUELY make this an undercover mission, take his clothes and equip them before reporting to the Legate. Now bring the documents back to Galmar. He'll make a few corrections to them and send you off to give them to the Imperial Legate at Morthal. Head on over to Morthal and give the Legate the documents. (-NOTE-) You can equip the Imperial equipment to make this go smoothly, but even if you don't you can tell the Legate you're wearing what your

wearing to make sneaking easier... and he'll buy it! After he accepts the documents this mission will end. No other mission will start until you go back to Galmar and talk to him again, at which point he will state that we're going to invade and take over Fort Snowhawk, leading to our next mission: "The Battle for Fort Snowhawk". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B A T T L E F O R F O R T S N O W H A W K _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK809] Here's another fun fight. Go join the troops south of Fort Snowhawk and you'll begin an assault on the place. You have about 9-10 troops with you, and your goal is to kill all of the Imperials at Fort Snowhawk. Instead of killing everyone there though, you have to kill everyone who's there AND everyone that the game spawns in as reinforcements. To keep track of your progress, the game represents the Imperial force as "100%" and for every few Imperials you or your fellow soldiers kill, that number drops. With that said, its your job to go on a killing rampage. You'll have to storm the front of the fort first, where barricades will be in place with quite a few archers on the ramparts, but after that it's an all-out killing orgy. Kill as much as you can as fast as you can. Once you've brought down that 100% to 0%, the mission will be complete. There may STILL be stragglers though, and you can hunt them down as well. It's a fairly easy (but fun!) mission since you have so many allies and can easily pick off Imperials when they aren't focused on you. Or, alternately you may wish to be in the thick of the action, as you can save the lives of some fellow soldiers if you are. (-NOTE-) I only had one ally die. See if you can beat me and have no allies die! Good luck! After the fight you'll be back on the "Liberation of Skyrim" mission, so go talk to Ulfric to continue. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B A T T L E F O R F O R T D U N S T A D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK810] This battle is a LOT like the previous mission ("The Battle for Fort Snowhawk"). In fact, it's damn near the same. You'll join 6-7 of your fellow Stormcloak soldiers and will storm Fort Dunstad. I'll give the same advice here as I did there:

With that said, its your job to go on a killing rampage. You'll have to storm the front of the fort first, where barricades will be in place with quite a few archers on the ramparts, but after that it's an all-out killing orgy. Kill as much as you can as fast as you can. Once you've brought down that 100% to 0%, the mission will be complete. There may STILL be stragglers though, and you can hunt them down as well. It's a fairly easy (but fun!) mission since you have so many allies and can easily pick off Imperials when they aren't focused on you. Or, alternately you may wish to be in the thick of the action, as you can save the lives of some fellow soldiers if you are. (-NOTE-) I only had one ally die. See if you can beat me and have no allies die! Good luck! Yes, I had only one ally die on BOTH Fort missions. After the fight you'll be back on the "Liberation of Skyrim" mission, so go talk to Ulfric to continue. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B A T T L E F O R F O R T H R A G G S T A D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK811] Time to take out another fort. Fort Hraggstad is just north of the war camp, so you'll need to head that way to meet up with the troops. It's a ways off, so be ready for a little climb. Once you meet the troops, this turns into the exact same type of mission as the other Fort missions. So instead of fixing what isn't broken, here's what I wrote in the last two missions: With that said, its your job to go on a killing rampage. You'll have to storm the front of the fort first, where barricades will be in place with quite a few archers on the ramparts, but after that it's an all-out killing orgy. Kill as much as you can as fast as you can. Once you've brought down that 100% to 0%, the mission will be complete. There may STILL be stragglers though, and you can hunt them down as well. It's a fairly easy (but fun!) mission since you have so many allies and can easily pick off Imperials when they aren't focused on you. Or, alternately you may wish to be in the thick of the action, as you can save the lives of some fellow soldiers if you are. After the fighting, you'll be done with this mission. However, instead of needing to go back and talk to Ulfric, you need to go back and talk to Galmar. Ask him what else needs done, and he will tell you that the time has come to take the city of Solitude. This will start the quest "Battle for Solitude". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B A T T L E F O R S O L I T U D E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK812]

It's time to bring the Empire down once and for all. Your first goal upon receiving this quest is to go get orders from Ulfric. Ulfric is at the GATES of Solitude, and you can see the signs of war as you approach. Once you get near Ulfric, he will give a speech to motivate the soldiers before we all go storming into Solitude. Approach the city gate and enter (you'd think they'd lock the thing). Once inside, head forwards with the soldiers and wipe out the Imperials. However, unlike the fort missions, the Imperial army NEVER STOPS COMING once you're inside Solitude. This can be a blessing or a curse... depending on how much killing you like to do. Just keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that Ulfric is completely unable to die, so there's no need worrying about that. Keep going forwards. The first path to Castle Dour (which is our goal) is blocked off by an iron gate, so don't bother taking the stone rampway up unless you want to fool around and kill soldiers for awhile. Instead, head further into the city past the barricades. You'll enter the residential section and need to fight your way forwards and up the hill to the left. Once you get up here, you can either stick around to kill Imperials as before or just enter Castle Dour. Upon entering the castle you will have Ulfric and Galmar spawn in with you. General Tallius and Legate Rikke will be in here, however Rikke will refuse to surrender. This will start a fight between Ulfric and Galmar vs. Tallius and Rikke. (-NOTE-) While I had my weapons out, I was entirely unable to participate in the fight. However, Tallius, Ulfric, and Galmar are all unable to die. The fight itself will stop with Rikke's death. At that point more talking will ensue (I'm sure Tallius is right and this is what the elves wanted), but at the end Ulfric will ask if you want to finish Tallius off, and will give you his enchanted Glass Sword (which I'VE never seen him use) to do it. Equip the sword if you wish and kill Tallius off once and for all. Technically, this finishes the "Battle for Solitude" and "Liberation of Skyrim" mission, but Ulfric will ask you to come stand by his side while he gives a final speech. Agree to do so and stand outside with him and Galmar. Ulfric will thank his troops and re-install the Jarl of Solitude. He'll also garrison Stormcloak troops here in case the Empire ever tries to return. After the speech, you can ask Ulfric and Galmar if there's anything else you can do. Both will respond saying no: the only thing more you can possibly do is to kill any Imperials you happen to find (they have scattered camps left throughout Skyrim). Ulfric will also tell you that he'll wait for the Moot to convene to claim him High King of Skyrim instead of just claiming it. And with that you've liberated Skyrim from the Empire, giving them a chance to forge their own way ahead instead of living with the Empires treaties. Congrats on completing the Stormcloak's side of the Civil War quests. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 8.2 Imperials ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-.BK813.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '-----'

Ok, now if the option above about joining the Stormcloaks really isn't your thing and you wanna join the Imperial Army, then these are the Quests for you. What you need to do in order to trigger these Quests is to, basically, speak to any Imperial Soldier. They will tell you if you're interested, head over to Solitude, where their HQ is. (-NOTE-) Note that Hadvar, if you followed him in Helgen at the start of the game, tells you to join the Imperial Legion, so that's another way to get the Quests started. Ok, so to start the first Quest, we need to go to Solitude. Once here, go to where the marker is and enter the Castle Dour. In here, speak to General Tullius. He tells you that not many survived Helgen and that you should speak to Legate Rikke. After their talk about Whiterun, speak to her and she tells you that in order to join the Legion, you need to clear Fort Hraggstad, which is our first Quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== J O I N I N G T H E L E G I O N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK814] This is where it basically starts, and its really short. Go to Fort Hraggstad, which is west of Solitude and when you arrive, you'll be greeted by three or four bandits, as well as four archers on the outside of the Fort. Take care of them all, loot the place and go inside. You'll have two bandits on this first floor and upstairs, you'll find the Bandit Chief looking at something on the table. Sneak attack him and look at the table for an Archery Skillbook "The Gold Ribbon of Merit". Now leave and enter the Hraggstad Prison on the east side. Kill the three bandits in here and grab the chest near the cells and the quest is now complete. Fast travel back to Solitude and speak to Legate Rikke. She'll tell you that to officially join the Legion, you need to speak to Tullius to swear the Oath. Speak to him and repeat the Oath. This ends this quest and starts the next one. (-NOTE-) If you had the quest "Join the Stormcloaks" it will now have FAILED, since you can only pick one side or the other. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E J A G G E D C R O W N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK815] Right from where we start, speak to Legate Rikke. She tells you you need to go to the outskirts of Korvanjund. Ok, but before that, lets do what Tullius said and go get our armor. Leave the Castle Dours and follow the marker out here... (-NTOE-) Go right from the door you came out from through the arch and then left to find the armory.

He'll give you a full set of Imperial Armor. You also get to choose whether you want Light Armor for scouting, Heavy Armor for combat or something in between. Take what you want, then fast travel to Korvanjund or the closest point and make your way to the marker. Once here, you'll be approached by Hadvar, if you followed him back at the beginning of the game in Helgen... Now speak to Legate Rikke and tell her that you're ready to move out. Approach the ruins and you'll be greeted by some Stormcloaks. Nothing to be afraid of, you will surprise the enemy and will easily outnumber them. (-NOTE-) With this many Legion soldiers with you, and Rikke too, it's impossible to lose, even at low levels. They could do ALL of the killing after all. (-NOTE-) There's a MASTER locked gate at the bottom of this place that secures some gold and a chest. Open it if you can. After killing off the welcoming party, go meet up with Rikke at the door and then enter the ruins. Grab the chest on the left and then sneak with your comrades and charge on the count of Rikke and kill the Stormcloaks guarding the entrance. As you start going north and down, in the next big room some more Stormcloaks appear. Now, as Rikke tries to go further ahead, she smells an ambush and it's time to find another route. From the entrance of this room, instead of going down, continue to the east and around to the north side. When you get to the next room, there's a Stormcloak standing on oil. If you can, shoot a Fireball to ignite the oil and burn him. If you can't, follow this upper path and use Flames when you get to it. This will alert the rest of the Stormcloaks, but will make Rikke and the rest come in. Kill the remaining Stormcloaks and before proceeding, check the east side to find a chest as well as a skeleton holding a LIGHT ARMOR SKILLBOOK named "Jornibret's Last Dance". Loot it and now proceed. In the next room, the Legion is surprised to see the corpse of a Draugr. Now simply follow the path and enter the Korvanjund Halls. There are some Stormcloaks in this first room, so take them out. As you go north in the next hall, there's a side tunnel going west with a swinging blade trap. Run across it, use the lever for them to stop and loot the chest. In the hall, Rikke starts speaking. Listen to her and on the north side, you'll find some Stormcloaks dead and an Ebony Claw next to them. Examine the Claw using the menu and you'll see it has 3 symbols on the palm. This is the answer to the riddle on the wall: o Wolf (outer ring) o Moth (middle ring) o Dragon (lower wing) Examine and use the Ebony Claw. Proceed and in the next room, you're told to look for a way to open the gate. Follow the northwest hall and on the upper floor, after the catwalk, you'll find a handle on the left side. Loot the place first and then use it. When you do, the Draugr will rise from their tombs. Ugh. Kill them ASAP and proceed into the Crypt. In here, approach the Draugr sitting on the "throne" and examine it. It'll raise, and two Draugr Wight raise from the tombs. Ugh. Take care of the

minions first, then focus all your attacks on the Deathlord (or lower level Draugr, if you do this quest early in your playtime). Loot the Deathlord and take the Jagged Crown. Go to the south side of the room to find another Word of Power: Sand - Slow Time (or another of the "Slow Time" word variety). And with this, leave the place and return to Tullius (use the ramp to the left of the word wall to get out quickly). Give him the Jagged Crown to end this Quest and start the next one. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== M E S S A G E T O W H I T E R U N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK816] After speaking to Tullius, he needs you to go to Whiterun in order to deliver a Message to the Jarl. Fast travel to Whiterun and enter Dragonsreach. Speak to the Jarl and give him the reports. (-NOTE-) If you HAVE NOT went forward with the main quest, Balgruuf will REFUSE to allow you to carry on the Civil War questline until you "Assist Jarl Balgruuf with the dragon threat." This includes you reporting the attack on Helgen and completing the main quest missions 'Bleak Falls Barrow' and 'Dragon Rising'. Now we have to wait for him and his Stewart to discuss this. We'll now obtain Balgruuf's War Axe. Time to Fast Travel to Windhelm, on the east side of Skyrim and enter the Palace of Kings. In here, speak to Ulfric and give him Balgruuf's Axe. He will refuse it, and will tell you to return it to Balgruuf. Head back to Whiterun and report back to Balgruuf. He knew this would happen and will tell you to speak to Legate Cipius. Do so and the quest ends. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B A T T L E F O R W H I T E R U N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK817] Time for a fight! Legate Cipius will advise you that the Stormcloaks are at the city and will tell you to head to the frontline and meet with Legate Rikke. Leave Dragonsreach and follow the marker to the entrance of Whiterun. Out here, speak to Legate Rikke and then it's time to defend the barricades. This can be either very easy or very hard, depending on your level. There are a lot of Stormcloaks. Each time you kill one, the counter goes down, from 100% to 0%. Use the Legion to your advantage as bait while you take them out. This may sound cruel, but this's the best way to do it. If you want, you could just jump outside the barricade and start spamming

your best Destruction spells (in case you're a magic user)), use as many arrows as you can or simply equip your best Heavy Armor and start attacking nonstop. In the end you must get that counter down to 0%. If you fail to stop them at the barricade, stop them at the drawbridge (but note even if the barricade falls, that area still acts as a great funnel and should be used as such). Once you are done you will be told to return to General Tullius at Solitude and the next quest, 'Reunification of Skyrim', will start. (-NOTE-) Note that you can just run away and wait for the battle to end. The Legion will still win either way, but you won't get the prize in the next quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E U N I F I C A T I O N O F S K Y R I M _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK818] Tullius gives you a new weapon for your promotion and the title Quester. Now it's time to regain the Pale, so leave the Castle Walls and head over to Pale Imperial Camp, which is directly west of Dawnstar. Speak to Rikke as you get here and she wants some Stormcloak orders, so another Quest starts. (-NOTE-) THIS quest is more of a... generalized goal. You're not going to start it and complete it. Instead, it serves as a framework for a bunch of other quests. This is the last quest you'll complete during the civil war questline. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A F A L S E F R O N T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK819] Now we need to go to either the Nightgale Inn or the Candlehearth Hall. Go to either of these and speak to the Inn keeper. You can either Bribe them, Persuade them or Intimidate them, or just wait around in the Inn. The Courier travels from both inns. He stays at either Inn for an hour, sleeps for another hour and then leaves to the other inn. If you either Bribe, Intimidate or Persuade him, he'll tell you that he just left and that you might be able to still catch him. Leave either inn and go catch him. He's got a marker on his head, which makes things a whole lot easier. Loot the body for the Stormcloak Documents and return to Rikke. She tells you now to go to Dawnstar. Fast travel there and enter the barracks. Speak to Frorkmar Banner-Torn and the quest will end. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===-----

==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B A T T L E F O R F O R T D U N S T A D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK820] Now return to the Pale Imperial Camp and speak to Rikke once again. This will start this Quest. Fast travel to the nearest location and make your way to the marker. Once you join the Legion soldiers, now you need to defeat the Stormcloaks. Just like in the battle for Whiterun, a % appears. Enemies come out from all the entrances to the Fort, so make sure to use those Legion Soldiers as bait and take them all out. Now return to Solitude and speak to Tullius and receive your new rank (Prefect) and blade (a random weapon). (-NOTE-) If you fled the Fort and left the Legion alone to take it back, you won't receive the blade. Also, Tullius gave me a STEEL SHIELD as a reward! So much for a "blade"... Now, under the Reunification of Skyrim Quest you'll get a new objective: Regain the Rift. Now we need to go to Rift Imperial Camp, which is west of Riften. Fast travel to the closest location and make your way to the camp. Once you reach this place, speak to Rikke and your new quest will start. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== C O M P E L L I N G T R I B U T E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK821] Fast travel to Riften and enter the Mistveil Keep. In here, you'll see the Jarl of Riften, the Stewart and two guards guarding the door behind them. Inside this opening, there's another guard patrolling. Wait for him to go left, enter sneak mode and sneak to your right, entering Anuriel's room. In here, loot everything and leave the dresser for last. Take the Incriminating Letter from the dresser, approach the door and wait for you to hear the guard's footsteps. When they fade away, open the door and leave the room. Now speak to Anuriel next to the Jarl and show her the letter. She'll have you follow her into her room, so do so. Once here, tell her what would happen if the letter was made public. Ask her what kind of agreement she has in mind. She speaks of Gold and Weapons. Tell her you want something for yourself right there, right now (This has a chance of netting you 750 gold if your speech skill is high enough; mine was 29). She won't bend, so ask her further info and then, report back to Rikke. Afterwards, its time for you to meet the other soldiers. Fast travel to the closest location. Once you reach the marker, which is Hadvar, speak to him and when ready, sneak alongside him... (-NOTE-) There's 2 ways to do this next part. Once is to follow Hadvar's plan and sneak. The other is not liking his plan and going solo. If you go solo, you'll have to kill around 6 Stormcloaks alone. If you want

some extra help, follow Hadvar's plan. If you decided to follow Hadvar, then soon enough you'll find two imperial soldiers. When told, look north and kill the Stormcloak Scout. Now, you'll have to take care of the rest of the Stormcloaks. Go in there and lure them out so the imperials can start shooting arrows at them. Once you take care of them all, loot the wagon, report back to Hadvar and return to Rikke. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B A T T L E F O R F O R T G R E E N W A L L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK822] Now you're sent to take Fort Greenwall. Fast travel to the nearest location and make your way to the marker. When you meet the soldiers, its time to take the Fort. This is pretty similar to the previous quest where you had to take the Fort. Go in there and start killing Stormcloaks over and over until the counter reaches 0%. Take extreme caution not going alone, since they like to come out in hordes and they can kill you very easily. Stay with the Imperial troops and retreat a little if need be. You can also use the weapon you were given during the quests of the Civil War. This, at least in my case, helped me out a bunch taking care of the Stormcloaks. Return to Tullius at Solitude and now we're to go to the camp near Winterhold, all the way to the north side of Skyrim. Fast travel to Dawnstar and make your way to the camp. Once you arrive, speak to Rikke as per usual and she now sends you to Fort Kastav. Fast travel to the nearest location and make your way to the marker. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E S C U E F R O M F O R T K A S T A V _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK823] Ok, once you speak to Hadvar, its time to sneak into the Fort and rescue the others. Follow the marker and you'll find a trapdoor leading to the Prison. While sneaking, follow the path south, then east, then south again to reach the area where the prisoners are. If you move to the southeast area, you'll find the key to the cells on the table. Pick it up and open up the cells. As soon as they get geared up, some Stormcloaks enter the room. Meh, nothing to worry about. That should be all of the Stormcloaks in here, so head back north to the marker and out into the courtyard. There are like 15 Stormcloaks out here and they all have a marker over their head, making for much more easy targets.

Kill them along with the help of the prisoners and once you've finished the killing spree, report back to Hadvar and then return to Solitude to speak to Tullius. He promotes you to Legate and gives you a piece of equipment. Now fast travel to Eastmarch or the closest point and head to the next camp. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B A T T L E F O R F O R T A M O L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK824] Fast travel to the nearest location and make your way to the rest of the Imperial Soldiers. Once you reach them, it's practically the same as the other quests: take down the Fort while you kill all the Stormcloaks. There are obviously more enemies in this fort, so I really recommend going to the upper area and staying here. If you can summon, do so. Familiars, especially Atronachs, are wonderful allies here. Most of the Stormcloaks appear from the upper areas, so this is where you'll be. Make sure to have your healing spells on your favorite list, or Restore HP potions. Not too hard, but don't do what I tend to do and forget about the HP bar! Once the fort is taken, return to Rikke and tell her about your success. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B A T T L E F O R W I N D H E L M _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK825] Ok, the last Quest of the Civil War - Imperials. Fast travel to Windhelm Stables and speak to Tullius. Afterwards, head inside Windhelm. There's really not much to say about this part. All doors are master locked, so it's probably even a waste of time and lockpicks to try entering any of 'em unless you're good at lockpicking. There are obviously Stormcloaks galore here. Make your way to the north side of the city while destroying barricades and killing Stormcloaks. Tullius is alongside you, along with Rikke, so its impossible to lose. The direct route is blocked off, so you'll need to take a more round-about path to the left to reach the north side of the city. It's fairly linear and the path will have barricades thrown in at choke points. Once you head to the north side, enter the Palace of Kings... (-NOTE-) Note that if you don't enter the Palace of the Kings, Stormcloaks will still come out and won't stop. YOU NEED TO GET IN THERE! Once you get in here, Rikke and Tullius start talking to Ulfric and Galmar. After some chit chat, you'll fight them. Take out Galmar ASAP since he's more dangerous than Ulfric. Ulfric WILL use his 'Unrelenting Force' shout during this battle, which is entertaining. Once Galmar is taken care of, attack Ulfric with all you've got. Not a hard battle at all. Now, time for a decision: Either you, Dovakiin, kill Ulfric, or let Tullius do it. Pick whichever you want, as it really doesn't matter.

Now, you get to keep Tullius' sword and the quest will end, as well as the Reunification of Skyrim Quest. Tullius will head outside and give a speech, so go listen if you wish. Congrats on ending the Stormcloak rebellion! _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 9. Daedric Quests ||| [BK900] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Here you will find all the quests related to the various Daedric gods... and there's quite a few of them. These quests all have certain triggers (you often have to complete a MISCELLANEOUS QUEST or find the god's SHRINE or something like that to trigger these quests), so we'll tell you how to get these quests, THEN we'll give you a guide to them! How's that sound!? Good? Good, let's do this! (-NOTE-) I'll be listing these quests in alphabetical order. You can do any of these quests at any time, so the order you tackle them in doesn't really matter, as long as you can TRIGGER the quest! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A D A E D R A ' S B E S T F R I E N D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK901] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Clavicus Vile || || How to trigger :|: This quest is extremely easy to acquire, all you need || || :|: to do is basically travel to the town of Falkreath. A || || :|: guard SHOULD come up to you and ask you if you've seen || || :|: a dog. Kind-of a weird question, right? Reply however || || :|: you want and you'll get the miscellaneous quest "Speak || || :|: to Lod". If this doesn't happen, go away and do come || || :|: back until it does! || || :|: || || :|: Lod is the blacksmith in town. Once you talk to him, || || :|: he'll tell you that he wants a dog for company and || || :|: wants you to find him one. You can also PERSUADE him || || :|: to give you 50 gold upfront. He'll also hand you some || || :|: fresh meat. Head out of town to the southwest and || || :|: you'll soon run across a dog named Barbas. This isn't || || :|: a normal dog though, it will TALK to you and ask you || || :|: to help him settle a dispute with his master. Agree to || || :|: do so to start this quest. || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' You'll now have to follow Barbas to his master, which starts a LONG journey to the east. Barbas will lead and you will follow. He'll end up leading you through the destroyed city of Helgen (which I'm sure you remember) and then to a dungeon called Haemar's Shame. Once inside you'll see that ol' Barbas is WAY ahead of you. Stupid mutt. Don't worry, he can't die. This place is chock FULL of vampires though, so

take out the one guarding the entrance and loot the chest up where he was. Now continue on and watch out for a trap while taking down another vampire. In MY game, Barbas was in the next room and had killed a vampire fledgling and was killing a vampire nightstalker. Heh, help him out and loot the place good before accompanying him. Further in Barbas will start shit with some more vampires, so let him take the attention and pick them off one by one. Be sure to loot again before going down a ramp. After the first ramp is a small study area where you can find the SKILLBOOK "Response to Bero's Speech", which will raise your DESTRUCTION skill by one. Continue on and enter Haemar's Shame. In here proceed forwards and kill whatever you come across that Barbas hasn't killed yet (for me it was one vampire and a frostbite spider). You'll shortly reach the shrine of Clavicus Vile. Go activate it to talk to him. He'll thank you for helping him out already by "curing" his followers vapirism! Ha. Tell him you're here to reunite him with Barbas and he'll outright refuse... unless you and Barbas go retrieve the Rueful Axe for him. Agree to do it and go up the stairs behind the shrine and loot the chest. You can make a quick exit back to the world map from this room by pulling the chain nearby to open the way. In MY game, Barbas was by the exit fighting vampires. That crazy dog! Once you're back out on the world map, you'll see that the axe is in a place called Rimerock Burrow, to the west of Solitude. Make your way there now. It's off a brick road and you want to approach the dungeon from the southeast. Be careful when you enter this place, as there's a powerful mage named Sebastian Lort. He often has an Atronach out and can drain your health fast, so be careful. Kill him off and take the axe off the table. Be sure to loot the place as you can find a SKILLBOOK called "2920, Hearth Fire, v9", which will raise your Conjuration skill by 1. Head back out to the world map and fast travel back to Haemar's Shame. Head inside and make your way back to the shrine. Be careful of any enemies that may be alive on the way inside (oddly enough, a master vampire was by the shrine for me when I got there...). Once you get back and speak to Clavicus, he will tell you that you have two options: Either give him back the axe or, if you wish to keep it, use it to KILL Barbas. o Kill Barbas with the Axe: Barbas will try to stop you before you do, telling you that you can get Clavicus' Mask if you just give him the axe. Don't listen and strike him with the axe. One shot is all it will take. Apparently old Barbas can go 4 vs. 1 against some vampires, but falls in a single axe swing. Afterwards talk to Clavicus and you'll get to keep the axe. Barbas will turn into a statue by Clavicus' side. o Give Clavicus the Axe: Refuse Clavicus his fun and Barbas will once again take his side by his master (in status form, of course). Clavicus will try to punish you for being boring, but Barbas will stop him and you'll end up getting the Masque of Clavicus Vile. (-NOTE-) It really doesn't matter WHAT option you pick, but unless you REALLY have a thing for that axe, the masque is the obvious choice here. For

trophy purposes you will want to pick the Masque as well. After placing Barbas back at his master's side, this quest will be over. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== N I G H T T O R E M E M B E R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK902] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Sanguine || || How to trigger :|: To start this quest, go visit any bar and eventually || || :|: you'll find a man named Sam Guenvere who will || || :|: challenge you to a drinking game (for reference, I was || || :|: level 30 when I got this quest and I visited "The Bee || || :|: and Barb" bar in Riften; I don't know if there's some || || :|: other requirement for this quest, but if you do let us || || :|: know! I've also done this quest at level 11!). || || :|: || || :|: Talk to Sam and begin your drinking contest (aka go || || :|: through the dialog that pops up). Eventually you'll || || :|: drown a third drink and... blackout! || || :|: || || :|: Upon waking, you'll be admonished by a priestess and || || :|: told to clean up your mess! Ask her where you are to || || :|: learn that you're in the Temple of Dibella, in || || :|: Markarth! Wow! You'll now have officially started this || || :|: quest! || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' Now you can either pick up your mess (a giant's toe and a lot of wine bottles) or talk to her again and use your persuade skills to get her to tell you that Sam mentioned the city of Rorikstead (as your new goal is to find Sam and the staff he promised you). (-NOTE-) You can gain the BLESSING OF DIBELLA nearby for +10 Speechcraft. (-NOTE-) If your persuade isn't high enough even with the blessing, you need to "clean up". Search the room and pick up two bottles of Alto Wine (they will say "TAKE", not "STEAL"), a giant's toe, and a note on how to repair the staff (don't worry about it), THEN go talk to the woman again. Head on over to Rorikstead now where you'll find a farmer named Ennis who's mad as hell at you! Apparently, you stole his prized goat, Gleda, and SOLD her to a GIANT. Great going! In order to get ANY information from him you'll have to get her back... or you could pass a PERSUADE, INTIMIDATE, or BRIBE (1000G) option. If you DO choose to get the goat back, you'll have to travel up the hill to the south and kill the giant, then lead the goat back to Ennis. Pick whatever option you want, and Ennis will tell you to check with Ysolda in Whiterun. A

Head over to Whiterun now and speak to Ysolda. She'll tell you that you still owe here for the ring she sold you! Oh boy... so we got engaged too, huh? Man! She is willing to call it off if you return the ring though. At this point, we can once again pass a PERSUADE, INTIMIDATE, or BRIBE (2000G) option to continue our journey. Or we can go get the ring back. If you choose to go get the ring back, you'll need to head over to a place called "Witchmist Grove", just south of Kynesgrove. Head over there and a hagraven named Moira will run up to you. Apparently you were going to marry her... yeah, tell her you need the ring back and she'll attack! Kill her off and grab the ring off of her corpse. Inside of her house you can also find a DESTRUCTION SKILLBOOK here called "Response to Bero's Speech". Nice. Head back to Ysolda now and give her the ring. She'll mention your wedding was supposed to be at Morvunskar, which is our next objective. Morvunskar is just southwest of Windhelm. Make your way there but be warned that it is guarded by all sorts of mages. Take them all out (they are probably novice level) and be sure to grab the chest before entering the keep. Once you are inside, kill the two mages in the right hand room. Be sure to scour it for a SMITHING SKILLBOOK called "Cherim's Heart". Now head down the stairs and follow the lengthy hallways until you reach a wide open room. Down here there will be 3-4 mages to take down, but be careful as one of them will be a MASTER mage. Now, you can go up the right stairs and reach the objective, but don't forget to explore the rest of the place (you can find several chests and a few more enemies to take down). Once you're done exploring, go up those stairs I mentioned and a portal will appear to take us to a "Misty Grove". Follow the path and you'll find Sam at the end, along with what appears to be a party (notice how all the guests look the same!). Talk to Sam and he'll be glad to see you again. Go through the dialog to find out that "Sam" is actually the Daedric Prince Sanguine! Bah, he was just having fun with us! We DO get the staff though: the SANGUINE ROSE, which can summon a Dremora for 60 seconds when we use it (pretty fancy)! Sanguine will send us back to the tavern as well! And once you're back the quest will be over! (-NOTE-) After this quest is complete, you may randomly come across a man out in the wide-open world of Skyrim who will claim you owe him money as a result of your drunken night of debauchery! This will likely happen out on the road. You can either pay him (it's expensive!), use your speech skills, or just fight him to take care of the situation. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B O E T H I A H ' S C A L L I N G _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK903] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Boethiah || || How to trigger :|: To get this quest, you must find and read the book || || :|: "Boethiah's Proving" (Try actually reading it too, it || || :|: offers some insight into what Boethiah likes AND it's || || :|: a pretty good read as well). I personally found in on || || :|: a bookcase at Septimus Signus's outpost, but I imagine || || :|: that it can be found in a number of places. Once you || || :|: find it, you'll receive the quest "Boethiah's Calling".|| '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~'

(-NOTE-) Write us and tell us where YOU found it! (-NOTE-) Phil writes in to say: On my way to Karthspire from Markarth, in the middle of the night, I was attacked by a Boethiah Cultist, who had the book. He was very deliberately programmed to run up the road to fight me, which was obvious since I was sneaking and when I moved to the side, he just stopped where he would have seen me. Guess that further proves the "randomness" you talk about in the intro haha. Once you have the quest, the marker will show the location of the Sacellum of Boethiah, which is just east of the city of Windhelm (there IS a path that leads directly up to it, just look around carefully and beware of Ice Trolls). Once you get there you will meat the cultists that worship Boethiah. Talk to the priestess, who will tell you about Boethiah (tell her you aren't scared by her: Boethiah likes those who believe in themselves after all). She will advance the quest by telling you that to get Boethiah to appear, you have to lead a follower to the Pillar of Sacrifice (which is up that flight of stairs) and get them to touch it. This will trap them, and after they're trapped you will need to slay them. Looks like we need to find a follower that we don't mind... killing. You can check our section on companions if you need to find someone. (-NOTE-) While you can lead and kill ANYONE who will follow you, consequences. What I personally did and would recommend follower like the Dark Brotherhood Initiate follow you, MERCENARY and do it (The Mercenary is what I did, since reason the initiate's wouldn't do what I told them to). it DOES have is to use a or go hire a for some

So after getting a follower that you wouldn't mind losing, fast travel back to the Sacellum of Boethiah. Head up the stairs to the pillar of sacrifice, then TALK to your follower and tell them you need them to do something. Now, with the new "directing" cursor you'll get, tell them to activate the pillar. As they do so, strange magic will grab them and hold them to the pillar. Now just take the sacrificial knife and cut them down. Once you've done your horrible deed (and who are we kidding, YOU , sir or madam, are a MONSTER) Boethiah will appear to you, using their corpse. It's best to use cocky answers when talking to her ("I'm not afraid of you".) and after some time Boethiah will lead you and all the cultists down the steps (stay at the top if you are best at ranged combat), announcing that she will give a special job to whoever's left standing... This initiates a free-for-all amidst all the cultists and your goal is obviously to be the last one standing. If you're a ranged user (magic/archer) you should be at the top of the steps and can hurt the group from up here. Alternately, you could always let them duke it out until their numbers thin. Just make sure you're the last one alive. Once everyone is dead, Boethiah will posses another corpse and tell you that your next job is to slay her current champion (whom she's grown tired of). If you take a look at the map, he's located at Knifepoint Ridge (west of Falkreath), but there's a catch: she wants you to do it as STEALTHILY AS POSSIBLE. Travel to Knifepoint Ridge, which is more or less a bandit encampment. It's pretty hard to sneak in here due to the watchtowers (try coming in from the east) but the best way to kill and be stealthy here is archery sneak attacks. Go at night so you only have to deal with the watchtowers and one or two bandits around a campfire and proceed to sneak attack everyone to death (don't

worry too much if you get caught or detected: you don't HAVE to kill everyone stealthily, just do your best). Note that out by the archery range here is a ARCHERY SKILLBOOK called "Vernaccus and Bourlor" that you can pick up. Once you've killed everyone out here, enter the mines. (-NOTE-) It's pretty obvious, but the mines are FULL of ore deposits and you can find a pickaxe here, in case you want to do any mining. Heck, there's even an on-site smelter). In the mines you'll be on a much more linear path, so be ready to pick off bandits whenever you see them. Many bandits will be preoccupied either mining or something else to notice you. You have to kill everyone in here, but the champion is in the very back inside of a house structure. If you're going to sneak attack anyone, make it him as he's wearing a set of ebony armor. Once you've killed everyone, be sure to loot his ebony armor, and then equip it since that's your new objective. Once you do, Boethiah will speak to you again and name you her champion, giving you the armor as a gift. She'll also tell you to carry on and do whatever you want as she's busy "pulling strings". This ends this quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D I S C E R N I N G T H E T R A N S M U N D A N E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK904] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Hermaeus More || || How to trigger :|: Starts during main quest. Read below. || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' Now, you guys know that throughout this walkthrough I've been giving you step by step instructions and generally have just plain been awesome (It's all I know how to do!). However, for THIS quest, I'm going to tell you to look at another part of the guide. You see, this quest is INTERTWINED with the MAIN QUEST in a way that half of it you NEED to do anyways. In fact, I'm sure that most of you got this quest due to following the main questline. Essentially, this quest starts once you start the "Elder Knowledge" MAIN QUEST. For the first half of this quest, one crazy scholar named Septimus Signus will ask you to impart the knowledge of an Elder Scroll onto a lexicon for him. So, if you need to know how to do that part, go read what we wrote about the MAIN quest "Elder Knowledge" and come back here once you have a runed lexicon. [Go read/complete the MAIN QUEST "Elder Knowledge" and return here!] Ok good. Now once you have the runed lexicon, go return to Signus at his outpost and show him. He'll mention that he needs dwemer blood to unlock the box, but that's kinda out of the question since the dwemer have vanished. However, he thinks he can make a substitute using various elf bloods. This will give you the following objectives: - Harvest High Elf blood.

- Havest Wood Elf blood. - Havest Dark Elf blood. - Havest Falmer blood. - Havest Orc blood. Now THAT is a tall order. Basically, you need to kill a member of each of those races to harvest their blood. The EASIEST ones to get by FAR are the FALMER blood (head to Blackreach) and ORC blood (Orc's are in a LOT of bandit camps). High Elf and Dark Elf blood you can get pretty easy by fighting magic encampments (certain forts are made up entirely of necromancers and/or mages), and you can often find Wold Elf blood by taking out hunting camps. Personally, I'd recommend just keep playing the game, doing other quests and sooner or later the issue of collecting blood WILL take care of itself (this is what I did). Once you have all the blood, return to Signus. He will mix it and use it to open the box. Inside, all you'll find is a book. Signus will try to pick it up and will turn to ash (just as the wretched void predicted). Now go ahead and pick up the Oghma Infinium. Try to leave and the void (Hermaeu Mora) will tell you that it contains the knowledge of the ages. He'll also tell you to go throughout the land and do his will. Um, sure. Note that AFTER talking to the void here, the quest will be complete. However, the BIGGEST REWARD has yet to be paid. You see, you can READ the Oghma Infinium and once you flip the page it will ask you: - The sea of knowledge rolls before you. Choose the section you wish to read. Here's your choices. Note that you can ONLY CHOOSE ONE, so pick wisely: o (Do not read): Gain no bonus. You can read/pick at a later date. o The Path of Might: You gain +5 in the following skills: - Smithing - Block - One-Handed - Heavy Armor - Two-Handed - Archery

o The Path of Shadow: You gain +5 in the following skills: - Light Armor - Lockpicking - Speech - Sneak - Pickpocket - Alchemy

o The Path of Magic: You gain +5 in the following skills: - Illusion - Destruction - Conjuration - Restoration

- Alteration

- Enchanting

You will also undoubtedly level up as well. As you can see, a very powerful reward! Choose your path wisely and make the most of it. This quest is now TRULY at an end. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== I L L M E T B Y M O O N L I G H T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK905] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Hircine || || How to trigger :|: To start this quest, head on over to Falkreath, || || :|: perhaps the gloomiest city in all of Skyrim. There is || || :|: a large cemetery on the outskirts of the town that is || || :|: hard to miss and here there is a priest and a couple || || :|: attending a funeral. Listen to the short service then || || :|: talk to the dad, who will tell you that he just buried || || :|: his little girl. Ask him how she died / who did it and || || :|: he'll tell you a man named Sinding tore her apart. || || :|: This will start the quest. || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' Tearing a little girl apart! That's appalling! Sinding is currently locked up in the Falkreath Barracks though, so let's go see him. Head down to the jail and go talk to Sinding. He will feel bad about the incident, and will blame it on the cursed ring of Hircine he wears, which since he is a werewolf the ring will force him to change at inopportune times. Ask him whatever questions you wish and tell him that you will take the ring to Hircine. He will gladly give it to you, telling you that there is a great beast in these woods that we must kill if we wish to gain an audience with Hircine. (-NOTE-) Once we have the ring, it EQUIPS itself AUTOMATICALLY. Furthermore, if you are already a WEREWOLF, the ring will FORCE YOU TO CHANGE INTO YOUR BEAST FORM RANDOMLY. Be extremely careful with this. We also CAN NOT UN-EQUIP THE RING. You'll have to proceed forward with this quest. Head outside and get out of Falkreath fast. The great beast is a white stag, and you can find it's CURRENT location on the map, so see where it is and head towards it. Note that it is on the move constantly, so long-range attacks such as magic and bows are great here... (-NOTE-) Vinheim reports a strange glitch happens here, so be sure to save. Since we now have Hircine's Ring equipped, we transform randomly into a werewolf. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT track the white stag using a horse. I was riding Shadowmere and I suddenly transformed. The game thought I was still ON the horse, then Shadowmere ran off chasing some Necromancer, while I was off camera. The camera chases the horse and you won't be able to regain view of your character. Once you kill the beast, an aspect of Hircine will appear. He will

congratulate you, saying you have what it takes to be his champion. He will tell you that a great hunt has been called to slay Sinding though, and you must participate in it (no matter what you say). From here, head over to the Bloated Man's Grotto, just southwest of Whiterun (approach it from the north) and head inside. Inside you'll seen some slain hunters. One is still alive, a Khajit named J'Kier. He will bleed out soon, but will warn you the prey is strong but more hunters are on the way. Loot the bodies here. Note that you can find a CHEST under the small pool of water here as well. Grab all the loot and continue onwards, tracking down Sinding. You will soon meet him, and you'll have to choose between one of two options: (-NOTE-) Take a look at the rewards of each path before you make your decision! One GREATLY helps you out if you're a werewolf and make use of the beast form a ton. A trophy is also on the line here. Be sure to read the note before the section ends as well! (-NOTE-) Also be sure to thoroughly explore this area, as there's a big chest here with lots of goodies. o Kill Sinding This is what Hircine wants you to do. If you choose this option (and tell Sinding that you must do what Hircine asks) he will run away. There are several other hunters out here that Sinding will fight, but he moves MUCH faster than you and will utterly destroy the other hunters (don't be surprised to see them all dead before you can join them if you wait too long to follow Sinding). In the end, you'll have to fight him in his beast form one vs. one. It isn't too hard, just be ready to heal yourself and don't let him overwhelm you. Once he's dead you will have to skin him. Do so and Hircine will appear and congratulate you. He will take the cursed ring of Hircine away and will turn the skin into the SAVIOR'S HIDE, which is your reward (the SAVIOR'S HIDE is some LIGHT ARMOR that ups your Magic Resistance by 15% and Poison Resistance by 50%). After bidding you happy hunting, Hircine will leave and this quest will end. o Spare Sinding If you go this path, you're going to end up killing all the hunters that are left in the grotto. There are three "sets" of hunters, so just follow the path and take them out with Sinding as your companion. Its funny how he's not nearly as powerful when he's WITH you. Once you've killed all three sets, talk again to Sinding who states that he will make his home here. The quest will end, but we're not done yet! Go and leave the grotto now. Outside, you'll meet up with Hircine again. Despite doing the opposite of what he wanted (and no matter what option you pick), Hircine is still pleased. He will let you go with his blessing. Your cursed ring is now uncursed, giving you the RING OF HIRCINE. It will now let you transform into a werewolf TWICE in one day instead of once, and will no longer randomly transform you. (-NOTE-) For TROPHY purposes (most notably the 'Oblivion Walker' trophy, which requires you to collect 15 Daedric Artifacts), you need to choose to take the SAVIOR'S HIDE here.

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== P I E C E S O F T H E P A S T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK906] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Mehrunes Dagon || || How to trigger :|: THIS quest starts once you reach level 20, as pointed || || :|: out by one of our readers (I had happened to beat the || || :|: main storyline when it happened for me, but it DOES || || :|: start when you hit level 20). || || :|: || || :|: Anyways, once you reach level 20, you should be || || :|: visited by a courier upon entering any major town || || :|: (such as Whiterun). He will give you an item called a || || :|: "Museum Pamphlet" that will invite you to Silus || || :|: Vesuius' "Museum of the Mythic Dawn" in Dawnstar. This || || :|: starts a miscellaneous quest called "Visit the Museum" || || :|: (paraphrasing) and will send you to Dawnstar. Upon || || :|: reaching the town you'll see Silus out on his front || || :|: porch arguing with someone about his museum. || || :|: Afterwards he will invite you inside to view it, which || || :|: starts this quest in earnest. || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' Head inside of his house where you can view his museum (a rather small collection of four display cases). As you look at each case, Silus will comment on whatever is within. Those who played through Oblivion will undoubtedly remember the Mythic Dawn cult quite well, as they essentially caused the "Oblivion Crisis". Once you are done looking around, ask Silus about the job he wants you to do. He'll tell you about Mehrunes' Razor after a brief history lesson. Of course, he will want you to collect the three remaining pieces for him. He DOES run a museum after all! Agree to gather the pieces for him and you'll be given THREE new objectives. (-NOTE-) You can do these following sections in any order you like. Silus only cares about results, after all! - Retrieve the hilt of Mehrunes' Razor: To get the hilt we need to travel to the major city of Morthal. The man that owns the hilt is named Jorgen, and is often working at his mill on the edge of town. Go find him and talk to him about it. You'll have options to PERSUADE, BRIBE, or INTIMIDATE him for the hilt, so try those options first (I was actually surprised at how little the bribe option cost). As an alternative, you could always choose to LOCKPICK his house which is a great option for you thieves out there. The hilt itself is inside of a treasure chest. Do whatever you have to do to get it. - Retrieve the pommel of Mehrunes' Razor: The pommel of the razor belongs to a person named Drascua, who you'll see

is located at a place called "Dead Crone Rock" just southwest of Markarth, up in the mountains. The best way to get there is to just walk southeast from Markarth stables, following the path past the bridge and soon you'll see a path that heads west. You can follow this path up and find Hag Rock Redoubt, Dead Crone Rock, and the Hag Rock Redoubt Ruin. Beware of all the Forsworn that inhabit the place though (but be sure to loot through their chests and whatnot). Once you're done, enter the Hag Rock Redoubt Ruin door that the marker is pointing to (this isn't to get the pommel, just to grab some chests and a skillbook). Head inside and kill the two Forsworn on the right. There's a chest over there and the SNEAKING SKILLBOOK "2920, Last Seed, v8" on the table that they were just sitting at. Go forwards and up the stair case, killing the guard watching the jail cell (you can pick the locks but there's nothing good). There is a higher-level Forsworn in the next room but he often uses the alchemy lab there so sneak attack him and raid the chests before going back out to the world map. Back out at the world map head up to Dead Crone Rock and enter. In here kill the Forsworn in front of you and head up the spiraled stairs on the right. Check out the right cubby for goodies, then kill the two Forsworn you'll find up here. Also be careful of the soul gem in the dining room that will spit fire at you (you have to take it to stop it). Follow the path past the dining room (watch out for the trap) and pull the lever in the next room. There's also an ALCHEMY SKILLBOOK here called "A Game at Dinner". Go back out to the main room and take the path that the lever opened up out to the world map. Up here you will find Drascua. Be careful of the three soul gems that shoot fire up here (as evidenced by the burnt corpse) and try to take her by surprise if you can! She is basically a hagraven, so has powerful magic attacks at range. Take her out and loot her for the pommel. There's also a chest here with some very nice items and the sacrifice table has a lot of good stuff. Oh, and a DRAGON WALL that teaches you the word FEAR - DISMAY. Pretty sweet! - Retrieve the blade shards of Mehrunes' Razor: Time to get the blade shards. An orc named Ghunzul has them, and you can find him in a keep called Cracked Tusk Keep just west of Falkreath (this place is a TON easier to get to than Dead Crone Rock). The outside of the keep is guarded by 3-4 Orcs who love to use ranged attacks (they ARE basically a hunting party after all). Take them all down. Of note outside is a SMITHING SKILLBOOK named "Light Armor Forging" near the smithing setup, so be sure to grab it before heading inside the keep. You'll find two orcs hanging out in the main room, so take them out. Now, Ghunzul is off in a bedroom to the left. We don't HAVE to kill him... but we're going to! Head over there and get the drop on him. Be sure to loot him and his room for goodies. You'll note he DOESN'T have the shards on him, but he has a key! Use it to explore the place and find the Cracked Tusk Vaults. Down here hit the buttons on the walls to grab the goodies in the rooms, including a LIGHT ARMOR SKILLBOOK "Rislav the Righteous" from the left room. To open the door in front of you, you need to hit the levers on each side. Now THIS room is FULL of tripwires. Each one will release a spiked wall or dart trap, so keep your eyes open and trip them all. At the end is a pedestal with the shards on it. Be sure to grab it from the side, as it is a pressure weighted pedestal. Once you have the shards we're done here.

- Return to Silus Now that you have all three pieces it's time to go see Silus. Silus will be pleased and will reward you with 1,000 Gold per piece (3,000 Gold total). He will then let you in on a secret: the scabbard in the case is the fourth piece, and he plans on contacting Dagon directly to repair it! And with that, Silus says he'll meet you at the shrine and will leave. You can use this time to pick the locks here and take the Mythic Dawn items, but they really aren't worth much. Head outside and you'll see the shrine is just south of Dawnstar (by the Lord Standing Stone, actually). Make your way over there and you'll meet Silus by the shrine (Mehrunes Dagon is an UGLY SOB). He will put the pieces on the altar and ask Dagon to make them whole... with no success. He will than ask you to try to talk to Mehrunes. Interact with the altar and YOU will be deemed worthy. However, Mehrunes sees no reason to let Silus live, and will tell you to kill him. We have TWO choices on how this plays out (read below to see the rewards for each choice and keep in mind potential trophy applications): o Let Silus Live: In this path, you are going AGAINST Dagon's wishes. After telling him NO, Silus will talk to you where you'll get a chance to once again say no. Silus will be overjoyed and will give you 500 Gold. However, Mehrunes isn't going to let you off THAT easy. He will spawn TWO daedra (Dremora Markynaz... what a name) who will make short work of Silus. They will then turn on you! Fight them off however you can and loot Silus and the two daedra. You will find a "Key to Mehrunes' Shrine" on both the bodies. Be sure to grab it. With the key, you can open the door past the altar. In this small area there is a LOT of loot to be had... once you kill two more daedra who are guarding it! Take them out and have fun looting the place (I found several pieces of enchanted equipment and a lot of ingots). That will be the end of this quest as well. o Kill Silus: In this path you are doing as Lord Dagon wishes. Agree to kill Silus, who states he won't go down without a fight! He's a wizard, but should fall easily enough. After killing and looting him, go back and inspect the altar again as Dagon puts together the Razor for you, telling you to use it and spread chaos throughout the land. Pick it up once you can, and as a parting "gift", Dagon will spawn two deadra to attack you. Fight them off however you can and loot them afterwards. You will find a "Key to Mehrunes' Shrine" on both the bodies. Be sure to grab it. With the key, you can open the door past the altar. In this small area there is a LOT of loot to be had... once you kill two more daedra who are guarding it! Take them out and have fun looting the place (I found several pieces of enchanted equipment and a lot of ingots). That will be the end of this quest as well. (-NOTE-) Both paths should have the ENCHANTING SKILLBOOK "Catalogue of Armor Enchantments" in the shrine. Just an FYI to keep your eyes open.

(-NOTE-) It can be argued, without a doubt, that the "Kill Silus" path is by FAR the best option to pick, as letting him live makes you forfeit owning Mehrunes' Razor! This is also vital in obtaining the 'Oblivion Walker' trophy as well! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B L A C K S T A R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK907] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Azura || || How to trigger :|: The easiest way to get this quest is to go talk to a || || :|: bartender and ask them about rumor's they've heard. || || :|: Eventually you should get the miscellaneous quest || || :|: called "Visit the Shrine of Azura". OR you could just || || :|: visit the shrine, which is located just SOUTH of the || || :|: big city of Winterhold. It's on top of the peak || || :|: of the mountain, but there's stairs going up to it if || || :|: you approach from the NORTHWEST. Be wary of Ice Trolls || || :|: and the like though! || || :|: || || :|: Once you reach the shrine the Dunmer priestess there || || :|: will say she forsaw your coming. She will tell you || || :|: that Azura choose YOU to be her champion, which || || :|: all sounds a little TOO convenient. || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' Anyways, you'll get the quest "The Black Star" now. Your first goal is to find "an elven man, who can turn the brightest star as black as night". That doesn't help very much, but the priestess (whos name is Aranea) will tell you she thinks he's in Winterhold. Travel down to Winterhold and enter the Inn there (the Frozen Hearth Inn). Here you can ask the innkeeper about elves who play with stars and he'll tell you to try the college, or the inn's resident mage Nelacar (who's probably sitting nearby). The objective will change to "talk to Nelacar" so go over and talk to him. Choose INTIMIDATE when you get the option and he'll comply, asking what you know about soul gems. Follow the conversation to learn about Azura's Star and what Malyn was trying to do with it. After the chat, your next objective will be to find Azura's Star. Head outside of the inn and check out the world map. Sure enough, our objective is to travel to Ilinalta's Deep, the last known hang-out spot of the infamous Malyn. Head on over there (it's located by "The Lady" standing stone, north of Falkreath) and find the entrance on top of a castle tower (which has all but sunk into the lake). Enter through the trap door. Inside skeleton jesus will greet you and let you know this is NOT a safe place. Continue forward into the big room and you'll have no choice but to go down the hallway on the left. Further ahead is a big room with a necromancer in it (and maybe a skeleton) so take them out. Past the door are two more necromancers that may join in the fighting, but all of these guys are apprentices so no worries. Loot the place good and take the right wooden door to continue. Further in is a stronger necromage and a skeleton. Also notice how half the room is flooded (well duh, we're under the lake at this point). You can swim here, and as you can see there's a path that leads

underwater to another room. There's a chest down there, but you have to be FAST to grab it (don't worry about it otherwise as there's nothing really good in it). Go through the next door to continue. You'll find two more apprentices with a ARCH Necromancer further in (past a room full of beds), hanging out with a bandit. The arch necromancer can obliterate you if you're not careful. Take them out and loot the place. You can pick the door on the right to get to a bedroom and a chest. There's also an ENCHANTING SKILLBOOK here called "A Tragedy in Black". Loot the place good and around the next turn are two more skeletons. Kill them off and note the water area here. There's a locked door down in the water that guards a chest and a bunch of goodies if you're interested. Grab the chest on dry land as well and go through the door. As you go on there's another locked door on the right guarding a storage room. Keep following the path until you unlock a door and are able to zone into "Ilinalta's Deluge". In this new area, head to the big room up ahead where two necromancers will be talking. Get the jump on them and kill them off. There's a CONJURATION SKILLBOOK here named "The Doors to Oblivion" by the way. Be sure to go through the RIGHT door first as its a supply closes loaded with potions, then go down the left-hand path (grab the chest!). In the next area is a patrolling mage and a bunch of prison cells. Kill him and save. The next room has a MASTER necromancer, and he can hit hard as well as raise up 2-3 skeleton allies in a hurry. Kill him off asap. After the fight head up the stairs on the left. You'll find a disturbing scene at the end, but near the strapped-in skeleton is a BROKEN Azura's Star. Loot the chest, pick up/read the grimoire, and finally pick up the star. Our new objective will be to give the star to either Aranea OR Nelacar. I'll list both path's below for you to choose from. You can also use the ladder nearby to exit this place fast. - Bringing the Star to Aranea: Aranea will thank you and present the star before Azura. She will then ask Azura to mend it. After a bit, she'll tell you to talk to Azura yourself! Azura will tell you that Malyn's soul remains in the star, and it must be cleansed before the star can be restored. After some conversation, she will tell you that she'll send YOU into the star to cleanse it. Tell her when you are ready to go! (-NOTE-) If you're not a ranged user, you want to make sure you are as MAGIC RESISTANT as you can get before entering the star. Fair warning! Once you enter the star, Malyn will think that it's time for a meal. Tell him how wrong he is and he'll run away, summoning THREE DAEDRA to fight his battle for him. These daedra are POWERFUL magic users. Thankfully, they tend to spread out a bit, so try your best to take them on one at a time. This is what you've been saving up your potions for though, so don't be afraid to chug some magic resistant potions. Be sure to loot them for their hearts afterwards (there's a sentence I never though I'd type). Further down below you can find Malyn, who's nowhere near as tough as the Daedra (you can even sneak attack him if you try). Once he's dead, it's all over. Azura will pull you out of the star and will thank you. As a gift, she'll

give you Azura's Star: a SOUL GEM that will never break (and can only accept white souls). Also, you can talk to Aranea who will no longer recieve visions from Azura and, if you wish, can now become your companion. This will end this quest. Congrats! - Bringing the Star to Nelacar: Should you decide to bring the star back to Nelacar, he'll mention that he may be able to finish Malyn's work and make it so the star only accepts black souls. Upon looking at it, Nelacar will say that Malyn's soul is INSIDE of the star, and he can't fix it like that. He'll want to send YOU inside of the star to "kill" Malyn. Yikes! Ask him any questions you want, but in the end tell him you're ready to enter the star. Since it's the same sequence of events as giving the star back to Azura, I'll copy and paste what I wrote above here: (-NOTE-) If you're not a ranged user, you want to make sure you are as MAGIC RESISTANT as you can get before entering the star. Fair warning! Once you enter the star, Malyn will think that it's time for a meal. Tell him how wrong he is and he'll run away, summoning THREE DAEDRA to fight his battle for him. These daedra are POWERFUL magic users. Thankfully, they tend to spread out a bit, so try your best to take them on one at a time. This is what you've been saving up your potions for though, so don't be afraid to chug some magic resistant potions. Be sure to loot them for their hearts afterwards (there's a sentence I never though I'd type). Further down below you can find Malyn, who's nowhere near as tough as the Daedra (you can even sneak attack him if you try). Once he's dead, it's all over. For helping out Nelacar, you'll get THE BLACK STAR as your rewards: a SOUL GEM that will NEVER break and only accepts BLACK SOULS (human souls). That will also end this quest. Congrats! (-NOTE-) For the record, I went with giving the star back to Aranea. It's your choice though, just don't expect Aranea to ever be your follower if you go against her. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B R E A K O F D A W N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK908] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Meridia || || How to trigger :|: You get this quest once you find the "Statue to || || :|: Meridia" location on the world map. It is located || || :|: north of the small town of Dragon Bridge. You'll || || :|: definitely know it when you see it, as the statue is || || :|: huge. Approach the statue and it will talk to you, || || :|: giving you the quest "The Break of Dawn". || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' Meridia will command you to find a beacon for her. Once you accept the quest and check out the map, you'll see that the beacon is at the Lost Knife

Hideout, just south of Fort Amol and north of the small town of Ivarstead. (-NOTE-) If you guys could confirm that location (The Lost Knife Hideout) for me I'd appreciate it! Head inside the cave once you find it. Inside will be two bandits talking up ahead, so jump them. Note that one of them has a key. Further in are several more bandits, and down below is a lake. When I played, there were a couple of bandits swimming down there, which makes sense since there appears to be a diving board too! Ha! You can also find a TWO HANDED SKILLBOOK called "Words and Philosphy" on the table here. Kill them all, grab the book, and continue forward. Watch out for a trip wire as you to. As you ascend the ledge on the left, note that there's a path behind you (the planks) that leads to some more bandits and a room with a chest. In front of you is two MORE bandits. Man, this place is infested! Kill them and take the right exit to a loading screen. In here you can sneak forwards and listen to some bandits complain about their boss. Go in and kill them (there's three in this area) and head to the back where you can find a chest down on the right. Take the stairs up and kill the bandits here (they may be sleeping), but be sure to check the table for a HEAVY ARMOR SKILLBOOK called "Orsinium and the Orcs". Head onwards past the wooden bridge and you'll find a chest in an alcove on the left. Now from here I'd recommend turning around and dropping through the floor where the water is gushing through. There's a MASTER CHEST here (unlock it if you can) and it leads to the same place the upper path does: the room full of cages. As tempting as it might be (and, I should note, the key you got earlier UNLOCKS these cages), I DON'T recommend opening the saber cat cage. I can almost guarantee it'll attack YOU instead of the bandit. Go forth and kill the bandit, the search the chest behind him. You'll find the beacon inside of it. Once you have the beacon, Meridia will tell you to come back to her. From here, clean out the cave of bandits (there's about 5-6 more left) and continue FORWARD. It'll load you into the first section of the cave, high above the water (there's a chest to the left here). You can get to the exit easily this way. (-NOTE-) If this is your first time to the Lost Knife Hideout, you'll get a notification that says "Return to Kjar". That's because you killed a target for the quest "Crew Cut", which is a miscellaneous quest given by Kjar at Windhelm. Just FYI. Once you're back at the world map, go teleport back to the Statue to Meridia. Once you put the gem back on the pedestal, you'll be whisked away to go talk to Meridia HIGH above Skyrim. Whee! She will task you with cleansing her temple and destroying Malkoran. She'll also want you to reclaim an artifact called Dawnbreaker (a cool name). Once you're safely on land again, follow the objective and enter the temple. In here, loot the corpses (not a good sign) and head down until you see a door on the left. Pick the door so you can get to a lever, which opens the gate on the right hiding a chest. Loot it and head forward. Wow, Meridia sure wasn't lying: this place is in shambles. Interact with the light pedestal here to unlock the way forward. Past the door you'll finally meet some enemies: corrupted shades. They are pretty much just like dead, ghostly versions of generic soldiers. Take them out and continue, hitting another light pedestal. Now, THIS tricky pedestal opens up another set of doors, but don't waste your

time as the doors lead to a dead-end. Instead, go through a tunnel to the south to continue. You'll fight more shades here, go through two wooden doors, and loot a chest before coming to the next big room. In here, kill the two shades lurking about and loot thoroughly. There's an EXPERT door up above that houses a lever to get to a chest. Once you're done, hit the pedestal and continue to "Kilkreath Balcony". You'll be outside again, just high up on the ruins. Unlock the EXPERT level chest here and head back into the ruins using a higher door. Head inwards and you'll see walk ways above you. Clear out the bottom floor here before heading up (there are three shades down here). Hit the next light pedestal when you're ready and go through the open door behind you. There's a shade down here and a chest. There's also a door on the right that you should open, but immediately jump back from (there's a floor trap here). Loot it and go through the left path. Watch out for a tripwire and hit the lever at the end. Walk down the walkway now and kill another shade at the end. Explore carefully here, as the corner has a chest and a BLOCK SKILLBOOK entitled "Battle of Red Mountain". Hit the light pedestal now and continue. In the next room there's two more shades, with paths going up to the left and right. Go to the left first. There's a potion on a pedestal here, but if you remove it spears will come out at your head. You can remove it safely as long as you aren't facing it head-on. Now go up the right steps and continue out to another light pedestal. Activate it to open the door at the very bottom, then drop down (use the walkways, don't drop ALL the way down just to be save) and continue on to the Kilkreath Catacombs. Head forwards now and before long you'll see a big room at the bottom of some stairs. When you get near it, your objective will be to "Kill Malkoran". He's in here with 4-5 shades and a TON of corpses. He's a necromancer, so be ready for ice spells and buff yourself up before going in (you can also choose to use the door to funnel the enemies through, just beware of ranged bow and magic attacks). Once he's dead loot everything in here (everything) and go up to the pedestal and interact with it to retrieve Dawnbreaker. You'll find yourself up high in the sky again. She'll thank you and tell you to keep Dawnbreaker and purge the darkness from the land. Agree to carry it in her name and you'll soon be back on solid ground with a unique sword for your own (it looks pretty neat too and is, as you would expect, magically enchanted to kill the undead). That is the end of this quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E C U R S E D T R I B E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK909] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Malacath || || How to trigger :|: To get this quest, you must travel to the orc camp of || || :|: Largashbur (which is to the southwest of Riften). Once || || :|: you get near, you'll see the orcs fighting off a giant.|| || :|: Give them a hand and one orc (Ugor) will tell you to || || :|: go away. However, another orc (Atub) will be more open || || :|: to outsiders, and will ask for your help. It seems ||

|| :|: their tribe is cursed and as a result their leader, || || :|: Yamarz, has forbidden anyone to leave the encampment. || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' However, they've also been suffering constant giant attacks. Atub plans on petitioning Malacath to break the curse, but since she can't go to Malacath's shrine she will ask you to bring two ingredients to her: Troll Fat and a Daedra Heart. (-NOTE-) There are several things to steal around the camp, as well as a few MASTER chests to try your hand at. - Troll Fat: If you're a hoarder like me, chances are you already have this ingredient. In fact, I was able to scout around the orc camp and FIND troll fat on a shelf! Ha! If you can't find any like I did, you can always roam around the woods (for trolls) or ice fields (for ice trolls) until you find one, then slay it. - Daedra Heart: This ingredient is a little trickier to get. Two quests that I KNOW have daedras to kill are "The Black Star" and "Pieces of the Past". If you haven't done those yet, go do them and you'll get this ingredient. Once you have both ingredients, return to Atub. She will insist that you are present for the ritual, and will go get Yamarz as well. Once you're back outside Atub will do the ritual and Malacath will speak! He will insult Yamarz for being a weakling and letting giants take over his shrine, and will task Yamarz with killing the giant leader and bringing back his club before he helps the tribe out! After the ritual, Yamarz will want to talk to you. He will blame YOU for starting this chain of events and will make you become his bodyguard. You are to meet him at Fallowstone Cave and protect him on his way to the giant leader. (-NOTE-) You can either follow Yamarz TO the cave (which is just northeast of Riften) or meet him there. Once you get to the cave head inside and you'll be charged with protecting Yamarz. He will take the lead, so just stay by him. Head down into the cave (which is beautiful) and kill a giant at the bottom. Follow Yamarz with the stream and kill another giant (there's a dead bandit to the right in this room). Continue forwards and you'll meet two bears that you can kill as well. When you reach a split Yamarz will go left (the right path is a shortcut out of this place) so follow him into Giant's Grove. Head into this area and eventually Yamarz will stop you. He will say that he's ready to face the giant... that is unless you want to make some extra gold. Here you can either kill the giant yourself, or tell Yamarz that HE is supposed to do it. (-NOTE-) I would recommend telling Yamarz to kill the giant himself. You can see why for yourself if you read both paths below. o Make Yamarz kill the giant: Yamarz will charge down to the giant... and promptly eat the big one. And with him dead, it falls to you to slay the giant. Use the terrain here to

your advantage, as this giant is much stronger than the two you just faced. Once he's dead, Malacath will speak to you and tell you to take the weapon (Shargol's Warhammer) back to the tribe. Loot the place thoroughly and grab the giant's weapon and take it back to the camp (using the shortcut to the exit in Fallowstone Cave that we talked about earlier). Keep your eyes open for a chest on the way out! Once you're at the camp talk to Atub and explain what happened. Then go put the warhammer on the altar (interact with it). The warhammer will change into a weapon called VOLENDRUNG (which absorbs a WHOPPING 50 points of stamina) and you will become Malacath's new champion. Also, with Yamarz dead, Gularzob will become the new chief. The orcs here are accepting of you now, and in fact Atub will even be able to teach you Illusion magic if you wished (as she is a trainer now). This ends this quest. o Kill the giant yourself: Go down there and slay the giant. If you're an assassin, this is easier than having Yamarz try to kill it and die, as you can get some sneak attacks in. Once it's dead, loot the place and pick up Shargol's Warhammer and return back to Yamarz. He will tell you that he can't allow you to leave here alive since you may tell people what happened. He will then attack! Yamarz is a formidable foe, and for me at least took MORE hits to kill than the giant (making one wonder how the giant killed him so fast!). His attacks aren't nearly as dangerous as the giant though, so take him out and Malacath will call him a weakling once more, and tell you to take the weapon back to the tribe. Be sure to use the shortcut in Fallowstone Cave and keep your eyes open for a chest on the way out! Once you are at the camp, go talk to Atub and explain what happened. This is where the one MAJOR difference between the two paths shows: you can tell the tribe that Yamarz betrayed you. Malacath will even back you up! Go put the warhammer on the altar (interact with it). The warhammer will change into a weapon called VOLENDRUNG (which absorbs a WHOPPING 50 points of stamina) and you will become Malacath's new champion. Also, with Yamarz dead, Gularzob will become the new chief. The orcs here are accepting of you now, and in fact Atub will even be able to teach you Illusion magic if you wished (as she is a trainer now). This ends this quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== H O U S E O F H O R R O R S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK910] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Molag Bal || || How to trigger :|: To start this quest, simply go visit the city of || || :|: Markarth. Now, chances are high that when you FIRST || || :|: visited the city, you saw a man kill a woman right in || || :|: front of you by some stalls. That is a DIFFERENT QUEST:|| || :|: the one we want starts by heading WEST from there || || :|: where you'll see two men conversing near a house, || || :|: calling it cursed. Listen to them and a man named || T H E

|| :|: Vigilant Tyranus should talk to you automatically || || :|: afterwards (if he doesn't, talk to him!). He'll ask if || || :|: you know anything about the house. Offer to help him || || :|: and you'll start the quest "The House of Horrors". || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' Head inside the abandoned house with Tyranus and he'll note that someone is indeed living here. However, when he heads further in things start to get FREAKY. Items will come to life and throw themselves at you. At the back of the house is a door you just can't open. Try to open it and Tyranus will run back to the entrance for help. Coward. A voice will tell you to kill him. Now, you can either listen to the voices (you crazy bastard you) or try to leave the house yourself. You'll be unable to leave and Tyranus will attack you (so you may as well kill him first). Loot him afterwards and the voice will claim to have a reward for you further into the house. Of course it would be all TOO easy to just get a reward, no? Head deep into the house and tunnels (as the door is unlocked now) and you'll see an altar at the very end. Interact with it to be trapped! The voice will introduce itself as Molag Bal. Answer his questions however you wish, and in the end you will be tasked with finding the priest of Boethiah (his rival) and making sure he gets to this house safely. Exit back to Markarth now and check your map. You'll see that the priest is located at a place called "Hag's End" (Which I had already CLEARED at this point in the game, which leads me to believe the PLACE where the priest is being held at is RANDOM)... (-NOTE-) I've done this quest again and he appeared at a different place, so the location of the priest is indeed random. So head to wherever the objective points to for you and travel there. Kill any enemies you may find and talk to Logrolf. Tell him you are here to rescue him. From here, you'll either have to PERSUADE, BRIBE, or INTIMIDATE him into returning, so try all three options until you succeed. Once he is free he will head to the abandoned house, so return there yourself now. Head down to the altar where you will see Logrolf trapped! He claims that they've been down this road before and he's won, but now Molag has YOU. You will automatically be equipped with the rusty mace as Molag has you beat poor Logrolf into submission. Beat him until he dies, and Molag Bal will bring him back from the dead. Beat him to death again and Logrolf will finally submit to Molag Bal and pledge his soul to him. And in return, Molag will tell you to KILL him. Haha, go ahead and kill Logrolf one more time. Molag will be pleased and will give you the MACE OF MOLAG BAL as a reward. Answer however you will and this quest will be over. The mace is quite a prize if you're into maces... it damages health, stamina, AND magicka! It can also fill soul gems. Sheesh! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== M I N D O F M A D N E S S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK911] ________________________________ T H E

.:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Sheogorath || || How to trigger :|: To start this quest, head to the city of Solitude. || || :|: Once you're there, go find a man by the name of || || :|: Dervenin (he's a beggar with REAL dark eyes; I found || || :|: him hanging around the Bard's College). Instead of || || :|: asking for money like most beggar's do, Dervenin will || || :|: ask you to save his master. Ask him what he needs and || || :|: he'll mention that his master is on vacation but he || || :|: wants you to find him. Apparently his master is in the || || :|: "Pelagius Wing" of the Blue Palace, but to gain access || || :|: to it we need... Pelagius' Hip Bone? You'll start "The || || :|: Mind of Madness" proper now. || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' Head east to the Blue Palace and enter. There's three markers once you step inside, but go find Erdi and tell her you need to get into the Pelagius Wing. She'll hesitate at first, but tell her you are checking it out for Falk and she'll give you the key. Use it to enter the wing down by the entrance of this place. This place is in ruins! Head to the left and up the stairs. Keep heading forwards and soon you'll be whisked away to an unknown place... Here, go listen to Sheogorath talk to Pelagius and soon Pelagius will be whisked away, leaving Sheogorath free to talk. Talk to him and go through all of the dialog options to learn a number of things. In the end, you'll learn that Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness and YOU are in the mind of Pelagius the third. Sheogorath is willing to leave... IF you find the way out. Oh, and you will also ONLY be equipped with... the WABBAJACK! Hahaha! You are reliant on it even, as you can't access the menu in Pelagius' mind... Ok, time to get out of here. Note that there are THREE paths to choose from, and all three have objective markers over them. We'll do this one path at a time: o Pelagius' Paranoia: Let's take the path to the northwest first. Head down the path while Sheogorath talks about how Pelagius was raised. At the end you'll hear the familiar battle tune start up, but you're in no danger. Go up the stairs and you'll see two summons fighting below. However, to get rid of his paranoia look ACROSS the arena. You'll see Pelagius and his TWO bodyguards watching the fight. Hit one of the bodyguards with the Wabbajack to "pass" this trial. o Pelagius' Night Terrors: Ok, time to head down the path to the northeast. As you go on, Sheogorath will tell you about Pelagius' night terrors. Yikes... sure enough, at the end of the path there is Pelagius, asleep. What we need to do here is hit Pelagius with the Wabbajack, which will spawn whatever monster he had terrors about. Then when the monster is out in the open, hit it with the Wabbajack. That's all there is to it. You'll summon out things like a wolf, a bandit chief, and even a dragon priest. There's about five waves of things, so keep using the Wabbajack and soon Pelagius will wake up. o Pelagius' Confidence:

Take the southeast path now where you'll see a GIANT MAN named ANGER beating up on a small man named CONFIDENCE. Ha, well use the Wabbajack to even the odds. Shoot both anger and confidence with it until ANGER is small and CONFIDENCE is giant. Note that anger will summon some help once you start to help confidence out, but keep on hitting anger and confidence until anger is small and confidence is big and you'll pass this trial. With all three paths taken, go back and talk to Sheogorath. Tell him you're done and exit the dialog tree to hear some MORE dialog. In the end, Sheogorath will thank you and let you keep the Wabbajack. He will warp you back to the Pelagius Wing and this quest will be over. Now you can use the Wabbajack to cause randomness and madness whenever you want! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E O N L Y C U R E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK912] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Peryite || || How to trigger :|: You won't get this quest directly (when do you ever, || || :|: right!?), but as you play the game you will || || :|: undoubtedly come across an "Afflicted Traveler" as you || || :|: roam the world map. Stop and talk their ear off and || || :|: you should get the miscellaneous quest "Find Kesh at || || :|: the Shrine to Peryite". Head over there (the shrine is || || :|: just northwest of the small town of Karthwasten) and || || :|: talk to Kesh. Ask him about communing with Peryite and || || :|: he will say you can *IF* you bring him four || || :|: ingredients. This will also start the quest proper: || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' The ingredients are: - A Flawless Ruby (Buy at a shop/get in a mine). - A Silver Ingot (Buy at a blacksmith shop/smelt down silver ore). - A Deathbell Flower (These grow around Morthal a lot). - Vampire Dust (Kill a Vampire/buy in alchemy shops). (-NOTE-) You can also find a SPEECH SKILLBOOK here called "The Buying Game", so be sure to grab it! If you all the you make an effort to get these ingredients it won't take you long. Or, could go do some other quests and I'll just bet you that you come across of these over time! Either way, once you have all four of them, go back to shrine and talk to Kesh.

With all the ingredients in hand, return and give them to Kesh. He will use them to brew up an incense and when he's done he will tell you to inhale it. As you would suspect, the incense makes you... hear things. Specifically, it will make you hear Peryite, who will eventually ask you to kill a monk named Orchendor for his betrayal. You can ask some more questions now, but you'll

learn very little. Agree to his request though, and you'll be free. To find and kill Orchendor, we'll need to travel to the dwarven ruins of Bthardamz, to the west (ask Kesh about them!). It's not a very far journey. Once you get there you will find some Afflicted wandering outside. These are enemies and will try to use a puke attack on you (take them out with ranged if you can). Follow the ruins to find a door that leads to Bthardamz Upper District. Once you're inside head inwards (avoiding the green goo for health reasons!). At the bottom of the slope is a room that houses some Afflicted. Either take them out or pick the gate to the right. After that is another room on the right that houses another locked door and a chest. Continue on and you'll find a group of them praying... either sneak by or reward their prayers with an arrow in the back (choose the arrow!). Past them is a wide open room with a total of four Afflicted hanging around. We need to get through the barred door above us, but the bars are lowered by a lever up on the balcony to the right. Take out the guards and open the door. Continue forwards (there's a chest if you go down) and through the door. We need to go right and down, but if you go straight you'll have to fight two dwarven spheres for a chest. Go back and down the slope now (watch out for the trapped pressure plate) and follow the path to take out three more Afflicted and enter Bthardamz Workshop. Head inwards and sneak forwards on the left. An afflicted will enter the left bedroom here and talk with another afflicted. Take them both out and grab the Afflicted's Note in here and continue on (the other two bedrooms have nothing in them). In the next open area, some dwarven spiders will ambush you (I had to fight three of them). There's also a chest on the left hand wall where a spider guardian may ambush you (be careful!). You can go up the stairs here but that's not where the marker leads. You CAN go up there though and grab a chest (it leads to the same area, but you have to fall down to the right to get there). I'd go grab that chest than go back take the door they want you to take (you'll have to kill two more Afflicted and you'll get another chest). No matter what you do, make your way to the Bthardamz Upper District. In this area go forwards to the opening with all the stairs. There are FOUR Afflicted here for you to kill, so take them out. Note that you can find a chest down a small ruined dead-end to the left. Now, go right and enter the Bthardamz Dwelling. There's two more Afflicted in here, but loot as well. Be sure to pick the locked door here for another chest and a SPEECH SKILLBOOK called "Biography of the Wolf Queen". Exit once you get it. Head up the many stairs now. You COULD have fun on the rooftops up here, but for the guide's sake I'll do this the classic way and proceed to the doortop at the very top and end of this path. In the next room you'll come across another locked door and some more dwarven spiders. Kill them and continue to a large room with three Afflicted in it. You can use the lever nearby to kill anything in the middle area, so do so and take out the rest. Grab that chest in the middle and continue. Soon you'll reach an area with a river running through it (very pretty!). There's two more Afflicted guarding the far side of this area, so make your way over there and take them out. You'll face some dwarven spheres as you continue. Watch out for a floor plate by the arched-doorway up ahead though (take the right path and grab the chest). Up ahead are stairs heading up in front of you and stairs to the right. The stairs ahead of you just lead to the area by the waterfall, so go right and kill some more Afflicted to get to the higher level. Dwarven Spiders are

waiting for you up here, so take them out and reach Bthardamz Study. This section isn't very long. Open and loot the chest, then continue on and be careful trapped right before you ascend any ramp. Keep your chest and enter the Bthardamz Lower District at the

the door leading to the the door in front of you of floor plates that are eyes open for another end.

Continue on and you'll reach a fork. Go right for a chest, then go left. The path heads up at one point, and there are three Afflicted to kill up there. You will also likely have to battle 3-4 charging Afflicted on the lower path (there are a lot of them to kill here!). Keep following the path and you'll FINALLY reach the Bthardamz Arcanex. The Arcanex is another pretty area, being semi-flooded. Fight your way forwards past the minor dwarven enemies until you get back up to higher ground. In the hallway coming up there will be a Dwarven CENTURION, so get your battle plan ready as he hits HARD (sneak attack!?). You'll face more minor enemies as you proceed now, and soon you'll come to the room where Orchendor is. If you are ranged you should be able to get in a good sneak attack thanks to the wall partition. After that hit him hard, as he is a dangerous Ice Mage. He can also teleport away if he wishes and heal himself, so keep your health up and take him out. He's got SEVERAL nice items for you once he falls. Our objective will also change to "Report Orchendor's death to Peryite". Oh, Orchendor should also have the ALTERATION SKILLBOOK "Reality & Other Falsehoods" on him. Sweet! To get out of here, make sure you grab his key then just follow the path behind him to an elevator. Once you're back on the world map, head back to the Shrine of Peryite. Go and commune with Peryite once more and he will be pleased, giving you the artifact "Spellbreaker" for your service. Spellbreaker is an EXCEPTIONAL shield for you melee players, it creates a ward that protects against spells for up to 50 points when you use it! Ask Peryite any question you want and tell him goodbye once you are done to finish this quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E T A S T E O F D E A T H _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK913] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Namira || || How to trigger :|: To start this quest, go to the Silver-Blood Inn in || || :|: Markarth (it's like the very first big building on the || || :|: left upon entering the city). Go ask the barkeep here || || :|: if he's heard any rumors, and he'll mention the Hall || || :|: of the Dead being closed, which spawns the || || :|: miscellaneous quest "Speak to Verulus about the Hall || || :|: of the Dead". || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' (-NOTE-) I believe there is some level requirement to spawn this quest, as I can't do it with my level 13 character but I could on another higher level character. Let me know if you guys find the proper time to TRIGGER this quest! Head out of the Inn now and enter Understone Keep at the far end of the city. Inside, go talk to Brother Verulur who is straight in front of you. He'll say

the hall is closed, but you can use your powers to PERSUADE, BRIBE, or INTIMIDATE him into letting you look into the matter, which starts another miscellaneous objective: "Investigate the Hall of the Dead". Ugh, cannibals... this can't end well... With your key, take a left and another left to reach the Hall of the Dead. Inside you'll hear a voice talking to you, claiming YOU have the hunger as well. Shortly after the voice is done, a woman named Eola will come and talk to you. She will claim you have tried the cannibal way before. Answer however you wish (it truly doesn't matter) and in the end the quest "The Taste of Death" will be underway. Eola will tell you to meet her at a place called Reachcliff Cave. (-NOTE-) Be sure to find the Shrine of Arkay in the Hall, as to the RIGHT of it is a RESTORATION SKILLBOOK named "2920, Rain's Hand, v4". (-NOTE-) Be sure to go back and talk to Brother Verulur before you head out, as he'll give you his amulet of arkay as a reward (which increases your health by 10 points.. whoop-de-doo). Once outside, you will Make your way there one entrance. Our goal here one currently following cave. find that Reachcliff Cave is a ways east of Markarth. way or another and you will meet Eola out by the is to clear the cave of Draugr, and if you have no you, Eola will come with you to help. Head inside the

Once inside feel free to begin your Draugr massacre. In the first room, hit the Draugr as he is rising up (he's likely a high-level foe) and kill him and his reinforcement. Continue on into the area and kill another Draugr before coming to a split in the path. Go left first as you can kill Draugr from above you (if you're ranged) and you can reach a chest this way (Careful! The chest is boobytrapped! Open it from the side!). Head back and go straight now to reach the ground floor. From here, head into another room and kill another foe. Be sure to loot the chests and urns. Up ahead is more urns and some potions, with an iron door at the end. Get ready for a big battle now... past the doors are two leveled Draugr and a Draugr OVERLORD. Let Eola distract him while you kill him. Once you have felled all the enemies, Eola will proclaim the place re-taken, and will say that we must have a grand feast... yummy. She knows the perfect person as well: Verulus! Ha! Be sure to loot the place good (there's a chest in the dining room with enchanted equipment) and use the secret door in the hallway to reach the world map easier. Now you need to head back to Markarth (or the Understone Keep, actually) and go find Brother Verulus again. Use either your PERSUADE, BRIBE, or INTIMIDATE skills to get him to follow you (I personally had to use bribe, for 407 gold). With him in tow, go back outside and fast-travel back to Reachcliff Cave's secret entrance. Take him inside and lead him into the main dining room. (-NOTE-) It's NOT too late to have a change of heart here... you can KILL Eola and all the dinner guests if you wished, and tell Verulus the truth. This path makes you FAIL the quest, but Verulus pays you 1,250 Gold. Weigh that between the rewards below... (-NOTE-) If you want the 'Oblivion Walker' trophy, you NEED the ring given as a reward below. Keep that in mind!

Eola will convince Verulus that he's among friends, and states he should lay down and rest... Hehe, follow Eola and when Verulus has laid down you will be told to "carve" him. Pull out a melee weapon and kill him. Now, you will be prompted to taste him. Interact with him and you will have the option to EAT. Once you taste, Namira will speak to you and congratulate you. As a reward, you will be given the RING OF NAMIRA and will be her champion. The ring itself provides an extra 50 points of stamina, but if you feed on any corpse from now on (and by any I mean human...) you will also gain increased health and health regeneration. Also, Eola now becomes a follower, should you ever want her to accompany you. And with that this quest is over. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E W H I S P E R I N G D O O R _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK914] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Mephala || || How to trigger :|: To start this quest, go to the Inn (The Bannered Mare)|| || :|: in Whiterun and ask the innkeeper about the latest || || :|: rumors. She should tell you about the Jarl's strange || || :|: children, giving you a miscellaneous quest to "Ask || || :|: about Balgruuf's strange children". || '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' (-NOTE-) If you've already drived the Jarl out of Whiterun due to the CIVIL WAR quests (like I did), you can still do this quest! The Jarl is just located in the Blue Palace in Solitude now... Go find Jarl Balgruuf wherever he is and ask him about his children. He will tell you about his oldest son Nelkir, who is trouble, and will ask you to speak with him. This starts the quest "The Whispering Door" properly. Go find Nelkir at Dragonsreach, who will claim he knows a lot of things his father doesn't know he knows. Ask him how, and he'll eventually tell you about the whispering lady. I guess we'll just have to see this for ourselves! Go to the basement and find the door the quest marker points to. Now interact with it. Holy shit, the door talks! Well, whispers. The door will introduce itself as Mephala, the Lady of Whispers. She will state that she's been waiting for you and asks you to open the door. Go back and talk to Nelkir again, who will tell you that only two people have the key to the door: his father and Farengar, the court wizard. He also mentions that no one would notice if Farengar went missing! Well, assassination is a little overkill, just save your game and pickpocket the key off of one of those two marks... With the key in hand, go open the whispering door. Inside you'll find a book warning you against taking the Ebony Blade, but take it anyways. Mephala will congratulate you, but will tell you that the Ebony Blade is WEAK right now, and in order for it to be strengthened you must use it to KILL those who are closest to you (companions, followers, friends, etc), which is a tough choice

to make. Regardless, the door's secrets are unraveled and this quest has come to an end. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== W A K I N G N I G H T M A R E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK915] ________________________________ .:^|`:. || Daedra God :|: Vaermina || || How to trigger :|: To start this quest, first head to the major city of || || :|: Dawnstar. Once you're there head inside of Windpeak || || :|: Inn. Inside you'll here a group of citizens complain || || :|: about nightmares. Go listen in and you'll learn that || || :|: everyone in the town has been having re-occurring || || :|: nightmares. After the priest Erandur gets everyone to || || :|: calm down, go talk to him. He'll state that in fact, || || :|: the source of the nightmares is likely coming from a || || :|: place called Nightcaller Temple, a place of worship || || :|: for the Daedric Lord Vaermina. He will ask for your || || :|: help in putting in end to it. Agree to start the quest.|| '~.________________|________________________________________________________,~' We'll now have to follow Erandur to Nightcaller Temple, so follow him as he leads the way outside of the Inn. He'll take you up to the Nightcaller Temple, a short walk up a mountain outside of town. Beware of the Ice Trolls near the top. Once you get there, Erandur will explain the miasma in the place and the orc party that attacked years ago. After hearing that, follow him into the temple. In here he will show you the Skull of Corruption, an artifact that Erandur believes is eating memories. We have to get down to where it is and perform a ritual. Head down the stairs and two orcs will awaken. Take them out. The way forward is blocked, and so Erandur will say we need to head to the library (you can find out how he knows so much about the place now...). Head up to the library and clear out the priest and orc at the top, and two more priests at the bottom. Erandur will state we need to find a book called "The Dreamstride" now, and a marker will appear to show you where in the room it is (upstairs across a fallen stone column). Go grab it and return it to Erandur, who will flip through it and deduce we need a liquid called Vaermina's Torpor so we can use an ability called a Dreamstride... just listening to this makes me nervous! Also, go find a chest behind a door here on the lower level before following Erandur to the lab. You will have to fight two more enemies in an open room before going into the lab where FIVE enemies will wait for you. Take them all out (hit them as they get up) and Erandur will state we need to find the Torpor. Once again the marker makes it easy to find the Torpor, but be sure to raid the room for the abundance of alchemy ingredients and an ALCHEMY SKILLBOOK called "Mannimarco, King of Worms". Once you're done looting, grab the Torpor and show Erandur. He'll tell you to drink it (it's in your inventory under potions) so do so. Follow out the dream sequence (you can't grab stuff or attack anyone) and release the miasma. After you do so, you'll "wake up" in the real world and you'll be BEHIND the barrier. Take the soul gem to open the path for Erandur and continue on. Kill anyone

that awakens together and be sure to look out for chests and potions. At the end of your journey (down near the skull) you'll have to face the two priests you saw in the dream (and you'll learn who YOU controlled for a time). Take them out before they kill you and loot them. There's also a chest in the right hand cubby down here. Erandur will now start the ritual to remove the barrier. As he does so, you will HEAR Vaermina tell you that he's going to betray you, and you should kill him and take the skull of corruption for yourself. This of course gives us two choices... (-NOTE-) Keep in mind that for the 'Oblivion Walker' trophy, you NEED to take the Skull of Corruption. o Let Erandur destroy the skull: Don't do anything! Let Erandur finish his ritual! He will end up destroying the skull. Afterwards, talk to him and you will complete this quest. The "reward" by taking this path is that you'll be able to take on Erandur as your companion whenever you would like. He will reside at Nightcaller Temple should you need him. o Kill Erandur and take the skull: To take this path, attack Erandur as he is performing the ritual. Keep attacking him and slay him (a sneak attack is VERY easy to pull off here). Be sure to loot him afterwards and claim the Skull of Corruption as your own. The skull is a staff. It does 2 damage but is enchanted with this effect: "20 points damage, increase to 50 if powered with dreams collected from sleeping people." Once you claim it this quest will be over. (-NOTE-) When the staff says it increases its damage to 50, that's **IF** it has collected dreams. To collect dreams, you must find a sleeping person and USE the staff on them. This will steal FIVE dreams from them. However, it will also awaken them right then and there, so be careful. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 10. City Overviews ||| [BK1000] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O

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_____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 11. Random Quests ||| [BK1100] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O

Here is a list of all the RANDOM quests I found while playing through Skyrim, and boy are there a lot of them. These ARE NOT quests I found while in a particular TOWN, and they ARE NOT related to any Daedric Entities. You can find those quests elsewhere. For the most part, these quests are either triggered by books or by exploration and interacting with NPCs. Anyway, here they are. Note that these quests are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== A S C R O L L F O R A N S K A _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1101] How to trigger quest: I got this quest by going into the High Gate Ruins for the very first time. The High Gate Ruins are located about halfway between Solitude and Dawnstar. North of Ustengrav. Anyways, inside you'll meet Anska, who will ask for help location a family scroll. She's worried about an old priest named Vokun (who is a Dragon Priest, so be warned!). Agree to help her to get this quest. She will be your follower now, and she is a fire mage. Head into the next room (which is huge) and take out the 2-3 Draugr in this area. There's a chest on the lower level and the upper level that you can loot before going onwards through some iron doors. You'll reach a room with an arcane enchanter and several Draugr in it, so take them out and loot the room (there is a LOT of stuff here to grab). Go through the next door and watch out for the floor plate. In the next room you'll have to solve a LEVER puzzle. There are FOUR levels in here and we have to hit them in a certain order. To see the order that you need to hit them in, go stand in the middle of the room and look up. You should see them in this order: FIRST: EAGLE SECOND: WHALE THIRD: FOX FOURTH: SNAKE

Now you just need to run around the room and hit the levers in that order, since each lever has a picture of an animal on it. Two levers and upstairs and two are downstairs. Proceed downwards now and enter the catacombs. Down here you'll fight more Draugr and head here is mostly wall Draugr. Be sure to check VERY powerful (this coming from a non-mage). that has SEVERAL floor-plate traps in it, so of Draugr-guarded levers afterwards to reach down yet again. Your main threat out Anska's fire magic, it is You'll come to a long hallway get past that and hit a series "Vokun's Throne Room".

As you would expect, your fight with Vokun is coming up. He's a DRAGON PRIEST so you know you're in for a fight. Save, get your potions ready, and hit him hard while he focuses on Anska (or, hopefully, another follower). He casts VERY strong fire magic, but you can do it! Be SURE to loot him afterwards for the VOKUN mask (which we'll need later) and then feel free to loot the area beyond his tomb. There are two chests back here with several goodies as well

as a WORD WALL which teaches WRATH - STORM CALL. Be sure to pick up the scroll that Anska wants as well and give it to her to COMPLETE this mission. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== D E S T R O Y T H E D R A U G R I N A N G A R V U N D E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1102] How to trigger quest: You can start this quest by first traveling to and entering Angarvunde, which is southeast of Ivarstead and directly south of the Atronach Standing Stone. Inside the ruins, you'll meet a woman named Medresi Dran, who will tell you that her hired workers fled upon seeing Draugr. Talk with here and you can enter into a deal where you work with her to find the treasure in this place to start this miscellaneous quest. Of course "work with her" means "do all the work". Go forward to the first big room and kill the three Draugr in there, then go back and report to Medresi. She'll run to the big room, look at the large barred gate, and will give you a key to access the doors on the SIDE of this room. To the left are the catacombs. To the right are the ruins. Let's go through the catacombs first. Our objective now is "find a way to open the gates". This ENTIRE romp through the catacombs is LINEAR as all get out. You'll be fighting a LOT of Draugr, and since it's in a catacombs area be sure to watch out for Draugr that are "sleeping". There are two chests along the way, the first of which is trapped. Also, watch out for floor plates while you climb stairways, as they like to put traps there. Continue until the end where you will be back in a different section of the first big room and can hit a lever (and open a chest). The lever you just hit opens ONE of TWO gates blocking our forward progress, so yep, you guessed it, we have to go through the RUINS now. Head down the path here and watch out for floor plates until you reach the first Draugr. Dispatch him and check for an ILLUSION SKILLBOOK named "Before the Ages of Man" on the table, and for a chest behind that. Head onwards and kill the two Draugr in the next room. (-NOTE-) There is a STATUE PRESSURE PLATE up on the upper level in here, which you can PUT things on to depress. As far as I know it has no use. After killing the Draugr, make your way around the halls (killing one more) to the inaccesible gated room from before. You can hit a lever here to open all the gates and continue. You'll come to one last BIG room with several Draugr in it. Kill them off and be sure to grab the potions from the table on the left as well as a chest on the right then head UP two levels. Keep going and soon you'll be back in that hub room. Like before, hit the lever and grab the chest. You'll be told to go back to Medresi, but as you do she will run ahead and claim the treasure is all hers. Don't worry, she gets what's coming to her. Follow the path downwards to discover a DRAGON WALL with the word PACK ANIMAL ALLEGIANCE on it. That, and the chest here, are the treasure of this

place. Quest complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== E V I L I N W A I T I N G _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1103] How to trigger quest: You can get this quest by simply VISITING the ruins of Valthume (which are southeast of Markarth, southwest of Rorikstead, and west of the Cradle Stone Tower) and talking to the ghost in the vestibule named Valdar. Agree to help him destroy the Dragon Priest Hevnoraak and you'll have yourself a quest! Before killing the Dragon Priest, we'll have to collect THREE vessels. Head inwards and enter Valthume proper. This first area is huge but uneventful, so take the right path downwards and watch out for a floor plate. Kill the Draugr you find and you'll see two paths (one is barred and is our shortcut out of this area). Continue on to a sitting area. The Draugr on the thrones are alive so you may as well sneak attack them. Also, the GRATED FLOOR here is trapped. I actually fell through it and there's spiders down below and the only way out is to pick an EXPERT LOCK, so be really careful. Grab the chest and check the shelves of the room on the left for gems then continue on. Check out the room on the right for goodies, including a RESTORATION SKILLBOOK called "Withershins" on one of the tables. Continue on but beware of the oil on the floor with the fire pots up above. Kill some skeevers and check out the left rock door to use a handle. Follow this path and a high-level Draugr will fight you for the right to collect the FIRST vessel (the "Opague Vessel"). Once you have the vessel go back and continue past where the gate used to be. There's a wide-open area coming up with several Draugr in it, so be ready to fight. Unlock the iron door up on the second floor for a ton of potions and a chest, then go down to the ground floor. Before going on, check out the room to the left. There is a fake wall in here (the right wall) that you can open with a handle that leads to another chest and more potions. Head back now and continue on to the catacombs. Right away you'll see a chest in this new area. It's trapped, and if sprung will release a GIANT SPIDER (who makes a GRAND entrance!). Continue on and fight through the catacombs, which are similar to every other Draugr catacomb out there (aka, be careful of "dead" Draugr coming to life). You'll come to a gate of iron blocking the path, but you can open it with a chain to the right. Inside of the room is another high level Draugr that you'll need to kill. After slaying him, be sure to grab the soul gems to the left (they spit fire at you later, otherwise) and grab the SECOND vessel (another "Opague Vessel"). Continue on after that and go further downwards. You'll fight more Draugr here both out in the open and form the walls. Also, don't let the giant spiked door thing hit you, eh? Pull a chain on the right to continue further. Keep going until you have to open a BIG door and kill some spiders. You'll see that there is an IRON CLAW on a pedestal. Grab it and get away to avoid some flames then go to the CLAW DOOR up ahead. Make the rings on that door match this:

- TOP RING: DRAGON - MIDDLE RING: EAGLE - BOTTOM RING: WOLF Past the door is a room with four Draugr in it. Be careful here as TWO of them (for me anyways) were DEATHLORDS. Kill them all and grab the FINAL vessel off of the stand. The gate onwards will open up and will let you learn a word from a DRAGON WALL. This one taught me SEEK - AURA WHISPER. Learn it and grab the chest, then continue on to be taken back to Valthume. Our objective now is to "Perform the ritual with Valdar". Valdar will be waiting for us in the first large room for you. He'll tell you to poor the blood in the sconce nearby and sit in the throne as he calls forth Hevnoraak. Get ready to fight a DRAGON PRIEST before you do so. Hevnoraak is lich/wizard with lightning attacks. He can kill you in 2-3 hits if careful. Thankfully this area has lots of statues and other things behind. Heck, when the fight starts, Hevnoraak has no idea you are so use all of that to your advantage to beat him. a powerful you aren't to hide even HERE,

Afterwards, be SURE to loot him for the mask (called "Hevnoraak") and talk to Valdar. Valdar will thank you for killing Hevnoraak and this quest will now be complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S I E G E O N T H E D R A G O N C U L T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1104] How to trigger quest: You can obtain this quest by visiting the ruins of Forelhost that are just south of Riften (on the southern side of the small mountain there). Outside there will be a man named Captain Valmir who will ask for you assistance in defeating a Dragon Priest that is believed to be in Forelhost and to obtain his mask. The quest will now begin. Our objective is to of course obtain Rahgot's mask. Optionally we are to find Skorm Snow-Strider's journal. Head inside the stronghold and you'll need to fight off a ghost right away! Loot what you can and head forwards (watch out for floor plates) and fight two more ghosts. The left path is gated, and the forward path is caved in so head right. Be sure to loot the room in front of you and then go right through the blade traps. Up ahead are two more ghosts, so take them out and search the table nearby for the optional journal. After reading the book, grab the chest and go through the door. Continue on to see a path to the left (that has a chest) and a forge down below. Kill the ghost by the forge and loot this area for a LOT of metals. To the right is one more ghost to kill in a dining room. Check the side room, then head out into the large room with the walkway heading upwards. There is a ghost in here as

well as TWO sleeping Draugr. Be sure to loot this place for a trapped chest up above as well as several gems lying on a table before going through the next wooden door to continue. Be careful of floor plates here. Kill the high level Draugr you find as well (let him cook himself if you want). There's also a lever at the far end that unlocks a spike gate for a shortcut out, but go through the double wooden doors to continue into the crypt. Now, the crypt holds a tricky decision right away. After killing the first ghost you find, you'll see a path going LEFT and one going right. Now, we HAVE to go left, but it is LOCKED with a MASTER LOCK. Going right leads us to a chest with the KEY to that lock, but we still need to go left... So, if you can pick a master lock I'd say save yourself the trouble and do it. If you can't, go right through the DRAUGR CATACOMBS. Go slowly, be careful of the "sleeping" Draugr (sneak attack them) and be EXTRA CAREFUL of all of the traps (which are all floor-plate traps... let the draugr use them on themselves if you can). At the end you'll be in a room with a spiral staircase going up where you'll have to kill a Draugr Wight Lord and two more Draugr. The key you need is in this room in a chest. Either way, once you either pick the master lock or get the key, go to the caged well and jump in. Swim underwater to a cavern with three skeevers and a dead spider, then swim underwater some more to reach another area. Here you will find a LOT of poison as well as a RESTORATION SKILLBOOK called "The Exodus" on a nearby shelf. Through the next door is a battle, as THREE Draugr (high-level ones in my case) attack. The middle area of the floor also is a TRAP that raises you up into some spikes, so hang back and take the Draugr out safely before heading left and entering the Forelhost Refectory. Head inwards and kill the two Draugr guarding the hallways. You'll soon reach a dining room with two MORE Draugr (and another one up above, on the right). This room has a gated door in it, so go through the double wooden doors. Kill another Draugr guard and head right into a flowery area. Kill the three Draugr that attack here and read the note found in the left cubby. Oh, how sad! Sure enough, there's small little bodies in this area. Grab the chest under the stairs and go up them. To the right is a lever that lifts the gate leading to the previous dining area. Head into the alchemy lab now and kill two more Draugr. There are a lot of ingredients here as well as an interesting note. Move onwards to find an out of reach soulgem casting lightning at you. There is another Draugr here too, if the soul gem wasn't bad enough. Stay out of its line-of-sight and run up to it after it attacks and grab it. The door to the right leads back to the dining room area, so go left and keep your eyes open on the right for the GLASS DRAGONCLAW on a pedestal. There's an expert locked door nearby that should have at least one good thing in it as well as a master locked door that leads to the lightning soul gem (since you can grab it from the window, that locked door is worthless). Continue onwards killing Draugr throughout the hallways until you reach a LONG hallway with a DRAGONCLAW door at the end. Line up the rings in this order: - TOP RING: FOX - MIDDLE RING: OWL - BOTTOM RING: SNAKE

Use the keyhole to open the door, then save and get ready for a fight. I HIGHLY recommend you bring along some distraction: summons, call of valor, companions, WHATEVER. As you go up the stairs RAHGOT will come out to play. As you do so, however, FOUR Draugr will also appear BEHIND you. For us squishy types (mages, ranged) this surrounded nonsense is BAD news, so let your allies take the brunt of the attack and go backwards to regroup. Rahgot fights like every other Dragon Priest: POWERFUL magic attacks that can drop you in 2-3 hits easy. Use the room's center pillar to give you breathing room if you need it and kill all the Draugr and Rahgot (being a ranger, I focus on Draugr first, THEN Rahgot). He'll fall soon enough and give you his mask, which is also named Rahgot and increases your stamina by 70 if you wear it. Be sure to loot this area as well and then go out the double iron doors using the key you found on Rahgot. Out here you can find a DRAGON WALL that will teach you LIGHTNING - STORM CALL. We have to return to Valmir now, so drop down and go see him (since we are RIGHT BY the entrance). You'll learn that Valmir isn't realy who he says he is and will have to kill him! You'll be able to read his orders afterwards to see he was ordered to bring the mask to Labyrinthian. Once you have killed him though, your quest will be complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== S I L E N C E D T O N G U E S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1105] How to trigger quest: I got this quest while doing the Dark Brotherhood quest "The Silence has been Broken", since that quest MAKES you go into Volunruud. If you want to start this quest, you'll need to GET to Volunruud (if you don't want to do it with the Dark Brotherhood quest, Volunruud is southeast of Morthal and north of Whiterun, up in the mountains). Once inside you'll see a dead explorer named Heddic (he MAY be a skeleton, I can't quite remember... he should be right inside the entrance though) and once you loot his person you'll find Heddic's Volunruud notes. Read the notes to be given the quest. Our first objective will be to "Locate The Ceremonial Weapons". There are two of them, and they both open the way ahead. The STRAIGHT path here leads to a locked door that NEEDS those weapons, while the right and the left paths lead to the weapons. Both paths are Draugr-infested but are pretty darn straight-forward. Watch out for Draugr "sleeping" in the walls and keep an eye open for floor plate traps. The LEFT path is linear with a ceremonial axe at the end while the RIGHT path makes you climb and retrieve a ceremonial sword at the end (beware of Draugr popping out once you grab that sword). Once you have both weapons, take them back to the central door and activate it to load to a new screen (Volunruud Elder's Cairn). You'll also have a new objective to "Defeat Kvenel", even though we have no idea who he is (at least I didn't at this point...). Anyways, Kvenel is a ghost at the bottom of this path. There are two Draugr above you that you can snipe/sneak past, then a Draugr who gets out of a tomb a little ways in, and past that is Kvenel and

one more Draugr wandering around. Try to get in a sneak attack on Kvenel if you can. Take him out (he's not that hard) and you will have COMPLETED this quest. We may as well finish exploring this area though. Loot the chest here for goodies as well as a ONE HANDED SKILLBOOK named "Night Falls on Sentinel". Very nice. There's also a WORD WALL nearby that will teach you the word LIFE for the shout AURA WHISPER. VERY nice indeed! You can check the upper floor for another chest and more goodies (as well as those two Draugr if you have not killed them yet) then you can leave knowing you've looted all you could! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E L E G E N D O F R E D E A G L E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1106] How to trigger quest: (-NOTE-) THIS quest was written by Aarkaan for the guide (only very slightly edited by me, BK, as Aarkaan is GOOD)! Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it! To start this quest find the book "The Legend of Red Eagle". This book can be found ALL over Skyrim and is not that hard to find. My first encounter with the book was in Whiterun, in Farengar's study in Dragonsreach. To the left of where you first meet Farengar there's a small room with shelves full of books. Our book is in here on the shelf directly in front of you when you walk through the door (This is where I found it too! - BK). Reading the book is entertaining and gives the players out there with decent deductive reasoning skills a SLIGHT idea of what to expect. For those who abhor reading, simply opening the book will suffice in adding a Misc. quest to your journal: "Find Red Eagle's sword." This quest will take you into the western reaches of Skyrim where a rather nasty human npc opponent, the Forsworn, run rampant and attack on sight. Most are archers, dual wielders, or sword/shielders BUT let it be known there are a few out there with a propensity for some nasty magic, so keep your wits about you. The closest major landmark in this area, if you haven't explored it yet, is Markarth so I'd suggest starting your search there by taking a horse and carriage from any major settlement. You can walk there if you're that sort but I don't have the patience for that (it is just northeast of the Sky Haven Temple, if you've gotten that far yet. - BK). The place you're looking for is called Red Eagle's Redoubt, east of Markarth. If you make the misc. quest your active quest the game even provides a quest marker for this area. Heading east from Markarth you'll cross a river, unconventionally, by which I mean NOT using a bridge. Across this north/south river is a branch that moves to the east. Follow this branch for a short ways until you see a path that heads north up a hill to your left and a small town-like encampment ahead of you. BEWARE! This camp is FULL of Forsworn, 8-10 at least that I saw as I foolishly tried to snipe a few and zounds more came from unseen reaches of the map to investigate the silently appearing arrows in their buddies head(s). But I digress, remember that northward path I

mentioned? Yeah we're going up there. A short ways up this path should bring you to Red Eagle Redoubt. Shouldn't be far because you can actually look down on the afore mentioned Forsworn camp from here. There are two Forsworn here guarding the entrance of the Redoubt. I encountered an archer and a dual wielder, not sure if the game likes to randomize opponents though (It does. -BK). Regardless, the archer liked to stay back so it should be easy to draw one out of the small camp, dispatch, and then return to "take care" of the other. There's nothing really of note to loot in the camp save a couple of potions and a little gold. This area is a pretty straight forward dungeon but beware, the Forsworn are bastards and "trap" seems to be one of their favorite words. When you're ready, gird yourself and enter the cave which takes you to Red Eagle Ascent. (-NOTE-) The next four paragraphs lead you through the redoubt up to the marker PROPERLY. You COULD just scale the mountainside if you wish and skip this, but it's here if you need it (and it's fun to go through the cave). -BK Proceed down this first hallway slowly. After a couple of turns the room will open up and, if you're observant, you'll notice a tripwire, diabolical bastards, straight ahead. Just past this tripwire are two Forsworn. If you're a jerk, like me, use their trap against them by causing a distraction. A sound or something to draw attention will draw the two towards you. One will, apparently, forget about their own trap and trigger the tripwire which will rain firey death on the second as they too were coming to investigate. How you deal with the two here is up to you just be warned the tripwire triggers a sort of Alchemist's Fire trap that rains down from the ceiling. After you deal with this room's occupants, loot, and head to the doorway. Before going into the next room, look left. Apparently they were aware they were going to EVENTUALLY show their stupid sides around this trap and hid a Potion of Healing here behind this torch. Yoink! Now to the next room. This hallway turns twice and goes up a flight of stairs before opening up into a larger room. As you enter the larger room beware the bear trap on the ground almost immediately. As you turn the corner you'll see a Forsworn at the top of another flight of steps. Don't be deceived, because there are actually THREE of them up there. If you startle the guy up the stairs, he'll move triggering a rock slide trap. At the top of these stairs is a pressure plate that triggers a sort of "Indiana Jones darts flying from a wall" kind of trap. Starting to get the picture with these Forsworn and their traps? Keep heading up and you'll come to a landing with a kind of alter on it and a set of stairs heading up. There's a chest to loot under the stairs and a potion on the alter. NOTE: On the torch brazier at the top of the stairs, near the dart trap pressure plate, is a switch. I have no idea as to what this switch does at this time, sorry. Head up this next flight of steps to another landing. As you come around you'll enter another hallway. Up a couple steps and straight ahead is a dead end with a coin purse on the ground. Luckily there's a branch to the right for us to take. Turn right, go up a few more steps and you'll come to a door that takes you out to Red Eagle Redoubt. Same name as before, but different area. Go through it. Back outside you'll notice a HUGE set of steps to your right. There's a Forsworn on the first and second landings that will notice you, only if you're a non-sneak. At the first landing turn right and head backwards along

the ledge a little for a Novice lock chest. Head up to the second landing, nothing, same for the third. On the way up to the fourth, though, you MAY trigger two dual wielding Forsworn charging down on top of you. Guess my sneak wasn't quite sneaky enough. Continuing on, there's a third Forsworn to the right of the arches. Takes a little dealing with stupid AI to get it to show itself though. Head up through the arches. At the last arch you have a ruin to your left and a small camp, occupied by two Forsworn, on your right. The camp contains nothing so loot the two dead nuisances and turn to the ruin. If you look directly at the ruin, from the small camp, there's a small "village" of Forsworn to the left. Come out of the small village and head to the left, it's easier in my opinion. There are a total of 4 Forsworn, 1 of which uses magic, an Adept lock chest, and the ALTERATION SKILLBOOK, "Reality and Other Falsehoods". After you clear out this little "village" look to the ruin again. Up here are 2 more Forsworn, 1 of which is a Briar Heart. When you dispose of these final 2 and loot the Briar Heart you'll get the sword, Red Eagle's Fury, and complete 'Find Red Eagle's sword'. At the same time you'll get a NEW quest: "Unlock the secret of Red Eagle's Tomb." Stop now if you wish to keep Fury because the next quest changes the sword. Now it's a fire damage enchanted Ancient Nord Sword. If you continue on the enchantment will change. Past the Briar Heart's throne is a tent with a chest in it. Loot and head back to the tower behind his throne. Oh yes, once you get to the dais where the Briar Heart is you'll get a map marker for "Sundered Towers." The key from the Briar Heart will unlock the tower. Make your way through collecting various loot, mainly the novice locked chest in the second tower. Head down and out the backside of the second tower and head towards your new quest marker, Rebel's Cairn. Enter the cairn and you'll follow a short tunnel to a room with a pedestal in the middle. When you activate the pedestal you temporarily lose Red Eagle's Fury, as it's the key to opening the wall that just slid open. Removing the sword will close the wall so it HAS to stay for you to proceed. Fret not. We can always reclaim it when we leave...can't we? Also, activating the pedestal completes: Unlock the secret of Red Eagle's Tomb. But there's a door there now! Might as well check it out. Anyways proceed through the now open wall and down some stairs into a VERY large room. DO NOT RUSH THE ROOM WITH TREASURE LUST. This room contains a very nasty surprise for the would-be "tomb raider." As you cross the room and climb the first steps Skeletons (3) and a very angry Red Eagle spring from their tombs to put a stop to your plunder. The skeletons are pie but Red Eagle is a pain in the ass. He seems to know the Thu'um that can disarm you and isn't shy about using it, meaning: Keep tabs on your weapon(s). He also comes equipped with a fire enchanted Ancient Nord Greatsword that really, really hurts. After dispatching the feisty "old timer." Lol. Sorry. Anyways, loot him for his sword, it's decent for two-hand users. There are also a few soul gems and a chest behind Eagle's coffin. On your way out if you stop to reclaim Fury you're in for a rude awakening. Once you slew Red Eagle the Fury transforms into Red Eagle's Bane, a slightly upgrade Ancient Nord Sword with an enchantment that sets undead on fire and causes them to flee for a short while.

Leave the cairn and pat yourself on the back for having completed yet another blood coursing adventure. Hope I helped a little. Thanks for reading. Buh-bye. - Written by Aarkaan for bkstunt and vinheim. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E P A L E L A D Y _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1107] How to trigger quest: This quest triggers when you first discover Frostmere Crypt, which is south of Dawnstar (quite a ways south... Frostmere Crypt is JUST NORTH of "The Lord" Standing Stone though, so you should find it easy). Once you are there you'll see some bandits fighting each other. A woman named Eisa will win and will tell you that she was part of the bandit group, but someone stole the bosses sword and she was blamed. This quest will now be active. Our objectives are to find the stolen sword and optionally to learn more about the theft in Frostmere Crypt. Huh, I don't know WHY we'd do this, but oh well, it's a quest. Head inside Frostmere Crypt. As you would expect, there will be bandits here. There are three in this first area, and two of them are talking about the theft. Head onwards and out onto the walkway (sneak here) and you'll hear talking below with a new objective being added: Follow Kyr and Ra'jirr into the tunnels. Head forwards. There's a bandit on the left with a locked room (unlock it for some goodies). Down the hallway keep your eyes open for a SNEAK SKILLBOOK called "The Red Kitchen Reader". Go into the next room on the left and read the book on the table (Kyr's Journal) for some insight into what's going on. Interesting. Head out and take the next left room to read Eisa's Journal and Ra'jirr's Note. You should fully understand what's going on by now! Head out and kill the two bandits at the table below, then open the door and kill two more bandits (who may be sleeping). Follow this path at the end to kill one more bandit and hit the lever to open the way forward. Fight your way past four more bandits to find the door leading to Frostmere Depthes and enter. Once inside you'll see Kyr dying. Listen to his final words. It's amazing that this forest is inside the mountain, no!? Head forwards and you'll see that Ra'jirr was too late. You'll now have to banish the Pale Lady. The Pale Lady summons wisps to attack you and just plain acts like a Wisp Mother in general with one difference: when she's about halfway dead she'll split into THREE copies, but two are shades (the real one should be glowing way more than the shades). Ignore the wisps and take her out to complete this quest. We're not done yet though. You can loot Ra'jirr to find the Pale Sword. You can also put it back on its stand on the altar if you wish (I DON'T KNOW if keeping it is "bad", but since you already killed the Pale Lady I suspect it'd be ok). There is also a hidden MASTER chest to the left, as well as a chest and a DRAGON WALL (STATUE - ICE FORM) to the right. Very nice rewards, no?

You can use the nearby door to have a shortcut to the exit. Note that there IS a chest in the water where the ramp goes up to the locked door. Quest complete. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== U N L O C K T H E S A R C O P H A G U S I N R A G N V A L D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1108] How to trigger quest: I got this quest while investigating Ragnvald for a WORD WALL... and soon realizing that I wasn't getting anywhere without doing this quest first. Damn! You too can get this quest by heading to Ragnvald, which is in ruins slightly to the northeast of Markarth. Anyway, HOW you get this quest is by inspecting a tomb of sorts INSIDE of Ragnvald, which I'll detail a little further on. (-NOTE-) Let me know if YOU found this quest in some other form or fashion, would you!? Thanks! Once you reach the outskirts of Ragnvald you'll have to take out a couple of Draugr. Head on in and make your way lower into the area. As you can probably guess, the main enemy here is Draugr, and you've likely had tons of experience with them so far. Head lower until you come to an area with two levels. To the right of this area you'll find a door leading to the "Ragnvald Canal" and to the left you'll find a door leading to the "Ragnvald Crypts". To GET this quest, find the tomb in the middle of this area and check out the skull-shaped indents in it. THAT will give you the quest, and we need to find some skulls to put in the tomb. Let's head to the "Ragnvald Canal" first. Fight your way through this beautiful area until you see a pedestal with a skull on it. When you grab this skull "Torsten's Skull Key", Torsten will pop out of the grave further on to object. Thankfully he's weak as all get out, but two more Draugr come out to help him. Slay them all and follow the path past the right Draugr to go higher so you can collect some chests and use an iron door to go back to the hub area. Onto "Ragnvald Crypts" now. This area is pretty linear, so travel onwards killing Draugr until you see a chest in a wall recess. The chest is trapped, so untrap it and loot it, then pick up the RESTORATION SKILLBOOK on the dresser nearby (named "Mystery of Talara, v2"). You'll find another skull as you further explore this area ("Saerek's Skull Key") so take it and get ready for a fight that's almost identical to the Torsten fight you had earlier. Once you have both skulls, return to the hub area. SAVE before putting them in, as we're about to face another DRAGON PRIEST. Put the skulls in when you are ready to release OTAR the MAD. Get in as many hits as you can as he appears since he is so up close and personal. Heck, you can even stun-lock him pretty easily. He has a POWERFUL lightning attack that can kill you in 2-3

hits if you aren't careful, but you can also use this rooms layout to find places to heal. Once he's dead, be SURE to grab his MASK (named Otar) and head past the once blocked barrier to claim a chest and the WORD WALL which teaches you the word KYNE - KYNE'S PEACE. Very nice. We are done with this area and this quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== [More Coming Soon!]

_____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 12. Side Quests ||| [BK1200] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O This entire section is dedicated for side-quests. What's the difference between these quests and the random world quests? Well, these quests are found in the quest menu and are always started in some sort of town or village. I also believe these quests count towards the side-quest trophy as well. Anyway, here they are. Note that these quests are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E T U R N T O Y O U R R O O T S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1201] How to trigger quest: You can easily start this quest while doing the Main Quest: Elder Knowledge, as it takes us right to where we need to be to start this quest. While doing that main Quest, you'll reach the Dwarven dungeon of Alftand. After the section where you kill Sulla Trebatius and Umana, you will go down some stairs and enter Blackreach. Once inside this beautiful cave, go directly in front of you and enter Sinderion's Field Laboratory. In here, grab the Crimson Nirnroot on the right side and read Sinderion's Journal to start the quest. READING that journal is what will start this quest. Now, in the cave outside the Laboratory, you need to find 30+ Crimson Nirnroots. Given how utterly HUGE and wide-open this area is, I can't exactly provide you a map of where they all are. There's a ton of them, that's for sure! What you need to do is just go out there (well, out there INSIDE the cave) and walk around while looking for them. They are exactly the same as the normal Nirnroots. They shine and they make a soft ringing sound. What you need to do is scavange the place and then leave Blackreach through one of the lifts, then wait around 48/72 hours and return so the Nirnroots A

will be forced to re-spawn. Keep on grabbing the Nirnroots until you have 30. Once you have 30, you will be told to bring them to Avrusa Sarethi. Follow the marker to find a way out of Blackreach (it's so much easier with a marker!) and you'll see that Avrusa is located east of Ivarstead. Indeed, she actually has her own farm called Sarethi Farm. Fast travel as close as you can to it and head on over there. Wait until morning and Avrusa will be out tending her crops. As you can tell, she is quite the nirnroot farmer. She was Sinderion's student after all. Chat with her and tell her of Sinderion's fate and then give her the 30 Crimson Nirnroots. She will thank you and end up giving you a tome of Sinderion's, but that's not all! You will also receive a magical permanent effect: o SINDERION'S SERENDIPITY: There is a 25% chance of creating a duplicate potion when using your alchemy skill. And with that, the quest will be over. Congrats on finishing a very rough quest! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== B L O O D O N T H E I C E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1202] How to trigger quest: You can start this quest in Windhelm by visiting the graveyard on the left side of the town. It won't show up right away though, but after you've visited Windhelm 2-3 times you can go to the graveyard and see a gathering of people (I left and waited for 24 hours, then went back until the gathering of people showed up in the graveyard). Once the poeple show up, head over to them and you'll see a woman has been murdered. The guard nearby will ask if you saw anything, and from there you can offer to help out. (-NOTE-) I'm fairly certain this quest is GLITCHED if you advance too far into the game. For the life of me I can't get it to show up on my higher level character. I got it to show up on a lower level character fairly easy, so BE AWARE that this can happen... The guard will reluctantly let you help and will ask you to question the three witnesses nearby. Go up to each of them and ask if they know anything. They will each give you vague details at best, so go back and reporrt to the guard. He'll listen but will tell you that you need to talk to Jorleif if you want to OFFICIALLY help investigate. Jorleif is in the Palace of the Kings, so head over there and talk to him. He'll gladly accept your help, so now your officially looking into this and are not some nut off the street. Go back and tell the guard by the crime scene that you have permission to help. He'll mention two things: that Helgrid took the body to the nearby Hall of the Dead for burial and that he noticed a path of blood leading away from the crime scene.

(-NOTE-) This 'blood trail' is glitchy as well. On my first try completing this quest, it didn't show up at ALL. After re-loading it showed up. You can go talk to Helgrid now to learn that the attacks were done with an ancient Nord weapon, but she isn't any help after that. Also, be sure to follow the blood trail to a house in the northwest part of the city named "Hjerim". It will be locked with a master lock. You can then ask either the guard or Jorleif how to get into it. The'll mention Tova Shatter-Shield has the key. Go talk to Tova now (she lives just south of Hjerim) and tell her you're trying to find the killer and she'll give you the key. With the key you can easily enter Hjerim, so head over there. Upon entering you'll see the blood head to a chest. Investigate and then open the chest. What you want to pick up and read here (and take) is the "Butcher's Journal 1". Now, head over to where the cabinents are. There is a small shelf between the cabinents you can investigate. You'll find more fliers, but the investigation will note that one stack of them is disheveled. That is because there is a "Strange Amulet" here. Go ahead and pick it up. Now investigate the right cabinent and reveal the hidden wall behind it. Yuck, you'll have uncovered the altar where this psycho is doing his "magic". Investigate the altar and take the "Butcher's Journal 2" from it. You can exit the house now. Now either go talk to Jorleif or any guard (it really doesn't matter which) to get two new questions to ask them. The first will be about the "Beware the Butcher" posters that you found. Turns out a woman named Viola has been putting them up around town and someone (likely the butcher) has been taking them down. The second question involves the amulet, and learning what it is. You will be told to go visit Calixto at his shop to help identify it. Ok, let's go talk to Viola now. She's usually either in her house or Candlehearth Hall, but you should have a pointer for both her and Calixto to help you find out where they are. She'll mention she's been trying to learn who the butcher is for awhile now and suspects the court wizard, Wuunferth, of being a Necromancer. You can go talk to Calixto now (he's either at his shop or out taking a walk) and he'll note that the amulet is passed down from court wizard to court wizard as a ceremonial token, and should belong to Wuunferth. He will also try to buy it from you for 500 Gold (you should sell it - trust me). Well now, the evidence is PRETTY strong against Wuunferth at this point. So much so that the game tell you to go talk to Jorleif now and present your case. But wait! You have two options here. You can either to talk to Jorleif OR you can go confront Wuunferth yourself. This choice actually puts you down two VERY different paths. The "best" choice would be to go talk to Wuunferth, but again, you don't HAVE to. Follow the walkthrough in the box below if you choose to go talk to Jorleif first. If not, skip the box and follow that section! o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | | | Go tell Jorleif that you think Wuunferth is the killer. He'll ask you | | for proof and you'll tell him of the journals and amulet, which is good | | enough for Jorleif! He will thank you and the quest will pop up on the | | screen as complete. You can head out from here, but its interesting to |

| follow Jorleif as he arrests Wuunferth and has him thrown in jail (the | | jail is in the Barracks off the Palace of Kings by the way). | | | | Now, you may think the quest should be over by now except it ISN'T! You | | can either wait awhile or (what I'd do) go somewhere and let three days | | pass by waiting and come back to the city at nighttime. Pass by the left | | side of Candlehearth hall and you'll see ANOTHER woman murdered! Gah! Talk | | to the guard nearby who will question whether you even captured the right | | person (obviously you didn't!). He'll then tell you to go and talk to | | Wuunferth in the prison. | | | | Go talk to Wuunferth and he'll mock you a bit before cooperating with | | you. The topic will steer to the journals and amulet you found, and upon | | hearing its description, he will do some calculations and tell you the | | killer is going to strike TONIGHT! | | | | You are now caught up with the path of "confronting Wuunferth instead of | | telling Jorleif HE is the killer". Read below (which will repeat SOME | | info) and continue with the quest. | | | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Well, so you've either made a terrible mistake and followed the guide through the box to here OR you went and talked to Wuunferth first! Good. For those who are just now trying to talk to Wuunferth, you can usually find him in the Palace of Kings or in his bedroom above the Palace of Kings (take the first left door after entering, his room is in the far back). He will tell you that he too has been investigating the murders and will ask you to describe the ring to him. Upon hearing your description, he'll advise it is the Necromancer's Amulet, and will do some quick calculations and tell you the murderer will strike again... tonight! Your objective will now be to patrol the stone quarter to find the murderer. Leave the Palace and make it night if it isn't already (move time forwards to 11PM and you should be good) and then explore around the merchant's quarter. You'll likely find a High Elf named Arivanya (or, if this is the second victim, an Argonian named Shavee) standing haphazardly about. Wait around and soon you'll see... Calixto? Watch and Calixto will get into a sneaking stance, draw a weapon, and advance on Arivanya. Quick, go save her by attacking Calixto! Calixto will attempt to run towards Hjerim, but you should be able to take him out (any guards in the area will come help you). Be sure to loot his body thoroughly to get several goodies, including the enchanted Necromancer's Amulet back (better than ever!). From here, you can go talk to Jorlief to officially end the quest, but I would also recommend heading on over to Calixto's house! You can easily open it with the key you found on his body. Inside you can freely steal from his shop of knick-knacks if you wish, but the most interesting thing in here is up on the second level, where you can open a chest and find the "Butcher's Journal" to see WHY Calixto was doing what he was doing.... --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== F O R B I D D E N L E G E N D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1303]

How to trigger quest: You can get this quest by finding the book "Lost Legend" and reading it, which will start this MAJOR quest. Initially, all you are supposed to do is to "Investigate the Gauldur Legend", which is pretty vague. To help you out a bit, I'll tell you this. The legend concerns (as the book points out) a powerful wizard known as Gauldur. He was looked upon jealously by his sons, and murdered. His sons fled and the only real clue the book gives is that "One brother is said to have perished in the ruins of Fulgunthur which is to the NORTHWEST of Morthal." May as well start there. Head inside of the ruins and you'll find dead adventurers as well as dead Draugr. Keep going, watching out for traps until you reach a room with a large dining table. In here you'll be ambushed by 4-5 Draugr, so take them out. The path out of here is to the right, but be careful of the grated floor dropping out on you (there's a lever to the right to make it stay in place). Once you go up the stairs you'll soon see a dead mage by several dead Draugr named Daynas Valen. He has a notebook on him that explains a GREAT DEAL of this quest and ends up fleshing out this quest a LOT. In fact, once you read his notebook, the "Investigate the Gauldur Legend" part will be complete, and will now separate into THREE new objectives: - Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund's Hall. - Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur. - Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal. So know we have three objectives to do. Well, we're already in Folgunthur, so let us start there. o Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur. From where you found Daynas Valen's body is where we'll start (if you're just now reading this, enter the ruins and proceed until you DO find him: you can't miss him). Loot the corpse for that notebook and a IVORY DRAGON CLAW. Use the claw on the keyhole he's lying against to open the way. Kill the Draugr and continue to a room with a couple of thrones (be sure to kill the Draugr that are on the thrones as well). Enter the room to your right and kill the Draugr at the end, then take mental note of the STATUES in the room (they were SNAKE, WHALE, EAGLE for me). Then, by the far throne out in the main room flip the lever to open another room with rotating statues (kill the Draugr). Now make THESE statues match the ones in the previous room. Once you have that done, go back out to the main room and hit the chain by the grates to open the path onwards. Continue down into the ruins and kill the spiders you'll run across. Past them is a long hallway with a DRAGON CLAW door at the end. As you get about halfway through the hallway, the lights will go out and SIX Draugr will rise out of the nearby tombs (hit them while they are getting up!). After you have killed them, make the rings on the door match this:

- TOP RING: EAGLE - MIDDLE RING: EAGLE - BOTTOM RING: DRAGON And then activate the door to open it. Check the table beyond for goodies and proceed into the Folgunthur Crypt. The crypt is, of course, just plain massive. You KNOW you're in for a fight, right? Proceed forwards and out of the center tomb will rise Mirkul Gauldurson one of the wizards sons. SEVERAL Draugr will rise with him, so hopefully you have a companion or a handy shout ready to even the odds. Take them all out and once you have killed Mirkul, loot him for the Gauldur Amulet Fragment. (-NOTE-) Another good thing to do is to kill Mirkul ASAP. As he raises from the tomb, kill him and the rest of the Draugr won't even wake up! We may as well get out of this area together. Loot the rest of the bodies and use the dragon claw on the RIGHT gate to continue. Up here you will find quite the prize: a DRAGON WALL! This one teaches FROST - FROST BREATH. Very nice. There is also a chest with a bunch of goodies here too. Loot away and take the nearby door back to Folgunthur and out to Skyrim. One quick note: you can use the DRAGON CLAW in the room with the dead adventurers to find a hidden chest. Onto the next piece! o Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal. To be honest, THIS part of the quest is BEST done while doing the MAGE'S COLLEGE quest "Under Saarthal". You'll HAVE to recover a piece of the Gauldur Amulet when doing that quest, so I highly recommend doing it then. Or at the very least, reference THAT part of the guide to find our guide on completing that dungeon. [ Go do the Mage's College quest "Under Saarthal" to get this piece!] Once you have it in hand, go to the next piece! o Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund's Hall. Geirmund's Hall is just played even a little bit there. Once inside, kill hole to the water below. that is beyond a doorway door down here. east of the small town of Ivarstead, which if you've of the main questline you'd be able to fast-travel the Skeevers, loot the dead guy, and drop down the Take note that you can search underwater for a chest (be fast lest you drown) then go through the iron

Kill the spiders you find. You can pick the right door if you want to grab some random loot, the continue to the left a bit and look at the left-hand side for a chest. This chest is TRAPPED though, so either un-rig it or loot it and move away fast. Watch out for floor plates as you continue. You'll go down into some water, but TAKE NOTICE of the WALL SYMBOLS HERE. On the left

you'll see an EAGLE, then a WHALE and on the right you'll see a WHALE then a SNAKE. On your way to a barred gate up ahead, you'll see ROTATING STATUES that you have to make MATCH those symbols. Make the statues on the left-hand side go EAGLE then WHALE and on the right-hand side make them go WHALE then SNAKE. Also, be careful of grabbing the soul gem off the table as it is also trapped and will make a mammoth skull come crashing down at you. There are also a couple of Draugr here. Go to the end after making the statues match and press the lever to continue. Continue on and kill the Draugr you will find. Before going through another iron door, you will see the final resting place of Archmage Geirmund. Be sure to take his key. Continue through the door and slay the enemies here, then go upwards to the left (I ran into a Deathlord here, so be careful). At the end you'll see a lever by a doorway. It looks like it MAY drop the bridge in the distance, but DON'T hit it and do a 180 to see another lever. Hit THAT one. Continue on and you'll run into a blade trap (that a Draugr likely activated, otherwise watch out for floor plates). Get past it (whirlwind shout) and de-activate it to come upon another flooded area. Get ready for a fight. As you approach the tomb, the last Gauldurson brother will spring forth: Sigdis. Hurt him as much as you can as he rises, because he'll soon teleport away. See all of the raised areas out in the water? Sigdis will appear out here on one of them (he's an archer) as will TWO ILLUSIONS. The one way I figured out to tell the REAL one apart from the fakes is that the REAL one has HORNS on his helmet. Also, you should really stick with ranged if you can afford to, as all of the Sigdis enemies here know UNRELENTING FORCE and you will be thrown around if you try to melee them. Focus your attacks on the real Sigdis and you'll remerge a victor. Take his piece of the amulet and then explore the area behind his tomb for a chest, a TWO-HANDED SKILLBOOK called Words and Philosophy, and a shortcut back to the world map. o Reforge the Gauldur Amulet With all three pieces of the Amulet in your possession it is now time to reforge them! Look to the map to see where the next objective points to (it is by Reachwind Cave, east of Markarth) and make your way there. The place you want to go to is called "Reachwater Rock". It's behind a waterfall. Once you are in the cave, head down to a pool. Yes, there is a chest down there if you feel like diving. Follow the path to find an EMERALD DRAGONCLAW and a note begging you to turn around. Yeah, we're going to go forwards. There is a DRAGONCLAW door up ahead, so check out the claw in your possession and make the door match this: - TOP RING: BEAR - MIDDLE RING: WHALE - BOTTOM RING: SNAKE Now activate the door to continue. A BUNCH of doors open up leading to one more DRAGONCLAW door. The answer to THIS one is found on the IVORY DRAGONCLAW, so make the door match this:

- TOP RING: EAGLE - MIDDLE RING: EAGLE - BOTTOM RING: DRAGON With that door opened, head down to find a BIG open (and lonely) room. On the tomb at the end you'll find THREE places to place your amulet fragments, so save, get ready for a fight, and place them all down. All three brothers will appear before you and you'll have to fight them now one after the other. The first one to come down is Mirkul, and he will be joined by a LOT of Draugrs. Summon up some aid if you can and focus on NOT being surrounded. You have if somewhat easy since you can jump the gaps in this place and divide their forces like that. After killing him, Sigdis will come forwards. He does one better than when you last fought him, as he summons THREE illusions instead of two. They are all spread across the room of course. The best way to do this is to switch to range. The KEY to knowing WHICH Sigdis to hit is that the REAL Sigdis wears a helmet that has HORNS THAT CURL! Once you take him out you'll now have to take out Jyrik. Thankfully, compared to Saarthal, he is EASY. For one, he isn't invincible here. He does cast magic at you and will teleport away every so often, but you have it much easier here than before. Once you have taken out all three of them, approach the alter to see a scene where Gauldur arrives and takes out all three of his sons. He will then forge the amulet into a single piece, which when worn gives you +30 to your health, magic, AND stamina. VERY nice. The quest is now over, but be sure to grab the gold from Gauldur's remains as well as loot the chest you'll find as you make your way back to the world map. Congrats! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== F O R S W O R N C O N S P I R A C Y _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1204] How to trigger quest: When you enter Markath for the first time, you'll see a man killing a woman, then the guards come and take care of him. A man called Eltrys approaches you and "gives" you a letter asking you to meet him at the Shrine of Talos. This starts the Quest. (-NOTE-) If you are quick, you can actually STOP the man from killing the woman (attacking him/interrupting him). This spares the woman's life (her name is Margaret, she's from Cyrodil) and she will just flat out give you a Silver Emerald Necklace once you talk to her. Go to the Shrine of Talos, just like he asked you to do and speak to Eltrys.

Ask him what he's talking about and then it's time to go find some answers (or evidence!). Leave the shrine and move to the Warrens. Once inside, speak to Garvey, who's the first man you run into. Ask him about Weylin to learn about his room. From here, either attempt to persuade, intimidate or bribe him to receive Weylin's Room Key (alternately you could just PICK the door). Go to the last room on the right and enter Weylin's room. Take the note from the chest and read it. Cool! Time to find more evidence, then we look for Mr. N. Leave the Warrens and you'll have to brawl Dryston. You find out about Nepos, Mr. N. Now go to the Silver-Blood Inn and speak to the wife of the owner. Ask about Margret and either persuade, intimidate or bribe her to get the key (They may just GIVE you the key as well, let me know what happened for YOU!). Enter the room with the marker and check the End Table to find Margret's Journal. Read it and now go to the Treasury House. Follow the marker and speak to Thonar. He will be very uncooperative until an attack occurs! Don't just stand there, whip out your weapon and help! After the fight, speak to Thonar some more (who's more chatty now) and then leave and head to Nepos' house. Speak to him and learn about his schemes. As you finish speaking to Nepos, he and the 2 other Forsworn will attack you. Kill them off ASAP. Be sure to loot them AND the house afterwards. Nepos himself has a lot of goodies and you can find an ILLUSION SKILLBOOK named "Mystery of Talara, Part 4" in one of the bedrooms. Now leave and had back to the shrine to see Eltrys. As you arrive, some Markath Guards intimidate you. Agree to go with them to Cidhna Mines and this ends the Quest and starts automatically the next one. (-NOTE-) The next quest is "No one escapes Cidhna Mines". Since these quests are listed alphabetically, search for it that way! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== I N M Y T I M E O F N E E D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1205] How to trigger quest: After you complete the Main Quest: Dragon Rising, enter Whiterun via the main gate and you'll see some Redguards discussing something with the Whiterun Guard. These are Alik'r warriors. They are looking for a Redguard woman and ask you for your help. This starts the quest. Ok, after you hear about the Redguard woman, go to the Bannered Mare and speak to Saadia, the Redguard. She wants to speak to you in private. From here you can either FOLLOW HER or go find and tell the Alik'r warriors where she is. (-NOTE-) If you want to just go tell the Alik'r where she is, follow the guide in the box. If you want to listen to her, skip the box. o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | | | When she tells you to follow her, LEAVE the inn. Look at your map and | | find the marker on the map that shows where the Alik'r warriors are at. |

| They travel around, but you can often find them in some inn or other. | | Once you find them, fast travel there and go tell the warrior where | | Saadia is at. | | | | They will tell you that you will have to lead her out of the city, to | | Whiterun Stables, where they will be waiting. You can now return to the | | Bannered Mare and speak to Saadia and tell her a series of lies to get | | her to follow you. She will run to the stables, so stay behind her to | | make sure she goes through all the doors ok. | | | | Once you are at the stables she will realize your treachery and will | | have a brief chat with Kematu. Kematu will paralyze her next, and after | | that you can talk to him to end the quest and gain a 500 gold reward, as | | well as learn what exactly she did. | | | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o She wants to speak to you in private, so follow her to her room. Once in here, she takes out a dagger and wants to attack you. Tell her to relax and agree to help her. Time to go find the Alik'rs. Go to Dragonsreach and instead of going in, go to the back and enter the dungeons. In here, simply walk to the prisoner and speak to him. He offers the info if you pay his fine. Pay any guard 100 gold and let the prisoner know his fine is paid. He tells you where Kematu is, so leave the dungeons, leave Whiterun completely and time to go to Swindler's Den. Make your way there and go inside... duh! In the first room, you'll find two bandits and two more in the next room. Easy enough. In the third room though, there are around five of them, plus a magic user on the upper level. Take care of the magic user first if you can. After that, follow the path until you meet with Kematu. He asks you to lower your weapons. From here, you can either continue and kill him, or have Saadia be taken to justice. Either way, you'll end up with 500 gold and the quest will be at an end. Note that this all depends on you. There's no way to tell who's telling the truth, so just follow your gut. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== K Y N E ' S S A C R E D T R I A L S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1206] How to trigger quest: To start this sidequest, you have to go to Froki's Shack. Where is it? There are some ruins south of Ivarstead. Its southeast of these Ruins. Speak to Froki and ask him about the Sacred Trials and the Quest starts. We need to find and defeat the Guardian Wolf, Skeever and Mudcrab. Travel to these three locations and you'll meet with these guardians. These appear as Ghostly Entities, and are spread out over the map so ideally you're doing this quest later in the game so you can fast-travel closer to each location.

These are the easiest enemies of the game (well, maybe not the easiest, but you shouldn't have a problem). Each spirit will have multiple regular animals of the same type to back it up as well, so be ready to slay a pack of beasts each time you head out. Return to Froki once you've defeated them and now he tells you where the Guardian Bear, Mammoth and Sabrecat are. Yep, we have to go kill some more ghostly animals. These are stronger enemies, obviously, but still rather easy. The Sabrecat will have some wolves to back it up, but the other two beasts will be alone. Return to Froki and now you need to take care of the Troll champion. Go to Graywinter Watch (by the "Ritual Stone" standing stone, check the map). There are two normal trolls in here, as well as the champion. Take care of them (sneak attacks help a ton) and loot the place. You'll find the ARCHERY SKILLBOOK "Vernaccus and Bourlor" on a barrel in here as well as Froki's Bow. Return to Froki and you'll obtain the item 'Kyne's Token', which reduces damage from animals by 10% and makes bows do 5% more damage. The quest will now be complete as well. Congrats! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== L A I D R E S T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1207] How to trigger quest: Travel to Morthal and speak to any guard about the burned house to start the quest. Now go and speak to the Jarl. Ask her about Hroggar's house and then we need to go investigate the house, which was burned down to ashes. Go there and speak to the ghost, Helgi. Time to play hide and seek with her. Wait for night to come and go directly west from the house to find a coffin and a vampire named Laelette. Kill the vampire and examine the coffin. The little girl starts talking and explaining things. Wow! Now go and speak to Thonnir about Laelette. After discussing whether she was a vampire or not, its time to go to Alva's house and see if she's indeed a vampire. It's easy to find once you enter the town, but you will probably need to lockpick the door to get inside (it's just an Adept lock). If you go during the NIGHT, you will likely find Hroggar inside. He will of course attack you but you can kill him and get away with it. If you go during the DAY you can likely just head down to the cellar with no one seeing you. However, if you do go during the day, you can run into Alva, who is indeed a vampire, and you can kill her right then and there. Either way, once inside, go to the cellar and pick up Alva's Journal and read it. Now go to the Jarl and give her Alva's Journal. She will read it too and then ask you to go kill the master vampire, Movarth. Head oustisde and you'll see all of the "warriors" the Jarl promised. Meh... Talk to Thonnir now who will scream "VENGEANCE!" and lead the group of people towards Movarth's Lair to the northeast. Go ahead and follow them. At the lair the others will get queasy and leave, but talk to Thonnir who is more

courageous than the others and ask him to follow you to gain him as a companion. Now enter the lair. In this first room, kill both Frostbite Spiders from above then go to the bottom afterwards and continue. Kill the lone vampire that's giving you his back sitting at the table. From here, go up the small path next to the table and kill another lone vampire (I found this vampire in a cubby to the upper right, but she moves so if you don't see her she may be best saved for later). From here, proceed north and then east. You can find a vampire thrall in a pit in this big room, but you can easily sneak up on him so kill him off and continue on. You'll come to a ramp on the left you can access that leads into a big room with a dining table. Keep following the ramp and if you're sneaky you can use it to reach the northwest corner of this area. There's a vampire guarding the hallway, but you can get the drop on him. There's some bedrooms past the guard, one of which has an ILLUSION SKILLBOOK "2920, Sun's Dawn, v2" on the nightstand. You can find Morvarth's Boots near the nightstand as well (as you can tell, Morvarth has a boot fetish). His personal boots have a sneaking enchantment on them that ups your sneaking by 15% by the way. From here you can work your way southeast and sneak up on Movarth. Movarth himself is rather easy but if you're at a higher level he can have some high level vampire help (like nightstalkers) so be sure to get some sneak attacks in. Kill all the vampires that help assist him as well. (-NOTE-) Vinheim found Alva in this cave, so there's another location for her and one less enemy to worry about if you already killed her! Now check the room southeast of where Movarth was to find a chest to loot as well as an alchemy table. The path south has another vampire (the patrolling one I mentioned earlier) and more loot for you. Leave and you'll find Helgi's ghost before leaving (what a nice touch!). Leave, return to the Jarl to get your reward, and this quest will be over. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== L I G H T ' S O U T ! _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1208] How to trigger quest: To start this quest, go to Solitude and from the entrance, go left and you'll find an Argonian outside Angeline's Aromatics called Jaree-Ra. He asks if you want to make some easy coin. He and his sister Deeja are Treasure Hunters, or so to speak. He'll tell you about a ship coming in and how if someone "accidentally" put out the lighthouse fire, loot could be had. Keep listening and soon the quest will start. Leave Solitude from the main entrance and travel northeast to find the Solitude Lighthouse, where the marker is (its on the cape, naturally). Once there, go to the top and turn off the lights to complete the objective. You don't have to go inside the lighthouse's door to complete your objective, but you can find an ALTERATION SKILLBOOK named "The Lunar Lorkhan" inside if you do. Beware of stealing it as the resident Khajiit man not be too happy. Now

fast travel back to Solitude (or the East Empire Company Warehouse) and make your way back to Jaree-Ra (follow the marker). He tells you to meet up with Deeja, who's at the wreckage. Swim across the sea until you reach Deeja, or better yet, until you get inside the Icerunner. There are no enemies, so loot what's left of the place and go to the bottom to find Deeja. Speak to her and she "betrays" you. Dammit. Kill her and loot her corpse to find a 'Note from Jaree-Ra'. Once you read it, you know where to go. But it won't be easy, since you now have to fight everyone on your way back out. Leave the Icerunner and kill all the enemies here. Once outside, fast travel to the Lighthouse and move northwest to find Broken Oar Grotto. Once you get here, its time to get our payback. Kill the two enemies on top of the wooden structure. When you reach a fork in the path, go left up the path and kill the enemy at the end (be sure to search the right path for a chest). Use the lever to lower the bridge. There's some stairs nearby that you can go down and find another chest inside a boat, but then go up and cross the bridge and you'll be at another fork. Go inside the entrance (the right path takes you back the way you came), kill the two enemies in here, loot the place and continue. Once "outside", you'll see a boat with several enemies. Try using your bow to take them down ASAP. Now simply kill Jaree-Ra and the quest is over. Nice. The Icerunner's chest is inside the structure, loot it as well as all the treasures in the place. You'll see a boat sunk on the left of the ship you're in. There's also a chest here. If you killed the captain and looted the key, then easily loot this chest as well. Loot the place clean, and be sure to grab the SMITHING SKILLBOOK "Cherim's Heart" from the smithing nook. This ends the quest. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== M I S S I N G I N A C T I O N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1209] How to trigger quest: Speak to Frelia at the weapon shack outside the Bannered Mare and ask about her son. After that, go with her to her house and speak to Avulstein. Now we need to go get proof, so leave the house and enter the Battle-Born's house (Save before doing so, and remember to be sneaky! You can do this in broad daylight and get away with it, although there ARE people inside the house so stay in stealth mode!). Enter the room to the left and lockpick the expert door and read the book (take it, of course). Note that you can also find the TWO HANDED skillbook "Battle of Sancre Tor" inside the house as well (it's on the book case in the left room). Return to Frelia and Avulstein and give them the missive you found. Now, you can either join Avulstein and go kill some Thalmor, go reason with them (which won't work), or go kill them on your own. Choose what you will, (I recommend joining him). Now, head to Northwatch Keep. It is located at the

very northwest corner of Skyrim, so hopefully you have the map fleshed out quite a ways (and yes, you can fast travel there). If you choose to join Avulstein, you will have to go east down the road a ways and talk to him, then storm the keep. Either way they won't let you in, so kill them all (two archers and about 3-5 soldiers). THIS is why having Avulstein and his friends is handy! Once you've slaughtered the outside soldiers, head inside the keep. In the second room, you'll find a soldier and a mage. Kill them both. Follow the path and as you descend, you'll find an archer and two more soldiers. Be sure to check out the bar carefully for the ONE HANDED skillbook "2920, Morning Star, V1". In the next large room, there are three soldiers and a mage. Go through the lower door here before going upstairs and loot the room. There's a TWO HANDED skillbook here named "Battle of Sancre Tor", which is the same book you could have found earlier in this same mission, so you should REALLY have it now. Go up the stairs and in the next room, you'll find a soldier looking away from you. Take care of her and go through the opening to find a mage and Thorald. Rescue him and then it's time to leave this place. Head through the prison section (where you may find two more guards) to quickly leave the fort. Note that the door up here requires the fort key, which you should have if you've been looting bodies as you've been killing (which you should ALWAYS do). If you don't, you're going to have to go back the way you came. Once you're outside, talk to Thorald and he thanks you for saving him and asks you to go speak to Frelia. Go to her and repeat what Thorald told you and you'll receive a Steel Greatsword of Scorching. This quest will also now be over. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== N O O N E E S C A P E S C I D H N A M I N E S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1210] How to trigger quest: Starts automatically after the end of the quest "Forsworn Conspiracy". You'll be stripped off of everything you own. Walk out of the cell and speak to the prisoner sitting near the fire. Also, ask him about the shiv and he tells you how to get one. Go south from this room and speak to Grisver. He'll get you a shiv, but he asks for Skooma in return. Follow the marker until you find Duach. Obtain the Skooma from him and return to Grisver to get your shiv. Return to the main room and look east to find an Orc called Borkul the Beast. Speak to him and he asks for a shiv. It's better to brawl him (Alternately you can PERSUADE him to let you by; my speech was at 79 and I was successful). When you've won, go through the gate and speak to Madanach. After the chat, locate Braig and speak to him. After hearing his sad story, return to Madanach and speak to him. He asks you to go kill Grisver for being a snitch. Use the shiv to quickly kill Grisver, then follow Madanach. After the speech, follow Madanach and the other into Markath's Ruins. In here, simply follow the path while killing the

Frostbite Spiders and Dwarven Spheres. You'll soon enough regain your equipment, Gold and you'll also be given: Helmet of the Old Gods - Increases Magicka by 30. Armor of the Old Gods - Destruction Spells cost 15% less to cast. Gauntlets of the Old Gods - Bows do 20% more damage. Boots of the Old Gods - Sneaking is 20% better.

Go out to Markath to find Madanach and Thonar arguing. After a while, they start attacking each other and the quest ends. You don't have to help either side and can just sit back and watch (which is what I did and the Forsworn went through the city and killed every guard then disappeared...). --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== P R O M I S E S T O K E E P _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1211] How to trigger quest: Go to Riften and enter the Bee and Barb Inn. In here, speak to Louis Letrush. Leave the Inn and go to the jails (they are easy to find with the map marker). Speak to the guard and tell him you're already allowed to be down here (this MAY be a speech requirement, I am unsure). Go on through and speak to Sibbi. Talk to him about his predicament and when you get the chance, persuade him and you'll receive a key to his lodge (you can also get a key to a chest by threatening to tell Maven). Time to go there. There are two mercenaries outside, so take care of them and head inside. Go down the stairs to the right and grab Frost's papers and the stash of Gold from next to the stairs. This lodge has 4-5 mercenaries in it as well, by the way, so you could go on a killing rampage if you wished. Why would you want to do that? Well, the house has treasure chests all about and taking out the guards makes looting that much easier. The big catches in this place are the SNEAK skillbook named "Legend of Krately House" and a rare 'Stone of Barenziah', both located in an upstairs bedroom. Now leave the lodge and follow the marker to Louis Letrush. Give him the horse and you'll end the quest. Alternately, you can choose to either persuade or threaten Louis to KEEP Frost for yourself. This of course nets you a horse without spending any money at all, and is quite a reward. HOWEVER, you man want to think first before doing this. For example, what if you have another horse, such as Shadowmere? I tried taking Frost while having Shadowmere and just like Shadowmere, Frost will follow you wherever you go, but Shadowmere is (from a fighting/endurance standpoint) MUCH better than Frost. When I took Frost while having Shadowmere, I could no longer find Shadowmere. If you have NO horse, then by all means take Frost. Just be careful about taking him if you already have a horse. Either way, once you've dealt with Louis this quest will be over. A rather short one this time.

--=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R E P A I R I N G T H E P H I A L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1212] How to trigger quest: This quest is one that comes after "The White Phial", so go see that one first before thinking of doing this one. Once you complete that quest, a courier will come find you after a number of days to start this one. Return to The White Phial alchemy shop in Windhelm and tell Quintus that you got his letter. He will confirm that he thinks he can repair the phial, but he will need three ingredients: Mammoth Tusk Powder, a Briar Heart, and some Unmelting Snow. o Mammoth Tusk Powder: This ingredient is only known to be produced by giants. Yikes. Well, hopefully you aren't doing this quest TOO early in your adventure, as giants will just decimate a low level character. The marker will send you to Stonehill Bluff, a giant camp north of Whiterun and south of Dawnstar. Head over there and you can either kill the giants to ensure some leisurely searching on your part or you can run in, find the powder in a stone basin in the middle of the camp, nab it, and run out. Your choice. o Briar Heart: Honestly, I already had one of these when this quest started, so I didn't have to go find one. I have to imagine that the quest will send you to a Forsworn Camp if you don't have one, in which case you're looking at killing 6-7 forsworn and making sure to loot the briarheart that you find. Keep your health up and bring a companion for distraction if need be and you'll get this ingredient easily. o Unmelting Snow: For this ingredient you need to head to the Throat of the World (which means that you must have access to it and have completed the Main Quest SOMEWHAT (past "Elder Knowledge"). Once you have (and you DO need to...), head to the Throat of the World and follow the marker to a snowbank that you can active to get the snow. An easy ingredient. With all three ingredients in hand, return to Quintus and let him know of your success. He will take the ingredients and repair the phial, then head upstairs (follow him) and show his success to Nurelion. Nurelion will be happy, but then he will die (did NOT see that coming), leaving just you and Quintus. Quintus will say he has no desire to keep the phial and will give it to you, but due to his lack of skill he is only able to make it refill with ONE type of liquid and will ask you what you want it filled with. Below

is a list of what you can choose and what your choice means, which is handy since you only find out AFTER you choose what you want: - I'd like it to have the power of healing. (Restore 100 points of Health.) - I want to resist the forces of magic. (Resist 20% of magic for 60 seconds.) - I want to be tougher in battle. (Stamina is increased by 20 points for 300 seconds.) - I want to strengthen my magical skills. (Magicka is increased by 20 points for 300 seconds.) - I want to deal more damage in battle. (One-handed weapons do 50% more damage for 60 seconds.) - I want to be better hidden in the shadows. (You are 20% harder to detect for 60 seconds.) And, like we've been talking about, the White Phial will refill once a day with a message popping up in the upper left of the screen to let you know. After picking what potion you want, the quest will be over. Enjoy your bottom-less potion! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R I S E I N T H E E A S T _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1213] How to trigger quest: Go to Windhelm and head to the docks (located in the southeast corner of the city). Enter the East Empire Company and speak to Orthus Endario. So the very first thing to do is to steal Survaris Atheron's logbook. Leave the office and enter the Shatter-Shield office right next door. Simply go behind the Dark Elf and take the logbook (Be careful of stealing! Saving may not be a bad idea.). Return to Orthus and after the chit-chat, leave Windhelm and move to Dawnstar. Enter the Windpeak Inn and speak to Stig Salt-Plank.

Time to join the Blood Horkers so we can get more info. Brawl with Stig and then ask for the location of the Blood Horkers hideout. Go report back with Orthus and Adelaisa. When ready, speak to the mercenary at the docks and leave to Jophet's Folly. When you're aboard, speak to Adelaisa and she asks you to kill Haldyn. Drop out the ship and follow the marker to the Sea Cave. It's just to the south, you can't miss it! Kill both mudcrabs and loot the chest, then go up the sloppy path to find a third mudcrab. In the last room there's a Blood Horker. He's kinda strong, just like all the Blood Horkers, so be careful. Loot the room then enter the towers. As you go up, you'll find two Blood Horkers, so kill 'em, loot 'em, and proceed to the next room. There's an expert lock on the left side, but ignore it for now. There's an Orc Blood Horkers coming up in the next room. Kill him and you can either go upstairs or down. Go down, kill both Blood Horkers and loot the place. An expert locked door down here hides Japhet and his journal (an interesting read) along with a master locked chest (that, when *I* opened, didn't have anything THAT good in it...). Now go upstairs to find Haldyn. He's rather easy (especially with a sneak attack), so take him out, loot him AND the place. Return to the expert lock you passed on the way here. Out here, Adelaisa will be bombing the place, so run and kill the Blood Horkers that you find. Fight your way to Adelaisa. Tell her you're ready to leave and you'll be back at Windhelm. Speak to Orthus and you'll receive your pay. 500G (1500G for higher level characters) and the quest ends. Adelaisa will also becomes your follower, so one more for the bunch. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== R I S I N G A T D A W N _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1214] How to trigger quest: To even get this quest you have to first be a VAMPIRE! That's right, this quest right here is, ultimately, the quest you want if you are a vampire and you want to cure yourself of the condition. As a vampire you want to head to an Inn (doesn't matter where) and ask about rumors until they tell you about how Falion in Morthal is studying vampires, at which point the quest will automatically start (I would imagine you could go straight to Morthal and talk to Falion as well, but I didn't test it). Follow the marker to Falion's house in Morthal, where he will get very defensive about his research. Ask him about his vampire research and he'll tell you about it and strongly hint that he knows what you are. Next ask him for a cure and he'll advise you that you'll need to bring him a full BLACK SOUL GEM. Thankfully, Falion just HAPPENS to have a black soul gem that you can buy off of him (mine cost me 149 gold, which is CHEAP). I STRONGLY recommend buying the gem off of him in comparison to finding one yourself. Our next step in this process is to FILL the black soul gem with a soul.

Black soul gems are gems filled with human souls, by the way (regular gems are non-human souls). What we need to do is to find some bandits or other humans and soul trap them with either the soul trap spell (which Falion ALSO sells, by the way) or a weapon designed to capture souls (which you'll run into a LOT of as you play the game). No matter HOW you get it, once you get it talk to Falion once more and let him know you have one. He will tell you to meet him at dawn. The place you are going to meet him at is nearby the city, just to the north, on top of a ritual circle, and you want to meet him there around 4-5 AM (dawn). You ALSO want to be a stage 1 vampire when you meet him, which may very well mean going on a feeding run before the ritual. Falion will outright NOT DO THE RITUAL if you aren't a stage 1 vampire (I was stage 2 and he didn't do it for me!). Once you have that taken care of Falion will come out. Talk to him and he'll start the ritual, which merely involves you blacking out for a bit but at the end you will no longer be a vampire. (-NOTE-) As ungrateful as it sounds, after the ritual you can talk to Falion near this circle and question what he's doing out here (which YOU of all people should know!). He will pay you 200 gold to forget that you saw him out here... --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E B L E S S I N G S O F N A T U R E _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1215] How to trigger quest: You can trigger this quest by visiting the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. Inside, find Danica Pure-Spring and chat with here. Your chatting will turn to the subject of the Gildergreen, the giant tree outside of the temple (which I'm sure you've noticed). The tree is... sick, and needs the sap of its mother, the Eldergleam, to awaken from its slumber. But only a special sword can cut the Eldergleam, so you need to find it for Danica, starting this quest. The weapon you need is the Nettlebane, and its being held by a Hagraven over at Orphan's Rock. Orphan's Rock is located just northeast of Helgen, the city you first started in, so head over there and take the road east until another readily-seen road goes north. Be careful here as there will be a ton of traps on the ground. The road has bear traps while the rock formations can hide ice traps (which HURT). As you go north, you will end up battling witches. Take them out and don't forget to loot their robes. Up ahead is a small camp (with a chest in a tent) you can loot, but to the left is a rock where the hagraven will try to bombard you with POWERFUL fire magic. Kill off the witches while avoiding her fire magic, then rush her as you would rather fight her in close range than from afar. Kill her off and loot her for the Nettlebane! Don't forget to check the tent on the lone rock for another chest before returning to Danica. Once you bring the weapon back to Danica, she will be surprised that you

even returned at all. She doesn't want to do ANY dirty work on this quest and will ask you to go get some sap from the Elderglean yourself (gah, boy is she ever lazy!). After accepting (because what else are you to do!?) a nearby man named Maurice Jondrelle will ask to come with you. You can accept or refuse him, so do as you wish (I accepted as he DOES offer an alternate way of doing the quest; read below). Now we must travel to the Eldergleam Sanctuary. It is located east of Fort Amol. Fast travel to the closest place nearby and make your way there, to zone into a cave-like atmosphere. Head further in to have the cave expand into a beautiful forest (lovely, isn't it!?). There are two people here admiring the scenery as well. Be sure to check out the area they stand in to find a RESTORATION SKILLBOOK named "Mystery of Talara, v2" leaning up against a rock. There is also a chest up on the ledge from the main path, by a tree. Head up the main path now and use the Nettlebane to clear the roots blocking the road, opening up a path to the Eldergleam. As you approach the tree, Maurice will be shocked at your behavior, calling you a man of violence (sheesh!). He will question your intentions. Tell him that you are here for the sap. He'll protest more and at this point you have a choice to make. You can either ask if Maurice has a better idea and NOT collect the sap of the tree, or you can ignore Maurice and collect the sap of the tree anyways: - LET MAURICE HANDLE IT: If you choose to let Maurice handle the situation, he will run up to the tree and begin to pray. After a short while, he'll tell you he was successful and you can take the sapling nearby and give it to Danica. He will also be leaving you to spend more time in this sanctuary. Head back to Whiterun and see Danica. After some convincing she will accept it as Kynareth's will. The quest will now be over. - TAKE THE SAP YOURSELF Ignore Maurice and head up to the tree and use Nettlebane to obtain the sap for yourself. Once you do so, you will be attacked by a Spriggan! Bah! Take the thing out. In fact, this entire area now has Spriggan enemies (for example, down in the rest area the visitors are likely dead, killed by some Spriggan enemies...). Fight your way out of the sanctuary, killing Spriggan enemies as you go and once you are outside you can head back to Whiterun and give the sap to Danica. She will then use it to restore the Gildergreen and this quest will be over. (-NOTE-) Danica Pure-Spring will now train you in restoration magic if you wish. She is the MASTER trainer. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E G O L D E N C L A W _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1216] How to trigger quest:

This quest can start in one of two ways: you can either talk to Lucan Valerius, the owner of Riverwood Traders in Riverwood OR you can enter the 'Bleak Falls Barrow' dungeon and OVERHEAR the bandits talking about the claw they stole and get the quest that way. This quest is tied DIRECTLY with the MAIN STORY MISSION 'Bleak Falls Barrow', and in order to better serve yourself you should really complete both of these quests at the same time. You can find this main story mission underneath the main story questline. It's the third quest in, you can't miss it. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E H E A R T O F D I B E L L A _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1217] How to trigger quest: I pretty much stumbled into this quest, but to get it to trigger you need to head to the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. In it, the priestess will tell you that the temple is closed. Bah, who listens to authority figures!? Head to the inner sanctum door and pick it (alternately, you can pickpocket the key from the priestess). Once inside the inner sanctum, if you're sneaky you can go around and steal all sorts of goodies. You will hear the three priestesses in here asking for a sybil. Now, intentionally get caught by them. Yep, trust me. You will end up talking to their leader, Hamal. Tell her you were curious about the temple (don't just murder them all!) and after some threats and some chatting, she will make you start this quest as "penance" for your intrusion. (-NOTE-) I've had the other priestesses attack me here even when I tried to stay friendly. If that happens, try re-loading your auto-save and it shouldn't be a problem. Well now, it looks like we're off to the town of Karthwasten to try and find the new Sybil. Head north to Karthwasten and once you are there talk to just about anyone about the young girl you are looking for. They will all tell you to go talk to Enmon, making him your target. Go talk to him (he's a miner) and he will be pissed off, assuming you are taunting him as the Forsworn have taken his daughter. Tell him that his daughter is the Sybil of Dibella and he will agree that we must rescue her and will join you (you can choose to leave him behind, but I let him come). The forsworn are holding her at Broken Tower Redoubt, to the east. Head down the road to the north and past a bridge and you'll be led right past the tower. There will be some forsworn outside and some archers up above, so just kill what you can and head inside. You'll encounter around three forsworn in this first wide-open room, so take them out (you can use sneak attacks). To the left of the stairs is a pantry you can raid that has potions at times. Go up the stairs and right, following the hallway but BE CAREFUL of the two traps that are set up. Past the traps is a sleeping area. You can kill another forsworn here, but the real treat in this area is a BLOCKING SKILLBOOK called "The Mirror" on a

nearby bookshelf. There are a few chests scattered about too, so loot away. Continue through a side door (the one that doesn't lead back out to Skyrim) and follow the linear path to a staircase. You'll fight 2-3 forsworn on this staircase. Don't rush them, or if you do you may run into a falling boulder trap that they've set-up on the stairs (honestly, THEY set it off themselves more often than not). Some of these forsworn may be mages too, so break out the big guns (or goad them into melee attacking). Follow the stairs up as high as they'll go to reach the door back to Skyrim that the objective marker is telling you to go through. Get ready for a fight! Head through the door in front of you and you will end up facing a forsworn briarheart well-versed in ice magic! Keep your health up and beware of his icewave attack and you'll be ok (drink some ice resistant potions if you must). Once he is dead, loot him for goodies and the prison key. Also, there is a CONJURATION SKILLBOOK named "Liminal Bridges" on one of the tables in here. There is a shrine of Dibella nearby and a BIG treasure chest in a bedroom here as well. Once you're done looting, open the prison cell and talk to Fjotra. Tell Fjotra she is the new Sybil and she'll accept it gladly and wants you to take her to the temple right away. Now, if you killed everyone you can just fast-travel to Markarth (I ran through the place again since I missed one enemy and Fjotra would say "Eww, a dead body!" whenever she saw a corpse). And even though I took her dad, he didn't survive, so when she saw her dead dad she said "Oh no, this can't be happening", but didn't seem too distraught over losing her father... Take her to Hamal and she will be amazed you found her and brought her back. The quest isn't quite over though, you need to head back to the main part of the temple and interact with the basin in the middle of the room to receive the blessing: o AGENT OF DIBELLA: You do more combat damage to the opposite sex. And with that, the quest is over. (-NOTE-) Hamal will now train you in ENCHANTING if you wish. She is the MASTER trainer in enchanting. --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E M A N W H O C R I E D W O L F _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1218] How to trigger quest: Go to Solitude and head to the Blue Palace. Once inside, locate and speak to the Steward, Falk Firebeard. Ask him about Wolfskull Cave and after talking to him this quest will start.

Leave the Blue Palace and fast travel to the closest place if possible (either Ironback Hideout or the Statue to Meridia) and proceed to the cave. There are some skeletons outside, so take care of them before going inside. Once inside, you'll find a lone patrolling Draugr Restless in the second room, so sneak attack it. From here, you can go either down the path or across the upper grassy one. Follow the upper path and you'll find two Necromancers around a campfire. With your bow, you'll be able to kill them without them noticing where you are. There's a chance another Necromancer and a Draugr Scourge will come out of the door nearby. Take them out the same way. In the room behind the door, drop down the hole and proceed to the Wolfskull Ruins. In here, you'll see some type of ghostly aura gathering. Looks awesome =D. Go left and you'll find a Necromancer. Kill them and proceed to the main room, where a Necromancer and a Draugr Scourge await. Enter the tower-like building and when you reach the top, look for a lantern and shoot it down to kill the Draugr there. Go outside and there'll be a Draugr Deathlord and a Necromancer on top of the stairs. Kill them with sneaky bow attacks and proceed. On top of the second set of stairs, you'll find another Draugr and a Necromancer. Kill them both and proceed to the next tower, where you'll find 2 Necromancers inside and on top, 2 more Necromancers PLUS the Ritual Master. Rather easy IMO. Be SURE to check the main altar for the LIGHT ARMOR SKILLBOOK 'The Refugees'. Lower the bridge and cross it to find a chest with your loot. Now simply leave the cave, return to the Blue Palace and speak to Falk Firebeard. Tell him you stopped the ritual to be rewarded with some gold and to finish the quest. (-NOTE-) After some time has passed (it happened after I leveled up, so that may be the trigger), you will get a courier giving you a letter from Falk Firebeard to come see you again. This will start the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened". --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== T H E W H I T E P H I A L _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1219] How to trigger quest: You can trigger this quest by visitng the alchemy shop "The White Phial" in Windhelm. Here, you will here the shop owner Nurelion and his assistant Quintus arguing. Ask him about the argument and then about the White Phial and you will offer to help him find it, starting this quest. You can ask him more about the phial after taking the quest to learn that it is indeed a rare and valuable object, able to replenish any liquid put into it AUTOMATICALLY. Neurlion will say that the Phial was buried with its owner, and you'd have to be a master alchemist to get to it, but he has prepared a special mixture to help you. You'll get Nurelion's Mixture now. Head outside and open the map to see the quest marker takes us to the Forsaken Cave, west of Windhelm but

before Nightingale Inn. Head on over there now using whatever means you can and enter the cave's opening. At the entrance of the cave will be a couple of Snow Bears. Dangerous if you aren't ready, and a good measure on whether or not you can handle yourself well enough. Kill them both and head down a spiral staircase to a tomb area. As you may have guessed, Draugr inhabit this area, so be ready for them and get in some sneak attacks/first hits when you can. Follow the path and loot the chest, then take out 2 Draugr and continue to a burial area. Remember, the Draugr can come OUT of the wall here, so get in the first hit! There are two more Draugr in the burial area to kill and a door nearby that you can lockpick to access a chest. Loot the place and continue on down the linear path down to an area where all the dead lay horizontally. Watch out for enemies on the slabs here as well as patrolling Draugr. There is easily 6+ Draugr in this area, as well as fire traps on the floor. Be sure to check the embalming tables here too for gold bars (I found two of them!). Continue down a hallway watching out for floor traps and more goodies on the bookshelves until you can enter the Forsaken Crypt. Head into the crypt and kill the Draugr. Ransack the shelves and follow th path up and around to a higher level, killing another Draugr along the way. Keep following the path killing Draugr and looting until you get to a bigger room with an iron door on the left and some Draugr. Take out the Draugr and pick the door if you wish as there's a chest behind it. Don't step into the circle in the room though, as it's a trap. Keep heading down the path until you can open another door. Up ahead past some swinging-blade traps is a coffin straight ahead of you. Get ready for a fight (I'd highly recommend a companion here and perhaps a powerful shout like slow time or something for crowd management). As you enter the room, a DEATHLORD will wake up from the main coffin with FOUR other Draugr of various strengths appearing from the sides of the room. Take them all out. There is actually a WORD WALL that teaches a MARKED FOR DEATH word in this room, but it's got two staircases leading up to it that I like to use to separate myself from the many Draugr. After the fight get the new word of power and loot the chest, then head under the word wall to find an "Ancient Bowl". With the mixture that you received, you can activate the bowl and open up a secret room beyond. In here you can find a TON of alchemy items, an alchemy lab, an ALCHEMY SKILLBOOK named "A Game at Dinner" on a shelf, and of course the White Phial on a pedestal. This phial is cracked, though, just take note of that. Ok, now it's time to exit (use the iron door to the left of the word wall for a quick exit) and return to Nurelion. Once you show him the vial, he'll accuse you of breaking it. In the end, he'll only give you FIVE septims and take the phial (we will then, interestingly enough, go lay down on his bed and when you interact with him it will only say he is asleep and dying). Go speak to Quintus now who will have taken over running the shop and will give you a more fitting reward of 500 gold septims. He will then head off to make Nurelion's last days more bearable. And with that the quest will be complete. (-NOTE-) After 3-4 days, you will be contacted by a courier who will give you a letter from Quintus. It appears that he has found a way to REPAIR the White Phial, and wants to talk to you about it. This starts the

quest "Repairing the Phial", so look it up if you need help with it! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== W O L F Q U E E N A W A K E N E D _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1220] How to trigger quest: This quest is a continuation of "The Man who Cried Wolf", so be sure you have done that quest before doing this one. After doing that quest, you may have to either go level up or wait 3-4 days and Falk Firebeard will send you a letter via courier. Once you get the letter, go see him at the Blue Palace where he will tell you that despite your efforts before, Potema has been summoned and is in spirit form. We will get the quest once we agree to go talk to the Priest of Arkey, Styrr. Once you accept the quest head to the Hall of the Dead in the city (follow the quest marker if you haven't been there before) where you will find Styrr. Talk to him about Potema and he'll tell you that you must go find her in her catacombs, find her remains (likely a skeleton) and bring it back to him to be blessed. He'll give you Potema's Catacombs Key as well. Head back outside and head to the Temple of the Divines now (again, its in the city, just follow the marker). Head downstairs (take the left path) and open the iron gate you find with the key and proceed into Potema's Catacombs. Inside the catacomb, head down the stairs and stop at the dead end by the bars. Potema herself will speak to you here, saying that you will serve her when you die. After she's done, the bars will lower. Head in and kill the Draugr in this first part and then go left to some stairs. There is a chest under the stairs and one past the stairs. Loot both and in the next room will be two Draugr and a Vampire. Here, shoot the POT OF FIRE on the ceiling to occupty the occupants below and then take out the Draugr up above with you before cleaning up whoever survived the fire below. Also, be sure to check by the barrels below for the "Surfeit of Thieves", a LOCKPICKING SKILLBOOK. Continue forth past a gate and kill a Draugr patrolling to the left. Notice the nearby Draugr on the wall. This one is dead, but others won't be (there's a fire trap in front of it too). Continue through another door where in the distance is another wall Draugr. This one is alive, so kill him. Head down the path now and to the right on the upper section a Draugr will get up. There is another one further down too (and potions on the left-hand wall) so kill them all and continue. You'll go down some stairs and kill a vampire in the hallway beyond before coming to a room with some water on the left. Be ready here, as the Draugr will rise out of the water! Kill them and watch out for trap pressure plates on the floor as you leave. After that room you'll head down some stairs and Draugr will be waiting for you on the right (two of them). Take them out and go examine the treasure chest on the left. It is trapped, so undo the trap or open it from the side. Head down the tunnel now and hit the lever, which will start a spinning wall door where an iron gate will appear as the stone spins around and it will T H E

open randomly, so whenever the gate appears AND is open, RUN through the trap! Beyond that is a bunch of potions on the ground near an alchemy lab, so take them and use the lab if you wish before heading into Potema's Refuge. Head down the tunnel and at the opening kill the Draugr to the left (a deathlord for me, he was staring off to the left letting me do a sneak attack with ease!). Head right now and soon you'll hear and see another rotating stone door. Before going through it, open the door to the right and kill the vampire inside. Now, look behind the coffin and pull the lever. It opens a stone door to the right that leads to a treasure chest! Sweet! Head back now to the rotating stone door. There are actually THREE stone doors here, but there are three levers as well. What you need to do is use the levers to STOP the rotating. The levers can make the doors go left or right or, when in the middle, can STOP the door. Make it so that each door is stopped with the gate open (which isn't hard to do, but does require patience). After the doors will be two soul gems that will shoot fireballs at you, so heal yourself and run up to them and take them to make them stop. Past that is a big room with another vampire and a Draugr for you to kill. Take them out and head down the stairs into Potema's Sanctum. In here head forward through the door to a burial preparation room. In the door beyond you will find 2-3 Draugr AND a Vampire, so be ready for those kind of numbers (I fought 3 Draugr, a Skeleton, and a Vampire - something area-of-effect related would be useful here). Beyond that is a room FULL of dead Draugr. It's a dead end, but go in and start looting the dead (take their WEAPONS too, even if just for right now) and soon Potema will speak to you again. She will then revive three of the bodies here and they will attack you (if you took their weapons, they will be weapon-less). Take them out and drop whatever items you don't want (or continue looting) and continue to an iron door. This is a good place to save by the way. Head inside the door where the spirit of Potema will be swirling around above you. It will ask you once again to die and join her army, but then it will start reviving nearby Draugr and sending them at you! It will also send a wave of electricity randomly around the room that WILL hurt you if you touch it (it goes around in a circle). Sneaky types can easily hide out by the door even when the waves of Draugr spawn, although there are a few spawning points by the door as well. Each wave will have 3-4 Draugr in it and you'll be facing three waves. Take them out like you would any other enemy, but think of using a shout or summoned companions to help you out. At the end, you will be told to find Potema's remains and the spirit will fly through the far door, opening it up! However, Potema's spirit will now attack in ghostly form! Take it out (it isn't too hard) but be aware that it will try to raise the dead Draugr to help it. After killing the spirit, loot it for an enchanted weapon and head through the door it opened to find Potema's Skull on the throne. Grab it and then loot the chest nearby for several impressive items, including the RALLY spell and "The Legend of Kratley House", a SNEAKING SKILLBOOK. Head up through the door now and into another room. There's a pedestal with a dwarven helmet on it, but don't focus on that and focus on killing the two Draugr to the left and right of the pedestal. Loot them and open the door leading to Skyrim in front of you. You will be in the mountains above Solitude now. Loot the chest nearby for some goodies and fast-travel back to Solitude. Our first stop should be to the Hall of the Dead to give the remains to Styrr. Give him the skull and he

will be thankful. Now, head over to the Blue Palace and go report back to Falk who will thank you as well, but with money! He will pay you 1800 Septims and give you the "Shield of Solitude" as a reward: - SHIELD OF SOLITUDE: Increases Magic Resistance by 30%. Block 35% more damage with your shield. You will now be done with this quest. Congrats, protector of Solitude! --=======------=======----=-=----===-----===-----------====----=-------===----==-------======-------====-=-====---=====---===========----====-=======---===== U N F A T H O M A B L E D E P T H S _,-^\_}\________________,-.________________/{_/`-._ `-._/}/'-'\{\_,-^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - [BK1221] How to trigger quest: First, head over to the Riften Fishery area outside of Riften (to the south west) where you will find an Argonian walking the docks named From-DeepestFathoms. Talk to her. She will immediately ask you to "return the lexicon" and just seems overall... off. Agree to take the lexicon back to Avanchnzel for her and you'll start this quest. Avanchnzel is a dwarven ruin to the west of Riften. Make your way over to it or fast travel if you've already discovered it and enter. Head through the tunnels to the first opening where you'll see red spirits talk amongst each other, From-Deepest-Fathoms included. It seems that she and three others were hired to steal this lexicon. Listen to the spirits until the leave, then go down the path and kill two dwemer spiders. Continue onto a bridge past some doors and you'll see two of the spirits talking and heading straight, saying this place was like a library on the dwemer. Here you can follow the spirits or go left. Left leads up to the Avanchnzel Balcony and has some more spiders for you to kill, so go straight. You'll be in a hallway full of steam. Follow it and kill the two dwemer guardians who patrol the hallways until you get to some hallways leading down. There are more spiders down here as well as a door on the way down you can lockpick to access a chest. Head forwards and soon you'll be overlooking a wide cave area. Use the ledge here to get in some ranged shots on the four spiders hanging out down here. After killing them, go through the door to see another scene from the raiding party. Afterwards, check the left alcove for a chest and go through the door beyond to enter the Avanchnzel Animoncultory. Head down and kill the spider and sphere guardian you find, then pick the door on the right. After you pick the lock, the spirits will complain that none of them can pick a lock (hilarious!). Head onwards and keep your eyes open for a chest up some stairs to the right and soon you'll be at a camp where you'll see another scene between the spirits. Head on and enter a room on the right (enter it quickly as a trap is sprung) to find a chest and, on the table, a RESTORATION SKILLBOOK named "Racial Phylogeny". Keep going through a storage area with a skeleton in it. There's also an alchemy lab to the left if you need it. Head further down a ramp and through a door to face two more spiders and a sphere guardian. Take them out and unlock a door on the right for a chest and some goodies on a table. There's another locked door on the left too for another chest and more goodies.

Keep going on to see another scene between two spirits and afterwards go through the next door to enter a HUGE wide-open area. Here, you will be above an assembly area of sorts with FIVE dwemer spiders walking around below. Ranged players should sneak to the left and get on the metal bookcase inside the room (jump over it) to get to a nice ranged spot to attack from. Once you kill all the spiders, be SURE to loot the two dwarven centurion enemies in the middle of this area for some GOOD loot, then go up the stairs to the northwest. Down this hallway you'll find the corpse of Drennen, one of the looters. Continue on (loot the chest under the shelves on the right) to see a scene where Drennen runs off. Now go through the doors to the Avanchnzel Boilery. You'll see a scene in here, then continue on and downwards and kill another sphere guardian. Past that is another storage area (with LOTS of dwemer ingots if you want them) and another scene by the door. Past the door on the floor are a LOT of floor plates that spring a spinning blade trap, complete with pistons that force you into it. However, it's a ways down the ramp, and I do NOT see how anyone could fall for this trap. Wait, Watches-The-Roots fell for it apparently. Further on is a wide room, but don't rush in. There is a Dwarven Centurion alive and well on the left-side of the room, so sneak attack it if you can. Once you kill it you'll see Breya's corpse in here with another dead Centurion. Loot everyone and put the lexicon back into the lexicon receptacle. You will now have completed this quest, but you will also gain a prize: knowledge! ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge gained from the Lexicon gives you a 25% bonus when wearing Dwarven Armor and Blacksmithing increases 25% faster. A VERY nice reward! Past the lexicon receptacle is a lift that takes you back to Avanchnzel (a shortcut back to the path split from WAY earlier) which you can use to take you back to Skyrim. _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 13. Dragon Information ||| [BK1300] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 13.1] Unique Dragons ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=.BK1301.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '------'

[Coming Soon!]

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ 13.2] Dragon Wall Shouts/Locations ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=.BK1302.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= '------'

You can't deny that Dragon Shouts play a VERY important part in Skyrim. Here, I will list the SHOUTS you can acquire in the game as well as WHERE to find the various Draon Wall locations that TEACH you the words to the shouts. Now, there's a few things I want to point out before getting into this. The first thing that you should know (that you probably already know by now) is that you MUST have a DRAGON SOUL to "unlock" a Dragon Wall Word of Power so that you can use it. Obviously, there are a TON of exceptions to this rule, as you learn a LOT of shouts simply by playing the MAIN storyline quest. Heck, for a lot of those shouts you don't even need souls or dragon walls! However most shouts are taught one word at a time and you need to learn them and unlock them one word at a time. The next VERY IMPORTANT thing you should know is that there is actually a quest that the GREYBEARDS of High Hrothgar give you that POINTS OUT WHERE IN THE WORLD YOU CAN FIND DRAGON WALLS. As you can imagine, this quest is AWESOME if you want to get all the Dragon Wall locations. You can get this quest from Arngeir and it will pop up in your MISCELLANEOUS QUEST list (it will say something like "Find the Word of Power in " random location "). You will need to wait for a few days inbetween Arngeir telling you where the Dragon Walls are though. ALSO, you can use SHOUTS in towns/cities/dungeons and you will have a chance of a COURIER giving you a LETTER FROM A FRIEND that will point out where a DRAGON WALL IS as well. Lastly, I have discovered that DRAGON WALLS don't necessarily give you a SPECIFIC WORD, as different words have been acquired at the same Dragon Wall in the same place. The SHOUT of the word will be the same though, so don't be surprised if you go to a wall and get a different word than I do for the same shout. Here's what you've been waiting for:

-= A N I M A L A L L E G I A N C E = o Words of Power: Animal, Allegiance, Pack! o Locations: - Location 1: Found by traversing Ysgramor's Tomb, during The Companions quest "Glory of the Dead". - Location 2: Found out in the open world at a place called Ancient's Ascent (in the mountains east of Falkreath). You have to go through a short cave called Bonechill Passage first. - Location 3: Inside Aangarvunde (which is located SE of Ivarstead, S of the Atronach Stone). o Description: A Shout for help from the beasts of the wild, who come to fight in your defense. o Recharge: 50, 60, 70

o My thoughts: I really haven't used this one a lot... mainly because I'm a Wood Elf in the game and already have this power, but I can't imagine it being a staple in your favorites. It may be nice to get an unwanted bear off your back once in a while... (-NOTE-) A Dragon may be guarding location 2's Dragon Wall. -= A U R A W H I S P E R = o Words of Power: Life, Seek, Hunt! o Locations: - Location 1: Volunruud Elder's Cairn (during the random quest "Silenced Tongues"). - Location 2: Inside the Valthume Catacombs (during the "Evil in Waiting" Random quest). - Location 3: Northwind Summit (which is just NW of the small town of Shor's Stone, north of Riften). You can either go through the Northwind Mine to get there (approach from the north) or you can scale the hill itself (approach from the south). o Description: Your Voice is not a Shout, but a whisper, revealing the life forces of any and all. o Recharge: 30, 40, 50 o My thoughts: At first I didn't think much of this shout, but it is EXTREMELY useful! It lets you see things through walls even! Heck, I can ENTER a dungeon, use this, and quickly count how many enemies are in the place. Now THAT has its uses... -= B E C O M E E T H E R E A L = o Words of Power: Fade, Spirit, Bind! o Locations: - Location 1: Found in Ustengrav, during the MAIN quest "The Horn of Jorgen Windcaller". - Location 2: Inside of Ironbind Barrow, which is north of Nightgate Inn (which is west of Windhelm). - Location 3: Lost Valley Redoubt, which is directly south of Rorikstead (Rorikstead is a small village west of Whiterun). Lost Valley Redoubt is against the edge of a mountain.

o Description: The Thu'um reaches out to the Void, changing your form to one that cannot harm, or be harmed. o Recharge: 20, 30, 40 o My thoughts: The power to become ethereal and not be hurt is unbelievably useful for those times when you are close to becoming part of the void yourself! You can use this to take a breather, regroup, and save yourself from certain death. (-NOTE-) Location #3 will be guarded by a clan of Forsworn. -= C A L L D R A G O N = o Words of Power: Snow, Hunter, Wing! o Locations: - Location 1-3: THIS shout is learned while playing through the MAIN quest line. You will learn it during the quest "The Fallen". No souls or word walls needed. o Description: Odahviing! Hear my Voice and come forth. I summon you in my time of need. o Recharge: 5, 5, 300 (You MUST use this shout all the way!) o My thoughts: You're able to call on Odahviing, how cool is that! This shout obviously only work in open areas, but is pretty cool. I don't use it that much, as I rarely find myself in need of a dragon ally. -= C A L L O F V A L O R = o Words of Power: Hero, Champion, Legend! o Locations: - Location 1-3: THIS shout is learned while playing through the MAIN quest line. You will learn it during the quest "Dragonslayer". No souls or word walls required. o Description: The valiant of Sovngarde hear your Voice, and journey beyond space and time to lend aid. o Recharge: 180, 180, 180

o My thoughts: If you ever find yourself overwhelmed and could use an extra set of hands, THIS is the shout for you. Any of the three warriors will provide a nice distraction. I have this on my favorite bar. (-NOTE-) One press will call forth Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, holding it a bit longer will call forth Felldir the Old, and holding it down all the way for a bit will call forth Hakon One-Eye. -= C L E A R S K I E S = o Words of Power: Sky, Spring, Summer! o Locations: - Location 1-3: Taught to you by Arngeir during the MAIN quest "The Throat of the World". No souls or word walls needed! o Description: Skyrim itself yields before the Thu'um, as you clear away fog and inclement weather. o Recharge: 5, 10, 15 o My thoughts: This shout clears the skies... not too much to say. It's a necessary shout to progress the story, but beyond that I've never used it. -= D I S A R M = o Words of Power: Weapon, Hand, Defeat! o Locations: - Location 1: Found inside Snow Veil Sanctum during the Thieves Guild quest "Speaking with Silence". - Location 2: Eldersblood Peak (Located just south of Morthal, up in the mountains). - Location 3: Silverdrift Lair (west of Nightgate Inn, which is west of Windhelm), at the end of the dungeon. o Description: Shout defies steel, as you rip the weapon from an opponent's grasp. o Recharge: 30, 35, 40

o My thoughts: Want to instantly take a foe out of the fight!? Here's a good shout for you! Useful for crowd control or to just downright guarantee that you'll win a one on one fight. (-NOTE-) Location #2 will likely be guarded by a dragon. -= D I S M A Y = o Words of Power: Fear, Run, Terror! o Locations: - Location 1: Dead Crone Rock, found during the Daedric quest "Pieces of the Past". - Location 2: Located out in the wide open world, at a place called Lost Tongue Overlook, which is just south of the SHADOW STONE (South of Riften). - Location 3: Shalidor's Maze (Head to Labyrinthian and use the local map to find Shalidor's Maze. The word wall is in the back. o Description: And the weak shall fear the Thu'um, and flee in terror. o Recharge: 40, 45, 50 o My thoughts: I don't really use this. There's also the fear spells that do the same thing. I dunno, I want to kill my targets, not chase them down. Situationally useful... (-NOTE-) A Dragon may be guarding location 2's Dragon Wall.

-= D R A G O N R E N D = o Words of Power: Mortal, Finite, Temporary! o Locations: - Location 1-3: THIS shout is learned while playing through the MAIN quest line. You will learn it during the quest "Alduin's Bane". o Description: Your Voice lashes out at a dragon's very soul, forcing the beast to land. o Recharge: 10, 12, 15

o My thoughts: Mortal, Finite, Temporary... the words that the immortal cannot understand. Dragonrend is pretty much a MUST if you want to face a dragon in melee combat, or if you just want it to stick around the ground for any amount of time. This is one shout you'll have on your favorites list. -= E L E M E N T A L F U R Y = o Words of Power: Air, Battle, Grace! o Locations: - Location 1: Just north of the "Statue to Meridia", which itself is just north of the small town of Dragon Bridge. - Location 2: Dragontooth Crater, just north of the Shrine to Peryite and the town of Karthwasten (all of which are southwest of Solitude). - Location 3: Shriekwind Bastion o Description: The Thu'um imbues your arms with the speed of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes. o Recharge: 30, 40, 50 o My thoughts: I fail to see how faster weapon strikes could possibly be a bad thing... unless you focus on archery or magic. (-NOTE-) Location #2 will be guarded by a Dragon. (-NOTE-) For Location #3, you want to enter NORTH Shriekwind Bastion. -= F I R E B R E A T H = o Words of Power: Fire, Inferno, Sun! o Locations: - Location 1: High Hrothgar, learned during the MAIN questline during the quest "The Throat of the World". - Location 2: Dustman's Cairn (in Dustman's Crypt) during The Companions quest "Proving Honor". - Location 3: Inside of Sunderstone Gorge (a mage infested dungeon, located east of Whiterun, just SE of Fort Sungard). o Description: Inhale air, exhale flame, and behold the Thu'um as inferno.

o Recharge: 30, 50, 100 o My thoughts: A pretty cool ability! You're already dragon-born, you may as well burn people to a crisp. Definitely try this out and see how you like it! -= F R O S T B R E A T H = o Words of Power: Frost, Cold, Freeze! o Locations: - Location 1: Located in Folgunthur Crypt (inside Folgunthur). Can be found while doing the random quest "Forbidden Legend". - Location 2: Located at the Skyborn Altar, just SE of Morthal and up in the mountains. Approach from the south. - Location 3: Bonestrewn Crest, south of Windhelm up on a small hill. o Description: Your breath is winter, your Thu'um a blizzard. o Recharge: 30, 50, 100 o My thoughts: Pretty much like Fire Breath, just with Frost. Pretty cool, you're going to want to try this one to see if you like it or not. (-NOTE-) Location #3 will be guarded by a Dragon. -= I C E F O R M = o Words of Power: Ice, Flesh, Statue! o Locations: - Location 1: Inside of Saarthal (southwest of Winterhold) found during the Mage's College quest "Under Saarthal". - Location 2: By Mount Anthor (which is south of Saarthal). - Location 3: Frostmere Depthes (found while doing "The Pale Lady" random quest). o Description: Your Thu'um freezes an opponent solid. o Recharge: 60, 90, 120

o My thoughts: You get to take a foe out of the fight as you freeze him solid. I don't use this a lot, but I can see how useful it would be, especially to thin numbers or win a one on one matchup. (-NOTE-) A Dragon will likely be guarding Location #2. -= K Y N E ' S P E A C E = o Words of Power: Kyne, Peace, Trust! o Locations: - Location 1: Found inside Ragnvald (Ragnvald is slightly NE of Markarth). - Location 2: Inside Rannveig's Fast (which is south of Morthal, on the southern side of the mountain). - Location 3: Inside of Shroud Hearth Barrow (By Ivarstead). Read the 2nd note below. o Description: The Voice soothes wild beasts, who lose their desire to fight or flee. o Recharge: 40, 50, 60 o My thoughts: This shout is for those times when you just don't feel like fighting with Skyrim's wildlife. (-NOTE-) Location 1 is guarded by a DRAGON PRIEST named Otar the Mad. I also did a Miscellaneous quest called "Unlock the Sarcophagus in Ragnvald" when I found that word wall. (-NOTE-) To get past a Dragonclaw wall, do the miscellaneous quest "Investigate Shroud Hearth Barrow". To start it, talk to the Ivarstead Innkeeper and do the quest, then go back with the prize that he will give you. -= M A R K E D F O R D E A T H = o Words of Power: Kill, Leech, Suffer! o Locations: - Location 1: Inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, during the Dark Brotherhood quest "Sanctuary". - Location 2: Forsaken Crypt (INSIDE the Forsaken Cave, which is west of

Windhelm and east of Nightgate Inn). - Location 3: Autumnwatch Tower (south of Ivarstead). Approach from the North/Northeast. o Description: Speak, and let your Voice herald doom, as an opponent's armor and lifeforce are weakened. o Recharge: 20, 30, 40 o My thoughts: This shout is pretty damn useful! It basically softens any target up, making them easier to kill, and is a godsend for dealing with bosses or tough one on one fights. I have this one favorited as well. (-NOTE-) Location #2 is guarded by a wizard named Curalmil, who is a Dragon Priest. And no, he has no mask to give you. (-NOTE-) Location #3 will be guarded by a dragon. -= S L O W T I M E = o Words of Power: Time, Sand, Eternity! o Locations: - Location 1: Inside Labyrinthian, near the very end, during The Mage's College quest "The Staff of Magnus". - Location 2: Inside Deepwood Redoubt, found during the Dark Brotherhood Miscellaneous Quest "Locate the Assassin of Old". - Location 3: Inside Korvanjund, found during the Civil War quest "The Jagged Crown". o Description: Shout at time, and command it to obey, as the world around you stands still. o Recharge: 30, 45, 60. o My thoughts: EXTREMELY effective and useful in large groups. Slow everyone and everything down while you rip them apart! The graphics kind-of fade out a bit when you do this, but you should definitely give this shout a try sometime! -= S T O R M C A L L = o Words of Power: Storm, Wrath, Lightning!

o Locations: - Location 1: Found in Skuldafn, while doing the MAIN quest "The World-Eater's Eyrie". - Location 2: Vokun's Throne Room (Inside of High Gate Ruins during the random quest "A Scroll For Anska"). - Location 3: Forelhost Ruins (Located SE of Riften, it's best to go ahead and do the random quest "Siege on the Dragon Cult" while you go for this word wall). o Description: A Shout to the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of Skyrim's lightning. o Recharge: 300, 480, 600 o My thoughts: This shout is SPENDY and therefore I hardly ever use it. Also, it makes NO distinction between friend and foe, as I saw it zap my horse over and over when I did use it. It is one COOL looking shout though, and talk about POWER. -= T H R O W V O I C E = o Words of Power: Voice, Fool, Far! o Locations: - Location 1-3: You can find this word wall near Shearpoint, which is west of the big city of Windhelm, up in the mountains. o Description: The Thu'um is heard, but its source unknown, fooling those into seeking it out. o Recharge: 30, 15, 5 o My thoughts: This shout is VERY useful for when you want to be sneaky. In fact, it's a grand idea to grab this shout before taking on the Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood questlines. (-NOTE-) There's a chance this Dragon Wall will be guarded by a dragon. (-NOTE-) This Dragon Wall is unique as it teaches you THREE words at once, letting you learn the entire shout in one go... provided you have the souls to use it. (-NOTE-) Guarded by a DRAGON PRIEST named Krosis who can devastate you with fireballs. Be careful and keep your head up. You'll get a sweet mask

called "Krosis" when you defeat the dragon priest though. -= U N R E L E N T I N G F O R C E = o Words of Power: Force, Balance, Push! o Locations: - Location 1: Found in Bleak Falls Barrow during the MAIN quest "Bleak Falls Barrow". - Locatoin 2: Taught to you by a Greybeard at High Hrothgar during the MAIN quest "The Way of the Voice". - Location 3: Taught to you by a Greybeard at High Hrothgar at the very end of the MAIN quest "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller". o Description: Your Voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone who stands in your path. o Recharge: 15, 20, 45 o My thoughts: Your first shout, Unrelenting Force is just plain cool. Who doesn't like throwing around enemies like rag dolls? It is especially useful in narrow spaces and can buy you a lot of time in big fights. You'll end up using it a lot. -= W H I R L W I N D S P R I N T = o Words of Power: Whirlwind, Fury, Tempest! o Locations: - Location 1: Taught to you by a Greybeard at High Hrothgar during the MAIN quest "The Way of the Voice". - Location 2: Located out on the world map at Volskyge Peak. Unless you can climb/glitch up the mountain, you'll have to battle through Volskyge Ruins, which are NW of Dragon Bridge and west of the Statue to Meridia. See the note below for more info. - Location 3: Dead Men's Respite (which is SW of Morthal). See the note below for more info. o Description: The Thu'um rushes forward, carrying you in its wake with the speed of a tempest. o Recharge: 20, 25, 35

o My thoughts: This shout is ALL about mobility and is just plain cool to use. It doesn't have a LOT of practical use though, aside from the times where you'll NEED to use it to beat some quests. (-NOTE-) Regarding Location 2: This place will be guarded by a DRAGON PRIEST named VOLSUNG, who attacks as soon as you learn the word from the DRAGON WALL. Also, if you end up going through the ruins, the puzzle solution is: Snake, Bear, Fox, Wolf. Trust me, you'll know when to use that. (-NOTE) Regarding Location 3: You'll have to follow around a ghost while exploring Dead Men's Respite. That and kill a lot of Draugr. There will be a DRAGON CLAW door puzzle here, and the answer is Wolf, Eagle, Wolf. _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 14. Followers ||| [BK1400] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O [Coming Soon!]

_____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 15. Trainers ||| [BK1500] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O After playing Skyrim for awhile you will quickly realize how HARD or TEDIOUS it can be to level up some skills in Skyrim. After all, to get 100 in say, pickpocketing, you're going to have to pick a LOT of pockets. Well, thankfully there is a way to gain skill levels in ANY skill by simply talking to and paying a NPC to train you. Below is a list of skills and the trainers that can train you in them, as well as where you can find them at. But first, here's a few ESSENTIAL pointers on training and what you can expect from being trained: o Training cost money. No way around it. The amount of money you must pay depends on how HIGH your skill is in the skill you're being trained in. The higher the skill, the more you can expect to pay. (-NOTE-) There IS a way to get free training, but not for everything. Certain trainers can ALSO be followers and companions, who follow you around in your travels. With THESE trainers you can pay them for training like normal, but you can then trade with them afterwards and take your money back, which will be in their inventory, making the training free as long as you can afford it in the first place. Trainers who are also companions are noted below. o Trainers have their own skill levels in the skill they are training you in. For example, an EXPERT in ARCHERY (Aela the Huntress) can only train you UP

TO level 75. She just can't go any further, meaning that if you want additional training you'll have to go find the MASTER trainer. o Training will indeed advance your level bar. o You can only train FIVE times per level. You can mix and match what skills you train in, but you can still only train five times per level. If you happen to level up while training, this will reset and you can then train TEN times in a row. o Many trainers will require that you become their friends BEFORE you can train with them. This often means joining a group officially (like the companions or thieves guild) before they will train you, or perhaps even complete a quest for them before they will train you. If a trainer below is not training you, you very well may need to complete a quest for them or advance further into the guild missions before they will train you. -= Alchemy = - COMMON: Lami The owner of the Thaumaturgist's Hut in Morthal. - EXPERT: Arcadia The owner of Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun. - MASTER: Babette A member of The Dark Brotherhood. -= Alteration = - EXPERT: Dravynea the Stoneweaver Mage living in Kynesgrove. - MASTER: Tolfdir A member of the College of Winterhold. -= Archery = - COMMON: Faendal Wood Eld residing in Riverwood. (-NOTE-) Can become your companion. - EXPERT: Aela the Huntress

Located in Whiterun, one of the Companions. (-NOTE-) Can become your companion. - MASTER: Faralda A member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. -= Block = - EXPERT: Njada Stonearm Located in Whiterun, one of the Companions. (-NOTE-) Can become your companion. - MASTER: Chief Larak Chief of the Orcs at Mor Khazgur -= Conjuration = - COMMON: Runil Priest of Arkay, lives in the Hall of the Dead in Falkreath. - EXPERT: Phinis Gestor A member of the College of Winterhold. - MASTER: Falion Powerful wizard living in Morthal. -= Destruction = - COMMON: Wuunferth the Unliving Court Magician at The Palace of Kings in Windhelm. - EXPERT: Sybille Stentor Court Magician at The Blue Palace in Solitude. - MASTER: Faralda

A member of the College of Winterhold. -= Enchanting = - EXPERT: Sergius Turrianus A member of the College of Winterhold. - MASTER: Hamal Leader of the priestesses in The Temple of Dibella, located in Markarth. -= Heavy Armor = - EXPERT: Gharol An Orc, a member of the community in Dushnikh Yal (Southeast of Markarth). - MASTER: Farkas Located in Whiterun, one of the Companions. (-NOTE-) Can become your companion. -= Illusion = - EXPERT: Atub An Orc, a member of the community in Largashbur (West of Riften). - MASTER: Drevis Neloren A member of the College of Winterhold. -= Light Armor = - COMMON: Scouts-Many-Marshes An Argonian who works on the docks in Windhelm. - EXPERT: Grelka The armor vendor in Riften. - MASTER: Nazir A member of The Dark Brotherhood.

-= Lockpicking = - EXPERT: Ma'jhad Khajiit caravan member often set up outside of Solitude. - MASTER: Vex A member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. (-NOTE-) I've seen Vex STOP offering training, but I'm not sure why. Perhaps some sort of glitch? -= One-Handed = - COMMON: Amren A Redguard male residing in Whiterun. - EXPERT: Athis Located in Whiterun, one of the Companions. (-NOTE-) Can become your companion. - MASTER: Chief Burguk Chief of the Orcs, located in Dushnikh Yal (Southeast of Markarth). -= Pickpocket = - EXPERT: Silda The Unseen A begger wandering the streets of Windhelm. - MASTER: Vipir the Fleet A member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. -= Restoration = - EXPERT: Keeper Carcette Leader of the Vigilant of Stendarr, loacted in the Hall of the Vigilant (south of Dawnstar).

- EXPERT: Colette A member of the College of Winterhold. - MASTER: Danica Pure-Spring The leader in the Temple of Kynareth, in Whiterun. -= Smithing = - COMMON: Ghorza gra-Bagol Blacksmith, works at the open blacksmith in Markarth. - EXPERT: Balimund Blacksmith, works at the open blacksmith in Riften. - MASTER: Eorlund Gray-Mane Blacksmith, works at the Skyforge in Whiterun for the Companions. -= Sneak = - COMMON: Khayla Khajiit caravan member often set up outside of Whiterun. - EXPERT: Garvey A homeless man who lives in the Warrens in Markarth. - MASTER: Delvin Mallory A member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. (-NOTE-) I've seen Delvin STOP offering training, but I'm not sure why. Perhaps some sort of glitch? -= Speech = - COMMON: Revyn Sadri Owner of Sadri's used wares in Windhelm. - COMMON: Dro'marash Khajiit caravan member often set up outside of Dawnstar.

- EXPERT: Ogmund A bard that hangs out in the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth. - MASTER: Giraud Gemane A member of The Bard's College in Solitude. -= Two-Handed = - EXPERT: Torbjorn Shattter-Shield Located in Windhelm, often by the mercheants. - MASTER: Vilkas Located in Whiterun, one of the Companions. (-NOTE-) Can become your companion. _____________________________________ O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Skyrim ||| 16. Standing Stone Locations ||| [BK1600] O==================|||---------------------------------|||====================O Standing Stones are spread all throughout Skyrim, offering different advantages to those that find them and choose to use them. Here you will find a list of all the Standing Stones, where they are, and more importantly what they do. There are a total of 13 stones, but getting to some will be much easier than getting to others. New adventurers will undoubtedly run into the "Guardian Stones" first and may as well take up one of them. But its important to note that only ONE stone may be active at a time: if you choose another, you will gain its effects while loosing whatever affects you may have had. (-NOTE-) These stones are listed in alphabetical order. -= The Apprentice Stone = Location: Just North of "Fort Snowhawk", or just northwest of the big city of Morthal. Effects: Those under the sign of The Apprentice recover Magicka faster, but are more susceptible to Magicka damage. (-NOTE-) Just as the stone says, you'll recover magic faster but be hurt by it more, which is a VERY BAD thing when facing mages or mage-ladden dungeons. With all the magic recovering equipment out there, think

twice before taking this stone.

-= The Atronach Stone = Location: South of Windhelm quite a ways, in the marsh. It's slightly northeast of Darkwater Crossing. Effects: Those under the sign of The Atronach absorb a portion of incoming spell damage and have a larger pool of Magicka, but recover it more slowly. (-NOTE-) Personally I think this is an outstanding choice for mages. You basically get the Breton and High Elf RACIAL PERKS all in one at the cost of reduced magic regeneration. However, there's so much equipment to make up for the magic regeneration. Something for you to consider.

-= The Lady Stone = Location: North of Falkreath, in the middle of a lake. Just a small ways easy of Half-Moon Mill. Effects: Those under the sign of The Lady regenerate Health and Stamina more quickly. (-NOTE-) I like how "The Lady" is in the middle of a lake. This choice will bump up your regen rates, but you can do that with equipment as well if you wished. Of course, ideally you wouldn't be draining your health or stamina that much anyways...

-= The Lord Stone = Location: Just south of Dawnstar, up on the northern edge of the mountain. You can find a path leading into the mountain by going south from Dawnstar and find it that way. Effects: Those under the sign of The Lord are more resistant to both Magicka and physical damage. (-NOTE-) If you think you're just plain too squishy, THIS is the stone for you. It grants you 50 points of damage resistance and 25% magic resistance. This will help protect you through anything.

-= The Lover Stone =

Location: Northeast of Markarth, up in the mountains. I personally got to it by approaching from the west. You're going to have to do some climbing. Effects: Those under the sign of The Lover always feel a Lover's Comfort (All skills improve faster). (-NOTE-) The Lover stone is like an all-in-one combination of "The Guardian Stones". You level up magic, combat, AND stealth skills faster, but at a lower rate than if you had a Guardian Stone active (about 15% faster compared to 20%). Still, a great pick for an all-around character. Also beware of the Cave Bear that often lurks nearby.

-= The Mage Stone = Location: Slightly northwest of the game's starting location of Helgen. Effects: Those under the sign of The Mage will learn all magic skills 20% faster. (-NOTE-) This is one of the first stones you'll have access to. It's shown on the map as the "Guardian Stones". Effective for raising any magic skill faster.

-= The Ritual Stone = Location: Just east of Whiterun, past a bridge and up a hill. Effects: Once a day, those under the sign of The Ritual can reanimate nearby corpses to fight for them. (-NOTE-) This stone is often guarded by a necromancer and some skeletons, which makes sense. It is very effective in large battles, where you can turn the tides easily.

-= The Serpent Stone = Location: East of Winterhold. Like, far east. It's out in the ice floes, where you wouldn't think anything should be. Trust me, its out there. Effects: Once a day, those under the sign of The Serpent can use a ranged paralyzing poison on opponents. (-NOTE-) One of the worst stones in my opinion. Sure, paralyzing and poisoning an opponent is VERY helpful, but there's magic for that and frankly other standing stones are better.

-= The Shadow Stone = Location: Directly south of Riften. You'll want to find a road to the southwest of Riften that loops around to the standing stone. Effects: Once a day, those under the sign of The Shadow can become invisible for an extended period. (-NOTE-) Not a bad choice. The invisibility that you gain lasts for a whole minute, which is pretty damn good. There's spells and potions that can do the same thing, but for a stealthy character this is VERY tempting.

-= The Steed Stone = Location: North of the (smallish) town of Dragon Bridge, the Steed Stone is up in the mountains. You'll want to head due north and then west from the "Statue to Meridia" until you can head up and east to get to this standing stone. Effects: Those under the sign of The Steed can carry more and do not suffer a movement penalty from armor. (-NOTE-) The Steed Stone allows you to CARRY more, which is great if you're always making multiple trips somewhere to haul loot back. In fact, it allows you to carry 10