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Human Impact - Global warming

Task: Outline the human impact causing increased greenhouse effect, which causes damage to the ecosystems and the biosphere. You may write a short essay or, more concentrated, as a pamphlet. 1. Introduction: Describe the greenhouse effect as a natural phenomenon. State that without it organisms should have evolved differentially. State that the problem lies in its enhancement by certain human activities. 2. Explain the causes of the increased greenhouse effect, supported by data. Include details for the most influencing greenhouse gases (sources and relative effect) and mention other greenhouse gases shortly. 2. Explain the effects of the increased greenhouse effect, supported by data. The effects should include both the direct effects on Earth, and the indirect effects to the environment and to the humans. 3. Discuss measures, which could be taken to contain or reduce the impact, with reference to the functioning of the ecosystem. Suggestions for sources: Remember to refer to and acknowledge the sources used!

Textbooks and Educationals Mackean: Biology GCSE Copied pages from other textbooks, on request (UCAR = University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) (eng. version) (Svenska miljntet - svensk version),,NAV2-79,00.html Authorities * (Environment Protection Agency = Naturvrdsverket i USA, klimatfrgor) (Environment Protection Agency = Naturvrdsverket i USA) (Naturvrdsverket = svenska epa) (som fregende, men p svenska) (University of Colorado and NOAA) (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UN)

Organizations (European Environment Agency = EU:s miljverk) * (SNF/Naturskyddsfreningen) (WWF/World Wildlife Fund) (Sierra Club) (Artiklar ifrn Reuters om miljfrgor) (Den stora klimatutmaningen - kampanj) (Greenpeace) (Friends of the earth/Jordens vnner) (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies) eller pdf) (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UN) (Synthesis Report) (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UN) Commercials