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Introduction Nowadays we see that many organizations become powerful and more flexible in the market because of the

technology application and services that they use (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). In addition, these technology applications and services may sometimes be not useful for some organizations. As a result, you need to be aware of that, and balance the advantages and disadvantages of the service that may appear to your organization (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). This report will explain how a technology service named VOIP (which means voice over IP) can affect a medium-size supermarket chain (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). Moreover, the report will analyze and illustrate what is VOIP, who are the major providers of it, how useful it is for the business, how can you gain competitive advantage and what are the disadvantages that can appear on such as a business (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). Voice over IP VOIP is a technology system or service that gives you the ability to have voice calls over the Internet. For example, you can communicate with other people through the internet, therefore, it is low cost service or free, depending on whether you call on a computer or on a telephone (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). VOIP is using the IP protocols so it transforms voice calls into digital sound and it is designed for the Internet (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). With VOIP you can call from PC to PC and from PC to land lines telephones and mobile phones. Furthermore, usually from PC to PC it is free and from PC to landline telephone or mobile phone there is a charge, but in a low price (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). VOIP can be used for call center activities, a booking system and information system with a variety of different languages. For instance, you are using VOIP to give information and guide each customer to the right department (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). As a VOIP user you can read your voice mails, missed calls, line status and you can deliver voice text, video and recognition of text. As a result, VOIP gives the ability to their user to make their social networking in different ways (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). VOIP can also be used through the wireless Internet system which gives the ability to the users to use it without any cable. In addition, there are many methods that you can use wireless network; for example laptops, mobiles and desktops (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). To use VOIP you need the software and a broadband connection that enables you access on the Internet. Additionally, the computers or the phones that are using VOIP must have sound card, speakers and microphone (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006).

Major providers of voice over IP

VOIP has many providers, who, depending on the services they provide, they make low and high charges to customers. For example: Lingo: provides free unlimited calls to US, Canada and 22 other countries. In addition, Lingo provides you the equipment and guarantee within 30 days to get your money back. Moreover, Lingo charges you 21,95 $ per month (Nadeem Unuth, 2011). this provider charges lower from the other competitors with the amount of 16,95 $ per moth. Furthermore, the service provides you with a soft phone that works with the service, extra line and a voice mail that connects to the mobile phone. Additionally, offers you a grand steam ATA, shipped fee and youyoure your money back within 30 days, if unsatisfied (Nadeem Unuth, 2011). Broadvoice: this VOIP service provides the best deals for international calls and generally out of the country boarders. In addition, there is a starting fee of 5 $ per month and guarantee to take your money back within 30 days. Moreover, this service works with sip-cable devices as well (Nadeem Unuth, 2011). Creation value for the business VOIP gives the ability to its users to have cheap phone bills because the bill does not depend on the length of your call. For example, the supermarket chain has many food and drink suppliers, so they need to make many phone calls to make their orders (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). As a supermarket chain with 40 supermarkets in different locations it has different customers. Furthermore, it can replace receptionists that connect each customer to the right person and right department with VOIP. As a result, it saves wages and time (voiceoverIPstore, 2007). VOIP gives the ability to increase employees productivity. Moreover, VOIP provides speed calls, conference calls, video calling, voice text and translation. For example, VOIP provides flexibility to the employees off the store to work in many different ways with their customers and suppliers (voiceoverIPstore, 2007).

Most of the 600 supermarket staff will need a phone to make their job easier. Additionally, with VOIP it can provide a broadband with wireless Internet to each store and office and make it accessible to every one. As a result, it will reduce the storage of phone lines to each person and departments (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006).

Increase competiveness If the suppliers have VOIP as well, as a supermarket chain it will save it a huge amount of money. For instance, most VOIP services are providing free calls from VOIP to VOIP. This will give a comparative advantage from other competitors because it saves the supermarket extra costs (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). VOIP can provide information to the customers threw phone lines and help them more efficiently. Moreover, this gives to the company a comparative advantage to attract customers by providing them better support and by providing them information for their services with low costs (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). A supermarket chain may import many products and have to deal with many suppliers from abroad. In addition, VOIP gives the ability to call easy and cheap to foreign suppliers. As a result, it can make better deals and get in touch more often with its suppliers and be more competitive than others (Gaynor Backhouse, 2006). Limitations and problems of voice over IP VOIP needs a high speed Internet to have a good and quick quality. For example, VOIP sends data to satellites and sometimes many Internet providers cannot take the signals, because they might travel in a low speed (Jie m., eHow Contributor, 2010). Many users have high speed Internet and other low speed so the data do not come the same time. Furthermore, VOIP balances the data to come at the same time, but it can lead to having bad quality, if this situation appears often. (Jie m., eHow Contributor, 2010). VOIP needs special equipment and sometimes needs some technical knowledge to set it up and use it. Consequently, the organization will need to set up some equipments to use VOIP and someone to set it up and explain to the users how to use it. When you receive phone calls from VOIP there are not many information about the call such as address of each call. As a result, the business may not have the full information about the calls that they received from the customers and suppliers (Jie m., eHow Contributor, 2010). Conclusion Taking everything into consideration, voice over IP is a big change in the telecommunication system. Moreover, there are many advantages that can help businesses to reduce cost, staff, to make the staff more productive and make their services better to customers. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages such as technical problems, requirement of special equipment and less information about the callers. Finally, there are many providers and each one provides different options, so each company chooses the right VOIP depending on their needs.

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