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To sponsor a bulletin, please send an email to, along with the requested week.

Benjamin Yudin, Rabbi 12 Sivan, 5772 June 2, 2012 Andrew Markowitz, Assistant Rabbi
Erev Shabbat Candle-lighting: Early 6:56 / Zman 8:04 PM Mincha: Early 6:41 / Zman 8:09PM Daf Yomi Niddah 12: 7:45AM Shacharit 7:45/ 8:30/ 9:00AM Sof Zman Kriyas Shema: 9:10 AM Perek in the Park w/ Rabbi Markowitz 5:15PM Pre-Mincha Shiur w/ Rabbi Markowitz Mincha: 8:00PM Dvar Torah at Seudah Shlishit w/ Rabbi Wally Greene Shabbos Ends: 9:18PM Parsha: Artscroll: p748 The Living Torah: p676 Hertz: p586 / Haftorah: Artscroll: p1181 The Living Torah: p1185 Hertz: p602

This week we read Perek 1 of Pirkei Avos. Kiddush: Kiddush upstairs: follows davening Kiddush downstairs: Sponsored by the Abraizov and Sher families in honor of Ettie Sher completing her Radiology residency, and in honor of their family and friends who supported Ettie through the process. Youth Kiddush: Seudah Shlishit: sponsored by Mrs. Lillian Levey & Family to commemorate Tzippy Jasphy Levey's 1st Yarhzheit. Mazal Tov to: Walter and Bernice Grossman on the engagement of their granddaughter Ettie Kin to Yosef Bersson of Monsey Jeff & Kathi Packard on the birth of a granddaughter, Elizabeth Sarah to their children Jessica & Adam. Thank You to: To all of the families who donated the beautiful flowers on Shavuoth. The Baal Kriah Upstairs J. Bloom Young Couples D. Krich Youth Minyan- A. Levin, Y. Robin, Aharon Schreiber, Shalom Zharnest,
Refuah Shelaimah to: Faiga bas Yita Rivka, Bernice Grossman (Breina bat Leah), Tova Flancbaum (Tova Tziporah bat Pesya), Leah Goldman (Leah Golda bat Esther Frimmet), Evelyne Hait (Esther Frimmet bat Raizel), Ceil Heller (Tzivia Rivka bat Naomi Chedvah), Regina Klepfisz (Rivka bat Tzipporah Sima), Jeff Packard (Chayim Zelig ben Sarah Rivkah), Stuart Schochet (Shimon Yaakov HaKohen ben Chava Sheindel), Zvi Yerachmel ben Shaindel, Lola Weisfeld (Leah Devorah bat Priba Tziral), Talya bat Yehudit Shlomit & Avichai ben Rivka. In Our Shul:

The Sisterhood is honoring Marilyn Barth at this year's Sisterhood Dinner on Tuesday, June 5th. Please RSVP for dinner to Leah Bien at 201-791-0625. The business listings from the shul dinner have been loaded on the shuls website under the heading of "sponsors". Please patronize them and tell them that you are from Shomrei Torah. Additionally, the "Book of Honor" will be posted shortly so that if anyone wants to see the actual journal that the honorees received, they can look there. Torah Tuesday at Night presents Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich well known Jewish Refusenik and Soviet prisoner. Rabbi Mendelevich will speak at Shomrei Torah on June 6th. The program is sponsored by the Brodsky, Glass, Gulko, and Schoenbrun families. Special Mincha at 6:30 PM, Dinner at 6:45PM and Rabbi Mendelevich will speak at 7:15 PM on keeping the mitzvot in the Gulag and the miracle of the Exodus from Russia. If you would like to make a reservation please contact Mendy Aron at required and must be made no later than June 4th. A five dollar donation per person is suggested to defray any expenses Torah Tuesday on Thursday 6/7 is sponsored by Barbara and Michael Epstein in honor of their granddaughter Avigayil Jarashow graduating from Frisch.
To sponsor a Seudah Shlishit please call Esther Silvestri at 201 741-5341

Please note that on June 16, 2012 we will have our Graduation Kiddush. To be a sponsor please contact by June 10 Reina Wertman at 201-926-8182/ Tachanun will not be recited until Shacharit on Sivan 13, Sunday June 3 SCRIP is available for Shoprite, Pathmark, Staples, Glatt Express, Best Glatt, Food Showcase, Petaks, Zaidies, Glatt Express, Maadan, Dunkin Donuts, AMC Movies, Lands End, LL Bean, Lowes, Home Depot, I Tunes and more. SCRIP can be purchased on line If more information is required you can contact Milty Frank directly" at 201 796-8260 or at for immediate delivery. Mishnayos Shiur for Boys in Grades 2-5 w/ Yossi Loewy every Shabbos 45 minutes before Mincha.

There will be a General Membership Meeting of Shomrei Torah on June 25 in the downstairs ballroom at 8:30PM. In addition to committee reports the Nominating Committee will present the Nominees for Officers and Board of Directors for 20122013. Important Mikva notice. Weekday mikva hours are 9:00 P.M. - 10:30 P.M. Any arrival after 10:00 P.M. will be charged an additional late fee
of $25. The mikva continues to be open on Motzei Shabbat and Motzei Yom Tov 1 hour 15 minutes after Shabbat or Yom Tov ends, and stays open for 1 hours. Please note that any arrival after hour before closing will be charged an additional late fee of $25. Please call the mikva tape regularly for updates and important information. Please call Dossy Brandstatter with any questions or concerns 201-796-5839. Please remember not to park in the Mikvah spots when coming to the zman and 9PM maariv minyanim. When leaving shul after 9PM maariv please do not exit shul from back entrance.

In our Nursery School: Leah Sokoloff Nursery School introduces new extended care hours and fees! 7 am- 6:30 pm! Come see what we are about. Call Debbie or email for info. Now registering for Summer Program and Fall. Summer programs run from June 18-August 17. Our 7 week program is only $975, 9:30-2:30 pm daily In Our Community: This Sunday, June 3, 2012 is a visit to the Daughters of Miriam. Meet at Shomrei Torah at 8:15AM. Davening starts at 8:45AM followed by breakfast and Bikur Cholim. Contact Sam Heller at or for information. DUE TO CUSTOMER REQUEST, FOOD SHOWCASE IS ADDING A LATE NIGHT TO ITS SCHEDULE. STARTING THE WEEK OF THE MAY 21ST, FOOD SHOWCASE WILL BE OPEN LATE WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHT ( till 8-0-clock).

The 2012 Celebrate Israel Parade 0n Sunday June 3, the worlds largest public gathering in celebration of Israel, will commemorate the 64th anniversary of the countrys founding, featuring floats, bands, marchers, dancers, performers and more. The Parade is scheduled from 11am to 4pm along 5th Avenue from 57th to 74th Streets. Rain or Shine. Valley Hospital has openings in the Pastoral Care Department for volunteers to visit Jewish patients. If you are interested, please call Joan
Rimberg Goldfarb @ 201 791-6209 or Sheila Weinberg @ 201 797-0493.

YIFL shiurim, Rabbi Frand, Thurs 9 pm Rabbi Reisman and Rabbi Schaffer shiurim will resume in the fall
SUN June 3 13 Sivan MON June 4 14 Sivan
4:16AM 9:10AM 5:45/ 6:30/ 7:45 AM 8:10PM 1:31PM 8:40/ 9:30PM


TUES June 5 15 Sivan

4:16AM 9:10AM 5:55/ 6:30/ 7:45AM 8:10PM 1:31PM 8:40/ 9:30PM

WED June 6 16 Sivan

4:16AM 9:10AM 5:55 /6:30 7:45 AM 8:10PM 1:31PM 8:40/ 9:30PM

THURS June 7 17 Sivan

4:15AM 9:10AM 5:45/ 6:30/ 7:45AM 8:10PM 1:31PM 8:40/ 9:30PM

FRI June 8 18 Sivan

4:15AM 9:10AM 5:55/ 6:30/ 7:45AM Candle-lighting: Early 7:00PM Zman 8:09PM Mincha Early 6:45PM Zman 8:14PM

SHABBOS June 9 Parshas Beha'alotcha 19 Sivan

4:15AM 9:10AM 7:45/ 8:30/ 9:00AM Mincha: 8:00 PM Shabbat Ends: 9:22

Earliest Tallis & Tephilin: 4:17AM SOF ZMAN K SHEMA: 9:10AM Shacharit Mincha: (Earliest) Maariv 6:30/ 7:00 8:00/ 9:00AM 2PM/ 8:10PM 8:40/ 9:30PM


SUN 6/3 7:45AM


MON 6/4 6:30AM 7:30PM w/Zvi Loewy 7:30AM


MONDAYS: 9-11AM: Torah Tuesday on Monday 7:30PM Ladies Tehillim 8-9PM Basics in Judaism w/ Rabbi Yudin

TUES 6/5 6:30AM 8:00PM w/Ely Lenik 7:30AM 9-11AM TORAH TUESDAY 8:15PM Womens shiur w/ Rabbi Markowitz

WED 6/6 6:30AM 7:30PM w/Ari Mayefsky 7:30AM 9-11AM : Torah Learning w/ Rabbis Yudin & Markowitz 8:15PM Mens shiur w/ Rabbi Markowitz 9:15PM: Rabbi Yudins Gemara Shiur

THURS 6/7 6:30AM 7:30PM w/ Rabbi Yaakov Langsner 7:30AM 9-11AM: Torah Tuesday on Thursday 9:15- 10PM Parsha Chumash and Rashi w/ Rabbi Yudin

FRI 6/8 6:30 AM 7:30AM

SHABBOS 6/9 7:45 AM

Rabbi's Shiur: 7:15

Pachim KTanim from Rabbi Yudin: