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Announcements 9.

There will be a further Community meeting

in relation to Jonathan Matondo limited to a
1. Today is the final day for the Week of Working Party set up for that purpose. It will be
Prayer. Today's final meeting this afternoon at 4pm in the Youth Hall. This is just for your
will start at 4pm sharp and will be taken by information.
the Caterknowle Rd Church. Please come
along and bring your friends. 10. The Pathfinders will be traveling to
Liverpool on 8 December 2007. Please put
2. The pathfinders will be hosting a your name on the list in the Youth Hall if you
Campfire this evening immediately after the wish to go. The cost will be £10. See Ann
service. It will be a good time to sing, tell Thomas, Maureen Griffiths or Roy for more
stories and burn stuff. details.
3. Children's Sabbath will be on 17th ______________________
November. Please attend and give the
children and Youths your full support. CHURCH DIRECTORY
Burngreave SDA Church, Andover St.
4. Pastoral Meeting on Sunday, 18th Sheffield. S3 9EF.
November before the Church Board meeting. Tel. 0114 279 9755

5. There will be a full Church Board meeting First Elder: RD Prime

0114 3216300
on Sunday, 18th November at 11am.
6. Sabbath 24th November will be Community
Services Sabbath. Please come with your
Bible Worker- Lloyd Lambert –
friends and give the Community Services
department your full support.
North England Conference
7. A day trip to Liverpool to visit the 0115 9606312
International Slavery Museum on 25
November has been organized. Please put British Union Conference
your name on the list in the Youth Hall if you 01923 672251
wish to go. Cost is approximately £10. See
Val Grossett for more details. Bulletin Compiler: Roy Carrapatoso
Tell: 0114-2582696
8. All departmental leaders, there will be a final
Church Business Meeting on Sunday 2nd
December. Written reports must be in triplicate
and a full oral report given on the description of
your activities for the whole of the year and
include future plans for next year as well as a Minister: Pastor Andrew Rashford-
report of your income and expenditure. Also SUNSET CALENDAR Hewitt
include an evaluation of what went right or Tel: 0114 240 2491
Mobile: 0793 173
wrong in your planning and lessons you have DATE TIME 2490
learnt that can be passed on. email:
16th Nov 4:05pm

10th November 2007

Announcements continued…..
Welcome…. Divine
Service Prayer Corner
A very warm members to our visiting
friends and regular members. We 11.15am to 1pm
hope you will have a blessed Song Service:
Sabbath. P&W Team

P&W Team
Ways to Build a Stronger Spiritual Life
by Victor M. Parachin Invocation: And pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all
Pastor B. Habwangabwanga kinds of Prayer and Requests Eph 6:1

It's more important than ever to nurture Opening Hymn: Lets us keep in our hearts and prayers the following
the spiritual side of your life. Here is a We have this hope that burns
Continue to remember the Mambwe family on their
practical way to do just that. P&W Team
recent loss.
Scripture Reading:
Identify blessings. Too often we go Sister S. Peart Pray for Pastor and Andrea as they embark on a
through life oblivious to the good that new phase in their lives.
comes flowing into our lives. Try this Offering:
Sister S. Peart Pray for Lorna Henry asking the Lord for His
spiritual exercise for one week. At the end
providence in her life.
of each day identify a blessing you Pastoral Prayer:
received through the following people: Sister D. Williams The Mathondo family

Day 1: a blessing received through a Children Story:

family member.
Day 2: a blessing received through a “That you may also be where I am”
neighbour. Pastor B. Habwangabwanga

Closing Hymn: Quote of the week

Day 3: a blessing a received through a There is a land that is fairer than day
friend. Elder S. Chitunhu-Muguza
”It is a sad sad thing to belong to
Day 4: received through a work colleague. the wrong person when the right
Day 5: received through a stranger.
Pastor B. Habwangabwanga person comes along”

Day 6: received through a child.


Day 7: received through an "enemy."

Extract from Vibrant Life