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EN010 107 Basic Mechanical Engineering (Common to all branches)

Teaching scheme Credits- 4

1hour lecture and1hour tutorial per week Objective To impart basic knowledge in mechanical engineering Module 1(12 hours) Thermodynamics: Basic concepts and definitions, Gas laws, specific heat Universal gas constant- Isothermal, adiabatic and polytrophic processes, work done, heat transferred, internal energy and entropy Cycles: Carnot, Otto and Diesel- Air standard efficiency. Basic laws of heat transfer (Fouriers law of heat conduction, Newtons law of cooling Steffen Boltzmanns law) Module 2 (12 hours) I.C. Engines: Classification of I.C Engines, Different parts of I.C engines, working of two stroke and four stroke engines-petrol and diesel engines Air intake system, exhaust system, fuel supply system, ignition system, lubrication system, cooling system and engine starting system-Performance of I.C. engines. Advantage of MPFI and CRDI over conventional system. Refrigeration: Unit of refrigeration, COP, Block diagram and general descriptions of air refrigeration system, vapour compression and vapour absorption systems- Required properties of a refrigerant, important refrigerants Domestic refrigerator- Ice plant. Air conditioning system: Concept of Air conditioning, psychometry, psychometric properties, psychometric chart, psychometric processes, human comfort winter and summer air conditioning systems (general description), air conditioning application. Module 3 (12 hours) Power transmission elements: Belt Drive - velocity ratio of belt drive, length of belt, slip in beltsimple problems Power transmitted Ratio of tensions Centrifugal tension Initial tension Rope drive, chain drive and gear drive-Types of gear trains (simple description only).

Module 4 (12 hours) Power plants: General layout of hydraulic, diesel, thermal and nuclear power plantsnonconventional energy sources (general description only). Hydraulic turbines and pumps : Classifications of hydraulic turbines types of hydraulic turbines runaway speed, specific speed, draft tube, cavitations, selection of hydraulic turbines .Classification of pumps positive displacement and rotodynamic pumps (description only)applications. Steam turbines: Classification of steam turbines, description of common types of steam turbines: Impulse and reaction, compounding methods. Module 5 (12 hours) Simple description of general purpose machines like lathe, shaping machines, drilling machines, grinding machines and milling machines, Basic concepts of CNC, DNC, CIM and CAD/CAM Manufacturing Processes: Moulding and casting, forging, rolling, welding- arc welding-gas welding (fundamentals and simple descriptions only) Text book 1 P.L. Bellany, Thermal Engineering, Khanna Publishes 2 Benjamin J., Basic Mechanical Engineering, Pentex Reference Books 1 R.C.Patel, Elements of heat engines, Acharya Publishers 2 G.R Nagapal, Power plant engineering, Khnna publishes 3 P.K.Nag, Engineering Thermodynamics, McGraw Hill 4 Dr.P.R Modi &Dr.M.S. Seth, Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics including Hydraulic Machines, Standard Book House