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V know Taj mahal as a symbol of LOVE. But the other lesser known facts : 1.

Mumtaz was shahjahan's 4th Wife, out of his 7 wife's (GREAT) 2. Shahjahan killed mumtaz's husband to marry her (EXCELLENT) 3. Mumtaz died in her 14th delivery (WOW) 4. Then he married mumtaz's sister (AMAZING) My question is where the Hell was LOVE? Before Mumtaz die she asked her husband Shahjahan I.e., in my whole life I didn' t survive happily with you. I feel only pain in my married life. So that, at lea st build a cementry for me better than anyone.. Then he decided to build tajmahal. After some years., due to his crucial behavior with his mother and country peopl e -he's son fight against him & defeat him and take his emperor. When Shahjahan defeated by his own son and send him to jail. he asked him I need to see to tajmahal for my remaining life until die. So pls build a jail for me near tajmahal. Then his son accepted his final oblication. Still there is a jail near tajmahal where the Shahjahan die. From the jail there is a direct view to tajmahal. In our school they teaching: 1. From 1995 to 2012 there is 9 solar system., but on 2005 jun scientist invente d two more planets. But still whowever writing answer for this question in exams they are forced to mention 9 is the correct answer otherwise the student is sup pose to fail. 2. From 19 th century to till Ashoka do some plantation job. But no one knows where the tree is? It suppose to be? What ? What ? 3.if you select second language Tamil as a second language in school you get con cession in fees & so many benefits. But in case of Tamil you select Hindi means there is no benefits. so how can we learn Hindi & sanscript? This concept is als o common for film industry too. If you select movie title in Tamil means the mov ie is announced as tax free..!!but they will announced RED GIANT MOVIE PRODUCTIO N & CLOUD NINE are tamil's cheating..!! 4. So the moral is " nobody ask thirukkural or kutriyalugaram or about ashoka's or mughal empire. So while study we must be strong in basic things For example w e can learn surface tension of water from our Bathroom bucket. Learn the function of NACL in our kitchen. We learn solar syste m from our temple. We find out medicine for AIDS in coconut given after pooja in temple- which is mixed with camphor(kalpooram), kungumam., milk after pooja (di rect touching the statue) & that room temperature also one of the important root cause & so on. These are some examples we can't learn from school life. So school life is theor y. It's use for getting marks but if you forgot means it will never help you. Bu t experience from our surrounding atmosphere and certain situation is help you e ach & every time. So here after we prefer our next generation to CBSE syllabus to learn about lat est weapons using in USA & learn our environmental studies..!! So my style is don't follow anyone but gather experience from everyone. Appada indha rendu pakkam type pandradhukulla enakku naakkula nurai thalliruchu.

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