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Dear Poseidon, Before I start, I would like to take some time to thank you for even considering this

letter as something worth reading. As a god Im sure you have other issues which require your attention. The fact that I have been given this window of your time is greatly appreciated. On this occasion, I am writing a plea on behalf of Odysseus. He has been stranded on Calypsos Island for so long and has been through a number of perils. Lord Poseidon, he is sailing on your waters and I ask that you please allow him to sail back to Ithaca safely. Im going to assume that this is not something you would like to at the moment if at all. But please consider my argument. For the past 7 years, Odysseus has been trapped on Calypsos island at her mercy. Odysseus, not being able to leave has had to conform to her will and at times by force. Pg 1 22-23 Her lady Calypso clung to him in her sea hollowed caves. Odysseus has not been in contact with his family since he left for war. Please remember that upon his departure he left behind his 2 year old son under the care of his spouse. Pg. 1 19-22 Begin when all the rest who left behind them headlong death in battle or at sea had long ago returned, while he alone still hungered for home and wife. Lord Poseidon it is clear to me that Odysseus is home sick. He has a son who he hasnt seen. Can you imagine the pain he must feel which comes from not being able to raise your children. Surely a god like you must be able to understand a longing for your wife. Odysseus has not seen her for so long because a nymph wants to keep him for herself. Poseidon, can a god like you see such a man stricken with sadness and longing, and not feel sympathy. Even when Calypso finally grants him passage home, Odysseus journey is not what some might call a walk in the park. Odysseus faced dangerous challenges which could have potentially killed him and his crew. However because he can think on his feet, he always gets a way saving as much men as possible. An example of Odysseus doing this would be when he and his crew were passing by Scylla.

Odysseus was warned of Scylla and Karybdis. Pg. 212 116-118 And no ships company can have claimed to have passed her without loss and grief; she takes, from every ship, one man for every gullet. Odysseus is told that Scylla will eat six of his men and Kharybdis will swallow his whole ship as well as every member of his crew. Because Odysseus is a fighter, he asks if there is a way he can fight of Scylla and avoid Kharybdis. The way Odysseus asks this, he could be interpreted as a blood thirsty human. However looking at what he said in a more technical way (so to speak) he could be interpreted as a man who will do anything to save lives. My point in telling you this is that I want you to see that Odysseus truly wants to help and defend people. He is not a bad person at heart. My final point to argue with is that while Odysseus is trying to fight his way home, Suitors are terrorizing his Kingdom. Is it fair that Odysseus son and wife should have to deal with men eating their food and destroying all their goods? Both sides of Odysseus family are suffering because they are not together. Can you as an all powerful god witness this and say nothing? Odysseus deserves a fighting chance to defeat the suitors and enjoy the comfort of his family. Furthermore, defeating the suitors would not only help Odysseus' cause, but it would better the quality of his Kingdom. Lord Poseidon, before I end, I would like to thank you again for giving this letter some consideration. As a god I know the role you play in this world. I want to stress that if there is anything in this letter that you take an offense to, please dont. Finally gracious Poseidon, please think about my request, in earthly standards, I think it is only fair that Odysseus should get a chance to see his family again. Finally thanks again for giving this letter a look over. I look forward to seeing the actions you take keeping what I have said in mind. Thank you. Respectfully, Obi Obiora